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With Babson's Statistical Organization, Boston, Mass., 1916-17.
Enlisted as private in U. S. Army Ambulance Service with the French
Army, June, 1917. Served in France as sergeant, first-class, January,
I9i8-July, 1919. With New England Truck Company, Fitchburg, Mass.,
1919-20; Parks-Cramer Company, industrial piping and air conditioning,
1920 -.

Address : 48 Pleasant St., Fitchburg, Mass.


1916] ' GRADUATES.


March 7, 1894, East Barre, Vt.

Graduate student, Wesleyan University, 1916-17. Taught in St. Luke's
School, Wayne, Pa., 1917-18. Attended Officers Training School, Camp
Devens, Mass., January-April, 1918. Commissioned second lieutenant,
Infantry, June, 1918. With the National Bank of Commerce, New York,
N. Y., 1919-20. In the insurance business, 1920 .

Married September i, 1918, Evelyn Netherton Isaac, of Boston, Mass.

Address: Bayside, N. Y.

3271. HARRISON MONELL SAYRE. B.A. (hon., gen. sen.}.

A. X. P. 4>. B. K. Born May 21, 1894, Newark, N. J.

Assistant in Philosophy, Wesleyan University, and teacher of history,
High School, Middletown, Conn., 1916-17. Army Y. M. C. A. secretary,
Camp Dix, N. J., 1917. Entered Third Officers Training Camp, Camp
Devens, Mass. Commissioned second lieutenant, Infantry, June, 1918.
Promoted to first lieutenant, August, 1918, and assigned to 87th Infantry,
Camp Dodge, Iowa. Discharged, February, 1919. In the investment
business, Columbus, Ohio, 1919 .

Married October 25, 1921, Mary Elizabeth White, of Columbus, Ohio.

Address: 806 Hayden Building, Columbus, Ohio.

January 13, 1891, Ventura, Cal.

Served as ensign in U. S. Naval Reserve Force, 1917-18. Engineer,
Central New England Railway Company, 1918-20; Penn. Water
Company, 1920 .

Address : Wilkinsburg, Pa.

3273. FRANK ALFRED SLOCUM, JR. B.S. A. A. *. Born
September 4, 1894, Detroit, Mich.

With the Nassau National Bank, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1916-17. Attended
First Officers Training School, Plattsburg, N. Y., 1917. Commissioned
second lieutenant, Infantry, U. S. Army, 1917; promoted to first
lieutenant, January, 1918; captain, 1918. Served in France with 305th
Infantry; wounded.

Address : 149 Willow St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

3274. EARL PLACE STEVENSON. B.S. (hon., gen. sch.} ;
M.S., Mass. Institute of Technology, 1918. ^. T. <J>. B. K. Born
October 2, 1893, Loganspprt, Ind.

Instructor, Mass. Institute of Technology, 1916-17. Commissioned
first lieutenant, Chemical Warfare Service, 1918. Discharged, January,
1919. Research chemist, with Arthur D. Little, Inc., Cambridge, Mass.,


Married July 3, 1919, Helen Goodrich Derby (daughter of No. 1326),
of Middletown, Conn. Child : Barbara, b. June 24, 1920.

Address : 32 Maple Ave., Newton, Mass.

8275. GEORGE HAWLEY STEWART. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.}.

B. 6. H. Born May 26, 1891, Bath, Me.

Buyer for export, with Henry W. Peabody & Company, New York,
N. Y., 1916-17. Enlisted in U. S. Ambulance Service, July, 1917.
Served in France as sergeant with Ambulance Co. 28, May, I9i8-August,
1919. Traveling for his firm in the Far East, 1919 .

Address: Care Henry W. Peabody & Co., 17 State St., New York,



3276. VERNON FORREST STILL. B.S.; D.O., American
School of Osteopathy, 1921. A. X. P. Born September 22, 1894, El
Reno, Okla.

Studied in American School of Osteopathy, Kirksville, Mo., 1916-18,
1919-21. Enlisted in Sanitary Corps, U. S. Army, March, 1918. Served
in France as sergeant, first-class, with 6th Field Laboratory, July, 1918-
March, 1919. Studied with Medical detachment at University of
Aberdeen, Scotland, March-July, 1919. Discharged, July, 1919.

Address: 428 N. Broad St., Elizabeth, N. J.

3277. GEORGE ELWOOD STOOKEY. B.S. (hon., gen. sch.) ;
M.S., 1917. B. 9. H. $. B. K. Born March 27, 1891, West Nanticoke,

Graduate student, Wesleyan University; Bacteriologist, Connecticut
Department of Health, 1916-17. Enlisted in U. S. Medical Reserve
Corps, June, 1917; called to service, November, 1917; promoted to
sergeant, December, 1917. Commissioned first lieutenant, Sanitary Corps,
December, 1917; promoted to captain, May, 1919. Served in France and
Belgium, and as a member of the American Food Administration in
Russia, June- September, 1919. With the National Text Company,
Philadelphia, Pa., 1919-20; S. W. Straus & Company, New York, N. Y.,
1920 .

Married March 4, 1918, Eda Hoffmann, of New York, N. Y.

Address: 28 E. Hoyt St., Kingston, Pa.


Born March 3, 1890, Canterbury, Del.

Taught in public schools, Irvington, N. J., 1916-17. With the Credit
Clearing House, New York, N. Y., 1917-18. Served in France as private
in Medical Detachment, 345th Infantry, U. S. Army, September, 1918-
January, 1919. With R. G. Dun & Company, New York, N. Y., 1919 .

Address: Lawrence, L. I., N. Y.

February 6, 1895, Little Falls, N. Y.

With the New York Telephone Company, New York, N. Y., 1916-17.
Commissioned second lieutenant, Air Service, U. S. Army, 1917. Served
in France six months. With the Adirondack Woolen Company, Little
Falls, N. Y., 1919 .

Married November 15, 1920, Katherine Margaret Walrath, of Little
Falls, N. Y.

Address : 38 Church St., Little Falls, N. Y.

3280. KARL SKILLMAN VAN DYKE. B.S. (hon., gen. sch.} ;
M.S., 1917; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1921. <i>. N. 0. <. B. K.
Born December 8, 1892, Brooklyn, N. Y. Brother of H. A. Van Dyke
(class of 1917).

With the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, New York,
N. Y., 1917-19. Graduate student, and Assistant in Physics, University
of Chicago, 1919-21. Assistant Professor of Physics, Wesleyan
University, 1921 .

Married October 26, 1917, Lua Stewart Docking, of Westerly, R. I.
Child: Karl Skillman, b. December 13, 1918.

Address : Middletown, Conn.

3281. JOSEPH HALL VAN SCHOICK. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.}.
C. C. Born April 30, 1895, Winslow, N. J.

Taught in Dean Academy, Franklin, Mass., 1916-17. Commissioned
second lieutenant, Coast Artillery Corps, U. S. Army, October, 1917;



promoted to first lieutenant, May, 1918. Served in France with Railroad
Artillery Reserve, September-November, 1918; with Regulating Station
H, in France and Germany, November, I9i8-May, 1919. Discharged,
September, 1919. Vice-president, East Maine Conference Seminary,
Bucksport, Me., 1919-20. In the insurance business, 1920- .

Married November 27, 1917, Esther Police, of Philadelphia, Pa.
Child: Chester Bruce, b. December 13, 1918.

Address : 57 N. Main St., Fall River, Mass.

3282. JOHN MINARD VANVORIS. B.A.; M.B.A., Harvard
University, 1918. X. ^. Born June 14, 1894, Cobleskill, N. Y. Brother
of 2962.

Studied in Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, 1916-
18. With Randall-Faichney Company, manufacturers of surgical instru-
ments, Boston, Mass., 1918-19; Hood Rubber Company, Watertown,
Mass., 1919-20. Assistant to Comptroller, Halle Bros., Cleveland, Ohio,
1921 .

Address : Cobleskill, N. Y.

3283. G[EORGE] CLINTON WEEKS. B.S. (lion., gen. jc/i.).
<i>. B. K. Born January 25, 1893, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Studied in Columbia Law School, 1916-17. Army Y. M. C. A.
secretary, September, 19 17- July, 1919. Assistant general secretary,
Y. M. C. A., Montclair, N. J., 1919-20. Religious work director,
Y. M. C. A., Newark, N. J., 1920 .

Address : 459 Belleville Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J.

3284. ARTHUR CORNING WHITE. B.A. *. T. Born July
21, 1892, Marble Dale, Conn.

Graduate student, Yale University, 1916-17. Instructor in Public
Speaking, University of California, 1917-18. Taught in Milton Academy,
1918-19. Instructor in English, Yale University, 1919. Taught in
Roxbury School, Cheshire, Conn., 1919-21. Instructor in English,
Dartmouth College, 1921 .

Married July 12, 1919, Eleanor de Forest, of New Haven, Conn.
Child: Eleanor Harrower, b. August 21, 1920.

Address : Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H.

January 6, 1894, Lowell, Mass.

Private tutor, 1916-17. Enlisted in Battery C, Rhode Island National
Guard (which became Battery C, I03rd Field Artillery, U. S. Army),
June, 1917. Served in France, November, I9i7-July, 1919. Attended
the University of Poitiers, France, March- June, 1919. Taught in Suffield
School, Conn., 1919-20; High School, South Manchester, Conn., 1920 .

Married September 17, 1919, Lydia M. Johnson, of Ansonia, Conn.
Child: Frank Kenneth, b. May 10, 1921.

Address : S. Manchester, Conn.

3286. *CHARLES LEWIS WOOD, JR. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.}.
A. X. P. Born February 8, 1890, Quincy, Ky. Brother of No. 3047.

Studied in Union Theological Seminary, 1916-17. Enlisted in the
British Royal Air Force ; commissioned first lieutenant. Trained in
England, and went to the Front, April, 1918. Brought down seriously
wounded, behind the German lines in Belgium, August 13, 1918, and died
in hospital, August 17, 1918, after it fell into the hands of the Belgians.


GRADUATES. [1916-17

3287. M[INOR] CRAWFORD YOUNG. B.S. X. *. Born May
17, 1894, Chattanooga, Tenn. Brother of P. H. Young (class of 1920).

Studied in Yale Law School, 1916-17. Enlisted in Air Service, 1917.
Commissioned second lieutenant. Practising law in St. Louis, Mo.,
1919 .

Address : 322 N. Newstead Blvd., St. Louis, Mo.

CLASS OF 1917.

3288. CECIL ALBRO ALLEN. B.S. C. C. Born September 11,
1890, Union City, Pa.

In France, with American Volunteer Ambulance, June-October, 1917 ;
in Y. M. C. A. work, November, I9i7-July, 1918; in the Foreign Legion,
French Army, August, iQiS-March, 1919. With the International
Committee, Y. M. C. A., 1919 .

Married July 3, 1919, Beatrice R. Robertson, of New York, N. Y.

Address: Briarcliff Manor, N. Y.

University, 1920. C. C. Born March 27, 1884, Buckfastleigh, Devon,

Methodist Episcopal minister, New Hampshire Conference, 1915 .

In Y. M. C. A. work in Ireland at U. S. Naval Forces Base, August,
I9i8-February, 1919. Studied in Boston University School of Theology,

Married October 23, 1920, Josephine Archer, of South Shields,
Durham, England.

Address : 26 Wyman St., Lawrence, Mass.

3290. WESLEY OWEN ASH. B.S. *. N. 0. Born April 2,
1895, Carthage, N. Y.

Served in France in American Field Service and Ambulance Service,
U. S. Army, 1917-1919. Received Croix de Guerre, October, 1918, for
meritorious service with the French Army. Studied in Georgetown
University School of Foreign Service, 1919-20. With the Bureau of
Foreign and Domestic Commerce, U. S. Department of Commerce,
Washington, D. C., 1919-20; Boston, Mass., 1920 .

Address: 36 School St., Carthage, N. Y.

3291. HORACE STROW BALDWIN. B.S. (hon., gen. sch.; sp.
hon., Psych.) ; M.D., Cornell University, 1921. A. T. A. Born October
14, 1895, Englewood, N. J.

Studied in Cornell University Medical College, 1917-21. Interne, New

York Hospital, 1921 . Hospital apprentice, first class, U. S. Naval

Reserve Force, June-September, 1918.

Address : 73 Essex Ave., Orange, N. J.


January i, 1895, Waterport, N. Y.

Studied in Gordon Bible College, Boston, Mass., 1917-18, 1919 .

Enlisted in Air Service, U. S. Army, January, 1918. Completed the
course for Coast Artillery observation, November, 1918. Assistant



pastor, Eliot Congregational Church, Newton, Mass., 1919-20. Pastor,
Congregational Church, Groveland, Mass., 1920 .

Married June 10, 1920, Florence Lena Sparnon, of Belleville, N. J.

Address: Groveland, Mass.

3293. ALFRED PAUL BEHRMAN. B.S. A. T. Born February
4, 1894, Waltham, Mass.

In the wool business. With U. S. Government Wool Purchasing
(Quartermaster) Department, Boston, Mass., 1918-19.
Address: 138 Vernon St., Waltham, Mass.

3294. HOWARD FRENCH BIGELOW. B.A. (lion., gen. sch.).
A. T. Born January I, 1896, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Assistant bookkeeper, Kalamazoo National Bank, Mich., 1917-18.
Served in U. S. Army as clerk of local board for Kalamazoo County,
Mich., September, I9i8-January, 1919. Studied in Harvard University,
January- June, 1919 ; summer session, University of Michigan, 1919.
Instructor in Economics and History, University of Porto Rico, 1919-20.
Teaching in Central High School, Kalamazoo, Mich., 1920 .

Address: 813 W. Lovell St., Kalamazoo, Mich.

3295. OLIN WINTHROP BLACKETT. B.A. (lion., gen. sch.) ;
M.A. (on exam.), 1920. A. T. 4>. B. K. Born July 12, 1895, Winthrop,
Mass. Brother of S. W. Blackett (class of 1919).

Enlisted in U. S. Naval Reserve Force, April, 1917. Commissioned
ensign, U. S. Navy, September, 1918. Discharged, June, 1919. Rich
Fellow, Wesleyan University, 1919-20. Thayer Fellow, Harvard
University, 1920-21 ; Assistant in Economics, 1921 .

Address: 15 Jefferson St., Newton, Mass.

1893, East Greenwich, R. I.
Address: East Greenwich, R. I.

3297. C[HARLES] GRAHAM CHAPIN. B.S. *. T. Born
October 19, 1893, New London, Conn.
Address: Care Hopson & Chapin Co., New London, Conn.

EMANUEL LOUIS CHIESA. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.).
A. X. P. <. B. K. Born November 8, 1891, Genoa, Italy.
Address : 1458 68th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

3299. EVERETT A VERY CHURCHILL. B.A. (high hon., gen.
sch.) ; Ed.M., Harvard University, 1921. C. C. $. B. K. Born
December 2, 1892, Hanover, Mass.

Attended First Officers Training School, Plattsburg, N. Y., May-
August, 1917. Commissioned second lieutenant, Quartermasters Corps,
National Army, August, 1917 ; , promoted to first lieutenant, National
Army, March, 1918; captain, U. S. Army, September, 1919. Graduate
student, Harvard University; taught in Huntington School, Boston,
Mass., 1919-20. Dean of the Law School, Northeastern College,
1920 .

Married March 23, 1918, Lucy Isabel Hutchinson, of St. Johnsbury,
Vt. Child: Byron Everett, b. January 27, 1920.

Address: Northeastern College School of Law, 316 Huntington Ave.,
Boston, Mass. Residence: u Woodward Park St., Dorchester, Mass.



3300. DONALD BUTTZ CLARK. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.} ; M.A.,
Harvard University, 1918. ^. T. $. B. K. Born June 3, 1896, Rome,
Italy. Son of No. 1205.

Special agent, U. S. Department of Justice, May, 1917-December, 1918.

Assistant in Philosophy, Harvard University, 1918 .

Address: 28 Conant Hall, Cambridge, Mass.

3301. FRANK MARSHALL CLARK. B.S. (high hon., gen.
sch.) ; M.S., 1918. A. T. 4>. B. K. Born June 28, 1895, Peekskill,

Graduate student, and Assistant in Chemistry, Wesleyan University,
1917-18; Instructor in Chemistry, 1918-19. Private, Chemical Warfare
Service, U. S. Army, assigned to Wesleyan University as Instructor,
June, 1 918- January, 1919. Instructor in Chemistry, Allegheny College,
1919-20; Princeton University, 1920 .

Married April 10, 1920, Kate Munn Lilburn, of Stony Point, N. Y.

Address : 21 Bank St., Princeton, N. J.

3302. LEWIS BATES CODDING, JR. B.A. B. 0. II. Born May
4, 1894, Thompsonville, Conn. Son of No. 1301.

With the Aeolian Record Manufacturing Company, Meriden, Conn.,
1917, 1919-20. Enlisted in Medical Reserve Corps, U. S. Army, June,
1917. Commissioned first lieutenant, Sanitary Corps, February, 1918.
Served in France, May, 1918- July, 1919. With the Connecticut General
Life Insurance Company, 1920 .

Address : 64 Pearl St., Hartford, Conn.

sch.}. C. C. Born March 5, 1893, Lake Grove, N. Y.

Pastor of Methodist Episcopal Church, Central Islip, N. Y., 1918 .

Married June 4, 1918, Alice L. Hawkins, of Lake Ronkonkoma, N. Y.
Child: Irene Lenore, b. October 2, 1919.

Address : Central Islip, N. Y.

3304. KARL W T ARREN CURTIS. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.} . C. C.
$. B. K. Born August 27, 1895, Pittsfield, Mass. Brother of No. 3228.

f Attended First Officers Training School, 1917. Commissioned second
lieutenant, Field Artillery, U. S. Army. Served in France with I5th
Field Artillery, December, I9i7-June, 1918. Resigned, January, 1919.
With the Crew Levick Company, producing and refining petroleum,

Titusville, Pa., 1919-21 ; Graham, Parsons & Company, 1921 .

Address: 601 People's Building, Pittsburgh, Pa.

3305. FRANK ROBERTS CUSTARD. B.A. 2. N. Born March
8, 1891, Delaware Water Gap, Pa.

Studied in Drew Theological Seminary, 1917-18. Y. M. C. A. secre-
tary with National War Work Council, August, I9i8-May, 1919.
Associate general secretary, Y. M. C. A., Willimantic, Conn., 1919 .

Married June 19, 1918, Laura R. Nichols, of Bridgeport, Conn.

Address : Y. M. C. A., Willimantic, Conn.

3306. PHILIP AYRES DALES. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.}. 3>. N. Q,
Born September 8, 1896, Washington, D. C. Son of No. 1434.

Vanderbilt Fellow in Astronomy, University of Virginia, 1917-18.
Studied in Episcopal Theological Seminary, Alexandria, Va., 1918-20.



Ordained priest, Protestant Episcopal Church, 1920. Vicar, St. John's
Church, Mt. Rainier, Md:, 1920-21. Assistant minister, St. Stephen's
Church, Washington, D. C, 1921 .

Married September 28, 1921, Jeannette Roberts, of Madison, N. J.

Address : 1629 Newton St., N. W., Washington, D. C.

Biblical Institute, 1920. C. C. Born June 24, 1893, Wind Gap, Pa.

Private (later sergeant) in U. S. Army, April, I9i7-December, 1918.
Studied in Garrett Biblical Institute, 1918-20. Methodist Episcopal
minister, Philadelphia Conference, 1920 .

Married December 26, 1917, Bertha Isabel Campbell, of Shamokin, Pa.
Children: Norma Louise, b. November 4, 1919; Lyla Grace, b. June 24,

Address : 135 W. White St., Summit Hill, Pa.

3308. ROBERT JOHN DAVIS. B.A. X. *. Born September
4, 1894, Lowellville, Ohio.

Address: 910 Wick Ave., Youngstown, Ohio.


April 27, 1894, Montclair, N. J.

Left college in May, 1917, to enter the Army. Served in France as
private in the I04th and the 2i6th Military Police Company, 1917-19.
In the import and export business, 1919 .

Address: 159 Park St., Montclair, N. J.

3310. CARL LESLIE EATON. B.A. $. N. 0. Born September
18, 1895, Waltham, Mass.

Enlisted in Base Hospital i (Bellevue Unit), U. S. Army, June, 1917.
Transferred to Field Artillery. Commissioned second lieutenant, Sep-
tember, 1918. Served in France with 8oth Field Artillery, February,
1918- June, 1919. With the Provident Life and Trust Company, 1919 .

Address: 39 Appleton St., Waltham, Mass.

August 11, 1895, Rudford, Va.

Address : 239 Murray St., Elizabeth, N. J.

November 24, 1894, Salem, Mass.

Left college in May, 1917, to attend the Plattsburg Camp. Commis-
sioned second lieutenant, Infantry, U. S. Army, August, 1917. Served
in France with 28th Infantry, September, I9i7-June, 1919. Taught in
Nichols School, Buffalo, N. Y., 1919-21. Graduate student, Columbia
University, 1921 .

Address: 536 W. ii2th St., New York, N. Y.

3313. ALBERT ARNOLD ELSEY. B.S. X. *. Born January
20, 1895, Philadelphia, Pa. Brother of No. 3645.

Served in France as private in Sanitary Corps, U. S. Army, April,
I9i8-July, 1919. With the Midvale Steel and Ordnance Company, New
York, N. Y., 1919-20. Special agent, Mutual Benefit Life Insurance
Company, New York, 1920 .

Address : 135 Broadway, New York, N. Y. Residence : 543 W. I23rd
St., New York, N. Y.



3314. JULIAN GRIFFIN ELY. B.S. B. 6. II. Born October 12,
1894, Hamburg, Conn.

Studied in Harvard Medical School, 1917, 1919 . Served in France

as private, Medical Corps, 303d Infantry, U. S. Army, July, I9i8-April,

Address : Hamburg, Conn.

February 6, 1894, near Toronto, Ont, Canada.

With the Middlesex County Farm Bureau, Middletown, Conn., 1917-18,
1919. Entered U. S. Army, August, 1918. Trained with 25th Field
Artillery (Light) at Camp McClellan, Ala., and Camp Taylor, Ky.
Discharged, November, 1918. State Supervisor of Rural Schools, Conn.,

Married May n, 1918, Carolyn Travis, of Westerly, R. I.
Address : Box 101, Willimantic, Conn.


January 14, 1894, Middleburgh, N. Y.

Enlisted in U. S. Naval Reserve Force, October, 1917. Commissioned
ensign, July, 1918. Served on U. S. S. Plymouth on transport duty.
Discharged, March, 1919. Secretary, Y. M. C. A., Worcester, Mass.,
1919-20. Immigrant secretary, Y. M. C. A., Brockton, Mass., 1920 .

Married June 15, 1918, Leora Learned, of Meriden, Conn. Child:
James Learned, b. November 29, 1919.

Address: Y. M. C. A., Brockton, Mass.

3317. JOEL WRIGHT HADLEY. B.S. *. T. Born March 28,
1893, Indianapolis, Ind.

Taught in Shortridge High School, Indianapolis, Ind., 1917-18,

1919 . Enlisted in Medical Corps, U. S. Army, October, 1918.

Served as private, corporal, and sergeant in the Sanitary Squad.
Discharged, June, 1919.

Address: 1127 Fairfield Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.


September 25, 1893, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Salesman, Berkshire Flour and Grain Company, Pittsfield, Mass., 1917-

18, 1919-21. With A. C. Griffen, grain dealer, Pittsfield, Mass., 1921 .

Enlisted in U. S. Naval Reserve Force, June, 1918. Discharged,
December, 1918.

Married May 12, 1920, Emma Matilda Kattrein, of Albany, N. Y.

Address : 226 East St., Pittsfield, Mass.

3319. JAMES HALE. B.S. A. A. $. Born July 27, 1895,
Springfield, Mass.

With the Springfield Foundry Company, 1917, 1919 . Attended

Officers Training School, Plattsburg, 1917. Commissioned second lieu-
tenant, Field Artillery, U. S. Army, 1917 ; promoted to first lieutenant.
Served in France with 77th Field Artillery.

Address : 36 Magnolia Terrace, Springfield, Mass.


March 7, 1895, Boston, Mass.

Left college in May, 1917, to attend Plattsburg Camp. With the
Morse Twist Drill and Machine Company, New Bedford, Mass., 1917-18,



1919-21. Assistant, Methodist Episcopal Church, Miami, Fla., 1921 .

Served as private in Infantry, U. S. Army, 1918-19.

Married September 10, 1921, Myra Ernestine Jones, of New Bedford,

Address: 79 Hillman St., New Bedford, Mass.

3321. HENRY MARTYN HARMAN. B.A. *. T. Born
November 28, 1895, New Rochelle, N. Y. Brother of No. 2812.

Left college in May, 1917, to attend Officers Training School, Madison
Barracks, N. Y. Commissioned second lieutenant, Infantry, U. S. Army,
August, 1917. Served in France with i67th Infantry. Discharged, May,
1919. Statistical research work, General Electric Company, 1919 .

Married September 24, 1921, Adelaide Phillips, of Watervliet, N. Y.

Address: General Electric Co., 120 Broadway, New York, N. Y.
Residence: 23 Park Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y.

3322. ROBERT MOFFAT HENRY. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.).
C. C. $. B. K. Born April 3, 1896, Alderson, Pa.

Enlisted in Field Artillery, U. S. Army, December, 1917. Attended
Third Officers Training School, Camp Upton, N. Y. Commissioned
second lieutenant, Field Artillery, June, 1918. Served in France with
Railway Artillery Replacement Battalion, June, I9i8-August, 1919.
Studying in Drew Theological Seminary, 1919-^ .

Married October I, 1920, Kathryn Eleanor Blood, of Sayre, Pa.

Address: Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, N. J.

3323. NAHOR YARD HILL. B.A. 4>. N. 0. Born June 17, 1895,
Morristown, Tenn. Brother of Nos. 2813 and 3003.

Left college to enter the Army, May, 1917. Served in France as
sergeant with ii4th Field Artillery, U. S. Army, March, I9i8-April,
1919. Member of firm Eckel-Hill, general brokerage, insurance, and

bonds, Morristown, Tenn., 1919 . Secretary, Morristown Chamber

of Commerce, 1921 .

Married June 17, 1921, Alma Hofmann, of Upper Montclair, N. J.

Address: Morristown, Tenn.

3324. SAMUEL PRENTICE HOPLEY. B.A. (hon., gen. sch.).
C. C. Born June 10, 1894, Stamford, Conn.

Enlisted in iO2d Infantry, U. S. Army, June, 1917. Served in France
September, 1917-January, 1919. Twice wounded. Discharged, February.
1919. Studying in School of Journalism, Columbia University, 1919 .

Address: Apt. 32, 130 Claremont Ave., New York, N. Y.

January 28, 1897, Astoria, N. Y.

With the New York Telephone Company, New York, N. Y., 1917-18;

Rochester, N. Y., 1919-20; Buffalo, N. Y., 1920 . Served with 46th

Service Company, Signal Corps, U. S. Army, and as sergeant with 428th
Railroad Telegraph Battalion, 1918-19.

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