Council of Appointment of the State of New York.

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sail, lieutenant, vice H. Lent, promoted; Jesse Hyatt, ensign, vice
D. W. Birdsal, promoted; William Horton, junior, ensign, vice
Nath Montross.

Seth Miller, surgeon, vice Saml Strang, resigned; Ebenezer
White, surgeon's mate, vice Will Clark, promoted.

In Lieutenant Colonel David Hobby's regiment:

Captain Jesse Baker and Captain John Falconer having (irregu-
larly) resigned, their resignations are accepted.

Joseph Finch adjutant, vice J. Hobby, deceased; Elisha Brew-
ster, surgeon, vice J. Willson, deceased.

John Foshay, captain, vice Jesse Baker, resigned; James Foshay,
lieutenant, vice E. Bird, removed; Nehemiah Baker, ensign, vice D.
Davids, promoted.

David Davids^ captain; Solomon Orsor, lieutenant; Joseph Lam-
bert, ensign of a new company.

William Barker, captain, vice John Falconer, resigned; Jonathan
Purdy, lieutenant, vice Will Barker, promoted; Henry Budd, ensign,
vice J. Purdy, promoted; James Banks, lieutenant, vice S. Piatt,
deceased; Joseph Peeks, junior, ensign, vice James Banks, pro-
moted; Jeremiah Horton, ensign, vice G. Bundage, junior,

Jesse Brady, captain, vice S. Hyatt^ removed; Gilbert Martin,
lieutenant, vice J. Brady, promoted; Gilbert Merritt, ensign, vice G.
Martin, promoted.

Samuel Pine, captain, vice J. Smith, removed; Jonathan \'ickars,
lieutenant, vice M. Brown, removed; Rivers Morrell, ensign, vice
S. Pine, promoted.



448 Annual Report oi^ the

In Captain William X. Dyckman's troop of horse in said county:
William Oakley, cornet, vice Samuel Stevenson, removed.

In Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Delavan's regiment:

Stephen Quick, adjutant, vice James Sacket, refuses; Epinetus
W^allacc, surgeon's mate, vice S. Miller, removed.

Joseph Bouten, captain, vice S. Stebens, removed.

Abner Smith, captain, vice T. Shay, removed; Hezekiah Hyatt,
lieutenant, vice A. Lockwood, resigned; Timothy Hunt, lieutenant
(ensign), vice A. Lockwood^ infirm.

Joseph Webster, captain, vice Nath'l Betts, removed; John Slaw-
son, lieutenant, vice J. Webster, promoted; Michael Lockwood,
junior, ensign, vice Jno Slawson, promoted.

Nathaniel Brown, captain, vice David Holmes, removed; Abijah
Holmes, lieutenant, vice N. Brown, promoted; Samuel Smith,
ensign, vice A. Holmes, prom.oted; Sands Raymond, ensign light
infantry, vice J. Ra^'mond, refuses.


Lieutenant John Elsworth; Lieutenant Tobias Van Zandt and
Lieutenant Richard Ham of the first regiment; Captain John Har-
rington, Captain John Bush and Captain David Longworth of the
second regiment; Captain William Johnson and Nicholas De Pey-
ster, senior, paymaster, of the third regiment; and Lieutenant
Augustus Bailey of the fifth regiment, of Brigadier General J. Miles
Hughs' brigade in the city and county of New York, having (irregu-
larly) resigned. Resolved that their resignations be accepted and
that in said brigade the following officers be and they are hereby
appointed, to wit: — •

In the first regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Gerard

State Historian. 449

Richard M. Lawrance, lieutenant, vice John Elsvvorth, resigned;
Oliver L. Cozine, lieutenant, vice Tobias \''an Zandt, resigned;
Thomas J. Gaston, lieutenant, vice R. Ham, resigned; John G.
Bogert, ensign, vice R. j\I. Lawrence, promoted; David Morgan,
ensign, vice T. J. Gaston, promoted; Isaac A. Van Hook, ensign,
vice O. Cozine, promoted; John Barbaric, ensign, vice C, Sebring,
refuses; George Campbell, ensign, vice J. Watts, junior, promoted.

Daniel M. Hitchcock, surgeon's mate.

In the second regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel
William Boyd:

Theunis Dey, captain, vice J. Kingsland, deceased.

John B. jNIiller, captain, vice J. Harrington, resigned.

Charles Smith, captain, vice J. Bush, resigned.

Nathan Furman, captain, vice David Longworth, resigned.

Isaac Torboss, captain, vice Isaac Forbes, by a mistake; George J.
Eacker, lieutenant, vice T. Dey, promoted; John Wheeler, lieuten-
ant, vice J. B. Miller, promoted; Joel Davis, lieutenant, vice W. N.
Kettletas, in Europe; James B. Kortright, lieutenant, vice Isaac
Torboss, promoted; William Whitehead, lieutenant, vice David
Heakly, removed; John McKesson, lieutenant, vice A. Brower,
deceased; Robert Whiting, lieutenant, vice J. C. Stockholm,
removed; Isaac Peirson, lieutenant, vice A.Ogilvie, deceased; Joseph
Constant, ensign, vice C. Smith, promoted; Robert C. Degrove
(Degrushe), ensign, vice Nath Furman, promoted ; Richard Richer,
ensign, vice George J. Eaker, prom>jced; Joseph Strong, ensign,
vice L. Lefiferts, refuses; Alexander Phoenix, ensign, vice J.
Degrushe, resigned; Joseph Simpson, ensign, vice A. K. Brasher,
removed; Daniel Coe, ensign, vice E. Lyde, refuses; Andrew Sitcher,
ensign, vice Jno Ten Brook, resigned; John B. Brooks, ensign, vice

I. Torboss.

29 _



450 Annual Report of the

George J. Eacker, adjutant, vice Jno Kingsland, deceased; George
Campbell, paymaster; Charles Floyd Thomas, quartermaster.

In the third regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Jacob
Morton :

John Childs, captain, vice Sam'I Suydam, deceased.

Nathaniel Bloodgood, captain, vice Will Johnson, resigned.

John Graham, captain, vice E. Jones, removed; George Clarke
Morton, lieutenant, vice J. Childs, promoted; Peter Augustus Jay,
lieutenant, vice N. Bloodgood, promoted; John R. Cozine, lieuten-
ant, vice J. Graham, promoted.

Nicholas Depeyster, junior, paymaster, vice N. Depeyster, senior,
resigned ; John Nielson, surgeon's mate.

Thomas Ustick, ensign, vice G. C. Morton, promoted; Alexander
L. McDonald, ensign, vice P. A. Jay, promoted; David S. Jones,
ensign, vice J. R. Cozine, do; Juan F. Lewis, ensign, vice Jacob
McKie, refuses.

In the fourth regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Ben-
jamin North:

Nicholas Anthony, lieutenant, vice Will Hurtin, deceased; John G.
Lockwood, ensign, vice N. Anthony, promoted; William Chambers,
ensign, vice A. Bourdett, refuses; Nicholas Bogert, ensign, vice J.
Housman, do; William P. Mix, ensign, vice P. Brinckerhoff, do;
John P. Anthony, ensign, vice J. Blair Linn, do.

In the fifth regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Ber-
nardus Swartwout:

Samuel Jones, junior, captain, vice David Jones, deceased; Sam-
uel Hake, lieutenant, vice Sam'I Jones, junior, promoted; Nicholas
W. Stuyvesant, lieutenant, vice A. Bailey, resigned; Peter G. Stuy-
vesant, lieutenant, vice Jonas Mapes, acting as adjutant; John W.
Mulligan, lieutenant, vice E Ernest, quartermaster.


Temporary Capitoi. at Albany, 1797-1807.

This building had been used for many years as a court house and jail. It stood at
the northeast corner of Broadway and Hudson street. Munsell tells us that crimi-
nals had been incarcerated, tried and executed within its walls, and that the
whipping-post stood before it many years. From its steps the Declaration of In-
dependence was read in 177G.

State Historian. 451

Thomas Van Zandt, ensign, vice Sam'l Hake, promoted; Henry
Norton, ensign, vice P. G. Stuyvesant, promoted; John Millan,
ensign, vice J. W. Mulligan, promoted; Samuel Henshaw, ensign,
vice J. G. Bogert, transferred; John Buntin. ensign, vice X. W. Stuy-
vesant, promoted.

Whereas, it has been represented to the Council that Samuel
Hake, Nicholas W. Stuyvesant and John W. Mulligan of the fifth
regiment of General (James Miles) Hughs' brigade have been
superseded by the appointment of Anthony Ernest and Thomas
Salter as lieutenants the last session of the Council; therefore,
Resolved, that the new commissions to be issued for the said S.
Hake, N. W. Stuyvesant and J. W. Mulligan, as lieutenants, give
them rank from the date of the commissions of the said A. Ernest
and T. Salter.

John Morton, major and inspector of brigade, and Captain Alex-
ander Lamb of the second troop of horse in the brigade aforesaid,
having (irregularly) resigned. Resolved, that their resignations be
accepted and that Gerrit N. Bleecker be appointed inspector of bri-
gade, to serve also as brigade major, with the rank of major, vice
J. Morton, resigned — and that in said troop of horse, Nicholas Law-
rence be appointed captain, vice Alexander Lamb, resigned.

William Beekman, first lieutenant, vice J. Terhune, removed;
David Waldron, second lieutenant, vice N. Lawrence, promoted;
James Bartholf, cornet, vice Will Beekman, promoted.

In the corps of artillery commanded by John Ten Eyck in said

John Grentzeback, second lieutenant, vice G. J. Bancker,



452 Annual Report of the

queen's county.

In Lieutenant Colonel Jacob S. Jackson's regiment:

Captain James Raynor, Lieutenant Henry Raynor and Ensign
Samuel Hewet, having (irregularly) resigned, their resignations are

Daniel Bedell, captain, vice J. Raynor, resigned; Jotham Smith,
lieutenant, vice H. Raynor, do; Stephen Powel, ensign, vice D.
Bedell, promoted; David Horton, ensign, vice Will Cornwell,
refuses; William Mott, ensign, vice R. Dureye.

John Hendrickson, paymaster.


In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant George Hale's regiment:

Abraham Salisbury, second major, vice G. Hale, promoted.

Of light infantry: John Done, captain, vice P. Raymond,
removed; Nathaniel Bennet, lieutenant, vice J. Done, promoted;
Josiah Rogers, ensign, vice N, Bennet, promoted.

Benjamin Foster, captain, vice E. Nichol, removed; Ely Brooks,
lieutenant, vice E. Hyde, blind; William Brown, ensign, vice E.
Brooks, promoted.


In Lieutenant Colonel Asa Danforth's regiment:

Captain Samuel Jerome having (irregularly) resigned, his resigna-
tion is accepted.

Jeremiah Gould, second major, vice A. Danforth, junior, removed.

Sier Curtiss, lieutenant, vice J. Russell, removed.

Nehemiah Earl, captain, vice C. Tyler, appointed sherifif; Ephraim
Webster, lieutenant, vice N. Earl, promoted; Elijah Lawrence,
ensign, vice Zephaniah Gates, ensign; Josiah Allen, ensign.

David Williams, captain, vice S. Jerome, resigned; Timothy
Sweet, lieutenant, vice D. Williams, promoted; Aaron Bellows,


State Historian. 453

Moses Hopkins, captain, vice D. Russell, deceased; John Hub-
bard, lieutenant, vice M. Hopkins, promoted; Noah Hitchcock,

Daniel Minor, lieutenant commandant, vice S. ]\Iinor, appointed
by mistake.

Benjamin Wood, quartermaster, vice J. Hull, removed.

James McCrellas, lieutenant, vice A. McCrellas, appointed thro'

ALBANY county.

In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant John H. Wendell's regiment:

Captain Nicholas Van Schaack and Hunloke Woodruffe, sur-
geon, having (irregularly) resigned, their resignations are accepted.

Gerrit W. Van Schaick, first major, vice J. D. P. Ten Eyck, dead;
Matthew Trotter, second major, vice G. W. Van Schaick, promoted,

Benjamin Winne, captain of light infantry, vice M. Trotter,

James Legrange, captain of do, vice R. Hilten, removed.

Harmanus P. Schuyler, captain, vice C. Ten Broeck, removed.

Tennis G. Visscher, captain, vice Nichs Van Schaack, resigned;
Nicholas Crannell, lieutenant of light infantry, vice B. Winne, pro-
moted; Sebastian Visscher, lieutenant of do, vice Jas Lagrange, do;
George Hutton, lieutenant, vice H. P. Schuyler, promoted; John N.
Quackenbuss, lieutenant, vice T. G. Visscher, promoted ; ^^'i^iam ]\L
Diamond, ensign of light infantry, vice S. Visscher, promoted;
Myndert Winne, ensign of do, vice N. Crannell, promoted; George
Shepherd, ensign, vice G. Hutton, promoted; Abraham D. Lansing,
do, vice J. N. Quackenbuss, promoted.

George W. Mancius, surgeon, vice H. Woodrufif, resigned; !Mat-
thew Wendell, surgeon's mate, vice G. W. Mancius, promoted.



454 AxxuAL Report of the


12. Sebastian Baunian having resigned his commission of lieutenant

colonel commandant of a regiment of artillery of the city and county
of New York, Resolved, that his resignation be accepted.

The other ofificers of the said regiment having also desired to
resign their respective commissions, Resolved, that the same be not
accepted of.

Ebenezer Stevens, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice Sebastian
Bauman, resigned.

Whereas it appears on the report of the adjutant general, as well
as by the minutes of this board for the present session, that several
different militia appointments have heretofore been made by errone-
ous names; therefore, ordered, that when new commissions are
issued to such persons by their correct and proper names, the rank
shall be expressed in such new commission agreeable to the date
of such original appointment so erroneously made.

179S. His Excellency the Commander-in-chief having been pleased to

August - ° ^

establish a third troop of horse in the city and county of New York,
Resolved, that Aquila Giles be captain, Jonathan Hampton Law-
rence the first lieutenant, George Barnwell the second lieutenant,
and Samuel Boyd the cornet of the same.

ULSTER county.

Whereas on the loth day of April last Moses Phillips was
appointed adjutant of Lieutenant Colonel (William) Faulkner's regi-
ment in Ulster county, but the person intended was Moses Philips,
junior. Ordered, that the commission issued to Moses Phillips be
corrected by adding " junior " to his name.


1798. Whereas on the nth day of April last, Solomon Orsor was

AugUBt ' '^


appointed lieutenant of a company in the regiment of militia in the

State Historian. 455


county of Westchester, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel David

Hobby, but the person intended was Zolmon Orsor, Ordered, that

a new commission be issued accordingly.


In the troop of horse attached to the brigade of General Michael
Myers :

Joab Griswold, captain, vice William Mix, removed; Jacob
Aldridge, first lieutenant, vice J. Griswold, promoted; Nathan
Smith, second lieutenant, vice C. Woodruff, appointed sheriff; Wal-
ter Fish^ cornet, vice N. Smith, promoted.


Whereas on the eleventh day of April last, John AIcKesson was ^ygg^

appointed lieutenant of a company in the regiment of militia in the 24.

city and county of New York commanded by Lieutenant Colonel
William Boyd instead of John McKesson, junior, who was the per-
son intended to be appointed;


And Whereas on the sixth day of April last Rufus Price
was appointed lieutenant colonel commandant of a regiment of
militia in the county of Saratoga instead of Rufus Price, junior,
who was the person intended to be appointed; and Whereas,
on the third day of April last James Sumner was appointed
a lieutenant in the regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel
John Ball and Nathaniel Sheffield was appointed a lieuten-
ant in the regiment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Samuel
Clark instead of Amese Sumner and Nathan Sheffield, who were
the persons intended to be appointed, and Whereas on the sixth day
of April last David Amos was appointed adjutant of the regiment
commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Uriah Gregory and Broadstreet

456 Annual Retort of the


Emerson was appointed a lieutenant in the regiment commanded

by Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Rogers, instead of David Ames and

Broadstreet Emerson, junior, who was the person intended to be

appointed. Ordered, that the said mistakes be corrected by issuing

new commissions to the several persons intended, as aforesaid.


August His Excellency the Conmiander-in-chief having thought proper to


form the militia of the county of Clinton into a brigade; therefore,
Resolved, that Melancton Lloyd Woolsey be and he is hereby
appointed brigadier general thereof, and that Benjamin Mooers be
and he is hereby appointed lieutenant colonel, vice Melancton L.
Woolsey, promoted, and his rank to be dated from the appointment
of Colonel (Daniel) Ross of said brigade.


In Lieutenant Colonel John Swift's regiment:

Captain Rouse Perry having (irregularly) resigned, his resigna-
tion is accepted.

Peter B. Porter, captain; Joseph Colt, lieutenant; Asahel Sprague,
ensign, of a company of light infantry.

Frederick Miller, captain; Elijah Murray, lieutenant; Joseph Hill,
ensign, of a new company.

Joseph Brace, captain, vice J. Boughton, refuses.

Theophilus Allen, captain, vice Will Gooding, resigned.

Asher Saxton, captain, vice E. Norton, promoted; Aaron Flint,
lieutenant, vice F. Miller, promoted; Daniel Sawyer, Heutenant, vice
J. Brace, promoted; Abner Hill, Justin Goldsmith, William Clark,
junior, ensigns.

Luther Cole, adjutant, vice P. B. Porter, promoted; Dudley Sal-
tonstal, quartermaster; Stephen Aldridge, surgeon's mate.

State Historian. 457

In the regiment formerly commanded by Elias Jackson:

John Cowdrey, Heutenant colonel commandant, vice E. Jackson,
in jail;

Oliver Humphreys, first major, vice P. Pierce, absconded; Sand-
ford Williams, second major; John Henry, surgeon.

William Burnet, captain, vice O. Humphreys, promoted.

Solomon Warner, captain, vice S. Williams, do.

Truman Spencer, captain, vice J. Anmin, removed.

John Plimpton, captain, vice J. Hill, removed.

Samuel Colt, Philetus Swift, William Smith, Evert Van Wickle,

Jacob W. Hallet, lieutenant; Charles Humphrey, lieutenant, vice
Will Burnet, promoted; Nathan Whitney, lieutenant, vice S. War-
ner, promoted; Martin Spencer, lieutenant, vice T. Spencer, pro-
moted; Hezekiah Townsend, lieutenant, vice J. Plimpton, promoted.

Solomon Gardner, Eleazer Hawkes, Azariah Willis, lieutenants.

Charles Cameron, John Griffin, ensigns.


In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Charles Williamson's

James Faulkner, surgeon ; John Wilson, paymaster.


In Lieutenant Colonel Amos Hall's regiment:

Jasper P. Sears, second major, vice N. Perry, removed.

Perigrine Gardner, captain, vice J. P. Sears, promoted; Samuel
Sterling, lieutenant, ,vice P. Gardner, do; David Parsons, ensign,
vice S. Sterling, do; Noah Norton, ensign.

Matthew Marvin, adjutant, vice (Jasper) Marvin, deceased; David
Fairchild, surgeon's mate, vice J. Brace, removed.



458 Annual Report of the

onondaga county.

In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant John L. Hardenbcrgh's

William C. Bennct, surgeon's mate, vice S. Crosset, refuses.

Peter Selover, ensign, vice J. T. C. DeWit, refuses.

Isaac Bayley, captain, vice S. G. Price, deceased; Daniel Bevier,
lieutenant, vice I. Bayley, promoted; Luke Brinckerhoof, ensign,
vice D. Bevier, do.

James McKnight, captain, vice M. Vreeland, refuses; Samuel
Baer, lieutenant, vice J. Catterlin, do; George Cunningham, ensign,
vice M. Boardman, do; William Patrick, lieutenant; Edward
Richardson, second, ensign.

Jolin Tracy, captain; William Allen, lieutenant; Seth Kinney,

Jacob Boyers, captain; Amos Reed, lieutenant; Abraham John-
son, ensign, of a company of riflemen.

In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Edward Paine's regiment:

William Branch, captain; Dudley Avery, lieutenant: Joseph Win-
ter Branch, ensign.

Thomas Ludlow, captain; Stephen Kellogg, lieutenant; Henry
Ludlow, ensign.

Adonijah Tillotson, captain; Anselm Kelsey, lieutenant; Edward
Paine, junior, ensign, of a company of riflemen.

Edward Rathburne, lieutenant, vice W. Branch, promoted; Allen
Rood, ensign, vice D. Avery, promoted; Peter Conrad, ensign, vice
T. Ludlow, promoted.

James Bacon, adjutant, vice A. Tillotson, do; Samuel Branch,


State Historian. 459

ONEIDA county.

Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Tuttle and Major Joseph Cutler of
a regiment of militia in the county of Oneida having (regularly)
resigned, their resignations are accepted.

George W. Kirkland, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice T.
Tuttle, removed.

Thomas Cassaty, first major, vice G. W. Kirkland, promoted.


Abel Brace, junior, of the regiment of militia in the county of
Herkimer, whereof Richard Petrie is lieutenant colonel command-
ant, having (regularly) resigned, Resolved, that his resignation be
accepted, and that in said regiment the following officers be and
they are hereby appointed, to wit:

William Alexander, captain; Peter Myers, first lieutenant; Elisha
Strong, second lieutenant, of a company of artillery.

Nathan Brown, lieutenant, vice A. Brace, junior, resigned; Sille
Holcomb, ensign, vice J. Wilcox, refuses.


Captain Robert North of the regiment of militia in the county of
Delaware, formerly commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Witter John-
son, having (regularly) resigned. Resolved, that his resignation be

His Excellency the Commander-in-chief, on the report and recom-
mendation of the adjutant general, having thought proper to form
the militia of the towns of Franklin, Delhi, Walton and Colchester
in the county of Delaware into a regiment; therefore. Resolved,
that Elias Butler be lieutenant colonel commandant thereof, Aaron
Chamberlain first major, and David Phelps second major thereof.



460 Annual Report of the

otsego county.
In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Francis Henry's reg^iment:
Timothy Hatch, captain, vice A Loomis, removed; Ruggles

Spooner, lieutenant, vice T. Hatch, promoted; Gershom Palmer,

ensign, vice R. Spooner, promoted.


In the regiment formerly commanded by Robert Yates: John T.
Visscher, lieutenant colonel commandant, vice R. Yates, resigned.

Ichabod Palmer, first major, vice D. McMasters, resigned; Jona-
than Ruff, second do, vice D. McMasters, promoted; Stephen Rey-
nolds, surgeon, vice P. Cromwell, neglects duty.

John Wemple, captain, vice J. T. Visscher, promoted; Nicholas
B. Hansen, lieutenant, vice J. Wemple, do; Christian Enders,
ensign, vice N. B. Hansen, do; Hezekiah Mattison, captain, vice
J. Palmer, do; Lawrence Van Wormer, lieutenant, vice H. Mattison,
do; Ezekiel Tracey, ensign, vice L. V. Wormer, promoted.

Asa Waterman, junior, captain, vice J. Ruff, promoted.


In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Daniel Ross' regiment:
Winter Shelden, captain, vice N. Pray, removed; Aaron North,

lieutenant, vice W. Shelden, promoted; James Esmon, ensign, vice

A. North, promoted.


In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Elijah White's regiment:

Daniel Brown, captain, vice L. Gates, resigned.

Abner Hubbard, captain, vice D. Brown, transferred; Jeremiah
Kingsley, ensign, vice T. Griffin, promoted.

Sueton Fairchild, captain, vice D. II. White, resigned; Daniel
Stewart, lieutenant, vice S. Fairchild, promoted; Abraham Dayton,
ensign, vice D. Stewart, do.

State Historian. 461


Lewis Henman, captain, vice N. Earl, resigned; Solomon Vine,
lieutenant, vice L. Henman, promoted; David Richardson, ensign,
vice S. Vine, promoted.

William Foot, captain, vice W. Miller, resigned; Squire Barthole-
mew, lieutenant, vice W. Foot, promoted; Eli Griffin, ensign, vice
S. Bartholemew, do.

George Ackley, quartermaster, vice J. Norton, resigned; William
White, paymaster, vice P. B. French, promoted.

Captain Levi Gates, Captain Daniel H. White, and Joel Norton,
quartermaster, all of said regiment, having (irregularly) resigned,
their resignations are accepted.

In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Charles Kane's regiment:

John White, junior, quartermaster, vice C. Robinson, removed;
Leonard Gibbs, surgeon's mate, vice J. Perigo, promoted.

Lieutenant Colonel Ebenezer Stevens, of the city of New York, 1793.


commissary of military stores, vice Robert Hunter, superseded.




His Excellency the Commander-in-chief having thought proper ^^gg
to form the militia of the county of Onondaga into a brigade; there-
fore. Resolved, that Edward Paine be and he is hereby appointed
brigadier general thereof.

In the regiment lately commanded by Asa Danforth:

William Stebbins, lieutenant commandant; Jacob Rutsen DeWitt,

Joseph Strong, captain, with rank from nth April 1798; Simon
Kinne, lieutenant, vice J. Strong, promoted; Elijah St John, ensign;
Rufus Bacon, lieutenant; Solomon Seeley, ensign.

Levi Lawrence, captain; Asahel Rice, lieutenant; Daniel Briggs,
ensign; Daniel Allen, ensign, vice Josiah Allen, by mistake.


462 Annual Report of the

James McCrelliis, captain; Jesse Butler, captain, vice J. Gould,
promoted; Thomas Ollcott, lieutenant, vice Jesse Butler, do; George
Catlin, ensign.


In Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Charles McKinstrey's regi-

Joscpli ]\Iorcliousc, ensign light infantry, with rank from the 21st
March, 1797, vice Joel Morehouse, by mistake; Moses Bixby,
ensign, vice George Bushnel, promoted.

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