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On the iiiKht of Marrh lOlb, the r^Klment. with the llth Mis-
souri Infantry, niar<-hed ten mlirs bel(»w New .Madrid, taking
with Ihem a battery of I i^rh :irtllb*ry, to point Pleasant, bluekad-
Imk the rlv<-r and etitiliiK "^ tiie encinvS (-Duiruiiiiii-atioM by
river N.'w Madrid anil Island N<>. 10. Il'-re the regiment
was brigaded with Hit- Hth Ml-viourl Infantry Volunteers. Jtilh
KeKtmeut IIIIiim1> Infatitrj Vidunteers. and the 8 h Ite^lment
Wisconsin Iriranir\, and jilaoed under coinniand of ltri){adier
General .loseph K.)Muinmer. Remained at i'oint Pleasant en-
camped Ml a dlsuicreaidu »\vamp. with euutinual heavy rahiti
until the 7th dav •>? .\prll.

The enemy havluK evacuuteil New Madrid ou the iiiKht uf
the 5:h of April the regiment marclH-<l, with the briRaile. up to
New Madrid on the 7tli, and on the tith were paid four months'
pay by Major Wlthrell.

On tlie inornlntf of .^prll 10 the regiment embarked on board
the^teanier Aleck Sciiit and proceeded with the army down the
rlver n>-;u'ly to Fort Pillow, returning on the morn! rig of the lUh
and dls - niharkfd at TlpioiivlHe. Tenii.. twenty mde-* below New
Madrid A|iril l*^th re-embarked and moved uii the river to
Cairo, drew I'loihlng and took nii coal, and on the nii;ht of the
20th moved up the Tennu^see river, arriving at HamburK Land-
lug. Tenn.. on the morning of the22d of April, dlsembarlied and
encamped near the river.

During the following nfteeii day^the regiment accompanied
Gen. PopeS army in It^ advance In the dlre<;llon of the enemy's
position arouiifl Corinth. A portion of the way It had to con-
Blruct corduroy roads through extensive swamps. On the 9th
day of May Wd.s engaged at Fiirmlnglon, Miss., In which engage-
ment Lieutenant Colonel I>anlei L. Miles was killed. On the
28th day of Mav the regiment nartU-ipated In an engagement
near Corinth, (tti the night of >iay '29th, the enemy eva<-ualed
Corinth and the regiment ac<-omf»anled (ieneral PopeS armv In
jiursult of their retreating forces as far as Itoouesville, Miss.,
returning to (_'amp Clear (reek, six miles Motitli of Corlntli, •lune
II, I86"J. where. In a few day.s, the regiment received two
months' pav from Major Ktllng.

On the 3d of July tlie regiment marched to Rlenzl. Ml^s..
renialneil there until the 180i day of .August, ou which day
Colonel John hryner took leaveof the regiment— his resignation
having been accepted, on accovint of ptior health.

August 18th broke Camp Kleiizl and marcheil to Tuscuuihla.
Ala., rejoining the lirlgatle on the road, arriving there August
2-2d, ati'l on tae 24tli received two months* pay froiu Major

Marched from Tuscumbla .September 8tli. nnd arrived at
Camp Clear Creek Sepu-mlM-r I-lth. Left Clear Creek on the
morning of the 18th, atid marched toward luka, .Mls^.; pariicl-
patetl in the Itattle of luku ou the 19th. where the army unth-r
General UopecraiiN defeated the enemy's fori-es undei- tieneral
Kl*?rlliig Prb'e. In llil> engagement .Major. lohn Croinnell was
taken prisoner. Followed the retreating army of the en -my
one day and then retur imnI to Corinth, arriving iliere on the 'Ml
of Oet(d>er, and look part In the battle of (Nirlntb. OefdnT ."id
and 4th. In the engagement of the ;M the brave and huimre<l
('•doiiel William A Thrush was killed, while bravely leading
hliirommaiid In a charge. 4'aptain David DeWolf of Company
K, waKkilled. Captain Ilaiinan .Vndrewx was severely Mounded
and taken prlsoinT. I'lie leiflnn-nt lost In Ihisengngement thirty
killed and ovi-r one hundred wounded.

After ihU engagement the regiment accomiiaiiled tieiieral
Rosecran's army In pursuit of Prlc*' and X'aniMinrs defe»t4'd

army, following thi*iu to Ripley, MIhk, so clt>8tdy ns i4i cause them
lu abanilon MOIL
and e<|ulpiiue.

lu abanilon some of their art

iey. Ml

and nearly all their wagomi

On the l-iiii of October the reglnient returned with the army
and encampetl ne.ii I'oj inih until Nov<-mi>er'2d. when It march t^tl
to Uraiiil Jnneiioii. Tenn., and joined General (irani'H e<kpedltion
Into renlrui .MistiiHippi M ir< h-d to Oi^foid, .MIsv, wlilt the
armv and returned to (iiand .luni-iion, Tenn.. January 1, ]8(i.i.

Januar) Hlh marched from Grand Junction, by way of Ibdl-
var, Tenn., foi Corinth, wher< It arrived .lanuary 14th. Movetl
by rail from Corinth Januat> '2ti. to Uldgeway Stailoii, t'eim.,
where the regiment renialned guarding the railroad, until
.March 1'2. when It innrchi-d to .MenipbU, Tenn., and enibarke^l
un board the Hteamer Km|>reiis. for the vb-inlly of VIcksburg.
R4>malned near MebMia. Ark., ten da)H and again nurvetl ilowii
the river, dlneniiiarklng on the liit da> of April at Durkport,
twelve nillei nliovo Vli'kst-uri; Here the dutleN of the men
Were itf various klnd> lo.iding and unloading

lit*'amtMtals. digging on i <'unlrlviiig t he be^l plaiin

at their haiid<« to keep fi II w.iter al iilglit.

On the '24l of Ma\ m marched, with the arui),

down the went iible of 1 1> : river, crotidiig It ni Grand

Guir. ano Mllli he Flfi* ' ' 'rjtii, tlien commanded by

General Hhennnn. nmr' i ' ' m. Miss., where. o[i the Htli

day t>f .May I HUH. II p.irt >• ip a> .| in the eng;u(emen( which
resulted In ifir ciipture of the rlly. «)n the morning of the Ihlh
wa« rear guard. Ou leaving the city. Colonel Cromwell, thou

commanding regiment, rode back to see If a detachment of

troops, left t,pt,i.,d T'i ^rl t; u[. stragglers, were dulng their
duly.wh- ' . <:irae up t>etwe«*n him

and liih surrender, which he

refu'iefl I- . > killed In the attempt,

several bu , ^ .,

The regtmriii iicii'.ii«-d In the charge on the enemy's
works at A'lcksburg, May 22d. b«<>lug twelve men killed and
quite a number wuundrd. Durltig the siege of Vtck^burg,
Major John D. McClure reri-lvrd a ftevere wound and carries the
bullet In hiN bo^lv io-da\ .

On the 4 th of June the regiment nartlclpated with the brigade
under command of General Juseph A. Muwer, In the defeat of
a force of the enemy at Me< hanlcsvllle. Miss., thirty lullrs from
Vlcksburg- near the Yazo.. river.

After the fall of Vbk^hurg. during the months of August,
September and <»cioiier. the regiment eucaiuprd at Bear Creek,
twenty miles east of VirkM'urg.

In the middle of November. 1863. the regiment moved up
the river to Memphis. Tenn., and from thence to Lagrange.
Tenn.. guarding ilie Meniphi> and Charleston line of rallmad.
A portion of the time, houever. was occupied &<-ouilng after the
rebel <»eneral ForresiS command.

On the 26th ol January. 1864. left Lagrange and arrived at
Memphis January, :f8th.

February Int, embarked on buard steamer for Vlcksbiirr,
where It arrived Feliruary :id, and weui Into camp at UlacK
River Itrldge, twelve mllen from Vlck>biirg. Fehruar> 2.'id
marched to Canton, Miss. Returned to Hiack River March 3d
and lo Vickshuig March 7 h. w here It embarked. March lUtli. on
board steamer Mars for the Ked River Kxpedltlou. Was present
at theca\>ture of Fort DeKusst-y. Iji.. March 14ih.

PartlclputcHl in the battle of Pleasant Hill. La., April Bth.
1864. During tbl*t expedition the regiment was under Are
Several limev and MitTere'l many very severe hard>hips.

On tile *22d of May the regiment arilved, with tieneral
Smith's command, at \'lck>burg. having beeu for three months
engaged In as tedli>us and fatiguing a caiupalgu as has ever
fallen to the lot of any army to undergo.

June 5th, the regiment embarked for Memuhls. Moved up
the river to Jjike Chicot, disembarked, moved Inland and came
In contact with a force of the enemy, under General MarmaduKe.
who WHS defeated and completely rtmied. Regltuwnt lost In
this eiigageiiieiit eleven men kllbnt a-idi|Uitea number wounded.
Major Miles received aluiost a fatal shot In the neck, and Cap-
tain HIser was killed

The regiment then proceedtHl to Memphis and accompanied
General J, .\. Smith to Tupelo, Mi-s., w ith the exception ut the
luen who had re-enllsied. numbering about one hundred, who
left the regiment at Moscow, Tenn., and went to Illinois on
veteran furlough.

The veterans returned to the regiment on the 8th day of
August, anil uith the revlnieui a<-cunipanled General A. J.
Smith's expedition to Oxford, MIss. Relurue<l to Memphis,
August 27. 1864. The original term of service of the regiment
having expired. It was onlered to sprlngHelil. 111., where It was
flually discharged on the 1 1th of i>ciober. 1864.

The veterans and recruits of the regiment, iiumlterlng 196
men. left .Memphis Septenii>er 2d. 1st> 1. undt^-r the command of
Lieutenants Kdnard liuutiatn and K<>>:il 0]m>[ead, acconipany -
Ing General .Mower's exin-<lUhui up White river, to llrown»vllie.
Ark., and from tlu re marciied north Inlt^i Missiturl after the
rebel General Price's army, which wa^ rnidlng in that Stale.

Arrived at Cape Girardejiu, Mo . «ie[uber 4lh. and took
steamer for Jelfernou City Oc(oi>er 6th. arriving al Jellerson
City on the IStii; tiience inuved by rail to i>ti<'rvllle; ihenco
marched to Warreiisburg, where II arrlvetl m*tobcr 26th. Left
Warreiistiurg by rail, for St. IajuK .November 2d; arrlTCtl at
St. Limis on the 4tn. From si. Lt»uls the veteran detachment
was ordered lo Chicago, Id. on the 9tlt of November. 1864. to
a.sslst In tiuelllng an> rioi, >ii -ul.! ilo le Iw an) on the day of
election. Tlieir tervie.s n.'T i.d.they were ordered

to rejiort to the .SuiM^rlnleti'i ^mg Service at Spring-

field, ill., and were !ilatloi:e.. i-r. wloTe. on the 28Ul

da) of Noveinher, It receivr t ■• :tiou

of four full eompnnli's w a* ■ .im

CouimlHttiuned Its .Major and I ued

aA Captain of Co. A. On the , md

was urtlered lo the rtebl. rehoi uu^ ■; ^s .ij d .M, L ilii», [o Ocueral
Rosecruns. .\t St. Loui.s the order was motiirted and Its desti-
nation changed to Ujulkville, K). From here It was ordered to
Howling Green. K> , wliere li rem ilneil illl.lanuar) 27. 186&,
when It moved U\ rail, to .^.l^hv.lIr. From .Na-ibvllle, dtiw u lUo
Cumberland and up the ^enne^^el■ rlvrr to Kantptiri, Miss.,

where It reloi lit?iold t>rlg.ide-Nec4>nd Hrltcade, Flrsi Division

Sixteenth .\ru)> Corps—accoiiipanylng It to New orleano: Ihenca
to Moldle lta>. taking p.-tit in the i eduction of Spanish Fort.

While laying Ml front of Spanish Fort, six additional com-
panics arrlvetl from Sprliii;litdd, III., making the organliatloii
once more* iunjdele.

After the fall of Mobile, the regiment m.trclii>l with the
Sixteenth Corps to MunigiMMery, .Via., where it arrived Atirll
85. 186y December 31. lHti5, the regiment was stationed at
Senna. Ala.

.MuslertsI out January 'Jl, 1866, at Selma. Ala., and ordered
lo SprliigQrld, III., where It recelvetl final pay and discharge.


John llryner, cum. July 1(7. 'Al. res. SepU ^ 'fit.

William A. Thrush, com. Sept. ^, 'tt'J, kid. In t»atUe before

Corinth. (»ci. 3. '62,
John N. I'romweil. com. Oct. 3, 'fit, kid. lu battle al Jackson.

Ml«4. .Mav 16. '63
John D. Mct'lure. com. May 10. *0S.

t«rm ex.ttcL 11. '44.



LlentPnant Colonel.

William A. Tlirush. com. May 9, '62, pro.

William A. Thrush, com. Aup. 25. '61, pro.
John N. Cromwell, com. May 9, 't>2, pro.
John D. McCIure. com. Oct. 31, '63. pro. to Col.


Rush W. Chambers, com. .\ug. 24. '61, pro. to Major.

Sam'l A. A. Law. com. Aug. 8. '63. term ex. '64.

Geo. L. Lucas, com. Aup. 14. '61. term ex. Sept. 19, '64.
First Ass't. Timothy Babb, com. Aug. 14, '61, res. Aug. 13,' 63.


Jeremiah Hazen, com. Sept. 20, "61, res. Nov. 1. '62.

Sergeant M-ajor.
William E. Kuhu, e. Aug. 20, '61, pro. 2d Lieut, co. F.

Q. M. Ser^peant.
Edward E. Tobey, e. Sept. y. '61, pro. 2*1 Lieut, co, G.

Principal Musicians.
James D. Woiideii, e. Aug. 14. '61. dlsd. Aug. 25. '63. disability.
Henry C. Fierce, e. Aug. 14, '61, disd. April 18. '63.



John N. Cromwell, com. Aug. 25, '61. pro. Maj,
Converse Soutbaid, com. May 9. '62. res. Oct. 29, '62.
John T. liowen. com. Oct. 29, '62, term. ex. Oct. 11. '64.


First, Converse Southard, com. Aug. 25, '61, pro.

First. John T. Bowen, com. June 17, '62. pro.

First. William W. I'oole, com. Oct. 29, '62, term ex. Oct. U, '64.

Second, John T. Bowen, com. May 9, '62, pro.


First, Bowen John T. e. Aug. 16, '61, pro. 2d Lieut.

Crook Jacob J. e. Aug. 16. '61, m.)i. Oct. 11, '64, as private; re-
duced at ills own request.

Parr James, e. Aug. lb. '61. m.o. Oct. 11, '64. as private; re-
duced at his own request.

Pool William W. e. Aug. 16. '61. pro. 1st Lieut.

Logan Simpson, e Sept. 20, '61, m.o. uct. 11, '64.


Blair Alexander, e. Aug. 16. '61, m.o. Oct. 11. '64.
Burgiand Frederick, e. Aug 16. *61. disd. Oct. 16, '62. di^ability.
Batchor Neal. e. Aug. 16, '61, disd Aug. 4. '63, dis ability.
CraLik Charles R. e. Aug. 16. 61, difd at Lagrange, Tenu. Nov.

2K, '63.
Cole Samuel W. e. Aug. 16. "61, m.o. Oct. 11. '64, as corpl
Dutton Isaac, e. Aug. i6, '61, died at Jefferson, Mo. Nov. 1, '61.
Ewiiig .lohii W. N. e Aug. 16, '61, claimed oy parents as minor.
Green Kil\v ird A. e. Aug. 16. '61. m.o. Oct. 11. '64.
Green Jutm W, e. Aug. 16, '61. m.o. Oct. 11. '64.
Grume Charh-.-^ A. e. Aug 16. '61, disd. Aug. 3, '63, disabilltv.
Hills Horace, e. Aug. 16. '61. m.o, Aug. 11, ■b4.
Hart James, e. Aug 16, '61, died at Mound City. Oct, 22, '62.
Hustou Kobert E. e Aug. 15. '61, disu. Sept. '63. disability.
Keadv Thomas, e. Aug. 16, '61. m.o. Oct. 11. '64.
Lowe Hiram, e. Aug. 16. '61. m.u, Ot:t, 11. '64.
Logan li'-orge. e. Aug. 16. '61. Ui.o, Oct. 11, '64.
Mci' anaiid .lohii. e. Aug. 16. '61, m.o. Oct, 11. '64.
Mrliit<.sli lohn. e. Aug. 16. '61. disd. Aug. 18. '6'2, disability.
Murra) Daniel, e. Aug. lb. '61, dlsd. Sept. 9. '63. disability.
Odell Leroy E. e. Aug. 16. '61. died Young'.s Pt. La. .June 28. '63.
Patton William, e. Aug. 16. '61, kid. at Chicot Lane, Ark. June

6. '64.
Phillips Frances M. e. Aug. 16. '61. m.o. Oct. 11. '64.
Pn.etor Ilenrv F. e. Aug. 16, '61. kid. at Chicot Lake. Ark. June

6. "64.
Hobinsou George, e. Aug. 16, '61, m.o. Oct. 11, '64, as corpl.
RiCB Elisha, e. Aug. 16. '61. m.o. Oct. 11. '64.
Susdorf Charles, e. Aug. 16. '61, m.o. Oct. 11, '64.
Smith Henry, e. Aug. 16. '61, disd. l>ec. 27, '62, disability.
Stevens Charles, e. Aug. 16, '61, kid. at Vicksburg. May 22. '63.
Tuland George W. e. Aug. lb, '61. m.o. Oct. 11, "64.
Wasti>n Wiltz. e. Aug. 16. '61. m.o. Oct. 11. '64.
Weiidle Jonn K. e. Aug. 16, '61, m.o. Oit, U, "64.
Wilson John G. e. Aug. 16, '61. m.o. Oct. 11, '64.
Wilson John W. e. Aug. lb. '61, died at St. Louis. Oct. 12, '61.
Wilkiso:i Phineas R. e. Aug. 16. '61, dlsd. Feb. 21. '63. dlsab.


Bonsbough Charles G. e. Sept. 18. '61, m.o. Oct. 11, '64.
Clifton David, e. Feb. 29, '64. trans, to co. c as consol.
Cleary John. e. Nov. 30. 63, trans, to co. C as consol.
Delllngham John D. e. Aug. 14, '62. trans, to co. C as consol.
Duttoii William H. e. Aug. 14, '62. died at Vicksburg, Aug. 8,'63.
Harvey James T. e. Aug. 13. '62. trans, to co C as consol.
Harvei Thomas Y. e. Aug. 13, '62, trans, to co. C as consul.


Longshore .lohn I), e, .Vug. 14, '62. tran.s. toco. C as ronsol.
Longshore Aaron, e. Aug. 14, '62, died at Vicksburg. Nov. 1. '63.
Meyer William, e. Aug. 14, ■62. hid. at Vicksburg. May 22. '63.
Keed Beniamiii. e. Aug. 1:5. '62, disd, March 18. '63, disability.
Wheeler John W. e. Jan. 4. '64. traus. to co. C as consol.
Young Caivin, e. Jau. 4. '64. trans, to co. C as consol.
Young James, e. Feb. 26. "64. trans, to co, C as consol.
Young Andrew, e. Aug. 14. '62. trans, lo co. C. as consol.
Yates John M. e. Aug. 13. '62, trans, toco. C as consol.
Yates William, e. Aug. 13 '62. died Jackson. Tenn. May 5. '63.



John D. McClure, com. Aug. 25, '61, pro. Maj.
Geo. Broad, com. Aug. 31, '62. term ex. Oct. 11. '64.


First. Geo. Broad, com. June 17. '6?, pro.

First. Sanri A. A. Law. com. Aug. 31, '62, pro. Quartermaster.

First. Christopher C. Gilbert, com. Dec. 14, '63, term er. Oct. 11,

Second. Geo, Broad, com. Aug. 2*1, '61. pro.
Second, Sam'l A. A. Law. com. June 17. '62. pro.
Second, Christopher C. Gilbert, com. Aug. 31, '62, pro.


First. Law Samuel A. L. e. .\ug. 18. '61, pro. 2d Lieut,
Howell Israel, e, Aug. 18. '61, disd. May 7. '62. disability.
Camp Dexrer M. e. Aug. 18. '61. m.o. Oct. 11. '64.
Armour James W. e. Aug. 18, '61, desrtd. March 11, '63.


Swan Thomas, e. Aug. 18, '61. m.o. Oct. 11, '64.

Gates Benj. J. e. .■Vug. 18. "61, m.o. Oct. 11. "64.

Gilltert Christoplier. e. Aug. 18. '61. pro. zd Lieut.

Slatin Adlson F, e. Aug. 18. '61. desrtd. Sept. 19. '62.

Waii>._r William, e. Aug. 18. '61. m.o. Oct. 11. '64. as private.

Baifi.iir .luljii, e. Autf. 18. "61. m.o. .Vug. 24. '64.

Cady Lewi-. M. e. -Vug. 18, '61. sup. to be capd. Aug. 11, '64.


Pratt Isaac J. e. Aug. 18, '61. died at Memphis, sept. 10, '64.


Anten James, e. Aug. 18. '61. re-e. as vet.

Booth Henrv A. e. Aug. 18, '61. disd. Nov. 8. '62, disability.

Britlingbani William H. e. Aug. 18, '61, died at Jettersou City .

Mo. Dec. 18. '61,
Baldwin Albert H. e. Aug. 18. '61, re-e. as vet.
Center Lemuel L, e. Aug, 18, "61, died at JetfersonCity. Mo. Dec,

1, '61.
Clougli Cassius M. e. .\ug. 18, '61, disd. Nov. 25. '62, disability.
<:<.iihM .l.xnii's. e. Aug. 18. '61. died at Keokuk. la. Dec. 23, '62.
Crawfrrd .lolm E. e Aug. 18, "61. m.o. Oct, 11, '64.
DeGi ummond John J, e. Aug. 18, '61. disd. Feb. 12. *62, disab.
Davison John, e. Aug. 18, '61, disd. Dec. 21, '63, wounds.
Farris John S. e. Aug. 18, '61. m.o. Oct. 11, '64.
Gilbert Charles W. e. Aug. 18. '62. m.o. Oct. 11, "64.
Hathawnv George H. e. Aug. 18. '61. died St. Louis. May 2, '62.
Himes Charles H. e. Aug. 18, '61, died Jefferson City, Mo. Feb.

7. "62,
Hartz JohnH. e. Aug. 18, '61. disd. March 20. '63, disability.
Harper Oliver P. e. Ane. 18. '61. disd. March 17. '6^^,. disability.
1 H. I

Harper C

Hackenburg William J

Keilev Steplien. e. Aug. 18, '61. disd. Dec. 21. '63. wounds.

. e. Aug. 18, '61, m.o. Oct. 11. 'b4.

Lapiiam Aaron M, e. Aug. 18. '61, disd. July 31, '63. disability.

McCoy Daniel, e, Aug. 18, '61, m.o. Oct. 11, '64.

McRill Tbumas, e. Aug, 18. '61, died at Iveokuk, la. Dec, 5. '63,

Mason Is;iac F. e. Aug, 18. '61. disd. May 12. '62, disability,
Mendall Ira L. e, Aug. 18, '61, died at St. Louis. Jan. 23. '62.
Orton Augustus L, e. Aug, 18. *61. m.o. Aug. 22. "64. term ex.
Patterson Caster, e, Aug. 18. '61. disd. Oct. 20. "62. w<iun<ls.
Polilnian John H. e. Aug. 18. '61. disd. Dc. 27. "02. dis.ibility.
Randall Peter, e, Aug. 18, *61, disd. March 17. '63. disaliility.
Stewart Collins B. e. Aug. 18, '61, died at Coriiitli, Oct. 3. '62,
Vanc-amp Isaac, e, Aug. 18, '61, died at Jefferson City, Mo, Dec.

2. '61.
Wickersbam Hiram O. e. Aug. 18, '61, desrtd. Jau. 28. '64.
Wheeler Joseph, e. Aug. 18, 'bl, m.o. Oct. 11, "64.


Baldwin .\Ibert H. e. Feb. 22. '64. corpl. trans, to co. B as consol.
.Vnten James B. e. Feb. 22, "64. traus. to co. B as consol.


Blanchard Ira W. e. Sept. 20. '61. died at Siikstown, Mo. March

23. '62.
Burdett Robert J. e. Aug. 4. '62. trans, to co. B as consol,
Cavanangli James, e. Dec. 8. '63. trans, to co, B as consol.
F'Td Swell G. e. Aug. 20. '62. trans, to co. B as consol.
Frei-man fluirles H. e. Sepl. 14. 'bl. disd. May 19. '62. disability.
Hii\ es Morris, e, Aug. 25, '62, trans, to (;o. H as consol,
Joliuson Augustus, e. Aug, 25, '61, died at Boonville. Mo, March

Kellogg^'i'lielander e. Sept. 20, '61, dlsd, July 6, '62. disability.
Murray Daniel, e. Sept. 6. '61. trans, to Miss, marine brigade.
Swlmm Peter, e. Sept. 6, '61. m.o. Oct. 11. '64.




Borer vrtomun. f. Aus. Ifi. '01. r. - e. a« TcL

Dlckerwii Joiiiithan. e. \uk. 16. 61. sick 111 Holly Slirliigs •lii«

Dec, '62.
Ori-Fii Jos^iih 1>. ». AUB. 16. "61. re-e. mtm.
Merrill JaiufsU.e. Aug. 16. '61. lii.o. Oct. U. 64.

Green Juwpb U. e. Feb. 19. •«4. corpl. kid. il L»ke Chicot. June

Boycr Artemus. e. Feb. 19. '84. traus. to co. A u consol.


Murray James, c. trans, to InvallJ Corps In '68.
SiuUli Jolin. c. Jan. 18. '61. trans, loco. .\ as consol.



.Samuel K. llakvr, .om. Aug. 25. 61. pro. lo Lieut. Col.

Lyinan W. Clark, com. Aui;. S5. 61. res. Dec. 27. •81.
Theodore M. Lowe. com. Kec. 28. 61. res. April 12. 'BS.
G°o!w. Carter, com. April 12. BS. res. Aug. 21. '6^.

Klrst, Theodore M. Lowe. com. Aug. 21. '61, pro.
Second. Ueorgu H. Carter, com. Oct. 22. b2, pro.

Klrsl Carter Ge<prge U. e. .\nB. 18. '61. pro. 2J Lieut.
Oonc^e?"villlain e. e. Aug. 2I til. dl^.l. I).;. .8 '62. disability.
l-tirrau Patrick e. Aug. 21. '61. ni.o. Aug. 11, '64. as private.


Swartwood Henry, p. Aug, Jl.'Sl. ni.o. Oil 11. '64. as sergt.

vojiiitii luliti e AUK. '21. '61. ni.o. Oct. 11. 64.

Swarlwood Jaines. e* .ris'. 2i. '61. di.d. Uec. 17. '61. disability.

JnveeJuhn e. Aug. ai, •61,dlsd. Nov. 21. '62. disability,
ffier Kdiard. e. Aug. 21. '61. disd. April 9. '62. disability.


Iliilnw Patrick K. c. Aug. 21. '81, dIsd. Aug. 19, 'BS. disability.

nr'" .MclVola.«, e. Aug 21. '61. kid. at Corlntd. Oct. 3, '62.
liair Invld e Aug. 21. '61. re-e. as vet.

Jia 1. '".lii'i. e. Aug. 21. 61. died Jetlersou City. Mo, March 2,'62.
l"S5nliiirh»in.anK*. e. Aug. 21. '61. m.o. (let. 11. '04.
Cun Ick .lo"\ 111 .• Autf. 21. 61. died .SI.,s. M* 2, '62.
Com- V Vraiicl- ■ . AUK. 21. '61. kid. at torl.itli. on. 3. '62.
triirau Joseph. .-. Aug 21 -61. mo oci IJ 64. as sergt.

Cam-vY^-f'lnX-e aIiIc 2''. "VdV;;! 'oec' T.^'Jl. disability.
V.e mV.e> f r"';-.;. .. .l^ul -il '..1 kid. at Corinth, .h-l. a. '62.

nel> I-alrl.k. c. Aug. 21. 'bl. ni.". 0;t. 11. 04.

ii.iifun lidiii e Aug. 21. 61. ni.o. Oft. 11, 64.

D^n^egan James. .^ Aug 21 '61. >r^"'', '"V (j"/!". Sept. 6. 63.

Kwliur Ni.ah M. e. Aug. 21. 61. m.o. Oct. 1 1. 64.

l-^n ?v la eV e Aug 21. 61. tr.llis, IllV, Corps, Sci.t. 8. '63.

OBlvin I'-alrhk'.e. Aug. 21. '61. Iralis. to Miss, marine brigade.

llomhJ'i,''l>VinM?e, Aug. 21. '61. m.o. Oct. 11, '64. as seixt.
awkln; W ll'la.n. e. Aug. 21. '61. m.o. Oct. 11, '64. a. cor...
liulTmau. harks, e. Aug. 21..'«1. trans, Inv loip,, Dec. lb. bH.

Il-ititiititti liru .H V AUK-*1> Hi. •"I'-t". lift \fl.

K? le WlUUin e. Aug" 21.' '61. kl.l. a. yick»b„rg. May 2'2. '63,

Ki-),- li.liti e \llg 21. "61, m.o- l>i"t. 11. 64.

LeVsen g-'jobn. e. Aug 21. '61. kid. al Corinth. Oct. 3. '84.

MclTuglllVn reler J. e. Aug. 21. m, rce. as. vet.

li.i»?lah Kl is e. Aug. 21. 'iil. dl.d Voung'H pt. La. Jul) 1 '63.

>Cr Ick .' I/O W. e Aug. 21. 61. dwl. .rut} 111. '62. disal..

MaHv Mlclia.l e Vug. 21. '61. 111. o. Ocl. 11. '64.

MJlloriliott Jamc.,. c'^.Vnii. 21. '61. died Jetlerson City, Mo. Nov.

\I.rir?v' ler lab 1: Aug. 21. '61, desrtd. Oil. 8. '81.

> im.l.) Wlll.a I e Aug. 21. '61. Jlcd Memphis. April 10. '«).
M.|V. rni." J.".", e. .vug. 21. '-11. dl.d 31. '62. dlsab.
Morelou ll.uri e. Aug. 21, 61. in.o. Ocl. 1 1. 64.

> Jg K'l«ai.l. '■■ Aug. 21. '61. m.o. ocl. 11. 114. Jaiiio c Vug 21. 61. »lck al M. Ij.uls.

Nillll,*, Henry .' <mk 21. 61. «t M.u.,.lil.. May 10. '82.

Perry Petei. c. Aug. '21. '61.. I"" "*'•,,'.',' ',"*,.., J

Porter VVllllalu. e. Auu '21. 61. O. I 11 84.

P..WCI1 J.ihli. e vug. 21. '61. m.o (let. 11. 64.

Kyan e. Aug. 21. '61. mo. Oct. 11. 64.

Iti-Hii I'lttrick e Aug. 21. 61. re-e. as vet.

Reihe' 3!,..|.l,. e. AHg 'ii. '61, kid. Lake ihlcol. Ark. June 8. '84.

5r.rrr.1.aH'"7' A7lg^ 'il. •6N.dl;rNo"Vu': '62. dl..b.
^hii ..«.•«:■ Aug.5i:'61, died "t Memphis Julie IS. •»4.
«uyder M.bola.. e. Aug. il. 'dl. dc.rld M»rr . 11. '84.
»liiUb John. e. Aug. 21. '61. ilcsrld. Jul) 1 1. 62.
Treinpe l.a*. ' Aug. 21. '61 sick at St. l.ou;»
Vk'llll, lack.. II. e. Aug. 21. '• I. mo. Oct. 1 1. 84.
Walker, e. Aug. 21, 81. m.o. ocl. 11, 64.

Beare IlavM. e. Keli. JJ
Hampton <te«^rge s. •■ '
McLoughllri Peter J •
Kyan Patrick, e. Kei.
Swarlward William. < .

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