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Ships of very heavy tonnage cannot go as far as Shang-hai ; the new chan-
nel, opened inSeptember igio, only allows vessels with a draught of less than
23 ft. to reach Huang-p'u at half-tide, but steam-launches run up the river
in an hour and a half ; it is quicker to take the railway.

The new channel is 18 ft. deep and from 640 to 800 ft wide at low water.

Wu-sung, an ancient city at the mouth of the Blue River,
now submerged within the estuary. The name was retained
to designate the anchorage and has been extended to a town
which has recently sprung up near the mouth of the Huang-
p'u in the Hsien of Pao-shan, whose walls and tower can be seen
in the W.

On the W. bank, the town of Wu-sung (10 min. from the
anchorage), then the wharf, railway and Woosung Hotel (15
min.) ; anchorage of Chinese gun-boats (20 min.). In 55 min.,
the first spinning-mills are reached, then, on the E. bank, boat-
building and repairing yards. A panoramic view is afforded of
the town of Shang-hai : Hung-k'ou, the Bund with its fine build-
ings and lastly the French Concession, before reachmg the
docks and Chinese town.

For the arrival and information, Hotels and Custom-house : See Shang-

« It may not be out of place to mention here that, for the Chinese, the main
stream is what we call the Su-chou Creek, they the Wu-sung-chiang which,
coming from the Su-chou region, receives as a tributary at Shang-hai the
Huang-p'u or P'u-chiang and enters the sea (Yang-tzu estuary) near the town
of Wu-sung. It is only recently that the Huang-p'u, which Europeans took
for the main-stream with the Su-chou Creek as a tributary, acquired the
great volume and majestic breadth which belongs to it to-day and which

284 cMiANG-Su [r. 2]

far exceeds those of the parent stream. The latter, of but little depth, loses
itself in the Huang-p'u at Hung-k'ou Bridge, Shang-hai. The Huang-p'u
continues its course to Wu-sung and the delta of the Yang-tzu {A.

Ry Rail
Line forming part of the Shang-hai Nanking system. Eight trains per day
in each direction ; 30 minutes journey. Fares : ist. cl., 80 cents ; 2nd. cl.,
50 c. ; 3 rd. cl., 25 c.

Woo-sung Forts (Wu-sung). The station, near some Chinese
batteries which sweep the roadstead of Wu-sung, is close to the
shore on which a landing-stage has been built ; it serves the
district city Pao-shan Hsien in the N., and the Japanese Con-
cession in the S.

Woo-sung Creek, whence a canal leads to Nan-chiang-chen.


Chiang-wan « River Bay ».

Shang-hai. The station is in the territory of the districts
Cha-pei and Pao-shan and on the confines of the Foreign Set-
tlement, the « International Concession » of Shang-hai.

A Tramway crosses the Central District by Fo3-kienStreet and continues,
via the French Concession, to St. Catherine's Bridge.

2. Shang-hai

The pronunciation <' Shang-ai » is often heard but this is incorrect. The
medial h should be strongly aspirated : Shang-er'h {a)i.

The hotels send their omnibuses to meet the traias. The Custom-house
officials make a cursory examination of personal luggage, but cases are de-
tained for closer inspection.

Stations : There are two stations ; one on the Nanking or Wu-sung line,
beyond Hung-k'ou, is served by a system of tramways. The other, at Lo-
ka-pang, S. of the Chinese city, is on the Hang-chou line ; take the tram as
far as the boundary of the French Concession then a rickshaw.

Hotels. — French Concession :

H. des Colonies (100 beds). Rue Montauban, 5 min. from the landing-
stage. English, French, German, etc. spoken. Single-b. r. with meals, from
5 dols. (Mexican) ; double-b. r., fron 8 dols. ; apartments 12 dols. Meals :
breakf, 75 cents ; lunch, i 25, from 12 to 2 ; din. 1.50, from 7 to 9 p. m.

International Concession :

Astor House H., Hangpoo Road, Hung-k'ou, at tlie corner of the Broadway.
Modern Hotel, rooms with bath-room adjacent Lounge, reading-room, di-
ning room on the first floor.

Palace H., (150 beds) on the Bund, near the landing-stage and 10 min.
from the station (for Nanldng). English, French, German, etc. spoken. Fitted
with every modern comfort, radiators, lift, elect, light, teleph. Bed and breakf.

[r. 2] SHANe-HAi 285

from 8 dols. Single-b. r., from 6dols. ; double b.r., lo dols. ; apartments, 15
dels. Meals : breakf, 75 cents, from 7 to 10 a m. ; lunch, 1.25, from 12 to 2 ;
din., 1.50, from 7 to 9 p. m.

Kalee H. (Private ; 100 beds), 25 Kiangsee Road, 10 min. from the quay and
15 min. from the station. English, French and German spoken. Single-b. r.
with meal, from 5 to 8 dols ; double-b. r., from 10 to 12 dols (service and
light inclusive). Meals : breakf, i dol. ; lunch, 1.50 ; din., 2 dols. ; tea, 25 cents ;
fire, 60 c. per day. Board and residence from 100 to 150 dols. per month.

Grand H. Continental {90 beds), 90 Szechnen Road, 10 min. from the sta-
tion and 2 min. from the port. Single-b. r., 2 dols ; double-b. r., 3 dols., fuel,
50 c. per day. Meals : breakf., 60 c, from 7 to 8.30 a m. ; lunch, i dol., from
12 to I ; tea, 40 c, from 4. 30 to 5.30 p. m. ; din., 1 dol., from 7 to 8 p. m
Board and residence, 75 dols. per month ; meals, 50 dols.

Savoy H, (50 rooms), 21 The Broadway, 10 min. from the station and 5
min. from the port. Bed, 2 dols. ; a single meal, i dol. Breakf., from 7 to 9
a. m. ; lunch, from 12 to 2., tea 50 c, din., from 7 to 9. p. m.

Burlington H. Direct free motor service for the use of Guests and Visitors
to the hotel ; 16 leave of the Bund.

Bickcrton's H. (Private ; 60 beds), 102 Bubbling Well Road, 15 min. from
the station and 7 min. from the quay. Single-b. r., 3 dols ; double-b. r., 4 dols.
Meals : breakf., 50 c. ; lunch, 1 dol., at 12.30 p. m. ; din., idol., at 7.30 p.m.
Board and residence, 65 dols. per month ; meals only, 55 dols.

Globe H., 366 Nankin Road, opposite the Race Course.

New Traveller's H., 2 Fearon Road. Bed, from 2 dols ; board 30 dols. per
month (tiffin or lunch, 12 to i p. m. ; din. 7 to 8 p. m.) ; board and residence,
35 dols.

Eagle H., i Boone Road (Kung-k'ou).

Takarate's H., 42 North Szechuen Road. Tiffin and din., 25 dols. per month.
Boird and residence, 33 dols.

Tailefsen's Private H.

UestaoraDtg : Cafe Riche, Rue Montauban, F. C. ; tiffin 1 dol. ; din. 1.50.

Mouret, Rue du Consulat, at the corner of the Rue de Tourane.

•V^Mwann (German cookery), Ecke AstorRoad, facing the Broadway; breakf.
I dol., lunch, 1.25 ; din. 1.25.

The Oyster Grill Room, 120 Szechuen Road. I. C.


St Georges Farm and H., 205 Bubbling Well Road.

Sunlight H. and Farm, 82 Bubbling Well Road.

Band : In the Public Garden of the Bund, 4 times a week; In the Hung-
k'ou. Recreation Ground, 3 times a week at 5 p. m.

Theatres : Theatrical performances and concerts are often given at the
Lycewn Theatre, in the festival room of the Town Hall and in that of the
Municipalite Franfaise.

Chinese : Hsin-wu-tai, on the Chinese Bund (near the Eastern market which
designates the boundary of the French Concession on the river side), prin-
cipally devoted to dramas of a realistic character based upon Chinese life ;
the mise en scene is admirable and quite modern ; patronised by the foreign
colony (boxes). — Ta-wu-tai, in Hangkood Road. — Hsing-chih-tsang has
accommodation for 2.000 spectators. — Garden : Chang-su-ho.

Time : Clocks are regulated on the 120 meridian of Greenwich, which is

286 CMIANG-SU [r. 2]

thehoral standard for the coast of China, and are therefore 5 min. 57 seconds
slow compared with the local time. Shang-hai is 8 hours in advance of London.

Police : Chinese police are on duty at the railway stations ; the service
of the station on the Nanking line is under the control of the district magis-
trate of Pao-shan Hsien ; that of the station on the Hang-chou line is super-
intended by the Chang-hai Hsien.

In the event of an important claim, or complaint against the police, notifi-
cation should be made in writing and a duplicate deposited at the consular
offices of the complainants consulate ; the Chinese station-masters and chief
superintendents of the police understand English.

Passengers leaving the boat at any of the landing-stages of the concessions
will find foreign police awaiting the arrival of the mails. In the Foreign Set-
tlement they form a body of 2,100 men (sept. 191 1 : 254 Europeans, 500 Hin-
doos, 1,045 Chinese and 202 others), whose duly it is to ensure public pro-
tection and regulate the traffic ; all enquiries and applications should be
addressed to the Central Police Office in Foochow Road. — In the French
Concession, a force numbering 400 men serves to maintain order in the streets
and the « Routes exterieures » ; the » Poste central », or Headquarters, is be-
hind the Hotel de la Municipalite, Rue de 1' Administration.

Foreigners must abide by the police regulations which govern the two
concessions ; they are amenable to their consul.

Vehicles keep to the left ; pedestrians follow the right-hand pavement in
busy thoroughfares.

Addresses : Consult the Hong-kong Directory or the Shang-hai Directory ;
they are reliable and meet most requirements.

Concerts : Roof Garden, at the Palace Hotel.

Eiitertainments, Musics Halls : Mountrie's Hall. — • Folies-Bergires. — Hip.
podrome (gallery 50 cents ; stalls i dol. ; orchestra stalls 1.50 and 2 dols. ;
boxes (6 chairs) 15 dols.). — ■ Wintergarten Maxim. — Apollo theatre, 51-56
North Szechuen Road.

Cinematographs : Arcade ; Astor House Garden ; Colonist ; Parisien.

Jin-riliislia « Hand-vehicle for travellers » (Rickshaw). Tariff for conveyances
with india-rubber tyres : 10 cents per mile or fraction ; 50 cents per hour,
irrespective of distance, with a supplementary charge of 40 cents for each
consecutive hour. The cost of hire for ordinary rickeshaws is half the above
mentioned rate.

Automobiles : Cars for hire stands : Whampoo Road, opposite the Astor
House Hotel ; — on the Bund : opposite the Palace Hotel, the Sanghai Club,
and near the wooden bridge ; — in Bubbling Well : opposite the Grand Hotel.
— In French Concession : on the Quai de France, etc. — Cars may be hired
of the Universal Supply, 21 Nanking Road ; 4 dols. per hour.

Tramways : The Company which serves the « Foreign Settlement » and
that of the « French Concession » have by mutual agreement organised through
services which enable passengers to proceed to destinations on either system
without changing from one line to another.

1° From Nanking Station to the Pont (Bridge) Ste-Catherine (near the
railway station of Lo-ka-pang on the Hang-chou line).

[r. 2] SHANG-HAI 287

2" From Nanking Station to the Eastern Gate of the Chinese City via
the Bund and the Quai de France.

3° From Broadway to the Eastern Gate, serving Hung-k'ou, the Bund
and the quai de France.

Services of the « Foreign Settlement n Co. : From the Bund to Nanking Sta-
tion. From the Bund to the Pointe. — From the Bund to the Rifle Range.
— From the Bund to Bubbling Well.

Services of the « French Concession » Co : From the Eastern Gate (of the
Chinese City) to Zi-ka-wei, via the Quai de France and the Avenue Paul Bru-

From the Eastern Gate to Lo-ka-wei, via the Avenue Dubail, with transfer
from the Avenue Paul Brunat to the end of the Avenue Say-Zoong.

From Pont Ste-Catkcrine to the Yang-king-pang via Rue Hue.

Fares : ist. cl., 5 cents for a distance of i k. 5 (about a mile) ; 10 cents
for 3 k. (2 miles) ; 15 cents from 2 to 3. miles ; 20 cents beyond 3 miles. In
2 nd. cl., the above tariff is reduced by half.

Tourist's .4gencies : Thos. Cook and Son, 2-3 Foochow Road ; — Racine
and Ackermann Sleeping Car Co., The Transsiberian Railway and South
Manchuria Railway ; — Agency Russian Volunteer Fleet, 53 Szechuen Road.

Ranks : Hong-kong and Shang-hai B. C, 12 The Bund and j Broadway
(Office Hours, 10 a. ra. to 3 p. m.) ; — International B. C. i a Kiukiang Road ;

— Chartered B. of India, Australia and China, 18 The Bund ; — Yokohama
.Specie B., 31 The Bund ; — Imperial B. of China, 6 The Bund ; — B. de
V I ndo-Chine, Fr. Concess., Quai de France at the angle of the Yang-king-
pang Quay. ; — • Russo- Asiatic, 15 The Bund ; — Credit fonder d'Extreme-
Orient, 20 The Bund ; — B. Sino-Belge, 20 The Bund ; — Deutsch Asiatische
B., 14 The Bund ; — Nederlandsche Handel Maatschappif, 7 Nanking Road ;

— Ta-ch'ing B., 3 Hankow Road ; — B. of Taiwan, i a Kiukiang Road ; —
The Cathay Trust, 10 Canton Road ; — Societe franco-chinoise de Credit, 6 a
The Bund.

Post Offices : English, 7 Peking Rd. ; — American 36, Whangpoo Rd. ; —
French, 61 Rue Montauban ; — German, Foochow Rd. ; — Japanese, 2
North Yangtse Rd. (Hung-k'ou) ; — Russian, Boone Rd.

Telephone : Messages may be exchanged within the telephonic area which
comprises the two concessions, the Chinese City, Zi-ka-wee and extends as
far as P'u-tung on the 1. bank of the river and to Pao-shan Hsien near the

Telegraph (Chinese). — Cables. 7 The Bund ; cablegrams are received
for transmission at the offices of the various English, Danish and American

Custom- House (Chinese): On the Bund ; cosmopolitan staff of officials.
Consulates : Great Britain, on the Bund ; — United States, 36 Whangpoo
Road ; — • Austria-Hungary, 2" Kiukiang Road ; — Belgium, loi Bubbling
Well Road ; Brazil, Love Lane ; — Cuba {Republic of), 121 Bubbling Well
Road ; — Denmark ; France, Rue du, Consulat ; — Germany, q and 10
Whangpoo Road ; — Holland ; — Italy, 112 Bubbling Well Road ; —
Japan, 1 North Yangtze Road ; — Norway, 6 Jin-kee Road ; — Portugal,
15 Ford Lane ; — • Spain, 100 Bubbling Well Road ; — Sweden, 502 Ave-
nue Paul Brunat ; — Russia, Whangpoo Road.

288 CHIANG-SO [R. 2J

Booksellers : Kelly and Walsh (English and French books), ii the Bund ;
— Noessler (English and German books), 38 Nanking Road ; — Brewer,
31 Nanking Road ; — Ginn (American books), 30 North Szechuen Road ;
Imprimerie franfaise (French books), 55 Quai de Yang-king-pang.

Clubs : Shanghai C, 3 The Bund. Foreigners making a short stay are
admitted for a period of 5 days on the introduction of two members. — Con-
cordia C. (German), 22 The Bund, at the corner of Jin-kee Road ; — Cus-
ioms C, 80 Chapoo Road ; — Race C. ; — Shang-hai Yacht C. ; — Shang-hai
Horticultural Society ; — Japanese, Portuguese clubs, etc. — Steeple-chase
Meeting (Febr.) on the Kiangwan Race Course.

Hospitals : H. General, Tiendong Road. Special room, 6 taels per day ; se-
cond-class (o beds in each ward) 3 taels. — //. Ste-Marie, 97 Avenue Pere
Robert.' — Chinese Hospital, Shantung Road.

riaccs of Hor^liip. — Protestant : !-loiy Trinity, an English cathedral,
Han-k'ou Road. Union Church, 25 Yuen-Ming-yuen Road. — St. Andrew's C,
in the Broadway (American Episcopalian M.). — Chuch of the American
Methodist Episcopal M., in Yunnan Road.

CATHOLIC : The provinces of Chiang-su and An-hui form the Vicariate
apostolic of Chiang- nan, under the direction of the Jesuits of the
province of Paris ; the episcopal residence is at Zi-ka-wei : St-Joseph, in the
French Concession, Rue Montauban ; Mass on Sunday at 6, 7 and 8 a. m. ;
High-Mass at 10 ; alternate sermons in French and English. — Sacri
Caeur de Jesus, 21 Nanking Road, Hung-k'ou. — Immaculee-Conception,
in the Chinese city. — St. Francois- Xavier, at Tungkadu, in the fluvial
suburb. — At Zi-ka-wei, a chapel.

ISRAELITE : Beth El, 16 Peking Road.
MUSSULMAN : Mosque, 1 Schechiang Road.

Colleges : Vniversite I'Aurore, « Chen-tan Hsio-yiian » ; section philoso"
phy, languages, science ; under the direction of Jesuit Fathers, Avenue Du
bail. — German School, i^ Astor Road. — Imperial Polytechnic College, 18
Sicawei Road. — Anglo-Chinese College. — Shanghai Public School, Bonne
Road. — St Francis Xavier's School (directed by the Freres Maristes or
Brothers of the Marist order), 23 Nanking Road. — Ecole franfaise, in the
French Concession. — • Nan-yang College. — St-Johns College.

Ne>ispapers : Five daily papers : North China Daily News ; — Shanghai
Times ; — Echo de Chine (morning). — Shanghai Mercury, China Gazette
(evening). — Five weekly : North China Herald ; — Celestial Empire ; —
Union ; — Echo de Chine ; — ■ Oslasiatische Lloyd.

Procuracy : of the Missions itrangires from Paris, Avenue du Pere Robert ;
of the Missions beiges, 395 Avenue Paul Brunat ; of the Lazarites, Rue Du-
bail ; of the Augusliniens, 10 Yantszepoo Road.

Protestant Missions installed at Shanghai: Missionary Home and Agency,
38 Quinsan Road. — American Baptist Missionary Union. — Atnerican
Bible Society. — Atnerican Protestant Episcopal Church Mission. — Ame-
rican Southern Baptist Mission. — British and Foreign Bible Society. —
Canadian Presbyterian Mission. — China Inland Mission. — China Medi-
cal Missionary Association. — Chinese Tract Society. — Church Missionary
Society. — Educational Association of China. — Foreign Christian Missio-
nary Society. — London Missionary Society, — Methodist Episcopal Church

[r. 2] SHANGHAI 289

South, U. S. A. — Sevenih Day Baptist Mission. — Women's Union Mis-
sion.— Young Men's Christian Association of China and Corea, 12 Szechuen
Road. — Young Men's Christian .-Usociation of Shang-hai.

Navigation : The tariffs and time-tables are subject to frequent alteration
]='or latest particulars consult the sailing bills to be found in the Post Offices,
see announcements in the daily papers, or apply to the various companies
direct :

To the ENVIRONS of Shang-hai :

On the inland canals are plied on by the steam-launches of several
Chinese and foreign companies ; daily services.

The principal lines are : Shang-hai to Su-chou Fu, to Hang-chou Fu, to
Hu-chou Fu.

On the Blue River :

Several commodious and well fitted packet-boats leave Shang-hai daily
for Han-k'ou, calling at the « Open ports » and the intermediate « putting-in
ports » en route which have been authorised by treaties to be visited by
foreign steam navigation. These ports are : Shang-hai, Chen-chiang, Nan-
king, Wu-hu, An-ch'ing, Ta-t'ung, Hu-k'ou, Chiu-chiang, Wu-hsiieh, Han-
k'ou. The duration of the journey to Han-k'ou is about 60 hours {2 1/2 days).
The boats weigh anchor about mid-night.

The Compagnie Asiatique de Navigation run a service of boats every 4 or
5 days ; — Norddeutscher Lloyd, every 3 or 4 days. — Tickets issued by either
of these two companies are also available on the returning packet-boat of
the other. Fares : ist cl., single, 40 dols. ; return, 60 dols. ; meals included.

China Navigation S. S. C"., Wednesdays and Saturdays (departures from
Han-k'ou, Tuesdays and Fridays).

Indo-China S. N. C°, departures Wednesdays and Fridays (boats leave
Han-k'ou for the return journey on Mondays and Thursdays).

China Merchants' S. A^ C, two or three departures per week.

Return tickets issued by the English and Chinese companies are avail-
able for the others. Single : 40 dols. ; there and back, 60 dols.

Tariff of the China Merchants' S. N. C" (without catering) : From Shang-hai
to T'ung-chou, 5 dols. ; to Chiang-yin, 7 ; to Chen-chiang, 10 ; to Nanking,
15 ; to Wu-hu, 18 ; to Ta-t'ung, 20 ; to An-ch'ing, 22 ; to Chiu-chiang, 25 ;
to Wu-hsiieh, 26 ; to Wung-shih-kung, 7 ; to Huang-chou, 29 ; to Han-k'ou,

Nisshin Kisen Kaisha, 5 departures per week : Mondays, Tuesdays, Wed-
nesdays, Fridays, Saturdays. Fares : single, 37 dols. 50.

South Coast

To Ning-po.

Several departures take place daily about 3.30 and 4 p. m.; arrival at
Ning-po the next day at 6 a. m.; fares : ist. cl. 10 dols. single, 15 dols. re-

Regular services by the Compagnie Asiatique de Navigation and by the
China Merchants' S. N. C° ; alternate days by the Ninpgo Skaoshiiig S. N. C
and by the China Navigation S. S. C° {Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays).

To Wen-chou, every to days, by Chinese steamers ; fares, direct 25 dols.
there and back 40 dols ; via Ning-po, single 34 dols.

To Fu-chou, once or twice fortnightly, by Chinese companies ; fares

Northern China, 25.

290 CHIANG-SU [r. 2]

direct 30 dols, there and back 50. — Haven for the Norddeutscher Lloyd
packet-boats during the tea industry season (summer).

To Hong-kong, frequent sailings, almost daily. Rapid and regular services
by the great mail-boats passing via Suez or via Australia. Fares : 50 to 60
dols (Mexican) according to the companies ; 60 and 35 yen by Nippon Yusen

To Manila by Great Northern S. S. C^, by Pacific Mail S. C or by Toyo
Kisen Kaisha, every 8 days.

North Coast

To Ch'ing-tao (Ts'ing-tao).

By Hamburg- Anierika Line leaving Wednesdays at noon (starting from
Ch'ing-tao for the return journey on Saturdays) and Sundays ; — by Chinese
Engineering and Mining C°, irregular, about every 10 days ; fares, 35 dols.
single, 55 dols return ; — by Indo-China S. N. C", departure Saturdays (sai-
lings from Ch'ing-tao, Tuesdays).

To T'ien-chin (T'ien-tsin) (partly suspended services in winter from the
end of November to the end of February, or extended to Ch'in-wang-tao),
Thursdays and Saturdays, by the China Navigation S. S. C", calling at Wei-
hai-wei and Chih-fou ; fares 60 dols. single, 95 dols. return.

By Indo-China S. N. C°, two departures per week, calling at Chih-fou ;

By China Merchants' S. N. C, frequent sailings ; some packet-boats ex-
tend their passage to Niu-chuang (Ying-k'ou, 40 dols. single, 60 dols. return.

By Hamburg- Ainerika Linie, leaving Sundays at noon, putting-in at
Ch'ing-tao and Chih-fou and arriving at T ien-chin the following Thursday.

By Chinese Engineering and Mining C°., irregular ; also direct to Ch'in-
wang-tao (50 dols. single, 75 dols. return).

M% the Transdbcrian

To Dairen (Dalny).

By South Manchuria R. C°, Thursdays and Saturdays (or Sundays), fares :
40 yen and 25 y. (return tickets 64 y. and 40 y.). Arrival at Dai-ren Satur-
days and Mondays (or Tuesdays) in connection with the i p. m. Transsibe-
rian express running to Moscow, on Sundays (Russian State) and Tuesdays
(Cie des Wagons-lits), and to St-Petersbourg on Fridays (Russian State).

Dai-ren to K'uan-ch'eng-tzu, 436 miles 3, 14 hrs. 30 journey by express ;
fares : 34 yen 45 and 13 y. 75 with a supplementary charge of 7 y. for bed-
ding ; K'uan-ch'eng to Moscow, 11 days journey by express ; fares : 282 roubles
40 and 184 r. 30 (with couchette). From Kharbin to London, £ 45.5.8 ; to
Berlin, 955 frs. 60 ; to Paris, 1108 frs. 55. From Shang-hai to London (via
Dairen), about £ 54.10.0 ; to Paris about 1380 frs. inclusive.

To Vladivostock, by the Russian Volunteer Fleet (&i roubles), leaving Fri-
days, putting-in and stopping at Nagasaki (59 r.) on Tuesdays from 10
a. m. to 6 p. m., and arriving at Vladivostock on Thursdays at 9 a. m. in
connection with the Russian transsiberian express running to St. Petersburg
on Fridays. Fares : from Shang-hai (via Vladivostock) to Moscow, i st. cl.,
411 roubles 11 ; 2 nd. cl., 296 r. 44 inclusive, by the Cie. des Wagons-lits (max-
imum weight for the free conveyance of personal luggage on the Trans-
Siberian : 60 Russian lbs. or 24 kilos 5) ; to Berlin, 1 st. cl., 1309 frs 90 inclu-
sive, available 3 months, (i st. cl., 847 marks 95 ; 2 nd. cl. 599 m. 70, with
additional charges for supplements ; maximum weight for luggage allowed

[r. 2] SHANG-HAI 291

free 120 Russian lbs. or 49 kil.) ; to Paris, ist. cl., 1.460 fr. 70 inclusive, wa-
gons-lits ; to London, ist. cl., about £ 59. 0.0, {1480 frs. 50), wagons-lits
(or from Shang-hai to Vladivostock, 82 roubles 61, and thence to London
via Ostend, £ 50.9.1 inclusive).

Via Japan, departures daily by steamers of average tonnage ; several
times a week by the English, French, German, American, Canadian and
Japanese Royal Mails.

By Nippon Yusen Kaisha, to Kobe, leaving Wednesdays and Saturdays
(arriving Sundays and Wednesdays) ; 4 days' journey, calling at Nagasaki
and Moji. Fares : to Moji or Skimonoseki, 40 yen and 24 y. ; to Kobe, 52 y
and 31 y. ; to Yokohama, 65 y. and 39 y.

To Ameriea t

By Pacific Mail J . C, or by Toyo Risen Kaisha every 8 days, to San Fran-
cisco, via Japan (Nagasaki, Kobe, Yokohama) and Honolulu. Fares : to
Honolulu, I St. cl. £ 35 (special reduced rate, £26) ; to San Francisco, £ 45
(L. 34); for the other towns, consult the price-list of the Canadian Pacific
Railway Co.

By Nippon Yusen Kaisha, every 14 days to Seattle, via Japan (Moji, Kon)
Yokohama). Fares : to Seattle, 1 st. cl.£ 39 (special rate, £ 29.10.0) ; to New

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