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jell-o . . . Above all, a little excite-
ment, a lot of fun, some work, a
scream or two, and music . . . Then
the 1972 Concert Band hits the

university chorus

Presenting, so to speak, . . . J.J. and the University
Singers 71-72 . . . Where is Hard Core? ... Ed,
we need you and your jockey shorts more than
ever! . . . Tour? But we've already been to Clio!
...Its I 1 :30 and we're still not . . . Can you
feel it in the marrow of your bones? . . . What
a trip! . . . Altos outnumber sopranos . . . but
then we want quality not quantity . . . Audition?
. . . Us? . . . Robes, and they must be exactly 9
inches from the floor . . . Madrigals? . . . What's
wrong with American songs, like Aquarius? . .
Seventh measure, page 93, note two . . . What
is it? . . . Could you play it? . . . hHit that note?
... I couldn't hit that note unless I'd had an
operation . . . My husband's a carpenter . .
New faces . . . and not a one knows "Keep on
Trucking Mama" . . . Tiger Band . . . that's where
Hard Core went . . . Thursday nights with Norty
Cord Trio . . . party in 365 . . . remember . . .
when you tour . . . bring your friends along . . .
Mr. Dickel and Mr. Beam . . . Gabby's gone in
body but here in spirit . . . Sight read? . . . This
is going to be serious music . . . Alright, every-
body on the bass line . . . Enunciate . . . Gioriuh
. . . We ve been on two concerts and nobody's
fed us! . . . Snow? In South Carolina? . . . "Get
Back" and a broken cowbell and hand . . . Tubar!
. . . We aren't doing solos? . . . Super concert
. . . How many churches can there be in Central?
. . . The "foot-in-mouth" disease . . . That's French
for open the door! . . . "George, could I have a
copy?" . . . I'll drink to that! . . . President Childers
and his efficient staff . . . This is a fiery song,
sopranos . . . were you fiery? . . . Elder and Hienz,
the only Grand Prix bus drivers in the world . .
Memories are made of this . . . Chorus 72 . . .
coming through! . . . Halleluiah! and Amen!



clemson players

presenting: the clemson players . . . happiness
is . . . Alpha Psi Omega ... it takes more than
talent . . . good year for the players . . .
you're a Thespian . . . who's got the budget
. . . requisition; one cast ... go varsity . . .
let'em have it j.v.'s ... a good audience . . .
Your a Good Man Charlie Brown . . . success
in every way . . . but. Bob, there's this kid
sitting on the stage! . . . fear not, fear's here
. . . what do you mean you can't go on stage?
. . . seven inch wide ace bandage please . . .
coming attraction: act one at cu . . . they said
it couldn't be done . . . did I ever tell you this
is my first time on stage . . . sorry little theatre
— Charlie Brown belongs to the players .
"the mouth" . . . happiness is knowing a secret
. . . she's human! . . . men and make-up . .
good grief . . . curse of a fuzzy face . . . cas
party . . . spoon river, that's more like it . .
needed: one director . . . Douglass here . .
to provide culture and what? . . . sorry, n
room . . . packed house . . . they laughed . .
wonderful feeling . . . audience loved you . .
theatre talk . . . sensitivity session . . . quickfire
. . . my critique was only seven pages . . . you
look too graceful . . . you sound too good . . .
if you're lucky . . . rehearsal 7-12 every night
. . . even The Tiger liked it . . . being a per-
former . . . glorious . . . how can you tell it if
you get stage fright . . . opening night . . .
I forgot my lines . . . happiness is applause and
laughter . . . you were beautiful . . . the blue
jell just melted ... we all can't be actors . . .
here's the stage crew . . . lights! . . , lights! . . .
Ralph turn on the lights . . . homecoming . . .
dress rehearsal . . . opening night . . . curtain
time in five minutes . . . places ... go get'em
. . . standing room only . . . excitement . . .
a hit! . . . it's over?

cherrie gilespy

anne cooney r. f. bartc

b. ). black

ralph marett

torn malone

faye houston

' "WdHMlnlMnilTIIIIIPPIIiailWnRllln









alpha epsilon delta

On February 20, 1971 the South Carolina
Gamma Chapter was established at Clemson Uni-
versity as the I 00th chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta,
international premedical honor society. Members
are given an opportunity to develop a well-rounded
personality and qualities of initiative, leadership,
and self-education through participation in chapter
activities such as a freshman premedical orienta-
tion program, guest speakers, and films.

Alpha Epsilon Delta is primarily an honor society,
but it also has an educational objective — to stimu-
late an appreciation of the importance of premed-
ical education and to promote cooperation and
contacts between premedical and medical students
and educators. The chapter attempts to bind to-
gether similarly interested students and to use its
knowledge for the benefit of health organizations
and the community.

G. DAN JACOBS, President

alpha lambda delta

In November, 1971, the local honor sorority.
Phi Sigma Omega became affiliated with the na-
tional honor society. Alpha Lambda Delta, which
promotes high standards of learning, and encour-
ages superior scholastic attainment among the
freshman women in Clemson University.

Membership is restricted to freshman women with
a minimum or normal student load who at the end
of the first semester or the entire freshman year
have earned a grade average of 3.5.

The chapters initiate their own particular activity
programs. The National Council favors the groups'
sponsoring only such activities which foster a whole-
some respect for achievement of scholarship. The
purpose of membership is to recognize in freshman
students potentiality for scholarly development and
to encourage them in the pursuit of learning.



alpha zeta

Alpha Zeta, the honorary brotherhood of stu-
dents in agriculture and related sciences, is a na-
tional service fraternity stressing scholarship, lead-
ership, and character. Mennbership is open to nnale
students enrolled in the agricultural sciences who
meet minimunn scholastic requirements and have
displayed outstanding character and leadership

Local service projects in the past have included
monitoring selected study rooms in the Plant and
Animal Sciences Building and maintaining an honor
board of outstanding students in agriculture. In
addition to these projects, this year's plans call
for establishing a sister organization to honor wo-
men agricultural students and starting a freshman
counselling program.

Alpha Zeta recognizes the many problems of the
world today — malnutrition, poverty, declining na-
tural resources — and it seeks to promote agricul-
tural betterment in the worldwide community
through its members' educations and professions.

HERB DAVIS, President

A. Barnh.ll G. Seaman W. Bonnette

V. Caggiano F. Coleman L. Cook

W. Eorde
J. Cooler

D. Brady
J. Cornwell

H. Davis M. Dodd

i. McGee C. O'dell

W. Douglass W. Dozier S. Edge

R. Poston D. Price D. Savior

T. Hammond
C. Schuster

M. Hucks M. Lee

J. Scoggcns J. Young

J. Anderson
D. Kelley

J. Bounds
G. Langston

W. Brown
J. Lombard;

J. Brunson
J. McDowell


M. Cope
J. McMakin

R. Cox

J. Marshall

R. Fillyaw
B. Mooring

B. Gra
J. Shu


blUG kSy TAD STANLEY, President

To express one's own life and character by what he is able to accomplish for his
fellowman is conveyed by the phrase — "Serving I live." This is the motto of Blue
Key National Honor Fraternity, the goal each member strives to continually follow,
the actions each member displayed before being invited into the organization. The
membership of Blue Key is comprised of those students who are leaders in scholar-
ship and student activities at Clemson.

While members are actively involved in other phases of college life, the fraternal
bonds within Blue Key remain strong. Each year the brothers join together to
plan, direct, and coordinate Tigerama. Tigerama is a student variety production
traditionally presented on the eve of Homecoming. This year's Tigerama was a
Halloween special with the theme being "Clemson — 1984." Although this is Blue
Key's main service to the school, the members endeavor to uphold Blue Key's motto
while at Clemson and to stimulate the ambition for intellectual achievements and
the desire to serve Clemson and fellow students.

T. Stanley B. Steele

J. Watson T. Young

alpha tau alpha

Alpha Tau Alpha, a national professional honor-
ary fraternity for teachers and teacher trainees in
agricultural education, has been an established fra-
ternity on the Clemson campus since May, 1932.
The purposes of Kappa Chapter of Alpha Tau Alpha
is to develop a true professional spirit in agricul-
tural teaching and to help train agriculture teachers
to be leaders in their rural communities. Through
various activities which it sponsors during the year,
the fraternity tries to foster a fraternal spirit among
its members.

Members of Alpha Tau Alpha are invited to join
on a basis of scholarship, leadership, character,
and outstanding achievement in the field of agri-
cultural education. Each year the fraternity awards
a medal to the senior with the highest scholastic




mu beta psi

Since 1928 Delta Chapter of Mu Beta Psi, na-
tional honorary music fraternity, has been working
to promote a better fellowship among the musi-
cians and to advance music to its proper place as
an educational subject on the Clemson campus.
Mu Beta Psi also ushers for the university Concert
Series, sponsors the Pep Banday, the North-South
basketball doubleheader, and a contestant in the
Miss hHomecoming Contest. Foremost in the fra-
ternity's achievement is the annual musical variety

show, "Springsounds," a kaleidoscope of musical
talents and tastes of the Clemson campus.

Any male who has actively participated in either
Tiger Band, Concert Band, or the University Singers
for two semesters is eligible for membership. This
year Delta Chapter has the honor of having Tony
hlilton. National Vice President of Mu Beta Psi,
as one of its brothers. Also, Mr. Edmund Winston,
a faculty member of Clemson University, was in-
ducted as an honorary member of Mu Beta Psi.


R. Burltot
T. Carson
J. Childers

J. Clarkson
D. Dabney
T. Eubanks

H. Gllchnst
T. Landon
J. McMillan

L. Norton
H. Owen
W. Parlcer

E. Reed

D. Rochester

L. Sloan

W. Steele
G. Trussell
F. Wood

order of athena

Order of Athena was chartered in the spring of
1968 by the brothers of Blue Key as their sister
organjzation. The purpose of the society is to
honor those senior women at Clermson University
who have shown outstanding scholarship, leadership,
and service abilities. The sisters of Order of Athena
serve as hostesses at the Blue Key drop-in and aid
Blue Key in other projects.

Order of Athena has developed a program of
guest speakers from the University faculty who are
involved in research. This is so that the sisters may
be aware of the research that is in progress at
Clemson and also other outside interests of the
faculty members.

Presently Order of Athena is striving towards be-
coming affiliated with a national women's honorary



B. Brazier

B. Field

T. Jones

G. Brewer

C. Gillespie

K. McDonald

E. Calhoun

C. Green

S. Pickens

B. Coleman

C. Harris

D. Skardon

C. Copeland

N. Hudnal

P. Smith

M. Douglas

phi eta sigma

Phi Eta Sigma is a national honor fraternity that
strives to recognize the outstanding scholastic
achievement of freshmen. Unlike many other hono-
rles that judge eligibility on leadership and scholar-
ship. Phi Eta Sigma membership is based solely on
scholastic performance. A minimum grade-point
ratio of 3.5 accumulated during either the first
semester or the first two semesters serves as a
base requirement for admission. This year, as in
the past. Phi Eta Sigma sponsored freshman

achievement tests in both English and Mathe-
matics, and the winners were recognized with spe-
cial awards on Honors and Awards Day. At the
same time, the senior with the highest grade-point
ratio was given a Phi Eta Sigma key. The highlight
of the year came during April when Phi Eta Sigma
had its annual banquet in honor of the new

CARL M. POE, President

phi psi

Phi Psi, a national honorary textile fraternity, is the Phi Psi national convention. The brothers of
dedicated to the advancement of the textile indus- lota Chapter help the Textile Department in many
try and the promotion of brotherhood within the ways throughout the year, including conducting
industry, lota Chapter of Phi Psi at Clemson has tours on high school visitation days, and sponsor-
as its goal, the improvement of the textile industry ing a student-faculty picnic to promote a fellowship
through the production of qualified textile students. within the department.
Each year the fraternity sends representatives to j^pp langleY Presidert

phi kappa phi

JEROME C. WELLS, Vice President

Phi Kappa Phi, national honor society concerned with recognizing and
encouraging scholarship in all fields of university endeavor, is celebrating
its 75th anniversary this year.

Founded as a national society in 1897, Phi Kappa Phi now includes 128
university chapters. Clemson's Chapter, founded in 1935, annually sponsors
an essay contest for the University and awards a cash prize to the junior
with the highest grade point ratio. Nationally, the society awards fourteen
$3,000 fellowships annually. A Clemson senior, Mark Savitsky, received a
fellowship in 1971.

Membership in Phi Kappa Phi is limited to second semester juniors with
at least a 3.5 GPR and seniors having a cumulative 3.3 or better GPR.
Prospective members must have completed at least half the hours required
for graduation at Clemson, and all college work taken is considered in the
Phi Kappa Phi GPR. Election and initiation take place twice a year.

J. All, Jr.

J. Anderson, Jr

J. Attaway
D. Belsher

.T. Bell
J. Blediger

B. Brazier
A. Bredan

C. Briston
A. Brown

psi mu psi

Psi Mu Psi, chartered in the fall of 1970, became
the honorary music sorority of Clemson University.
With the goal of promoting music on the campus,
Psi Mu Psi encourages sisterhood among the women
students involved in Tiger Band, University Chorus,
and Concert Band.

Clemson's honorary music sorority . . . meeting
adjourned to hloliday Inn . . . hotdogs and chili
. . . tackle frisbee . . . presidential "field trip" . . .
marshmallows for Sally and Connie . . . sigh moo
sigh ... on the hill . . . Wanna mess around? . . .
ushering-Gate I I at 7:00, or was it Gate 7 at
I I :00? . . . two or three semesters . . . Spring
Sounds . . . Robert's Rules of what? . . . Patty
Pledge master ... no wearing sweaters to hide
your plaques ... I like your psi's . . . bring your
own . . . 200 certificates will last us 200 years . . .
Mrs. Card . . . PUSHER ... I like to live in Benet
hHall . . . only one wife . . . Cooney, Barb, and
Happy . . . let's have a joint party . . . banquet at
the French restaurant.


tau beta pi

Tau Beta Pi, founded in 1885 at LeHigh Uni-
versity, is the nation's oldest engineering honor
society. South Carolina Alpha, the local chapter,
was instated in 1928 with the purpose of recog-
nizing in an appropriate manner those undergradu-
ate students in all fields of engineering who have
demonstrated their superior scholarship and exem-
plary character.

Members are selected from those men and wo-
men who rank in at least the upper fifth of the
senior engineering enrollment and the upper eighth
of the junior engineering enrollment.

Tau Beta Pi also strives to encourage a spirit of
liberal culture through sponsorship of essay con-
tests, a slide rule course, academic awards, and
talks to the engineering freshmen each year.

Membership in Tau Beta Pi represents the highest
mark of achievement for an engineering student,
and is an honor which is universally respected in
the engineering profession.


■»"^ / F. Ramsey

R. Strauss
G. Youell

Sigma tau epsilon

Sigma Tau Epsilon is Clemson University's honor
society for the College of Physical, Mathematical,
and Biological Sciences and the College of Liberal
Arts. Sigma Tau Epsilon's membership is based on
scholastic achievement and its purpose is to recog-
nize honor students, to promote fellowship, and to
create a body of men and women who are willing
to use their own scholastic abilities to aid their
fellow students.

Sigma Tau Epsilon's main project is to offer
free tutoring to all students enrolled in liberal arts
and physical, mathematical, and biological science
courses. This service was begun two years ago, and
it is now a tradition of Sigma Tau Epsilon. Courses
are offered each week in such diverse subjects as
chemistry, mathematics, English, and foreign lan-
guages. The program has been an immense suc-
cess and, through its dedicated membership, will
continue to be a success in the future.


S. Abercrombie
W. Altman
W. Alwood II
M. Baird

C. Baicer
J. Bessent

A. Biggerstaff
A. Bredan
A. Bridges
W. Brown
R. Bull
E. Calhoun
S. Corley
P. Cowan
R. Delauder
M. Dorn, Jr.
T. Edwards
T. Fielder, Jr.

A. Fleer

D. George
C. Gillespin

B. Grofie

C. Harris

A. Harshman
S. Hash

S. Henry
D. Hicklln
K. Hubbell
D. Jacobs
L. Jameson, J
J. Kua
L. Laurey
S. Leach
W. Lindsay
J. Lucas
J. McMillan

F. McPhail, Jr

D. McRogan
L. Maggiore

G. Martin
J. Martin
R. Mathls

E. Matthews, .
D. Moniot

M. Moody
L. Moss
D. Murdock
V. Myers
W. Nelson
B. Parrls

R. Poston, Jr.
L. Prlclcett
J. Richards
P. Rogers
G. Roup

B. Rush
T. Scott

G. Sherwood
E. Snider
D. Standeffer
N. Stone
L. Stroud
W. Taylor

C. Wannama
W. Warner
J. Watson, Ji
P. Watts

P. Wayne
H. Webb
J. Welborn
J. Weston
M. Weston
C. WhlHen
S. Williams
T. Young


tiger brotherhood

Tiger Brotherhood was born during the cadet
wall<outs in the twenties. During its early years.
Tiger Brotherhood assumed the role of cadet gov-
ernment, making suggestions, holding discussions,
and representing the student viewpoint in matters
affecting cadet life.

Today Tiger Brotherhood, still embracing the
same basic tenets as established by its founders,
promotes high standards of social and ethical con-
duct, while recognizing in its members an earnest
devotion to Clemson. Tiger Brotherhood has served
as a spirit-booster for the past few years by sell-
ing orange hats, BEWARE stickers, and Paw-Power
flags. Tiger Brotherhood, a cross-sectional repre-
sentation of the Clemson community, provides a
viable forum for ideas and unending service to
Clemson. Students, faculty, and staff all work within
the bonds of brotherhood to champion a closer

DON KELLEY. President

B. Anderson
D. Farnham

J. Anderson
R. Fillyaw

J. Anderson
R. Gilstrap

J. Borrouqhs
B. Gray

R. Cox

B. Johnson

D. Kelley

L. Moss

R. McCants
M. Myers

J. McMakln H. McManus J. McMillan G. Mitchell J. Moon

T. Stanley B. Steele C. Thomas R. Vaughn T. Young

tau Sigma delta


XI Sigma pi

Xi Sigma PI is a national honorary forestry fra-
ternity. The objective of the fraternity is to main-
tain a high standard of scholarship in forestry
education, to work for the improvement of the
profession and to promote a fraternal spirit among
students engaged in forestry activities. For a stu-
dent to be eligible for Xi Sigma Pi fraternity he
must be in the upper twenty-five percent of his
class and have finished ten semester hours of pro-
fessional courses.

The Alpha Beta Chapter of Clemson has a
scholarship award program approved by the hlonors
and Awards Committee of Clemson University. The
fraternity presents awards to the freshman, soph-
more, |unior, and senior who have excelled scholas-
tically in forestry. Xi Sigma Pi continually strives
for the betterment of forestry at Clemson by set-
ting high goals for the individual forestry student.

HENRY D. WELCH, President

M. Cleveland
R. Miller





crS\'q o',dell ' j

torn'' plifmblee
dave -terry

■ rriltttarnhill
tommy borders * *

'connie wells ' - ^ .



charles ictiuster
1 .


pauf^ mOnroe


henry moorhead

richard tufinsr


jira- yea[nan

roger troutman

4H club'

ellen .stoudenmire
lathy jiyaJlace

;?i^RLCULT.u'rAT- iE.&WftAT 3N
. ^Dobby rpcg^jj ,>


'■■ rit^: -



< y-"'


'. !..''^S«ll■


student agricultural coyn-dl

agricultural economics club

The purposes of the Agricultural Economics Club
are to create and promote fellowship among ma-
jors of agricultural Economics, to study current
agricultural and economic problems, to obtain a
better understanding of the services the Agricul-
tural Economist can render, and to provide oppor-
tunities for better communications between mem-
bers and professional workers in the agricultural
social sciences.

The activities of the club include a student-
faculty barbecue in the spring. There are contests
among members of the club, such as public speak-
ing and essay contests. Some members represent
the Club in contests away from Clemson. There
are various awards for winners of these contests
and merit awards for outstanding contributions to
the club. The Club has monthly meetings if

MIKE HUCKS, president

american association of textile chemists and colorists

The American Association of Textile Chemists
and Colorists is a scientific and technical profes-
sional society. The Association offers the student
both professional and social advantages through
the promotion of increased chemical technology
for textile structures and the encouraged inter-
change of professional knowledge. In addition to
these activities, the Association maintains co-opera-
tive relationships vvith other similar organizations
and with agencies of the Federal Government.

The Student AATCC Chapter encourages mem-
bership from any interested student. In addition
to its other benefits, it also visits dye, chemical,
and processing facilities and participates In many
student related events including the Intramural
sports. Homecoming, and informal get-togethers.

KiM DEACON, president

american association of textile technology

The American Association of Textile Technology,
established at Clemson in 1962, comprised of Tex-
tile majors, and industrial Management majors
whose secondary concentration is Textiles. A stu-
dent may participate while in college as a student
member, advancing the alms and goals of the
chapter, and after graduation, join one of the
national professional AATT chapters. The purpose
of AATT is to keep students Informed on current

developments in the textile industry and to develop
an understanding of all aspects of the industry. This
purpose is accomplished by having speakers and
taking field trips to various industries. AATT mem-
bers help with the construction of a homecoming
display each year and are active during high school
day In Slrrine hHall. The highlight of the year is
the student-faculty Softball game.
DAVID S. RUTLAND, president

american dairy science association

In 1922, Professor B. E. Goodale and a group
of dairy students started the Clemson Dairy
Club, which later affiliated with the national
American Dairy Science Association. This year
the club sponsored the Dairy Cattle judging
team. Tom Hammond, Steve Mills and Joel
Riley went to Columbus, Ohio, to compete in
the national collegiate contest.

This year's activities Included cookouts, awards
banquet, naming a Dairy Princess, Miss Jan
Murray, and the annual student-faculty football

game. The ADSA participated in Coalition Night

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