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I he Captain died on the 15th of November, 18 14.
aged 64.

Coupland, Henry, ' Leo,' (1803), 'Juno'in
' Lune' 370 tons, in 1809, built by Caleb Smith
and Co., Skerton, for Messrs. Procter and Bond.
(There was a Lawrence Coupland, landing waiter
at the port of Lancaster, who died Mav est, 1793.)
Coupland, — ., ' Richard' (1806.) St. Vincent'

Arkwright, Peter, of Milnthorpe.
Croft, John, ' Providence' (1814). died on his
passage from the West Indies in January, 1806.
Croft, William. ' Hibernia,' married Mi
Elizabeth Ashton, of Warrington, in May, 1808.
He died 12th June, 1812, at Pernambuco.

Carter, William. 'James' and ' Pusey Hall.'
in 1803. A Nicholas Carter, master of the ship
' William,' died in November, 1S23. on his
passage from London to Savannah, aged ^7.
Carswell, William, 'Mary (18)
Cousins^ Richard, ' New Liberty, wrecked in
January, 1819. He belonged to Ulverston.
Campbell, James, ' Mary,' 378 tons.
Campbell, Edward, brig ' St. Lucia,' married
Margaret Carson, of Cartles, Kircudbright,
November, 1820.
Chisholme, T. (?) ' Maria.'
Cunningham, — . , died in November, 1804.
Cannon, Jas., sloop 'James' (1806).
Collins (?) ' Isabella ' ("1806).
Collins, John, died at Skerton, 16th M in h,
1809, aged 49.

Callathan, Arthur, 'Helen,' married the
widow ot a Master Mariner named J. Eccleston.
Dead before 18 16.

Carruthers, W., brig 'Thomas.' died in
February, 1793.

Cleminson, W. ' Lark,' from 1801. I laughter
married to James Frearson, Esq.. of Ellermire,
Broughton-in-Furne^s, February 20th, 1821.

Corkhiil, — , married Miss Elizabeth Brew,
November 27th, 1803.

Caton, Richard. ' Columbus,' died at Old
Calabar, March 14th, 181 1.

Christopherson, — , ' Union Island ' up to
1812, ' Mary' in 1813.

Clarke, Thomas, of Milnthorpe Sands, died
October 5th, 1818.

Clarke, Matthew, ' Nancy.' No particulars

Crabb, — , 'Helen' (1816), died at Kingston.
Jamaica, January 2nd. 1816.

Coates, Thomas, -loop 'Caroline' (1816).
Capper, James, 'Christopher' (1817), died in
September, 1817, at Camaroons, Africa, on the
brig ' Nathan.'

Dilworth, William, vixit 1779. Saw the rebels
enter Lancaster in 174s-

Dale. ' William' and ' Mary ' (1803).
Duck, John, of the 'Margaret' (London and

Davis, Thomas, Queen Packet Boat plying
between Lancaster and Preston in 1810. (An old

mple, William.
Drewett, C. 'Auspicious' (1821). Died in
May, 1802.

Dai , r e. dud . . 26th April,

1812. He was a merchant and m iner

The office of the firm used to be opposite
S( . ' ihn's Church.

Dickinson, Thomas, 'Industry' (1808).
Dickinson, Robert, of Silverdale, died January
, ■ 1824.
Dennison, \\ . Vessel ol J53 tons. (Burrow

lame-, ' I >■■

Dawson, Henry (?) 'Neptune' (1 16)

I i.vies, John. ' Duke of Lancaster,' died 2nd
Vlay, 1829, aged 37.

1 rbyshire, Jas. (?) 'Robert 1 George,
died December 29th, 1814 t 1 d 46.

Dickinson, George. 'Happy Returns,' died at
Pilling, February, 1807, aged 74.

Dawson, Thos., 'Neptune' 300 tons (1815),
and 'Thomas Burrow' (1824).

Daniels, William. ' Mary Ann' (1815).

Eccleston, Daniel (originator of the Ei cleston
token). This L>aniel Eccleston was the author cf
various works, and among them "The Lamenta-
tion- of the Children of Israel." Died March
3rd. 1821, aged '75. A premature statement of his
death was published in the press in December
28th, 1816. He replied, dating his letter from
" Heaven. Captain Eccleston knew General
Washington and had been entertained by him.

Ernest, John, ' Laurel ' (in 1810). Died Sept.
13th, 1817, aged 30.

Edwards, Charles, 'Importer. Killed in
try, 1826. Belonged to Duddon. He fell
b : w een the quay side and his ship.

Edwards, Llavid, of the sloop 'Elizabeth,'
died 25th July, 1816, aged 65.

Ellwood, John, 'John o'Gaunt,' steamer
- s o).

Eccles, — . Married in November. 1793.

Edwards, Thomas Parke (?) 'Rob Roy.'
•I ied Mar), youngest daughter of Garston
Bradstock, Esq., of Liverpool.

Fryer, Thomas, 'Crescent' (in i8to). Married
Miss Jane Hatton, ofGlasson, March 19th, 1S16:
ngest daughter, Jane, married Nicholas
R.N., at Bodmin, Sept. 18th, 1S23.

Fayrer, Joseph, ' Bengal' (18 17). He belonged
to Milnthorpe.

hi, James, 'Lady demonic. Died on
his passage from Sierra Leone. April 29th, 1820.


- (?) Dead prior to 181 1.

Fisher, John, died March 20th, 1S17. aged 40.

i isher, Thomas, married Miss Ann Bu j<
Liverpool, 20th February, 1811.

Fletcher, Wm., ' Fletcher,' married Miss Betsy
n, August 30th, 1809.

Fell, William. Died July 4th, 1815, aged 29.
at Cal

Fuller, Stephen, brig ' Rye,' (1817).

Greenwood. Thomas, ' Sprightly,' crossed the
Atlantic 105 times. Died February 24th, 1832,
aged 74. Interred in St. John's Churchyard.
His son Luke died at St. Croix, September 16th,

Greenwood, Isaac. ' Pusey Hall,' died at Slyne,
September 2sth. 18^6, aged 5 ;.

Gerry (?) ' Hope ' (1807).

Graham, Wm., 'James,' 238 tons. Died July
iSth, 1814, at St. Domingo.

('.ray, W.. ' Snow ' (1809), lost at sea.

Darner, James. Married Elizab
John Hinde, April 29th, 1810.



Gray, — ' Demerara' (1817).

Gibson, Robert, 'Nancy.' Died on his passage

from Aberdovey to Lancaster, in -May. 181 1.

Gibson, William, 'Fanny' (Liverpool ship).
Lied at St. Thomas's, aged 35, early in 1822

Holme. Dead before November, 1817.

Harrison, George, ' Derwent.' Died at the
Asylum 10th January, 1832.

Higgs, — '"Will ' (1806).

Housman, J. He fell in with Admiral i
wen's fleet on the 17th May, 1755. in lat. 46, about
So leagues east of the Banks of Newfoundland ;
went on board the Dunkirk, commanded by Cap-
tain Howe.

Harrison, Robert. Sloop ' Union (1818), and
' Market Maid ' (1821).

Herbert, - 'Alliance.'

Hayes. — ; Dove' and 'Content.

Hewitson, — ' Liberty ' belonged to Ulverston.

Hodgson, John, ' Bellona ' in 1784. Lost near
Dunleary, 3rd February", 1803.

Herdman, Thomas, ' Mars.' Died at St. Bar-
tholomew, February 3rd, 1802.

Hinde, Luke. Died August 16th, 1775, aged
42. His daughter married Thomas Strickland at
Lancaster in February, 1792.

Hodgson, William, " liraddyll, married Miss
E. Edmondson (both of Ulverston), February
nth, 1830.

Hird, — 'Christopher (1803).

Hart, William, ' Paragon,' 238 tons. (Ridley
<u\d Dodson) letter of marque, August, 1803.
lite French ship 'La Harmonic ' was brought
into the Port of Lancaster by Mr. W. Hart.

Hart, Thomas, ' Samuel Braddock,' died April
9th, 1818, on his way from Africa.

Harper, Edward, wife died 29th June, 1814.

Harman, Richard, smack ' Hastings,' local,

Hansbrow, Thos., drowned at New Zealand,
30th July, 1852, aged 22.

Hehne, ' Fackuarrow.'

Hoggarth, John, ' Venus, 1809, married .Miss
Margaret W liams, ol Lancaster, 6th January,


Hoggarth. Henry, died July 2nd, 1854, aged
76. (Son of _, u.j,.. )

Hoggarth, Win., 'Java,' died during his pa
from Demerara, December 28th, 1838, aged 43.

Hoggarth, — 'Albion,' 1S15;.

Higgin, Isaac, belonged to Skerton, died April
30th, 1834, aged 57.

Hudson (?) ' \ iper (Revenue Cutter), died
V rvember 27th, 1803.

Harper, — ' Myrtle,' drowned October 1st,

Hathornthwaite, Thos. 'Eleanor,' died July
24th, 1837, aged 04 (father of the poet, Rev. Dr.

Hathornthwaite, Thos., died May, 1793, aged


Hathornthwaite, Rd., \

Hathornthwaite, Robert, ' Eleanor (1819)

Hall, William, ' Mercury ' (181 1).

Hardy, John, 'Unity,' 1812, and 'Jessie,' 1823,
' Bredalbane,' 1816, 254 tons, belonged Skerton.

Harris Joseph, ' William Skyrme,' 1816, and
' Agenoria,' 1820.

Hughes Henry ('.') ' Medina,' 1816.

Irvin, George, died at Kingston, Jamaica, 7th
April, 1S22. A Captain Irvin married Miss Mary
Cart, of Lowgill, Bentham, February 1st. 1831.

Inglis, — 'Demerara,' married Miss Towers,
of Haverslack, Milnthorpe.

Jackson Edward, died October nth, 1S29, at
Edgehill, aged 55.

Jackson, Thos., died October, 1794.

Jackson, Thos., son of Christopher Jackson,
who died, aged 101, at Grange, December 13th,

Jackson, Peter, 'Hawk.' 1804. Died 16th
May, 1844, at Egremont.

Jackson, James, late of St. Etienne, Loire,
born May 1.5th, 1771, died April 27th, 1829.

Johnson. John. 'Neptune' died Dec. 6th., 1814.

Johnson, John, died November 2nd, 1823, at
Kingston, aged 44.

King, Michael, ' Ayrshire ' and 'Andes,' 1825,
married Ann, daughter of Mr. Blake, of Mary-
port, October 15th, 1825.

Kendall, John, "Sir John Craven,' 1817, died
7th, 10th mo., 1782. A Matthew Kendall, son of
Richard Kendall, died on board the ship 'Ainsley,'
in April, 1803, at Gambia. A Jonathan Kendall,
dead before 1822. Robt. Kendall, of the ' Shan-
non,' 1823. died in November, 1823, aged 43.

Kellet, Christopher, ' Lydia,' died October 3rd,
1784, on his passage from St. Petersburg.

Kellet, W., ' Langton,' 1803, and also of the
' Richard,' 1806.

Kidd, W., 'Venerable,' 1803.

Kennedy, 'Duchess of Lancaster steamer, re-
tired at the end of October, 1845, succeeded by-
Captain Barrow.

Kendall, John, ' William,' a Liverpool ship.
Died July 25th, 1814, on the coast of Africa,
eldest son of Richard Kendall, Esq., of Caton

Lamb, — ' Will,' 1806.

Lowther, John, vixit, 1807. Made his will
6tli September, 178'.

Linton, — ' Hero.' Married -Miss Sarah Brock-
bank, daughter of George Brockbank, Esq., July
19th, 1789.

Leeming, — ' Providence,' 1801-4.

Lyon, Caleb. Died December 6th, 1804, aged

Lawson, John, ' Horatia. Died on his passage
from Africa to the West Indies, aged 44.

Lynass, Win., ' Britannia,' 171 tons. Died at
Demerara, February 2nd, 1818, aged 52.

Levi,. Thomas, brig 'Abeona.'

Lightfoot, George, ' Birch. Died June 2nd,
181 5, aged 63.

Langdon, Richard, ('.') 'Avon' (1819.)

Marr, Robert. Married Miss Betty Paget, in
January, 1791. Died September 28th, 1825,
aged 65.

Mullion, Hamlet (?) Married Miss Margaret
Rawlinson, in August, 1796'

Mullion, Hamlet (son died at Jamaica, October
4th, 1S25, aged 23.)

Macarthy, Denis, 'Eliza.' Died 13th August,

Moon, James. 'John o'Gaunt,' formeily of the
'Eliza' (letter of Marque) 18 guns. Died on his
passage from Martinque to London, December
iSth, 1812.

Melling Thomas (?) (African trader.) Died
June 24th, 1829, aged 90.

Moore, George. Married Miss Noble, daughter
of Mr. Noble, merchant, in February, 1785.

May, Thomas (?) Married Alice, daughter of
Richard Hall, April 19th, 1819. Died June 2nd,

Morrison, R., 'Intrepid' (1830).

Moss, James, 'St. Anna,' married Miss Askew,
of Cartmel. Belonged to Allithwaite. Died
March 26th, 1820.

Masheter, — ., married Miss Wildman in May,
1799. Had a son captain of the 'Jane,' 1825.

McCauley, D., belonged to Templand, Cartmel



Muncaster, John, 'Thomas,' died December,
1825 ; belonged Ulverston.

Mecoid, William, 'Leighton,' died March 52nd,
1823, aged 65.

Matthews, G., married Miss Daltary in Nov.,

Martin, George, ' Bryam,' died Oct. 8th, 1803.

McFall, Daniel, ' Duke of York,' died May 5th,

181 1, on his passage from Brazil, aged 41.
Merritt, — (?) ' Hyndman ' (1830).
Muirhead, Robert, ' Essex,' 550 tons (1811).
Muckait, — ., no vessel named. Died about

October 1st, 1814, at Carnforth. His widow
married Mr. Fletcher, of Carnforth Lodge, in
April, 1817, in London. Inquiries of namesakes
have elucidated nothing further. The Muckalts
and the Lindows were akin.

M'Cuin, William (?), 'Lady Cremome,' 1816.

Mathison, George (?), ' Thomas.' Married
Miss Head, of Liverpool.

Nixon, — ., 'William.'

Neale, William (V), 'Agnes,' died June 12th,

1812. A Captain John Neale of the ' Westmore-
land' died March 15th, 1819, in his 27th year.

Newton. George, ' Gallant Rose.'

Noble, — ., died Friday, November 17th, 1788.

Noble, Moses, ' Ann,' of Ulverston, died
March 2nd, 1824, at Belfast on his vessel.

Nicholson, — ., 'Chesterfield,' died October,

Neal, Richard (?), ' Betsy,' married Mrs. Shaw,
of Ulverston. A Thomas Neale of the brig
' Ellen, '-^married Miss Jane Fish, Febiuary 12th,

Nunns, J. 'Molly' and 'Johns,' married Mi>s
Sarah Postlethwaite in January, 1791. He died
at sea October 4th, 1807, aged 42, and was buried
at Trinidad.

Neil, — 'Tyson' (1812), married Miss Crowdson,
of Greenback, January 27th, 1812.

Neale, William, died June 2nd, 1S29, aged 77.

Nuttall, Thomas, died at Thornton, aged 50,
March 29th, 1821.

Nichols, James (?), ' Harriet Garland.' married
Miss Caine, of Nassau New Providence, April
16th, 1814 ; died Sunday, May 21st, 1815, agent
to Lloyds.

Nicholson, Richard. Died February 6th, 18:9,
aged 7$.

Parkinson, John. Died June 22nd, 1806.

Parkinson, John. Married Mrs. Elizabeth
Pitcthall, at Ulverston, on the Sth Dec, 1823.

Postlethwaite, Christopher, 'Benson. I lied
May 1 2th, 1805, at Greenock.

Postlethwaite, Christopher. Died while 6n
route to the West Indies, January 12th, 1821.

Postlethwaite, Wm. Died in October, 1805,
on the coast of Africa.

Procter, William, ' Port Royal' (181 1). Married
Miss Butler, of Edgehill, Liverpool, September
4th, 1817. Died 30th July, 1822, aged 46.

Parr, John, 'Robert.' Died January 1st, at
Barbadoes, 181 1, wife on January 5th, same year.

Parry, — 'Resolution.' Married Miss Hobart,
30th March, 1813.

Perney, Jas. 'Friendship,' of Ulverston.

Quilliam, — 'Flora.' Married Miss Bland.
Died on his passage from Cork to the West Indies
in June or July, 1798. His Widow married the
Rev. J. Stainbank, M.A., of Halton and Kellet.

Robertson, — Married Miss Mary Rowlandson
in September, 1785.

Rigg, — Married Miss Warbrick, of Poulton,
at Cartmel, 1787. Dead before 1816.

Remington, George. Married Miss Jane
Thompson, of Ravenglass, April 22nd, 1799.

Roginson, Wm. ('.') brig 'Chance' (1814).

Rockcliffe, Thomas, died at Tortoia, 14th
December, 18 19.

Ripley, Thorn. I 358 tons (in 1810.)

Rubie, Thomas, ('.') 'Cadbro.'

Ritson, T.. ' Mary' (1803).

Richards. - .. 'Perymus' (1822.)

Redmayne. 'Wildman,' died in Jamaica, July,

Redmayne, Leonard. 'James' (1803.), and of
the 'Aid' (1807.) No date of decease found.

Redmayne, Paul, 'Contest.' died at I
River, Jamaica, June 8th, 1813.

Roberts, Richard Rogers, died January 16th,
1825, aged 47.

Richardson, Henry, ' Favourite' (1806.) A son
married to Alice, 2nd daughter of Jas. Willasey,
Esq., junr., August 17th, 1S19, at St. Marys.

Richardson, Thomas, married Dorothy Fother-
gill, of Preston, on July 25th, 1816.

Robinson, Louis, 'Retrieve' and 'Margaret.'

Rawlinson, Isaac, died July 7th, 1788, aged 46.

Rawlinson, John, 'Eliza,' married Miss
Wilkinson, of Hest Bank, November 27th, 1820.

Roper, James, dead before 1S07.

Rogerson, 'Flora,' died June 20th, 1809.

Rogerson, Thos., 'Flora' and 'Sterling,' mar-
mied Miss Mather. November 28th, 1812.

Rigby, Peter, died April 15th, 1840, aged 67,
buried at Bolton-!e-Sands.

Rigby George, late of Garstang, died 28th of
December, 1813.

Rigby William, 'James,' died October 9th,
1847, aged 37, buried at Bolton-le-Sands.

Sinclair, — (?) 'Sally' (1806.)

Smith, William, smack, 'Brothers' (local), 1824.

Storey, — 'Preston' (brig), 1829.

Stables, John, of the 'Rawlins.' Died June,
1792 aged 56.

Stables, James. Died February 6th, 1815,
aged 76.

51 aw, William. Died October 2nd, 1801.

Simpson, George. Dead before 1821.

Simpson, — 'Nanny.' Died September 1st,

Simpson, Benjamin, brig 'James,' 240 tons
(1814). Married Mi- D an, of Bevington Hill,
Liverpool, February 13th, 1816.

Saul, W. Died October 27th, 1795.

S j : :s, Benjamin. Died February 6th, 1807,
aged 66.

Summers, William. 'Bee' 37 tons (sloop).
Advertised to be sold.

Swainson, John. Married Miss Mason, of
Castle Park, in July, 1797. Dock and Quay

Steele, William, 'Meredith.'

Stout, John. 'Ann' (1801). Died March, 3rd,
1 801.

Sowerby, Thomas. Died at Cape of Good
Hope, November nth, 1811, aged 28.

Stockdale, Joseph. 'Atlas' (1807).

Stones, John. 'Jane (Galliot). Married 25th
August, 1829, to Miss Mary Storey.

Singleton, — 'Fox.'

Slater, Robert. 'Jane. Diet! February 16th,
1815, at Ulverston.

Shepherd, Robert. Youngest son of Thomas
Shepherd. Died at Bombay, of cholera morbus,
in August, 1818, agei

Schollar, Richard. Smack, 'Prosperous,' 1824.

Thompson, William. ' Edward,' local schooner.

Turnbull, William. Died at Demerara, Aug.,
1821, aged 38. Another John of Liverpool.

Tomlinson, John, died April 7th, 1801, aged 38.



Thompson, Richard, married Miss Robinson,

l askew, near Ulverston, in August, 1819.

Turner, William, of Milnthorpe, died 3rd
April, 1823, aged 80.

Towers, William, 'Thomas' (i3ii), of Arrad
Hill, Ulverston, married Miss Dawson, of

Towers, Jas., died April 8th, 1815.

Thompson, Frank, 'Royal George,' died July
3rd, 1829, on his passage to Rio de Janeiro.

Towers, James, died March 29th, 1824. at
Hazleslack Tower, Milnthorpe.

Tomlinson — Dead before 1830.

Tatham, Thomas, 'Thetis.' died October 29th,
1805, aged 49.

Thompson, Henry, died August, 1784.

Thompson, Benj., died February, 1794.

Thompson, John, 'Duke of Kent,' and 'Jane'
(in 1805) also of the ' Harriet.'

Thompson, Davis, 'Harriet.' Drowned in
February, 1808.

Thompson, Henry, brig 'Mary Ann.' Died at
Barbadoes, June 28th, 1805.

Treasure, Wm., 'Abram' 320 tons. Died in
Feb., 1807, aged 64.

Thompson, James. 'Michael.' Married Miss
Jane Harrison, of Liverpool, Oct. 6th, 1810. Died
before May, 1816.

Taylor, Saul, 'Eliza' 90 tons by Caleb Smith
and Sons for ( rlasgow trade in 1816.

Vennall, S.F., 'Britannia' (1822) and ' Pedler'
(1824.) Died Oct. 5th, 1835.

Walker, William, 'Two Friends.' M;
fitter of Christopher Bland, cooper in Nov.,

Walker, Richard. Died November 14th, 1804,

aged 81.

Walker, Thomas. 'Mary Ann' (1812), and of
the 'Westmorland' (1819).

Walker, M. Belonged to Cartmel.

Walker, Joseph (?) 'Cossack' (1818).

Williams, Thomas. 'Endeavour;' wrecked
February 3rd, 1804.

Wildman, Thomas Died April 7th, 1808,
aged 64.

Watson. T. 'Abram.' (.After death of Mr.
Treasure. 1807.)

Winder, Richard. ''Thomas.' Died March
8th, 1816.

Wright, George. 'Industry.'

W iburn, Thomas. 'Kendal.'' -Married Miss

Shepherd, daughter of Mr. Shepherd, of Cocker-
ham. October, 1775.

Wilson, Thomas. 'Mars' (letter of marque):
'Xeptune' (1805); also of the 'Dash.' Died
April 19th, 1814, aged 32.

Wilson, Thomas. 'Mary.' Died January
12th, 1819, in London.

Whittle, — 'John' (1803.) Fell down dead on
the 15th May, 1816.

Woodhouse, Thomas. Barbadoes Packet.
Died at Sea in 1805, aged 47; son of Tho
Woodhouse, of Sunderland and Lancaster, in-
terred at Overton, December 20th, 1801, aged 94.

Woodhouse, Thomas, 'John Welch.' Perished
at Hoylake with 14 of his crew July 29th, 1836,
aged 44. Mr. Woodhouse, shipbuilder, of Over-
ton (1891), of same family.

Wilding, 'Xeptune.' Died at Old Calabar,
August, 181 1.

Walton, Thomas , 'Roseburn' (1813.)

Wright, Thomas, 'Mercury.' Died August
17th, 1814, on his passage from Jamaica.

White, Stephen, sloop 'Friendship (1817.)

Wilde, Edward, of the 'King' packet boat.
Died February 19th, 1820.

Wade, — 'Hornby. Shipwrecked end of

December, 1823.

Wills, Richard, 'St. George.' Died on his
passage from Calcutta, April 30th, 1832, aged 48.

The first vessel to navigate the canal was the
' Sprightly,' which sailed from Glasson to Preston,
16th May, 1826, with a cargo of slate.

The 'Tribune,' a frigate, anchored off the
mouth of the Lune, on the 22nd August, 1819.
On the following day the pinnace and barge came
up to Lancaster, and on their return to Sunder-
land the officers and men were entertained by the
aunt of Captain Willoughby.

List II.

Ashburner, Thomas, died the 18th December,
1 333, at Rampside, aged 83. He was master of
a West Indiaman of the port of Lancaster, and
being captured by the French was on board their
fleet under the Compte de Grasse during his
memorable engagement with Lord Howe. The
ship in which the deceased was prisoner being
taken that day, Captain Ashburner was restored
to his country and friends.

Ashton, John, of this port, married to Sarah,
daughter of James Holt, glass manufacturer, of
Liverpool, in May, 1833.

Ashburner, Thomas, of Rampside, Died June
28th, 1837, aged 77.

dman, — , of Hill Top, Ulverston, dead
before 1833.

Bell, — , Dead before 1834.
Bouskell, James, of the 'Margaret,' schooner,
ried [sabella, daughter of William Ashburner,
Esq., of Much Urswick, on the 21st July, 1835.

Baynes, John, Captain of the Lancaster and
Kendal packet boat, married Miss Margaret
Wilson, of Kendal, in September, 1836.

Bainbridge, Robert, of the barque 'Ceres,' died
on his homeward passage from Demerara, about
July, 1837, aged 32.

! iw, James, of Cartmel, died December

ed 66.
Bond, Henry, died 28th December, 1837, in his
66th year, at Field Broughton, Cartmel.

Bond, — , of the 'John Horrocks.' Belonged
t > 1 Iverston, living in 1838.

Blacklock, James, of the ship 'Helen' married
Elizabeth, eldest daughter of William Brockbank,
on the 10th December, 1839.

Fell, Peter, died August 5th, 1817, aged 64.
Bush, Richard, of the 'Isabella,' married
Isabella, youngest daughter of Robert Green-
wood, of Arnside, February 2nd, 1841.

Birksall, Peter, died at Ulverston, aged 73
years, June 4th, 1842. A native of Bombay.

Clark, William, of Penny Bridge, died 29th
November, 1833, aged 58.
Cock — , 'Caledonian,' 1837.

on, William ('.'), master of the brig 'Chep-
stow,' 1838.

Clayton, Edward, died 23rd January, 1843, at
Porte Rico, master of the ship 'Lama.' of Liver-
pool, and formerly of this port. He was 42 when
Davis. David, of the brig 'Hankinson,' died
on his passage from St. Domingo, December
27th, 1832.

Dowthwaite, — of the 'Six Sisters,' 1833,
sailed to Quebec.

Dickinson, Thomas, of the 'Royal Oak,' died
September 7th, 1827.

Dalrymple, William, died June 25th, 1789, aged
43. Interred in St. Nicholas's chapel yard.
I >alrymple, William, died 1802.
Farrie, — . of the barque 'Charlotte,' 1835.



Fisher, George, married on the 5th November,
1833, to Miss Jane Grayson.

Frankland, Christopher, died March 18th,
1840, aged 79, at Litterlands, Liverpool, formerly
of the port of I ,ancaster.

Farrer, — . a son James married Elizabeth
Chadburn, of Glasson, on the 14th April, 1842.
Lived at Skerton.

Gerrard, John, sea and river pilot to and from
Lancaster. Died at Sunderland on the 12th
January, 1K30, aged 74, for sixty years a seaman.

Grayson, H., of the Lancashire Witch.'
married Catherine, second daughter of Mr. J.
Stephens, of Bowness, on the _>7th February.

Herbert, John, master of 'The Mersey, ' died
February 19th, 1833, aged 28.

Hnddart, — . of the brig 'Hope.' 1835 died in
August 1S36. on his passage from Quebec.

Hogarth, John, of the ' Princess Elizabeth.''
died September 6th. 1835, aged 40, on his passage
from Calabar.

Highdale, John, of the brig 'Hester, died in
his 49th year, late of Ulverston.

Hodgson. John (?) late of Lydiate, died Nov.
4th, 18 10. Will dated January 30th. 1805.

Hathornthwaite Robert, died on the 23rd of
July. 1837. aged 64. (I am not certain as to
whether he was a master mariner.)

Hogarth, William, Java,' died on the 28th
December. 1838 on his passage from Demerara
to Liverpool, in his 43rd year.

Jackson, — . master of Catherine M'Donald.'
Quebec'service, 1836.

Kennedy, Alexander. 'Duchess of Lancaster,
steampacket (100 horse-power) September. 1839.
Lucas, James, formerly of this port, died at
Stevenage, Herts, May. 1833.

Lackie, Thomas (?), of the brig ' Lucie,' died on
his passage from Batavia to Singapore in Jan..

Lamb, Edward barque ' William ' (1837) lived
in Queen Street, in 1841.

.Moss Ji ihn. No partii ulars.

nuel. of the brig 'Vigilant,' 'lied on
- ith Deo mber, 1S37. son of the late Captain
\\ ilium Neale.

Park, John il thi Fohn o'Gi 1

pai ket. I )ied in Li mdi m in the 42 11 I his

ageinjune 1841. He commanded the Elizatx
launched al Nicho - Glasson, on the 51!
March. 18 pi.

Roper, -. died April 23rd, 1835, aged 62.

e, of the ' Mint.' i lied on the
19th \i> il on his passage from Jamaica.

Russell A., harbour master. Lancaster (1891),
born about 182.). went to sea from Liverpool in
i8 S

Rouse — . of the brig Jane married to Miss
Elizabeth Irving at Bowness, February 27th,

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