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THE <^>. . > ~:r ^

I Philadelphia Diredory,



'contains, ■

V, PiAlir (late offices, *l«re,ind by whom

75 6 10. Pbyndans, {Urgcous, and their places \

I i6 V of abode, , , , /•' •

' 8i Q II. Pref.dent, dircftors, days and hou.s .

^. -.- • ic Ai / 8rX of buf.nefs at the bank, 94 r

1,- aa M 45 I ^ P}/{r°-^ V „. Profcirors at the univcrfity. ,.^ ^ ^ 9+ .

a. The members in Concrefs, and^^ A li. J^^^^^ ^^ porterage, as eftabhihed by^^ ;

3.C^SS"tmentso6tl.cUnitcdSt.tes 1^ ^.^^^ ^^^ departures of aU ports ^

"* and by N\ horn conduced, ,_ X* nnd fta-cs, 97 j

4. Members in Council from -^^^ eoUn^ /^ ^nd fta.e ,^^ ^.^^.^^^^^.^ ^^^ .
ties, and Y^iere ref.dmg m the city, 87 Yli- V^^their places of meet. nfis, and ■

5. Members in Afiemb y, f;:«'^j'^^'g, X ^^^ ' 97 .
^ Counties, and the.r city refj^^^^^^^^^^ . ^^g -^

6. Judges and juftices of the peace, wicn , ,.^

theiV places of abode, 9° A . .^


■ f„1ufhtl?bonerne. a. to rend« .n exchange or companfoa be- .

tween the dates plain and cafy. ...» >

p H, I L A D £ L P H i ^'' ;

PrmtcdbyYovNo;STEWART,»ndM'Cu.LOCH, Ua^«/;/7r../. |


31 •



F ■


• Advertifement.

n^HE Publtfjer of this Directory has en-
deavoured to remedy the frequent complaints
made at his office^ by Jl rangers and' others^ for the
want of a more eafy guide to fnd out any perfon
they might have bufinefs with ; and notwithjland-
in? his care to re?ider it corre&y it being the frf
I of the ki?id publifjed here^ it cannot be expeElcd
^1 to be wholly complete. He therefore hopes the in-
^ dulgeJit public will excuje any errors or omifftoris
which may appear ^ as he intends to have the next
as cor re 51 as can poffibly be colle£ied.—This col-
leSlion took place ill September, and was fent
to the prefs wider its prefent alphabet ^ rather than
detain it, as the longer fuch is on hand, the more
falfe and ufelefs it will appear — the next fjall be
alphabeted fo as to fnd any performs name at a

Branch White.

Intelligence-Office, Che/nut-
Jireety October 27, 1785.

V .••.',<. •



Philadelphia Direftoty.

0^ The Letter b. fig^'fiu between.

Xl LLIBONE William captain, Front h. Callowhill and Vine-flrecta
Allifon David, Hiopket^pcr, Water b. Soutli and Lonibard-ftreets '

Allanfby Jam-ss, cooper, Pcnn b. South and Pine-ftreets ' \

Alhbonc and Paul, grocers, corner Water and Market-Itretl3 ■

Allen Mrs. fign Turk awd Galley, Water b. Race and Vine-ilrrct3
AMon and M' Knight, merchants, Front b. Chefnut and Walnut-llrccta
Allen Wiiliani, cordwainer. Second b- Spruce and Walnut-ftreets \

Allen Thomas, filk and Huff (hoemaker. Second b. Sj)ruce and Walaut-ilrcets ■

Allen Jofeph, cabinet maker. Second b. Spruce and Union-ilrects i

AUcn Fduard, Ef^; Third b. Walnut and Spruce-llrects i

AMon William, lign Gen. Wayne, Fifth b. Walnut and Sprucc-flrccta '

Allen Catharuie. fiiopkeeper, Vine b. Second and Front-flreets i

A-llerdice Jofeph, dyer, corner Arch and Seventh-llreets i

Allen Mrs- gentlewoman, Chefnut b. Fourth and Fifth-ftrccta
Allen Nehcmiah, cooper, Spruce b. Second and Third-ftree^.s ]

Allen Andrew, mariner, Union b. Third and Fourth-flrects

Allen William captain, Keys alley, near Vine b. Second and Front-ftrectS 1

Allen Matthew, bricklayer, Cherry alley, b- Third and Fourth-ftrcets 1

A en Chamlefs, merchant, Norris's alley, b- Second and Front-llrccti
Alhbone Thomas, merchant. Black Horfe aUey, Front-ilreet \

Allen Matthew, Crown b. Race and Vine-llreet3 1

Alhfon RichlifT, merchant. Water b- Catharine and Almond-ftrects
A borne Jacob, baker. Third b- Chefnut and Markct-Rreets
Alberton Thomas, fliaHopman, Fifth b. Spruce and Wahmt-ftreets
Albright John, printer, New b. Second and Third-ftrtets
Albright Michael Cedar, cooper, Sugar alley, b. Fifth and Sixth-areetd
Alexander Adam, houfe carpenter, Fifth b. Walnut and Spruce-ftrects
A exander James, Innkeeper, Spruce b- Front and Second-llreets
A exandcr John, flieriff's officer, Chefnut b- Third and Second- ftrceti
Alexander James, iign Battle of the Kegs, Water b. Race and Vuic-ftrcctfl !

Aiitmcr Phihp, taylor, Water b. Chefnut and Walnut StrcctJ


1'"« ) ■

Ann'ie William John, failmakcr, Pcnn b- South and Almond-ftrectg

Andrews Jacob, fhopkeepcr, Second b. Race and Vine-ftreets

Andrews John ilevcrend, Arch b. Fifth and Sixth-ftreets

Andrews Either, South b. Third and Fourth- ftreets

Andcrfoa Alexander, fhopkeeper, Second b. Arch and Markct-ftrccts

Anderfon Mrs. boarding houfe, Second b. Walnut and Spruce-ftreets

Anderfon WiHiam, Efq; ChcffUit b. Fourth and Fifth-ftreets

Anderfon William, hairdreffer. Fourth b. Market and Chefnut-llreets

Anderfon Jnne, Strawberry alley, b. Market and Chefnut-flrcets

Afhlrido^e Mrs- gentlewoman, Market b. Third and Fourth-ftreets

Adcbridi^e Jofcph, bifcuit baker, Lombard b. Third and Fourth-ftreets

Afliton Jofcph, bricklayer^ Cherry alley, b- Fifth and Sixth-ftreets

AOiby William, taylor, Elbow Lane, near Third-ftreet 3

Afhton William John, carpenter. Walnut b. Eight and Ninth-ftreets I

Afli Jame'<, merchant. Vine b- Second and Front ftreets [

Afhton Rebecca, Seventh b- Race and Vine-ftreets ^ s

Aihton Mary, fchool miftrefs, Fourth b- Market and Arch-ftreets '

Aftimead John, paper ftaincr, Third b. South and Lombard-ftreets

Aftiton Peter, merchant, Third b. Vine and Race-ftreets

Afmos John, blajkfmith, corner of Sixth and Arch-ftreets

Afmos John, blackfmith. Fifth b. Race and Vine-ftreets

Adams Francis, tobacconift, corner of Water and Race-ftreets

Adams and M'Callager, blackfmiths, corner of Third and Union-ftreets

Adams Richard, merchant, Third b. Market and Arch-ftreets

Adams Peter, carter. Fifth b. Race and Vine-ftreets ;

Adams Richard, porter, Walnut b. Seventh and Eight-ftreets ^

Adams George, printer, New b. Second and Third-ftrects ' '

Adcock William, Efq; merchant, corner of Second and Market-ftrects

Auguftus Lewis, fliopkeeper, corner of Vine and Front-ftreets

A'lftin Ifaac, clock and watch maker, corner of Arch and Watcr-ftrects

Auftin Stephen and Co. merchants, corner of Taylor's alley, Sccond-ftreet

Auftin Jeremiah, ftiopkeeper. Vine b. Second and Front-ftreets

Antmos John, blackfmith, corner of Arch and Sixth-ftrecta

Abel Daniel, carter. Union b. Third and Fourth-ftreets

Armit Mary Mrs, gentlewoman, Front b. Chefnut and Walnut-ftrects

Armit Mrs- gentlewoman. Second b. Spruce and Walnut-ftreets

Armit Thomas, ftiopkeeper. Second b- Market and Arch-ftreets

Armitage Benjamin, blackfmith, Lombard b. Second and Third-fticcti

Armflrong James, ftiopkeeper, Second b. Market and Chefnut-ftreets

ArniftrongChriftopher, ftiopkeeper, Fifth b. Market and Arch-ftrceta }

Armftrong John, fign Leopard, corner of Union and Second-ftreets

Applegate John, boarding houfe. Front b. Walnut and Spruce-ftrcets

Appleby William, diftiller, Dockb. Second and Front-ftreets

Aitken and Ribaud, grocers, corner of Second and Ciicfnut-ftreets

Aitken George, mariner, Union b. Third and Fourth-ftreets

Aitken Robert, printer and bookftller, Market b. Front and Sccond-ftreets

Atikcnfon William, ftiip 1 uilder, Elfrith's alley, b- Second and Front-ftreets

Ackard William, gentleman, Lombard b« Third and Fourth-ftreets

( 3 ) ' > .

Ackley Mrs. trader, Front b. Pine and Lombard-ftrccts
Ackles Charles, blackfmith, Union b- Third and Sccond-ftreets
■ Abcrcrombie James, merchant, Pine b. Second and Front-ftrects
'Ammcrick John, baker, Second b. Vine ^"^ ^«"«!;-^'":^;;":» .,, . ,,.,
Ambrnfter Peter, breeches maker, corner of Fourth and CallowhiU-llreetS
Ambrufter Jofeph, fhoemaker, Arch b. Seventh and E.ght-ftreets
Ammerick Baltzer, labourer. Arch b. Eight and N.nth-ftrcets
Ambright Abraliam, taylor, Callowhill b. Second and Front-arcets
Attmore Caleb, hatter, Second b- Market and Arch-ftreets
Attmore Thomas, hatter, Arch b- Fourth and Fifth-Rrects
Armfon Mary, Vine b- Third and Fourth- ft reets
Anthony Jacob, turner and inftrument maker, Second b. Vine and Callow-

hill-flreets -^

Anthony Ruth, Walnut b. Sixth and Seventh-ftreets
Anthony Jofeph goldfmith, Market b Second and Third-ftreets
Antrime John, cooper. Water b. South and Lombard-ftreets
An^us John captain, merchant, Lombard b- Third and F^ourth-ftrcct*
Anedrifs Zacheriah, Brewer's alley, b- Third and Fourth-ftreet


Brown John, merchant, Pine b. Second and Third-ftrcets
Brown William, lumber merchant, Water b. Chnftian and Qiieen-ftrects
Brown John, Uimbcr merchant. Water b. Catharine and Almond-llreets
Brown Elifha, captain of a vefTel, Water b. Almond and South-ftrccts
Brown Jofeph, m.erchant, Water near Pine-ftreet

Brown Nathaniel and Co. blackfmiths, W^ater b- Race and \ incftrccis
Brooks and Wilfon, boat builders. Water b. Race and ^ incllreeta
Brown William, Ixfcuit baker. Water b, CaUowhiU and Vincllrccts
Brown John, (hip builder, Kenfington
.. Brown Peter major, blackfmith, Kenfington -n i. tj -j -

Brown John, fign of Noah's Ark, innkeeper, Front-ftrect, near Pool s-Bndge
Brooks William, boarding houfc. Front b. Arch and Rice-llrcets
, Brown James, (hopkeeper, comer of Chefnut and Front-flrects
' Broody Alexander, innkeeper. Front b. Lombard and South-ltreets
Brown Jacsb, blackfmith and trader, Second b. Vine and Rage-ilrect8
Brown Elizabeth, Oiopkeeper, Second b. Chefnut and Walnut-ftreets
Bromewell William, cabinet maker. Second b. Union and Pme-iircets
Brown Thomas, cordwainer. South b. Third and Fourth-ftreets
/ Brodrick Andrew, cordwainer, Eight b. Walnut and Chefnut-ftrccts
Brown Thomas, cabinet maker, CallowhiU b. Third and Fourth-ftrceta
Brown John, jeweller. Third b. Spruce and Union-ftreets
Brown William, bifcuit baker, Vine b. Second and Front-ft reets
Brodegain Philip, fiiopkeepcr, Race, b. Second andThird-ftrect*
Brown Nathaniel, blackfmith. Race b. Second and Third-ftreets
Brown Mrs. fign Leopard, innkeeper, Arch b. Sixth and Seventh ■ ftrjets
Brooks John, glover and breeches maker. Market b. Third and Pouith-ilrccta
Brown Jofeph, innkeeper, Market b. Second ard Third-flrcets
Brown Mary, (hopkeeper, Market b. Secpnd a^i Tliird-ftrecU

■ " ' (4)

Brown Nathaniel, boarding houfe, corner of ElgKt and Walnut-ftrceU

Brown John, ilone cutter, Walnut b- Seventh and Eight-ftreets

Brown Elijah, conveyancer. Pear b- Third and Dock-flreats

Brown John, cordwainer, Sugar alley, b. Fifth and Sixtli-ftreets

lirown Wirliam, fchoolmafter. Pine b. Front and Second -llreets

Bjeryman Duncan, (hip builder, Water b. Queen and Catharine-ftreeta

Jiirch Miles, cooper. Water b. Catharine and Almond-ilreets

Briggoner Daniel, reed maker. Market b- Four,th and Fifth-flreeta

Jbeach Edmond, ftave merchant. Water b. Almond and Catharinc-arecta

K-ale John, grocer, Wnter b- South and Almond-Greets ' i

Beaver Henry, wood fawcr, Water b- South and Almond-flreets \

Beattyes Henry, tobacconift, Market b- Third and Fourth-ftreets {

Beamer Andrew, potter, Sugar alley, b. Fifth and Sixth-ftrcets '

^!c kham Georges merchant, Market b. Fourth and Fifth Streets '^

I^ickaam Caleb, Have merchant, corner of Catharine and Water-ftreets I

Batche or James Dr. phyi-ician. Water b. Al.nond and Cath::rine-ftreet8

^atehe or Thomas, merchant. Market b- Third and Fourlii-llreets ' '

l^atchelor Tiiomas, wine cooper, corner of Front and Walnut-ftreeta ' [

^attar Ann, gentlewoman, Ihird b. Uniou and Pine-lheets '

BanuU>aul, innkeeper. Water b- Almond and Catharine-ftreets ^ \

Harry Rebecca, fchool miArcfs, Pemi b- South and Almond-flreets [

ijarrctt Tobias, fign Bird in Hand, corner of Penn and Pine-flreets i dc J. merchant taylor. Front b. Union and Pine-ilrcets ^

Iiarciayjohn.merdiant, Water b. Spruce and Pine-llreets r

Bartholomew Michael, tohacconill. Water b. Chefnut and Walnut-ftrccta '

IJ.unet llvic, cabmct maker, Front b- Vine and Callowhill-ftreets j'

Bertram Mrs. boarding houle. Front b- Walnut and Spruce-ftreets • !

liarker Jolm, taylor. Front b. Walnut and Spruce-ftreets 1

Bernard Mra- gentlewoman. Front b. Pine and Lombard-ftreets ^

Barry Thomas, cake baker. Second b. Walnut and Spruce-ifrecta

Kan- Jajnes, morchant. Second b- Walnut and Chefnut-ftrcets

i^arr kohert, fhopkceper, .-econd b. Market and Chefnut-ftreets

i>artowe Thomas, me.cliant, Second b. Arch and Race-flreets

Bartram Mofes, druggift, Second b- Arch and Race Streets

Barlram Jane, gentlewoman. Second b. Chefnut and Walnut-ftreeta

"are V.uentme, houfe carpenter. Eight b. Arch and Market-ilreets

Bai-nard Nicholas, grocer, Third b- Chefnut and Walnut-ftreets

IJarret John, bifcu.t baker, Second b- Chefnut and Walnut-ftreets

hardon Stephen, grocer, corner of Lombard and Third-ftreets

Barham Joh.i, Elq; gentlemen. Fourth b. Spruce and Union-ftreets

Barkenbnrn George, carter. Fourth b- Arch and Race-ftreets

Bartowo Vv^illum, flanner. Fourth b. Arch and Race-ftre^-ts

Larthn- C onrade, houfe carpenter. Seventh b. Arch and Rr.ccftrccts

Bard.y ^ anuc , houfe carpenter. Callowhill b- Third and Fourth-ftrect.

Barge and Ke.fon, grocers, near corner of Fifth and Markct-Rreets '

Baitram John, gentleman, Market b- Second and Tliiid-ilre-ts

?arry Jame5, KVntleunn, ( hefnut b- Foiuth and F.Ttl.-ftree-r

Barry i u.m:.., c onflaioner, CKeCuat b- S.c^nd andThird-llrcets

( 5 )

Bartz John, taylor, Arclib. Front and Second-R.ecrs

Barr)'Juhr.> captain, ir.erchant, Spruce- b. Tiiird and Fourtli-flrccts

Parker John, Efq; coiinfdior at law, Union b. Second and Front-ftrccts

Bartlcy Chriftoplirr, houfc carpenter, Cljerr>- alley, b. Tifth and Sixth-llrcctS

Barry Ann, lliopkcepcr, Morivan alley, b. Arcii and Racc-flreets

Barker John, houfe carpenter. Union b. Front and Second-ftreets

Barry Ifabellajfi^^n Faithful Iriniman, Stra\'rbcrry allev,b. Market and Chefnut-

Barrett Mrs. gentlewoman. Third b. Chcfnut and Walnut-ftrects
Bartholomew Edward, Flq; cxcife omce, Tliird b. Arch and Race-ftrccts
Barton William, FAj; connfcllor at law, Third b. Arch and Race-llrcets
Bartram Ifaac, driior;;!!!, Third b. Market and Arch-llrccts
BarnhI]]John,fhopkeepcr, Third b. Market and Arch-ftrects
Barnhill Robert, ihopkeepcr. Second b- Market and Arch-llrect8
Barnes William, cake baker, Third b. Chefnut and Wahiut-llreets
Bardon Stephen, jeweller, corner of Third and South-llreets
Buncklc, taylor. Water b. South and Almond-ftrects .
Bunner Andrew, merchant, Front b- Spruce and Union-fcreets '-
Bunner Jacob, hatter, Race b. Second and Third-ftreets
Boys Elias, mcrchnnt, Penn b- South and Ahnond-Rrects
Boys Major, gentleman, Front b. Spruce and Union-llreets
Boys and M'llvain, merchants, Hollingfworth's wlurf, b. Spruce and Unloa^
itreets • •

Boyd Andrew, houfe carpenter, Market-ftrect Wharf

^7"^ ^^n^'n "''"'' ^^^' Northern Liberty auaioneer, Second b. Vine and Cal.

Boyer Blaze, innkeeper, Second b. Race and Vine Streets

Boylan James captain, Hiopkeeper, Second b. Chefnut and Walnut-ftrccta

Boyd Andrew, imufe carpenter. Fourth h. Arch and Race-llrects

Bomod Daniel, bookfeller, corner of Arch and FourtH-ftrccts

Boerhave Martin, bi.tclier, Fourth b. Arch and Race-ftrects

Burges Jofeph, mate of a fliip, Pcnn b. South and Almond-lcreets

Eurnfidc James, clerk at Edwa-d Fox's, Efq; office

Burchan Robert, gentleman, ( allowhiJI near Water-arcet

Burns Jofeph, fhopkccper. Front b- Vine and Callowhill-Pcrccts

Burrows John, captain of a vefTel, Front b- Vine and CallowhiU-ftreets

Burr VViiuam, umber merchant. Front b- Vine and rallowhiU-arccts

BurckhardVV.lham,hairdreiTer, Front b. Arch and Race-flrects '

i3urk 1 nilip. innkeeper and cordwainer, corner of Front and Arch-flreets

i>urns James, jeweller, Front b- xMarket asd Arch-arcets

Burlord George, chair maker, corner of Lombard and Fifth-ftrects'

l>urnesW,iham, carter, Vine b- Third and Fourth-dreels

Burrows John, captain of a veffel, Vine b. Second and Front-llrccti

-Burney William, carter, Race b. Fifth and Sixth-ftrctts

^urcKMatxl Andrew fhopkeeper, Arch b- Second and Third-ftrccU

^urns Anthony, goldfmith, Chefnut b. Second and Front-H.-eets '

Burdon Mrs- h:opkccper, Strawberry alley, b- Market and Chcfnut-ftrccls

/ ,

( 6 )

j^urnes James, china merchant, Third b. Market and Arch-llrects

Burd Edward, Efq; prothonolary of the fuprcrac court. Third b. Market and

Burge Mrs. gentlewoman. Third b- Market and Arch-ftreets
Bell John, ftave merchant, Penn b. Lombard and Pine-ftreeti
Bell William, taylor. Water b. Walnut and Chefnut-ftreets
Bell Thomas, captain of a veflel. Third b- Union and Pine-ftrceta
Belzons Philip, merchant. Fifth b- Market and Arch-ftreets
Bell William, taylor. Walnut b. Second and Front-ftreets
Bringhurft John, merchant. Front b. Walnut and Spruce-ftreets
Bridges Robert, merchant. Water b. Pine and South-ftreet»
Bringhurft James, ironmonger. Front b. Walnut and Spruce-ftreet$
Bright Jacob, bifcuit baker, Front and Water b- Race and Vine-ftreets
Britton Thomas, lumber merchant. Water b- Vine and Callowhill-ftreets
Britton Paul, fign Golden Swan, innkeeper. Third b. Arch and Race-ftrecta
Bringhurft George, coach maker, Fourth b. Arch and Race-ftreet$
Briggs Samuel, rope maker. Arch b- Fiftli and Sixth-ftreets
Britts Mary, Coates alley, b- Second and Front-ftreets
Briftol Jacob, baker, Letitia Court, near Market-ftreet
Blackftone Preiftly, cordwainer, corner of Front and Lombard-ftrects
Bland John, merchant. Water b. Pine and South-ftreets
Black Ruth, ftiopkeepcr. Water b- Spruce and Pine-ftrcets
Blakley Mrs- gentlewoman. Second b- Chcfnut and Market-ftreets
Blackburn, Richard, ironmonger. Second b. Chefnut and Market-ftreets
Blar.chard John, merchant. Front b. Market and Arch-ftreets ^
Blake Sarah, Sixth b. Arch and Race-ftrcets
Black John, ftiopkeeper, Arcli b. Second and Tlilrd-ftreet*
Blake Jane, boarding houfe, Chefnut b- Second and Front-ftreets
Blackwell Robert Reverend, minifter of the gofpel. Pine b. Second and Front-
Blewer and Ord, ftiip chandlers. Water and Penn-ftreets
Blunt Stephen, cordwainer, Chefnut b. Second and Front-ftreets
Byron Walter captain, Water and Fiontb- Spruce and Pine-ftreets
Byrne Rcymond, fign Mafon and York Arms, innkeeper. Water b* Chefnut

and Market-ftreets
Byrons Joftiua, merchant. Front b. Market and Arch-ftreets
Byrne Patrick, fign Cock, Front b- Walnut and Spruce-ftreets
Byrne James innkeeper. Market b. Eleventh and Twelfth-ftreets
Byerly Chriftopher, grocer. Market b. Third and Fourth-ftreets
Bultan Evcr.ird, ftiopkeeper. Front b. Arch and Market-ftreets
BoHthoe Chriftiana, ftiopkeeper, Chefnut b. Second and Front-ftreets
Bokan Jofcph, gentleman. Comb's alley, b. Second and Front-ftreet
Baylie Enoch, fign Sailor's Return, innkeeper, corner of Walnut and Water-

Baylie William, merchant, Market-ftreet Wharf
Baylie Robert, fhopkecper. Front b. Pine and I^ombard-ftrects
Baynton John, merchant, Arch b. Second and Third-ftreets

( 7 )

Billliigton Tliomas, merchant taylor, Front b. Chcfnut and Walnut-ftrcct*
Bache and Shee, merchants, Front b. Chefnut and Walnut-ftrcets
Backman Peter, houfe carpenter. Branch b. Tiiird and Fourth-llrcets
Bacon and Stroudc, merchants Third b. Arch and Market-ftrcets
Bcnninghove Jacob, tobacconlft, Water b. Chefnut and Walnut-flrcett
Benzoni Plilh'p, merchant. Water b. Market and Cl»efnut-ftreet8
Benfon Nicholas, cordwaincr. Market- ftrcct Wharf
Rennet James, innkeeper. Water b. Arch and Race-ftrcets
Bender Jacob captain, innkeeper, Front-ftrcet, Kcnfington
Beck Paul, merchant, Market-ftreet Wharf
Beck Jacob, filk dyer, Front b. Race and VIne-ftreets
Beck Peter, cordwainer, Front b. Race and Vinc-ftrects
Beck John, taylor, Front b, Chefnut and Walnut-ftreets
Beck Adam, labourer, Market b. Eleventh and Twelfth-flrects
Beck Andrew, filk dyer, Combs alley, b. Second and Front-ftreetg
Beck Valentine, cordwainer. Second b. Race and Vine-ftrects
Bethell Robert captain, Hiip chandler. Front b. Arch and Race-ftrccta
Betagh Thomas, grocer, Second between Market and Chcfnut-ftreets
Betting Lewis, Hiop keeper. Fifth b. Market and Arch-ftreets
Bettcrton Benjamin, innkeeper, corner of Strawberry alley, Market-ftreet
Bettle Samuel, taylor, Chefnut b. Third and Fourth-ftreets
Betta Amos, taylor. South b. Water and Front-ftreets
BufTy Nicholas, taJlow chnndler, Spruce b. Second and Front-ftrcet8
Butcher Job, grocer. Water b. Market and Arch-ftrcets
Butts George, cordwainer. Vine b. Third and Fourth-ftreets
Butland Mar)', fringe and lace maker, Chefnut b. Second and Front-ftreetii
Butler Mary, Spruce b. Third and Fourth-ftreets
Butler William, labourer. Sugar alley, b. Fifth and Sixth-ftreets
Butler Mary, Drinker's Court, b. Second and Third-ftreets
Butler John, houfc carpenter, Third b. Arch and Race-ftrects
Brannom Mrs. boarding houfe, Front b. Race and Vinc-ftreets
Bradford Thomas, printer and ftationer. Front b. Market and Chefnut-ftreetS
Branftadt Elizabeth, fliopkeepfr. Fourth b. Race and Vine-ftreetg
Brant John, cooper. Vine b. Third and Fourth-ftreets
Branning George, blackfmith, corner of Seventh and Market-ftrccts
Brayfield John, lockfmith. Market b. Third and Fourth-ftreets
Bradby Thomas, coppcrfmith, Market b. Third and Fourth-ftreets
Braumont James, bricklayer, Elbow lane, b. Market and Third-ftreets
Bradford William, Efq; attorney-general of law, Third b. Market and Arch-

Branham E. fign Eve and Lamb, innkeeper, Front b. Vine and CallowhiU-

ftreets ,

Bowers William major, Efq; fln'p chandler, Kenfington
Bowman Daniel, fhopkeeper, Front b. Market and Arch-ftreets.
Bowyer Mrs. fhopkeeper. Second b. Market and Chefnut-ftreets
Bowman Elijah, taylor, Callowhill b. Third and Fourth-ftreets
Bowers Andrew captain, ftone cutter, Race b. Third and Fourth-ftreetg
Bowyers James, clerk, Arch b. Niqth and Teath-ftrccts

Bower John, tarbcr, Markfct t. Third and Fourth Streets
Bowes Mrs. gentlewoman, Spruce b. Second and Third-ftreets
Bound Thomas, fliip joiner, corner of Vine and Water-flreets
Bowcn Thomas, cabinet maker. Spruce b. Second and Front-llreets
Bowers John, labourer, Eifrith's alley, b. Second and Front-llreets
Biddle Clement col. marfhall of the admiralty, corner of Griiy's alley, Front-

BidfonMrs. (hopkecper, Second b. Pine and Lombard-ftreets
Biddle Charles captain, Efq; vice prelident. Front b. CaUowhiU-flreet and

rool s Bridge

Biddle Owen, druggift, Market b. Second and Third-ftreets

Baker Mrs. gentlewoman, corner of Front and Callowhill-ftreets

Baker Hilllary, Efq; iron merchant. Third b. Arch and Race-ftreet8

Baker George A. ftiopkeeper, Front b. Arch and Race-flrcets

Baker Samuel, fliopkceper, Second b. Market and Chefnut-ftreets

Baker Chriilopher, conveyancer, corner of Second and Vine-ftreeta

Baker John, tanner and cumer. Second b. Race and Vine-ftreets

Barker Elizabeth, milliner, Second b. Market and Chefnut-ftreets

Baker John Dr. phyfician, Second b. Walnut and Spruce-itreets

Baker Bartholomew, cabinet maker, Fourth b. Walnut and Spruce-ftreeti

Baker Mrs. gentlewoman, Vine b. Third and Fourth-fttreets

Baker George, merchant. Race b. Second and Third-ftreets

Baker John and Samuel, book binders and ftationers, Sterling alley b Chcmr

alley and Race-ftrects o / ;

Baker Henr)', ftiopkeeper. Crown b. Race and Vine-ftreets
Barker John captain, fign St. Tammany, innkeeper and taylor. Arch b. Second

and rront-ftreets »

Baker and Crawford, grocers, Market b Fourth and Fifth-ftreets
Baktr Jacob, ftiopkeeper. Market b Second and Front-ftreets
Baker John H. hatter. Market b. Second and Front-ftreets
Baker Sarah, fchool miftrcfs, Cherry alley, b. Third and Fourth-ftrectg
Baker Irancis, baker, Lombard b. Second and Front-ftreeU
Bufliell John, printer, Front b. Race and Vine ftrcets
Bufh Adam, reed maker. Market b. Fifth and Sixth-ftreets
Bonnell Ciiarles, cooper, comer of Front and Vine-ftreets
Konnell Sarah, (hopkeeper, corner of Front and Vinc-ftreet?
£ond and Wilfon, druggifts, Second b. Market and Arch-ftreet«
' Bonfall Samuel, clerk, Fifth b. Market and Arch-ftreets
tonner Mrs. gentlewoman. Race b. Second and Third-ftreets
l;onham Mrs. gentlewoman, Arch b. Front and Sccond-ftreets
Eond Mrs. gentlewoman, Union b. Second and Tiiird-ilreets

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