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October 26, 1892, Brooklyn, N. Y.

With Colgate & Company, 1916-17; Henry W. Peabody, 1917-18.
Enlisted as private in 326th Battalion, Tank Corps, March, 1918. Served
with 1 9th Provisional Motor Transport Company in France, December,
I9i8-March, 1919. Discharged, May, 1919. With Frank Seaman, Inc.,
New York, N. Y., 1919 .

Address : 1409 Albemarle Road, Brooklyn, N. Y.

3147. JOHN WILLIAM BUSCH. B.A. Born May i, 1889,
Astoria, N. Y.

Parole officer, New Jersey Reformatory, Rahway, N. J., 1915-17.
Clerk in the County Clerk's office, Elizabeth, N. J., 1917-19. With Pudor
& Pudor, certified public accountants, Newark, N. J., 1920. Office
manager, Petty's Drug Store, Newark, 1920 .

Married April 22, 1916, Sarah Perry Bross, of Rahway, N. J. Child:
Nancy Elizabeth, b. January 24, 1919.

Address: 137 Court St., Newark, N. J.

3148. HOMER FRANKLIN CAREY. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.} ;
M.A. (on exam.), 1916; LL.B., Columbia University, 1921. 3>. B. K.
Born April 13, 1894, Southington, Conn. Brother of No. 3220.

Studied in Columbia Law School. Practising law in New York, N. Y.,

1921 . Served ten months in Medical Corps, U. S. Army.

Address : 27 William St., New York, N. Y.

3149. OTTO CARPENTER. B.S. *. N. 9. Born December 24,
1891, Pittstown, N. Y.

Engaged in investigations 'of methods of production, 1915-18, 1919 .

Served in National Army as private, corporal, and instructor sergeant,
June-November, 1918.

Married June 19, 1917, Helen Freeman Wilson, of Middletown, Conn.
Child: Edward Wilson, b. June 16, 1919.

Address: no N. Waller Ave., Chicago, 111.



3150. ROBERT VALDEN CASSIDY. B.A. *. T. Born July 4,
1891, Graniteville, Mass. Son of No. 1512.

Bond salesman, 1915-17. Enlisted in U. S. Navy, May, 1917. Took
ground school course in Aviation, Mass. Institute of Technology. Com-
missioned' ensign, June, 1918. Served in Ireland. Inactive service, May,
1919. In the real estate business, 1919-20. Manager, Fisk Teachers'
Agency, Boston, Mass., 1921 .

Address : 2a Park St., Boston, Mass.

gen. sch.; sp. hon., Ger.) ; M.A. (on exam.), 1916. $. N. 6. . B. K.
Born October 21, 1891, Auburn, N. Y.

Address : 200^ Waverly Ave., Syracuse, N. Y.

November 26, 1891, Augusta, Me.

Instructor in Chemistry, Middlebury College, 1915-18; Assistant

Professor, 1918-21; Professor, 1921 ; Dean, Summer School of

Chemistry, 1920.

Address : Middlebury, Vt.

exam.), 1916. ^. T. Born April 29, 1892, Washington, D. C. Son of
J. F. Defandorf (class of 1887).

Assistant in laboratory, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research,
1916-17. Enlisted in Base Hospital 8, Medical Reserve Corps, U. S.
Army, July, 1917. Promoted to first lieutenant, Sanitary Corps, January,
1918. Served in France. Discharged, March, 1919. Bacteriologist,
Flower Hospital, New York, N. Y., 1919 .

Address: Garrett Park, Md.

3154. ARTHUR CLARK EATON. B.A. A. K. E. Born May 10,
1893, Westfield, Mass. Son of H. S. Eaton (class of 1891); brother
of No. 2919.

In the stationery and office equipment business, Buffalo, N. Y. (with

No. 2919), 1915 . Served as corporal with 3ioth Field Artillery,

U. S. Army, 1917-18.

Married May 26, 1917, Rebecca Caroline Farwell, of Turners Falls,
Mass. Child: Mary Elizabeth, b. January 29, 1921.

Address: 331 Washington St., Buffalo, N. Y.

December 19, 1892, Wakefield, Mass.

Engaged in chemical work on dyes with various companies, 1915-18.
Enlisted as private in Chemical Warfare Service, U. S. Army, April,
1918. Transferred to Ordnance Department; promoted to sergeant.
Discharged, February, 1919. With E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Company,
1919 .

Address: 118 C. St., Carney's Point, N. J.

3156. JOSEPH WILLIAM FOSA. B.A.; M.A. (on exam.), 1916.
Born July 6, 1892, Spadafora, Sicily, Italy.

Graduate student, Wesleyan University, 1915-16. Instructor in French
and Spanish, Marietta College, 1916-17; University of Pittsburgh, 1917-
18. Served as private and acting corporal, U. S. Army, July, 1918-



January, 1919. Taught in Kingsley School, Essex Fells, N. J., 1919-20.
Assistant Professor of Romance Languages, Pennsylvania State College,

1920 .

Address : 722 Pugh St., State College, Pa.

3157. ELON FOSTER. B.A. A. K. E. Born September 14, 1892,
New York, N. Y. Son of No. 1269.

Address: I Madison Ave., New York, N. Y.

3158. MICHAEL GEROME. B.A. (high Hon., gen. sch.). A.X.P.
<. B. K. Born May 9, 1893, Newark, N. J.

Address : 57 Hunterdon St., Newark, N. J.

3159. EDWARD CARLETON GIBBONS. B.A. (hon., gen.
sch.). A. T. 4>. B. K. Born March 21, 1895, Amesbury, Mass. Brother
of No. 3582.

Instructor in Science, Wentworth Institute, Boston, Mass., 1915-17.
Sergeant-major, 3O2d Machine Gun Battalion, September, I9i7-May,
1918. Commissioned second lieutenant, Infantry, September, 1918.
Discharged, December, 1918. With the Hood Rubber Company, Boston,
Mass., 1919 .

Married September 6, 1919, Pauline Laskey Gould, of Newburyport,
Mass. Child: Edward Carleton, b. October 13, 1920.

Address : 10 Hosmer St., Watertown, Mass. %

3160. FRANK THORPE GORMAN. B.A. X. *. Born Febru-
ary 24, 1891, Pulaski, N. Y.

Instructor in Spanish, University of Nebraska, 1915-16; University of
Pittsburgh, 1916-17. Attended First Officers Training Camp, Fort
Niagara, N. Y., 1917. Commissioned second lieutenant, U. S. Army,
August, 1917. Discharged, March, 1919. Taught in DeWitt Clinton
High School, New York, N. Y., April-June, 1919. Instructor in Spanish,
Yale University, 1919 .

Married October 26, 1918, Beatrice Bernice Brainerd, of Mount
Vernon, N. Y. Children: Frank Thorpe, b. September 24, 1919; Mary
Elizabeth, b. October i, 1921.

Address : 62 West Rock Ave., New Haven, Conn.

13, 1891, Montevideo, Uruguay, S. A.

In the life insurance business, 1915-17. Salesman, Pyrene Manufactur-
ing Company, 1917-18; Foomite Company, 1918-19; Paine, Webber &
Company, 1919-20. With the National Bank of Commerce, New York,
N. Y., 1920-21 ; First Wisconsin Company, Milwaukee, Wis., 1921 .

Married July 26, 1917, Elizabeth Dripps, of Middletown, Conn.
Child: Elizabeth Dripps, b. July 11, 1918.

Address : 407 E. Water St., Milwaukee, Wis. Residence : 8 Stickney
Ave., Wauwatosa, Wis.

October 13, 1893, Washington, D. C. Brother of No. 3001.

With the Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company, 1915-16; Bond and Mortgage

Guarantee Company, 1916-17, 1919 . Enlisted as private, U. S. Army,

October, 1917. Served in France with 23d Engineers. Discharged,
August, 1919.

Address: 175 Remsen St., Brooklyn, N. Y.



*WILMER EDGAR HERR. B.A. B. 9. II. Born Febru-
ary 9, 1893, Flemington, N. J. Brother of Frederick Herr (class of

Taught a district school, 1915-16. Studied in Columbia Law School,
1916-17. Entered the Officers Training Camp at Plattsburg, N. Y., 1917.
Commissioned second lieutenant. Sailed for France, January, 1918, and
continued training there. Assigned to 9th Infantry, Regular Army.
Killed in action April 8, 1918, the first Wesleyan graduate to fall in the


September 25, 1885, Parker, N. J.

General secretary, Y. M. C. A., 1915-20. Manager of Hotel Osborne,.
Atlantic City, N. J., 1920 .

Address: Hotel Osborne, Atlantic City, N. J.

sch.}. A. T. <i>. B. K. Born June 13, 1894, Prospect, Conn.

Engaged in commercial chemical work, 1915-18; chemical and electro-
chemical engineering, 1918-21 ; electrical engineering, 1921 .

Address : 29 W. 93d St., New York, N. Y.

3166. CHARLES JOHNSON. B.S. *. T. Born March 9, 1889,
Bridgeport, Conn.

Address : unknown.

3167. DAN CUMMINS KENAN. B.S. A. K. E. Born
September 30, 1891, Seymour, Texas.

Athletic coach, Wesleyan University, 1915-17. Attended First Officers
Training Camp, 1917. Commissioned second lieutenant, Field Artillery,
U. S. Army ; promoted to first lieutenant and captain. Served in France
for seventeen months. Discharged, September, 1919. In the oil business,
1919 .

Address : Box 617, Okmulgee, Okla.

3168. CLARENCE KETCHAM. B.A. C. C. Born November
23, 1893, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Taught in New York Military Academy, 1915-17, 1919 . Attended

Officers Training School, Madison Barracks, N. Y., 1917. Commissioned
second lieutenant, Infantry, U. S. Army, August, 1917 ; promoted to first
lieutenant, June, 1918; captain, August, 1918. Served in France, October,
I9i8-July, 1919. Discharged, August, 1919.

Address: New York Military Academy, Cornwall-on-Hudson, N. Y.

3169. ROBERT CHIPMAN KNEIL. B.S. *. T. Born July 26,
1892, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Son of No. 1088.

With the Reliance Life Insurance Company, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1915-16;

Cleveland, Ohio, 1916-19; Pittsburgh (assistant cashier), 1919 .

Married September 6, 1919, Gertrude M. Koenig, of New York, N. Y.
Address : Box 1245, Pittsburgh, Pa.

3170. AUSTIN HUBBERT KUHNS. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.) \
B.S., Mass. Institute of Technology, 1917.' *. T. Born March 27, 1894,
Middletown, Conn. Son of No. 1393.

Studied in Mass. Institute of Technology, 1915-17. Commissioned first
lieutenant, Ordnance Department, U. S. Army, 1917. Transferred to



Engineers; served in France with 29th Engineers. Discharged, July,
1919. With the Lewis Recovery Corporation, chemical engineers, 1919-

21 ; Kuhns, Hanson & DeBell, Inc., engineering equipment, 1921 .

Address : 916 Little Bldg., Boston, Mass.


August 3, 1887, Newark, N. J. Brother of No. 3458.

Methodist Episcopal minister, Newark Conference, 1916 . With

Army Y. M. C. A., Camp Upton, March-December, 1918.

Married December 21, 1915, May Wallace Hall, of Wilmington, N. G.
Child: Roland Louis, b. December 16, 1916.

Address: 217 Franklin St., Elizabeth, N. J.

3172. PAUL PRESTON MARTIN. B.S. Born October 9, 1889,
Monson, Mass. Son of No. 1156; brother of Nos. 2495, 2552, and 3527.

With the W. T. Grant Company, 1914 (manager, 1918 ).

Married September 4, 1916, Dorothy A. Wolcott, of East Longmeadow,
Mass. Children: David, b. February 5, 1918; Edith Caroline, b. May

31, IQIQ.

Address: 152 Merrimack St., Haverhill, Mass. Residence: 24554
Main St., Groveland, Mass.

sell.) ; B.D., Drew Theological Seminary, 1917. A. T. A. Born June
18, 1886, Long Island City, N. Y.

Studied in )rew Theological Seminary, 1915-17. Methodist Episcopal
minister, New York East Conference, 1916 .

Married April 5, 1917, Olivia May Kavanagh (daughter of A. S.
Kavanagh, class of 1885), of Brooklyn, N. Y.

Address : Northport, N. Y.

Theological Seminary, 1916; M.A., Lehigh University, 1918. Born
August 30, 1885, Isernia, Italy.

Methodist Episcopal minister, Philadelphia Conference, 1914 .

Married September 7, 1915, Margaret Ruth Yeich, of Reading, Pa.
Address: 115 N. Front St., Reading, Pa.

3175. ROBERT ELWOOD MOORE. B.A. (high hon., gen. sch.) ;
M.A. (on exam.), 1916. A. X. P. <. B. K. Born October 14, 1893,
Newark, N. J.

Graduate student, Columbia University, 1915-17; New York University

Graduate School of Business Administration, 1919 . Taught in

Trinity Chapel School, New York, N. Y., 1915-16. Assistant superin-
tendent, Maher and Flockhart, iron founders (now Flockhart Foundry
Company), Newark, N. J., 1916-18; vice-president, 1918-19; vice-presi-
dent and treasurer, 1919 . Graduate editor : Garnet and White

(publication of Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity).

Married June 21, 1917, Linda Tannahill Flockhart, of Newark, N. J.
Child: Marguerite Vivian, b. January 2, 1920.

Address: 83 Polk St., Newark, N. J. Residence: 539 Mt. Prospect
Ave., Newark, N. J.

3176. PARKER NEWHALL. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.) ; B.A.,
Oxford University, 1920. 4>. N. 0. <i>. B. K. Born May 8, 1894, Wil-
braham, Mass. Son of No. 1281; grandson of No. 296; brother of Nos.
2878 and 3531.



Taught in Tome School, Md., 1915-16. Rhodes Scholar from Connecti-
cut, Magdalen College, Oxford, 1916-17, 1919-20. Enlisted in the British
Army, July, 1917. Commissioned second lieutenant, Royal Field Artil-
lery, December, 1917. Wounded, March, 1918, on the Somme; six
months in hospital. Discharged from the army, January, 1919. Taught
in Columbus Academy, Ohio, 1920-21 ; Collegiate School, New York,

N. Y., 1921 . Studying in New York University Evening Law

School, 1921 .

Address : 109 W. 84th St., New York, N. Y.

3177. EDWARD FENN NOURSE. B.A. A. T. A. Brother of
No. 3447-

Address: Berlin, Conn.

3178. FRANK HARRISON NYE. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.). C. C.
Born May 31, 1889, Keene, N. Y.

Principal of schools, Standish, N. Y., 1915-16. Assistant to the Dean
Central Rural School, Chazy, N. Y., 1916-17. Principal of High School,
Cuba, N. Y., 1917-20; Friendship, N. Y.. 1920 .

Married June n, 1917, Ruth Fannie Abbott, of Buffalo, N. Y. Child:
Frank Harrison, b. January 12, 1919.

Address: Friendship, N. Y.

3179. D[AVID] MANKER PATTEN. B.A. $. N. 9. Born
November 29, 1894, Chattanooga, Tenn. Brother of No. 3685.

Graduate student, University of Pennsylvania, 1915-16. Secretary-
treasurer, Chattanooga Stamping and Enameling Company. Attended
Officers Training School, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., 1917. Commissioned
second lieutenant, August, 1917; promoted to first lieutenant, December,
1917. Served with 37ist Infantry (colored), U. S. Army, in France,
April, I9i8-February, 1919. Vice-president, Chattanooga Chamber of
Commerce, 1920.

Address : Chattanooga Stamping and Enameling Company, Chatta-
nooga, Tenn.

3180. HOWARD KISTLER PETRY. B.A. ; M.D., University of
Pennsylvania, 1920. A. T. Born February 16, 1895, Springfield, Mo.

Taught in High School, Summit Hill, Pa., 1915-16. Studied in Medi-
cal Department, University of Pennsylvania, 1916-20. Resident physi-
cian, City Hospital, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., 1920-21. Practising medicine,

Summit Hill, Pa., 1921 . Enlisted in Medical Reserve Corps, U. S.

Army, October, 1917.

Address : Summit Hill, Pa.

3181. LOUIS WETHERBEE PITT. B.A. A. A. 4>. Born March
7 1893, Middletown, Conn. Brother of No. 3453.

Studied in Berkeley Divinity School, 1915-18. Rector of Chrisl
(Protestant Episcopal) Church, Newark, N. J., 1918-20; St. Luke's
Church, Montclair, N. J., 1920 .

Married June 22, 1918, Blanche Parmelee, of Middle Haddam, Conn.
Child : George Selden, b. November 7, 1919.

Address: Montclair, N. J.

3182. ALBERT IRVING PRINCE. B.A. A. T. Born February
17, 1893, Marshfield, Mass.

On the staff of the Boston Journal, 1915-17. Accredited correspondent
with the 76th Division, U. S. Army, Camp Devens, Mass., November,



iQi7-April, 1918. Attended Central Officers' Training School, Camp
Lee, Va., September-November, 1918. With the Hartford Times,
1918 (now city editor).

Married June 23, 1917, Ethel Cynthia Snow, of Middletown, Conn.

Address : 155 Oakland Terrace, Hartford, Conn.

3183. JOHN WESLEY PRINCE. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.) ; M.A.
(on exam.), 1917; B.D., Yale University, 1919. B. 6. II. Born February

1 8, 1892, Constantinople, Turkey.

Minister of M. E. Church, Cutler, Cal., 1915-16. Graduate student,
Wesleyan University, 1916-17. Studied in Yale School of Religion, 1917-

19. Private, Base Hospital I, June-December, 1917. Day Fellow from
Yale, Edinburgh University, 1919-20. Minister, Westville M. E. Church,
New Haven, Conn., 1920 .

Address: 1124 Yale Station, New Haven, Conn.

sch.). ^. T. Born September 29, 1894, Honolulu, Hawaii. Son of No.


Staff member, New York Bureau of Municipal Research, 1915-16;
San Francisco Bureau of Governmental Research, 1917. Commissioned
second lieutenant, Infantry, U. S. Army, 1917 ; promoted to first lieu-
tenant, June, 1918. Resigned, February, 1919. Assistant to vice-presi-
dent, Emergency Fleet Corporation, U. S. Shipping Board, 1919.
Engaged in financial management and industrial banking (firm, Holton,
Richards & Company), New York, N. Y., 1920 .

Address : 30 Broad St., New York, N. Y.

3185. HAROLD ANDREW RICHMOND. B.A. (high hon., gen.
sch.) ; M.A. (on exam.), 1916. A. X. P. <. B. K Born June 15, 1891,
Preston, Conn.

Assistant in Psychology, Wesleyan University, 1915-17. Commissioned
first lieutenant, Sanitary Corps, U. S. Army, September, 1917; promoted
to captain, October, 1918. Engaged in psychological work for the Army,
September, 1917-August, 1919. In the Bureau of Personnel Research,
Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1919-20. Consultant in sales research,
Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company, Hartford, Conn., 1920-21.
Director of sales research, Equitable Life Assurance Society of the
United States, New York, N. Y., 1921 .

Married May 24, 1921, Marian Bisbing Ireland, of Philadelphia, Pa.

Address: Equitable Life Assurance Society, 120 Broadway, New York,
N. Y.

DANIEL MANNIX ROWE. B.A. A. T. A. Born June 14,
1893, Portland, Me. Brother of No. 3031.

In the insurance business, Portland, Me., 1915-16. Safety engineer,
International Paper Company, Rumford, Me., 1916-18. Enlisted in Air
Service, U. S. Army, January, 1918. Commissioned second lieutenant,
Reserve, December, 1918. In the general insurance business, Portland,
Me., 1919 .

Address: 45 Waterville St., Portland, Me.


July 24, 1892, Middletown, Conn.

With the Southern California Edison Company.
Address: Alhambra, Cal.



8188. EDWARD WARREN SINE. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.}.
A. T. <i>. B. K. Born January 16, 1893, Philadelphia, Pa.

Graduate student, University of Pennsylvania, 1915-16. Instructor in

English, Syracuse University, 1916-19 ; University of Buffalo, 1919 .

Private in Medical Detachment, 62d Pioneer Infantry, U. S. Army, July,
I9i8-February, 1919.

Married March n, 1919, Pauline Fear, of Holland Patent, N. Y.

Address: 1498 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.

3189. HAROLD ROBERT SMART. B.S. Own., gen. sch.}.

A. X. P. Born May 4, 1892, Searsport, Me.

With the National City Bank, New York, N. Y., 1915-17. Served
as ordnance sergeant with 304th Field Artillery, U. S. Army, in France
April-November, 1918. Instructor, Army Divisional School, January-
March, 1919. Attended University of Lyons, France, March-June, 1919.
Discharged, September, 1919. Teaching in Hill School, Pottstown, Pa.,
1919-21. Assistant in Philosophy, Cornell University, 1921 .

Address: 126 Catherine St., Ithaca, N. Y.

3190. HUGH LLE\VELLYN SMITH. B.S. (hon., gen. sch.).

B. 9. H. 4>. B. K. Born June 13, 1890, Belle River, Mich.

Taught in Country Day School, Newton, Mass., 1915-16; Wilbraham
Academy, Mass., 1916-18. Instructor in Romance Languages, Wesleyan
University, 1918 .

Married September 15, 1915, Helen Imogen Jacobs, of Binghamton,
N. Y. Children: Jean Alice, b. April 21, 1919; Charles Frederick, b.
November 29, 1920.

Address : 25 College Place, Middletown, Conn.

3191. WILLIAM SHERMAN SMITH. B.S. Born March 8,
1891, Annandale, N. Y.

Taught in Bacon Academy, Colchester, Conn., 1915-17; Crosby High
School, Waterbury, Conn., 1917 .

Married August 17, 1916, Gertrude Schmidt, of Middletown, Conn.
Child: Audrey Elizabeth, b. October 20, 1920.

Address : 34 Plaza Ave., Waterbury, Conn.

September 18, 1893, Rocky Hill, Conn.

With the Fafnir Company, New Britain, Conn., 1915-17, 1919

Commissioned second lieutenant, Infantry, 1917. Served with 303rd
Machine Gun Battalion in France and Germany, 1918.

Married October 8, 1921, Edith White, of New Britain, Conn.

Address: 51 Forest St., New Britain, .Conn.

August 6, 1892, Philadelphia, Pa.

With the Rand Index Company, 1915; Crucible Steel Company,

1916 .

Married April 6, 1918, Elizabeth Miller Arnold, of Syracuse, N. Y.
Address : 808 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y.

3194. FRED ROBERT STRASBURG. B.S. C. C. Born May 3,
1890, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Address : Wilbraham, Mass.



Born November 3, 1892, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Studied in Berkeley Divinity School, Middletown, Conn., 1915-17.
Died December 21, 1917, Brooklyn, N. Y.

3196. J[OSEPH] AUBREY SUTTON. B.S. *. T. Born
November 2, 1892, Haverford, Pa. Son of No. 574; brother of Nos. 1867,
2168, and of H. C. Sutton (class of 1907).

Assistant to vice-president, Thurlow Steel Company, 1915. Stores
keeper, Standard Supply and Equipment Company, 1916. Enlisted in
U. S. Army, May, 1917. Commissioned first lieutenant, Ordnance Corps,
November, 1917. Served in France; instructor in Italian and French
military academies. Discharged, December, 1919, as major. Assistant
purchasing agent, Walter Kidde & Company, Inc., engineers and con-
structors, New York, N. Y., 1920-21. Superintendent, Sales Corporation,
Washington, D. C., 1921 .

Address: 1423 New York Ave., Washington, D. C. Residence:
Haverford, Pa.

January 9, 1891, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Salesman, J. H. Taft & Company, drug and chemical brokers, New
York, N. Y., 1915-17. Sanitary bacteriologist, U. S. Public Health
Service, 1917-18. Director, Health Department laboratories, Air Nitrates
Corporation, Muscle Shoals, Ala., 1918-19. Instructor in Biology,
Medical School, Tufts College, 1919 .

Married June 7, 1917, Helen M. Baker, of New York, N. Y.

Address : 264 Brookline Ave., Boston, Mass.

3108. JAMES ADAMS THOMPSON. B.A. A. A. 3>. Born

October 28, 1892, Burlington, Vt.
Address: Plattsburg, N. Y.

3100. FRANCIS BOURNE UPHAM, JR. B.A. (hon., gen sch.}.
$. N. 0. Born May 29, 1894, Brooklyn, N. Y. Son of No. 1408;
grandson of No. 548; brother of S. F. Upham (class of 1919).

Studied in New York Law School, 1915-17. Attended First Officers
Training Camp, Plattsburg, N. Y., 1917. Commissioned first lieutenant,
Infantry, U. S. Army, November, 1917; promoted to captain, August,
1918. Discharged, December, 1918. Studied law, 1919-20. Practising
law, New York, N. Y., 1920 .

Address : 149 Broadway, New York, N. Y.

3200. LESLIE L. VANDERBILT. B.A.; J.D., New York Uni-
versity, 1921. A. K. E. Born August 20, 1892, Newark, N. J. Brother
of No. 2837-

Taught in Leal's School for Boys, Plainfield, N. J., 1915-16; Franklin

School, New York, N. Y., 1916-18, 1919 . Served in France with

34th Engineers, U. S. Army, August, I9i8-July, 1919. Practising law
in Newark, N. J., 1919 .

Address : 14 N. 9th St., Newark, N. J.

exam.), 1916. Born May 22, 1891, Selbyville, Del.

Graduate student, Wesleyan University, 1915-16. Taught in High



School, Burlington, N. J., 1917; Coatesville, Pa., 1918. Junior deck
officer, U. S. Army Transport Shoshone, 1918-19. Third mate, U. S.

Merchant Marine, 1919 .

Address: Selbyville, Del.

Born January 26, 1883, Saugatuck, Conn.
Address: Buhl Club, Sharon, Pa.

3203. JOHN CHENEY WHITE. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.} ; M.A.
(on exam.), 1916. $>. N. 6. <. B. K. Born July 4, 1891, Auburn, N. Y.

Graduate student, Wesleyan University, 1915-16. Instructor in Eng-
lish, Northwestern University, 1916-17, 1919-20. Teaching in Silver Bay

School, N. Y., 1921 . Served in France as private, corporal, and

sergeant in 333d Field Artillery, U. S. Army, September-December, 1918.
Discharged, January, 1919.

Address : Silver Bay, N. Y.

gen. sch.; high sp. hon., Greek) ; M.A. (on exam.), 1916; S.T.B.,
Garrett Biblical Institute, 1918. C. C. <. B. K. Born March 3, 1890,
North Haverhill, N. H.

Graduate student, Wesleyan University, 1915-16. Studied in Garrett
Biblical Institute, 1916-18. Private, promoted to corporal and sergeant,
6th Regiment, Field Artillery, Replacement Depot, August-December,
1918. Swift Traveling Fellow, American University, 1918-19. New
Testament Fellow, University of Chicago, 1919 .

Address : North Haverhill, N. H.

3205. JOHN HOWARD WITHEY. B.A. A. T. A. Born August
28, 1892, Somersham, England.

Member of the firm Northrup, King & Company, seedsmen, Minne-
apolis, Minn. Attended Officers Training School, Camp Zachary Taylor,
Ky., 1918.

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