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Country Day School, Kansas City, Mo., 1914-15; Browning School,
New York, N. Y., 1915-18. Died December 29, 1918, St. Petersburg,

Married November, 1916, Mira McKinney, of Northport, N. Y.


August 17, 1884, Bristol, Ind.

With the Fleming H. Revell Company, publishers, New York, N. Y.,

Married September 9, 1916, Mary McKelvey, of Spuyten Duyvil,
N. Y. Child: Mary Clark, b. December I, 1917.
Address : Spuyten Duyvil, N. Y.

2723. STANLEY GILMAN BARKER. B.A. (high hon., gen.
sch.) ; LL.B., Harvard University, 1912. A. K. E. 4>. B. K. Born
November 26, 1887, Worcester, Mass. Son of No. 1033.

Studied in Harvard Law School, 1909-12. Practised law in Boston,
Mass., 1912-17. Attended Second Officers Training Camp, Plattsburg.
N. Y., 1917. Commissioned first lieutenant, Coast Artillery Reserve
Corps, U. S. Army, November, 1917; promoted to captain, August, 1918.
Discharged, December, 1918. Practising law in Worcester, Mass.,

1919 . Instructor in Commercial Law, School of Commerce and

Finance, Northeastern College.

Married October 2, 1920, Margaret Ines Oaksmith, of Cambridge,

Address : 41 Brighton Road, Worcester, Mass.

2724. F[RISBIE] JAY BATES. B.S. Born April 17, 1884,
Brooklyn, N. Y.

Principal of High School, Old Mystic, Conn., 1909-10. Taught in
Somes School, Aurora, N. Y., 1910-11. Principal of High School,
Windsor Locks, Conn., 1911-12; Westport, Conn., 1912-14; Barton
Academy and Graded School, Barton, Vt., 1914-19. Teacher of com-
mercial subjects, Maury High School, Norfolk, Va., 1919 .

Married June 26, 1912, Edith Mae Varney, of Middletown, Conn.
Child: Craig Stanton, b. October 4, 1918, d. October 17, 1918.

Address : Maury High School, Norfolk, Va.

2725. GILBERT HAVEN BISHOP. B.A. A. A. <J>. Born
December 24, 1888, Baltimore, Md. Brother of Nos. 2473 and 3057.

Member of firm, Bishop & Ely, scientific tree surgery, Los Angeles,
Cal., 1910-13. Engaged in farming in Maryland, 1913-15; ranching in
California, 1915-17. Clerk, E. C. Horst Company, San Francisco, Cal.,
1918; American Railway Express Cqmpany, 1919 .

Married January 14, 1913, Margaret Mason Van Dyke, of Alameda,
Cal. Children: Margaret Van Dyke, b. November 6, 1913; Gilbert
Haven, b. July 16, 1916.

Address : 1437^ Eighth St., Santa Monica, Cal.


. GRADUATES. [1909

2726. WALTER PARKS BLISS. B.A. (lion., gen. sch.) ; M.A.
(on exam.), 1910; M.D., Columbia University, 1916. X. ^. 4>. B. K.
Born June 21, 1889, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Graduate student, Wesleyan University, 1909-10. Bacteriologist, Con-
necticut State Board of Health, Middletown, Conn., 1910-11. University
Fellow in Bacteriology, Columbia University, 1911-12. Student Assistant
(Doughty Scholar) in Bacteriology, College of Physicians and Surgeons,
Columbia University, 1912-16. Interne on the Medical Staff, Presby-
terian Hospital, New York, N. Y., 1916-17. Commissioned first lieu-
tenant, Medical Corps, U. S. Army, October, 1917; promoted to captain,
January, 1918. Instructor in Medicine, Johns Hopkins Medical School,
1919-21. Assistant physician, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1919-21. Prac-
tising medicine, Pasadena, Cal., 1921 . Junior attending physician,

Los Angeles County Hospital, 1921 .

Married June 19, 1918, Luella Elizabeth Searing, of Upper Montclair,
N. J. Child: Howard Searing, b. May 25, 1919.

Address : Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Pasadena, Cal.


August 2, 1887, East Hartford, Conn.

With the Historical Calendar Advertising Company, New York, N. Y.,
1910; Connecticut Fire Insurance Company, Hartford, Conn., 1910-12.
Studied in Y. M. C. A. College, Springfield, Mass., 1912-13. Immigrant
secretary, Y. M. C. A., New Bedford, Mass., 1913-14. Welfare work
secretary, Shetucket Company, Norwich, Conn., 1914-15. Salesman,
1916 (now with Connecticut General Life Insurance Company).

Married October 7, 1914, Minnie Sarah Gibbs, of East Hartford, Conn.
Child : Ruth Gibbs, b. July 28, 1915.

Address : 1 1 Lynn St., East Hartford, Conn.

2728. CHARLES PRATT CANHAM. B.A. <S>. N. 0. Born May
13, 1888, Alfred, Me.

Salesman, Library Bureau, Boston, Mass., Philadelphia and Scranton,
Pa., 1909-18; in general sales department, New York, N. Y., 1918 .

Married April 22, 1913, Beulah Joralemon, of Germantown, Pa. Chil-
dren : Charles Pratt, b. February 7, 1914; Helen Louise, b. July 29, 1916;
Janet, b. May 3, 1920.

Address: 316 Broadway, New York, N. Y. Residence: 526 Park St.,
Upper Montclair, N. J.

2729. FRANK EVERETT CARRUTH. B.A.; Ph.D., Cornell

University, 1917. C. C. Born August 20, 1886, Jonesville, N. Y.

Taught in Simsbury, Conn., 1909-10; High School, Port Jervis, N. Y.,
1910-11. Assistant in Chemistry, Cornell University, 1911-12; Special
Research Fellow, 1912-13. Fellow in Chemistry, University of Pitts-
burgh, 1913. Research chemist, North Carolina Agricultural Experiment
Station, 1913-17. Organic and physical chemist, Color Laboratory, U. S.
Bureau of Chemistry, 1917. Chemist, Maywood Chemical Works, N. J.,
1917 .

Married December 24, 1914, Erma L. Ackles, of Ithaca, N. Y. Chil-
dren : Frank Everett, b. June 17, 1916; Esther Jean, b. February 21,

Address : Maywood, N. J.

2730. ROY BULLARD CHAMBERLIN. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.) ;
M.A. (on exam.), 1910. ^. T. Born October I, 1887, Kingston, Pa.

Taught in Jacob Tome Institute, Port Deposit, Md., 1909-10; Taft
School, Watertown, Conn., 1910-12. Studied in Union Theological



Seminary, 1912-15; graduated, 1915. Pastor of Presbyterian Church,
Saranac Lake, N. Y., 1915-17. Engaged in Y. M. C. A. work with
French troops at the Front, July, 1917-August, 1918 ; United War Work
Campaign, September-December, 1918. Secretary, Wesleyan Alumni
Council, 1918-21. Pastor of the Church of Christ at Dartmouth College,
Hanover, N. H., 1921 .

Married September 17, 1914, Alice Maxfield Jacobs, of Danielson,
Conn. Children : Roy Bullard, b. November 20, 1916 ; Martha Cecil, b.
March 4, 1918.

Address: Hanover, N. H.

2731. HERBERT LEE CONNELLY. B.A. <i>. N. 9. Born
September n, 1886, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Salesman, Library Bureau, New York, N. Y., 1909-11 ; David Williams
Company, New York, 1911-15. Central Western manager for The
Building Age and the Metal Worker, Plumber, and Steamfitter, 1915-16.
Salesman, International Sign Company, Cleveland, Ohio, 1916-18.
Private in ist Replacement Regiment, Camp Gordon, Ga., May, 1918;
promoted to corporal, and later sergeant, July, 1918. Served as inter-
preter with Headquarters Troop, 6th Army Corps, in France, and with
School Detachment at University of Grenoble. Discharged, August,
1919. New York salesman, International Displays Company, 1919 .

Married October 16, 1917, Mabel Wells, of Defiance, Ohio. Child:
Hugh Wells, b. October 24, 1920.

Address : 46 W. Sidney Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y.

2732. JAMES FRANKLIN COWAN. B.A. A. A. $. Born July
21, 1886, Middletown, Conn.

Member of firm, Moulton, Forbes & Co., manufacturers of lace
curtains, Boston, Mass., 1909 .

Married December 18, 1909, Hortense V. Fairman, of Middletown,

Address : Wellesley Hills, Mass.

2733. JOHN HENRY COXE. B.A. *. T. Born January 3, 1878,
Morseley, County Durham, England.

Taught in Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pa., 1908-11. In the sales
office, Home Pattern Company, New York, N. Y., 1911-14. Manager,

Norwalk Vault Company, Norwalk, Ohio, 1914 . Minor executive,

U. S. Housing Corporation, Washington, D. C., 1918 .

Married December 19, 1908, Grace Lendrum, of Wilkes-Barre, Pa
Children : Ruth Almeda, b. October 18, 1909 ; Grace Nancy, b. September
25, 1912.

Address : Norwalk, Ohio.

2734. CLARENCE MULFORD DAY. B.S. A. A. <i>. Born May
15, 1885, Newark, N. J. Brother of No. 2413.

With the Newark Tea Tray Company, manufacturers, Newark, N. J.,
1909-10; Hyatt Roller Bearing Company, Newark, N. J., and Detroit,
Mich., 1910-16; United Motors Corporation, New York, N. Y. (assistant
to the president), 1917. President, Perlman Rim Corporation, Jackson,
Mich., 1917-18. President and general manager, Jaxon Steel Product?
Company, Jackson, Mich., 1918 .

Married April 26, 1911, Edna Louise Schwartz, of Newark, N. J.
Children: Adrienne Schwartz, b. August 27, 1912; Stephen Schwartz,
b. January 4, 1915.

Address : 818 Greenwood Ave., Jackson, Mich.



2735. ROLLIN COLEGROVE DEAN. B.S.; M.A., Columbia
University, 1912. ^. T. Born October 20, 1885, Roselle, N. J. Grand-
son of No. 364.

Studied in School of Pure Science, Columbia University, 1909-12.
With the Bausch & Lamb Optical Company, Rochester, N. Y., 1912-20.
Head of purchasing department, The Rockefeller Foundation, 1920 .

Married February 20, 1915, Margaret Amidon Blair, of Brookline,
Mass., who died December n, 1918.

Address : The Rockefeller Foundation, 61 Broadway, New York, N. Y.

2736. EDMUND DOREMUS. B.S. <S>. N. 0. Born November 15,
1886, Montclair, N. J.

With the Stanley Works, New Britain, Conn., 1909-10; E. I. duPont
de Nemours Powder Company, Terre Haute, Ind., and Chicago, 111.,
1910-13; Dominion Cartridge Company, Ltd., Montreal, Canada, 1913-18;
E. I. duPont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del., 1918 .

Married April 14, 1917, Ruth Cook Pyle, of Wilmington, Del.

Address : 4417 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.

2737. CARLL WHITMAN DOXSEE. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.} ;
M.A. (on exam.), 1910; Ph.D., Princeton University, 1916. C. C.
<. B. K. Born September 26, 1887, Bay Shore, N. Y.

Graduate student, Wesleyan University, 1909-10. Instructor in
English, Morningside College, Iowa, 1910-11. Fellow in Princeton Uni-
versity, 1911-13. Instructor in English, University of Kansas, 1913-14
Professor of English Literature, Grove City College, 1914-20;
Pennsylvania College for Women, 1920 .

Married August 12, 1914, Effie Blydenburgh, of Bay Shore, N. Y.

Address: 1153 Murray Hill Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.

2738. JOHN GOTTFRIED FREY. B.A. Born November 28,
1884, Luzerne, Pa.

Methodist Episcopal minister, Wyoming Conference, 1909 .

Married September 14, 1909, Carolyn May Palmer, of Luzerne, Pa.
Children: Russell Palmer, b. September 13, 1910; John Gottfried, b.
April 4, 1914; Caroline Dorothea, b. June 2, 1918.

Address : 240 W. Main St., Plymouth, Pa.

University, 1910. A. K. E. Born August 18, 1881, Winterport, Me.

Graduate student, Cornell University, 1909-10. Taught in El Paso
Military Institute, Texas, 1910-12. Instructor in Economics, Cornell
University, 1912-14. Statistician and accountant, Public Service Com-
mission, First District, New York, N. Y., 1914-20. Assistant auditor,
Cuba Railroad Company, 1920 .

Married September 3, 1910, Louise Calista Troy, of Ithaca, N. Y.
Children: John Troy, b. August 21, 1911; Beatrice Holmes, b. January
21, 1914; Frederick Avery, b. April 24, 1918; Hugh McAllister, b.
February 19, 1920.

Address : Cuba Railroad Co., Camaguey, Cuba.

2740. PHILIP LOMBARD GIVEN. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.) ; M.A.
(on exam.), 1910, and Harvard University, 1910; LL.B., Columbia Uni-
versity, 1915. $. N. e. <. B. K. Born May 6, 1887, Orange, N. J.

Graduate student, Harvard University, 1909-11. Taught Philosophy
in Mount Allison University, Sackville, N. B., Can., 1911-12. Studied
in Columbia Law School, 1912-15. Assistant in Psychology, Harvard



University, 1916. In Wyoming and California, 1916-18. With Division
of Psychology, Medical Department, U. S. Army, January, I9i8-Febru-
ary, 1919. Instructor in Philosophy, Wesleyan University, 1919-20;

Assistant Professor, 1920 .

Address : Middletown, Conn.

November 4, 1882, Hamden, Conn.

Principal of a grammar school, Whitneyville, Conn., 1909-10; Farming-
ton, Conn., 1910-13; High School, Stafford Springs, Conn., 1913-18;
High School, Milford, Conn., 1918 .

Married September i, 1917, Hazel Barbara Butterfield, of Stafford
Springs, Conn. Child: Donald Frederick, b. March 29, 1921.

Address : 7 Plymouth Place, Milford, Conn.


July 6, 1885, Brooklyn, N. Y.

With the Library Bureau, New York, N. Y., 1909-11 ; Brown-Howland
Company, Boston, Mass., 1911-12; Curtis Publishing Company, Phila-
delphia, Pa., 1912. Engaged in farming, West Hartford, Conn., 1913-17.
Attended first Plattsburg Camp, 1917. Commissioned second lieutenant,
Field Artillery; promoted to first lieutenant. Served in France with
301 st Field Artillery. Sales and advertising manager, Luthy Storage
Battery Company, New York, N. Y., 1919-20; the Luthy Company,
San Francisco, Cal., 1921. Representative of Caladero Products Com-
pany, Atascadero, Cal., 1921 .

Address : 536 Mason St., San Francisco, Cal.

February 12, 1887, Medford, Mass.

With the Taplin Manufacturing Company, New Britain, Conn., 1909-
10. Y. M. C. A. secretary, Troy, N. Y., 1910-12. Manager, Hotel
Alvord, East Orange, N. J., 1912 .

Address : Hotel Alvord, East Orange, N. J.

2744. HAROLD SEYMOUR GUY. B.S. X. *. Born December
12, 1887, Middletown, Conn. Brother of J. H. Guy (class of 1896), Alice
B. Guy (class of 1897), and C. B. Guy (class of 1904).

In the insurance and real estate business, Middletown, Conn., with No.

2697 (firm, Guy & Rice), 1909 .

Married December 25, 1920, Ellen Mary Maxson, of Portland, Conn.
Address: 200 Main St., Portland, Conn.

2745. RAYMOND CONFER HALL. B.S. (hon., gen. sch.; sp.
hon., Biol.) ; M.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1914. <. B. K. Born
January 10, 1885, Millheim, Pa.

Taught in High School, Dunkirk, N. Y., 1909-10. Studied in Johns
Hopkins Medical School, 1910-14. Interne, Bellevue Hospital, New
York, N. Y., 1914-16. Practised medicine, Anaconda, Mont, 1916-21.
House surgeon, Women's Hospital, New York, N. Y., 1921 .

Married June 24, 1911, Helen Page Brand, of Detroit, Mich.

Address: Women's Hospital, uoth St., New York, N. Y.

Theological Seminary, 1912. C. C. Born August 30, 1886, Saratoga
Springs, N. Y.

Studied in Drew Theological Seminary, 1909-12. Methodist Episcopal



minister, Troy Conference, 1912 . Engaged in Y. M. C. A. work with

A. E. F. in France, January, ipiS-January, 1919.

Married August 8, 1917, Edna Brown Sterner, of Stroudsburg, Pa.
Child: William Jefferson, b. November 10, 1919.

Address : 450 Hoosick St., Troy, N. Y.

2747. JOHN TIEBOUT HANCOCK. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.) ;
LL.B., New York Law School, 1911. ^. T. Born May 27, 1887, New
Brunswick, N. J.

Studied in New York Law School, 1909-11. Practising law in New
York, N. Y. (firm, Peck & Hancock), 1911 .

Married June I, 1912, Margery Haviland, of Brooklyn, N. Y. Chil-
dren: Eleanor, b. June 17, 1917; John Tiebout, b. September 27, 1919.

Address : 26 Liberty St., New York, N. Y. Residence : 121 Hillside
Ave., Nutley, N. J.

2748. DUDLEY HARMON. B.S. (hon., gen. sch.). $. B. K.
Born November 18, 1886, Meriden, Conn.

On the editorial staff of The Washington (D. C.) Herald, 1909; The
Washington Times, 1909-10. In the Washington Bureau, United Press
Associations, 1910-11; Washington Bur*eau, The Sun, New York, 1911-
15; Washington editor, The Ladies' Home Journal, 1915-18. Assistant
to the president, Manufacturers Association of Connecticut, 1918 .

Married September 20, 1910, Selene Ayer Armstrong, of Washington,
Ga. Children: Dudley, b. November 9, 1912; Carolyn, b. June 4, 1915;
Rose Terry, b. December 23, 1917; Selene Ayer, b. July 14, 1919.

Address : Farmington, Conn.

2749. JOHN TOOKE HARP. B.S. C. C. Born March 27, 1887,
Oneonta, N. Y.

Taught in Tilford Collegiate Academy, Vinton, Iowa, 1909-10.

Principal of a grammar school, Freeport, N. Y., 1910 .

Address : unknown.

2750. OSCAR FRED HEDENBURG. B.A. ; M.A. (on exam.),
1911; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1915. B. 0. II. Born May 6, 1883,
Webster, Mass. Brother of No. 3243.

Assistant in Chemistry, Wesleyan University, 1909-11. Studied in
University of Chicago, 1911-13; Research Instructor, 1913-16. Indus-
trial Fellow, Mellon Institute of Industrial Research, 1916 .

Married March 21, 1914, Lena Raye Potter, of Fitchburg, Mass. Chil-
dren : Lucy, b. March 29, 1916; Marian, b. June 23, 1917.

Address: Mellon Institute, Pittsburgh, Pa.

2751. FRANK LEWIS HEWITT. B.S. ; M. A., Harvard Univer-
sity, 1917. ^. T. Born April 9, 1882, Winsted, Conn.

Taught in Robbins School, Norfolk, Conn., 1909-10; Tilton Seminary,
N. H., 1910-13; Kent School, Conn., 1913-16. Studied in Harvard
Graduate School, 1916-17. Instructor in English, Mass. Institute of
Technology, 1917-20. Instructor in English, Dartmouth College, 1920-21 ;
Assistant Professor, 1921 .

Address : Graduate Club, Hanover, N. H.

2752. FRANK HOWARD KIDDER. B.A. <t>. N. 6. Born Sep-
tember 16, 1886, Litchfield, Conn. Son of No. 1275; brother of R. S.
Kidder (class of 1912).

Taught in Greenwich Academy, Conn., 1909-12; High School, Green-
wich, Conn., 1912-13. Artist, Ansonia, Conn., 1914-16; East Gloucester



and Rockport, Mass., 1916-18. With the Remington Arms Company,

Bridgeport, Conn., 1918-19. Artist, East Gloucester, Mass., 1919 .

Address : 6 Terrace St., East Gloucester, Mass.

Born June 22, 1884, Plantsville, Conn.

Clerk in the treasurer's office, Hampton Institute, Va., 1910.
Address : 59 Rennell St., Bridgeport, Conn.

June 28, 1885, Portland, Me. Brother of No. 2493.

Clerk, U. S. Trust Company, Portland, Me., 1909-14. Teller, First
National Bank, Skowhegan, Me., 1914-18. With Hornblower & Weeks,
Boston, Mass., 1919 .

Married June 12, 1917, Florence Cornelia Mosher, of Portland, Me.
Child : Richard Wendell, b. July 20, 1920.

Address: 72 Morning St., Portland, Me.

2755. WALDO BROSS MACLEAN. B.A. A. A. <i>. Born
November 7, 1887, Brockport, N. Y.

With the Western Electric Company, New York, N. Y., 1909-11.
Manager, Cheltenham Advertising Agency, 1911-12. Advertising man-
ager, Otis Elevator Company, 1912-16. Secretary and business manager,
Welanetz Co., Inc., New York, N. Y., 1916 .

Married June 28, 1913, Viola Pratt, of New York, N. Y. Children:
June, b. June 5, 1914; Carol, b. July 9, 1918.

Address : 2 East 23d St., New York, N. Y. Residence : Bolton
Gardens, Pondfield Road, Bronxville, N. Y.

December 23, 1886, Boston, Mass.

Taught in Holderness School, Plymouth, N. H., 1909-10; El Paso
Military Institute, Texas, 1910-11. Principal, Pinkerton Academy, N. H.,
1911-15. Washington correspondent, Boston Herald, 1915 .

Address : 719 Albee Building, Washington, D. C.

2757. FREDERIC LOUIS MAXIM. B.A. A. A. l>. Born
March 2, 1888, New York, N. Y.

With Maxim & Goldsmith, hat manufacturers, New York, N. Y.,
1909-12. Member of the firm, Maxim & Maxim Company, 1912-14.
With the U. S. Rubber Company, New York, 1914-17, 1918; Packard
Motor Car Company, New York, 1917-18. Private (later corporal)
Coast Artillery Corps, U. S. Army, 1918. With F. C. Strype, sales
agent for paper mills, New York, N. Y., 1919 .

Married May 18, 1918, Wilma Elizabeth Rieger, of New York, N. Y.
Child : Marjorie Jane, b. September 18, 1920.

Address : 521 West iSsth St., New York, N. Y.


November 7, 1881, New Britain, Conn.

With C. D. Parker & Co., bankers, Boston, Mass., 1909-11; Thos. C.
Perkins, investments, Hartford, Conn., 1911-13; Bradstreet Company,
Hartford, 1913-17. Attended Officers' Training Camp, Plattsburg, N. Y.,
1917. With R. G. Dun & Company, Hartford, Conn., 1918-20; Paine,
Webber & Company, Hartford, 1920 .

Address: New Britain, Conn.



2759. *CARLETON FRIEND MILLER. B.S.; Ph.D., Cornell
University, 1914. Born June 13, 1888, Wallingford, Conn.

Assistant in Chemistry, Cornell University, 1909-14. Instructor in
Chemistry, North Carolina State College, 1914-17; Assistant Professor,
1917-19. Professor of Chemistry, Delaware College, 1919-21. Died
November 3, 1921, Newark, Del.

Married May 15, 1918, Estelle Gudger, of Bakersville, N. C. Child:
Mary Carleton, b. January 27, 1920.

2760. DAVID DEWITT MILLER. B.A. A. T. A. Born February
11, 1887, New York, N. Y.

Taught in Montclair Academy, N. J., 1909-11. District traffic manager,
New York Telephone Company, 1911-20. Treasurer, Win. M. Motley
Company, Inc., exporters, 1920 .

Address : 29 Broadway, New York, N. Y. Residence : 80 Greenwich
Ave., Greenwich, Conn.

2761. ERIC McCOY NORTH. B.A. (high hon., gen. sch.} ; M.A.
(on exam.), 1910, and Columbia University, 1910; Ph.D., Columbia,
1914. $. N. 9. 4>. B. K. Born June 22, 1888, Middletown, Conn. Son
of No. 984; brother of No. 2030.

Graduate student, Columbia University, 1909-14. Studied in Union
Theological Seminary, 1910-13; graduated, 1913. Assistant in Sys-
tematic Theology, Union Theological Seminary, 1913-14. Traveled
abroad, 1914-15. Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity,
Ohio Wesleyan University, 1915-17. Associate editor of Sunday School
publications, M. E. Church, 1917 . Assistant secretary, General War-
time Commission of the Churches, 1918. Private, later first lieutenant
and chaplain, U. S. (National) Army, 1918-19. Secretary, department
of education and literature on the foreign field, Board of Foreign Mis-
sions and Sunday School Editorial Office, M. E. Church, 1919 .

Supervisor, literature section, Foreign Survey Division, Inter-Church

World Movement, 1919 . Member, New York East Conference,

M. E. Church, 1918 . Lecturer on Missions, Drew Theological

Seminary, 1919 . Author: Early Methodist Philanthropy, 1915;

The Kingdom and the Nations, 1921. Joint author: Organisation and
Administration of the Sunday School, 1917; The Worker and his Church,

Married April 17, 1920, Gladys Haven (daughter of No. 1153). Child:
Theodora, b. February 8, 1921.

Address: 150 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. Residence: 15 Waldron
Ave., Summit, N. J.

2762. WILLIAM HENRY ODELL, JR. B.S., 1910. A. K. E.
Born July 16, 1887, Akron, Ohio. Brother of No. 2692.

Address: 96 East Ave., Norwalk, Conn.

2763. J[OHN] GREGG PAINE. B.A. X. *. Born July n, 1887,
Columbia, Pa.

Studied in Law School of George Washington University, and
employed in the Census Bureau, Washington, D. C., 1910. Manager,
copyright department, Victor Talking Machine Company.

Address: Care Victor Talking Machine, Camden, N. J.

2764. ROBERT NELSON PATTERSON. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.}.
C. C. Born February 9, 1888, Somerset, Mass. Brother of No. 2693.



Clerk, Hamilton Hotel, Washington, D. C., 1909-15; manager,

Married June 24, 1914, Ruth Myers, of Washington, D. C., who died
December 28, 1918.

Address : Hamilton Hotel, Washington, D. C.

September 29, 1882, Townsend, Mass.

Taught in high schools in Maine, 1909 .

Married December 22, 1915, Julia Reed, of Rumford, Me. Child:
Melvin Sylvester, b. August 25, 1917.
Address: Oldtown, Me.

2766. CHESTER ALLEN RICH. B.S. Born October 25, 1884,
Provincetown, Mass.

Engaged in fruit growing and teaching, 1911-18; in the lumber

business, 1918 .

Address : Graf ton, Mass.

2767. GEORGE WILSON ROBERTS. B.A. C. C. Born Octo-
ber 9, 1886, Wethersfield, Conn. Brother of No. 2097.

In the insurance business, adjuster and special agent, 1909 .

Married June 4, 1921, Helen Monroe, of Boston, Mass.
Address : 99 Milk St., Boston, Mass.

2768. FRANK ALTON SHAILER. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.).
A. T. A. <. B. K. Born March 18, 1888, Haddam, Conn.

In the actuarial department, Travelers Insurance Company, Hartford,
Conn., 1909-11; Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York,
N. Y., 1911-12. Managing director and actuary. Insular Life Assurance
Company, Manila, P. I., 1912-17. In the actuarial department, Equitable
Life Assurance Society of the United States of America, New York,
N. Y., 1917. Assistant actuary, Lincoln National Life Insurance Com-
pany, Fort Wayne, Ind., 1918 . Lecturer on Life Insurance and

Actuarial Science, University of the Philippines, 1916-17.

Married November u, 1913, Elizabeth Katherine Gannon, of New
York, N. Y.

Address: 1102 Rockhill St., Fort Wayne, Ind.

2769. *MELVIN ASA SHAW. B.S. C. C. Born April 16, 1881,
Williamsburg, Mass. Brother of No. 2566.

Taught in High School, Farmington, Me., 1909-10. Principal, High

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