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members, and occasionally by outside friends. In some cases, as when new
quarters were to be secured, a new building was to be erected, or herbarium or
apparatus to be bought, the sums thus contributed have been large, considering
the resources of those contributing.

As indicated in the preceding pages of this Announcement, in addition to the
regular course of two years, leading to the degree of Ph.G., the College now pro-
vides a regular course of three years, leading to the degree of Ph.Ch., with an
additional year of optional work, leading to the degree of B.S. in Phar.

Plans for a graduate course of two years, leading to the degree of Doctor of
Pharmacy, have been perfected by the Faculty, but cannot be carried out at the
present time, for want of the necessary material resources. That the strain of
such a charge upon those resources is very great, calling as it does for an increased
teaching force, newly equipped rooms and additional apparatus, requires no
explanatory statement.

It is not to be expected that the scanty revenue derived from the fees of the
small number of students who will pursue these advanced studies will begin to
provide the necessary means for meeting the additional expenditures. The Col-
lege must undertake these burdens as its contribution to pharmaceutical educa-

Under such conditions, it is felt that an appeal should be made to those who
are interested in promoting educational development in America to give their
favorable consideration and to lend their financial aid to the present efforts of
the School.

Since the actual instruction work of the school calls for the expenditure of our
entire income received from student's fees, it follows that we are compelled, like
other schools, to seek other courses of income for meeting this unusual expense.

Under the stress of immediate necessity, we have recently completed and
occupied an extension to our former building, costing approximately $300,000.
This work was undertaken in the belief that the necessary amount would be
contributed by the alumni and friends of the College. Up to the present time,
only about one-half of the amount has been subscribed, and we present a special
appeal for contributions to this cause.


There are also a number of ways in which comparatively small contributions
will be immediately productive of great good in specific directions, and several
of these are discussed below.


The library facilities required by men engaged in the advanced studies of their
fifth and sixth years are necessarily much more extensive than those now provided
by the College. The research work in which such men will engage will call
for a full supply of works of reference, not only in pharmaceutical subjects, but
in the sciences contributory to pharmacy. Generous friends of the College, and
one such in particular, have made frequent and extensive contributions to the
Library, but it is highly desirable that an endowment be established that will
yield a permanent annual fund of $500 for such a purpose.


The College, thanks to the generosity of the late Mr. Edward Kemp, possesses
a splendid working equipment of physical apparatus, suitable for the ordinary
purposes of pharmaceutical education. The advanced work of graduate students
will require not only extensive additions, but continuous expenditures for new
designs in order to keep pace with discovery and Improvement.

An endowment of from ^5,000 to $10,000 would admirably meet this demand.


With the exception of the National Museum at Washington, there is no ex-
tensive pharmaceutical or materia medica museum in this country. Small
museums exist in Philadelphia, Detroit, Cincinnati, at the New York Botanical
Garden and elsewhere, but nowhere is there a museum proper comparable with
those in London and Berlin. Civic pride, if no other consideration, should suffice
to secure the establishment in New York City of a museum proportionate with
the importance of the city as the port of entry for more than three-fourths of
the drugs received into the United States. There are, however, other considera-
tions of far greater importance. Scarcely a week passes without more than one
Inquiry from importers, brokers or merchants, and even from the City and Federal
Departments, for unobtainable information concerning commercial articles of
this class.

There should be some institution to which such inquirers could turn with
reasonable certainty of an accurate reply. Furthermore, the ambition to supply
Doctors of Pharmacy who are competent to meet all demands made upon them,
even for the discovery of desired unknown facts, renders it imperative that a
storehouse of materials for investigation should be available. The ideal location
for such a museum is with the department of pharmacy of a strong and active

Such a museum involves more than a mere collection of labeled articles in
cases. It calls for a comprehensive plan providing for future accessions, and
for investigating the utility of new products. This calls for a curator with an


encyclopedic knowledge of the subject, and qualified to pursue original researches.
Such an institution, thus equipped, could provide a continuous supply of original
contributions in economic botany, connected upon the one side with sources of
sound scientific information and authentication, and upon the other with the
material welfare of our people.

A more creditable and permanent monument to its donor could scarcely be
conceived. To establish such a museum, and also to provide properly for its
care and maintenance, would require from $100,000 to 1 150,000.


The establishment of a number of lecture courses to be served by specialists
in their respective subjects is an essential requisite in the work of the final years
of an advanced course. Perhaps the most important of such subjects is the
history of chemistry and pharmacy. The provision of even a short series of
lectures would do much to point the way to investigation in the light of former

Those desiring to contribute toward any of the purposes named, or others in
which they may be interested, will upon request be supplied with a form which
may be used for the purpose.



Emelin, Arthur Charles Mamaroneck, N. Y.
Herzog, Henry

2250 Newbold Avenue, New York, N. Y.
Kingsley, John Francis

173 Lander Street, Newburgh, N. Y.
Sloshover, Joseph

355 East loth Street, New York, N. Y.
Sullivan, Nathaniel Francis
1159 Castleton Ave., W. New Brighton, N. Y.
Timmermann, Helen Augusta

802 Lexington Avenue, New York, N. Y.
Ziegler, Harold Arnold

146 First Street, Long Island City, N. Y.


JUNE 3, 1925

Herzog, Henry

2250 Newbold Avenue, New York, N. Y.

Jayne, Leslie Port Washington, N. Y.

Maier, Augustus Andrew Middletown, N. Y.
Sloshover, Joseph

355 East loth Street, New York City
Timmermann, Helen Augusta

892 Lexington Avenue, New York, N. Y.
Ziegler, Harold Arnold

146 First Avenue, Long Island City, N. Y.


Braaf, Alexander Elias

106 Ridge Street, New York, N. Y.
Markowitz, Harry

II East 118 Street, New York, N. Y.
Rosenthal, Albert

32 1 1 Railroad Ave., New York, N. Y.
Teicher, Morris

527 West 135 Street, New York, N. Y.



Adams, Joseph Edison

63 Hopkins Avenue, Jersey City, N. J.
Albert, Stanley

26 Ridgewood Avenue, Waterbury, Conn.
Alexander, Arthur

34 West 116 Street, New York City
Alfieri, Joseph D.

264 So. Main Street, Waterbury, Conn.
Altman, George

513 Vermont Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Amapani, Floriano

I0S3 Carroll Place, New York City
Amsterdam, Herman J.

21 East 5 Street, Brighton Beach, N. Y.
Antokoletz, Joseph

1517 Nelson Avenue, New York City
Appelbaum, Nathan

1845 7th Avenue, New York City
Appleman, Morris

326 Neptune Avenue, Brighton Beach, N. Y.
Arone, Columbus Frank Ardsley, N. Y.

Bain, William Peer

Second Avenue, Bay Shore, N. Y.
Barasch, Charles

1352 Lexington Avenue, New York City
Baron, Nathan

106 West 89th Street, New York City
Barr, Joseph

2002 Avenue J, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Bell, Maier Baer

645 Harrison Place, W. New York, N. J.

Benenfeld, Ephraim James

693 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Bennett, John Wilson, Jr.

33 No. Fifth Avenue, Long Branch, N. J.
Berger, Benjamin

1310 Morris Avenue, New York City
Bergman, Jack

522 Vermont Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Berkowitz, Morris

42 Essex Street, New York City
Bernitz, David

392 East 8 Street, New York City
Bierfass, Morris Leo

121 Columbia Street, New York City
Bierman, Samuel

636 Wales Avenue, New York City
Birnbaum, Abraham

62 East 113 Street, New York City
Bloom, Hyman H.

387a Atkins Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Boccia, Raphael 37 Strong Street, Corona, N. Y.
Bonaccolto, Gaetana

322-2nd Avenue, New York City
Braunstein, Hyman

175 Norfolk Street, New York City
Braunstein, Leo

496 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Brawer, Solomon

872 Dawson Street, New York City
Breger, Samuel

606 Third Avenue, New York City



Erode, Harry «-

887 Longwood Avenue, New York City ,'
Brody, Bertha

612 East 4 Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Bronstein, Abraham Mayer

9210 Jamaica Avenue, Woodhaven, L. I.,N.Y.
Bronznick, George

31 East III Street, New York City
Broverman, Abraham Louis

III Barbour Street, Hartford, Conn.
Bucci, Domenick

136 Henderson Street, Port Chester, N. Y.
Bucholz, Samuel 272 So. 9 Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Bulhack, Morris John

316 East 82 Street, New York City
Cagnina, Vincent Bruno

829 Willoughby Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Carroll, George L. Suflfern, N. Y.

Cassani, James Guy

158 Central Avenue, Chelsea, Mass.
Cherkis, Louis Myron

606 Ashford Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Christmann, Herman Carl

Valley Stream, L. I., N. Y.
Cohen, Adolf

553 Humboldt Street, Union Hill, N. J.
Cohen, Alexander

S16 West 156 Street, New York City
Cohen, David

179 East 105 Street, New York City
Cohen, Morris

1374 Boston Road, New York City
Coleman, Peter Fred

3314 Cortelyou Road, Brookljm, N. Y.
Cuneo, Irene Teresa

41 West 8 Street, New York City
Danielson, John Joseph

977 Hack Plankroad, No. Bergen, N. J.
Datri, WiUiam Francis

182 Bay 13 Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Derow, Frank Uncasville, Conn.

Diamond, Joseph Leo

27 Emmons Street, Long Branch, N. J.
Dickman, Harry

475 Alabama Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Dickter, James

475 Sackman Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Dietz, WiUiam Jacob

2 Holbrook Street, Port Jervis, N. Y.
Dimler, Marguerite Caroline

i04-9th Street, Hoboken, N. J.
Dishler, Max

lOi West 47 Street, Bayonne, N. J.
Dorfman, Jacob Simcho

i444-43rd Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Drexler, Jacob

2021 LaFontaine Avenue, New York City
Dubin, William

looi St. Nicholas Avenue, New York City

Duff, Gordon Charles

Thomaston, Litchfield Co., Conn.
DuPIessis, Leon Philip

38 Hubbard Street, Meridon, Conn.
Ebner, Samuel

144 Attorney Street, New York City
Egry, Charles

s8-i8th Avenue, Long Island City, N. Y.
Elinson, Sam

68 East 107 Street, New York City
EUenbogen, Rae Turim, Mrs.

257 East 2 Street, New York City
Fagen, Max

75i6-20th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Failmezger, Theodore Richard

Metuchen, Middlesex, N. J.
Feigenbaum, Robert

606 East 83 Street, New York City
Feiner, Alexander

54 Columbia Street, New York City
Feld, Fischel

754 East 161 Street, New York City
Fenney, Nicholas William

570 Elm Street, New Haven, Conn.
Ferriolo, Anthony Marino

278 St. John's Street, New Haven, Conn.
Finkelstein, Benjamin

770 East 168 Street, New York City
Frankel, Max

156 Second Avenue, New York City
Frey, Benjamin

891 Jefferson Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Friedman, Paul Julius

484 East 164 Street, New York City
Garfunkel, Nelson

1517 Third Avenue, New York City
Gassier, Edward Isidor

207 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Gershovsky, Meyer

i354-5th Avenue, New York City
Gerstein, Max

790 East 152 Street, New York City
Getzoff, Arthur '

961 Simpson Street, New York City
Glatzerman, Benjamin Colchester, Conn.

Glickstern, Isidore

416 East 10 Street, New York City
Goldberg, Isaac

390 Bellevue Street, Hartford, Conn.
Goldberg, Samuel

794 Elsmere Place, New York City
Goldberg, Samuel S.

542 Saratoga Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Goldstein, Samuel Solomon

542 Madison Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Goldstein, Solomon

1053 Avenue C, Bayonne, N. J.
Gradstein, Solomon

88 Avenue A, New York City



Greenberg, Joseph

305 East I2S Street, New York City
Greenberg, Max

Sheldon Avenue, Tarrytown, N. Y.
Greenspun, Julius

294 Capitol Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn.
Gubitosi, Emanuele

301 West 119 Street, New York City
Gurry, Leo Francis

130S Elm Street, Utica, N. Y.
Gutchin, Samuel

66 Powell Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Gutterman, Isadore

607 East 139 Street, New York City
Halper, Benjamin H.

1208 Maple Avenue, Peekskill, N. Y.
Halstater, Aaron

219 Waverley Avenue, Newark, N. J.
Hamudis, David

2869 Bainbridge Avenue, New York City
Harkavy, Isidore Alexander

502 West 177 Street, New York City
Hartman, Otto Louis

944 Emma Street, Elizabeth, N. J.
Hashinsky, Raphael

1720 Bath Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Hauck, Rudolf Otto

35ii-34th Street, Jackson Heights, L. I., N. Y.
Haussman, Paul Julius

379 College Avenue, New York City
Heimoff, Abraham

783 Beck Street, New York City
Heller, Samuel

22 1 1 Second Avenue, New York City
Herman, Minnie

16 West End Court, West End, N. J.
Herschkowitz, Edward Ellie

74 East 114 Street, New York City
Hill, Henry 158 Bay 31 Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Hirsch, Rubin Leon

963 Prospect Avenue, New York City
Holland, Nathan

746 Madison Ave., Bridgeport, Conn.
Holub, George

529 East 72 Street, New York City
Horowitz, Hyman

216 Summer Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Horowitz, Sam

365 South 3 Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Howard, William H.

214 West 141 Street, New York City
Hurwitz, Raymond

30 Halper Street, Hartford, Conn.
Ingram, Chauncey

SI Bristol Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Itzkowitz, William

i7i7-6oth Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Jacobs, Louis

4404-i3th Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Jannuzzi, Patrick

2 Howard Place, Jersey City, N. J.
Kaine, David Harold

HIS Boston Road, New York City
Kaplan, Arthur

2014 Bryant Avenue, New York City
Kaplan, Israel Julius

310 East loi Street, New York City
Kaplan, Louis

S03 Boulevard, Bayonne, N. J.
Karchmer, Harry

37S Brook Avenue, New York City
KatztofF, David

946 Bronx Park South, New York City
Keese, Percival

57 Clifton Place, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Kiesler, Frederick

317 East 18 Street, New York City
Kirsch. Sol

276 East 23 Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Kittay, Morris

52 East 103 Street, New York City
Klatt, Gustave A.

Tallman Place, Englewood, N. J.
Klein, Isadore Fleischmann's, N. Y.

Klugman, Sam

329 East 56 Street, New York City
Knippler, Arthur August

241 Court Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Kobin, Henry

1364 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Kopel, Joseph

2 Bay Terrace, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Kotler, Leo

1938 Loring Place, New York City
Kramer, Saul

1364 Washington Avenue, New York City
Krause, Theodore Nicholas

269 Linden Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Kressner, Bernard

218 East 81 Street, New York City
Kressner, Jack H.

231 Division Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Kurtz, Sam

3 IS East Mt. Eden Avenue, New York City
Kushner, Irwin

1490 Crotona Park East, New York City
Lambert, Israel

1570 Washington Avenue, New York City
Lantzis, Philip

786 East 182 Street, New York City
Lascoff, Dudley Victor

336 West 95 Street, New York City
Lazarovitz, Leo

2123 Clinton Avenue, New York City
Leblang, David

loi Wayne Street, Middle Village, N. Y.
Leibowitz, Leon

594 East 138 Street, New York City



Lellis, Julia

267 Sumpter Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Leone, Daniel

232 Franklin Street, Norwich, Conn.
Levin, Fred

77-i2th Avenue, Paterson, N. J.
Levin, Morris

651 J^ Koscuisko Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Levine, Abraham

48 Temple Place, Passaic, N. J.
Levine, Mortimer

iS68-50th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Levinsky, Max

796 Pembroke Street, Bridgeport, Conn.
Levitch, Nathaniel

i640-78th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Liberman, Bennett

17 Attorney Street, New York City
Liberman, Samuel Solomon

17 Attorney Street, New York City
Linzer, Samuel

721 Hancock Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Lipman, Louis

54 Jefferson Street, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
Lipschutz, Joseph H.

los So. 9th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
McCoy, Alfred Lawrence

47 Park Avenue, Port Chester, N. Y.
McKaba, George

134 State Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Magaram, Henry

no Delancey Street, New York City ^
Mandell, Adolph Herman

191 Moore Street, Barberton, Ohio
Marano, Rosario

304 East 106 Street, New York City
Margolin, Abraham

59 East 100 Street, New York City
Marotta, Attillo R.

104-14 Edson Place, Corona, N. Y.
Marshall, Francis Edward

203 Buffalo Street, Fulton, N. Y.
Mascia, Violet

759 North Oak Drive, New York City
Maslinoff, Joseph Louis

3 Jaggar Avenue, Flushing, L. L, N. Y.
Mayzell, Julius

55 Cooper Avenue, Long Branch, N. J.
Megibow, Morris

I2i-i7th Street. W. New York, N. J.
Meyers, Abe

ii58-5Sth Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Miale, Joseph Peter

341 East 16 Street, New York City
Milliman, George E.

13 Upton Park, Rochester, N. Y.
Millindorf, Hyman Box 291, Colchester, Conn.
Mintzis, Schlioma A.

245 E. Broadway, New York City

Mirsky, Fred >

927 East 181 Street, New York City
Monza, Peter Frank

128 West 48 Street, New York City
Moore, Edward Willis

624 Broadway, Newburgh, N. Y.
Munves, Lillian

6622-22nd Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Murphy, Harry Edwin

Main Street, Chateaugay, N. Y.
Murray, John Leslie

107 Clove Avenue, Haverstraw, N. Y.
Naidorf, Charles

518 Saratoga Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Naylor, Montford David

235 East 75 Street, New York City
Nebel, Arthur David

393 East 35 Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Nemiroff, Israel

1178-42 Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Nemzer, Samuel

60 East 117 Street, New York City
Nerrie, James Scott

7 Lafayette Avenue, Beacon, N. Y.
Nevelsky, Harry

79 East 107 Street, New York City
Norr, George August

42 Coplar Street, Jersey City, N. J.
Oberweger, Maurice

1 25 Division Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
OrUck, Isidore

152 Newport Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Ostrow, Charles

677 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Oxley, Barrett 172 Broadway, Long Branch, N. J.
Papalia, Peter

6oo-3Sth Street, No. Bergen, Woodcliff, N. J.
Papalinsky, Harry

looi Lincoln Place, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Parks, C. Clayton

4 Park Avenue, Ext., Naugatuck, Conn.
Passman, Meyer

636 Essex Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Pawlik, Alexander

23 Terrace Avenue, W. Paterson, N. J.
Pearl, Frank Aaron

55 West no Street, New York City
Pearlman, Isidore T.

319s Fulton Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Peller, Frank

867 DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Perkins, Harold Ausmer

39 Forest Avenue, Glen Cove, N. Y.
Petter, Elias

760 Trinity Avenue, New York City
Petter, Philip

760 Trinity Avenue, New York City
Picower, Abraham Harry

1045 Lowell Street, New York City



Plaskowitz, Philip « Rudes, Isaac i5i-2nd Avenue, New York City

286 East 3 Street, New York City Ryan, William Francis
Platzman, Philip 1622 Bennett Street, Utica, N. Y.

1242 Boynton Avenue, New York City Sabella, John Frank
Plotkin, Maurice Eli 91 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.

119-iSth Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Sager, Julius
Pokorny, Frank Joseph 95 West 41 Street, Bayonne, N. J.

361 East 71 Street, New York City Samnick, Milton
Poliakoff, Solomon 83s West 178th Street, New York City

1776 Weeks Avenue, New York City Samourkashian, Manook N.
Pollack, Isidore 37 Howell Place, Arlington, N. J.

107 Bay 13th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Sanders, Joseph

Pollack, Sol

52 Reid Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Polo, Nathan

4718 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Bklyn, N. Y.
Propper, Ruth Hortense

225 Chestnut Street, Garfield, N. J.
Rabinowitz, Harry William

57 Shpoler Avenue, Corona, N. Y.
Rabinowitz, Leo

i422-2nd Avenue, New York City
Rackard, George Martin

14s West 135 Street, New York City
Rappaport, Philip

172 Monroe Street, New York City
Reiser, Abraham

22 West ii8th Street, New York City
Ricciardelli, Sylvia

241 Montgomery Street, Jersey City, N. J.
Rich, Leonard 134 Maple Avenue, Rye, N. Y.
Rippert, Gomer Jenner

995 Union Avenue, New York City
Sass, Julius Hankins, Sullivan Co., N. Y.
Savadsky, Isaac

705 Belmont Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Savin, Maurice

48 Hurlburt Street, New Haven, Conn.
Saylor, Joseph W.

200 South Duke Street, York, Pa.
Scandiffio, Nicholas Robert

16 Grand Avenue, Baldwin, N. Y.
Schaeffer, Sophie

loi West 115 Street, New York City
Schenfeld, Joseph

no West 119th Street, New York City
Schneiderman, Jack

2953 West 28 Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Schulman, Max

171 Broadway, Newburgh, N. Y.
Schwartz, David

93i-48th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

176 Center Street, Ellenville, N. Y. Schwartzkroin, Isaac

Roemer, Sidney Saul

1222 Ward Avenue New York City

977 Simpson Street, New York City Scognamiglio, Pasquale
Rosenberg, David 10 Marshall Street, Paterson, N. J.

1364 Brook Avenue, New York City Scolney, Isaac Joseph
Rosenberg, Emanuele 889 East 176 Street, New York City

126 Cannon Street, New York City Selinger, Benjamin
Rosenberg, Samuel 91 Debevoise Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

156 Bassett Street, New Haven, Conn. Seller, Joseph

Rosenblum, Goodman

37 Tapscott Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Rosenfield, Charles

190 Windsor Street, Hartford, Conn.
Rosenofif, Arthur

35 Harrison Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Seloff, Ida

1662 Boston Road, New York City
Serote, Morris

68 Garden Street, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

938 Intervale Avenue, New York City Shaffet, Nelson

Rosenzweig, Blanche Ada

361 Halsey Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Rosinger, Nicolaus

650 Linden Boulevard, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Sharal, Daniel

i420-49th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

480 East 141 Street, New York City Shavitz, Samuel

Roth, Moe

416 Undercliff Avenue, Edgewater, N. J.

906 East 178 Street, New York City Sher, David 184 School Street, Quincy, Mass.

Rothfeld, Joseph Shuman, Max

129s Madison Avenue, New York City 945 Main Street, New Rochelle, N. Y.

Rothstein, Joseph ■ Siegel, Aaron Joseph

286 East Broadway, New York City no Potter Street, New London, Conn.

Rovero, Elizabeth Siegel, Hyman

304 East 28 Street, New York City 20 Herzel Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.



Siegel, Jacob

29 East 104 Street, New York City
Siegel, Jacob N.

78ii-i8th Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Silberfarb, Louis B.

1306 College Avenue, New York City
Silverman, Herbert Henry

272 Varick Street, Jersey City, N. J.
Silverman, Isidore

369 Vernon Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Simpson, Charles Harland, Jr.

188 Broadway, Newburgh, N. Y.
Sklar, Nathan

27 Rutgers Street, New York City
Slavin, Jacob

632 East II Street, New York City
Smith, Morton Ralph

174 East 71 Street, New York City
Smith, Richard Schofield

50 Sylvan Street, Rutherford, N. J.
Soil, Samuel

77 East 4 Street, New York City
Stein, Max

III East 118 Street, New York City
Stella, Nello

351 East 19 Street, New York City
Stenzler, Abraham

25 East 99 Street, New York City
Stoeffler, Harold

21 Henry Street, Waterbury, Conn.
Stoliar, Abraham

i6s Garfield Avenue, Long Branch, N. J.
Strumph, Nathan

302 East 100 Street, New York City
Sussman, Harry

559 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Sutin, Samuel Charles

1724 Washington Avenue, New York
Swersky, Israel

47 Cooper Avenue, Long Branch, N. J.
Temliak, Irving

48 East 103 Street, New York City
Terranova, Dominick

Purdy Street, Harrison, N. Y.
Tlndall, George Richard

136 Liberty Street, Long Branch, N. J.
Tobolsky, Abraham

8 East 97 Street, New York City
Travis, Louis

3972-3rd Avenue, New York City
Triolo, Peter

79 Jamaica Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Trumpler, Philip

681 East 221 Street, New York City
Turetzky, Charles

loi W. Main Street, Norwich, New London,

Tweedy, Irving Ira

74 Tompkins Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Ultan, Harry

875 Fairmount Place, New York City
Underwood, Ralph Edward

233 Duncan Avenue, Jersey City, N. J.
VanBlarcom, Vernon Bristol

46 Armstrong Avenue, Jersey City, N. J.
Vener, Benjamin

336 Green Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Vertes, William

31S West 54 Street, New York City
Vigliano, Mario

219 Grand Street, New York City
Wallach, Harry

i649-78th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

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