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INDEX. 605


Simpson, Rev. Robert... ... ... ... ... ... 564

Scotforth ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 565

Scotforth Charities ... ... ... ... ... ... 566

Suth worth, Roger . . ... ... ... ... ... .. 568

Stout, William 572

Seward, Abraham, and George III. ... ... ... ... 574

,, ,, Invention by ... ... ••• ••• 575

Sale of Canal Company's Horses ... ... ... ... 577

Stout, John, Death of... ... ... ... ... ... 579

Tower of St. Mary's Church ... ... ... ... 527, 36

Tithes of the Parish ... ... ... ... ... ... 40

Tear Hill 56

Tatham v. Wright Case, Relics of ... ... ... ... 60

Tablets in the Shire Hall ... ... ... ... ... ... 63

Thomas, Earl of Lancaster ... ... ... ... ... 89-92

Thwing, Edward, Martyr... ... ... ... ... .. 175

Thulis, John ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 176

Town Hall, Description of ... ... ... ... ... 193

Town Clerks of the Century ... ... ... ... ... 200

The Theatre ... ... ... ... ... ... .. 226

Taylor, John, D.D ' 234

Turner, Sir William ... ... ... ... ... ... 279

Tomlinson, James ... ... ... ... •• ••• 297

Tomlinson, Miss Margaret, Bequest of, to St. John's Church 342

Trelawney Portraits at the Barracks ... ... ... 411

Torch Extinguisher in Church Street ... ... ... ... 448

Tyldesley, Sir Thomas, House of ... ... ... ••• 447

Tree planting in Lancaster Thoroughfares ... ... .- 516

Temperance Societies ... .. ... ... ... ••■ 546

Tramways, Lancaster, Incorporation of Company ... ... 549

Tomlinson or Townson Almshouses... ... ... ... 573

Ushers of the Royal Grammar School ... ... ... ... 79

United Methodist Free Church 368

606 INDEX.


Vicars of Lancaster ... ... .. ... .. .. 34

Value of Church Living's in Lancaster (1S91) ... ... 357

Victoria Avenue ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 409

Windows, Stained, in St. Mary's Church ... ... ... 20

Wildbore, Augustine .. ... ••• • • ••• ••• 34

Weeping Hill ... ... ... ... ... ... 56

Watch Chamber in the Roman Tower ... ... ... ... 58-61

Will Case, Tatham v. Wright 60

Winmarleigh Portrait ... ... ... ••- ••• ••• 63

Walls of the Castle, Thickness of ... ... ... ... 65

Watson, Rev. James ... ... ... ... ... ... 79

Widditt, Rev. John 79, 80

Widditt, Rev. John, Marriage of 81

Wapentake, of Lonsdale ... ... ••• ••• 107

Williamson & Son's Works ... ... .-■ ••• ... 122

Wagon Works... ... ... ••• ••• ••• ••• 123

White Cross ... ... ... ••• ••• •• ••• 140

Wars of the Roses .. ... ... ... ... ••• 140

Wars, Civil .. 14 1

Wrenno, Roger, Martyr ... ... ... ... ... 176

Woodcock, John, alias Martin ... ... ... 185

Whitaker, Thomas, Martyr ... ... ... ... •■• 186

Wall, Father 188

Williamson Park ... ... ... • •-• ••• ••• 215

Witches, Trials of some ... ... ... ... ... ... 219

Worswick Family ... ... ... ••• ••• 230

Whewell, William, D.D 241

Wadeson, Colonel ... ... 283

Walker, Provost ••• 328

Wesleyanism in Lancaster ... ... ... ■•• 359

Workhouse... 399

Warrant of the Lodge of Fortitude (Freemasonry) ... 468

Workhouse, Population of ... ... ••• ••• ••• 540

Ward Boundaries ... ... ••■ ••• ••• ••• 54 1

INDEX. 60;

Wards, Populations of ... ... ... ... ... ... 541

White Cross Mill, destruction of by fire ... ... ... 575

Worsley, Mrs. Easter ... ... ... ... ... ... 578


Allanson, Mr. Anthony Knowles, Park Square, Lancaster.

Appleford, Rev. W. Langley, Ripley Hospital, Lancaster.

Aspinwall, R., Esq., King's Arms Hotel, Lancaster.

Atkinson, Robert, Esq., 23, Regent Street, Lancaster.

Atkinson, John, Esq., 86, Ulleswater Road, Lancaster.

Ayrton, Mr. Richard, Arcade, Market Street.

Bailey, J. T., Esq., Chapel House, Lancaster.

Balbemie, John P., Esq., Stanley Bank, Staveley, near Kendal.

Barrow-in-Furness, Right Rev. Bishop of.

Barrow, Thomas, Esq., Baldrand, Lancaster.

Barrow, W., Esq., Ualton Square, Lancaster.

Beesley, Mr. Councillor James, Market Street, Lancaster.

Bell, Anthony, Esq., Derwent Road, Lancaster

Bell, Mrs. Birkett, Cable Street, Lancaster.

Bell, T., Esq., 20, Dalton Square, Lancaster.

Bell, Mr. Councillor Wm., Regent Street, Lancaster.

Bell, W. , Esq., Olive House, Lancaster.

Berry, J. W., Esq., Market Street Chambers, Lancaster.

Blades, C. , Esq., Parkfield, Lancaster.

Bolden, W. L, Esq., Stratford, Gippsland, Australia.

Bond, Richard, Esq., Bridge House, Skerton.

Bradley, Mr. D., Green Ayre Lancaster.

Brash, Mr. Richard, Bayhorse, near Lancaster.

Briggs, Mr. William, Springfield Terrace, Lancaster.

Brown, H. J., Esq., Westbourne Terrace, Lancaster.

Bulfield, Mr. A. P., King Street, Lancaster.

Bulfield, Mr. B., Liverpool.

Brunton, Miss Jane, Higher Greaves, Lancaster.

Capstick, Mr. W., Stonewell, Lancaster.

Cardwell, W., Esq., 25, Market Street, Lancaster.

Carruthers, G, Esq., Corn Market Street, Lancaster.

Chippendall, Mrs., Greta Tower, Ingleton.

Chippendall Miss, Croftlands, Lancaster.

Chippendall, Miss Maria, Croftlands, Lancaster.

Clark, E. G., Esq., Vineyards, Lancaster.

Clark, Robert, Esq., L.R.C.P., 78, Church Street, Lancaster.

Cleminson, W. T., Esq., 19, Burlington Street, Blackburn.

Cocks, Mr. James, The Grove, Lancaster.

Compston, Mr. C. R., 1, New Road, Lancaster.

Co-operative Society, Educational Department, Lancaster.

County Club, Church Street, Lancaster.

Coulston, Miss, Dalton Square, Lancaster.

Coulston, Rev. G, D.D., Ushaw College. Durham.

Crookall, Rev. T., St. Peter's Presbytery, Lancaster.

Dean, P'rederick, Esq., Westbourne Terrace, Lancaster.

Dean, C. W. Esq., M.R.C.S.. Queen Street, Lancaster.

Derby, Right Honble. tho Earl of, Knowsley.

Cookson, Mr. John, The Arbour, Salwick-in-the-Fylde, Kirkham.


Dig-gens, Jas., Esq., Royal Albert Asylum, Lancaster.

Edmonson, T. Esq., Grassyard Hall, Caton.

Eliershaw, Mr. Jas., Queen Square, Lancaster.

Eltoft, Jas., Esq., Selbourne House, Lancaster.

Eskrigge, Rev. John, Notting Hill, London, W.

Faithwaite, T. W., Esq., Liverpool.

Fenton, Joseph, Esq., Fair Elms, Lancaster.

Fisher, Rev. George, Hornby.

Ford, Rawlinson T. Esq., Yealand Conyers, Carnforth.

Foster, Colonel, Hornby Castle.

Foster, Rev. A. W., Tatham Rectory.

Frankland, Professor, The Yews, Reigate.

Free Library, Barrow-in-Furness.

Free Library, Preston.

Galloway, Professor, Pembridge Villas, Bayswater, London.

( .ardener, Mr. John, 35, Derwent Road, Lancaster.

Gardner, Mr. C, Red Cross, Skerton.

Gardner, Miss B., St. Peter's Road, Lancaster.

Gill, Edward, Esq., Kendal.

Gillow, Joseph, Esq., The Woodlands, Bowdon, Cheshire.

Gillow, The Right Rev. Monsignor, Leighton Hall.

Goad, Mr. R. J., Field Cottage, Halton.

Gradwell, Very Rev. Monsignor, Claughton-on-Brock.

Greene, Colonel Dawson, Whittington Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale.

Greene, The Rev. C. V., St. Edward's College Liverpool.

Greene, T" P. , Esq., Summerfield, Lancaster.

Greenwood, Capt. W. Nelson, F.R., Met. Soc, Glasson Dock.

Gregson, B. P. Esq., J. P., Caton.

Grenside, Rev. W. Bent, M.A., The Vicarage, Melling.

Hadwin, Mrs., Ashfield, Lancaster.

llaigh, Mr. Henry, Market Street, Lancaster.

Hall, Col. W.. Acrelands, Skerton.

Hall, Marshall and Sewart, Messrs., North Road, Lancaster.

Harker, Dr. Hazel Grove, Carnforth.

Harker, Mr. R. Cornthwaite, Aldcliffe Lane, Lancaster.

Harris, S., Esq., Halton Park, Lancaster.

Harrison, Hall and Moore, Messrs.. Church Street, Lancaster.

Hatch, Mr. W. H., Thornycroft, Lancaster.

Hatch, Mr. John, Junr., Thornycroft, Lancaster.

Helme, Norval W. , Esq., Castramount;, Lancaster.

Hetherington, W., Esq., 65, Sandown Lane, Wavertree.

Higgin, W. H. Esq., Q.C., J.P., Cloverley House, Timperley, Cheshire.

Holden, L., Esq., High Street, Lancaster

Holmes, Mr. T. Kirkwood, St. Nicholas Street, Lancaster.

Hornby, Edward Geoffrey Stanley, Esq., Dalton Hall, Westmorland.

Howson, Mr. J. R. , West Road, Lancaster.

Hunt, A. W., Esq., Longlands, Lancaster.

Jackson. Mr. Councillor, Aldcliffe Road Lancaster.

Jackson, Edmund, Esq., Castle Park, Lancaster.

Jackson, Rev. Edmund, Gilmorton Rectory, Leicestershire.

Jewitt, E. H., Esq., Belle Vue Terrace, Lancaster.

Joel, Mr. Wm. J., Lune Road, Lancaster.

Johnson, Mr. Edward, Castle Hill House, Lancaster.

Johnson, Thomas, Esq., 30, Church Street, Blackburn.

Johnson, J. Henry, Esq., Mountains, Tonbridge.

Kaye, Mr. Alfred Wilks, 91, King Street, Lancaster.

Kellet, Miss Catherine, Preston.

King, William, Esq., East Road, Lancaster.

King, William, Esq., Chapel Street, Lancaster.


Langshnw, J. P. , Esq., Elmside, Lancaster.

Lamb, Mr. John, Junr. , Liverpool.

Lamb, Mr. Robert, Church Street, Lancaster.

Leeming, John, Esq., Old College, Windermere.

Lees, Edward 1!., Esq., Thurland Castle.

Liddell, Mr. W. St. Nicholas Street, Lancaster.

Little, Mr. Henry, Church Street. Lancaster.

Loftu>, Sir A. J., (K.C.S.), Siamese Legation, London.

Longman, H. Esq., Yealand Conyers, Carnforth.

Lord, H. W. Esq., Somerset House, London.

MacDonald, Mr. A. R. D. Thornfield, Ashton Road.

Marshall, J. W., Esq., Cannon Hill, Lancaster.

Marton, Col. G. B. H. Capernwray, Carnforth.

Massey, Mr. W., Carr House Lane, Lancaster.

Milne, Mr. E. P., Castle Hill, Lancaster.

Muckalt, Thomas, Esq., B.A., Milnthorpe and Lancaster.

Molyneux, Mr. Councillor, West Road, Lancaster.

Monk, James, Esq., Aden Cottage, Durham.

Morris, R'J. Esq., 11, Cable Street, Lancaster.

Murdoch, Graham W., Esq., Kendal.

Murphy, Rev. T. , St. Peter's Presbytery, Lancaster.

Muschamp, Robert, Esq., Blackburn Street, Ratcliffe.

Myres, T. H. Esq., F.R.I.B.A., Sunnyside, Ashton-on-Ribble.

Nuttall, Mr. J. R., Market Place, Lancaster.

O'Reilly, The Right Rev. B., D.D., Bishop of Liverpool.

Owen, Mr. Benjamin, Church Street, Lancaster.

Paley, E. G. Esq., The Greaves, Lancaster.

Parker. Mr. James Liddell, Market Street, Lancaster.

Parkinson, Jas., Esq., Portland Street, Lancaster.

Tape, Mr. Henry, Brook Street, Lancaster.

Petty, Mr. Geo. H., Market Street, Lancaster.

Pickard, W., Esq., Fenton Street Lancaster.

Pollard, Rev. J. Channmg, 32, Regent Street, Lancaster.

Prest, Mr. E. J., Rose Bank, Scotforth.

Priestley, T. Murgatroyd, Esq., Regent Street, Lancaster.

Preston, Rev. R., D.D. , Ushaw College.

Preston, Mr. Councillor, South Road, Lancaster.

Preston, Thomas, Esq., J. P., C.C., Dalton Square, Lancaster.

Preston, Mr. Thos., Morningside, Lancaster.

Rawlinson, Sir Robert, K.C.B. , Lancaster Lodge, West Brompton.

Rigby, Rev. Thomas Procter, Aughton-in-Halton.

Robinson, Benjamin, Esq., Mayor of Salford.

Robinson, John, Esq., M. Inst. C. E., East Barry House, Parry, Cardiff.

Roper, W. O., Esq., Deputy Town Clerk of Lancaster.

Ross, Rev. II., LL.D. , F. C.S. , Dallas House, Lancaster.

Royal Lancaster Regt., Officers of 3rd & 4th Batts.

Royds, Rev. C. Twemlow, M.A., A.C., Heysham Rectory,

Sanderson, John, Esq., J. P., Lancaster.

Satterthwaite, Alex., Esq., King Street, Lancaster.

Satterthwaite, Geo., Esq., Ellel House, Galgate.

Satterthwaite, John, Esq., J. P., Bushell Place, Preston.

Seward, Mr. C. F., 4, Castle Park, Lancaster.

Sharp, William T. , Esq., B. A. , High Street, Lancaster.

Shaw", Mr. J. B., Regent Street, Lancaster.

Shuttleworth, G., Esq., M.D., Royal Albeit Asylum, Lancaster.

Slater, Mr., Jos., 6, Castle Park, Lancaster.

Slinger, Tonathan, Esq., Aldcliffe Road, Lancaster.

Sly, Colonel, West Road, Lancaster.

Smith, The Rev. J., St. Joseph's College, Liverpool.


Smith, Rev. Ed., Bolton-le-Sands.
Smith, Dr. T., Royal Albert Asylum, Lancaster.
Smith, Mr. William, New Inn, Lancaster.
Smith, J. F., Esq., 69, Mount Pleasant, Barrow-in-Furness.
Smith, Mr. Rd., East Road, Lancaster.
Stokes, Major, Fairfield Mouse, Lancaster.
Storey, Sir Thomas, J. P., Westfield, Lancaster.
Storey, Edward, Esq., J. P., Lancaster.
Storey, Reginald, Esq., Moor Side, Lancaster.
Strickland, Mr. VV. , 3, Claremont View, Bowerham.
Taylor, Mr. E. J., East Road, Lancaster.
Taylor, Mr. Jas., 18, Dalton Square, Lancaster.
Taylor, Mr. Robert, 7, Gage Street, Lancaster.
Thompson, Mr. W. C. , Lancaster Bank, Blackpool.
Thompson, Mr. John, Junr. , The Grove, Lancaster.
Tilly, Jas. , Esq., Springfield Terrace, Lancaster.
Tilly, William, Esq., Poulton Hall, Morecambe.
Tomlinson, Mr. Trios. , Great John Street, Lancaster.
Toinlinson, W. Paget, Esq., Kirkby Lonsdale.
Towers, Mr. T. H., Penny Street, Lancaster.
Townley, Mr. Walter, Market Street. Lancaster.
Troughton, Mr. John, Market Street, Lancaster.
Troughton, Mr. H., Lindow Square, Lancaster.
Turner, John, Esq., Lytham.

Walker, Very Rev. Provost, St. Peter's Presbytery, Lancaster.
Wane, O. R. , Esq., Chorlton-c-Hardy, Manchester.
Warriner, Mr. R. G, East Road, Lancaster.
Waters, Mr. E. J., Hubert Place, Lancaster.
Waters, Mr. R. , Bowness-on -Windermere.
Welch, W. G. , Esq , Forton.
Welch, Mr. Wm. , Aldcliffe Road, Lancaster.
Wells, Mr. John, Park Square, Lancaster.
Wells, Mr. Richard, Borrowdale Road, Lancaster.
Wells, Mr. W. , Master of the Workhouse, Lancaster.
Westhead, Mrs. F. M. Brown, Lea Castle, Kidderminster.
Whalley, Colonel, J. P., Queen .Street, Lancaster.
Whalley, Major C. E. , Richmond House, Skerton.
Whalley, Capt. C. E. , Beezley Grange, Ingleton.
Whelon, A. W. , Esq., Queen Square, Lancaster.
Whiteside. Mr. Robert, St. Leonardgate, Lancaster.
Whiteside, The Rev. T. , V. P. , St. Joseph's College, Liverpool.
Williamson James, Esq., J. P., M. P. , Ryelands, Skerton.
Wilkinson, Mr. H., Athenaeum Hotel, Lancaster.
Wilkinson, Mr. T. J., 61, Market Street, Lancaster.
Wilson, Mrs., Coburg House, Liverpool.
Wilson, Mr. H. G. , Regent Park and Pavilion, Morecambe.
Wilson, Mr. Jas., 4, Rose Bank, Scotforth.
Wingate-Saul, W. W., Esq., M.D., Fenton-Cawthorne House.
Wingate-Saul, E. W. , Esq., Fenton-Cawthorne House.
Wingate-Saul, W. W. , junr. , Esq., Fenton-Cawthorne House.
Wingate-Saul, Mr. A. W. , Fenton-Cawthorne House.
Wingate-Saul, Mr. N. W. , Fenton-Cawthorne House.
Wingate-Saul, Miss M. W. , Fenton-Cawthorne House.
Wolfenden, Mr. Robt., Springfield Terrace, Lancaster.
Woods, Mr. John, Penny Street, Lancaster.
Wyatt, Mr. William, Stonewell, Lancaster.
Yates, Mr. William, Queen Street, Lancaster.


Whatever faults of omission or commission are apparent in the lirst edition
of "Time-Honoured Lancaster," and I am fully conscious of many, it is at any rate
some little satisfaction alike to myself and my publishers to learn that since there are
a few crumbs of information and items of interest in the work the question has been
asked " Will there not be a popular edition ?" This question having resolved itself
ultimately into a request frequently repeated, has brought about the decision to issue
an edition at a price within the reach of the people generally. To this popular
edition a fuller Corrigenda has been added. It is not by way of any anxiety to
excuse either my own shortcomings or the mis-statements of persons whom I have
had reason to deem reliable in regard to certain matters included in the "Corrigenda "
that I remind readers how impossible it is in the first edition of a work dealing largel)
with events and dates to prove absolutely correct. Some individuals of excellent
hypercritical powers have made it their business to look with jaundiced eye for
nothing but blemishes ; some have even hurried to point out to the author a couple
of inverted letters, as if they thought his humble production was the only one in the
world containing errors, and as if for him to have erred 'in any degree were much
more sinful than would be possible in the case of any one else. People who have
not attempted a like publication are apt to forget how greatly the writer of such a
book, whoever he may he, rich or poor, is at the mercy of his neighbours, and of
persons more or less accurate, and more or less disposed to impart information. In
several instances where the statements have been very conflicting concerning certain
subjects, it has been felt that the wisest course was to leave out such statements
altogether. Where information has come from an evidently good source and has
been largely corroborated, it has been taken for granted as correct, or as near to
being so as possible. Again, it often happens that when a work of this character is
issued you meet with some one whom you did not previously know so as to be able to
apply to, who is familiar with all the facts appertaining to some interesting event
treated of, and no man can be justly censured when such a circumstance occur-. It is
not my object to notice the biassed opinions of those who have, doubtless, special
reasons of their own, trady or otherwise, for pouring contempt on a work which,
whatever it may be, is not the outcome of mercenary or profit-making ideas.

The} - are the worst birds in the wood who can sing but will not sing, and
if there be no reason to doubt the respectability of a person compiling historic and
chronological matter, it is impossible to see why he should be refused assistance,
because it is not himself who is to be considered so much as the public at large, who
naturally and very properly look for the best information. Certainly people have a
right to please themselves lo whom they impart any facts they are cognisant of, or to
decline to open their mouths or wield their pens at all. But I am content to look
upon the brighter side and to try to remember only those in all ranks who have freely
aided me during the past five years, at the same time remembering kindly those who
have pointed out mistakes from the noblest of motives. Ere concluding this appen-
dix, which I have not written without much thought, and no little reluctance, let me
call attention to one or two items not only for my own sake but for the sake of others

First of all I wish to advert to the remark I have heard consequent upon
the inclusion of the account of the sufferings and executions of the Catholic Martyrs.
" Why have the Protestant Martyrs been left out?" has been asked at various times
by some whom I have met. Why? Well, simply because I know of no Protestant
Martyrs ever having suffered death in Lancaster. Secondly, let me state that the
accuracy of the list of ministers of St. Nicholas Street Chapel has been questioned as
regards one name at least. This list has been taken from authorities believed to be
correct. It is in no part added to or of my own making, and if after applying- to
several parties in town relative to the past ministers of the said Chapel I could obtain
no assistance whatever from the fact that no local person had a full list, I think I was
justified in utilising that which appeared the most credible and correct, therefore it
is enough for me to answer for my own errors without having to be held amenable
for the errors of others, if errors they have made. Autre chose. As to the inclusion of
one or two Lancastrians in the biographical section, I am informed that they either
were not are are not " eminent. " But I use the word " eminent " in its local sense,
and for defence in regard to one celebrity may say that if a man who has built a
church (a church now about to be restored), has been upwards of forty years its
minister, and who has published volumes of sermons, &c. , is not eminent in a local
sense, why on earth was his life written and his public career so dwelt upon as to ren-
der his name a household word ? If I am wrong in the use of such a term, then I
fear I shall be fur ever ignorant of the meaning of the word.

I regret to find that I am wrong in respect to tine model of the ship to be
seen within the precincts of the Town Hall, and can only say that the statement
about its being a model of Nelson's ship " The Victory " was made to me by an <>ld
Lancastrian who has recently passed away, one who took a delight in speaking of
old-time incidents, and who, himself, collected relics i if the past and stored them as
enthusiastically as I should have done myself.

Lastly, I find by the perusal of some old bankruptcy affidavits mention of
another Keeper of the Castle, one Symon Arrow smith, in 16S9-90, who appears to
have followed James Hunter. The name of another Recorder, "Mr. Recorder
Harrison," has also transpired, having been met with in the MSS. of an old Lancaster
Lawyer of one hundred and sixty years ago. This Recorder, first mentioned in
1730, must have succeeded Mr. (ubson. About this period I also find that one Mr.
Bryer was Town Clerk. I have spared no pains to secure a full list of the Recorders,
writing - to places in London and elsewhere, and going through musty books anil
papers in various libraries, but without realising my aims. It only remains for me to
add that if some one else is induced 10 supersede me, producing a superior work and
winning everyone's encomium for it, this "a poor thing, but mine own, sir-," will

not have been undertaken altogether in vain.

C. F.

Addenda ei Corrigenda.

Page 21, end of third line, please read Newcastle-on-Tyne instead of " Newcastle-

Page 59> second word of third line from the top, read Regiment instead of" Militia."

Page 60, third word of fourth line from the top is the word " or." It is a printer's

Page 79, end of twenty-third line, read James Win field.

William Cockin, born at Burton-in- Kendal, in September, 17 }q, was
appointed Writing Master in 1764. He died May 30th, 1801. He pub-
lished an Arithmetic in 1766, an Essay on Reading (17751, and a Volume of
Verses (1776). Cockin was a friend of Romney, the celebrated painter.

Page S4, fourth line of last paragraph read £1,100 instead of ,£11,000.

Page 85, third line of last paragraph, read Sharp instead of "Sharpe."

Page 94, eleventh line from the top, read grandfather instead of father : and after
the word " governor " add and his uncle was deputy.

Page 107, tenth word of third line of last paragraph, read three instead of "four."

Page 113, first word of last line, read Muschamp instead of "Mesham." (This
error was unfortunately copied from a Last Century Journal 1.

Page 129, after end of first paragraph read Giant Axe Field was originally called
Canittes/ield or Caun/s/ield.

Page 187, second line from the foot, read statue instead of statute.

Page 191, in the list of Catholic Martyrs who suffered at Lancaster read Reading
in place of " Leding," re Edward Bamber.

Page 194, fourth line from the top, read Thomas Greene, Esq., instead of "Colonel"
Thomas Greene, and on the last line but one of this page substitute for the
words " Model of Nelson's Ship, the Victory " model of a frigate.

Page 199, add to commencement of third paragraph Thomas Hesketh, /507, and
after the name " Robert Gibson" add Recorder Harrison, from ij^i ; and
before the surname " Hubberstey " add the names f oh u Lodge.

Page 200, I find from Thomas Benison's notes, 1730 — 1736, that a Town Clerk Bryer
preceded Thomas Shepherd (second paragraph).

Page 223; eighth word of ninth line, read Comedian, not " Commedian."

Page 246, sixth line, read at your cousin's in Mackarel Street, instead of "at your
aunt's in Penny Street." (A gentleman emphatically contradicts the
statement originally given to me, though the old lady subsequently resided
in Penny Stieet).

Page 257, fifth word of eleventh line, read devisees.

Page 276, end of third line, Re Sir Richard Owen, read K.C.U., as well as C. B.
(The former honour was left out owing to a card of Sir Richard's honours
being handed to the author which was not as recent as he understood it was. )

Page 279, read at the head of Sonnet, 18S8, instead of " 1890."

Page 305, second word of second line, read Engineer instead of " Engineers," also in
place of " Paymaster-Sergeant "- Pay-Sergeant. (The first term was
quoted from the M.S. forwarded).

Page 307, last line read the Rawlinson Arms, not " the Rawlinson's Arms."

Page 329, Re Richard l rillow, please read He was the eldest son of Richard Gillow,
Esq., of Singleton, who died in iji~ ; younger son of Richard Gillow of
the same place.

l >a g<-' 379) read Broadhurst, not " Broardhurst." U-asi line but oni 1.

Page 411, read Re Trelawneys commission instead of "command;" last word of
third line.

Pi ge 412, read also, com mission.

Page 441, second paragraph, last word of line fifteen, read place of business of Mrs.

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