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1878. She married Harvey Todd, who was born in
December, 1790, a son of Joel Todd, and died July
15, 1867. There were the parents of three children,
as follows: (i) Grace, born June 15, 1816. mar-
ried (first) on Thanksgiving Day, 1836. Charles
Pierpont, born in March, 1813, and by this union
was born a daughter. Josephine Amelia, June 28,
1841, who died in February. 1873. Grace married
(second) Jude B. Smith, who was born Alarch 23,
1808, a son of Jude Smith, and died Alarch 18.
1887. (2) William, born in December, 1821. mar-
ried (first) Emeline Brooks, by whom he had five
children — Alartha, Mar>', Hattie (married first,
Carl Grainger, and second, Charles Foote). Emma
(wife of Alfred Allen, of Wallingford) and Jen-
nie (wife of Reuben Harrison). For his second
wife, William married Lydia Lord, who bore him
four children — Carrie, Rose, and William and Ar-
thur (both deceased). (3) Charlotte, bom in Xo-
vember, 1823. is now deceased : she married Warren
Cooper, and had two children, both of whom are
now dead.

(IV) Elizabeth Clinton, sixth child of Jesse
Eton Clinton, was born Sept. 20. 1796. and died
Nov. 28, 1886. She married June 17. 1816, Josiah
Todd, born Dec. 18. 1794, died Oct. 22, 1869. a son
of Dan Todd and his wife Lucy Frost. Dan Todd
was a son of Christopher, son of Samuel (2). son
of Samuel (i). son of Christopher and Grace (Mid-
dlebrook) Todd. Josiah Todd and his wife. Eliza-
beth Clinton, resided at New Connecticut, Newark
Valley, N. Y., and were both buried in Newark
valley. They were the parents of seven children,
of whom we have the following record : ( i ) Sam-
uel, born Aug. 22, 1817, in North Haven, died at

Alanchester, Conn., Jan. 5, 1900. He married Jan. 7,
185 1, Emily Rich (daughter of Harvey and Nancy
(Johnson) Rich), of Owego, N. Y., born Dec. 10,
1825, died at Newark Valley, Dec. 26, 1868. Sam-
uel married (second) June 15, 1870, Jane M. But-
ton, of North Haven, Conn., who was born Jan. 15,
1848, daughter of John and Mary Ann (Goodale)
Button, and two children were born of this union
— Clarence J., March 12, 1874; and Jennie A., Aug.

16, 1876. (2) Frederick Handel, born Feb. 26,
1819, was drowned in Alarch, 1865. He married
Sept. 17, 1850, Phebe Elizabeth Slosson, who was
born March 9, 1830. (3) Aurelia Juliet, born June
7, 1823, at North Haven, Conn., married Alarch 25,
1847, William B. Bushnell, born April 12. 1823, and
they now make their home in Berkshire, Tioga Co..
N. Y. (4) Henrietta Wallace, born April 21, 1827,
in Newark Valley, died in Brooklyn, Jan. 10, 1893,
and was buried in Wellsboro, Penn. (5) Robert
Burns, born March 5, 1829, died Sept. 28, 1831.
(6) Mary Josephine, born Feb. 6, 1833, married
May 23, 1 861, Charles Grosvenor Osgood, born
March 22, 1820, and has three children — Harry
Winthrop, born Feb. 23, 1862; Mary Helen, born
Oct. 24, 1863, married Sept. 20, 1894, Dr. Clarence
W. Webb, and has a son, Charles Grosvenor Os-
good Webb, born March 23, 1899; and Charles
Grosvenor, born Alay 4, 1871, a teacher in Yale
University, New Haven. The entire family have
homes in Wellsboro. Penn. (7) Fidelia, born Dec.

4, 1838, married Feb. 14, 1S60, Mandelbert New-
ton Chapman, of Newark A'alley, N. Y., born July

5, 1837, died Feb. 11. i8(58; Fidelia married, second,
Edward Beason, of Kansas.

(IV) Bemon Clinton, seventh child of Jesse
Eton Clinton, was born Oct. i, 1798, and married
Lavinia Tuttle, who bore him five children, as fol-
lows: (i) Harriet T., born in 1830, married Aug.

17, 1851, in New Haven, to Louis W. Gunn, and
has one child. Frank. (2) Burton, born Oct. 14,
1831. at Blandford, Mass. (3) Sarah B. (deceased),
married at New Haven, Aug. 21, 1853, to Washing-
ton C. Cunningham, of Middletown, Conn., and
had one child. (4) Mary married William Cook
(both deceased), and had one child, George. (5)
Jane married George Auger, and had a son Sev-
mour. For his second wife. Bemon Clinton wedded
Sarah Frisbie, and for his third. Julia Wells.

(IV) Cynthia Clinton, eighth child of Jesse
Eton Clinton, was born Jan. 27. 1801. and married
Deacon Lewis Bates, by whom she had one child,
Angelette, who married Ellsworth Robinson, and
had two daughters. Emma and Jennie.

(IV) Aurelia Clinton, ninth child of Jesse Eton
Clinton, was born July 14, 1803, and died May 4,
1892. She married Oct. 30, 1823, Orrin Todd,
born Feb. 26. 1800, died Dec. 8, 1888. son of Joel
Todd. Joel Todd was a son of Hezekiah, son of
Caleb, son of Samuel (2). son of Samuel (i), son
of Christopher and Grace (Middlebrook) Todd. To
Orrin Todd and his wife Aurelia were born four



children, of whom we have the following' record:
(i) Francis Harden, born Aug. 8, 1827, died Oct.
9, 1899. He was an enterprising and successful
farmer, and made an honorable record as a citizen
in public affairs. In 1864 he was elected a grand
juror, and held that office until his death — a period
of thirty-five years. In October, 1899, he was
elected treasurer of North Haven for the twenty-
fourth time. In 1883 he was elected representative
to the State Legislature ; he also served as selectman
several terms. On Jan. i, 1855, he married Eliza-
beth AI. Gill, of North Haven, daughter of John
Henry and Louisa (Tuttle) Gill, and three children
were born of this union — George Henry, born Oct.
31, 1861, married Jennie Alaginness, now deceased;
John Hayden, born Nov. 14, 1866, married Dec. 18,
1890, Josephine Cheney, and has two children ; and
William Handel, born March 5, 1871. (2) Grace
Angeline, born i\ug. 9, 1830, married Samuel Hale,
and resides in California. (3) Henry Dennis, born
Sept. 2, 1832, is a farmer. He has served as se-
lectman in North Haven. During the Civil war he
served as a soldier from September, 1862, to July,
1863. His wife was Grace A. Hartley, daughter of
Bernard and Sarah A. (Bishop) Hartley. (4)
Mar>- Aurelia, born Nov. 25, 1836, died Nov. 28,
1886. She married Eli J. Brockett, Nov. 25, 1856,
and had one child, Frederick H., who married Char-
lotte T. Bishop, dauq^hter of Erus and Charlotte
(Thorpe) Bishop, and has three children — Myron,
Horace and Nelson.

(IV) Jesse Clinton, Jr., tenth child of Jesse
Eton Clinton, was born [Slay 13, 1805, and died Feb.
20, 1875. On Nov. 16, 1825, he married Rosanna
Bassett, who was born Oct. 30, 1803, and died May
23, 1886. They were the parents of six children.
namely: Merritt Julius, George William, John
Henry, Isaac Bassett, Edwin Jesse, and Elizur

(V) Merritt Julius Clinton, son of Jesse Clin-
ton, Jr., was born June 23, 1826, and died April

11, 1879. He was married April 24, 1850, to Emily
Blakeslee, born Aug. 9, 183 1, and became the father
of three children: Origen C, born Aug. 26, 1851,
died July 13, 1897; Milo C, born Sept. 22. 1853,
married May 3, 1877, Hattie M. Smith (born Nov.
23, 1857, died April 12, 1897) and had three chil-
dren — Flora B. (born Sept. 23, 1878, died June 14,
1883), Lina B. (born Oct. 29, 1881, died May
20, 1894) and Clarence AI. (born April 19, 1887,
died in August, 1901) ; and Frank R., born July

15, 1855-

(V) George William Clinton, son of Jesse Clin-
ton, Jr., was born Oct. 12,' 1828, and married Alay
18, 1856, to Frances A. Allen, who was born Sept.

12, 1835, a daughter of Hiram and Nancy (Button)
Allen, and one child, Celia A., born March 2,
i86r, has blessed this union. Celia A. Clinton mar-
ried Sept. 21, 1887, Wallace H. Mansfield, who was
bom Oct. 26, 1859.

(V) John Henry Clinton, son of Jesse Clinton,

Jr., was born Alarch 2, 1832, and died unmarried
Dec. 23, 1859.

(V) Isaac Bassett Clinton, son of Jesse Clinton,
Jr., was born July 2, 1834, and married May 12,
1858, Grace A. Allen, who was born July 18, 1839,
a daughter of Hiram and Nancy (Button) Allen.
The children born of this union are as follows :
Evelyn B., born May 7, 1859, married Feb. 14, 1888,
Florence A. Redfield (born July 16, 1863, a daugh-
ter of Charles and Laura (i3assett) Redfield), and
has one son, Leroy W., born Nov. 24, 1889; Friend,
born June 20, 1862, married Aug. 2. 1888, Helen
G. Clark, born in Aliddletown, Conn., Jan. 17, 1866;
and Elbert, born June 15, 1872, married April 6,
1898, Clara G. Sanford, of Hamden, and has one
child, Helen Priscilla.

(V) Elizur Zerah Clinton, son of Jesse Clinton,
Jr.. was born Sept. 18, 1847, antl married Nov. 10,
1869, Julia A. Bishop (daughter of Erus and Char-
lotte (Thorpe) Bishop) born May i, 1850, died
April 10, 1873. On Dec. 3, 1873, Elizur Z. Clinton
married for his second wife, Ella J. Palmer, who
was born June 25, 1849, a daughter of Timothy and
Sybill (Barnes) Palmer. The children born of this
union are as follows: Robert J., born Feb. 6, 1875,
married April 21, 1898, Hilda Matilda Olsen, and
has two children, Charlotte Ella and Ruth : Bessie,
born March 28, 1878; Lovell E., born June 5, 1883 ;
Dora P., born Alarch 17, 1889; Jennie F., born
April 16, 1891. Air. Clinton resides with his family
on the old Clinton homestead, and is successfully
engaged in farming.

(V) Edwin Jesse Clinton, son of Jesse Clinton,
Jr., and fifth in the family in the order of birth, was
born Sept. 4, 1836, and married April 11, 1859, to
Cornelia Tuttle, who w-as born Aug. 14, 1842, a
daughter of Amos and Harriet (Bassett) Tuttle,
and died March 24, 1885. Two children were born
of this union : Andrew D., born Sept. 7, 1862,
married May 21, 1885, Lucy A. Bishop, born July
10, 1861, a daughter of Erus and Charlotte

i (Thorpe) Bishop and has a son Charles, born
March 15, 1901 ; and Ida L., born Aug. 30, 1871,
married Heinrich \'ollhardt. born in Frankfort,
Germany, July 21, 1870. and has had five children —
Frieda A. (born Sept. 9, 1895), Philip H. (born
Aug. 24, 1896), Edwin Clinton (born Dec. 13,
1897), Cornelia (born Dec. 31, 1899, died in Feb-
ruary, 1901), and Alfred (born Julv 24, 1901).

j For his second wife, Edwin Jesse Clinton married
Jan. 20, 1886, Eliza J. Arthur, who was born in

I Kingston, Jamaica, W. I., Dec. 18. 1853, a daughter
of Joseph Arthur (a native of Cornwall, England)
and his wife Elizabeth (Haling) Arthur (daughter
of William and Abigail CHali) Haling), of Chat-
ham, Conn. One child, Joseph Arthur, born June
12, 1888, has blessed this union.

Edwin Jesse Clinton was reared on the old Clin-
ton homestead, and received his education in the dis-
trict schools. For four years after leaving the
school room, he was employed in the Clintonville

) ;>-,>ii-. i! E



Acricultural Works, and then became foreman for I
J. I". Harnes. of Xorth Haven. Durinsf these eight
years he had carefully studied business methods,
and had thoroughly acquired that practical training |
for the business world, that cannot be obtained by
years of studv in the class room. He then entered :
the business world for himself, building a mill and ,
factory near the home in Clintonville. and here for
thirty-five years he has been engaged in the manu- i
facture of carriage wood work. For a part of this
time he had as his partner, his brother Isaac B.. and
lately his son, Andrew D., has been associated with
him. He built a fine dwelling house and has made [
many improvements upon his home place, making it
one of the ideal homes in this vicinity. Mr. Clinton
has a fine reputation as an honorable business man,
and counts his friends as an army in the village and
surrounding country. For many years he has kept
a diary, and iiis notes of passing events are some-
times very valuable for reference. Socially Mr.
Clinton belongs to the O. U. A. M.. and both he
and his wife are members of the Grange. Mrs.
Clinton is a lady of cultured literary tastes, and has
made a specialty of the study of genealogy, spend-
ing much time in its investigation.

CALEB T. ^lERWIX, for many years a prom-
inent agriculturist of the town of Mil ford, was a
representative of one of the oldest and best known
families of that locality. The first of the name to
settle in this section was Miles Merwin, and the
line of descent is traced as follows: IMiles (2),
Miles (3), Miles (4). and Anson, our subject's
father, all natives of Milford.

Miles Merwin (4) married Miss Abigail Beach,
of Milford, and settled on the present homestead in
the southern part of the town on Long Island
Sound. They had eight children : Mary, who mar-
ried Rev. Mr. Atwater, of Branford : Anna, who
married Richard Hepburn, of Milford ; Daniel, a
farmer in the town of Orange; Samuel, a clergy-
man, who preached many years in Xew Haven.
Conn., and later in Wilton, Conn., where he died ;
Anson, our subject's father ; Xathan. a farmer in
Oxford, Conn., and later a hotel-keeper in Milford.
where he died some years ago : Benedict, who was
a farmer in Milford: and Miles (5), formerly a
butcher in Milford.

Anson Merwin, the father of our subject, was
born in Milford March 24. 1787. and followed
farming at the old homestead throughout his life.
He died July 7, 1867. His wife. Calena (Tomlin-
son) who died March 4, 1866, was a native of 2^111-
ford. and a daughter of Caleb Tomlinson, a sea-
faring man. Of their five children the eldest, An-
son W., engaged in the carriage business in Louis-
ville, Kv., where he died April 20, 1854: Caleb T.
is mentioned more fully below : Samuel M. was a
coal dealer in Louisville and died in 1898: Louisa
is the widow of Andrew Lincoln, of Massachu-
setts, who engaged in the furniture business in

Louisville, but afterward became a farmer in Han-
cock county, 111. (his remains are buried in Mil-
ford) ; ]\Iary E. died Dec. 14, 1877, unmarried.

Caleb T. INIerwin was born Jan. 11, 1823, at
Pond Point, and grew to manhood upon the farm,
receiving his education in a district school. He
taught school for about eight seasons in Milford
and Orange townships, afterward giving his whole
attention to agricultural pursuits, making a spe-
cialty of raising garden seeds. His farm contained
about 125 acres, and is situated on a high elevation
overlooking Long Island Sound.

On April 20, 1852, Mr. Merwin married Miss
Maria A. Wheeler, daughter of Ezra Wheeler, a
well-known farmer in Bridgeport. Seven children
blessed this union: IMary L., who died Sept. 3,
185O, at the age of three years; Ida ^L, who died
July 12, 1889 ; Mary C. ; Jane W. ; Walter L. : Laura
I H.': and Sherman T. In 1839 Mr. Merwin united
i with the First Congregational Church of }\Iilford,
and for many years was one of the leading mem-
j bers, holding most of the offices, including that of
deacon for fifteen years. The family are also iden-
tified with that church. In politics ^Ir. ;Merwin
was first a Whig and later a Republican, and in
i860 and 1861 he represented his town in the State
Legislature. He passed away Dec. 23, 1899.

HARRY WOODIXG (deceased), a represent-
ative farmer and highly esteemed citizen of Chesh-
ire, was born in Woodbridge, Xov. 12, 1829, and
was a great-grandson of John Wooding, a native
of Xew Haven, who, about 1750, removed from
North Haven to Woodbrid'ge, and was the first of
the family to locate in the latter town.

Elijah Wooding, son of John, was born in
Woodbridge. He was twice married, his first wife
being Thirza Hotchkiss, of Cheshire, by whom he
had two sons, Levi and Stephen. For his second
wife he married Emma Bradley, and to them were
born four children, namely: Eunice, Olive, Thirza
and Uriah.

Stephen Wooding, son of Elijah, and father of
our subject, was born, reared and educated in
Woodbridge, now Bethany, and throughout his ac-
tive business life engaged in farming in that sec-
tion of the county. He married Miss Deborah
Bradley, also a native of Woodbridge, who died
in Bethany in 1832, and he died in Woodbridge. in
1859. They had four children: Henry, who was
born in 1818; Milo, who went to California; Mrs.
Eliza Tuttle, who died in Xaugatuck, Conn.; and

Reared in Bethany, Harry Wooding obtained
his education in the common schools of that town,
and later learned the machinist's trade, at which he
worked in different places in Connecticut and Mas-
sachusetts. Coming to Cheshire in 1857, he pur-
chased a farm, and in connection with its operation
continued to work at his trade for some years.

^Ir. W^ooding was married in Cheshire, in 1865,



to Miss Irene J. Watson, a native of Torringford,
Gonn., and a daughter of George and Jane (Belden)
.Watson. He fatiier died in Roseville, 111., and her
mother, a daughter of Jeremiah and Love (Dean)
Belden, of Canaan (now Falls Village), Conn., died
in Norfolk, Conn. To our subject and wife were
born two children: Ida. widow of Benjamin Chat-
field has two children, Gladys W., and Lorin, and
lives in New Haven ; and Waldo, a machinist resid-
ing in Cheshire. Religiously, Air. Wooding was a
member of the Episcopal Church, of which his wife
is also a communicant. Politically he was a stanch
supporter of the Democratic party. In all the rela-
tions of life he was found true to every trust re-
posed in him, and he commanded the respect and
confidence of those with whom he came in contact.
Brave and patient under the sulTerings of his last
illness, he was ever considerate of those about him,
and when the end came, Nov. 9, 1900, a dearly be-
loved father and husband entered into rest, leaving
behind him a vacant chair to be filled only in that
last Grand Reunion.

ALFRED BARNETT. Among the worthy
men whose histories add interest to this volume,
none stand higher in public esteem than this well-
known resident of Ansonia, who is passing in retire-
ment the evening of a long and useful life. He was
born Aug. 22. 1823, in Birmingham, England, a
son of Joseph and Catherine (Withington) Barnett.
Joseph Barnett. who was born in London, England,
became a shoemaker by trade and for many years
conducted a store in London, amassing a handsome
competence. He then retired and spent the remain-
der of his life in Birmingham, where he died at the
advanced age of eighty years. Catherine (With-
ington) Barnett was born in Shiffnal. Shropshire,
England, and lived to be eighty years old. Joseph
Barnett and his wife had a family of four children.
two of whom are still living: David, a resident of
Kansas ; and Alfred, our subject. Both parents
were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church,
and were highly esteemed in the community.

Alfred Barnett passed the earlier years of his
life in Birmingham, England, and at the age of
fourteen began to learn the trade of fine wire draw-
ing, which required an apprenticeship of seven
years. He continued in this business as a journey-
man, and at the age of twenty-five removed to New
York, where however he remained only a short
time. In 1849 ^^ went to Greenwich, Conn., but
soon afterward removed to Birmingham, now
Derby, and entered the employ of Wallace & Sons,
where he remained untiliSsi. During that year he
visited England, and on returning he resumed his
work for Wallace & Sons in their new mill in An-
sonia. In 1861 a desire to try the life of a farmer
tempted him to Wisconsin, where he remained four
years, but he then returned to his former position
with Wallace & Sons. Two years later, in 1867, he
was given the position of superintendent, or con-

tractor, for the fine wire department, being the
overseer of a number of men. He continued in this
work for many years, and only left it in 1887 to go
into complete retirement from business. His pres-
ent dwelling house was built in 1874. During his
long residence in the city it has grown from a farm-
ing community of only a few houses, to a city of
13,000 inhabitants.

In 185 1 Mr. Barnett married his first wife, Mary
A. Robinson, of Binningham, England, daughter
of John Robinson, who died in 1865, in the West.
His second wife, Alary Selby, was born in Ireland,
a daughter of William Selby, a farmer, and died at
the age of sixty years. Both were members of the
Episcopal Church of which Mr. Barnett is a regular
attendant. By his first marriage he had three chil-
dren : Alary married Henry Aliner (deceased) and
had two children — Hattie (who married and has
one child ) and Edward : John ; Alfred T. ( de-
ceased) married and had two children — Alabel and
Ethel. There were two children by the second mar-
riage, viz. : Alaria, who married AI. P. Fillingham,
a draughtsman, and has one child, Alfred Barnett :
Alelvina. who married P. K. Leng. a merchant in
; New York, and has had two children. Alfred Steeles
1 and Alary. Air. Barnett is a Republican in politics,
! has been a burgess of the borough for three years,
j and has served a number of times on the jury.

I SAIITH S. CLARK (deceased) passed his last
! years in the enjoyment of a rest which he truly
earned and richly deserved by reason of his indus-
; trious efforts of former years. Accomplishment
i and progress ever imply labor, energy^ and diligence,
I and it was those qualities that enabled our subject
to rise from the ranks of the many and to stand
! among the successful few.

A native of New Haven county, Air. Clark was
i born in the town of Alilford (now Orange) Feb.
! 14, 1822. a son of Celah and Hannah Stone (Smith)
I Clark, whose sketch is given in connection with that
of Horatio X. Clark, elsewhere. During his 'child-
hood our subject removed with his parents to Pros-
I pect. where he obtained his education in the dis-
i trict schools. He remained under the parental roof
I until he reached manhood, and then learned the
I painter's trade, which he continued to follow to
j some extent for a number of years, in Cheshire and
i in other places. Later in life he turned his atten-
\ tion to farming in Prospect, near the old home-
i stead, where at the time of his death he owned a
(Valuable farm of 200 acres, upon which he had made
j many improvements. He carried on general farm-
ing and stock raising, also engaging in the wood
business, and during the spring and fall continued
to work at his trade. He was noted for his indus-
trious and thrifty habits, and prospered in his un-
dertakings, becoming one of the substantial citizens
of the community.

In Prospect, Air. Clark married Aliss Abigail
Williams, a native of Cheshire, and a daughter of

■jil" ->'':-jiJ .^i-'-



MUTt Williams. She died leaving no children, and
'was buried in Prospect cemetery. In 1859 he was
aL'aiii married, his second union being with ^liss
^arah E. Thomas, a native of Woodbridge, daugh-
ter of Xoyes H. and Emma (Baldwin) Thomas,
and granddaughter of Abner Baldwin. To this
union were born two children : Welleford Selden,
a painter of Straitsville, Conn., who married Alta
Dickernian, and has four children, Percy, Florence,
Leon and Hazel ; and Adelbert Smith, who operates
the home farm.

Mr. Clark was a member of the Congregational
Cluirch, to which his widow belongs. He ever
took an active and prominent part in church work,
was a member of the society committee for a quar-
ter of a century, and was also clerk and treasurer of
the cluirch. All the family have been well-known
and highly respected throughout the community in
which they live. Politically Mr. Clark was indenti-
fied with the Republican party, served as tax collec-
tor, and was selectman of his town for twelve years.
He was always enterprising in promoting agricul-
tural interests, and was a member of the Grange, as
arc his widow and son, Adelbert. ^Ir. Clark's up-
rij^ht and honorable life won for him the confidence
and respect of all with whom he came in contact,
and he well deserved the high regard in which he
was uniformly held.

JOHN VAIL, a well-known and highly-es-
teemed citizen of Waterbury, residing on Washing-
ton avenue, was born in Riverhead, Long Island,
.\ug. 4, 1832, son of Capt. Jasper Vail, also a na-
tive of Long Island, and owner and master of a
coasting vessel engaged in local trade. The father
was a Whig in politics, and was liberal in his re-
ligious views. He married Sophrona Edwards,
and they continued to make their home throughout
life on Long Island. Their children were Halsie,
now deceased ; Griffin ; Charles, who was a resident
of New London, Conn., was engaged in the coast-
ing trade, and was drowned during the seventies,
his vessel having capsized; Peter; Francis; John;
George; David; Andrew; Fanny; and Mehitable.

Our subject obtained his education in the dis-
trict schools of Long Island. At the age of eight
years he commenced working for his board and
clothes, and was thus employed until he was sixteen

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