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1842. On Saturday, September 24th, a battle took place between a hawk
and a stock-dove in Ashton Park. The battle was long and fierce, and when the two
combatants fell together it was found that the stock-dove was much, injured about the
breast but not fatally. .Mr. John Moser's son rescued it and took it home, and
unfortunately owing to its being left over night in the kitchen it was found dead in
the morning, having been killed by a cat. In its crop were found upwards of thirty
beans perfectly whole, and a great number of vetches.

A fearful stabbing affray took place in front of the Custom House Ta\
St. George's Quay, on the 3rd October, 1842. The assailant was Richard Carr,
the assaulted man his younger brother, Robert Carr.



"St. Mary's Square or Stonewell " is to be seen in an advertisement
appearing on the 29th October, 1842.

The Railway from Lancaster to Carlisle formed by a company whose
capital consisted of ,{,800,000 in 16,000 shares of ,£50 (1842-3). Mr. Joseph Lock,
1'. R.S., and Mr. J E. Errington, M. Inst. C. E. were the engineers of the company.
Up to April 5th, 1-S45, 240,000 shares were applied for in the North-Western
Railway. The shares were at this period at a ^5 premium.

Oliver Marton died 1st January, 1843 (Sunday), aged 77.

Isaac Heald, an out-pensioner of Greenwich Hospital, who had fought at
Trafalgar, a native of Lancaster, died on Sunday, January 1st, 1843, aged 72.

( Hiver Toulmin Roper, Esq., died at his residence in Great John Street, on
the 1 2th January, 1843, aged 56.

Chartist trials began March 4th, 1843, at Lancaster Assizes.

Libel case, Queen v. Eastwood, Sherburne ?'. Eastwood (Thos. Eastwood,
Esq., 1.1'.. of Dalton Square), March 9th, 1843.

Volume of poems published by Mary Wilson, in 1843. Announced July 8th
of that year in the Lancaster Gazette.

Robert Storev, the Conservative Poet, received an appointment under
government in July, 1843. Review of his poems in the Lancaster Gazette, entitled
"Love and Literature," March 20th, 1843.

first Lancaster Regatta held on the 16th September, 1843.

Mr. Braham's Concert at the Athenaeum, September 19th, 1843.

Concert, "Varied Hours," given at the Athenseum, by Mr. II. Phillips
October 5th, 1843.

The Great Wizard, Jacobs, at the Athenaeum in October, 1843.

Professor Whewell made a Docter of Divinity in December, 1843.

Mr. John Ilullah in Lancaster in 1843.

Mis. Easter Worsley, born on Easter Sunday, 8th April, 1792, and
christened Easter; died on Good Friday, 1844, aged 51. She was buried in St.
Mary's Churchyard on Easter Monday, 1844. Her husband was Staff-Sergeant John

A rat 22^ inches long from snout to extremity of tail was killed in the Old
Sir Simon stables in April, 1844.

Post Office removed to ic6, Market Street, 27th May, 1844.

Dr. de Yitre presided over a meeting held on the 10th of July, 1844, the
objeel of which consisted of the introduction of phonography into Lancaster.

There were 97 debtors in Lancaster Castle in August, 1844.

Lancaster shopkeepers agree to close their shops at 7 p.m. during winter in
September, 1844.

Parish Church first lit with gas, September 8th, 1844.

Francis Ludlow Unit. Yiee-Chancellor of Lancaster, died 29th Sept., 1844.

Mr. Carte's conceit held at the Athenaeum on the 28th October, 1844.
Artistes: Miss Steele, Madame F. Lablache (formerly known as Miss Fanny
Wyndham), Mr. Henry Russell, Signor M. Dohler (pianist), Signor Camill 1 Suori
(pupil of Paganini), and Signor Piatti.

Mr. Lover, author of " Rory O'More," visited Lancaster on Thursday,
November 21st, 1844.

Mr. Stainbnnk, solicitor, formerly of Lancaster, died on the 1st Deceml er,
184.1, at Bishop Stortford, Herts, aged 39.


Superintendent Walters, Chief Constable of County, Lancaster Division in

Hornby Castle Coursing Club first commenced 23rd January, 1

A testimonial presented to Captain Kennedy of the Duchess of Lancaster

mer, on the 13th January, 1845. The Captain retired from the command of the

steamboat at the end of October of this year, and was succeeded by Captain Harrow.

Wilson's Scottish Entertainment at the Athenaeum, Tuesday, January

14th, 1845.

Mr. R. Godson, M.I', succeeded Mr. Shepherd as Counsel to the Admiralty
in February, 1845.

Presentation to the Rev. |. N. G. Armytage, of St. Thomas' Church, on his
removal in June, 1843.

Professor Whewell presented a selection of books to the Lancaster Mechanics'

Institute, in June, 1845.

The Rev. David Umpleby died on Monday, the nth August, 1S45, aged 49.
Richard, better known as "Lick" Carr, drowned August 31st, 1845.

A survey of the River Lune by Captain Washington, R.N. and T. M.
Rendel, Esq., C.E., appointed by the Admiralty, concerning the best method of
laying out £10,^00 for the improvement of the river and port of Lancaster, 3rd
September, 1845.

Miss Maria B. Hawes at the Athenaeum, September 4th, 1S45.

Testimonial to Mr. Rowland Hill, author of penny post system, supported
in Lancaster. October, 1845.

Parish relief no longer held to be a barrier to the admittance of persons
otherwise entitled to the benefits of Penny's Charity. Rule hitherto obtaining to this
effect being rescinded in December, 1845.

" Sonnets and Fragments by Beta " announced to be had of C. Barwick,
Bookseller, Lancaster, in December, 1845.

York and Lancaster Railway Company provisionally registered in 1845.

Morecambe Bay Harbour Company registered 1845.

Rev. Wm. Higgin appointed Dean of Limerick in 1845.

The Rev. Thomas Barrow, of Skerton, had a brother who died on the 20th
January, 1846. aged 24. He was conductor of the ''Botanical Magazine."

Thomas Shepherd, Esq. died at his Chambers, Lincoln's Inn, on the 3rd
April. 1S46, aged 71.

lohn Stout, Esq. died April nth, 1846, in his 83rd year, at his residence,
Oueen Square. He was the owner of several estates, among them the Bolton
Holme estate, sold 27th August, 1846, to S. E. Bolden, Esq. for £3,710. (Consisted
of 82 acres and 1 roi -

The Fraser Family at the Music Hall, April 14th, 1846.

Spencer T. Hall, Esq. lectured at the Music Hall, on Mesm< rism, April
28th and 30th and May 1st, 1846.

Meeting concerning the Parish Church Bells which v. ere rendered al
useless, Tuesday, 4th August, 1S46.

A woman picked a mushroom at Halton 24 fnches in circumference and 8
inches across, on the 4th September, 1846.

Mr. Jacobs. Wizard of Wizards, at the Athenaeum on the 23rd November,

Mr. II. O'Connell, of the Observatory, Edinburgh, lectured in the
Athenaeum, on Astronomy, December 14th and 16th, 1846.


Vandendoff at the Music Hall, February, 1847.

At one time, according to the Gazette of May 8th, 1847, any person passing
through the toll-bar at St. Leonardgate was liable to a toll of is. \%A. for carrying a
parcel of say only lib. of sugar.

1847. Great tire at a sail-cloth factory in Henry Street, 30th May.

On July 4th, 1847 (Race Sunday), a fatal fight occurred between Richard
Parker, and Edward Seward. The latter died from his injuries.

Presentation to Superintendent Fitzsimon of gold watch and appendages,
value 30 guineas, September 21st, 1847, at the King's Arms.

fames Atherton, Esq., engineer, married Miss Charlotte Piers, governess at
the Castle, on the 14th October, 1847, at Si. Mary's Church.

1847. Roman remains found in Queen Square.

fohn Parkin-on. of Skerton, died aged 92, 3rd January, 1S48.

John Hargreaves, of Penny Street, nurseryman, died on the 9th April,
1848, in his 74th \ear.

184S. Alderman Blades's workshops destroyed by fire, 15th April.

1848. Mr. George Wright died 30th April. Defendant in the protracted
will case, Tatham v. Wright re Hornby estates.

Mr. Preston, landlord of the Green Dragon, had to appear in court about
the 15th Inly, 184S. concerning the charge of smuggling whiskey into the Castle.
brought against hi- assistant, a man named Taylor. Suspicions having been aroused
the baskets were examined and found to have false bottoms, in which whiskey was
secreted. Pined £\o.

Leonard Willan died at Castle Cottage, 4th August. 1848, aged So year-.

Sower Holme for sale November 23rd, 1848.

Mr. Quarme took his farewell of the public as proprietor of the Lancaster
Gazette. September 29th, 1848. Mr. Quarme was formerly editor of the Pieston

Edward Stake's Electric Light treated of in December, 1848.

Choral and Madrigal Society commenced January 4th, 1849.

British Archaeological Association visited Lancaster August 30th, 1X50.

Dr. Lingard died June 1 7th, 1851.

Hamilton estate of Ashton Hall, sold 1853.

Lancaster Cemetery, containing 21 acres, opened in 1855.

Barracks, now used for Volunteer.-., erected in 1854. Is excellently
appointed, and contains fourteen rooms.

1858, 18th Feb. Alderman Monk, of Preston, surgeon, convicted at
Lancaster Assizes of forging a will; sentenced to penal servitude for life. Was
mayor of Preston six years previously.

The Palatine Hall was purchased and put in trust for the Lancaster Total
Abstinence Society, in 1S59, and the cost of the original purchase was £"1,401, and
about ^700 was spent on necessary alterations. The Palatine Hall Company's
secretary at present time is Mr. Johnson.

1859. Rifle Volunteer Corps formed. Museum removed from the
Athenaeum to the Mechanics' Institute.

Mr. Matthias Saul died 25th February, i860, aged J^.

The Rev. George Morland died on the 5th of October, 1862, aged 71.

1S63. Greenfield mill built. Lune Shipbuilding Company established.



Ripley's Hospital opened in 1864.

Lancaster Examiner published January 6th, 1S72.

1865. Death of Samuel Gregson, M.P., nth February.

1865. Last Borough election.

1868. British Archaeological Association meeting at Lanca -'n. Lancaster
Runic Cross removed to the British Museum.

1869. Canal bridges in Penny Street ami Moor Lane widened. St. John's
National Schools opened.

1870. Dr. Shuttleworth appointed Medical Superintendent of tin- Royal
Albert Asylum, 4th April.

1S70. " Booker Scholarship'" founded at the Royal Grammar School.

187 1. Rev. W. Hornby, M.A., St. Michael's-on-Wyre, appointed Arch-
deacon of Lancaster.

187 1. Resolution in favour of establishing a School Board in Lancaster
defeated in the Council Chamber.

1872. An old woman killed by a man to whom she was housekeeper in
Brewery Lane, 3rd April.

1872. Oddfellows' A.M.C. at Lancaster. The town made .1 military

' 1872. Fire at St. George's Works. Much damage done.

1873. Fire at Lancaster Wagon Works, circa April 25th.

1874. Great trial at the Summer Assizes, Robertson v. Fawcett, between
the Lords of Heysham Manor and the fishermen respecting the right of the latter to
take mussels. Verdict in favour of the fishermen. Demolition of the old cottages
close to the Castle gateway. Floral and Horticultural Society established.

On the 9th December died James Grant in his 66th year.

Miss Elizabeth Bryan, first matron of the Royal Allen Asylum, died on
the 27th September, 1880. She had been matron 10 years.

Dr. Thomas Howitt, F.R.C.S., J. P., died on the 29th May, 1881, aged 42.

The Rev. Sydney Faithorn Green, M.A., of St. John's. Miles Platting,
imprisoned in Lancaster Castle on the 19th March, 1881 ; liberated November
4th, 1882.

Alderman John Greg died 23rd November, 1882, aged 80.

Wood pavement first laid in the streets in Lancaster — Maiket Street in
August, 1884; New Street in July, 1891.

Dr. Harold Gilbertson Taylor, M.D., son of Dr. John and [Catherine
Taylor, died after a brief illness on the 16th of October, 1887, at the early age oJ ,]2.
He had been assistant doctor at the Royal Albert Asylum seven years.

John Broadhurst, Esq.. F. R.C.S., died on the 24th of .March, [888, in his
71st year.

Princess Steam Laundry, the first in Lancaster, established [888, 1»\ F.
Price, became the "Lancaster and District Steam Laundry Company" 111 1890.
Mr. C. R. Compston, secretary.

Mr. Alderman Preston appointed County Councillor for Lancaster, fanuary,

Presentation to the Rev. D. Davis on the occasion of his removal from
Lancaster to Evesham, County of Worcester, April, 1889.

Quemmore footpath case tried at the Assizes, June, 1889. Verdict in favour
of W. Garnett, J. P.


Death of Air. Stephen Wright Wearing, August, 1889.

Mr. Frederick Lamond at the Palatine Hall, November 28th, 1889.

Mr. Albert Greg presented an observatory to the town in 18S9.

Lancaster Savings Bank ceased to exist in 1889. Its last annual return
bowed its amount of funds to be £146,835 5s. 6d.

Grand Ballad Concert at the Palatine Hall, January 23rd, 1890. Artistes :
Miss Alice Gomez. Madame Belle Cole. Mr. Charles Wade, and Mr. Maybrick
(Stephen Adams); Conductor, Signor Carlo Ducci ; Pianoforte Soloist, Senor
Albeniz ; Solo Violincello, Mr. Joseph Holman.

Death of Frederick William Grafton, Esq. , J. P. , late member for north-
east Lancashire, 27th January, 1890, in his 74th year.

Death of fohn Gordon M'Minnies, late M.P. for Warrington, January 31st,
1890. He was born in Lancaster, in May, 1817.

Death of Mr. S. Ducksbury, February 23rd, 1890, aged 58.

Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian Society visited Lancaster and
district, September 18th and 19th, 1890.

Wreck of the Schooner "Ernest," October 24th, 1890.

Herr Schonberger and Madame Marie Andersen at the Palatine Hall,
November 20th, 1890.

231c! November, 1890. Dr. Dallinger at the Wesley Chapel; 24th, at the
Palatine Hall.

Scotforth Cemetery Consecrated 12th December, 1S90.

('.as lamps first introduced into Scotforth in December, 1890.

Friarage Bridge re-built in 1891.

Mr. William Whelon died April 25th, 1891, aged 39 years.

Mr. William Hall, J. P., F.R.C.S. Eng., F.R.C.P. Edin. died on the 8th
July, 1S91, aged 73 years. He was mayor of this city in 1877.

The acreage of the Freemens' estate on the marsh was formerly 210 acres.
It is now 153 acres.' 23 a., 3 r., 17 p. have been sold; Mr. Williamson. M.P. paying
for his land required for extension of works, £3,518 is. 6d. From the 1st September,
1889, to the 31st August, 1890 the Marsh rents were £610 10s. 4d. The acreage of
enclosed lands prior to the sale of the aforesaid 21 and odd acres was 181 a., 3r., and
35 p. The rents of the gardens on the Marsh fluctuate. Lighty of the oldest freemen
resident in Lancaster, or the widows of such have the net produce divided amongst
them. The act for the enclosure of the marsh was obtained in 1795. The Cor-
poration are the trustees for the Freemen.

The first High Sheriff living vicinal to Lancaster who made a festive
"spread" or open house to celebrate the shrieval entry into the town was Mr.
William Garnett, of Quernmore Park, states an octogenarian of Lancaster.

From the diary of William Stout, p. 35, it appears that it was customary in
his day to give each attendant at a funeral in Lancaster one or two long biscuits,
called Naples Biscuits; and in the country, a penny manchet and a slice of cheese.

The oldest freeman in Lancaster in June, 1891, was Thomas Liver, born
1 2th May, 1800.

The name " Kigby " in the Roll of officers sent down from the House of
Lords is wrongly spelt. I have authority for stating that it ought to be Rigbye or
Rigbie. It is given as supplied.

According to a list of notables of Lancaster, published a few years ago,
Mis> Anne Gillison, foundress of the Gillison Charity, was the daughter of Ambrose
Gillison, Esq., a merchant. (Add. to p. 42.)


Jonathan Binns was High Constable of the Hundred of Lonsdale South of
the Sands, appointed April 23rd, 1842. This gentleman also tilled the chair of the
Lancaster Literary and Scientific Society in 1842, and for some time held the post of
secretary to the Lancaster Agricultural Society. (Add. to p. .514.)

The streets behind the Athenaeum stand on the site of the old Playhouse

Dalton Square seems to have been the general trysting place agriculturally,
commercially, and militarily. Here shows were held as well as sales, and here many
a lime have the Lonsdale Militia been reviewed.

The " Duke of Lancaster" steamship was built by Messrs. Mottershead and
Heyes, of Liverpool, and was launched in March, 1822. The iron steamer "Duchess
of Lancaster," was built in 1838, and first sailed in September, 1836. The " John
of Gaunt" was built in 1826 for Lancaster and Liverpool service.

A great libel case was tried at Lancaster on the 28th March,
1791, viz., that of Thomas Walker, merchant, v. William Roberts,
before Sir Alexander Thompson, Knight. Counsel for plaintiff were
Mr. Law, Serjeant Cockell, William Wood and Mr. Topping;
counsel for defendant, Mr. Chambre, Mr. Cambe, Mr. Parke and
Mr. Christian. The plaintiff's solicitor was Mr. Whittaker; defend-
ant's solicitor, Mr. Shelmerdine. The jurors were Charles Gibson,
Esq., of Lancaster; Thomas Earle, Esq., of Liverpool; James
Orrell, Esq., of Parr ; and Edmund Rigby, Esq., of Ellel Grange,
The Talesmen were John Boardman, of Oxford; James Kenyon, of
Heap; James Lodge, of Poulton ; Thomas Payne, of Liverpool;
Jonas Robinson, of Chatburn; John Threlfail, of Chorley; and
Adam Whitworth, of Casterton. Verdict for the plaintiff;

damages, ^100.

County Court Judges of the Century Sitting at Lancaster.

John Addison, Esq., appointed in 1847, died 1859; W. A. Hulton, Esq. ;
Millis Coventry, Esq.

Chairmen of Quarter Sessions.

Thomas Batty Addison, Esq. ; M. T. Baines, Esq.; L. G. Hornby, Esq.;
E. Hornby, Esq. (son) ; R. A. Cross, Esq. ; Thomas Greene, Esq. ; Henry Garnett,
Esq. ; John Fell, Esq.

Authorities Quoted in this Work.

Whittaker's "History of Richmondshire," Baines' "Lancashire," Hall's
" History of Lancaster Castle, &c. ;" Clark's "Lancaster." Simpson's" Lan
McFarlane and Thompson's "History of England," Strutt's "Regal and Ecclesiastic
Antiquities," Dr. Charles Leigh's "Natural History of Lancaster," Gregson'
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of the Rev. Robert Housnian," Hewitson's "Places and Paces," Stanley Newman's
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Reports of the Lancaster Charities," (kindly sent by YY. G. Welch, Esq.); Papeis


of the late Thomas Cleminson, Dr. Prosser's "Rambles by the Lune," Tongue's
"Visitation," Canon Walker's pamphlet on the stained windows in St. Peter's
Church, Robert Holmes' "History of Keighley," Raines's "History of Chantries,'
Masonic Calendar, The Rev. J. B. Nightingale's "Nonconformity in North
Lancashire, &c"; Maclauchan's "History of the Scottish Highlands." various old.
journals published in Lancaster, Kendal, Liverpool, and Newcastle (the Tablet and
the Catholic News), Parliamentary Blue Books, Joseph Gillow's Bibliographical
Dictionary, " Tyldesley Diary," "Johnson's Guides," .Sic.

Biographical Section.

The author deems it necessary to remark that a revise was forwarded to
every distinguished Lancaster gentleman, or gentleman closely identified with
Lancaster, in order that absolute facts might alone be made use of In all but
two instances revises were returned promptly. In the two cases alluded to so
much inconvenience was occasioned that it was in/possible to delay going to press
any longer; therefore the author feels compelled to state that he must emphatically
disclaim all responsibility for errors which may appear in consequence of failure
to return revises within a day or two according to rule.


Hall's '• History of Lancaster " is alluded to in the preface, instead Hall's
•• History of the Castle."

On p. 20 read Messrs. W. Wailes, of Newcaslle-on-Tyne. It was SO
written at first, but a gentleman informed me it should be NewcBStle-under-Lyme.
I find he was wrong.

P. 199 read Thomas Hesketh, Recorder of Lancaster, 1597. Also John
Lodge where there are no Christian names re Hubberstey.



Antiquity of St. Mary's Church ... ... ... ... ... 4

Addison Epitaph ... ... ... ... ... ... 16

Ancient Gild in Lancaster ... .. ... ... ... 47

Adrian's Tower... ... ... ... ... ... ... 57-61

Altars, Roman, &c. , ... ... ... ... ... 69, 70, 71

Antique... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 71, 72

Assizes at Lancaster and Grammar School Holiday ... ... 82

Archdeaconry of Lancaster ... ... ... ... ... 106

Aqueduct, Latin Inscription on .. ... ... ... ... 116

Arrowsmith, Edward, alias Rigby ... ... ... ... 178

Ash, Robert, and the Lincolnshire movement to revive the

Catholic Religion ... ... ... ... ... 189

Abbot Paslew ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 189

Abstract of Charters ... ... ... ... ... ... 205

Amicable Library ... ... ... ... ... ... 222

Assembly Room ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 223

Ashton, Thomas, D.D. ... ... ... ... ... 235

Atkinson, Professor ... ... ... ... ... ... 281

Account Book (St. John's) ... ... ... ... ... 337

Ashton Hall, Pictures fomerly within it ... ... ... 405

Alderson Baron, Lodgings of, during Assizes ... ... 447

Architect of Lancaster Parish Church Tower ... ... ... 448

Archery Club, John o'Gaunt's Bowmen ... ... ... 460

Atherton, Oliver ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 496

Ancient tenures in Lancaster ... ... ... ... ... 514

Artistic Firms ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 516

Asylum, R.A. , Population of... ... ... ... ... 540

Art School, Formation of... ... ... ... ... ... 544

Agricultural Society ... ... ... ... ... ... 546

Aldcliffe 567

Ale, Reduction in price of ... .. ... ... ... 575

Authorities quoted... ... . ... ... ... ... 583

5 88 INDEX.


Brasses, Ancient in St. Mary's Church ... ... ... ... 14

Bowes epitaph ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 14

Bailiffs of the Town in 1659 ... ... ... ... ... 23

Bells of St. Mary's Church 36

Burgage, Signification of ... ... ... ... ... ... 50

Bligh Murder Case ... ... ... ... ... ... 56

Blackburne, Stanley and Peel Portraits in the Shire Hall ... 63

Branding-iron in the Crown Court ... ... ... ... 65

Boys' National School ... ... ... ... ... ... 84

Bequests, Singular, of John o'Gaunt ... ... ... 100

Bay Horse, Railway Accident at, in 1848 ... ... ... 125

Bashful Alley ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 133

Burning of Lancaster ... .. ... ... ... ... 137

Bowerham, Derivation of name ... ... ... ... 139

Barnet, Nehemiah, Extract from Sermon of ... ... ... 148

Bells of St. Peter's Church ... ... ... ... . . 170

Bell, James, Martyr ... ... ... ... ... ... 172

Barlow, Edward, ,, ... ... ... ... ... 183

Bamber, Edward, ,, .. ... ... ... ... ... 184

Bailey, Lawrence, ,, ... ... ... ... ... 188

Birkett, Richard, ,, ... ... ... ... ... ... 189

" Black Hole" 201,533

Baths and Washhouses ... ... ... ... ... ... 214

Bulfield, Richard, Presentation to ... ... .. ... 222

Blair, Rev. W. P., Presentation to ... ... ... ... 222

Bellew, Rev. J. C. M 249

Bushell, Seth, D.l). 252

Bracken, Henry ... ... ... ... ••• ••■ 259

Brunton, James ... ... ... ... ••• ••• ••• 295

Binns, Jonathan ... ... ... ••• ••• ■•• 3 r 4> 5&3

Baptist Denomination in Lancaster ... 367

Bowerham Barracks ... ... ... ... • •• ••• 4 IT

Borough Waits 43 1

Bellmen of the century 43 l

Bellman's Parrock 43 1


;8 9

Brougham's Lodging's during the Assizes ...

Blue Anchor Inn

Brewery, Old (Brewery Lane)

Borough Perambulations ...

Boundary Riding

Boswell in Lancaster

Blue Coat School

Boys : National Schoal, Past Masters of. .. ... . .

Books, Old, referring to the County

Barracks, Population of ...

Building Societies, Dates of formation in Lancaster

Barlow Edward, executioner

Bowes, Thomas, Death of

Bolton Holme Estate ...

Church, Antiquity of

Commissary's Court in St. Mary's Church

Churchwardens and Bailiffs in 1641, 1659, and 1671 ...

Chapelwardens, Rural, in 1608

Clock of St. Mary's Church

Clough, Hannah, doing Penance in St. Mary's Church

Charities of Lancaster

Castle, tour through recent Improvements, &c.

Constable's return, An old

Clougha, Origin of term

Civil Court of Lancaster Castle ...

Coats of Arms of past High Sheriffs in the Shire Hall

Crown Court

Castle Walls, Thickness of ...

Castle, Royalty at ...

Caer Waerid, Origin of

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