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Qhe^er Qounty historical Society


Thoehe Thillips Trime







R E G I S T L R:


The names, occupations and places of abode of the ci-



OF THE United States and the state of Pennsyl-
vania, with THEIR salaries; the governors

OF the different states ; AND THE
magistrates of THE CITY:





To which is added.





a chronological table of remarkable events, which

have happened since the first discovery of

America to the present period.



printed for the AUTHOR, BY T. DOBSON, N° 4I, SOUTH


nc&nin^ th City.

'^*' ;, iuw-.w ., L. from the E. fide of Sixth ^t.W

;ind Vt-fit 8ts.
; s allcf,' oriliW AV. fide of Third St. between High

. i'-y, Oh th<e B.' fide of Water St. between High and

i.i.iii's alley, na'niniii^ N. andS. from Dock St. to Carter's
.cy, between Second and Tliird Sts.
■ -South' irtley, nmning E; and W. from Fifth to Sixth St. be-
tween Higli and Mulbcny Sts.

^ 'Stani][Jfr*s"iilley, running E. and W. from Second to Third St.
between Pine and Lmibard Sis.

•*-^tefnmet**s alley, on t>ye K. fide of Fourth St. between Saf-
fa iras and Vine 8tS.

' ^Stefhnr ^ley;' r'ttrmin^ N. and S. from SafTafras to Cherry St.
b ■rw€;fn Th-rd and Fourth Sts.
Story St. running E. and W. from Third to Fourth St. betweteh

oaifafras and Vine Sts. commonly called New St.
fefr:iwberr)' St. running N and S. irom High to Chefnut St.

between Second and Third Sts.
Styles' C('Urt, on the S fide ot j^lulberry St. between -Second

and third Sts.
Sugar Alley, running E. and W. from Sixth to Ninth St. bc-

tv^ een High and Mulberry Sts.
Taylor's Alley, running E. and W. from Front to Second St*

beiweea Chefnut and Walnut St.
Union St. running E. and W. from Front to Fourth St. between

Spruce and Pine St.
Waggoners alley running S. from Saffafras, between Ninth and

Tenth Sts. bone Alley, running S. from Chefnut St. between Tlih'-d

and Fourth Sts.
Willing's Alley, running E. and W. from Tlwrd to Fourth St»

betw' en Walnut aiid Spruce Sts.
"V^Tiite hrl€ alley running ^n from High b€t*weer/4>ecorHl dn<i-

Third Srs. a part of Elbow Lane.
York Court running E. from Third St. to Laurel Court, between

Walnut and Spruce Sts.
Zachary's Court, on the N. fide of Walnut St. between FroiA

and Second Sts.


.-^ Tiri I'T


Containing, The names, vccupttii&ns, and plact^s oj *-'hi ciit^

zens oj Philadelphia and the Juburb^f arranged ir al order^

from Page ly to 163.

Th e register,

Containing, L The officers of government of the Uruiei.

States, with their falaries.
The prefidsntj'vice-pfej dent,andfenate of the United States, page 164
Houfe of reprefmtatwes of do. - - - 165

Department ofjiate .'■*■- * 166

Treafury department - - " /W.

U^ar department ^ - - * 68

Jndittary of the United States . - - Ibid,,

limes of holding the federal courts in Pennfylvania - 169

Minijkrial and confular appointments by the U. S* to foreign po*wers 1 70
Minijkrial and confular appointments by foreign poivers to the U. S» 1 7 1
j^u abJlraQ offeveral aits (f Congr^fs, reiatiw to the efiabli/hment

of a Mint, &c. - - ^ - ^ 172

J Cent Table - - - - - ^74

Efablifhme7it of the Mails - - ' ^T5

Officers of the cujioms, 'wardens of the p6ft,^t* - 177

GoKxrnment of the terri.'ory of the United States on the Ohio Ibid,

Governors of the different fiates in the Union - Ibid.

II. Legiflature of Pennfylvania.

The governor, fenate, and hoife of reprefentatives - 1 78

Land Office - - - - 179

Judiciary (f Pennfyhania - - - Ibid.

County commifjicmers - - - loO

Commiffioners of bankruptcy ... - Ibid,

III. Officers of the City.

The mayor, recorder, and aldermen - - Ibid,

Commiffiuncrs for paving the Sts. - - Ibtd,

Clerks of the market - - - -^^^^.

IV. The Rules obferved at the different Banks and Infuranct

Bank of North America • - - 1 80

the United Statet • ^ " ^^*


'anh of Pennfyhanla - - - l8l

\fiirar.ce Combany of North yfmerica - 182
/je Philadelphia contribution/hip for infurlng boufes from lofs by

fire - - - - 183

The mutual Infurance company - - Ibid*

V. Charitable Inflitutlons.

Pcnnfylvania hvfpttal - - - 184

Chrffl church hofpital - - - 1 87

Phi-adetphia difpenfary - - - 1 88

Society for alleviating the miferies of public prifons - Ibid*

The humane fociety - - - 190
Houfe of employm£nt or alms houfe^ with the overfeers of the poor 191

Friends^ alms houfe - - - Ibid

Firfl-day or Sunday fchools - - - 1 92

African fchool - - - - 1 99

Abolition fociety - - - 1 93

VI. Inftitutions for the promotion of Science-

Colle^e of phyficians - - - 19 1

Univerfity of Pennfyl'vania - - - 1 96

Epfcopal academy - - - 198

Other feminaries of learning - - 20C>

Philadelphia library - • - Ibid.

Loganian library - - - - 2 02

American philofophical fociety - • - 205

Society for promoting agriculture *• • 204

VII. National Societies.

St Andrew's fociety y German incorporated fociety ^ and St Gesrge^s

fociety - - - - 205

Hibernian fociety i and French benevolent fociety y - 20$

VIII. Political Societies.

French patriotic fociety, and German republican fociety Ibid.

Democratic fociety^ and fociety of Cincinnati - - 207

IX. Mutual Benefit Societies.

Shipmafler*s fociety, Franklin fociety, and Union fociety - 207

Friendly and Provident focieties - - 208

X. Buildings appropriated to Public Worfbip, &c. Ibid^

XI. Grand Lodge of Pennfylvania, with the Lodges under its

Jurifdidion. - - 210

XII. The number of Inhabitants in each of the United Sates. 212

XIII. Places of Amufement.

Peale's mufeunt _ - - Ibtd»

BonverHs 'wax- work - " -' 213

Theatres .... Ihid.

Grafs gardens. Sec, - - - Ibid,

XIV. The different Stages. - 214

XV. Duties on Goods, Wares, and Merchandize. &c. 21^



XjLBBOT & Barnes, curriers, 20, So. Third St.
Abbot George, hairdrefler, 5, Black-horfe alley
Abbot Andrew, pump maker, 185, SalTafras St-
Abell William, labourer, 99, Storey St.
Abell George, cordwainer, 10, Branch St.
Abell John, carter, 115, Vine St.
Abell Daniel, labourer, 165, So. Third St.
■ Abell John, tanner, 6, Brown St. No. Lib.
Abell Peter, cordwainer, 79, Budd St. No. Lib.
Abercrombie James, merchant, 10 1, Pine St.
Abington Sufannah Penelope, widow, 48, Spruce St,
Abraham John, fhopkeeper, 62, So. Second St.
Achilles Charles, oyfterman, Oak near Fifth St. Southwark
Acker Michael, flour dealer, 402, No. Third St,
Ackley Helena, widow, 243, So. Front St.
Ackley John B. chair maker, 3, Mulberry St.
-Ackley David, cordwainer, 3, Mulberry St.
Adair William, houfe carpenter, 7, ScheibelPs alley
Adams Bartholomew, cordwainer, 54, Plumb St. Southwark
Adams John, hcnfe carpenter, 66, Plumb St. Southwark.
Adams Jonathan, boarding houfe, 16, Little Water St.
Adams Richard, -drayman, 333, Mulberry St.
Adams John, waterman, 9, Duke St. No. Lib.
Adgate Andrew, card naaker, ^^, No. Second St.
Affleck Thomas, cabinet maker, i, Lownes or Elmfley's alley

-^gg^y > widow, comer of Penn & Cedar Sts.

Agler Chriftian, joiner, 26, South alley
Agnew Peter, tobacconifl, 302, So. Front St.
Aitken Robert, & Son, printers & bookfellers, 22, High St*
Aitken William, cordwainer, 13, Cherry St.
Aitken John, cabinet maker, ^o^ Chsfnut St#



Aitken John, filvcrfjnith, 48, Chefnut St.

Ainf worth John, labourer, 32, Penn St.

Alberger Elizabeth, widow, 34, No. Fourth St.

Albert Cafper, brickmaker, corner of Vine and Eleventh Sts,

Albert Mary, widow, 18, Salfafras alley

Albcrti George F. phyllclan, 59. Mulberry St.

Albertis Lewis, hairdreiTer, 171, So. Front St.

Albertfon RicklifF, fea captain, 87, Swanfon St. Southwark

Albertfon Jofcph, labourer, Piime St. Southwark

Albright Charles, mufical inftrument maker, 95, Vine St.

Albright Michael, cedar cooper, 17, No. Sixth St.

Albright Frederic, cedar cooper, 33, Vine St.

Alberger Ghriftian, fkinner, 112, Vine St.

Alcock Francis, 90, So. Front St.

Alder Andrew, cordwainer, 1 7, Union St.

Alder James, chip-hat manufaifturer, 26, South Second St.

Ale Sebaftiim, labourer, 154, Spruce St. Jolin, coachman, 3, Biddle's alley

Alexander James, dealer, 2, Duke St. No. Lib.

Alexander Robert, taylor, 174, No. Fifth St.

Alexander James, hatter, 26, South alley

Alexander Elilha, tayior, 5, Shepherd's alley

Alexander Catherine, widow, 3, IvI'CuUougli's alley

Allen Elizabeth, Ihopkeeper, 11, So. Third St.

Allen John, merchant, 151, Mulberry St.

Allen Richard, fweep, 59, Dock St.

Allen Jofeph, Ihopiceeper, 1 60, So. Second St.

Allen John, watchman, 1 1 o Callowhill St.

Allen Chamlefs, grocer, 2^, So. Water St.

Allen Ifaac, labourer, 158, Spruce St.

Allen Jofeph, grocer, 157, So. Second St.

Allen WiUiam, fea captain, 21, Key*s alley

Allen Mofes, pilot, 39, German St. Southwark

Allen Rebecca, tavern keeper, 154, No. Water St.

Allen Andrew, g-entleman, Franklin Court

Allen Thomas, livery ftable, 11, No. Seventh St.

Allen David, cordwainer, 26, Chriftian St. Southwark.

Allen Samuel, brewer, 24, Wood St.

Allenby Elizabeth, widow, 508, So. Front St.

Allhyfer William, tanner. Green between Third and Fourth Sts.

No. Lib.
Allerdlce Samuel, eingraver, 40, Sugar alley
AUibone William, commiOioner of the peers and of the Light-

houfe, 29, Pine St.
Allibcne Thomas, flour merchant, 98, No. Fourth St. and 5,

SafTafras St.
Allifon Robert, houfe carpenter, 98, Cedar St.
Allifon WiUiam, fpinning wheel maker, 77, So. FIftli Sr.


Alllfon Robert, 8i, So. Fifth St.

Allman Lawrance, bricklayer, 82, Crown St.

Allpiler Philip, butcher, No. 8, near Callowhill St.

Alwine Lawrence, windier chair maker, 99, So. Front St.

Alworth Samuel, gunfmith, 1 18, So. Fourth St.

Amber Levi, labourer, 424, No. Tliird St.

Ambrefter Peter, news carrier, 132, Callowliill St.

Amel Peter, carter, 353, No. Second St.

Ames Thomas, boot and ihoemaker, 188, So. Second St,

Amos John, huckfter, 191, So. Second St.

Amos Elizabeth, widow, 62^ Cherry St.

Ammon Sarah, widow, boarding houfe, 175, So. Front St.

Andaulle Anthony, fea'captain, 79, Chriftian St. Southwark

Anderfon Sarah, widow 79, Vine St.

Anderfon Thomas, fea captain, 6^,^ Shippen St, Southwark

Anderfon Peter,cordwainer, in Fif:h, between Pine and Cedar Sts.

Anderfon 3c Brown, fadlers and harnefs makers, 137, No". Se-
cond St.

Anderfon Mary, widow 26, So. Fourth St.

Anderfon Alexander, innkeeper, 39, No. Second St.

Anderfon Ann, widow, 7, Elfrith's alley

Anderfon Samuel, broker, 204, Mulberry St.

Anderfon John, houfe carpenter, 5, Stamper's alley

Anderfon William, cordwainer 320, No. Front St.

Anderfon Alexander, diftiller, 51, No. third St.

Anderfon William, gentleman, 157, Chefnut St.

Anderfon Francis, wharffinger, 142, No. Water St.

Anderfon & Eckel, (hopkeepers, 372, So. Front St.

Anderfon Robert, invalid, 5, Duke St. No. Lib.

Anderfon Daniel, blackfmith, 18, Chriftian St. Southwark

Anderfon Francis, taylor, 33, Vine St.

Andrews Henry, in Chefnut, between loth & nth Sts.

Andrews John, D. D. vice provoft of the nniverfity, Univerfity
yard in No. Fourth St. . -

Andrews Jacob, taylor, 39, So. Water St.

Andrews Peter, cordwainer, Gafkell, between Fourth and Fifth

Angus John, fea captain, 31, Lombard St.

Anthony Jofeph, goldfmith and jeweller, 94, High St.

Anthony Jacob, (hip carpenter, 37, Coates* St. No. Lib.

Anthony Nicholas, blackfmith, 174, No. Fifth St.

Anthony Jacob, jun. mufical inftruraent maker, 18, So. Sixth St'.

Anthony Frederick, carter, Budd St. No. Lib.

Anthony Jacob, turner and mufical inftrument maker, 227, No.
Second St

Anthony Jofeph, merchant, 225, High St.

Anthony Jofeph & f )n, Merchants, 5, Chefnut Sr.

A 2


Anthony Charles, labourer, ico, Walnut St.

Anthony Thomas, P. merchant, 73, Walnut St.

Annan Robert, A. M. minifter of the Scotch Prelbytcrian

churcli, 348, So. Front St.
Annan William, phyfician, 348, So. Front St.
Antrim John, cooper, 10, Shippen St. Southwark
Anwri^'hter George, porter, ^^58, No. Third St.
Apker Henry, tavernkeeper, 333, No. Second St.
Appel Henry, cooper, 88, Storey St.
Apple Elizabeth, widow, 24, North alley
Apple Jacob, cordwainer, 20, North alley
Applegate William, cordwainer, 308, No. Front St.
Arbegaft Ludwig, taylor, 32, No. Sixth St.
Archibald John, bricklayer. So. Eighth between Walnut and

Chefnut Sts.
Armand Benjamin, merchant, 104, Cedar St.
Armatt Thomas, merchant, 105, No. Second St.
Armbrifter Matthew, news carrier, 28, CrelTon'^ alley
Armitage Subart, grocer, 23, George St. Southwark
Armitage Elizabeth, 41, Lombard St.
Armitt Elizabeth, widow, 117, So. Second St.
Armour Matthew, houfe carpenter, Fifth between Spruce and

Pine Sts.
Armftrong Elizabeth, widow, 4, No. Sixth St.
Armftrong Alexander, fhopkeeper, 70, High St.
Armftrong Thomas, Efq. attorney at law, 97, Chefnut St.
Armftrong Andrew, mariner, 25, Catharine St. Southwark
Art Bailey, pilot, 162, Swanfon St. Southwark
Art William, (hipwright, 549, So. Front St.
Art James, fea captain, 191, No. Front St.
Arthur Jane, widow, 198, So. Front St.
Aft)ridge Ann & Sarah, fhopkeepers, 125, High St.
Afti James, merchant, 49, No. Third St.
Afti Abigail, widow, 22, Callowhill St.
Afti John, breeches m.aker, 6i^ No. Sixth St.
Aih .,— . — !-, widow, fchool miftrefs, 241, No. Front St.
Afh Jofeph, tanner & currier, 54, Dock St.
Afhberner John, tanner, 66, So. Third St.
Afhbridee Jofeoh, bifcuit baker, 67, No. Water St.
Afhby William, taylor, 99, Mulberry St.
Aftier Frederic, baker, 219, So. Tiiird St.
Afhley William, boarding houfe, 23, So. Water St,
Afhmead John, fea captain, 58, Union St.
Aftimead John, paper ftaincr, 282, So. Second St,
Afhmead Benjamin, paper ftainer, 258, So. Second St.
Afhrick George, baker, head of GreenleaPs alley
Afhton John, labourer, 439, So. Front St.
Afhion Ifaac, cabinet maker, 1 1 2, Mulberry- St,


Afhton William, brick maker, corner of Lombard and Ele-
venth Sts.
Afliton John, houfe carpenter, 112, Mulberry St,
Alliton Mary, widow, 46, No. Fourth St.
Afhton William, houfe carpenter, 294^ No. Front St.
Afhton Rebecca, widow, ^^, No. Seventh St.
Afkin James, grocer, 26, So. wharves
Afpay James, weaver, ^6, Cherry St.

Aftmus John, blackfmith, corner of Sixth and Mulberry Sts.
Afton Peter, 26, Vine St.

Atkinfon William, fhipwright, 25, Elfrith*s alley
Attmore Caleb, hatter, 33, No. Second St.
Attmorc Thomas, merchant, 19, No. Ninth St.
Attmore Frederic, labourer, comer of Tenth and Mulberry Sts.
Audibert Peter, clerk in the war office, no, No. Second St.
Aull William, merchant, 63, Chefnut St.
Auner Peter, taylor, 12, GreenleaPs alley
Auftin Stephen, & Co. merchants, Walnut St. wharf
Auftin Stephen, merchant, 219, So. Front St.
Auftin Alexander, boot and fhoemaker, 268, High St.
Auftin James, bottler of liquors, 46, Sugar alley
Awault Jacob, bricklayer, 138, No. Fifth St.
Ayer William, fea captain, 58, Penn St.


• ABE George, cooper, 196, So. "Water St. and 421, So.
Front St.

Babe Richard, cooper, 147, So. Water St.

Bache Benjamin Franklin, printer and publiflier of The Gene-
ral Advertifer, 112, High St.

JBacon Job, merchant, 10, No. Third St.

Bacon Jofeph, ironmonger, 192, No. Front St.

!Bacon David, ironmonger, 24, So. Second St.

Badfon Catharine, widow, 234, No. Second St.

Bagley James, taylor, 62, So. Second St.

Baheman Conrad, taylor, 115, No. Sixth St.

Bailard Matthias, ropemaker, in Cherry St. between Ninth and
Tenth Sts.

Bailey Francis, printer and bookfeller, 116, High St.

Bailey Benjamin, fea captain, 272, So. Front St.

Bailey John, whitefmlth, 250, So. Front St.

Bailey Robert, fhopkeeper, 192, So. Front St.

Baine John, type founder, 38, Pine St.

Baird William, fea captain, 275, So. Second St.

Baifch Emit Ludwig, merchant, 135, No. Second St.


Balfcb Miirtin, cordwainer, 57, Mulberry St.

Bake .^v Co. mcrchanti, 152, High St.

Baker Chriftopher, fcrivener, 174, No. Second St.

Tr'/ker Kuf^h, niiil-ftone maker, 195, So. Third St.

iiakcr V/illiam, labourer, Cherry between Nintli and Tenth Sts.

Baker George A. fcrivener, 165, Vine St.

Baker Henry, butcher, 134, No. Fourth St.

Baker Catharine, widow, grocer, 194, Mulberry St.

Baker J:icob, baker, 38, No. Eight Sr.

Baker Jacob, butcher, ^^, Budd St. No. Lib.

Baker Hilary, Efq. one of the aldermen of the City, 78, High St.

Baker George, merchant, 59, No. Water St.

Baker Thomas, fea captain, 61, Elm St.

Baker Samuel, bookbinder, 70, Elm St.

Baker John, farmer, 433, No. Second. St.

Baker Francis, baker, 200, So. Second St.

Baker Henry, broker and fcrivener, 431, No. Front St.

Baker, , widow, 104, Story St.

Baker Michael, wheelwright, 420, No. Second St.

Baker John, Efq. one of the alderman of the City, and treafurei

of Philadelphia county, 173, No. Third St.
Baker Stephen, cordwaiaer, 265, So. Second St.
Baker Harman, clerk, 210, So. Second St.
Baker Sarnuel, fliopkeeper, 9, So Second Sl
Baker Ruth, widow, 18, Caliowhill St.
B ikcr Jacob, merchant, 60, No. Front St.
Baker Bartholomew, joiner, 136, So. Fourth vSt.
Baker Mary, feamHrefs, 125, No. Front St.
Baker Godfrey & Co. bookfeliers, 59, Saffafras St.
Baker Jofeph, tinman, 4 Elbow Lane.
Baker John, joiner, Gaikill between Second and Third St.
Bakewood George, fhip joiner, ^^, Union St.
Balance John, plallerer, 23, Crown St.
Bald Anthony, baker, 314, So. Second St.
Ball Blackhall William, infpe<5ior of the- revenue, 21, Cherry Sl
Ball William, Efq. 41, High St.
B-ill Jofeph, Efq. one of the aldermen of the City, 96, No.

Water St.
Bail Tfrael, houfe carpenter, 95, Pine St.
Baliintine William*, porter, 7, Stamper's alley
Cane Robert, cordwainer, back 130, No. Fifth St.
Banks John, clerk, ^^, North Eight St.
Banks Jofeph, mariner, 251, North Second St.
Banks William, clerk in the fecretary of the treafury of the

United States office, 241, Mulberry St.
Bankfon Jacob, Efq. attorney at law, 287, So. Front St.
Bantleone Henry, 158, No. Fifth St.
Bantz George, carter, 5, Duke St. No. Lib.


Bannerman David, halrdrefier, 231, So. Second St.

Bannerman John, fea captain, 168, So. Third St.

Baras John, houfe carpenter, 122, CalloAvhill St.

Barclay John, merchant, 211 and 216, So. Front St.

Barclay George, grocer, 176, So. Second St.

Bard George, grocer, 261, No. Front St.

Bardin Stephen, grocer, 184, So. Third St.

Barford John, {liipwright. Cox's alley, Southwark,

Barge Jacob, gentleman, 191, High St.

Barker Peter, turner, York St«

Barker James, taylcr, 2c6, So. Wuter St.

Barker John, taylor, 2, Cherry St.

Barkley Samuel, hatter, 320, So. Second St.

Barnes Stephen, joiner, back 190, Mulberry St.

Barnes John, grocer, 19, So. Third Sr.

Barnes Demey, huckfter, 175, So. Third St.

Barnes John, houfe carpenter, corner of Conchle and Callowhill

Sts. No. Lib.
Barnes Thomas, curiier, 33, Callowhill St.
Barnes Blair, hairdieffer, 6^, So. Fourth St.
Barnes Cornelius, merchant, 8, Bread St.
Barmet James, captain, 8, Vernon St.
Barnet Ifaac, cabinet maker, 198, No. Front St.
Bamet Nathan, merchant, corner of Vine and Front &:s.
Barnet C:V:harine, 79, Vine St.
Barnet John, houfe carpenter, 25, Cedar St.
Bamhill John, ihopkeeper, 13, No. Tliird St.
Bamhill Robert, ftcrekeepcr, 63, No. Second St.
Barns Thomas, taylor, 239, No. Front St.
Barns Paul, tavernkeeper, 114, Swanfon St. Southwark
Bams James, pilot, 28, Catharine St. Southwark
Barnwell Geoige, butcher. Spring Garden
Barrel Jofeph, gentleman, 160, So. Fourth St.
Barret Rachael, widow, 67, Queen St. Southwark
Barret Tobias, clerk, 1 1 8, Chefnut St.
Barrington Charles, grocer, 62, High St.
Barrington & Co. merchants, 131, So. Water St.
Barrington Ann, widow, 10, Strawberry St.
Barrington Henry, grocer, ic, do.
Barryck Garret, 9, Mifflin's alley
Bartram Alexander, china dealer, 98, So. Front St.
Bartram Ann, widow, 68, So. Second St.
Bartram George, 66^ So. Second St.
Ba'-tram James A. wine merchant, 39, Dock St.
Bartram Ifaac & Son, chemifts and druggifts, 39, No. Third

Bartram Mofes & Son, chejiiifts andvdruggifts, 58, No. Second

St. '


Barron Alexander, labourer, 246, So. Third St.

Barron John, gentleman, 166, So. Fourth St.

Barry Rebecca, widow, 37, German St. Southwark

Barry Margaret, widow, tavernkeeper, 4, Little Water St.

Barry John, mafter of the free fchool of the Proteftant Epifco-
pal church, 64, Union St.

Barfhc , 162, So. Third St.

Barftow John, 13, Black-horfe alley

Bartch Andrew, cordwainer, 72, Vine St.

Barthelemy John, M. French tutor, in Sixth near Spruce St.

Barthoe Sarah, widow, 29, Vine St.

Barthoe William, ikindrelier, 86, No. Fourth St.

Bartholomew Edward, gentleman, 70, No. Third St.

Bartholomew Charles, tobacccnifl:, 88, No. Third St.

Bartholomew John, fugar-refiner, 15, No. Third St.

Bartholomew & Dorfey, fugar refiners, 13, Church alley

Bartle Michael, blockmaker, 9, Coombe's alley

Bartlefon Henry, houfe carpenter, 81, Elm -St.

Bartlefon Abner & Samuel, grocers, 112, No. Third St.

Bartkt Edward, clerk, Brooke's court

Bartley John, plane maker, 97, Duke St. No. Lib.

Bartling Chriftian, tavernkeeper, 130, No. Second St.

Bartling Conrad, houfe carpenter, 38, No. Seventh St.

Barton Benjamin Smith, M. D. profefTor of botany in the col-
lege of Philadelphia, 72, No. Third St.

Barton William, Efq. counfellor at law, 36, No. Fifth St.

Bartow George, upholfterer^ 208, High St.

Bartwell John, keeper of light waggons, &c. 84, Dock St.

Bafs Robert, ap..'thecary, 114, High St.

BuiFet Edward marnier, 74, Penn St.

Bailian Charles, baker, 262, So. Front St.

Ba lide A:.thony, umbrella maker, 215, So. Second St.

Bates Benjamhi, labourer, 77, Brown St. No. Lib.

Bates Conrad, tobaceonift, 119, High St.

Battan Am.e, widow, 164, So. Third St.

B itten John, da man, 67, Lombard St.

Baugh John, cordwainer, 140, No. Sixth St.

Bautli George, cooper, 134, No. Fourth St.

Baul>. Adam, leed maker, 6, No. Fifth St. George, (locking weaver, 148, St. John's St. No. Lib.

Bannigar'.^r Jacob, baker, i, Gray's alley

Bavcridi/c David, infurance broker, 97, So. Front St.

Baxier William, mariner, 312, So. Front St.

B:;yne Catharine, widow, 33, No. Fourth St.

Ba)ne Nathaniel, turner, 85, No. Front St.

Bayiton Peter, Efq. 56, Walnut St.

Bct/.elee Saral), huckftcr, 174, Mulberry St,

Beach William, labourer, 25, Coateb' §t. No. L.ih>.


Beagler George, butcher, 58, Sugar alley

Bealert Jacob, rope-maker, 142, No. Second Sti

Beamer Andrew, Potter, 23, Sugar alley

Beal George, labourer, 40, Bread St.

Beam John, cordwainer, 152, Spruce St.

Beam Gutlieb, foap-boiler, 114, No. Sixth St.

Bean Conrad, porter, 322, So. Front St,

Beard John, Taylor, 376, No. Second St.

Beard William, blacklmith, ^2, Lombard St.

Bearly Henry, bricklayer, 39, Branch St.

Befley Sufannah, widow, 38, Coates's alley

Beates Peter, tobacconift, 38, No. Third St.

Beates Frederic, fcrivener, 94, No. Third St;

Beattie William, weaver, 71, Plumb St. South wark

Beatty Elizabeth, widow, boarding houfe, 39, Penn St.

Beatty John, porter of the Bank of the United States, i, Elbow-

Beauvais Peter de, painter, Blackberry alley

Beauvals ■ — , 23, Cedar St.

Beaven William, Ihopkeeper, 28, So; Second St.

Beck Peter, cordwainer, 30, Saifafras St.

Beck Valentine, cordwainer, 240, So. Third St.

Beck Adam, labourer, in Mulberry between Tenth and Ele»
venth Sts.

Beck John, comb maker. Spring Garden

Bock Andrew, filk dyer, 49, Saifafras Sti

Beck Jacob, dyer, 2i6> No. Front St.

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