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dren : John Lowell, b. June 12, 1916; Robert Gifford, b. July 19, 1917.

Address : 141 E. 23d St., New York, N. Y. Residence : 50 Label St.,
Montclair, N. J.

3044. RALPH FOSTER WELD. B.S. A. X. P. Born January
27, 1888, Bennington, Vt. Brother of J. W. Weld (class of 1906).

Registrar, Clark University, Atlanta, Ga., 1914-15. Taught in High
School, Schenectady, N. Y., 1916-17. First-class yeoman, promoted to
chief yeoman, U. S. Naval Reserve Force, June, I9i7-April, 1919. In
the accounting department, General Electric Company, Schenectady,
N. Y., 1919-21. Teaching in High School, Middletown, Conn., 1921 .

Married May 18, 1918, Ruth Warren Whiting, of Pittsfield, Mass

Address : 133 Lincoln St., Middletown, Conn.

3045. JAMES ISAAC WENDELL. B.S. A. T. A. Born Septem-
ber 3, 1890, Schenectady, N. Y.

Taught in the Hill School, Pottstown, Pa., 1913-16; assistant to the
headmaster, 1916-21 ; treasurer, 1921 .

Married June n, 1915, Marjorie Potts, of Pottstown, Pa. Children-
James, b. August 3, 1917 ; John Potts, b. September 9, 1919.

Address : The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa.

3046. *HAROLD EWING WITMAN. B.A. A. K. E. Born
February 6, 1891, Berwick, Pa. Brother of No. 3367.

Studied in Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, N. J., 1913-16.
Graduated, 1916. Studied also in New York University and Union
Theological Seminary. With the Educational Department, Home and
Foreign Mission Board, M. E. Church, 1916-17. Died August 6, 1917,
Chicago, 111.


1913-14] GRADUATES.

February 13, 1885, Quincy, Ky. Brother of No. 3286.

Taught in Murphy College, Sevierville, Tenn., 1913-15; High School,
Portsmouth, Ohio, 1915-16; Tilton Seminary, N. H., 1916-17; Wyoming
Seminary, Pa., 1917-18; Marion Institute, Ala., 1918 .

Married June 22, 1916, Blanche Massey, of Sevierville, Tenn. Chil-
dren : Helen Josephine, b. September 19, 1917; Thomas Adamson, b.
March 3, 1919; Katherine Rogers, b. November 19, 1920.

Address: Marion, Ala.

3048. WILLIAM COLCORD WOODS. B.A. (high hon., gen.
sch.; high sp. hon., Biol.} ; Ph.D., Cornell University, 1917. X. *-.
$>. B. K. Born May 9, 1893, Middletown, Conn. Son of No. 1263;
grandson of H. A. Morgan (class of 1852).

Graduate student, and Assistant in Entomology, Cornell University,
1913-17. Instructor in Biology, Wesleyan University, 1917-18. Private,
promoted to first-class sergeant, Medical Corps, U. S. Army, July, 1918-
April, 1919. Served in France with Base Laboratory, Base Section No.

6. Associate Professor of Biology, Wesleyan University, 1919 .

Ordained deacon in the Protestant Episcopal Church, 1919; priest, 1921.

Married June 18, 1918, Ellen Martha Torrey, of Gainesville, N. Y.
Child: Mary Elizabeth, b. September 29, 1921.

Address : 2 Miles Ave., Middletown, Conn.

February 13, 1893, White Plains, N. Y.

General manager, Harlem and Morrisania Transportation Line, New
York, N. Y.

Married June 14, 1916, Helen Rogers, of New York, N. Y. Child :
Louise, b. January 19, 1919.

Address : 255 W. io8th St., New York, N. Y.


February 8, 1891, Galilee, Pa.

Chemist, U. S. Rubber Company, 1914-16. Factory superintendent,
Beacon Fire Company, 1916-17. Enlisted as private, 3o6th Field Artil-
lery, U. S. Army, September, 1917; corporal, 407th Motor Supply Train,
November, 1917. Attended Third Officers Training Camp. Commis-
sioned second lieutenant, Chemical Warfare Service, May, 1918 ; pro-
moted to first lieutenant, July, 1918. Chemist, E. I. du Pont de Nemours
Company, Wilmington, Del., 1919-20. Died November 4, 1920,
Wilmington, Del.

Married September 28, 1918, Laura M. Ross, of Binghamton, N. Y.
Child: Elizabeth Faye, b. October 7, 1919.

3051. ALONZO CLARK ALLEN. B.A. ; M.A. (on exam.), 1915.
C. C. Born January 21, 1890, Gibbstown, N. J.

Graduate student, Wesleyan University, 1914-15. Studied in Yale
School of Religion, 1915-16. Preached in Methodist Episcopal churches,
Great Hill, Conn., 1916-17; North Canton, Conn., 1917-18. Studied in



Crozer Theological Seminary, 1918-19. Baptist minister, Magnolia,
N. J., 1919-20; Cromwell, Conn., 1920 .

Married October 7, 1916, Ellen Philena Fuller, of Middletown, Conn.
Children: Harold Clark, b. November 26, 1918; William Hewitt, b.
December 18, 1920.

Address : Cromwell, Conn.

3052. ELI ALLISON. B.S.; M.S., 1916. C. C. Born December
31, 1880, Bramley, Leeds, England.

Assistant in Physics, Wesleyan University, 1914-16. Taught in High
School, Trenton, N. J., 1916-18; Tome School, Md., 1918-19. Professor
of Mathematics and Physics, Brenau College, 1919 .

Married June 26, 1915, Kathleen Ames Clarke, of Southbridge, Mass.

Address : Brenau College, Gainesville, Ga.

3053. VINCENT BLAKE ALLISON. B.A. A. T. A. Born July
20, 1889, Everett, Mass. Brother of No. 3209.

Taught in Tilton Seminary, N. H., 1914-16. Bond salesman, National

City Company, Boston, Mass., 1916-17, 1919 . Enrolled in U. S.

Naval Reserve, as seaman, first class, November, 1917. Attended Naval
Cadet School, Cambridge, Mass. ; promoted to rating of chief boatswain's
mate. After training, commissioned ensign. Served on U. S. Navy
Transport America, until discharged from active duty, February, 1919.

Address : 81 Maple St., New Bedford, Mass.

3054. JOHN HENRY AMY. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.). C. C.
$. B. K. Born June 8, 1887, East Bangor, Pa. Brother of No. 2718.

Taught in Mercersburg Academy, Pa., 1914-15. In the circulation
department, Current Opinion, New York, N. Y., 1915-16. Taught in the
Pinehurst School, N. C., 1916-17 ; Pennington Seminary, N. J., 1917-18 ;
High School, Kearny, N. J., 1918 .

Married June 14, 1918, Ellen Martha Fowlie, of New York, N. Y.
Child: Robert Noble, b. February 6, 1920.

Address : 288 Chestnut St., Arlington, N. J.

3055. NOEL EDGAR BENSINGER. B.A. (high hon., gen. sch.;
high sp. hon., Ger.} ; M.A., Harvard University, 1915. J>. N. 0. <. B. K.
Born January 20, 1891, Chicago, 111.

Studied in Graduate School, Harvard University, 1914-15, 1916-17.
Instructor in German, Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1915-16; Wes-
leyan University, 1917-18. Attended Officers Training Camp, 1918.
Assistant paymaster, Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation, Boston, Mass.,
1918-19. Assistant tax accountant, General Electric Company, Schenec-
tady, N. Y., 1919-20. Assistant treasurer, Drew Theological Seminary,
1920 .

Married September 20, 1919, Olga Frances Applequest, of Middletown,

Address : Madison, N. J.

3056. EDWARD WAYT BISHOP. B.A. *. T. Born March 21,
1889, Mount Meridian, Va.

In a broker's office, New York, N. Y., 1914-17. President and general
manager, Sheldon Oil Company, New York, 1910 .

Married June 24, 1910, Helen Georgiana MacArthur, of Springfield,
Mass. Child: William Paxton, b. July 16, 1918.

Address: 20 Broad St., New York, N. Y.



3057. RALPH CHESNEY BISHOP. B.S. A. A. 4>. Born

December 25, 1891, Glyndon, Md. Brother of Nos. 2473 and 2725.

In the sales department, Bonbright & Company, bankers, New York,
N. Y., 1914-17. Enlisted in Columbia University Ambulance Unit, June,

1917. Attended Second Officers' Training Camp, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.
Commissioned second lieutenant, Field Artillery, U. S. Army, November,
1917 ; promoted to first lieutenant. Served in France with i8th Field
Artillery, 3d Division, April, I9i8-May, 1919. Wounded, October 14,

1918. Motion picture exhibitor, 1920 .

Married June 25, 1921, Cornelia Ely Norris, of Boonton, N. J.
Address : Johnson City, Tenn.

3058. JOHN EARLE BLOSSOM. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.}. B. e. II.
$. B. K. Born March 24, 1889, Hawley, Pa.

Taught in Barnard School, New York, N. Y., 1913-15; Williamsport

Dickinson Seminary, Pa., 1915-18; Worcester Academy, Mass., 1918 .

Married August 16, 1915, Maude F. Howard, of Portland, Conn.
Address : Worcester Academy, Worcester, Mass.

sch.) ; M.D., Cornell University, 1918. C. C. <i>. B. K. Born April 16,

1891, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Studied in Cornell University Medical School, 1914-18. Commissioned
lieutenant (senior grade), Medical Corps, U. S. Naval Reserve Force.
Served in Naval Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y., June, I9i8-August, 1919.
House physician. Park Hospital, New York, N. Y., 1919 .

Address : 395 Central Park West, New York, N. Y.

3060. RAYMOND TOSTEVIN BOND. B.A. (high hon., gen.
sch.; sp. hon., Eng.) ; M.A., Columbia University, 1915. C. C. <. B. K.
Born July 9, 1893, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Graduate student, Columbia University, 1914-15. Taught in High
School, Richmond Hill, N. Y., 1915-16, 1916-17; Boys High School,
Brooklyn, 1916. Served as private in U. S. Army, 1917-18. Commis-
sioned second lieutenant, Air Service, U. S. Army, 1918. Discharged,

1919. With Doubleday, Page & Company, New York, N. Y., 1919-20;
Dodd, Mead & Company, New York, 1920 .

Married September 24, 1921, Elizabeth Hilt Mullen, of Germantown,
Address: 8735 ii4th St., Richmond Hill, N. Y.

3061. RALPH IRA BOOTH. B.S. (hon., gen. sch.; sp. hon.,
Math.). A. T. A. $. B. K. Born April 13, 1890, Ellenville, N. Y.

In the actuarial department, Travelers Insurance Company, Hartford,
Conn., 1914 .

Married April I, 1918, Clara L, K. Caulfield, of Hartford, Conn.
Child: Marie Ellen, b. February i, 1919.

Address: 30 Webster St., Hartford, Conn.

3062. ROBERT COLEMAN BROWN. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.) ;
LL.B., Harvard University, 1917. A. T. <i>. B. K. Born September 14,

1892, Nichols, N. Y.

Studied in Harvard Law School, 1914-17. Law clerk, Honolulu,

Hawaii, 1917-18; New York, N. Y., 1919 . Served in France as

private in 345th Infantry, U. S. Army, August, I9i8-February, 1919.

Address : 43 Exchange Place, New York, N. Y.



3062fl. *WALLACE JOHN BRYMNER. B.A., 1918. A. T.
Born June 14, 1890, Springfield, Mass.

Left college in the spring of 1914 on account of illness. Engaged in
journalism; with the Middletown (Conn.) Penny Press, Springfield
(Mass.) Republican, Meriden (Conn.) Record, Waterbury (Conn.) Re-
publican, 1914-17; Hartford (Conn.) Courant, 1917-18. In the National
Army (Co. H, H3th Infantry), 1917-18. Killed in action, October 24,
1918, in the Argonne, France.

Born May 6, 1891, Brooklyn, N. Y. Brother of No. 3387.

Studied in Harvard and Columbia Law Schools, 1914-16. In business,

1916-17, 1919 . Attended Second Officers Training Camp, Plattsburg,

August- November, 1917. Commissioned first lieutenant, November,
1917 ; promoted to captain, July, 1918.

Married July 27, 1918, Eunice Locke Grover, of Lowell, Mass. Child:
William Warren, b. April 27, 1919.

Address : 12 Woodland Road, Maplewood, N. J.

3064. FRANK BONYMAN CAWLEY. B.S. *. T. Born March
23, 1891, Salem, Mass.

Address : Ludlow, Mass.

3065. WILLIAM GEORGE CHANTER. B.A. (high lion., gen.
sch.) ; M.A., (on exam.), 1915; S.T.B., Boston University, 1918; M.A.,.
Harvard University, 1920. 3>. N. 0. <. B. K. Born July 29, 1884,.
New Carlisle, Quebec, Canada.

Studied in Boston University School of Theology, 1914-16. Army
secretary, Y. M. C. A., with Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force, 1916-17.
Studied in Boston University and Harvard University, 1917-18. Pastor
of Cliftondale M. E. Church, Saugus, Mass., 1918-19. Instructor in
Ethics and Religion, Wesleyan University (on leave of absence), and
graduate student in Harvard University, 1919-20; Assistant Professor,.

Address : Middletown, Conn.

3066. ERNEST PUTNAM CLARK. B.S. (lion., gen. sch.).
<S>. N. 6. 3>. B. K. Born January 18, 1891, Newton, Mass.

Instructor in Romance Languages, Northwestern University, 1914-16.
Dean and Principal, Elgin Junior College and Academy, 1916-18. De-
partment manager, Butler Brothers, wholesale merchandise, Chicago, 111.,.
1918-21. With R. E. Wilsey & Company, bonds, Chicago, 1921 .

Married June 14, 1916, Grace van Persyn, of Evanston, 111. Child:
Ernest Putnam, b. February 24, 1917.

Address : 645 Hinman Ave., Evanston, 111.

3067. SILAS SKIDMORE CLARK. B.A. ; LL.B., New York
Law School, 1917. A. K. E. Born October 27, 1893, White Plains, N. Y.
Son of F. W. Clark (class of 1885) ; brother of No. 2978.

Studied in New York Law School, 1914-17. With 7th N. Y. Infantry,
National Guard, on the Mexican Border, 1916. Sergeant in same regi-
ment, which later became iO7th Infantry, U. S. Army. Commissioned
second lieutenant, July, 1918; promoted to first lieutenant, November,
1918. Served in France with io7th and I02nd Infantry. Practising law,
1919 .

Married June 15, 1920, Edith Helene Hadden, of Scarsdale, N. Y.
Child : Raymond Shelton, b. September 28, 1921.

Address : 14 Colvin Place, Hartsdale, N. Y.



18, 1892, Springfield, Mass.

Commercial reporter, Bradstreet Company, Inc., 1914-19; R. G. Dun
& Company, 1919 .

Married June 16, 1916, Ruby Madden Millett, of Springfield, Mass.
Children: Mae Gertrude, b. March 6, 1917; Wallace Cargill, b. November
26, 1919.

Address: Si White St., Springfield, Mass.

24, 1888, Paterson, N. J.

Studied in Drew Theological Seminary, 1914-16. Methodist Episcopal
minister, New York East Conference, 1916-17. Attended the Training
School for Chaplains, U. S. Army. Commissioned chaplain with rank
of first lieutenant, September, 1918. Died September 21, 1918, Camp
Devens, Mass.

Married July 28, 1914, Anna Elizabeth Jenkins, of Paterson, N. J.
Child: Jane Elizabeth, b. July 21, 1917.

3070. HOWARD REID CRAIG. B.A.; M.A. (on exam.), 1915;
M.D., Cornell University, 1919. X. *. Born July 15, 1894, New York,

Studied in Cornell University Medical College, 1915-19. Interne,
Memorial Hospital, New York, N. Y., 1919-20; Bellevue Hospital, New
York, 1920-21 ; The Babies' Hospital, New York, 1921 .

Address: The Babies' Hospital, 55th St. and Lexington Ave., New
York, N. Y.

3071. JOHN FRANKLIN DAY. B.A. C. C. Born November
15, 1884, Wesley, Me.

Y. M. C. A. secretary, 1914. Special representative, New England
Mutual Life Insurance Company, 1915-17. Assistant service manager,
Hood Rubber Company, 1918. General sales manager, Charles A. Mann
Realty Company, New York, N. Y., 1919 .

Married August 26, 1915, Mabel E. Turner, of Medford, Mass.

Address : 95 Milk St., Boston, Mass.

3072. ERNEST RAYMOND DODGE. B.A.; M.A. (on exam.),
1915. X. *. Born November 8, 1893, Munich, Germany.

Teaching in Horace Mann School, New York, N. Y.
Address: Horace Mann School, Columbia University, New York,
N. Y.

3073. WILLIAM MUNROE DOX. B.A. B. 6. II. Born October
8, 1893, Richmondville, N. Y.

With the Travelers Insurance Company, Hartford, Conn.
Address : Travelers Insurance Co., Hartford, Conn.

3074. RALPH OLIN DULANY. B.A. (lion., gen. sch.}. A. X. P.
$. B. K. Born July 19, 1893, Fruitland, Md. Son of J. H. Dulany
(class of 1884).

Principal of Grammar School, Hebron, Md., 1915-16. Taught in
Rutgers Preparatory School, New Brunswick, N. J., 1916-17. Attended
First Officers Training School, 1917. Commissioned second lieutenant,
Infantry, U. S. Army, August, 1917; promoted to first lieutenant,
December, 1917. Served in France as Aide to Commanding General,
37th Division, July-October, 1918. Attended School of the Line,



Langres, France, October-December, 1918. Discharged, May, 1919.
In the canning business, Fruitland, Md., 1919 .

Married November 29, 1919, Alice Topley Reihl, of Youngtown, Ohio.

Address: Fruitland, Md.

December 15, 1891, New York, N. Y. Son of No. 1043; brother of
No. 3233.

Manager, Wesleyan Store, and football coach, Wesleyan University,
1914-16. Salesman, Middletown Silver Company, 1917. Attended
Officers Training Camp, Plattsburg, May-August, 1917. Commissioned
second lieutenant, Air Service, U. S. Army, April, 1918. Discharged
January, 1919. Treasurer, Kirby Manufacturing Company, Middletown,
Conn., 1919 .

Married September 21, 1918, Martha Washington Hancock (daughter
of No. 953). Children: Martha Jane, b. February 14, 1920; Sarah
Hancock, b. October 21., 1921.

Address: Kirby Mfg. Co., Middletown, Conn.

3076. VICTOR GERALD FELLOWS [Name changed from
VICTOR GAETANUS FELLINI]. B.A. ; S.T.B., Garrett Biblical Institute,

1916. C. C. Born January 28, 1885, Celano, Italy.

Studied in Garrett Biblical Institute, 1914-16. Methodist Episcopal
minister, Minnesota and Des Moines Conferences, 1918 .

Married April 26, 1918, Edythe Minnie Britt, of Oriskany Falls,
N. Y. Child: Florence Hope, b. June 26, 1921.

Address : Box 126, Gravity, Iowa. ,

3077. JOHN EDWIN FISHER. B.A. A. X. P. Born July 22,
1890, Sunapee, N. H.

Assistant principal, High School, Sunapee, N. H., 1914-16. In poor
health, 1916-17. In the real estate business, 1917-18. Worked for the
Emergency Fleet Corporation as driller, May-December, 1918. In the
mill business, Sunapee, N. H., 1918-20; the automobile business, 1921 .

Married June i, 1918, Harriet Burtt, of Milford, N. H. Child: Robert
Edwin, b. March 15, 1919.

Address: Sunapee, N. H.


July 19, 1892, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y.

Athletic coach, Middlebury College, 1914-15. With the National
Surety Company, New York, N. Y., 1915-16; Carter, Macy & Company,
Inc., New York, 1916-17. Commissioned first lieutenant, U. S. Army,

1917. Wounded in the Meuse-Argonne offensive, October, 1918. Con-
necticut representative, Carter, Macy & Company, Inc., New York, N. Y.,
1919 .

Address: Dobbs Ferry, N. Y.

bia University, 1916. C. C. Born November 24, 1891, New York, N. Y.

Graduate student, Columbia University, 1914-16. Taught in Manual
Training High School, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1915-16; High School, Hacken-
sack, N. J., 1916-20. Principal, High School, Roselle, N. J., 1920 .

Married September 2, 1915, Edith Alva Noll, of New York, N. Y.
Child: Brewster Noll, b. September 17, 1919.

Address: Roselle, N. J.



3080. J. COLLETT FROST. B.A. (high hon., gen. sch.}.
4>. N. 0. <. B. K. Born November 23, 1891, Portland, Me. Brother of
No. 2863.

Taught in St. Luke's School, Wayne, Pa., 1914-17. Commissioned
first lieutenant, Infantry, U. S. Army, November, 1917. Served in
France with 33d British Division. Discharged, March, 1919. Assistant
secretary, Chamber of Commerce, Portland, Me., 1919. Representative,
E. Naumburg & Company, bankers, 1919-21 ; manager, St. Louis office,
1921 .

Address: 1942 Railway Exchange Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.

3081. WARREN CLARK FULLER. B.S. *. T. Born April 16,
1892, Topeka, Kans. Son of F. D. Fuller (class of 1888).

Taught in Monson Academy, Mass., 1914-15. Principal of High
School, Marshfield, Mass., 1915-17. Lived on a farm, 1917-18. Taught
in Columbus Academy, Ohio, 1918-19; Rivers' Open Air School,
Brookline, Mass., 1919-20. Fruit and poultry raiser, 1921 .

Married December 31, 1915, Marion Caroline Walker, of Melrose,
Mass. Children: Edwin Frederic, b. October 23, 1916; Joan Walker,
b. February 9, 1920.

Address : R. F. D., East Pepperell, Mass.

3082. RUSSELL IRVING CARTON. B.S. ; M.S., 1915. A. A. *.
Born July 12, 1891, Summit,. N. J.

Professor of Biology, University of Mt. Allison College, Canada,
1915-16; University of Porto Rico, 1916-20.

Married June 22, 1917, Clara Stoveken, of Ridgewood, N. J. Child:
Richard Irving, b. November 17, 1919.

Address : 34 DuBary Place, Summit, N. J.

August n, 1891, Stormstown, Pa. Son of No. 1558; brother of No.

Clerk, Railway Mail Service, 1914-15. Time clerk and surveyor,
Thompson-Starrett Construction Company, 1915-16. Private in ist
Penn. Cavalry, National Guard, April, I9i5-January, 1917; service on
the Mexican Border. With the Westinghouse Machine Company, 1917 ;
H. W. Johns-Manville Company, 1917-19; Bradford Supply Company,
1919. Instructor, Pennsylvania State College, 1919-20. Engaged in
farming, 1920 .

Married October 18, 1915, Edith Beryl Cline, of Williamsport, Pa.
Children: Marjorie Beryl, b. November u, 1916; Richard Cline, b.
April 8, 1919.

Address: Port Matilda, Pa.

February 12, 1889, Gardiner, Me.

Y. M. C. A. secretary. Commissioned second lieutenant, Infantry,
U. S. Army; assigned to 339th Infantry. Died 1919, Camp Lewis,

3085. RAYMOND AVERY HALL. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.; sp.
hon., Eng.}. $. N. 0. $. B. K. Born March 20, 1891, Auburn, N. Y.
Brother of No. 3412.

Taught in Cheshire School, Conn., 1914-17. Secretary, Navy



Y. M. C. A., 1917. In the Navy Flying Corps, December, 1917-April,
1919. Studying in Drew Theological Seminary, 1919 .

Married November 27, 1918, Anna Louise French, of Cooperstown,
N. Y. Child: Jean French, b. April 9, 1920.

Address: Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, N. J.


Born July 2, 1889, Saugus, Mass.

Manager, Citizens Gas, Electricity and Power Company, Nantucket,
Mass., 1914-18. Superintendent, Salem Gas Light Company, Salem,
Mass., 1919-20. Treasurer and manager, Eastern Service Company,
engineers, Boston, Mass., 1920 .

Married February 18, 1916, Mary LaCroix Holden, of Swampscott,
Mass. Children: Janice, b. June 29, 1918; Carolyn, b. August 13, 1920.

Address : 131 State St., Boston, Mass. Residence : Swampscott, Mass.

3087. HARRY EUGENE HARRIS. B.S. A. K. E. Born April
25, 1888, Yorkville, 111.

Engaged in journalism, 1914-15. With the Southern New England
Telephone Company, 1915-16. Instructor and student, State School of
Mines, El Paso, Texas, 1916-17. Manager, Western Union Telegraph
Company, Camp Kearny, Cal., 1917-19. With the Standard Oil Company,
1919 .

Address: Standard Oil Co., Tupman, Cal.

3088. JAMES BLOOD HASSELMAN. B.S. *. T. Born May
8, 1891, Indianapolis, Ind.

Engaged in real estate promotion, 1914-15. Instructor, Michigan
Agricultural College, 1915-19; Supervisor of Publications, 1919 .

Married November 7, 1914, Dorothy M. Stow (daughter of J. P. Stow,
class of 1875), f Middletown, Conn. Children: James Watson, b.
November 27, 1917, d. January 3, 1918 ; Elizabeth, b. December 30, 1919.

Address : East Lansing, Mich.

exam.), 1915. A. K. E. Born October 17, 1890, Norwich, Conn. Son
of No. 1390.
Address : Y. M. C. A., Boston, Mass.

3090. RICHARD MINER HEWITT. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.; sp.
hon., Eng.) ; M.A., Princeton University, 1917. A. T. A. $. B. K.
Born August 20, 1892, New London, Conn.

Taught in Sanford School, Redding Ridge, Conn., 1914-16. Graduate
student, Princeton University, 1916-17. Enlisted in field hospital unit,
U. S. Army, June, 1917. Detailed for laboratory service, October, 1917.
Promoted to sergeant, March, 1918; sergeant, first class, September,
1918. Discharged, March, 1919. Studying in Cornell University Medical
College, New York, N. Y., 1919 .

Address : 146 High St., Middletown, Conn.

3091. IRA VAUGHAN HISCOCK. B. A.; M.A. (on exam.), 1916.
C. C. Born May 7, 1892, Farmington, Me.

Bacteriologist, Laboratory of Connecticut State Board of Health,
I9J3-I7; I3th Sanitary Unit, American Red Cross, 1917-18. Enlisted as
private in Medical Corps, U. S. Army, May, 1918 ; promoted to sergeant,
July, 1918; second lieutenant, September, 1918; first lieutenant, February,



1919. Served in France with 30th Division. Discharged, April, 1919.
Bacteriologist, City Health Department, Columbia, S. C, 1919-20. In-
structor, Department of Public Health, Yale University, 1920 .

Received Certificate in Public Health, Yale University, 1921.

Married February 26, 1921, Margaret McConway Scoville, of
Northampton, Mass.

Address: Box 1425, Yale Station, New Haven, Conn.

3092. ROBERT PORTER HOLDEN. B.A. A. A. $. Born
January 9, 1890, Coalport, Pa.

Address : Clearfield, Pa.

3093. J[OHN] ROBERT HOLMES. B.A. $. N. 6. Born August
4, 1891, Cherry Creek, N. Y.

Commissioned second lieutenant, Chemical Warfare Service, U. S.
Army, 1917. With the Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.

Married October 5, 1918, Alice Elizabeth Booth, of Rochester, N. Y.
Child : Elizabeth Booth, b. July 12, 1919.

Address : 135 Meigs St., Rochester, N. Y.

3094. ALBERT HYDE HOLT. B.A.; S.T.B., Philadelphia
Divinity School, 1918. C. C. Born March 16, 1886, Bradford, England.

In business, 1914-15. Studied in Philadelphia Divinity School

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