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of the sale of S. Benet, Gracechurch Street). With this sum
an admirable two-manual organ was erected in the new church
at Stepney by Messrs. Brindley & Foster in 1878. the
spec fication for which was drawn up by Mr. H. Harford

V. S. Bride, Fleet Street (p. 21). Dr. E. H. Turpin
died on October 25th, 1907. His funeral service, held at
S. Bride's on October 3Oth, was attended by a large number
of the Fellows, Associates and Members of the Royal College
of Organists, and other distinguished musicians. He was
succeeded by Mr. T. Westlake Morgan, a former organist of
Bangor Cathedral.

VI. Christ Church, Newgate Street (p. 26).
John Farrant, a son of Richard Farrant, the XVIth century
composer, was organist here before the Great Fire.

LVIII. S. Clement Danes, Strand (p. 180).
Dr. Samuel Howard appears to have held the post of
organist here as well as at S. Bride's, Fleet Street. Speci-
fication of organ as completed April, 1909, by Mr. Richard

Great, CC to A, 58. (n Stops).

1. Double Open Diapason i feet CC. New Stop.

2. Open Diapason No. i

3. Open Diapason No. 2

4. Stopped Diapason

5. Principal

6. Harmonic Flut


Stopped Flute ..

9. Fifteenth
>o. Mixture, III ranks
ii. Trumpet


GG. Original Pipes.

GG. Do. do.

GG. Do. do.

Ten. C.

CC. Original Pipes.


GG. Original Pipes.


GG. New Stop from Tenor C.


Swell, CC to A. 58. (12 Stops).

12. Double Diapason .. 16 feet CC.

13. Open Diapason .. 8 ,, CC.

14. Stopped Diapason .. 8 ,, CC. Original Pipes.

15. Viol d'Orchestre .. 8 CC. New Stop Spotted Metal.
!6. Voix Celeste .. .. 8 Ten. C.

17. Principal .. .. 4 CC.

18. Fifteenth .. .. 2 CC.

19. Sesquialtera, III ranks CC.

20. Contra Fagotto .. 16 ,, CC

21. Cornopean .. .. 8 CC.

22. Oboe 8 CC.

23. Vox Humana .. .. 8 CC. New Stop.

New Tremulant on Swell, by Draw Stop Knob.

Choir, CC to A, 58 (8 Stops).

24. Gamba 8 feet CC. New Stop.

25. Dulciana . . . . 8 CC. 5 lowest grooved to 26.

26. Stopped Diapason .. 8 ,, CC. Original Pipes.

7. Salicional . . . . 8 Ten. C. New lo Choir from Swell.

28. Salicet

29. Stopped Flute . .

30. Fifteenth

31. Clarinet

Choir Tremulant, by pne
Four pneumatic combina

CC. New Stop.

CC. Original Pipes.

CC. Do. do.


matic piston in key slip,
ion pistons.

Pedal, CCC to F 30. ( 4 Stops).

32. Open Diapason . . 16 feet

33. Bourdon 16 . ,

34. Bass Flute .. .. 8 ,, Partly derived from 32.

35. Trombone .. .. 16 ,, New Stop

Couplers. Accessories.

36. Great to Pedal.

37. Swell to Pedal.

38. Choir to Pedal.

39. Swell to Great.

40. Swell to Choir.

41. Choir to Great.

42. Sub-Oct. Great to Pedal.

Four composition pedals to Great Organ.
Three Swell Organ.

Four pneumatic pistons to Choir Organ.
One ,, ,, Choir Tremulant.

One " on an d off " pedal to Great to PedaL
Swell Pedal to Swell.
,, to Choir.

The organ has been thoroughly renovated, repaired, and restored
throughout. New tubular-pneumatic action has been substituted in place
of the old heavy mechanical action to both Swell and Cnoir organs, and

ew pneumatic work has been added to Pedal organ. Five new pneumatic
pistons have been added to Choir organ, four for combinations and one
for actuating Tremulant. The Choir organ has been enclosed in a Swell
box, and a Tremulant added to both Choir and Swell organs. The
whole of the pipe-work has been carefully repaired, revoiced and
regulated. The reed stops have been revoiced and supplied with new
tongues throughout, and modern reeds.

The stops numbered 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 14, 26, 29, 30, are composed of the
original pipes placed in organ when first built by Father Schmidt about
A.D. 1690. These pipes have been very carefully dealt with, and are in
excellent condition.

The stops nnmbered 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, n, have the pipes carried down
to GG, thai is five notes below the CC of keyboards, and are available on
Pedals by drawing the Sub-Ocl. Great to Pedal Coupler. The original
compass of the organ was from GG to D, but without the lowest GG


XV. S. Clement Eastcheap (p. 73). John Evelyn

writes in his diary, 1655, April I5th (Kaster Day), "Mr.
Pierson (since Bishop of Chester) preached at East Cheape,
but was disturb'd by an alarme of fire, which about this time
was very frequent in the cittie."

XXIX. S. Dionis Backchurch (p. 123). Dr. E. J.
Hopkins states in a MS. note that this organ was the last
instrument built by Renatus Harris, who in 1724 received
$2$ for it. The subscription list was opened in 1722, and
the committee had as its chairman, the Rector, the Rev.
Dr. Smith, President of Queen's College, Oxford.

LX. S. Dunstan in the East (p. 186). Mr. Mason,
the organist, died suddenly at his organ whilst playing a ser-
vice on Good Friday, 1909 He was succeeded by Mr. W.
Donne Smith, who was organist of Holy Innocents' Church,
Hornsey, for 12 years, and at S. Peter's, Hornsey, for 13

XXII. The Dutch Church, Austin Friars (p. 99).

The organ which was destroyed in the fire of 1862, was built
in the I7th century and contained the following stops :

Great (12 stops) Op. Diap.; Stop Diap. ; Dulciana ; Principal ; Flute \
i2th; isth ; Sesquialtera, III ranks; Cornet; Trumpet (Bass) I
Trumpet (Treble) ; Cremona.

Swell (4 stops) Op. Diap; Stop Diap.; Principal; Hautboy.
No Couplers ; no pedal-board or pedal pipes.

It stood in the West Gallery, and its case presented an
imposing front with five towers. The Hill organ of 1864
was originally erected under one of the arches on the north
side, about half-way up the church. At a competition for the
post of organist held on March lith, 1858, Mr. James Turle
of Westminster Abbey being the umpire, Mr. Wicking
was selected out of a large number of candidates as the
player best fitted for the post.

VII. S. Giles, Cripplegate (p. 31). Mr. H. H.
Battley corrects Mr. Billmghuist's statement that the organ
was rebuilt by Gray & Davison in 1879. It was moved
from the west gallery in 1868-9 by that firm, and re-opened
on Sunday, Feb. I4th, 1869, when Bishop Jackson preached
his first sermon in the city after his translation from Lincoln
to the See of London.

The following names will complete the list of organists :

1673, Feb. 28th James Brookes.

1675, June 2ist Francis Florier.

1677, Feb. 2oth John Curtis.


1704 Henry Green (a blind musician).
1736, May 25th Charles Froud.
1770 Edmund Gilding.
1 782 -William Courtney.

1786, April i7th Miss Mary Worsley Bickerton.
March sotli John Immyns.
April 3oth Miss May Horth (afterwards Mrs. Deane)

1832, Feb. I 7 th William Miller.

XVIII. S. Helen's, Bishopsgate (p. 86). The organ
was rebuilt by Robson in 1 868, thus :

Great (10 stops) Op. Diap. I ; Op. Diap. II ; Stop. Diap.; Clarabella ;
Principal; i2th ; isth ; Sesquialtera ; Trumpet; Clarion.

Swell (6 stops) Double Diap.; Op. Diap. ; Stop. Diap. ; Prin.; Oboe;

Choir (s stops) Op. Diap.; Stop. Diap.; Prin. (these three by commu-
nication) ; isth ; Cremona.

Pedal (i stop)-Op. Diap.

Couplers (3) Sw. to Gt.; Gt. to Fed.; Ch. to Fed.

Compass Gt. and Ch., CC to F ; Sw., tenor C to F ; Fed. CCC to F.

Dr. Bexfield, the organist, died on Oct. 2gth, 1853. The
subsequent oiganists were as follows :

1853 J. H. Deane. I 1864 F. Scotson Clark.

1856 William Cutler. 1867 Miss Annie Barton.

1860 H. W. Watson. I

It is sad to be obliged to add here that the neighbouring
Crosby Hall was pulled down in 1908, and modern
business premises were erected in its place.

LXIV. 5. James, Duke's Place, Aldgate (p. 191).

At the time of the "dissolution" in 1874, this church contained
a small organ with one manual and pedal built by Holdich
in 1859. The last organist was Mr. Nathaniel J. Holmes
(appointed in 1861) who was afterwards the owner of the
grand concert organ built by Bryceson for his residence at
Primrose Hill. This organ was sold to the Albert Palace,
Battersea, and is now (1909) in the Church of the Benedictine
Monastery of Fort Augustus, Scotland.

XIX. S. James, Garlickhythe (p. 90). Dr. E. J.
Hopkins had a MS. note to the effect that this organ
was not built until 1719, eleven years after the death of
Father Schmidt. At a vestry meeting held on Dec. ist,
1718, Mr. Cheeseborough, upper churchwarden, lent Mr.
Knopple, the organ maker, 100. On March 2ist, 1719,
Mr. Cheeseborough lent Mr. Knopple the further sum of
36, for the full discharge of the organ maker's account.

LXIX. S. Katherine Coleman (p. 195). Three of
the Choir stops (Op. biap., Stop Diap., and Prin.) are
borrowed from the Great organ.


X. S. Lawrence Jewry (p. 47). Mr. G. F. Harris,

a pianoforte composer who wrote largely under the pseudonym
of " Rudolph Nordman" was organist here for forty-six years.
Musical Standard, Dec. 7th, 1867. Mr. John Turner was
appointed July I3th, 1869. Mr. Edgar Adams (appointed
in May 1870) was a son of Thomas Adams, the famous

VIII. S. Luke, Middlesex (Old Street) (p. 35).
Mr. William Crouch (father of F. W. Crouch and grandfather
of F. N. Crouch, both distinguished musicians) was organist
of this church for upwards of half-a-century. He held also
the post of organist at the Parish Church of Clapham.

XII. S. Margaret, Lothbury (p. 60). Mr. Henry
J. South was organist from June 1858 to July 1866, when he
resigned, and was succeeded by Mr. Cornish.

LXVII. S. Martin Outwich (p. 205). At the time
of the "dissolution" in 1874, the organ by G. P. England
was removed to the Church of S. Barnabas, Homerton.

XXXIX. S. Mary Aldermanbury (p. 152). The
organ built by J. C. Bishop in 1825 was taken down in 1886
and removed to Edgefield Church, Norfolk. A new organ
was built in that year for S. Mary Aldermanbury by Messrs.
Bishop & Starr, and opened by Dr. Warwick Jordan on
June 23rd ; this is the instrument described on page 152.

XXXVIII. S. Mary Aldermary (p. 149). The
musical services during the organistship of Mr. E. Deane
were only unsatisfactory from the Low Church point of view,
the singing (what little there was of it) being good as far as
it went.

XVII. S. Mary at Hill (p. 83). Mr. Samuel J. Noble
(appointed organist on June 1st, 1861) was a professor at the
Royal Academy of Music. During his tenure of office the
musical services were of a cathedral type, and were exceedingly
well rendered. The Rev. J. C. Crosthwaite, a good amateur
musician and composer of some excellent chants and hymn
tunes, was Rector at this time, and took a great deal of
interest in the music.

IX. S. Mary le Bow (p. 41). Mr J. G. Clarke,
Mus. B., Oxon., resigned the post of organist in 1908, and
was succeeded by Mr. Gerald Bullivant. An interesting
Tercentenary Commemoration of Milton was held at this
church on Dec. 9th, 1908, under the conductorship of
Dr. H. Walford Davies, of the Temple Church.


LXXXVIII. S. Matthew, Friday Street (p. 213) .-
At the "dissolution" of this church in 1881, the Walker
organ was taken to S. James' Church, Forest Gate, where
it was rebuilt, etc., by Mr. E. Ingram.

CVI. Mercers' Chapel, Cheapside (p. 235). The
first organ here was an interesting one. It was originally
built for the Chapel Royal, S. James, by Schneider in 1710,
and was afterwards improved by Bv field. In 1819, it was
removed to the Episcopal Chapel in Long Acre, and pedals
were added to it by Elliott. In 1866, it was taken down
and erected in Mercers' Chanel. Two years later (1868) it
was modernized by Robson as a three-manual instrument
with 7 stops on the Great, 6 on the Swell, 4 on the Choir,
and I on the Pedals. In 1882 it was replaced by a new
organ by Bevington.

XIV. S. Peter, Cornhill (p. 230). The following
stops, added to ihe organ by Hill in 1840, were at that time
said to be new to this country :

Great-Claribel Flute, 8 ft.; Wald Flute, 4 ft; Oboe Flute, 4 ft.
Swell Suabe Flute, 4 ft.; Echo Dulciana Cornet, V ranks ; Cornopean,

XXI. S. Peter le Poer (p. 96). This church was

closed and destroyed in 1907. Its site was sold for .90,000
and is now (1909) covered by the business premises of the
Anglo-South-American Bank.

CII. 5. Peter ad Vincula [Tower of London]

(p. 230). A former organist, Mrs. N. O'Brien (now
organist of All Saints' Cathedral, Allahabad, India) writes
(June i8th, 1909) : " Having read with interest in The
Organist and Choirmaster the account of the organ at
S. Peter ad Vincula, I venture to send you a few further
particulars of the present instrument which were given me
by Mr. Jekyll himself, as I was organist at the Tower of
London at the time the organ was removed there from
Whitehall. Previous to that there had been a small organ
built by T. Willis, an organ builder in the Minories. This
instrument contained one manual only and pedals, no stops,
only an octave coupler. It was presented to the church by
Mrs. Milman (wife of Sir Bryan Milman, Governor of the
Tower). This lady played for several years until within a
short time of her death ; after which, about the year 1882, I
was appointed organist, and held the appointment till the
year 1899. Previous to my appointment no salary had been
allowed for the organist. I was therefore the first paid
organist, the salary being paid in equal portions by the


Constable, Lieutenant and Governor of the Tower. The
organ in the Chapel Royal, Tower of London, was originally
built by Father Schmidt about the year 1660 by command of
King Charles II, whose arms still embellish the case. The
oak case with its four towers elaborately carved and some of
the original pipes (the Stopped Diapason) in the Choir organ
still remain. It was rebuilt by Elliot & Hill in the year
1814 ; in the year 1844 it was enlarged by Hill. In 1877 it
was found to be beyond the requirements of the present age.
Tuned on what is called the unequal temperament system,
and totally unfit for modern playing, it was then entirely
rebuilt, converted into a C organ according to the accepted
modern plan, with new bellows to supply the Pedal organ,
new Great, Choir and Pedal organ sound-boards, and
entirely new mechanism. The pipe work of the Great
organ, with the exception of one stop, viz., the Double
Diapason, was all new. New pipe-work was also added to
the Pedal, Swell and Choir organs. This work was carried
out under the superintendance of Mr. Jekyll, organist of
Whitehall. The organ contains 1,968 pipes. The cost to
build a similar instrument, including oak case, would be
about .1,500. The organ was presented by the late Queen
Victoria to S. Pe'er ad Vincula, Tower of London, and was
removed from Whitehall about the year 1892."



Several other names have been received too late for insertion.

ADCOCK, E. E., Esq., Norwich.

ADDISON, R. B., Esq., West Hampstead. (Two Copies).

ADSHEAD, E., Esq., Rochdale.

ANDERSON, C. M., Esq., Forest Hill.

ARCHER, J. STUART, Esq., London.

ARNOLD, J. A., Esq., Plumstead.

BARFF, REV. A., M.A., S. Giles', Cripplegate.

BARKER, H., Esq., Bow.

BATTLEY, H. H., Esq., Canterbury.

BEDWELL & SON, Organ Builders, Cambridge.

BENHAM, REV. CANON, Finsbury Square.

BENNETT, DR. G. J., Lincoln.

BlRCH, J. J., Esq., Birmingham.

BRIDGE, SIR FREDERICK, Westminster Abbey.

BRIMELOW, J., Esq., S. Albans.

BULL, JOHN, Esq., Northampton.

BURGESS, F., Esq., North Kensington. (Two Copies).

BURNETT, WM., Esq., Kingston Hill.

BUNNETT, DR. E., Norwich.

C ADM AN, R. M., Esq., Long Eaton.

CAMPBELL, J. E., Esq., Ramsgate. (Two Copies),

CARR, J. P., Esq., Wakefield.

CARTER, T. W., Esq., Sydenham. (Two Copies),

CARTWRIGHT, R., Organ Builder, West Green, N.

CHAPMAN, J. G., Esq., Manchester. (Two Copies),

CHISHOLM, A. J., Esq., Stoke Newington.

CLIFFORD, E., Esq., Spalding.

COLEMAN, Miss, Mansfield.

COPELAND J. A., Esq., Middlesborough.

COUPER, S. C., Esq., Aberdeen.


CROASDELL, W. H., Esq., Peckham.

DAVIES, J. E., Esq., Putney. (Three Copies)-

DE Ros, COLIN, Esq., Georgetown, Demerara.

DICKSEE, L. R., Esq., Haverstock Hill.


DOCKER, F. W., Esq., S. Andrew's, Wells Street, W.

FISHER, SHELLEY, Esq., Gerrard's Cross.

FRASEK, N., Esq., Glasgow.

FREEMAN, A., Esq., Streatham.

FRYE, F. R., Esq., Mus. B., Chelmsford.

GRAVES, A. H., Esq., Leyton, N.E.

GRAY & DAVISON, Organ Builders, London, N.W.

(Three Copies).

GILBERT, DR. W. B., Oxford.
GOODHART, A. M., Esq., M.A., Mus. Bac., Eton College,


HAMILTON & Co., Paternoster Row.
HANBURY, R., Esq., Sutton.
HANDS, J. D., Esq., Shebbear, Devon.
HANKINS, F. H., Esq., South Hampstead.
HAWLEY, S., Esq., Oxford Mansions, W.
HILL & SON, Organ Builders, Camden Road. (Two Copies).
HOGG, S. R., Esq., Mus. B., West Hampstead.
HOVVARTH, G. , Esq., Birmingham.

HYDER, H., Esq., Allahabad, India. (Two Copies).

JONES, D., Esq., Boxmoor, Herts.
KIRKLAND, A., Esq., Organ Builder, London.
KIRKLAND, F., Esq., London.
KNIGHT, H., Esq., Hendon.

LIBRARIAN, English Church Union, London. (Two Copies).
LIGHTWOOD, J. T., Esq., Lytham, Lancashire.
LITTLEWOOD, A., Esq., Sheffield.
LLOYD, DR. C. H., M.A., Eton College, Windsor.
LONGMORE, E. W., Esq., West Norwood.
MCLEAN, N. W. H.. Esq., Salop.
MAY, A. E., Esq., Camberwell.
MAYO, REV. C. E., Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
MARSHALL, J. T., Esq., Leeds.
MEADOWS, E. B., Esq., Thornton, Lancashire.
METCALF, T. L., Esq., Middlesborough.
MONK, DR. M. J., Truro.

MOSER, G. S., Esq., Earlswood Common, Surrey.
MOUNTAIN, T., Esq., Eastbourne.
NICHOLSON Co., Organ Builders, Worcester.
NORMAN, J. C., Esq., Walthamstow. (Two Copies).

NUNN, F. C., Esq., Upper Norwood.
ORMROD, T., Esq., Southport. (Two Copies).

PAGE, C. W., Esq., Lincoln.
PALMER, T. J., Esq., Toronto, Canada.
PAYNE, E. W., Esq., New Cross. (Three Copies).

PEARCE, REV. E. H., M.A., Christchurch, Newgate Street,



PERRY, REV. G. H., M.A., S. Luke's, Old Street, London.

PIERSON, C., Esq., Tufnell Park.

RADBONE, W. P., Esq., Oxford.

RADZINSKI, C. A., Esq., New York, U.S.A.

REEVES. H. W., Esq., London.

RICHARDSON, W. W., Esq., West Kensington.

ROBERTS, W. A., Esq., Liverpool.

RYDE, E. H., E-q., Windsor.

SALMOND, W., Esq , Slateford.


SCOTT, R., Esq., Newport, Fife.

SHAW, F., Esq., Stockport.

SLOG ROVE, A. J.. Esq., Merstharn.

SOUTHGATE, T. B., Esq., Lee, S.E.

SOUTHGATR. T. L , Esq., Lee, S.E.

SPOOXER-LILLINGSTON, S. E. L., Esq., Mus. B., London.

STAINER. J. F. R., Esq., London. (Two Copies).

ST. LEGER, W. D., Esq., Madras, India. (Two Copies).

SUTCLIFFE, W., Esq., Shipley.

SWANN, S., Esq., Mus. B., Tooting.

THOMPSON, H. R., Esq., Leytonstone. (Three Copies).

TRIGGS, T. W , Esq., Ilford.

TUCKER, J., Esq., Buckhurst Hill.

VALE, W. S., Esq., All Saints', Margaret Street, W.

WALL, H. E., Esq., Barnes.

WARRINER, DK. J., Denmark Hill.

WEBB, E. A., Esq., South Hampstead.

WEST, A. G. B., Esq., London.

WELLSTEAD, H., Esq., Wimborne.

WILKINS, G. C., Esq., London.

WILLIAMS, DR. A., Grenadier Guards, London.

WILLMOT, H. C., Esq., Tunbridge Wells.

WOOD, Miss M. L., Douglas. (Two Copies).

WOODS, K. C., Esq., Salop.

Theoretical Works and Music Text Books,

Elementary Ear-Training Fred. G. Shinn

Rudiments of Musical Knowledge . . .... . c. W. Pearce

Sudiments of Music for Choirs and Schools . . . . Harvey Lohr
anual Of Sight Singing, Parti. Paper Cover, Is., Cloth, Is 6d. F.J. Sawyer
Part II. Paper Cover, Is., Cloth, IS. 6d. ,,

Graded School Song-Book.

Designed for use with The Manual of Sight Singing, ten parts,
each 2d. Complete in Paper Cover, Is. 4d., in Cloth, 2s.

Choral Instructor for Treble Voices C.Vincent

New-Century Pianoforte Method ,,

School Of Arpeggio Fingering (Practical) S. Myerscough

Harmony, Diatonic and Chromatic c. Vincent

Tonality and Roots A. /.Greenish

Students' Counterpoint C. W. Pearce

Composers' Counterpoint ,, ,,

Form in Music .. .. /. Humfrey A nger

Scoring for an Orchestra C.Vincent

The Reading of Music M. E. P. Zrper

Combined Rhythms . . R. 1. Rowi

Musical Memory and its Cultivation

On Organ Playing

Voice Culture ..

Hints to Singers

300 Examination Questions . . .

Score Reading in the various Clefs, 48 Fugues, 2 Vols.

?OW we Hear (A Treatise on Sound) ..
ocal Exercises for Choir Boys

Practical Suggestions for Training Choir Boys ..
Voice Exercises for Boys

On Mendelssohn's Organ Sonatas

Scales and Arpeggios . .

The Art of Violin Bowing

Choir Training based on Voice Production A. Madeley Richard*

The Psalms, their Structure and Musical Rendering
Training of Men's Voices

Fred. G. Ski,

A. Page
Guido For pot a
R. T. White
A. Mangehdorff
J.S.Bach each
..F.C. Baker
F. N. Baxter
E. G. Bentall

C"W. Pearce

. . S. Midgley
Paul Stoeving

Semorizing Major and Minor Scales
udiments of Vocal Music

R. T. "White
F A. Clarke
T. L. Southgate

Vocal Exercises on the Old Italian System . . . . E.G. Whiu

The Brass Band and how to Write for It C. Vincent

A History of Music E.Duncan

Studies in Musical Graces E. Foiules

Key to Ditto ,

Melodies and How to Harmonize Them E. Duncan

Key to Ditto

What Music IS Duncan Hume

Plain-Song and Gregorian Music F. Burgess

Words in Singing C.J.Brennan

Organ Accompaniment to the Psalms C. W. Pearce

Dictionary of Organ Stops . . . . . ..J.I Wedgwood

A Treatise on Harmony, Part I & Part II /. Humfrey Anger each

Voice Training Exercises and Studies F.C. Field Hyde

The First Principles of Voice Production . . . ^ homas Kelly

Practical Points for Choral Singers Robert Simmons

The Organist's Directory C W. Pearce

The Indispensible Theory Book Woodrow &* Rudd

Graded Score Reading (C and G Clefs) F.J. Sawyer ~&

Primer of Part-Singing, Two Books .. .. F.J. Sawyer each 1

A Method of Teaching Harmony Fred.GShinu

Part I Diatonic Harmony. Cloth boards, 3s.; Limp covers, 2s. 6d.
,, H-Chromatic Harmony. 3s.; ., ,, 2s. 6d.

The VINCENT MUSIC CO. Ltd., 60, Berners St., London, '

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