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(Protestant Episcopal Church), 1916-18. Rector of St. Andrew's
Church, Ashland Heights, Pa., 1918-20; Christ Church, Philadelphia,
Pa., 1920 .

Married September 4, 1914, Elsie May Stokes, of Birmingham,
England. Child: Dorothy Florence, b. January 2, 1918.

Address : 3552 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa.

3095. HAROLD LAWRENCE IRVING. B.A. A. A. <l>. Born
December 26, 1891, Cranford, N. J.

Insurance broker, 1914-17. Enlisted in U. S. Naval Reserve, May,
1917. Commissioned ensign, June, 1918. Served on U. S. S. Cape
Remain, on transport duty. Discharged, December, 1918.

Address : 745 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y.

3096. IRA DAVIS JOEL. B.S.; M.S., 1915. B. 6. n. Born May
30, 1892, Fitchburg, Mass.

In the laboratory of the State Board of Health, Middletown, Conn.,
1914-17. With the Kolynos Company, New Haven, Conn., 1917-18,

1919 . Commissioned second lieutenant, Sanitary Corps, U. S. Army,

August, 1918. Served with Evacuation Hospital 36 in France.
Discharged, August, 1919.

Married June 2, 1917, Mildred Luce Keeney, of Waterford, Conn.

Address: The Kolynos Company, New Haven, Conn.

3097. BREWSTER HAWKINS JONES. B.A. (high hon., gen.
sch.; high sp. hon., Greek) ; M.A. (on exam.), 1915. C. C. $. B. K.
Born October 25, 1892, Belleville, N. J.

Graduate student, Wesleyan University, 1914-15; Princeton University,
1915-16. Taught in Mercersburg Academy, Pa., 1916-18. Served in
U. S. Army as sergeant of engineers, June, I9i8-May, 1919. Private
tutor, New York, N. Y., 1919 .

Address : 133 Academy St., Belleville, N. J.



3098. JOHN SIBBIT KEIR. B.A. ; M.A., University of Pennsyl-
vania, 1916. X. SK Born April 5, 1892, Seymour, Conn. Brother of
R. M. Keir (class of 1909).

Assistant, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 1914-15; In-
structor, 1915-17. Commissioned second lieutenant, Ordnance Reserve
Corps, U. S. Army, December, 1917 ; promoted to first lieutenant, Sep-
tember, 1918. In command of Ordnance Training School, University of
Pittsburgh, December, I9i7-May, 1918. Stationed at Ordnance Supply
School, Camp Meade, Md., May-June, 1918 ; office of Chief of Ordnance,
Washington, D. C., June, I9i8-June, 1919. Captain, Ordnance Reserve
Corps, June, 1919. Assistant Professor of Industrial Organization,
Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1919-20; Professor of Industrial
Economics, 1920 .

Married June 6, 1917, Helen Harris Fraim, of Philadelphia, Pa.
Child : David Warren, b. September 12, 1920.

Address: 1415 Severn St., Pittsburgh, Pa. *

3099. JAMES STEPHEN KELLOM. B.S. (hon., gen. sch.).
A. X. P. <. B. K. Born September 18, 1889, Concord, N. H. Brother
of Nos. 3248 and 3595.

Bank clerk, 1914-18. Served in France with I5ist Artillery Brigade,

U. S. Army, July, I9i8-May, 1919. Bank cashier, 1919 .

Married July 17, 1920, Florence I. Smead, of Greenfield, Mass.
Address: Winchester, N. H.

October 3, 1890, Rendham, Pa.
Address : Old Forge, Pa.

December 10, 1893, Amsterdam, N. Y.

Taught in High School, 1914-17. Attended Officers Training School,
Camp Meade, Md., 1917. Commissioned second lieutenant, Infantry,
U. S. Army, June, 1918; promoted to first lieutenant, August, 1918.
Discharged, December, 1918. In a clerical position, 1919 .

Married December 24, 1917, Mary Bingley Hostetter, of Hanover, Pa.

Address: 194 Stock St., Hanover, Pa.

3102. ESDRAS HOWELL LOWRY. B.A. C. C. Born August
13, 1885, Scranton, Pa.

Methodist Episcopal minister, New York East and Wyoming Con-
ferences, 1914 .

Married December 27, 1913, Lynn Chaundy Witman, of Scranton, Pa.
Children: Jane Chaundy, b. December 28, 1914; Lynn May, b. March
26, 1917.

Address: Waverly, Pa.

July 9, 1891, New Britain, Conn.

Studied in Cornell University Medical School, New York, N. Y..
1914-16; Mass. Institute of Technology, 1916-17. Commissioned second
lieutenant, Heavy Artillery, U. S. Army, August, 1917 ; promoted to first
lieutenant, 1917; captain (temporary), March, 1918. Commanded
Battery F (59th Artillery). Served in St. Mihiel Drive and in the



Argonne. Commissioned first lieutenant, Regular Army, to date from
August, 1917; promoted to captain.

Married September 3, 1919, Frances Willard Lyons, of Middletown,
Conn. Children: Burt Randolph, b. August 26, 1920; Wayne Hendrix,
b. October 16, 1921.

Address : Fort Hancock, N. J.

3104. MANUEL MATIENZO. B.A. ; LL.B., Harvard University,
1918. X. ^. Born August 3, 1891, Mayaguez, Porto Rico.

Boys' secretary, Y. M. C. A., San Juan, Porto Rico, 1914-15. Studied
in Harvard Law School, 1915-18. Attended Third Officers Training
Camp, Porto Rico, 1918. Commissioned second lieutenant, Infantry,
U. S. Army, November, 1918. Discharged, January, 1919, with commis-
sion as second lieutenant, Infantry, Officers Reserve Corps. Practising
law, New York, N. Y., 1919 .

Address: 30 Broad St., New York, N. Y. Residence: Harvard Law
Club, 4 E. 49th St., New York, N. Y.

3105. HARRY KNIGHT MILLER. B.A. Born June 20, 1891,
Ocean Grove, N. J.

Methodist Episcopal minister, New York East Conference, 1915 .

Married November 3, 1914, Jessie Susan Jewell, of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Children: Virginia, b. August 31, 1916; Harry Knight, b. April 18, 1920.
Address : 253 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

3106. LYNN SMITH MILLER. B.A. A. T. Born November 29,
1891, Oneonta, N. Y. Brother of No. 2627.

Reporter, Meriden Record, Conn., 1914-15. Editor, Spectator, and
assistant manager, American Newspapermen's Bureau, Indianapolis, Ind.,
1915-17. Private, later corporal, isist Infantry, U. S. Army, June, 1917-
August, 1918. Attended Officers Training School, Camp Hancock, Ga.,
August- November, 1918. Commissioned second lieutenant, Infantry
Reserve Corps, November, 1918. Clerk, Delaware and Hudson Company,
Oneonta, N. Y., 1918-19. Editor of The Tribune, and secretary-treasurer,
Tribune Publishing Company, Royal Oak, Mich., 1919 .

Address: The Tribune, Royal Oak, Mich.

8107. GEORGE LANKTON MOORE. B.A. X. *. Born July
I, 1892, Golden, Col.

Editor, Daily Leader, East Palestine, Ohio, 1914-16. Studied in Union
Theological Seminary and Columbia University, 1916-17. Editor, Trench
and Camp, Camp Upton, N. Y. ; correspondent for several New York
papers, 1917-19. Pastor of South Third St. M. E. Church, Brooklyn,
N. Y., 1919-20. With the Babson Institute, Wellesley Hills, Mass.,
1920 .

Married June 5, 1920, Helen Elizabeth Dougherty, of Brooklyn, N. Y.
Child: George Nelson, b. May 30, 1921.

Address : 12 Hampden St., Wellesley Hills, Mass.

3108. LAWRENCE BEATTY MORSE. B.S. A. A. <i>. Born
June 13, 1892, Newark, N. J.

'In the automobile business, 1914-17. Commissioned second lieutenant,
Coast Artillery Corps, U. S. Army, August, 1917; promoted to first
lieutenant, March, 1918; captain, June, 1918. Served in France with
57th Regiment, Coast Artillery, May, I9i8-May, 1919. With the Cross
& Brown Company, real estate, New York, N. Y., 1920 .

Address : 152 Roseville Ave., Newark, N. J.



3109. H[ERNDON] TUDOR MORSELL. B.S. A. A. <i>. Born

August 2, 1890, Cambridge, Mass.

Traveling salesman, 1914-15. Manufacturers' representative, Washing-
ton, D. C, 1915-18. Attended Officers Training School, Camp Zachary
Taylor, Ky. ; commissioned second lieutenant, Field Artillery, 1918. In
the real estate business, Washington, D. C., 1919 .

Married June 12, 1917, Marian Edella Preston, of Philadelphia, Pa.
Children: Mary Tudor, b. October 22, 1919; Suzanne, b. June 26, 1921.

Address: 713 I4th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Residence: 3702
Morrison St., Chevy Chase, D. C.

3110. LEROY BEAUMONT NOBLE. B.S. C. C. Born June
17, 1891, Cromwell, Conn.

In the newspaper business, New York, N. Y., 1914-17, 1919 . En-
listed in U. S. Naval Reserve Force, May, 1917, with rating of chief
yeoman. On duty at the Naval Radio School, Cambridge, Mass., July,
I9i7-April, 1919.

Address : Daily News, 25 Park Place, New York, N. Y.

3111. ARTHUR FISKE POTTER. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.} ; M.A.
(on exam.), 1915. C. C. $. B. K. Born July 22, 1894, Portland, Conn.
Brother of No. 3348.

In the actuarial department, Travelers Insurance Company, Hartford,
Conn., 1915-17. Enlisted as private in the Canadian Army, October, 1917.
Served in England with 23d Reserve Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary
Force, February, I9i8-July, 1919. Discharged as corporal, July, 1919.
Secretary of the Tax Commissioner, Hartford, Conn., 1919 .

Address: Portland, Conn.


August 17, 1892, Newton Centre, Mass.

Salesman and advertising manager, Brown-Howland Company, Boston,
Mass., 1914-19. Secretary, Babspn Institute, Wellesley Hills, Mass.,
1919-20. Manager, branch service division, Columbia Graphophone
Company, New York, N. Y., 1920 .

Married September 2, 1916, Ruth Holway Wheeler, of Newton, Mass.
Children : Sally Pratt, b. May 30, 1917 ; Jane, b. October 8, 1920.

Address : 1819 Broadway, New York, N. Y.

3113. ALBERT SEARS PRUDEN. B.A. (sp. hon., Greek} ; M.A.
(on exam.), 1915. X. *. Born December 15, 1891, Hartford, Conn.

Studied music, New York, N. Y., 1915-17. With the Travelers Insur-
ance Company, Hartford, Conn., 1917; Pittsburgh, Pa., 1917-18; Cin-
cinnati, Ohio, 1919; Indianapolis, Ind., 1919-; . Enlisted in Ordnance
Department, U. S. Army, February, 1918. Discharged as sergeant, 1919.

Married January 3, 1920, Archer Small, of Richmond, Va.

Address : 3819 College Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.

3114. JOHN REEDER REEVES. B.A. C. C. Born November
14, 1891, New Brunswick, N. J.

In the produce business, Little Silver, N. J., 1914-15. Methodist
Episcopal minister, New Jersey Conference, 1915-21.

Married October 21, 1914, Margaret Maddock Dickhaut, of Jamaica,
N. Y. Children : Frances Barbara, b. July 5, 1915 ; Edward Harvey, b.
September 18, 1916; Margaret Anna, b. January I, 1918.

Address : 270 Lafayette Ave., Hawthorne, N. J.



May 21, 1891, New York, N. Y.

Textile salesman, Wm. H. Robertson Company, New York, N. Y.,
1914-17. With Fergus Motors of America, Newark, N. J., 1917-18;
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, Jersey City, N. J., 1918-20;
Sunbeam Chemical Company, Jersey City, N. J., 1920-21 ; Charles E.
Miller, Newark, N. J., 1921 .

Married April 5, 1919, Helen Burt Rovey, M.D., of New York, N. Y.

Address: 41 Forest St., Montclair, N. J.

October 17, 1890, Springfield, Mass.

Cashier, Travelers Insurance Company, Hartford, Conn., 1914;
Minneapolis, Minn., 1914-15; Baltimore, Md., 1915-16; Hartford, 1916-
17; Springfield, Mass., 1917-18; Rochester, N. Y., 1918-19. Manager,
life and accident departments, office of Gilmore & Goldthwaite, general
agents for the same company, Springfield, Mass.,- 1919 .

Married January 19, 1916, Pauline Lyon Stebbins, of Springfield,
Mass. Child: Eleanor, b. August 29. 1919.

Address : 61 Trinity Terrace, Springfield, Mass.

3117. *GEORGE MILES ROGERS. B.A. A. X. P. Born No-
vember 16, 1893, Wardsboro, Vt. Son of No. 1660; brother of No. 3461.

Studied in the Boston (Mass.) School of Drawing, 1914-15. In poor
health, 1915-16. Died December 8, 1916, Gloucester, Mass.

3118. RICHARD ALFRED ROSSITER. B.A. (high hon., gen.
sch.) ; M.A., University of Michigan, 1920. C. C. <J>. B. K. Born
December 19, 1886, Oswego, N. Y.

Taught in Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, Lima, N. Y., 1914-19. Assist-
ant in Astronomy, Detroit Observatory, University of Michigan, 1919-

20; Assistant Astronomer and Instructor, 1920 ; graduate student,

1919 .

Married April 4, 1915, Jennie Blanche Van Dusen, of Camillus, N. Y.
Children: Laura Etta, b. September 26, 1916; Alfred Curtis, b. August
i, 1918.

Address : 1710 Geddes Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich.

3119. JOHN IRVING RO WELL. B.S. A. A.*. Born September
23, 1890, Sunapee, N. H.

With the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio, 1914-17,

1919 . Enlisted in the U. S. Naval Reserve Force, July, 1917.

Served on mine-sweeper and patrol boat. Attended Officers Training
School, Newport, R. I., October-December, 1918. Commissioned ensign,
January, 1919.

Married September 20, 1919, Elizabeth Alexander Pitkin, of Akron,

Address : 682 W. Market St., Akron, Ohio.

Harvard University, 1917. <. N. 0. Born December 23, 1890, Lynn,

Studied in Harvard Law School, 1914-17. Attended First Officers
Training Camp, Plattsburg, N. Y., May-August, 1917. Commissioned



second lieutenant, Infantry, U. S. Army, August, 1917. Discharged
December, 1918. Practising law in Boston, Mass., 1919 .

Married August 21, 1917, Esther Hawley, of Farmington, Conn. Chil-
dren : Alice Hawley, b. March 26, 1919; Helen Flanders, b. October 28,

Address: 933 Tremont Bldg., Boston, Mass. Residence: 45 Banks
Road, Swampscott, Mass.

Born October 25, 1892, Washington, N. J.

With Lee, Higginson & Company, New York, N. Y., 1914-17, 1919 .

Enlisted in U. S. Naval Reserve Force as second-class seaman, May, 1917.
Commissioned ensign, February, 1918. Stationed at Azores Islands,
February, I9i8-February, 1919. Discharged, March, 1919.

Married June 24, 1919, Lois Foulston Sinnock, of Newark, N. J.

Address : 381 Meadowbrook Lane, South Orange, N. J.

3122. PETER ADAM SCHNEIDER. B.A.; M.S., University of
Vermont, 1917. X. SP-. Born August n, 1893, Scranton, Pa. Brother
of No. 2450.

Instructor in Zoology, University of Vermont, 1914-16; Acting Pro-
fessor, 1916-17. In the Medical Corps, U. S. Army, sergeant-major at
Base Hospital, Camp Devens, Mass., 1917-19. In business, 1919 .

Married April 21, 1921, Esther A. Schautz, of Scranton, Pa.

Address : 1718 Washington Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

3123. RALPH GORDON SICKELS. B.A. ^. T. Born August
2, 1892, Indianapolis, Ind.

Taught in Culver Military Academy, 1915-17. Commissioned first
lieutenant, Infantry, U. S. Army, 1917. Promoted to captain, and served
as regimental adjutant. Secretary, John J. Morgan Advertising Agency,
Boston, Mass., 1919-20; Detroit, Mich., 1920 .

Address : 1404 Jefferson Ave., East Detroit, Mich.


August 22, 1892, Sparkill, N. Y.

Served in U. S. Naval Reserve Force, 1918. With the Travelers
Insurance Company.

Address : Box 33, Piermont, N. Y.

3125. *FLOYD ALONZO STEVENS. B.A. (sp. hon., Psych.).
C. C. Born November 4, 1889, Jersey City, N. J. ,

Studied in Graduate School, Columbia University, 1914-17. Enlisted
in the Ambulance Corps, May, 1917. Killed, June 12, 1918, while trying
to save a number of wounded men.

December 8, 1892, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Brother of No. 2892.

Taught, 1914-16. In the banking business, 1916 .

Address : Livingston Ave., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y.

3127. HUGH CLARK STUNTZ. B.A. A. T. A. Born June 29,
1892, Naini Thai, India. Brother of No. 2835.

Graduate student, Cornell University, 1914-16. Studied in Garrett
Biblical Institute, 1916-17, 1919 . Served in Army Y. M. C. A.,



August, 1917- July, 1918; chaplain, i66th Infantry, U. S. Army, July,
I9i8-May, 1919.

Married November 28, 1917, Florence M. Wolford, of Ithaca, N. Y.

Address: 1958 Sheridan Road, Evanston, 111.

Law School, 1920. Born July 15, 1889, Kenyonville, N. Y.

Taught in High School, Albion, N. Y., 1914-15- Studied in Albany
Law School, 1915-17, 1919-20. Enlisted in 3q7th Field Artillery, U. S.
Army, September, 1917. Slightly wounded in the Argonne offensive.
Member of A. E. F. student detachment in British universities, March-
July, 1919. Discharged as corporal, August, 1919. Practised law in
Buffalo, N. Y., 1920-21 ; Albion, N. Y., 1921 .

Address : Albion, N. Y.

3129. WILLIAM HARRY SUTTON. B.S.; M.A., Columbia
University, 1916. C. C. Born February 10, 1890, Paterson, N. J.

Engaged in business, 1914-15. Studied in Teachers' College, Columbia
University, 1915-16. Instructor in commercial branches, High School,
Hackensack, N. J., 1916-18. Engaged in private school administration,
1918-20. Supervisor of General Education, U. S. Army, 1920-21.

Married Marion B. Slockbower, of Brooklyn, N. Y.

Address: Paterson, N. J.

3130. NORMAN THIRKIELD. B.S. $. N. 6. Born December
14, 1891, Atlanta, Ga. Grandson of No. 284; brother of No. 2707.

Engaged in Government research, Bureau of Municipal Research, New
York, N. Y., and Institute for Government Research, Washington, D. C.,
1914-17. Attended First Officers Training Camp, Plattsburg, N. Y., 1917.
Commissioned second lieutenant, Field Artillery, U. S. Army, August,
1917; promoted to first lieutenant, September, 1917. Served in France
with 305th Field Artillery. Discharged, May, 1919. Industrial secretary,
Chamber of Commerce, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1919-20. Assistant secretary,

J. H. Williams & Co., manufacturers, Brooklyn, 1920 . Joint author:

Principles of Personnel Administration (Institute for Government

Address : Care J. H. Williams & Co., Brooklyn, N. Y.

November I, 1889, Portland, Me.

Canvasser and salesman, Portland (Me.) City Directory, 1914-15.
Salesman *and collector, Deering Coal and Wood Company, Portland,

1915. Audit clerk, Maine Central Railway, 1915-18, 1919 . Private,

74th Infantry, U. S. Army, July-October, 1918; promoted to corporal,
October, 1918; sergeant, December, 1918. Discharged, January, 1919.

Address : 70 Gray St., Portland, Me.

Born September 15, 1892, New Britain, Conn. Brother of No. 2642.

In business, Middletown, Conn., 1914-17, 1919 . Commissioned

second lieutenant, Air Service, U. S. Army, April, 1918 ; honorably
discharged, October, 1919.

Married March 26, 1918, Ethel May Wanless, of Boston, Mass. Child:
Marjorie Wanless, b. October 7, 1920. -

Address : Middletown, Conn.



3133. HENRY HYDE TRUE. B.S. A. K. E. Born May 9, 1893,
Washington, D. C. Son of No. 1030.

Chemist, Armour Fertilizer Works, Chicago, 111., 1914-16; assistant
superintendent, Chicago factory, 1916-18; superintendent, 1918-20.
Address : 1604 i;th St., N. W., Washington, D. C.

3134. ALLEN DODGE WHEELER, JR. B.S. A. A. $. Born
August 6, 1892, Hyde Park, Mass.

Experimental engineer, Goodyear Rubber Company.
Address : 1512 King St., Toronto, Ont, Canada.

3135. R[ANSOM] ERNEST WILCOX. B.A. X. *. Born May
31, 1892, New York, N. Y.

Salesman, General Fireproofing Company, 1914-16; district sales
manager, 1916-17. Commissioned second lieutenant, Infantry, U. S.
Army, August, 1917; promoted to first lieutenant, September, 1917;
captain, December, 1917. Served in France with 8o8th Infantry
(colored), 92d Division, August, I9i8-June, 1919. Special representative,
General Fireproofing Company, Youngstown, Ohio, 1919 .

Married November i, 1919, Elizabeth C. Sturgis, of Uniontown, Pa.

Address : 177 Tod Lane, Youngstown, Ohio.

August 18, 1891, Tacoma, Wash. Brother of No. 2778.

Statistician, Diehl Manufacturing Company, Elizabeth, N. J., 1914-15.
Assistant to sales manager, Whitehead & Hoag Company, Newark, N J.,
1915-19. Sales representative, Bastian Brothers Company of Rochester,
N. Y, 1919 .

Married October 26, 1912, Katie Osterhout, of Perth Amboy, N. J.
Child: Anita Martha, b. June n, 1917.

Address : 49 Woodruff Place, Perth Amboy, N. J.

3137. HAROLD PURCELL WINCHESTER. B.A. (lion., %en.
sch.}. A. K. E. <. B. K. Born July 12, 1892, Brooklyn, N. Y. Brother
of No. 3481, and of E. B. Winchester (class of 1916).

Clerk, New York State Audit Company, Albany, N. Y., 1914-16.
Attended Officers Training Camp, Madison Barracks, N. Y., 1917.
Commissioned second lieutenant, Quartermasters Corps, U. S. Army,
August, 1917; promoted to first lieutenant, May, 1918. Assistant
treasurer, J. B. Lyon Company, State Printers, Albany, N. Y., 1919 .

Married August 20, 1917, Lois Teal, of Indianapolis, Ind. Children:
Harold Purcell, b. April 6, 1918; Ruth, b. October 10, 1919.

Address : 590 Morris St., Albany, N. Y.

3138. HAROLD ABBOTT WOOSTER. B.A.; M.A. (on exam.),
1915. C. C. Born September 29, 1892, Northfield, Conn.

Graduate student, Wesleyan University, 1914-15. In training for
library work, 1915-17. Enlisted in U. S. Naval Reserve Force, May,
1917. Served as seaman, first-class, and quartermaster, first-class, on
U. S. S. Rutoma, July, I9i7-January, 1918. Attended Officers Training
School, Pelham, N. Y., January-April, 1918. Commissioned ensign,
April, 1918. In command of Sub-chaser 55, April-September, 1918;
group commander of three sub-chasers, September-December, 1918. In
Library War Service, January- September, 1919. Librarian, Westfield
Athenaeum, Mass., 1919 .


1914-15] GRADUATES.

Married September 15, 1917, Violet Scriver, of Toronto, Canada.
Children: Harold Abbott, b. January 3, 1919; Warren Scriver, b.
February 20, 1921.

Address : Westfield Athenaeum, Westfield, Mass.

3139. HIRAM WALTER YOUNG. B.S. A. T. A. Born
November 5, 1890, York, Pa.

With the Dispatch Publishing Company, York, Pa., 1914 .

Married February 25, 1915, Sarah Victoria Paine, of York, Pa. Chil-
dren : Sarah Elizabeth, b. August 16, 1917; Mary Catherine, b. April
4, 1919; Francis Gosnell, b. May 22, 1921.

Address : 535 Madison Ave., York, Pa.


Born February 18, 1893, Steelton, Pa.

President, Pomeroy Ink Manufacturing Company, Newark, N. J.,
1915-17. Served with 26th Division in France as private, corporal,
sergeant, and ordnance sergeant, December, 1917-April, 1919. Secretary,
Cornish Company, Washington, N. J., 1919 .

Address : Washington, N. J.

3141. FRANK LAWRENCE BEATTYS. B.A. <J>. N. 6. Born
November 6, 1891, Brooklyn, N. Y. Son of No. 1382.

Assistant to superintendent of erection department, Anchor Post Iron
Works, New York, N. Y., 1916-17. Attended Second Officers Training
Camp, Fort Myer, Va., September-November, 1917. Commissioned
second lieutenant, Infantry. Appointed to staff of instruction, Machine
Gun School, June, 1918. Promoted to first lieutenant, September, 1918.
Discharged, December, 1918. Assistant factory manager, Aeolian Com-
pany, New York, N. Y., 1919-21 ; manager, Vocalion Recording
Laboratory, 1921 .

Married June 12, 1917, Gertrude Hurst Wilson, of Middletown, Conn.
Child: Raymond Wilson, b. May 12, 1919.

Address : 556 Westfield Ave., Westfield, N. J.

3142. WILLARD ROBERT BELL. B.S. A. T. Born December
12, 1888, Reading, Pa.

Taught in High School, Williamsport, Pa., 1915-20. Principal of High

School, Danville, Pa., 1920 . At Officers Training Camp, Madison

Barracks, N. Y., and in U. S. Army, 1917-18.

Married October 24, 1917, Grace Fleming, of Williamsport, Pa. Chil-
dren : Robert Fleming, b. October 12, 1918; Carolyn Elizabeth, b.
December 19, 1920.

Address: Danville, Pa.

western University, 1920. <J>. N. 6. Born June 9, 1893, San Jose, Cal.

Taught in Kents Hill Wesleyan Seminary, Me., 1915-16. Studied in

Law School, Northwestern University, 1916-17, 1919 . Enlisted in

Base Hospital 12, May, 1917. Served twenty-two months in France,



attached to the British forces. Cited for bravery in action. Practising
law in Indianapolis, Ind., 1920 .

Married October 15, 1921, Alice Buckman, of Kingston, Pa.

Address: 5420 Hibben Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.

3144. CHARLES DANIEL BRODHEAD. B.A. (/ion., gen.
sch.). ^r. T. 3>. B. K. Born May 15, 1894, Downingtown, Pa. Son of
No. 1299 ; brother of No. 2853.

Studied in Union Theological Seminary, 1915-18; graduated, 1918.
Methodist Episcopal minister, Philadelphia Conference, '1917 .

Married June 18, 1919, Elizabeth Arete Burns, of Philadelphia, Pa.
Child: Bickley Burns, b. January u, 1921.

Address : Bryn Mawr, Pa.

3145. READ HESS BROWN. B.S. A. A. j>. Born October 9,
1892, Binghamton, N. Y.

Cashier and office manager, Travelers Insurance Company, Omaha,
Neb., 1915-16; Springfield, Mass., 1916-17; Bridgeport, Conn., 1917-18;
Hartford. Conn., 1918-20. Assistant to the President, Missouri State
Life Insurance Company, 1920 .

Address: Missouri State Life Insurance Co., St. Louis, Mo.

3146. HAROLD ARTHUR BURRELL. B.A. 4>. N. e. Born

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