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Albany chronicles, a history of the city arranged chronologically, from the earliest settlement to the present time; illustrated with many historical pictures of rarity and reproductions of the Robert online

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Online LibraryCuyler ReynoldsAlbany chronicles, a history of the city arranged chronologically, from the earliest settlement to the present time; illustrated with many historical pictures of rarity and reproductions of the Robert → online text (page 37 of 67)
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Duval ; but had no children, and in his will stating" he has no
heirs except the Van Rensselaers living in America, dies at
Nykerk, Holland, April 11.

Benj. \Miii)ple, many years Assembly door-keeper, aged 64, dies,

April 30.

Mail sent by post-riders done away with, May.

Academy park or common excavated to use soil in grading Lydius
street, (Madison ave. ) causing a p(5nd in the depression. May.

Mayor Elisha Jenkins decides that he intends to move to Hudson
to live and resigns his office, taking effect. July 2.

(See No. 22.)

No. 34.

flllftirl^s lEimarJn iuil^g.

Feb. 19, 1821 — Feb. 15, 1822.
Feb. 16, 1822 — Feb. 19, 1823.
Feb. 20, 1823 — Mar. 9,1824.

May 29, 1828 — Dec. 31, 1828.
JanV 1, 1829— Jan. 19, 1829.

No. 34.


Date of office: (a) Feb. 19, 1821 — Feb. 15, 1822.
(b) Feb. 16, 1822 — Feb. 19, 1823.
(cj Feb. 20, 1823 — March 9, 1824.

(d) May 29, 1828 — Dec. 31, 1828.

(e) Jan. i, 1829 — Jan. 19, 1829 (resigned)
Date of election: (a) Feb. 19, 1821.

(b) Feb. 16, 1822.

(c) Feb. 20, 1823.

(d) May 29, 1828.

(e) Jan'y i, 1829.
Political party: Democrat.

Vote: (a) Unanimous.

(b) Unanimous.

(c) Unanimous.

(d) Unanimous.

(e) Unanimous.
Opponent: (a) None.

(b) None.

(c) None.

(d) None.

(e) None.

Date of birth: May 23, 1780.

Place of birth: Johnson Hall, Staffordshire, England.

Parents: Charles Dudley and Catherine Crook.

Education: Newport schools.

Married to: Blandina Bleecker.

Children: None.

Residence: No. 54 North Pearl street.

Occupation: Merchant.

Religion: Dutch Reformed.

Date of death: January 23, 1841.

Place of death: Albany.

Place of burial: Albany Rural Cemetery.

Title: Senator.

Remarks: Presidential elector, 1816. Came to Albany in 1819.
Alderman, 1819-20. State Senator, 1820-24. Council of
Appointment, 1822. United States Senator, 1829-33. Vice-
President Mechanics and Farmers' Bank, February 3, 1834.
Public spirited. His widow endowed Dudley Observatory.
His father under British Collector of Port, at Newport, R. L,
previous to the Revolution.

1821-24; 1828-29.
From an oil painting made from life that was presented to the city of
Albany by Mr. Dudley Tibbits of Troy.



(Continued from No. 32.)

Charles Edward Dudley, liaving been unanimously elected Alayor
of Albany, by the Common Council, assumes office, Feb. 19.

Pierre A'an Cortland's wife, Ann. dies at her home, corner of North
Market street (Broadway) and Steuben street, Feb. 20.

John O. Cole appointed a police justice, Feb. 22.

Welcome Esleeck appointed superintendent of Common schools in
place of Gideon Hawley, Feb. 22.

Washington's Birthday observed, address by Hooper Cumming,

Feb. 22.

William Caldwell, prominent merchant, No. 64 State street, retires,

]\Iarch 5.

Legislature reduces pay of members from $4 to $3, March 20.

River open to navigation, March 25.

Solomon Van Rensselaer elected congressman, April 26.

Martin Van Buren and Benj. F. Butler remove their law office to
No. 353 North Market st. (Broadway) from No. iii State st.,

May II.

Capitol Square or park having been improved in fall of 1820, citizens
propose a fund to improve Academy Square, the commons, in
same manner, with the idea of rendering the vacant and use-
less lots north of it, on Elk street, worthy of building houses
there, May 15.

Complaint that city salaries are too large, especially that of police
justice at $300, when formerly it was $80 annually. May 27.

Albany Academy trustees advertise for removal of 10,000 loads of
earth from the Square, and to dump on Elk street hollow, north,

June 4.

Negro found in State Bank when Cashier Yates was about to re-
tire to his room in the building to go to bed, secured by struggle,

June 21.

Female Academy building corner-stone, Montgomery street, its sec-
ond edifice (site of N. Y. Central railroad station) laid at 11
a. m. by Rev. John Chester before a vast concourse, June 26.

Henry J. Bogart, many years alderman, aged 92, dies, June 28.

Steamboat fare to New York raised to $8 for one person, but the
steamboat United States was put on and charged only half,

June 29.



Independence Day celebrated, Dirck Vander Heyden, orator, July 4.

Constitutional Convention meets at " Old " Capitol and Hon. Daniel
D. Tompkins is chosen president of the body, August 28.

Steamboat Chancellor tries the innovation of a band of music aboard
for delectation of its passengers, Aug 30.

Henry Trowbridge adds the New Haven museum to his collection
in the '* Marble Pillar," n. w^ corner of Broadway and State
street, and announces his collection surpasses any in country,
save Peal's, Philadelphia, August 31.

Dirck Van Schelluyne, an alderman, advertises for sale a lot of two
acres, used as a woodyard by steamboats, Madison avenue and
Hamilton street, Sept, i.

Rev. John McDonald dies at residence. No. 41 No. Pearl St., Sept. i.

Theory of rotary and progressive motion of storms expounded by
William C. Redfield, scientist, Sept. 3.

Dr. Alden March, who had come here from Massachusetts to live,
instructs a class of fourteen young men in medicine in a build-
ing on Montgomery street, Sept. 15.

Albany County Agricultural Society holds third anniversary, Hon.
Stephen Van Rensselaer, president, and awards Jesse Buel
prize of $10 for the best two acres of wheat raised in the city,
39 bushels 12 qts. of wheat being raised on one acre, Oct. 10.

Charter election. Common Council : Theodore Sedgwick, John
Stillwell, I. Chauncey Humphrey, John Cassidy, H. Nicholas
Bleecker, Robert Davis, HL Philip Phelps, James L'Amou-
reux, IV. James Gibbons, Richard Dusenbury, V. Election,
Sept. 25 ; sworn in, Oct. 19.

Francis M. Southwick oldest son of Solomon Southwick and an
officer of a local command, aged 23, dies, Oct. 21.

Col. John Visscher, aged 85, dies, Oct. 24.

The Chancellor Livingston runs aground on the Overslaugh and re-
mains so for 29 hours, Oct. 29.

Steamboat Richmond aground on Overslaugh 4 hours, and causes
universal indignation among citizens at condition of channel,

Oct. 30.

Constitutional Convention, after session of 75 days adjourns, and
final vote on adoption is 98 to 8, with 18 absent at voting,

Nov, 10.

Albany Female Academy building, on Montgomery street, com-
pleted at a cost of $3,000.96, November.

Common Council abolishes all previous laws regarding weight of
bread ; but insists that bakers stamp on loaves initials and
weight, Nov. 5.



Yoke of oxen weighing 3,000 lbs. each, raised by Hartford, Vt.

farmer, largest ever in city, exhibited at Fly Market, 6 So.

Pearl, Nov. 28.

River closes to navigation, Dec. 13.


Legislature convenes, in Assembly from Albany, James McKown,
William McKown, Volckert Douw Oothout and John P. Shear ;
in Senate, Charles E. Dudley and Archibald Mclntyre, Jan. i.

Thermometer 14 degrees below zero, Jan. 5.

Gen. Solomon Van Rensselaer resigns seat in Congress to become
postmaster at Albany, Solomon Southwick removed, and Gov-
ernor orders an election for Feb. 5th to fill vacancy in Con-
gress, Jan. 14.

Thermometer 15 degrees below zero throughout the city, Jan. 14.

Voting on adoption of the new constitution completed Nov. 10,
1821, city of Albany votes 690 in favor and 614 against; county
voting 1,905 in favor and 1,981 against, Jan. 15,

Dr. James Low, aged 40, dies (burial at Charlton, Saratoga Co.)
and the Medical society members resolve to wear crape on left
arm for next 30 days, Feb. 3.

Gen. Solomon Van Rensselaer's handsome home. Cherry Hill, just
south of the city line, burned by incendiaries. The Governor
offers reward of $500 General Van Rensselaer $500 and Com-
mon Council $250, Feb. 16.

Mayor Charles E. Dudley reappointed by the Common Council,

Feb. 16.
• • •

Mayor Charles Edward Dudley, having been reappointed at an
election held by the Common Council on Feb, i6th, resumes
office, Feb. 16.

Valuation of real and personal property in Albany county for 1821
is placed at $7,484,647, Feb. 21.

Abraham A. Lansing, living at Cherry Hill, below city line, aged
70 years, dies there, Feb. 21.

River open to navigation only before the city, Feb. 28.

Knox, named, after Rev. John Knox, formed from Berne, Feb. 28.

New state constitution is adopted by a vote of 116,919.



Ice breaks up but passage r.ot clear to Xew York, March 6.

John street changed frorn Sturgeon Lane.

Meteor of extraordinary brilliancy and size passes southwest,

March 9

Rev. John Bassett completes translation of A^ander Donk's historv
of Xew Xetherland, he having removed to Bushwick, L. I.,

March 10

Legislature adjourns after a session of 107 days, April 17.

Jane McCrea's remains having been removed to the Fort Edwaro
cemetery, Rev. Hooper Gumming preaches the special sermon

April 23

Alucl: silver plate found in a field at west end of city while a
person was ploughing, tea and coiTee-pots, sugar-bowls, spoons
etc., buried there during 40 years after robbery of Thos. Ship-
boy. Survivor of this robbery of 1778 now living is Col
Sebastian Visscher's wife. April 29

Rev. Henry W. Weed installed at First Presbyterian church. May 7

Barent Bleecker unanimously re-elected president Bank of Albany

May 14

Canal loan, $600,000, taken at a premium of 1^:4 9fc by New York
State Bank and Mechanics & Farmers' Bank, on ;or Charles
E. Bleecker, Common Council and other guests aboard; Dr.
Mitchell mingling waters from the West and waters from the
ocean as it passes amid hussas and booming of cannon through
the first lock and into the Hudson, Oct. 8.

Charter election. Common Council : John Townsend, Friend Hum-
phrey, L John Cassidy, Jeremiah Waterman, H. James Van
Ingen, Ebenezer Baldwin, HL Philip Phelps, Hawthorn
McCulloch, IV. James Gibbons, Benjamin Wilson, V. Elec-
tion, Sept. 30; sworn in, Oct. 14.

One foot of snow falls, thunder and lightning, Oct. 25.

Elisha Jenkins advertises for construction of the Pier, to be 1,700
feet long, 80 feet wide and 18 feet high, Oct. 29.

Rev. Jos. Hulburt installed at Third Presbyterian Church, Oct. 29.

Incorporation of Commercial Bank applied for by Joseph Alexander,
George W. Stanton, David E. Gregory, and Alexander David-
son, to have a capital of $500,000, Nov. 2^].

Samuel V^ander Heyden, a founder of Troy, dies, Nov. 27.

Apprentices' Library removed to Bank of Albany building, and Paul
Hochstrasser appointed librarian, Nov. 27.





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Online LibraryCuyler ReynoldsAlbany chronicles, a history of the city arranged chronologically, from the earliest settlement to the present time; illustrated with many historical pictures of rarity and reproductions of the Robert → online text (page 37 of 67)