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A biff, derivation of, 128

A case of gross negligence and imposition!

Accepted, 367
Accession of Members, 376
Adams, J. Q. vs. Freemasonry, 314
Address, poetic, 50
Addresses— by W. H. Herchmer, 202— B. B.

French, Esq., 304— Jane Davis, 50— G. F.

Yates, 361
African Grand Lodge, Boston, 262
Alexander, Dr. John B., expulsion of, 31
Ancient operative Masons, 19
Ancient York Masonry in Louisiana, 171
Anecdotes, 108, 109, 246, 248
Antiquities, Masonic, on the study of^ 24, 43,

Appeal from the Master of a Lodge, 323
Aristocracy of Masonry, 200
Arresting the Charter of a Lodge, 72

Baker, Rue!, obituary notice of, 128
Balloting for Candidates, 164,353
Bancroft, Col. J., obituary notice of, 125
Bancroft, Dr. A., obituary notice of, 319
Barney, John, obituary notice of, 113
Belcber, Jesse, expulsion of, 222
Bible used at initiation of Washington, 310
Bonnycastle, Sir R. H., obituary notice of, 94
BurcKheartt, Geo. T., obituary notice of, 3S3
Burials, Masonic, 97, 261
Burton, John, expulsion of, 64
Business of Masters' Lodges, 373

Canada East, 221
Canada, Masonry in, 168
Candidates, qualifications of, 339
Candidates, physical qualifications of, 102,

Candidates for Degrees, 199
Candidates for Admission, 231
Candidates, balloting for, 164, 363
Candidates once rejected, 132
Candidates for Royal Arch Masonry, qualifi-
cations of, 101
Celebrations, Masonic.

Aurora, hid., 358

Daysville, Conn., 317

Celebrations, Masonic.

Demopolis, Ala., 337

Eastport, Me., 348

Goshen, Ind., 21

Jackson, Mo., 343

Kingston, U. C, 145

Knoxville, Ten., 347

Lancaster, S. C, 346

Meredith, N. H., 146

Mount Pleasant, Ohio, 347

N. Bedford, 289, 350

Portsmouth, N H., 316

Rockville, Ind., 21

Selma, Ala., 163

Waltham, Mass., 153
Charges, by whom to be preferred, 324
Charter of a Lodge, arresting the, 74
Charters of Lodges, surrender of, 378
Chit Chat, 32, 64, 96, 128, 160, 192, 224, 256,

288, 320, 352, 334
Circular of York Lodge, in Louisiana, 172
Colley, Joel M., obituary notice of, 382
Companions, title of, 39
Conferring Degrees, 377
Connecticut, 374

Convention, National Masonic, 17
Councils of Royal and Select Masters, 283,

Corinthian Chapter, 336
Cornwall, Pierre B., expulsion of, 126

Anderson, S. C, 212

Ballston Spa, N. Y., 260


D . Me.. 248

Danville, Ky., 120

Danville, Me., 121, 179, 278

Detroit, Mich., 249

Fredericton, N. B., 369

Geneseo, N. Y., 212

Goshen, Ind., 30

Halifax, N. S. 213

Hamilton, Canada West, 30

Hickory Grove, Crawford Co., Geo., 371

Honolulu, 119

Jackson, Miss., 181, 249

Kingston, U. C, 370

Lafayette, Ala., 369

Mansfield, La., 181,363

Montgomery, Ala., 119

New Orleans, 92, 277

Norwich, Conn., 30

Digitized by





Pen Yan, N Y. f 370

Pepperell, Mass., 351

Pontotoc, Miss., 371

Sidney, O., 180

Staunton, Va., 214

Tuscaloosa, Ala., 30

Warren, R. I., 370

Washington, Pa., 248
Curious Trophy, 320

_ . D-

Davis, Jane, an address by, 50
Davis, John W., expulsion of, 286
Dean, Rev. Paul, jewel to, 160
Dedication of new Masonic Hall, Manches-
ter, N. H., 107
Degrees of Royal Arch Masonry in England

and America, 193
Dickinson, J. P . tribute of respect to, 40
Differences in Royal Arch Masonry, 193
Diploma, refusal of a Master to sign a, 323
Dispensation, form of, 228
Dispensations and Charters, 331
Dolan, James, obituary notice of, 167
Dudley, Martin R., obituary notice of, 256
Dunlap, Hon. R. P., installation of as G. G.

High Priest, 65
Duties of Masons, 268, 335


Educational Institutions.

Eureka Masonic School, 141, 384

Masonic College, Mississippi, 4 1

Masonic College, Missouri, 64, 219, 350,

Masonic Seminary in N. Carolina', 216

Masonic Female Institution, North Ala-
bama, 288
Elliott, Jeremiah, obituary notice of, 125
Encampments, jurisdiction of, 178
Encampments in Virginia, 177
Eulogium on Thomas L. Hamer, 64

John B. Alexander, 31

Timothy Paul, 32

John Burton, 64

Jesse Belcher, 222

Thomas Child, jr., 285

J. W. Davis, 285

Pierre B. Cornwall, 126

L. J S. Turney, 238

Joel Wins hip, 238

M. J. Kappel, 253

James O'Ryan, 253
Expulsion of non -affiliated Brethren, 72
Expulsion from a Chapter, effects of, 378
Expulsion from a Chapter, effect of on a

Lodge, 135,284
Expulsion on evidence from civil tribunal, 325
Expulsion without notice, 324
Expulsions from Chapters and Encamp-
ments, 255, 372
Expulsions, proceedings in cases of, 321
Expulsions, publication of, 224


Faith, Hope and Charity, 175

Fatal accident, 62

First Masonic Building in Michigan, 376

France, 278

France, Masonry in, 166

Frederick the Great and Gen. Wallrave, 237

Fredericksburg Lodge, dispensation of, 310

Freemason's Lexicon, 160

Freeman, John, obituary notice of, 126

French, B. B., Esq., address of, 304


General Grand Chapter, 380

General Grand Chapter U. S. A., doings of,

General Grand Encampment, 3, 148, 176
General Grand Lodge, proposed Constitution

of, 78
General Grand Lodge, 17,62, 76, 217, 256, 372,

Georgia, 253, 281
Germany, 278

Gleason, Benjamin, obituary notice of, 94
Grand Lodge of

Berlin, 70

Brazil, 256

England, 96

Georgia, 253

Iowa, 155

Louisiana, 171,233

Maryland, 260

Massachusetts, 62

Missouri, 218

North Carolina, 182, 216,380

New Hampshire, 60

Ohio, 92

South Carolina, 279 •

Vermont, 186

Virginia, 262
Grand Lodge, Provincial, Canada East, 221
Grand Lodge jurisdiction, 37
Grand Chapter of

Georgia, 231

Indiana, 69, 378

Kentucky, 69

Louisiana, (illegal,) 9, 83

Mississippi, 282

Missouri, 164

North Carolina, 113

Ohio, 67
Grand Chapter of North Carolina report on

Royal Arch Masonry, 380
Grand Chapter of Mississippi, members of,

Grand Chapters, who are members of, 326
Grand Chapters under General Grand Chap-
ter, 147
Grand Encampments, &c., under General

Grand Encampment, 147
Grand Master, suspension of by a Chapter,

Grand Chaplain, office and duty of, 262
Grand Orient and Provisional Government of
France, 236

Hamer, T. L., ealogium on, 54
Herchmer, W. M., address of, 202
High Priesthood, Order of, 129
Hints to the Brotherhood, 335
Holland Chapter, New Orleans, 9
Huntington, J. W., obituary notice of, 62

Digitized by VjOOQlC




Imposition by an expelled Mason, 263
Incidents in the History of a Military Lodge,

Increase of Lodges, 122
Indiana, 59

Ineffable Masonry in Connecticut, 333
Initiation of Minora, 23
Initiation of Sojourners, 372
Initiation, irregular proceedings in } 161
Installation ofthe Grand High Priest of the

General Grand Chapter, IL S. A., 65
Installation at Pawtuckel, R. I., 63
Installation of officers of Washington Lodge,

Roxbury, 72
Intelligence, Domestic.

Connecticut, 374

Georgia, 258, 281

Indiana, 59, 378

Iowa, 155

Kentucky, 59

Maine, 371

Maryland, 163, 250

Massachusetts, 62

Michigan, 376

Mississippi, 282

Missouri, 164, 218

New Hampshire, 60

North Carolina, 182,215,380

Ohio. 57, 92, 122

South Carolina, 279

Vermont, 186

Virginia, 252
Intelligence, Foreign.

Canada East, 221

France, 278

Germany, 278

Ireland, 121

Prussia, 279
Introduction, 1
Iowa, 166


Jewel to Com. Rev. Paul Dean, 160
Jewels, movable and immovable, 232
Jewels, remarks on the symbolical nature of,

Jews and Grand Lodge of Berlin, 70
Jurisdiction of Grand Lodges, 37, 156
Jurisdiction of Encampments, 178
Jurisdiction of Subordinate Lodges, 378

Kappel, M. J., expulsion of, 263
Kentucky, 69
Knights Templars in Paris, 236

Latham, Bela, obituary notice of, 284
Laying Corner Stone Washington Monument,

Leavel, Rev. Dr. H., obituary notice of, 31
Leland, Micah, obituary notice of, 186
Letter from our Paris Correspondent, 166
Lodge, constituting of, 228
Lodge jurisdiction, 124,377,378
Ledge libraries, 64
Lodge Meetings, 377

Lodge of Social and Military Virtues, 247

Lodge room, doors in, 134

Lodges, powers of under Dispensation . 33

Lodges, suspending of, 34

Lodges, Mark Masters, 39

Lodges under the English jurisdiction, 74

Lodges under Dispensation, members of, 133,

225 <
Louisiana Grand Lodge of Ancient York

Masons, 233

Magazine, recommendations of, 32, 91, 288

Maine, 871

Mark Masters' Lodges, 39

Maryland, 163, 250

Mason, Micah, obituary notice of, 94

Masons, temperance among, 366

Masons, ancient Operative, 19

Mason's Widow, the, 18

Masonry, 202

Masonry, tribute to, 20

Masonry in its relations to Christianity, 142

Masonry in Canada West, 168

Masonry in Worcester, 170

Masonic Antiquities, on the study of, 24, 43,

87, 116,243,269,341
Masonic Chit Chat, 32, 64, 96, 128, 160, 192,

224, 256, 288. 320, 352, 3S4
Masonic Intelligence, 67, 92, 121, 153, 182,

215, 260, 278, 371
Masonic Meetings in Boston and vicinity, 192
Masonic College of Mississippi, 41
Masonic College, Missouri, 64, 219, 350, 384
Masonic Burials, 97,261
Masonic Duties, 206
Masonic Ball, 110
Masonic Festival at Baltimore, 153
Masonic Institution, present condition of, 360
Masonic Female Institution, North Alabama,

Masonic Seminary, Noith Carolina, 216
Massachusetts, 62
Masters' Lodges, business of, 373
Members of Lodges under Dispensation, 227
Members of Grand Chapters,i325
Members, admission of, 199
Members, accession of, 376
Merry, Barney, obituary notice of, 158
Michigan, 375
Minors, Initiation of, 35
Missouri, 154,218
Mississippi. 282
Morse, William H., obituary notice of, 22 1


New Hampshire, 60

New Lodges, 375

Non -affiliated Brethren, expulsion of, 72

North Carolina, 182, 215, 380


Obituary, 31, 62, 86, 94, 113, 126, 167, 188,

Ode, 104,204,290,291

Officers, register of, 63, 127, 159, 191, 223,286
Officers, selection of, 275
Ohio, 67, 92, 122

Digitized by VjOOQlC



(Hirer, late Rev. Samuel, 85
Order of High Prieithood, 129
O'Ryan, James, expulsion of, 253

Packard, Joseph, jr., presentation of a Di-
ploma to, 337
Post Masters, 197

Past Masters, not having been Wardens, 870
Past High Priests, 129
Paul, Timothy, expulsion of, 32
Pawtucket, R. I., installation at, 53
Phelps, Jesse, obituary notice of, 190
Physical qnalifications of candidates, 102, 373
Pillars at the porch of the Temple, 138
Pillars- Wisdom, Strength and Beauty, 206

Let's Welcome the Hour, 29
An Address, 60
The Wife, 76

The Light of Masonry, 118
Lines, 162

Faith, Hope and Charity, 176
Song, 106,211.318
A Mason's Wish, 266
Ode, 104,204, 290,291 #
Pollock, Sir David, obituary uotice of, 96
Powers of Lodges under Dispensation, 33, 226
Present condition of the Masonic Institution,

Presentation of a Diploma, 337
Prospects of the Order, 376 ,
Prosperous state of the Institution, 371
Proxies, are they members, 182, 326
Prussia, 279 . . m i

Publication of Rejections, 372
Publication of Expulsions, 224


Quitman, General, Masonic honors to, 103

Reconsideration of Proceedings, 321
Reealia of Masters, 377
Register of Oftcers, 63, 127, 169, 191,223,

Rejected Candidates, 132
Religious bigotry rebuked, 100
Renewal of charges, 322
Richland Literary Institute, 41
Romish Priests vs. Freemasonry, 241
Romish missionaries in Persia, 266
Royal Arch Chapters under English and

American jurisdiction, 183
Royal Arch Masonry in Vermont, 207
Royal Master's Degree, 163
Royal and Select Masters' Degrees, 358, 381
Royal and Select Masters' degrees, can they

be conferred in Chapters? 370

San Franeisco, Lodge at, 160
Santa Fee, Lodge at 96
Secret Societies in France, 369
Secret Society ? What is a, 359
Shannon, Thomas, obituary notice of, 190
Shields, General, Masonic honors to, 113
Silence and Secrecy, 264

Slayback, A. L., obituary notice of, 382

Smart, Mark J., obituary notice of, 221

Smith, Robert, notice of, 1 1

Smith, Samuel, obituary notice of, 168

Solomon's Temple, site of, 351

Sone, 106,211,318

Spirit of Masonry. 202

St. John's Day, celebrations of, 21, 146, 163,

Stapleton, J. K., presentation of a ring to r

Study of Masonry, 200 \

Subordinate Lodges, jurisdiction of, 378

Summons, the force of a, 236

Supreme Council, 33d, Southern, 102— North-
ern, 169,266

Surrender of Charters, 378

Suspension of a Grand Master by a Chapter,

Suspending of Lodges, 33

Symbolical nature of Jewels, remarks on, 22

Temperance among Masons, 366
Temple, Solomon's, site of, 351
Temple, pillars at the porch of, 138
Texas, Royal Arch Masonry in, U2
The Three Pillars, 206
The Masonic Patriarch, 86
Tisdale, Brother, obituary notice of, 62
Toler, Richard H., obituary notice of, 285
Tooley, Henry, obituary notice ot, 319
Tribute to Masonry, 20 .

Tribute of respect to Br J. C. Dickinson, 40
Turney, L. J. S., expulsion of, 288
Tylers of Lodges, 198

Uniformity in Work, 376


Vermont, 186

Virginia, 262

Visitors, admission of, 267

Visitors, right of to vote, 199

What is a Secret Society? 359
Wallrare, Gen., and Frederick the Great, 237
Warren, Gen. Joseph, Apron of, 349
Washington General, Initiation of, 309
Washington, General, Masonie and cml cnat-

acterof, 313
Washington's Masonic Regalia, &c 309
Washington's Masonic Letters, an
Washington's Masonic Letter, not before pub-
lished, 368 , . _ Q.^,^
Washington Monument, laying Corner Stone

of, 300
Washington Lodge, charter of, 313

Wilson, Lewie D., obituary notice of, IB»
Winship, Joel, expulsion of, 288 -

Woodman, Elijah C, obituary notice ot, 15»
Worcester, Masonry m, 170


Yates, Giles F., address of, 361

Digitized by VjOOQlC

Utr *" CtV


Q^/^W - £<









•^ •• Tbe Mason ic U a Society whose liberal principle are founded on the immutable laws of Truth
,s\ and J\inice."—WaMkingt<jn.

$ " I have ever felt ii m; d-ity to support and encournre its principle* and practice, became it pow- S^iSf .' r^lor] f 3
ij-jT'b erfnlly developes all social sinl benevolent affections— -becau»e it mittgatos wiilioul, and aniulm.ites ©I fig Q'jliS- >»
; >*1 c) within, the virulence of political and theological controversy — because it arfurds the only 7HS} 'r L - to ; I j
*" ' gToundon which all ranks and classes can meet in perfect equality, and associate without degrade- f r , fff[ °"'"' ' c *' 5 "~
J lion or mortification, whether for purposes of moral inttruction or of social intercourse." — Lord Wvlf^j
' Durham, lalt Pro*. Grand M>uler under the Duke 0/ Susie*. tM-HV













fREET. » *4rf^Hy#'

Digitized by "





Introduction, -. - - - .1

Triennial Meetings of the G. G. Chapter and G. G. Encampment of

the United States, ....... 3

General Grand Lodge, ....... 17

The Mason's Widow, - ...... 18

Ancient Operative Masons, ..... - 19

Tribute to Masonry, - ..... -20

Celebrations of St. John's Day.

At Goshen, la., - ... ... 21

At Rorkville, la., .... . 21

Remarks on the Symbolical Nature of Jewels, • • 29

On the Study of Masonic Antiquities, ..... 24

Let 's Welcome the Hour, - .... - 29

Correspondence, - .....30

Obituary, - - - ....• 31

Expulsion, - ... . - -31

Chit Chat, - - ... .... 32




No. li Tremont Mow, (under Winthrop Hall,)

W. E. P. Haskell,

A. P. Chapman. oct. 1846.1y.

Received between the 24th Sept. and the 24th Oct

Remittance.— R. K. Pickett, Yazoo city, Miss. ; J. G. Blackwell, Raleigh, Miss, j Thos.
M. Ingram, Smithland, Ky. 5 J. B. Smith, Camden, Miss. ; Charles H. Ohr, Cumberland,
Md. ; F. S. Palmer, Montgomery, Ala. ; W. H. Mayhew, Newbern, N. C. ; John L. Lewis,
Jr., Penn Yan, N. Y. ; E. W. Ferris, Macon, Miss.

Business. — Samuel J. Hull, Charleston, S. C. ; R. & C. Chalmers, Montreal, Canada;
W. W. Wilson, Pittsburg, Penn. ; Dudley S. Jennings, Jackson, Miss.; J. C. Shaefer,
Huntsville, Mo. ; J. Cherry, Columbia, Tenn. ; James Smith, Jackson, Miss. ; Richard
Spencer, London, Bng. ; Charles Scott, Columbus, Ohio; Gregg, Elliot & Co., Philadelphia,
Penn. ; John Willis, Halifax, N. S. ; J. W. Bachelder, New York city J John R. Crandall,
Peoria, III. ; A. McCammon, Pittsburg, Penn. ; R. F. McGuire, Monroe, La. ; E. R. Ham-
matt, Geneseo, N. Y.j P. M., Griffin, Ga. ; M. Hamburger, Turnbull, Ala. j R. Gowan,
Frederickton, N. B. ; A. J. Rushner, Houston, Texas.

OMr Israel E. Jamks is our travelling agent for the Southern and South-western
States, assisted by Jemes K. Whipple, Wm. H. Weld, O. H. P. Stem. John B. Weld, T. S.
Waterman, John Collins, James Dee ring, Isaac D. Guver, and John W. Wightman.

Mr C. W. James is our travelling agent for the Western States, assisted by James R.
Smith, J. T. Dent, T. G. Smith, and Fred'k J. Hawse.

Mr Henbt M. Lewis is our travelling agent for Alabama and Tennessee.

Digitized by VjOOQlC



Vol. VII.1 BOSTON, NOVEMBER 1, 1847. [No. 1.


In presenting to our readers the seventh volume of this Magazine,
and in asking for it the same favorable reception that has been extended
to its predecessors, we should be recreant to our own sense of duty did
we not avail ourselves of the opportunity thus afforded to acknowledge in
suitable terms the generous support which the work from its commence-
ment has received at the hands of the Fraternity. Under their encourage-
ment it has grown up from the tender shoot to the sturdy oak, whose branch-
es are familiar to Brethren of every tongue and nation where civiliza-
tion has erected its standard and Masonry its altar. This is not a mere
figure of speech. No periodical ever published in this country, has been
favored with a wider circulation. It is literally true that the numbers are
regularly read as they issue from the press, by subscribers in the four
quarters of the globe ! And however this fact may tell for the work, it
speaks well for Masonry. It shows that there is a community of senti-
ment — a sympathy of fellowship — a spirit of inquiry awake among the
Brethren wherever dispersed over the universe.

Six volumes of the work have been completed ; and we are not aware
that they contain one sentence which for its offensiveness we could wish
expunged, or a single article that has not a direct and positive relation to
the history, polity or principles of the Masonic Institution. And whatever
may be their merit in other respects, we may be permitted to say, that
they embody a greater variety of subjects — more of the past and current
history, the laws and usages and principles of Freemasonry, than any
equal number of volumes in print.

In its character the Magazine stands alone. Its plan is its own. It is
the first and only work in this country that has ever attempted to maintain
a regular foreign Masonic correspondence, or in any other way to keep

Digitized by



its readers informed, even to a limited extent, of the condition and pro-
ceedings of the Fraternity in foreign countries. This has been one of the
primary objects of the work ; and we respectfully submit that it has ena-
bled the intelligent American Brother not only the better to understand the
state of the Fraternity in Europe, but more distinctly to realize the fact
thai he is a member of a great universal Brotherhood. By making them
more familiar with each other's peculiarities and proceedings, it has brought
the Fraternity on both sides of the Atlantic nearer together, and led them
to feel that they are Brethren.

As heretofore, it will continue to be our endeavor to give to the Maga-
zine a practical character, and thus to render it useful as we[l for future
reference as for present purposes. Before they shall be brought to a close,
we hope to be able to gather up in these volumes, for the benefit of those
who may come after us, as well as for those contemporary with us, a store
of practical knowledge in the history and government, the policy and ob-
jects of our Institution, such as is most needed for daily reference, but
such as is at present within the reach of but few of our Brethren.

Lodges, in different sections of the country, have supplied themselves
with sets of this Magazine, as a source ofreference and authority, and also
as the foundation of a Lodge library ; and we have frequent calls for sets,
for a like purpose. We mention this, not merely as being a flattering tes-

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