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and old Joane, 3 poor women of Exminster; Overs: cos. John
Waymouth of Pouderham and frd. George Shutt of Exminster;
John, son of sd. John Waymouth. \_no sig.^ Wits: Thomas
Collins, elk., John Waymouth, Catherine Ford {mark), Cath-
erine Helmer {mark). (Pr. 28 Oct. 1620.)

1061 Alice Hill of Wivellcombe, dioc. of Bath and Wells,
wid. (Dat. 2 July 1620.) Son Thos., his wife and chn.;
dau. Etheldred Norman and her chn.; close at Hescocke;
Eliz. and Jane Norman; dau. Hester, her husb.; my dau.
Joane; Hester Chapleyn; son Francis Hill; son Wm. ; son
Thos.; wood in Darkemore; wid. Palmer; John Crosse;
Exors: son and dau. Symon and Eliz. Hill. \_mark^ Wits:

Tho. , Robt. Shepley, Francis Norman {mark). (Pr.

19 Oct. 1620.)

1062 Richard Hawlke of Rewe, co. Devon., yeom. (Dat.
26 July 1620.) Bur. in chyd. of Rewe, nr. the Cross on E. side;

* Pro. Act. Book.

SOAME, FOL. 91. 868

poor of Rewe, of Silferton and of Thorverton; wife Emmott;
daus. Mary, Agnes and Julyan Hawlkes; cos. Johane Hooper
of Witheridge; kinsm. Wm. Hawlkes of Farringdon; Bartw.
Cole of Stocke Canon; Wm. Gill of Rewe; Jane Lipscomb
of Silferton; Thos. Boucher of Thorverton; Mary Wellington
of same; John Turner late of N. Downe, psh. of Thorver-
ton, deed.; Nicholas Radford of Silferton; Rd. Knyll of
Upton Pyne, elk., owes my son, Wm. Hawlkes ^5 by
fraudulant bond, of wch. j^ were pd. in pres. of Steven
Dicker of Silferton and John Newcomb of Thorverton;
Exor: son Wm.; Overs: kinsm. Wm. Hawlkes of Far-
ringdon, gent., and neighbour Rd. Radford of Rewe. \_J?tc/iu^.
Hawlkesl Wits: Richard Radford of Rewe, J oh: Oliver, script.
(Pr. 21 Oct. 1620.)

1063 Frauncis Sadler {of St. Helen's within Bishopsgate*')^
Lond., woodmonger. (Dat. i Aug. 1620.) Extx: wife Jane
Sadler; lease of my hou.; dau. Frauncis Woder; bro. and
sist. Fletcher; son Woder; Co. of Woodmongers; Mr. Ellam;
Mr. Andrew Ellam; son Atkinson; bro. Sadler and his wife;
godson John Sadler; stock in E. India Co.; Mrs. Windsor;
Mrs. Whitehead; Mr. Wraye gone into Line; Mr. Townerowe;
Sir John Scott, Kt.; Virginia Co. owes me salary; Mr. Wat-
kins; Thos. Batten; Adam Denton in the Indies; Walter
Moumfort; JohnWilloby, factor in the Royal James; Joseph
Reeue; John Caverlye; Mr. Lamnam; Mr. Bringborne; Mr.
Hunter, haberdasher. \_Frauncts Sadler] Wits: Robert Woder.
(Pr. 26 Oct. 1620.)

1064 John Edwines of Porthamall, co. Bre., gent.
(Dat. 20 June 1620.) Bur. in chan. of the Vaughans, nr.
Roger Hayward, deed., in psh. Ch. of Talgorth; Cath. of St.
Davies; poor of Talgorth; dau. Ellenor (und. 16); tents, in
Hursley, psh. of Letton, co. Heref., in ten. of Jas. Melyn;
fath. Walter Edwines, deed.; moth.-in-law, Joane Edwines,
wid.; bro. Water Edwines, his chn.; chn. of sist. Ann Rees;
COS. Mr. John Downes of Hopton Bishop, co. Heref., gent.;
goods in Morden; psh. Ch. of Morden; Exors: wife Lettice
and son-in-law Edw. Tumor. {John Edwines] Wits: Wat:
Lewes, elk., Jenkin Thomas, lit, John Hutchins. (Pr. 25
Oct. 1620.)

Pro. Act. Book. t 8ic. Qu. Llewellin.

354 SOAME, FOL. 91.

1065 Thomas Phippes of Biburye, co. Glouc, husbm.
(Dat. 28 May 1620.) Poor of Biburye, of Ablington and
of Arlington; sist. Agnes Culle, her chn.; sist. Alice Pallmer;
chn. of sist. Hellen Reynold; kinsm. Wm. Smith; kinsw.
Helen Hartill; kinsm. Thos. Hartill; Extx: wife Margt.; Overs:
frds., Thos. Marchan of Arlington and Rd. Winchcombe of
Biburye. [mark] Wits: Francis Reynoldes, Richard Winch-
combe {mark), Thomas Marchan {mark). (Pr. 25 Oct. 1620.)

1066 Brian Broughton of the Middle Temple, Lond.,
esq. (Dat. 18 Aug. 1618.) My man, Henry Herbert; bro.
Edw. Broughton's chn. (und. 21); bro. Rd. Broughton; bro.
John Broughton; sist. Cath., wife of John Weed; chn. of
Thos. Vice of Bishopp Offley, co. Staff.; my cos. George
Broughton, sometime servt. to Mrs. Woare of Lond.; my
laundress, Joane Granger, wid.; poor of Egmanton; old Rd.
Parthropp of Laxton; chn. of bro. Thos. AUott; Overs:
Robt. Fulnetby, esq.; Jeston Jones, esq.; Mr. Perkin's
works; bi;os. -in-law Wm. Church and John Wood; Exors:
bro. Rd. Broughton and my servt. Henry Herbert. \_Bry:
Broughton] Wits: Henry Best, scr., Anthony Scarisbrick,
Humfrey Chaveney, Humfrey Shalscrose. (Pr. 24 Oct.

1067 Samuel Tubman of St. Mary Bowe, Lond., apoth.
(Nunc, will dat. 3 Oct. 1620.) Extx: wife Martha; Overs:
and Wits: George Dun and Edward Rider. (Pr. 20 Oct. 1620.)

1068 John More, sergeant at law, {of Baddesley, co.
Southton.^). (Dat. 5 Aug. 1620.) Sir Jas. Wolveridge, Kt., and
Wm. Noye, esq., to have my mans, of Baddesley, Chilworth,
Romsey infra and extra, co. Southton., for use of son John
More; my dwelling hou. called Baddesley hou., in Baddesley;
the Park; dau. Anna More (und. 20); dau. Dowcebell
Dunche and her chn.; Exor: son John; Overs: sd. Sir Jas.
Wolveridge, Kt., and Wm. Noye, esq.; Wits: J: Drake,
Will: Weston, Evan Powell, Jo: Smith, Jo: Swanton. Cod.
(13 Aug. 1620). My servts., John Swanton, John Smith
and Evan Powell. \,no sig.] Wits: J: Drake, Ed: Chadwell,
Jo: More. (Pr. 17 Oct. 1620, by John More, son. Adm.
gr. 15 Aug. 1 62 1, to Dowcebelle Dunch als. Moore and Anne

* Pro. Act. Book.

SOAME, FOL. 91. 355

Hooper als. Moore, daus. of deed., and their husbs., Saml.
Dunch and Edw. Hooper, John More, Exor:, being dead.)

1069 Lawrence Litler of St. Stephen's, Coleman St.,
gent. (Dat. ii Oct. 1620.) Bur. in sd. psh.; tents, in
Midd., and Coleman St.; dau. Jane, wife of Thos. Chaloner,
gent.; uncle Rd. Litler, gent., his wife; frds., Mrs. Ciselye
Duncombe, Mr. Thos. Ravenscrofte and Mr. Raphe Ward;
Mr. Duncombe; my bro. Chaloner; my gt. seal ring; Mrs.
Williams; my elk., Roger Smithe; John Hudson; eos. Edw.
Fryer; Mr. Jarman, yie. of St. Stephen's; my sist. Key;
Auncients and gents, of Barnard's Inn; cos. Frauncis Turfett;
Extx: wife Dorcas; my son; Overs: Frauncis Chaloner, gent.,
and my son-in-law Thos. Chaloner. \_Laur: Litler] Wits:
Thomas Knight, Ralphe Yeardley, Richard Hamond, Thomas
Taylor, James Pownser {mark), Roger Smith, Johes Hudson.
(Pr. 24 Oct. 1620.)

1070 Thomas Halhead of Banbury, co. Oxon., woollen-
draper, old. (Dat. 4 Aug. 1620.) Bur. in Banbury chyd.;
cos. Thos. Halhead of Banbury and his chn.; close called
Andros Pittes; cos. John, son of Henry Halhead; Alice Hal-
head, dau. of sd. Henry; Id. in Calthrupp, Banbury, bot. of
Sir Anthony Cope of Hanwell, deed.; Henry Hallhead's oth.
chn.; chn. of Edm. Smalbone of Banbury; chn. of Mary
Lovill of Bloxham; chn. of Joane Kymble of Calthrupp, wid.;
chn. of Eliz. Leach of Chipping Norton, deed.; chn. of Rd.
Hiett of Saford; chn. of Ursula Leach, deed.; 2 chn. of Sara
Howse of Banbury, deed.; chn. of Joane Greenehill, wid.;
frds. Mr. John Dodd, Mr. John Lancaster, Mr. George Gee,
ministers; Mr. Robt. Cleaver of Drayton; Thos., son of Mr.
Wm. Short of Banbury, deed.; eos. Henry Fitche of Saw-
ford; Rd. Kyte, Wm. Knight, Dorothe Cole and Dorothe
Taylor, servts. to my eos. Thos. Hallhead; Exor: cos. Thos.
Hallhead of Banbury, wooUendraper; Overs: Mr. Robt.
Cleaver of Drayton and Robt. Lovell of Bloxham. \_mark]
Wits: William Whately, Robert Drewe, Robert Benbow, scr.
(Pr. 28 Oct. 1620.)

1071 William Mace of Goddington, psh. of Chelsfeild, co.
Kent, husbm. (Dat. 6 Apr. .) Son Wm.; my 2 daus.

356 SOAME, FOL. 91.

Joane and Ann Mace; my part of my farm and lease of God-
dington; Extx: wife Joane; Overs: frds. Jo. Wakelyn the
eld. and Joseph Powle. [.mark^ Wits: George Smith, par. of
Chelsfeild, Thomas Mace {mark). (Pr. 17 Oct. 1620.)

FOL. 92.

1072 Hugh Capon of St. Olave, Southwark, co. Surr.,
cit. and woodmonger of Lond. (Dat. 29 Sept. 1620.) Bro.
Henry Capon and his chn.; Co. of woodmongers, Lond.; my
servts. Robt. Clemenson, John Whight and Jane Wharton;
Wm. Pallmer (und. 21), whom I took out of charity fr. the
Ch. wardens of this psh.; Wm. Page, scr. ; Extx: wife Edith;
Overs: Rd. Clarke and Wm. Sarnell {.mark]. Wits: William
Page, scr., Nicholas Fryer. (Pr. 21 Oct. 1620.)

1073 Thomas Dabb of Pillesley, co. Derb., yeom. (Dat.
9 May 1617.) Bur. in my psh. Ch. of Northwinfeild; poor
of Northwinfeild; rep. footway at Locke bridge; son-in-law
George Calton and dau., his wife, Isabell; dau. Mary Dabb;
son Rd., his chn. and his wife; dau. Ellen Dabb; dau. Margt.,
wife of Rd. Milwarde; son Raphe, his chn.; son Frauncis, if
he returns to England wtin. 4 yrs.; son Wm. Dabb's chn.,
Thos. and Rd. Dabbe (und. 21), their bro., John Dabb (und.
18); Exor: eld. son John; Overs: frds. Thos. Brailsford of
Seanor,t Robt. Newton of Higham and son Rd. Dabb. Imark]
Wits: Hen: Hunlocke, John Brailesford, Tho. Brailesforde.
Cod. (28 Sept. 1618). Imark] Wits: Thos: Brailsford, John
Wright. (Pr. 21 Oct. 1620.)

1074 James Baynes (/ ^^s. beyond the sea*), servt. to
John Bill. (Dat. 2 Sept. 1620.) Extx: my moth. Eliz.
Weldin of Bednall Greene; ill in Paris, to be bur. in place
called Le Saint Pere, by the Clarck place established by King
Lewis Xni, for burying those of reformed religion; French
Ch. in Challonton; Monsr. du Moulin; poor of St. Andrews
the Wardrobe; the alms hous. next my uncle Hogg; poor of
Bednall Greene; Wm. Wamsley, orphan; sist. Jane Weldin;
my mr. and mris., Mr. John Bill and his wife; John Cleaver
and his wife; Christopher, the porter; my moth's, maid.
Jacobin; uncle Questa, beyond the seas; uncle Lee; bro.

t Sic. qu. Heanor? * Pro. Act. Book.

SOAME, FOL. 92. 867

Wilson's chn. (und. 21); Abraham Segard; Mr. Hodges; Mr.
John Parker; Mr. West, tailor; Mr. Stokes; Emanuell.
[markl (no wits^ (Pr. 17 Oct. 1620.)

1075 Elizabeth Killingworth, (^of Pampesford, co. Camb.,
wid.*^. (Dat. 7 Feb. 1619-20.) Late husb. John Killing-
worth of Pampesford, esq., deed.; dau. Glascocke and her
dau. Mary; dau. Cecill and her daus. Mary and Eliz. my god-
dau.; son Cecill; dau. Skepper and her husb.; son Thos.;
son John; son Wm.; grch. Fraunces Cropley her fath.
and his dau. Marye; bros. Christr. Cheyney and John Cheney;
bro. and sist. Feild; sist. Ann Cheyney; Wm. Cheyney, son
of bro. John; my former servt. Jane Mortlocke; Exors: sons
Glascocke and Cecill. \_Elizabeth Killingwort]i\ Wits: Tho.
Hoskins, John Leader, Robert Beten. (Pr. 10 Oct. 1620.)

1076 William Greenefeild of Capell, co. Sum, yeom.
(Dat. 9 Aug. 1620.) Lds. in Warnham, co. Suss., called
Dawes, in ten. of John Butler and wid. Evershed; eld. dau.
Joane (und. 20); 3d dau. Mary; daus. Bridget, Eliz. and
Sarah; my servts. Thos. and Jas. March and Sarah Greene-
feilde; Mary, wife of Edw. Brooker; my servt. Edw. Long-
hurst; Extx: wife Joane; Overs: frds. George Steere, elk.
and John Younge. \_Williani Greenefeild\ Wits: Henry Stone,
John Constable, George Steere. (Pr. 23 Oct. 1620.)

1077 Thomas Hothersall of Lond., surgeon, {in fts.
beyond the sea*). (Schedule of will dat. 11 Feb. 1617-18.)
Bound as master surgeon in ship "Sampson" for the E.
Indies; uncle Robt. Shuttleworth, cit. and merch. taylor of
Lond. [Edm: Jloihersall '\'\ Wits: Da: Phillipps, servt.
to George Rickner, the eld., scr., deed., Edward Cotton.
(Adm. gr. 31 Oct. 1620, to Robt. Shuttleworth, uncle of deed.,
no Exor: being named.)

1078 Edward Palmer of the Co. of Merch. Adventurers,
{in fts. beyond the sea^). (Dat. at Middleborough, i Sept.
1620.) Poor of the English congregation; John Forboes,
minister to the Co. of Merch. Adventurers; eld. bro. Rd.
Palmer; 2d bro. Giles Palmer; 3d bro. Thos. Palmer; Overs:

t Sic. Pro. Act. Book.

358 SOAME, FOL. 92.

Humfrey Burr and John Mount-Stevens; Rd. Bressy, broker
to the sd. Co.; my laborer, Peter Jasper; Roger Flood; John
Grenowes; my 5 sists. Margt., Mary, Ann, Joan and Merriall
Palmer and their chn.; Exor: Gregorye Wilzerd. \_Edward
Palmer\ Wits: Roger Flood, John Grenowes, Joannes Van;
Rd. Bressy, script. Cod. (undated). John Winghe, minister
of the English Ch. in Flushing. \,Edward Palmer] Wits:
Roger Flood. (Pr. 25 Oct. 1620.)

1079 John Turnam of Downton, co. Wilts., weaver.
(Dat. 2 Mar. 1619-20.) Bur. in Downton chyd.; Cath. of
Sarum; John (und. 21), son of bro.-in-law Rd. Cater; John
son of Walter Baylye, my ten.; Edm. Whitlocke; my kinsw.
Joane Hardinge; 3 chn. of kinsw. Margt. Carvell; bro. Rd.
Turnam; tent, in occ. of Walter Baylie; my kinsm. J as.
Carvell, his sist. Frances Carvell and her sist. Margt. Carvell,
the eld.; Extx: wife, Eliz.; Overs: frds. Wm. Saunders, Wm.
Lowe. \.John Turnam] Wits: John Snelgar, William San-
ders, William Lowe, Edmund Whittoke {.mark). (Pr. 19 Oct.

1080 Thomas Hull of St. Bride's als. Bridgett, Fleet St.,
Lond., Sadler. (Dat. 19 Sept. 1620.) My unbo. ch.; fath.-
in-law, Robt. Russell, now husb. of my own moth., Edith
Russell; bond in name of Rd. Wittam; bros. Robt. and Wm.
Russell, sons of sd. Robt.; bro. Thos. Russell; bros. Christr.
and George Russell; sist. Mary Russell; frd. Mr. Robt.
Walker, barber surgeon, dwelling in Budg Row, Lond.; frd.
Thos. Purnell, carpenter, dwelling in Colman St., Lond.;
frd. John Freeman, sadler; Wm. Procter, sadler; my servts.
Michaell Harman, Marie Hill; Overs: frds. George Potter of
Lond., sadler, and Nathaniell Newburye of Lond., stationer;
Extx: wife Sarah; bro. Thos. Russell to be Exor: should my
wife die, she now being ill. \_Thomas Hull] Wits: William
Cave, Thomas Newton, John May, scr. (Pr. 13 Oct. 1620
by rel. and Extx:.)

1081 Roger Mynde {of St. Botolph's without Aldersgate^),
cit. and merch. tailor of Lond. (Dat. 31 Aug. 1620.) Wife
Ann; chn. Roger and Eliz. Minde; Exors: John Speede, cit.

Pro. Act. Book.

SOAME. FOL. 92. 359

and merch. tailor of Lond, and John Woodcocke, cit. and
haberdasher of Lond. [i?. M.'\ Wits: Henry Smith, Arthur
Vizer, scr. (Pr. 2 Oct. 1620.)

1082 William Deane of Nethercott, co. Oxon., gent.
(Dat. 6 Sept. 1620.) Son and hr. Wm. (und. 21); dau.
Dorothie (und. 21); lease of Old Stoke Charity, co. Southton.;
Ids. in Bucks, had of Joseph Moyne; Exors: wife Isabell and
Mr. John Seller, elk., par. of Ickford; bro. Deane; Overs:
John K., Bish. of Lond., Sir Thos. Chamberleyne, Kt., chief
Justice of Chester, Sir Frauncis Stonerd, Kt., and Walter
Dayrell, esq. \_Willm. Deane] Wits: Thos. Fleetewood,
Robert Dove, Thos. Hedd. (Pr. 10 Oct. 1620 by Isabelle,
rel. of deed., pow. res. to John Seller.)

1083 Edward Rossen of Odington upon Otmore, co.
Oxon., yeom. (Dat. Saturday, 22 May 1619.) Bur. in
Odington chyd.; dau. Eliz. Rossen; Extx: wife EUinor;
Overs: Edw. Bygge of Long Crundone, co. Bucks., George
Maund of Chescarton and Phillipp Sellenger of Odington, co.
Oxon. [^Edward Rossen] Wits: Phillipp Sellinger, Elizabeth
Roson, Edward Bigg. (Pr. 2 Oct. 1620.)

1084 ^Villiam Cockes of Worfeild, {co. Salop.""). (Dat.
20 Apr. 1620.) Bur. in psh. Ch. or chyd. of Worfeild; son
Wm. Cockes; Francis Border; dau. Ames Bennett; dau.
Mary Cockes; son Thos. Cockes (und. 21); son Rd. (und. 21);
Extx: wife Eliz.; Overs: son Wm. [mark] Wits: Willm
Bayly, elk., Alice Baily, George Poole. (Pr. 16 Oct. 1620.)

FOL. 93.

1085 Richard Robinson of Clement Dane's, co. Midd.,
tailor. (Dat. 16 Jan. 1619-20.) Rd. (und. 21), son of bro.
Roger Robinson of Oxford, cook, his bros.; Ids. called
Criples als. Cripley, held of city of Oxford by lease dat. 31
Aug., 5 Jas. L; bro. Henry Akers; sist. Jane; cos. Edw.
Robinson of St. Clement Dane's, his wife, his daus. Maudlyn
and Margt. and his son John; John Phelps and his wife;
Fayth Sewarde; Roger Hill and his wife; Alice, servt. to
John Phelps; Exor: bro. Roger Robinson; Overs: Mr. Wm.

* Pro. Act. Book.

360 SOAME, FOL. 93.

Weekes of Oxford and Edw. Robinson; poor of St. Tabs,
Oxford, of St. Peter, Oxford, of St. Clement Dane's. \_Rtch-
arde Robinson\ Wits: George Peirce, scr., John Mesey
{ffiark), James Herdes. (Pr. i6 Oct. 1620.)

1086 Richard Stiffe of Engleston, psh. of Hauxbury, co.
Glouc, yeom. (Dat. 30 May 1620.) Son Rd.; my liv. at
Engleston; ch. and poor of Hauxbury; Exors: wifef and son
Rd.; Overs: Wm. Windbolde, Arthur Crawe, Arthur Dawe
[.mark], (^no wits.^ (Pr. 5 Oct. 1620.)

1087 Sir Henry St. Barbe of Grey's Inn, co. Midd., Kt.
(Dat. 9 Oct. 1620.) Nephs. George and Robt. St. Barbe;
Alice, wife of neph. Wm. St. Barbe; neph. Stukely; cos.
Elionar Woodwarde; Exors: bro. George St. Barbe, gent,
and neph. Wm. St. Barbe of Lond., gent.; niece Ellyott.
\_Henry Saint Barbe\ Wits: Wm. Woodward, EUinore Wood-
warde {mark), Joanne Thomas (mark), Elizabeth Langley.
(Pr. 19 Oct. 1620.)

1088 Katherine "Watson of St. Giles without Cripple-
gate, Lond., wid. (Dat. 29 May, 1620.) Bur. in the sd.
psh. Ch., nr. son-in-law Wm. Lewknor; Wm. Lewknor, son
of my dau. Bridget, and his sist., my goddau., Ursula Lewk-
nor (und. 21); Edw. Toose, his fath., Alexr. Toose's hou. in
Stokelane, co. Somst.; Gartrud Toose, dau. of sd. Alexr.,
and her moth., Kath. Toose; linen marked P. and W.; dau.-
in-law Jane Watson, linen wch. was her moth's.; late bro.'s
son, Barthw. Feilde, Darkis Silliarde, his sist., and anoth. of
his sists., Joane Gale; Mary Winch; cos. Sir Harbottell
Grimston, Kt. and Bart.; cos. Sir Henry Grymston, Kt.;
Mrs. Mary Cornewallis; cos. Mr. Thos. Hall; godson Bartw.
Hall; Kath, wife of Robt. Brewer; John Bates; Saml. Bryms-
meade; my servt., Joane Sels and her husb.; Mr. Jackson,
par. of St. Albans, Gt. Wood St., Lond.; Extx: dau. Bridget
Lewknor; Overs: cos. Sir Henry Grymston and Mr. Row-
lande Deacon, gent, [niark^ Wits: Henr: Grimeston, Samuell
Brynsmeade, Christopher Longley. (Pr. 2 Oct. 1620.)

1089 Henry Loftus of Broxborne, co. Herts., gent.
(Dat. 9 Sept. 1619.) Cos. Alexr. Glover of Westminster, co.
Midd., gent., his wife Blanch; Extx: wife Joane; Ids. in Hod-

t Name of wife does not occur in Fro. Act. Book.

SOAME, FOL. 93. 361

desdon, Broxborne and Amwell, co. Herts.; Wm. Glover, 3d
son of sd. Alexr. by his first wife; sist. Julian Hepworth; my
dwelling hou. in Hoddesdon, psh. of Broxborne; Jane, wife
of Rd. Josselyn and dau. of my sd. sist.; Wm. and Jane Jos-
selin (both und. 21), chn. of sd. Rd.; kinsm. Jonas Loftus;
poor of Hoddesdon, of both the Broxbornes and of Amwell;
bro. -in-law John Beacon, his wife Anne; frd. Mr. Roger

Reve; poor kinsw. Awdrey of Hampstead, co. Midd.,

wid., and her chn.; Overs: cos. Thos. Packer and frd. Mr.
Wm. Campe of Lond.; Marke Mansell of Lond., merch. tail-
or; cos. Robt. Michell; hou. in Hoddesdon, wh. Thos. Clarke
now dwells; Ellen, dau. of sd. Alexr. and Blanch Glover.
\_Henricuni Loftus\ Wits: Roberte Reve, Richarde Watkin-
son, Thomas Packer, John Founten, John Saringe. Cod.
(undat.); Blanch, wife of Alexr. Glover, is dau. of my fath's.
bro. (Pr. 14 Oct. 1620.)

1090 Hugh Handforde of Denyton, psh. of Swymbridge,
CO. Devon., gent. (Dat. 9 Feb. 1619-20.) Poor of Swym-
bridge and of Loxeforde; cos. Mr. Gregorye Chichester; cos.
Judith Chichester; Abraham and Henry, sons of Henry Her-
der of High Brey, deed.; grds. called the Weeke, othwise.
Mayes close or Mayes grounde, pt. of man. of Lankey in
Swymbridge, wch. I hold of Sir Thos. Dennys, Kt.; Mary
Chichester, now wife of Henry Herder, gent., deed. (V.);
Rd. Maye; Walter Maye; my servt., Austen Warde; Wm.
Hutchens of Swimbridge, his reversion of Marracot, now in
ten. of wid. Wilkey of Bratton; my servts., Josias Oates als.
Beuer, Mary Shirlande; Mary Barrey; Mrs. Margt. CoUe-
more; Rd., son of Christian Smalden, wid.; John Pugsley;
Edw. Symons; cos. Trystram Chichester; grd. called Allor-
beare and West close, sometime parcel of farm of Mersh in
Swimbridge; Robert Chichester, son of Trystram Chichester,
gent., deed.; Judith Chichester, sist. of Robt.; Extx: wife
Mary; Overs: frds. Mr. Arthur Hatch, Mr. Wm. Molforde,
Mr. Thos. Pollard, Mr. Henry Wyatt. \no sig.l Wits: Rich-
ard Pollard the eld., Thomas Pollard, Richard Pollard, jr.,
William Leigh. (Pr. 10 Oct. 1620.)

1091 Samuell Watts of Axebridge, co. Somst., gent.
(Dat. 7 July 1620.) Poor of Axebridge and of Congersbury;

362 SOAME, FOL. 93.

Edm. Hobbes; Edm., son of bro. Wm. Watts; wife Joane;
goddau. Rachell Read, dau. of John Read of Bristol; godson
Thos., son of Thos. Tucker of Yatton; chn. of kinsm. Rd.
Wattes; kinsm. John Wattes of Congresbury; Abraham, the
elk.; chn. of Brice Cole; Arthur, Erasmus and Anne Wattes,
chn. of Edw. Wattes of Congresbury; chn. of John Wattes
of Sanforde; Saml., son of Edm. Wattes of Churchill; Exor:
kinsm. Saml., son of the sd. Edw. Watts; lease bot. of John
Croker of Chedder; lease of Id. in Wear in sd. co., late bot.
of Sir Edw. Rodny, Kt.; Overs: kinsm. Edw. Watts of
Churchill and Edw. Watts of Conglersbury; reversion lying
in the man. of Winscombe in sd. co., now in ten. of Thos.
Mewgh, bot. of Wm. Smethes, gent.; Bridget Bisse, dau. of
John Bisse, late of Bristol; George Tory; Christr. Broad-
rippe; Lewis Stevens, elk.; Mr. Hobson. {^Samuell Wattes\
Wits: George Fuller, Richarde Fuller. (Pr. 17 Oct. 1620.)

1092 W^illiam Woodyeates the yr., of Shabrooke, co.
Devon., yeom. (Dat. 10 Mar. 1619-20.). Eld. son Wm.
(und. 21); 2d son Tobyas; 3d son Jas.; 4th son Laurence;
5th son Thos.; dau. Eliz. Woodyeates (und. 21); all of wch.
chn. to be placed appr.; bro. Thos. Woodyeates; Id. called
Northam; tent, and grist mill called Tamill; lease of Id. nr.
head weir of sd. mill, dat. 12 Jan., 12 Jas. L, gr. by Sir Robt.
Basset, Kt., and Dame Eliz., his wife; Id. called the Tithinge
close in Shabrooke gr. by sd. Sir Robt. by lease, dat. 10
Mar., 10 Jas. L; Petronell Browne, dau. of John Browne of
Shabrooke; John, son of Wm. Bremridge of Sanforde; Extx:
wife Wilmott; Overs: bro. Thos. Woodyeates and bro. -in-
law Wm. Bremridge. {^William Woodyeates] Wits: William
Bremridge, William Woodyeates the eld. (.mark), John
Maunder {mark). (Pr. 29 Oct. 1620.)

1093 Roger Kilbery the eld., of Gritleton als. Gritlington,
CO. Wilts., yeom. (Dat. 14 Feb. 1619-20.) Bur. in Ch. or
chyd. of Gritleton als. Gritlington; Elias Woodroffe, elk.,
vie. of sd. psh.; poor and Ch. of sd. psh. of Hullavington,
CO. Wilts.; gr. called Dunly Hill in Hullavington; Roger
(und. 21), yr. son of Thos. Kilbery, late of Gritleton, deed.,
and of Joane Kilbery; Exor: John Kilbery of Gritleton;
Alice Balden, wife of Rd. Balden, and sist. of sd. Roger;

SOAME, FOL, 93. 363

his sist. Joane Smarte, wife of Edw. Smarte; Roger Smarte,
son of Edw.; Robt. Gawen; John Gawen of Voscott, his
chn., John and Mary Gawen, Joane, wife of Robt. Shipway,
Prudence Gawen and Rd. Gawen; Isaac Light; gr. called
Imphey belonging to the Priory in psh. of Kineton St.
Michael's; gr. called Cowleaze in Eston Peircy in sd. psh.
of Kineton, co. Wilts; John Taylor of the Priory afsd.; Mr.
Bayly, Mr. Boare his son-in-law; Fardinando Parry of
Eastongray, co. Wilts.; Rebecca Holborrowe, dau. of Rd.
Holborrowe and Rd. Holborrowe, his son; Phillis, wife of
Robt. Saunders, his daus., Agnes and Margery; Eliz. Kil-
bery; Roger Bristowe; Alexr. Jones; John May; Alice Bun-
gie; Thos. Brokenborowe; John Brockenborowe and his chn.,
Robt., Symon, Thos., Walter, Mary, Alice, Joane and Pru-
dence; Overs: Elias Woodroffe of Gritleton, elk., Raphe
Huggins of same, clothier, John Gawen the yr., of same,
yeom., and Henry Outtridge of same, butcher, [mark] Wits:
Elias Woodroffe, John Gawen (mark). Raphe Huckins. (Pr.

19 Oct. 1620.)

FOL. 93-4.

1094 Sir Edmonde Wilde of Kempsey, co. Wore, Kt.,
and High Sheriff of sd. co. (Dat. 28 Mar. 1620.) Poor of
Kempsey; Ids. in Waltham Forest, co. Essex, and in Haug-
ton Conquest, co. Beds.; wardship of son Edmond (und. 21);
son Walter (und. 24); man. of Tottam, co. Essex, in ten.

of Sams; man. of Gippcrax, co. Essex; man. of Glase-

ley, CO. Salop., in ten. of D (?) Dackham; man. of Ewden,

CO. Salop.; Ids. in Chetton and Whaddley, co. Salop.;
Ids. in Bassinges hall, Lond.; now wife. Dame Dorothye;
Sir Edw. Bullocke of Brumfeilde, co. Essex, Kt., Walter
Blount of Sodington, co. Wore, esq., Frauncis Clarke
of Houghton Conquest, co. Beds., esq., my cos. John
Wylde of the Harriotts, Droitwich, co. Wore, esq., and
John Wynford of Ascley, co. Wore, esq., Exors: and trus-
tees for my sd. sons; lease of Kempsey pars. ; nurse and cos.
Mrs. Kath. Wynford; Joyce Hall (unm.); Mr. Rd. Harward,
elk., vie of Kempsey; my servts., Thos. Robinson, Rd.
Wheler, Henry Presse, John Goodyere and John, my foot-
man. iJS] Wits: Richard Harward, elk., Geo: Wylde, R.
Glasbrooke, Tho: Robinson. (Pr. 28 Oct. 1620.)

364 SOAME, FOL. 93-4.

1095 John English of Horsham, co. Suss., yeom. (Dat.
27 Nov. 1617.) Poor of Horsham; wife Kath.; hou. wh. I
now dwell at Raighey in Horsham; Henry Whitall; Thos.
Bascea; John, eld. son, Rd., son, and Cicelye, dau., (all und.
16), of my son, Rd. Englishe, deed.; my hou. wh. Nichs.

Best dwells; Julian, wife of Christmas; Margt. Buttler,

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