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Fourteenth Militia regiment (Eighteenth brigade): Harness, Wil-
liam H., colonel.

Fifteenth Cavalry battalion (Northern Neck Rangers. Trans-
ferred to Fifteenth Cavalry) : Critcher, John, major.

Fifteenth Cavalry regiment (consolidated with Fifth regiment,
November 8, 1864): Ball, William B., colonel; Burroughs, Edgar,
major ; Collins, Charles Read, major, colonel ; Critcher, John, lieu-

Fifteenth Infantry regiment: August, Thomas P., colonel;
Clarke, Charles H., major; Crenshaw, James R., lieutenant-colonel;
Morrison, Emmet M., major, lieutenant-colonel; Peyton, Thomas
G., major, lieutenant-colonel; Tucker, St. George, major, lieutenant-
colonel ; Walker, John Stewart, major.

Sixteenth Cavalry battalion (transferred to Thirteenth Cavalry):
Belsches, Benjamin W., major.

Sixteenth Cavalry regiment: Ferguson, Milton J., colonel; Gra-
ham, William L., lieutenant-colonel; Nounnan, James H., major.

Sixteenth Infantry regiment: Colston, Raleigh E., colonel ; Crump,
Charles A., colonel; Crutchfield, Stapleton, colonel; Ham, Joseph
H., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Holladay, Francis D., major; Page,
John C, major, lieutenant-colonel; Parrish, Henry T., lieutenant-
colonel, colonel; Whitehead, Richard O., major, lieutenant-colonel;
Woodhouse, John T., major.

Seventeenth Cavalry (transferred to Eleventh Cavalry): Funsten,
Oliver R., lieutenant-colonel; Patrick, William, major.

Seventeenth Cavalry regiment (formed from French's Cavalry
battalion): French, William H., colonel; Smith, Frederick F.,
major; Tavenner, William C, lieutenant-colonel.

Seventeenth Infantry regiment: Brent, George William, major;
Corse, Montgomery D., colonel; Herbert, Arthur, major, lieutenant-
colonel, colonel; Marye, Morton, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Mun-
ford, William, lieutenant-colonel; Simpson, Robert H., major;
Tyler, Grayson, major, lieutenant-colonel.

Eighteenth Artillery battalion: Hardin, Mark B., major.

Eighteenth Cavalry regiment: Beall, David Edward, lieutenant-
colonel; Imboden, George W., colonel; Monroe, Alexander, major.

Eighteenth Infantry regiment: Carrington, Henry A., lieutenant-
colonel, colonel ; Cabell, George C. , major, lieutenant-colonel ; Wall,
Edwin G., major; Withers, Robert E., colonel.

Nineteenth Heavy Artillery battalion: Atkinson, John Wilder,
major, lieutenant-colonel; Cary, N. R., major.

Nineteenth Cavalry regiment: Downs, George, major; Jackson,
William L., colonel; Kesler, Joseph K., major; Thompson, William
P., lieutenant-colonel.

Nineteenth Infantry regiment: Boyd, Waller M., major; Cocke,
P. St. George, colonel; Ellis, John T., major, lieutenant-colonel;


Gantt, Henry, major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Peyton, Charles
S., major, lieutenant-colonel; Rust, Armistead Thomson Mason,
colonel; Strange, John B., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Taylor,
Bennett, major, lieutenant-colonel; Watts, William, major.

Nineteenth Militia regiment (afterward Second State Reserves):
Evans, Thomas J., colonel; Powell, D. Lee, lieutenant-colonel;
Pendleton, S. T., major.

Twentieth Artillery battalion (De Lagnel's battalion) : De Lagnel,
Johnston, major; Robertson, James E., major.

Twentieth Cavalry regiment: Amett, William W., colonel;
Evans, Dudley, lieutenant-colonel; Hutton, Elihu, major; Lady,
John B., major, lieutenant-colonel.

: Twentieth Infantry regiment (disbanded): Crenshaw, James R.,
lieutenant-colonel; Pegram, John, lieutenant-colonel; Tyler, Nat.,

Twenty-first Cavalry regiment: Edmundson, David, lieutenant-
colonel; Halsey, Stephen P., major; Peters, William E., colonel.

Twenty-first Infantry battalion (Pound Gap battalion. Merged
into Sixty-fourth Virginia): Stemp, Campbell, lieutenant-colonel;
Thompson, John B., major.

Twenty-first Infantry regiment: Berkeley, William R., major;
Cunningham, Richard H., Jr., lieutenant-colonel; Gilham, William,
colonel; Kelly, Alfred D., major; Moseley, John R., major; Mose-
ley, William P., lieutenant-colonel; Patton, John M., Jr., lieutenant-
colonel, colonel; Shipp, Scott, major; Witcher, William A., lieuten-
ant-colonel, colonel.

Twenty-first Militia regiment: Jones, Warner T., colonel; Sea-
well, William H., major, lieutenant-colonel; Taliaferro, Thomas S.,
ihajor; Taylor, Fielding L., lieutenant-colonel.
■ Twenty-second Cavalry regiment: Bowen, Henry S., colonel;
Kendrick, Henry P., major; Radford, John T., lieutenant-colonel.

Twenty-second Infantry battalion (formed from Second Virginia
Artillery): Bowles, John S., major; Johnson, James C, major, lieu-
teiiant-colonel ; Tayloe, Edward Poinsett, lieutenant-colonel.

Twenty-second Infantry regiment (formerly First Kanawha regi-
ment ): Bailey, Robert Augustus, major; Barbee, Andrew R.,
lieutenant-colonel; Jackson, William A., lieutenant-colonel; Mc-
Donald, John C, major, lieutenant-colonel; Patton, George S., lieu-
tenant-colonel, colonel; Smith, Isaac N., major; Tompkins, Chris-
topher Q., colonel.

Twenty-third Cavalry regiment (formed from consolidation, seven
companies Forty-first battalion and two companies O'Ferrall's bat-
talion): Calmese, Fielding H., major; O'Ferrall, Charles T., lieuten-
ant-colonel; White, Robert, colonel.

Twenty-third Infantry battalion : Blessing, William, major; Cecil,
William P.,;major; Derrick, Clarence, lieutenant-colonel; Hounshell,
David S., major.

' Twenty-third Infantry regiment: Camden, J. D., major; Coleman,
Clayton G., Jr., major, lieutenant-colonel; Crenshaw, James H.,
lieutenant-colonel ; Curtis, George W. , lieutenant-colonel ; Fitzgerald,
John P., major, lieutenant-colonel; Pendleton, Joseph H., major;
Richardson, Andrew J., major; Scott, Andrew V., major; Talia-
ferro, William B., colonel; Taliaferro, Alexander G., lieutenant-col-
onel, colonel; Walton, Simeon T., major, lieutenant-colonel.


Twenty -fourth battalion Partisan Rangers (disbanded January 5,
1863): Scott, John, major.

Twenty-fourth Cavalry regiment: Barham, Theodore G., lieuten-
ant-colonel; Robertson, John R., major; Robins, William T., colonel.

Twenty-fourth Infantry regiment: Bentley, William W., major;
Early, Jubal A., colonel; Hairston, Peter J., Jr., lieutenant-colonel;
Hamrick, Joseph A., major; Hammet, J. P., major; Maury, Richard
L. , major, lieutenant-colonel ; Terry, William R. , colonel.

Twenty-fifth Cavalry regiment: Edmundson, Henry A., lieuten-
ant-colonel; Hopkins, Warren M., colonel; McConnell, Sylvester P.,

Twenty-fifth Infantry battalion Local Defense Troops: Bossieux,
Louis J., major; Elliott, Wyatt M., major, lieutenant-colonel.

Twenty-fifth Infantry regiment: Duffy, Patrick B., lieutenanbr
colonel; Harper, Wilson, major; Heck, Jonathan M., lieutenant-col-
onel; Higginbotham, John C, major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel;
Lilley, Robert D., major, lieutenant-colonel; Porterfield, George
A., colonel; Rege, Albert G., major; Robinson, John A., major,
lieutenant-colonel; Smith, George H., colonel; Thompson, William
T., major.

Twenty-fifth Militia regiment: Arnold, Mark, colonel; Arnold,
P. M., lieutenant-colonel; Lewis, H. B., major.

Twenty-sixth regiment Cavalry (formed from Forty-sixth and
Forty-seventh Cavalry battalions): Kesler, Joseph K., lieutenant-
colonel; RufEner, Henry D., major.

Twenty-sixth Infantry battalion: Edgar, George M., major, lieu-
tenant-colonel; Woodram, Richard, major; Councill, James C,
lieutenant-colonel; Crump, Charles A., colonel; Fitzhugh, Patrick
H., major; Garrett, Joshua L., major; Page, Powhatan R., lieutenr
ant-colonel, colonel; Perrin, William K., major; Wheelwright,
William H., major.

Twenty-seventh Cavalry battalion Partisan Rangers (Trigg's bat-
talion. Transferred to Twenty-fifth Cavalry): Edmundson, Henry
A., major, lieutenant-colonel.

Twenty-seventh Infantry regiment: Carpenter, Joseph, lieutenant-
colonel (appointment declined); Echols, John, lieutenant- colonel,
colonel; Edmondson, James K., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Frazer,
Philip F., major; Gordon, William W., colonel; Grigsby, Andrew
J., major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Haynes, Charles L., lieuten-
ant-colonel; Paxton, Elisha F., major; Shriver, Daniel M., major,

Twenty-eighth Artillery battalion: Tabb, William B., major.

Twenty-eighth Infantry regiment: Allen, Robert C., major, col-
onel; Paul, Samuel B., lieutenant-colonel; Preston, Robert T., col-
onel; Spessard, Michael P., major; Watts, William, major, lieuten-
ant-colonel, colonel; Wingfield, William L., lieutenant-colonel;
Wilson, Nathaniel C, major.

Twenty-ninth Infantry battalion. (No field ofBcers given. Miost
of line officers found in Sixty-fourth Infantry.)

Twenty-ninth Infantry regiment: Bruster, Ebenezer, major;
Giles, James, major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Haynes, Alexander,
major, lieutenant-colonel; Home, William R. B., major; Leigh,
William, lieutenant-colonel; Moore, Alfred C, colonel: Smitbi
Edwin R., major, lieutenant-colonel; White, Isaac, major.

Thirtieth Cavalry regiment. (See Second Cavalry regiment.)


Thirtieth battalion Sharpshooters: Clarke, J. Lyle, lieutenant-col-
onel; Otey, Peter, major.

Thirtieth Infantry regiment: Barton, William S., major; Gary,
R. Milton, colonel; Chew, Roberts., lieutenant-colonel, colonel;
Gouldin, John Milton, major, lieutenant-colonel; Harrison, Archi-
bald T., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Peatross, Robert O., major.

Thirty-first Light Artillery battalion: Nelson, William, major,
lieutenant-colonel, colonel.

Thirty-first Infantry regiment: Arbogast, James C, major; Boy-
kin, Francis M., lieutenant-colonel; Chenoweth, Joseph H., major;
Cooper, William P., major; Hoffman, John S., major, colonel;
Jackson, Alfred H., lieutenant-colonel; Jackson, William L., col-
onel; McCutchen, J. S. Kerr, major, lieutenant-colonel; Reynolds,
Samuel H., colonel.

Thirty-first Militia regiment: Baldwin, Robert F., colonel; Denny,
W. R., lieutenant-colonel; McCoole, Thomas E., lieutenant-colonel;
Moore, L. T., colonel; Riely, J. C., major; Washington, B. B.,

Thirty-second Cavalry battalion (consolidated with Fortieth Cav-
alry battalion): Robertson, John R., major.

Thirty-second Infantry regiment (formed from Montague's and
Goggin's Infantry battalion); Cary, John B., lieutenant-colonel;
Ewell, Benjamin S., colotiel; Goggin, James M., major; Lee,
Baker P., Jr., major; Montague, Edgar B., colonel; Sinclair, Jeffer-
son, major; Willis, William R., lieutenant-colonel.

Thirty-second Militia regiment: Coiner, David W. , lieutenant-col-
ouel; McCune, Samuel, colonel; Wilson, William M., major.

Thirty-third Cavalry battalion (transferred to Seventeenth Cav-
alry) : Armesy, Thomas D. , major.

Thirty-third Infantry regiment: Cummings, Arthur C, colonel;
GoUaday, Jacob B., major; Grace, Philip T., major; HolUday,
Frederick W. M., major, colonel; Huston, George, major, lieuten-
ant-colonel; Jones, John R., lieutenant-colonel; Lee, Edwin G.,
major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Neff, John P., colonel; Spengler,
Abraham, lieutenant-colonel, colonel.

Thirty-fourth Cavalry battalion: McFarlane, John A., major;
Straton, William, major; Witcher, Vinson A., major, lieutenant-

Thirty-fourth Infantry regiment (Fourth Heavy Artillery prior to
March 8, 1864?): Bagby, John R., major; Goode, John Thonlas, col-
onel; Harrison, Randolph, lieutenant-colonel.

Thirty-fourth Militia regiment: Deatherage, W. W., colonel;
Haddox, C. B., major; Kinsey, Benjamin F. , lieutenant-colonel.

Thirty-fifth Cavalry battalion: Ferneyhough, George M., major;
Myers, Franklin M., major; White, Elijah V., major, lieutenant-

Thirty-fifth Infantry regiment. (No rolls or roster..

Thirty-sixth Cavalry battalion : Sweeney, James W. , major.

Thirty-sixth Infantry regiment (formerly Second Kanawha regi-
ment): Fife, William E., major, lieutenant-colonel; Linkons, Benja-
min R., lieutenant-colonel; McCausland, John A., colonel; Reid, L.
Wiber, lieutenant-colonel ; Smith, Thomas, major, lieutenant-colonel,

Thirty-seventh Cavalry battalion: Claiborne, James R., major;
Dunn, Ambrose C, lieutenant-colonel.


Thirty-seventh Infantry regiment: Carson, Robert P., lieutenant-
colonel; Fulkerson, Samuel v., colonel; Terry, John F., lieutenant-
colonel; "Williams, Titus V., major, colonel; Wood, Henry C, major.

Thirty-seventh Militia regiment: Coles, Thomas R., major;
Downing, Joseph, major; Littrell, Leroy N., lieutenant-colonel;
Straughan, Samuel L., colonel.

Thirty-eighth Artillery battalion; Blount, Joseph G., major;
Dearing, James, major; Read, John P. W., major; Stribling,
Robert M. , major.

Thirty-eighth Infantry regiment: Cabell, Joseph R., major, lieu-
tenant-colonel, colonel; Carrington, Isaac H., major; Edmonds,
Edward C, colonel; Griggs, George K., major, lieutenant-colonel,
colonel; Lee, Henderson L., major; Martin, George A., lieutenant-
colonel; Whittle, Powhatan Boiling, lieutenant-colonel.

Thirty-ninth Cavalry battalion: Richardson, John H., major.

Thirty-ninth Infantry regiment (disbanded January 25, 1862):
Cary, N. R., major; Finney, Louis C. H., lieutenant-colonel; Smith,
Charles, colonel.

Thirty-ninth Militia regiment: Davenport, John M., lieutenant-

Fortieth Cavalry battalion (consolidated with Thirty-second bat-
talion to form Forty-second battalion): Robins, William T., lieuten-
ant-colonel; Wren, John F., major.

Fortieth Infantry regiment: Brockenbrough, John M., colonel;
Cox, Fleet W., major, lieutenant-colonel; Cunningham, Arthur S.,
lieutenant-colonel (temporary command) ; Stakes, Edward T. , major ;
Taliaferro, William T., major; Walker, Henry H., lieutenant-col-

Forty-first Cavalry battalion (transferred to Twenty-third Cav-
alry): White, Robert, major, lieutenant-colonel.

Forty-first Infantry regiment: Blow, George, Jr., lieutenant-col-
onel; Chambliss, John R., Jr., colonel; Etheridge, William H.,
major; Minetree, Joseph P., major, lieutenant-colonel; Parham,
William Allen, lieutenant-colonel, colonel ; Smith, Francis W., major.

Forty-first Militia regiment: Garland, William D., lieutenant-col-
onel; McClanahan, Meredith M., major; Oldham, Thomas, colonel;
Rains, William W., major.

Forty-second Cavalry battalion (transferred to Twenty-fourth
Cavalry): Robertson, John R., major; Robins, William T., lieuten-

Forty-second Infantry regiment: Adams, P. B., major; Burks,
Jesse S., colonel; Deyerle, Andrew J., colonel; Lane, Henry, major;
Langhorne, Daniel A., lieutenant-colonel; Martin, William, lieuten-
ant-colonel; Penn, John E., major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel;
Richardson, Jesse W., major; Saunders, Samuel H., major, lieuten-
ant-colonel; Withers, Robert W., lieutenant-colonel, colonel.

Forty -third Cavalry battalion: Chapman, William H., major;
Mosby, John S., major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel.

Forty-third Infantry regiment. (No rolls, no roster.)

Forty- third Militia regiment: Wright, John A., lieutenant-colonel.

Forty-fourth Infantry battalion: Batte, Peter V., major.

Forty-fourth Infantry regiment: Anderson, David W., major;
Buckner, Thomas R., lieutenant-colonel; Cobb, Norvell, major,
colonel; Hubard, James L., lieutenant-colonel; Jones, A, C, major,
lieutenant-colonel; Scott, William C, colonel.


Forty-fifth Infantry battalion: Beckley, Henry M., lieutenant-col-
onel ; Woodson, Blake L. , major.

Forty-fifth Infantry regiment : Browne, William H., colonel;
Davis, Alexander M., major; Ficklin, Benjamin F., lieutenant-col-
onel ; Harman, Edwin H., lieutenant-colonel; Heth, Henry, colonel;
Peters, William E., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Sanders, William
C, major; Werth, William H., major, lieutenant-colonel; Wharton,
Gabriel C, major.

Forty-sixth Cavalry battalion (consolidated with Forty-seventh
battalion to form Twenty-sixth Cavalry): Kesler, Joseph K., lieu-
tenant-colonel ; RuSner, Henry D., major.

Forty-sixth Infantry regiment: Davis, J. Lucius, colonel; Duke,
Richard Thomas Walker, colonel; Fry, Hugh Walker, Jr., major;
Harrison, Randolph, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Hill, James C,
major; Richardson, John H., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Wise,
Peyton, major, lieutenant-colonel.

Forty-sixth Militia regiment: Johnson, John H., colonel.

Forty-seventh Cavalry battalion (consolidated with Forty-sixth
battalion to form Twenty-sixth Cavalry): Harman, William N.,

Forty-seventh Infantry regiment: Bruce, James D., major, lieu-
tenant-colonel; Green, Charles J., major; Green, William J., lieuten-
ant-colonel; Lyell, John W., lieutenant-colonel; Mayo, Robert M.,
major, colonel; Richardson, George W., colonel; Tayloe, Edward
Poinsett, major.

Forty-seventh Militia regiment : Harris, Benjamin J., major.

Forty-eighth Infantry regiment: Campbell, James C, major;
Campbell, y'ohn A., colonel; Dungan, Robert H., lieutenant-colonel,
colonel ; Faris, Wilson, major ; Garnett, Thomas S. , lieutenant-col-
onel, colonel; Stewart, D. Boston, major; White, Oscar, major,

Forty-ninth Infantry regiment: Christian, Charles B., major, lieu-
tenant-colonel; Gibson, John Catlett, lieutenant-colonel, colonel;
Murray, Edward, lieutenant-colonel; Smith, Caleb, major; Smith,
William, colonel.

Fiftieth Infantry regiment: Finney, William W., lieutenant-col-
onel; Perkins, Lynville J., major; Poage, Thomas, colonel; Rey-
nolds, Alexander W., colonel; Salyer, Logan H. N., major, lieuten-
ant-colonel ; Thorburn, Charles E. , major ; Vandeventer, Alexander,
lieutenant-colonel, colonel.

Fifty-first Infantry regiment: Akers, William T., major; Cun-
ningham, George A., lieutenant-colonel; Dickey, Stephen M., major;
Forsberg, Augustus, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Graham, David P.,
major; Hounshell, David S., major; Massie, James W., lieutenant-
colonel; Reynolds, Samuel H., lieutenant-colonel (declined); Whar-
ton, Gabriel C, colonel; Wolfe, John P., major, lieutenant-colonel;
Yonce, William A., major.

Fifty-first Militia regiment: Glass, William W., major, lieutenant-
colonel; Pritchard, Solomon S., lieutenant-colonel; Shryock, Charles
E., colonel; Wotring, Daniel E., major.

Fifty-second Infantry regiment; Baldwin, John B., colonel; Har-
man, Michael G. , lieutenant-colonel, colonel ; Lilley, John D. , major,
lieutenant-colonel; Ross, John D. H., major, lieutenant-colonel;
Skinner, James H., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Watkins, Thomas
H., major, lieutenant-colonel.


Fifty-second Militia regiment: Carter, Hill, colonel; Christian,
Bat. D., major; Valden, Vulosko, major.

Fifty-third Infantry regiment (formed from Tomlin's and Mon-
tague's battalions and Company A of Waddill's battalion) : Aylett,
William R., major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Edmundson, Henry
A., major; Grammer, John, Jr., major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel;
Leigh, William, major; Martin, Rawley White, major, lieutenant-
colonel; Montague, Edgar B., lieutenant-colonel; Stevenson, Carter
L. , colonel; Timberlake, John C, major, lieutenant-colonel; Tom-
lin, Harrison B., colonel; Waddill, George M., major, lieutenant-

Fifty-third Militia regiment: Adams, H. W., colonel.

Fifty-fourth Infantry regiment: Deyerle, John S., major; Edmund-
son, Henry A., lieutenant-colonel; Harman, Austin, major; Shelor,
William B., major, lieutenant-colonel; Taylor, James C, major;
Trigg, Robert C., colonel; Wade, John J., major, lieutenant-col-

Fifty-fourth Militia regiment: Robinson, E. C, colonel.

Fifty-fifth Infantry regiment: Archer, Robert H., lieutenant-col-
onel; Burke, Thomas M., major; Christian, William S., major, lieu-
tenant-colonel; Fauntleroy, Robert B., major; Lawson, Charles N.,
major; Mallory, Francis, colonel; Rice, Evan, major, lieutenant-col-
onel; Saunders, Andrew D., major; Ward, William N., major.

Fifty-sixth Infantry regiment: Green, William E., major, lieuten-
ant-colonel; McPhail, John B., major; Slaughter, Philip Peyton,
lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Smith, Timoleon, major, lieutenant-
colonel; Stuart, William D., colonel.

Fifty-seventh Infantry regiment (formed from Keen's Infantrj'
battalion): Armistead, Lewis A., colonel; Carr, George W., lieuten-
ant-colonel, colonel; Dyer, David, major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel;
Fontaine, Clement R., major, colonel; Hanes, Garland B., major;
Heckman, David P., major; James, Waddy T., lieutenant-colonel;
Keen, Elisha F., major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Magruder,
John Bowie, major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Ramsey, William
H., lieutenant-colonel; Smith, Andrew J., major; Wade, Benjamin
H., major, lieutenant-colonel.

Fifty-seventh Militia regiment: Kamey, Sanford J., colonel.

Fifty-eighth Infantry regiment: Board, Francis H., lieutenant-
colonel, colonel; Booker, George E., major; Crutchfield, Stapleton,
major, lieutenant-colonel; Goode, Edmund, colonel; Kasey, John
G., major, lieutenant-colonel; Letcher, Samuel H., lieutenant-col-
onel, colonel; Walker, Edward T., major.

Fifty-ninth Infantry regiment: Anderson, Frank P., lieutenant-
colonel; Henningsen, Charles F., colonel; Jones, Joseph, lieutenant-
colonel; Lawson, John, major; Mosby, Robert G., major; Tabb,
William B., colonel.

Fifty-ninth Militia regiment: Copeland, John R., colonel.

Sixtieth Infantry regiment: Corley, James L., lieutenant-colonel;
Gilliam, William A., lieutenant- colonel; Hammond, George W.,
major, lieutenant-colonel; Jones, Beuhring H., lieutenant-colonel,
colonel; Rowan, William S., major; Spaulding, J. W., lieutenant-
colonel; Starke, William E,, colonel; Summers, John C, major,
lieutenant-colonel; Swank, William A., lieutenant-colonel (acting);
Sweeney, James W., major; Taylor, Jacob N., major.

Sixty-first Militia regiment: Billups, Roberts., major; Bohannan,


John G., colonel; James, Lemuel, lieutenant-colonel; Shipley,
James S., major.

Sixty-first Infantry regiment (formed from Seventh battalion):
Groner, Virginius D., colonel; McAlpine, Charles R., major;
Niemeyer,- William F., lieutenant-colonel; Stewart, William H.,
major, lieutenant-colonel; Wilson, Samuel M., colonel.

Sixty-second Mounted Infantry regiment (also called First Vir-
ginia Partisan Rangers): Doyle, Robert L., lieutenant-colonel; Hall,
Houston, major; Imboden, George W., major; Lang, David B.,
major, lieutenant-colonel; Smith, George H., colonel: Imboden,
John D., colonel.

Sixty-third Infantry regiment: Dunn, David C, lieutenant-col-
onel; French, James M., major, colonel; Lynch, Connally H., lieu-
tenant-colonel ; McMahon, John J. , colonel.

Sixty-fourth Mounted Infantry regiment (formed from Twenty-
first [Pound Gap] battalion): Gray, Harvey, major; Pridemore,
Auburn L., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Richmond, James B., major,
lieutenant-colonel; Slemp, Campbell, colonel.

Sixty-fourth Militia regiment: Dillard, John L., colonel.

Sixty-seventh Militia regiment: Cunningham, John P., major;
Robinson, Israel, lieutenant-colonel; Sencendiver, Jacob, colonel.

Seventy-seventh Militia regiment : McDonald, Edward H., colonel;
Simms, Gilmore F., lieutenant-colonel; Smith, Abraham, major;
Vandiver, Joseph L., major.

Eighty-second Militia regiment: Blankenbeker, E. Finks, major;
Carpenter, Simeon, lieutenant-colonel; Troyman, James W., colonel.

Eighty-fourth Militia reg[iment: Dennis, Thomas C, colonel.

Eighty-seventh Militia regiment: Gresham, Tnomas Robert, col-
onel; Saunders, William A., major.

Eighty-eighth Militia regiment: Antrim, C. W., major; Carver,
D. C, lieutenant-colonel; McKennie, M., colonel.

Eighty-ninth Militia regiment: Davison, Samuel, major; Flagg,
JohnS., lieutenant-colonel; Johnston, Samuel, colonel; Rider, E. C,

Ninty-first Militia regiment: Crenshaw, John B., major.

One Hundred and Eighth Militia regiment: Rowan, John M.,

One Hundred and Ninth Militia regiment: Jones, E. P., colonel.

One Hundred and Tenth Militia regiment: Lavender, J. G.,
~ One Hundred and Fourteenth Militia regiment: Monroe, Alexan-
der, colonel.

One Hundred and Fifteenth Militia regiment: Mallory, Charles
K., colonel; Smith, M. B., major; Wray, George, major.

One Hundred and Twenty-first Militia regiment: Sperry, J. G.,

One Hundred and Twenty-second Militia regiment: Dearmont,
W., colonel.

One Hundred and Fifty-sixth Militia regiment: Adams, T. C,
major; Bennett, Thomas P., colonel; Ross, D. Lee, lieutenant-col-
onel ; Taylor, James A. , major.

One Hundred and Fifty-seventh Militia regiment: Terril, George
P., colonel.

One Hundred and Sixty-second Militia regiment: Fleisher, H. H.,

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