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(Dew Wills)


Arms: Ar. a fesse dancetti sa. betw. three chaplets of roses ppr.

Crest: A greyhound's head erased ar. charged in the breast with a fesse dancette sa.

(This plate presented by Arthur 1 omkyns Dew, Esq., F.S.G.)



Abstracted by

(Editor of The British Archivist, etc.)






THE experienced genealogist knows the value of any work which, how-
ever short, exhausts its subject. He spends his leisure in forging a
chain which will never be complete, but each link may be strengthened.

(" Forging " is rather an unhappy word in this connection, but " Honi
soit qui mal y pense")

I In exhausting all wills and administrations relating to one surname
in a given repository the worker is not only adding considerably to the
history of that family but is also gleaning many invaluable buried references
to other families in the same social stratum.

To abstract all the wills, &c, recorded in any year irrespective of the
names of the testators is excellent work, but it results in only a slight
increase in our knowledge of any given family. On the other hand, a work
of this nature, abstracting all wills, &c, of one surname, results in a com-
plete record extending over some five or six centuries, and throws light on
all the intermarriages of and properties held by that family.

The principal Dew family was long settled at Whitney Court, co. Here-
ford, and its pedigree is to be found in Cooke's History of Hereford, and
Crispe's Visitation of England and Wales. These Dews inherited Whitney
from the Wardour family, who in turn secured it by intermarriage with
the ancient family of Whitney.

The present head of this family is Arthur Tomkyns Dew, Esq., F.S.G.,
of Monkerton Manor, near Pinhoe, Devon, and it is to him that we are
indebted for the idea of this work.

Richd Holworthy.

6 Parkhill Road,
London, N.W.


The following wills were proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
before 1800:

1. John Dewe of Thetforde, in the Diocese of Norwich. " I commend
and betake my soule unto The Lorde God and to His marci and to the
blessed Seynt Mary and to all the holy company of hevyn." My body to be
burried in the church-yard of St Andri of the same town, at " theste ende,"
by the sepulchre of Rose my wife and our children. To the said church for
my tythes unpaid iij 9 iiij d . To the said parish two torches price x s . " I will
have an oneste prest for to sing for me my wiffes and children and f rendis
and benefactors in the said churche by the space of halfe ayere and more
yf it may be borne of my goods," he to have iiij marks. To be disposed for
my soule, &c. amongst priests clerks and poore people xK To Marget my
wife my " hed mese " that I dwell in, in the parish of St Cutbert, and all
implements and stuff of household. To my son John my place in Weste gate
" sytting " by the place of Chanony's, or the value in money. To my
daughter Rose my " mese " in Duckelyng Stret, some time William
Trowman's, or the value in money. To my daughter Mary my tenement
sometime William Deye's. To my daughter Kateryne xx s , and unto her
three children William, Thomas and Isabell Busshe iij s iiij d each, and x s
at the day of their marriage, by my attorney. To my brother Harry
vj s viij d . The residue to my said wife Marget, she to be sole executrix.
Supervisor Thomas Hodyng of Thetforde.

Witnesses: Sir Ric. Norse " Curat there "; John Kent; Wm Basyneth-
wey, gent.

Dated "Satter day" 2 March 1509. Proved 17 January 1513. (P.C.C.
30 Fetiplace.)

2. Administration of the goods &c. of Thomas Dewe alias Browne, late
of Harwood co Hereford, gent, deceased, was granted to Ursule Dewe
alias Browne, relict of the said Thomas, and George Dewe alias Browne
his son, on 26 September 1582. The administration was revoked, and a will
proved by sentence 19 June 1583. (P.C.C. Admon. Act Book, 1581-3, p. 46.)

3. Thomas Dewe of Warminster, co Wilts, weaver. To the poor mans
box of Warmister 6d. To the church of Warmister 4d. Residue to Alice
my wife, and William Reckley my cousin, to be equally devided, they to
be executors. Overseers George Gifford and William Middlecott, gent.

Witnesses: George Gifford, gent; Isacke Lawrence; John Carpenter;
and Roger Dewe.

Dated 14 December 1587. Proved 27 April 1588. (P.C.C. 26 Rutland.)

4. Thomas Dew of the City of Norwich, dornexwever. The debts owing
to me from divers persons in London and elsewhere (three score pounds
only excepted), which are due to, and of right belong unto Elizabeth Dew,



widow, my mother. The said three score pounds to my wife Mary, she to
pay to my three children, Robert, Martha, and Mary Dew £50, i.e. to
Robert £10 at the age of 21, and to Martha and Mary £20 each at 21 ; and
in case my wife be now with child, and shall be thereof delivered, then £10
to be paid to the said child at 21. The said Elizabeth and wife Mary to be
executors. Residue to said wife. To the churchwardens of the parish church
of St Martin at the Oak for the time being, towards the charges for
" breaking up and making of my grave 6s. 8d."

Witnesses: Robert Kent; William Garnet; Henrie Paman; Edward
Strathie; John Dewe; Richard Rosse.

Dated 29 November 1597. Proved 12 December 1797. (P.C.C. no

5. Administration of the goods &c. of Thomas Dewe, late of Pangborne,
co Berks, deceased, was granted to John Dewe, his brother, 30 March 1597.
(P.C.C. Admon. Act Book, 1598, p. 243.)

6. Anthony Dewe of the parish of St Dunstons in the West, London,
Gent. My dearly beloved friends and cousins William Rudehall, Esq.;
John Kirle; Richard Kirle, clerk; and Robert Kirle, gent.; to be execu-
tors, they to " appoint what shoulde be most fitt " for the provision of my
wife, and education and portions of all my children. My said wife to have
her own household stuff &c.

Witnesses: Henry Johnes; John Vyne; William Dewe.
Dated 26 March, 1599. Proved 14 May 1599, by Margaret Dewe the
relift. (P.C.C. 32 Kidd.)

7. John Dewe of the parish of St Giles in the suburbs of the City of
Oxon, yeoman. To be buried in the parish church of St Giles. To the said
parish 40s. To the poor of said parish 20s. To William Charles £5, being
half what he oweth me. To each of the children of my brother John Dewe
£5 each, to his sons at the age of 18, and daughters at 16. To my said
brother John Dewe my 2 cow bullocks which I bought of him, also to him
my best cloak. To my brother Mathew Dewe all the rest of my wearing
apparel. To the children of said Mathew £5 each in same manner as above.
To my sister Marie Benson's children £10 to be equally devided, and to
said sister 10s. To my sister Margaret Mutch's children £10 to be equally
devided, and to said sister 40s. To my sister Katherine Styles £5. To
Elizabeth Sarney, daughter of said Katherine £5. To my maid servant
Alice Quinche 6s. 8d. To my servant Katherine Carter 3s. 4d. To my
kinswoman Dorothie Dewe, now dwelling with William Charles 40s. To
Elizabeth Ryme, daughter of my wife Margarett £20. To Thomas, John
and George Ryme, sons of said wife £10 each. To each of the children of
Richard Howlett I2d. To each of the children of John Wheeler I2d. To
my Goddaughter Amye Ryme, daughter of Thomas Ryme 3 teggs which I
have at Binsey and 5s. Said wife to be sole executrix, and to her the residue
of my estate. Overseers Mr Blake; and Henry Bosworth, to each of them



20s. To Elizabeth Griffin I2d. To George Swiffe I2d. To John Walter
1 2d. To William Cooper, parish clerk of St Giles aforesaid ios.

Witnesses: William Blake; George Forman; Richard Griffines (mark);
Thomas Mayo.

Dated 4 February 1610. Proved 12 April 161 1. (P.C.C. 36 Wood.)

8. Thomas Dew of the parish of St Dunstan in the West, citizen and
stationer of London, having an intention to declare his will, uttered these
words, or the like in effect, the 13 March 1624: " All that I have I give to
you (i.e. Anne his wife), &c. she then asked him what he would give to his
father and mother, and he said he would leave it to her, but if she thought
fit, some of his clothes." This was spoken in the presence of Anne his wife,
Elizabeth Dewe his sister, and Marie Price his maid servant. On 14 March,
being demanded by Mr John Beliald if he had made his will, and what
course he had taken for the payment of certain monies which he owed, he
said " I have not made a will, but as I had all my estate by my wife and
children, so do I leave all unto them, and I will charge my wife to deal well
with Mrs Elizabeth Underwood etc.," which was spoken in the presence
of the said John Beliald, Elizabeth Dewe, and Marie Price.

Dated 13 March 1624. Proved 1 April 1624. (P.C.C. 43 Clarke.)

9. Willyam Dewe of Fennysutton in co. Wilts, carpenter. To be buried
in the church or churchyard of Fenny Sutton. To the Parish Church of
Fenny Sutton I2d. To Joane Henton of Patens I2d. To Elizabeth Harris
1 2d. To Christopher Hewlett I2d. To Alice Hayue (sic) wife of John
Hauge of Brewham 40s. to be paid within one year after my decease. To
Rebecka and Jane Hauge her two daughters five pounds a piece to be paid
at the age of 21, but if one of them happen to die before she come to the
age of 21 then her part to remain unto the other, but if they both should
die, then said £10 to go said John Hauge and Alice his wife. To Marie
Dewe daughter of Osmond Dewe £5 at the age of 21, also unto her one
" flockbedd one white Couerlett one pair of Blancketts and a boulster."
To my son Osmond Dewe 20s. To Jane Dewe daughter of said Osmond
Dewe 20s. at 21, together with the use thereof from my decease, but if she
happen to die then to said Osmond Dewe. To Thomas son of said Osmond
20s. at 21, with use thereof from my decease, if he die then to said
Osmond. To my daughter Jane Henton, wife of Robert Henton £10
to be at her disposal without let of Robert Henton her husband. Resinue
to said Robert Henton my son in law and Jane his now wife whom I
make my executors, desiring my well beloved friends John Henton father
of said Robert and Robert Weekes both of Fenny Sutton yeoman to my

Witnesses: John Henton — his mark; Robert Weekes; Thomas Prior.
Dated 7 February, 1619. Proved 10 May 1620. (P.C.C. 50 Soame.)

10. Willyam Dewe of Norton Bavent co. Wilts yeoman. To be buried in
the church of Norton Bavent. To the Cathedral church of Sarum 5s. To
the Parish Church of Norton Bavent 5s. To the poor of Norton Bavent



30s. To Thomas Knight my land whereof I am seized in Norton Bavent,
and to his heirs for ever. To Joane Slade .£10. To John Orchard the
younger of Haytisburie £5. To Judith Ketxey 40s. To Elizabeth Parker
40s. To William Dowse 40s. To John Edwardes my Servant £5. To
Thomas Dowse the younger 40s. To Magerie Dowse 40s. The aforesaid
legacies to be paid when the parties shall be of full years of 21, or be
married. To Thomas Dewe his children Stephen, William, John and Elner
40s, to be divided equally. To Joane Dredge ios. Residue to Agnes Dewe
my wife and Willyam Bishope my son in law, whom I make my executors.
Overseers my loving friends John Whitewood and John Whatley.

Witnesses: John Whitewood, John Peerce.

To my overseer iij s iiij d . each.

Dated 1 May, 1620. Proved 6 July, 1620. (P.C.C. 81 Soame.)

11. Thomas Dew of Parish of St George Southwark saylor. To my
mother Katherin Dew 20s. To my sister Margaret Dew 20s. All residue to
my kinsman Thomas Layton of the city of London gent, he to be sole

Witnesses: John Horsom ; Thomas Newall ; Servant.

Dated 17 September 1623. Proved 2 November 1626. (P.C.C. 121 Hele.)

12. Edward Dew of Harwell, co Berks, yeoman. To my sister Elizabeth
Buckeridge £5, to her son Giles Buckeridge £5, and to all the residue of
her children 20s. each. To my sister Margaret Brownejohn £5, and to all
her children 20s. To Edward Bridgeman my Godson, the son of John
Bridgeman £3. To Elizabeth Dew my grandchild j£ioo, at the age of 31,
if then living, and if she shall have any child or children living. To Marie
Dew my grandchild £100 (same conditions). To Margaret Dew my grand-
child ^100 (same conditions). To Edward Dew my grandchild and Godson
£100 at 23. To my grandchild Richard Dew £100 at 23. To my Grand-
child John Dew £100 at 21. To my grandchild Robert Dew X 100 at 2I -
To my grandchild Henry Dew £100 at 21. To the poor of Harwell .£5.
To the poor of Dudcott £5, to be distributed within one month after my
decease. To the parish church of Harwell 20s. To the church of Dudcott
20s. To Alice Keate 20s. To John Sheard of Lottcombe 20s. To Joane
Elderfield wife of Christopher Elderfield 20s. To all the servants of my
son Richard Dew which shall be his servants at the time of my decease ios.
each. Residue to Richard Dew my son, whom I appoint my executor.

Witnesses: Stephen Arnold; John Hawkins (mark).

Dated 1 July 1632. Proved 4 December 1632. (P.C.C. 123 Awdley)

13. Administration of the goods &c. of Roberte Dewe, late of St
Bartholomew, next the Royal Exchange, London, deceased, was granted to,
Jane Dewe, the relict 30 Oftober 1639. {P-C.C. Admon; Act Book. 1639/40.
p. 72.)

14- Administration of the goods &c. of John Dew, in parts beyond seas,
deceased, was granted to Arthur Becke, one of the creditors, 9 March
1641/2. (P.C.C. Admon. Act Book, 1642,^. 113.)


15. Mary Dew of Motcombe, Co Dorset. To be buried in the churchyard
of Motcombe, as near unto my mother as convenience may afford.
To the parish church of Motcombe 20/-. To the poor of Motcombe
£3. To my son-in-law Thomas Thinn, gent. £10. To my grandchild
Francis Marriner £100, to be paid within half a year after my de-
cease. To my sister Joan Alexander £10, within twelve months of my
decease. To John, son of my nephew Robert Alexander, deceased, £5.
To my daughter Joan Thinn my gold ring with a seal on it, and " my
best suite of apparell, three pairs of canvas sheets, one Holland sheete,
one huchseeme sheete, one of my best Canvas Bordeclothes, one
Diaper Boadclothe, one dosen of dowlas napkins, one diaper towell and
two Willowebeers." To my cousin Joane Clattery 20/-. To grand-
child Francis Marriner my second best gold ring. To Martin Dewe,
brother of my late husband John Dewe, and unto his now wife £10,
which shall be paid unto Thomas Dewe, to keep in his hands during the
life of his said father Martin Dewe and his now wife, he paying interest
for same; and after their death to be paid to such person as the said
Martin shall direct:. To my nephew Jasper Samwaies £5. To said dau-
ghter Joan Thinn all my household stuff, except " my silver Beerebole
and my halfe dosen silver spoons, and the two feather beds, one
dosen of my best platters, my second best brass pot, and my little
brass pan." To Thomas Bruncker of Dunhead Lodge, Co Dorset,
gent. Walter Barnes of Shaston, gent, and John King of Melburgh
Abbas, in same county, gent. ^100 upon trust, the interest to be paid
to my said daughter, and after her death to be devidcd between her
children. The term of years I have in certain lands in Shaston, by
grant of John Davis, and of which I have purchased the inheritance in
the name of the said Thomas Bruncker and Walter Barnes, to be
conveyed to my executors at my decease. To the eldest daughter of
my son-in-law Thomas Ledosse my best Spruce chest. To my ser-
vant Alice Williams 20/-, and my apparel, if living with me at my
decease. Residue to my grandchild Mary Marriner, she to be execu-
trix; the said Bruncker, Barnes and King to be guardians during
minority. Francis Abbott of Sembley, Co Wilts, gent, and Stephen
Storing of Shuston, shoemaker, to be overseers. To the said guardians
50/- each for a ring, and to the overseers 20/- each.

Witnesses: Willm Busrey and George Screene (mark).

Dated 26 August 1642. Proved 7 December 1646. (P.C.C. 179 Twisse.)

16. Administration of the goods &c. of Thomassine Dewe alias
Smith, late of All Hallows, Steyning, deceased, was granted to
John Dewe her husband, 8 March 1646/7. (P.C.C. Admon. Act Book,
1647, p. 31.)

17. Robert Dwe (sic). I bequeath unto Mary my wife the wages due to
me, Robert Dew from the Honble East India Company. To Richard



Adams 26 Rialls of eight and all my cloths, books and instruments that
I have, as a faithful friend, he to receive all my venture and money
that is due to me of all men, to pay my debts, and the residue to my
wife (except the said 26 Rialls) ; but if my said wife be dead, then all
that was mine to the said Richard Adams.
Witnesses : John Price and William Raynolds.

No date. Proved 17 August 1650, by John Dixon, principal creditor of
deceased. (P.C.C. 132 Pembroke.)

18. Administration of the Goods &c. of Arthur Dewe, late of the parish of
Alkmond in Shrewsbury, deceased, was granted to Alice Dewe the
relic!:, 21 October 1651. (P.C.C. Admin. Act Book, 1651, p. 164.)

19. Arthur Dewe, Citizen and Skinner of London. After payment of all
debts, estate to be divided into three equal parts, the first to my
loving wife Elizabeth as to her belonging by the custom of London ;
the second part to my seven children, — John, Elizabeth, Arthur,
Abigail, Hanna, Joseph, and Mary, to be equally divided, according
to the custom of the said city; the third part, being at my own disposal,
I bequeath as follows: To my sister Mary Butcher 2/- weekly. To my
friend Mr Jeremy Rawstone 40/- for a ring. To Goodwife Gilbert
of the parish of Pancras, Soper Lane, 10/-. To friends Mr. George
Cockayne, clerk, and Mr. Edward Clarke, gent. £10. Residue to said
wife Elizabeth, she to be executrix, and the said George Cockayne and
Edward Clarke to be overseers.

Witnesses: John Southwood; Joseph Wasse and Anne Wasse.
Dated 2 June 1652. Proved 8 July 1652. (P.C.C. 208 Bowyer.)

20. Bryan Dewe of Linstead magna, Co Suffolk, yeoman. To my loving
wife Margarett my tenement with 6 acres of freehold land in Bram-
feild, Co Suffolk, purchased of John Fellowe, for her life, she paying
unto my daughter Margarett, wife of Hammond Dowtie, .£1-6-8
yearly during their joint lives; after deceased of said wife then the said
premises to my son Ralph Dewe; after deceased of the said Ralph, then
to his son William Dewe. To said wife £50, and all my linen except
four pairs of sheets, which I give unto my son William Dewe, and to
them all my household stuff whatsoever. To my grandchild Elizabeth
Dowtie ;£io, at the age of 21, in satisfaction of a " heyfer," and in
the mean time 10/- a year. Residue to son William. My said wife to be

Witnesses: William Smithe; Robert Seaman and Ralph Dewe.
Dated 24 January 1 651. Proved 19 May 1653. (P.C.C. 371 Brent.)

21. Thomas Dew of Newnam, in the parish of Venisutton,CoWilts,Wheeler.
To my son in law William Jefferyes otherwise Liversaye 40/-. To
Elizabeth Presse 20/-. To my son Thomas Dewe £170, at the age of
21. To my daughter Agnes Dewe £100, at 21, and her mother's ring;
if either of said children shall die under 21, then the survivor to have



his or her portion, but if they should both die then their portions to
Stephen and John Dew Katherine Preiste, and Edith Hurly,
being brothers and sisters, and to Richard Presse and his child, to be
equally divided amongst them. My desire is that Edith and John
Dewe would be careful to keep Thomas Dew, and that John Dew
may teach him his trade, and I desire Elizabeth Presse to keepe Ann
Dewe. The said John Dewe to be executor; Stephen Dewe and Richard
Presse, my kinsmen, to be overseers.

Witnesses :— Elizabeth Presse (mark), Richard Presse and John Dewe.
Dated 20 November 1653. Proved 13 February 1653. (P.C.C. 310.

22. Administration of the goods of Elizabeth Dew alias Cheshire, late of
the parish of St. Giles without Cripplegate, London, deceased, was
granted to Hanna Taylor alias Dew, and Sarah Dew alias Cheshire,
daughter of the deceased, 19 April 1653. (P.C.C. Admon. Act Book 1653,
April. Book III.)

23. Thomazine Dewe of Wickham, Co. Southampton, widdow. To my
daughter Joane wife of Peeter Knight 5/-. To my daughter Margaret,
wife of Richard Boys £20, but if her husband does not suffer her to
dispose of same at her own pleasure, then to Thomas Atkines of
Wickham and William Heathe of Bosselton, Taylor, to be equally
divided. To Peter Hanneton 5/-. All the benches and shelves in my
house at Droxford shall remain as standards. Residue to my grandchild
Anne Hakesworth, daughter of the said Joane, whom I make execu-
trix; the said Richard Boys and Margaret his wife to maintain the said
Anne until she comes to full age. The said Thomas Atkins and William
Heathe to be overseers, and to them 5/- each.

Witnesses: Tho: Atkins sen. and Tho: Atkins " fid."

Dated 3 January 1653. Proved 27 July 1655. (P.C.C. 302 Aylett.)

24. Eiddeth Dewe, widow, of Newnham, in the p. of Veny Sotton. To be
buried in the Church or Churchyard of Veny Sotton. To my son
John Dewe all instruments belonging to the plough and Carts, one
bedstead standing in the chamber and one little feather pillow with a
case, and a " Fanne that doth winno the corne " and one green " cover-
led " two pairs of blankets, one pair of canvas sheets and one pillow.
To Alice Hourle the younger " one flocked one red coverled," one
feather pillow, one locker case, one pair of sheets, one holland one and
one canvas one, one canvas board cloth, two pewter platters, and one
brass skillet. To Robert Hourle the younger £5 at the age of 21. To
John Hourle his brother £5 at 21. To Mice Hourle his sister £5 at
21. To Richard Presse the younger £5 at 21. To Richard Presse the
elder 40/-. To Jane wife of Stephen Flower 10/-. To my daughter
Edith Hourle one coffer, one box, one " brewing ketle," one " scalte."
I give my bees stock, half to John Dewe, and half to Edith Hurle. To



John Dewe the " Ricke of Staffle," one platter and two " pottengers."
To Edith wife of Robert Hurle £20, and my part of the wheat rick,
and one " chearne " to make butter. To my son John Dewe my great
chest and a great crock. Residue to children John Dewe and Edith
Hurle, whom I make my executors. To my said daughter all my wear-
ing apparel. To the poor of this parish 10/-.
Witness : John Henley.
Dated 5 February 1654. Proved 4 July 1655. (P.C.C. 302 Aylett.)

25. Administration of the goods &c. of William Due, late of Frome Sel-
wood, Co. Somerset, Widdower, deceased, was granted to Joane, wife
of William Meade; Susann, wife of Henry Belton; John Due; and
Richard Due, the grandchildren and next of kin to the deceased,
17 November 1656. (P.C.C. Admon. Act Book \6$6p. 264.)

26. Administration of the goods &c. of Agnes Dew, late of Plymouth, Co.
Devon, deceased, was granted to Charity, the now wife of Bartholomew
Hinderson, the daughter of deceased, 15 September 1657. (P-C.C.
Admon. Act Book, 1657, p. 215).

27. Steven Dew, of Newman, in the parish of Great Sutton, Co. Wilts,
yeoman, who departed this life in January, 1657, and was in perfect
health, especially in his last illness in December, and before the 28th
January 1657, when, with purpose to settle his estate, did by word of
mouth declare his will to be as follows, " All my estate to my mother
Edith Dew, and my brother John Dew," or to the like effect, in the
presence of the said Edith and John Dew, and in the hearing of Robert
Fricker, Joane Flower and others, which was attested the 26 Febru-
ary 1657.

Administration was granted to the said John Dew, 22 May 1658.
(P.C.C. 228 Wootton.)

28. William Dewe. of Bramfeild, Co. Suffolk, yeoman. To Henry Spar-
hake, my brother-in-law, and his heirs, all my lands and tenements,
being freehold, in Bramfeild, containing 4 acres. To my daughter,
Elizabeth Dew all my close of pasture, called Kingshall Close, con-
taining 5 acres, which I had of Hamond Doughty. To my son John
Dewe my two Incloses of pasture containing 10 acres in Bramfeild,
adjoining the lands of . . . Pulham, gent, towards the North; Edmund
Bellamy on the West; and of the said John Pulham in part, and of

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