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Albany chronicles, a history of the city arranged chronologically, from the earliest settlement to the present time; illustrated with many historical pictures of rarity and reproductions of the Robert online

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Online LibraryCuyler ReynoldsAlbany chronicles, a history of the city arranged chronologically, from the earliest settlement to the present time; illustrated with many historical pictures of rarity and reproductions of the Robert → online text (page 52 of 67)
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Albany Academy celebrates semi-centennial, March 4.

Mrs. Blandina Dudley, widow of late Mayor Charles E. Dudley

and founder of the Dudley Observatory, dies, March 6.

River open to navigation, official record, April 7.

Children's Friend Society incorporated, April 7.

Resolution of Senator James A. Bell to erect new Capitol,

April 24.
Capt. Wm. James Temple, aged 22, dies of wounds at Chancellors-

ville. May i.

Clinton avenue changed from Patroon street, May 4.

Board of Lumber Dealers organized, Henry O. Hawley, president.
John Meads, prominent citizen, aged 60, dies. May 11.

Adjt. Richard Marvin Strong dies at Camp Bonnet Carre, La., of

typhoid. May 12.

Recruiting tents again erected in the middle of State street,

May 12.
Third Regiment returns, having left here May 16, 1861, with 780

strong, under Col. Frederick Townsend, only 422 coming back

alive. May 15.

Gen. Geo. B. McClellan a visitor of the city, j\Iay 23.

Steamboat St. John of People's evening line, built by John Englis,

New York, to run following year, 2,645 tons, 420x51 x 10 ft.
Steamboat Milton ]\Iartin (General Grant's dispatch boat on James

river) built at Jersey City, put on Newburgh line.
Steamboat Thomas Cornell built by E. S. Whitlock, 1,256 tons, 310

feet long, 34 feet broad, 10 feet deep, 72 x 144 in. engine.
Steamboat Berkshire built by 3\Iorton & Edmonds, 253 x 37 x 10

feet, 54 X 132 in. engine.
Strike of formidable proportions, dock laborers and Central railroad

employees seeking advance of yjYi cts., mob ruling city and

marching with clubs to all workshops, requiring services of

25th Reg't, June 15.

Horse-cars start running on Broadway, June 22.

Albany Boys' Academy celebrates semi-centennial, Orlando Meads

the orator, at Tweddle hall, June 2.^.

Watervliet Turnpike & Railroad Co. operates horse-cars from

Broadway and vS. Ferry st. to 25th street in Watervliet,

July 4.

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No. 48. ELI PERRY. 629


Fire engine operated by steam authorized by Common Council to
be purchased, July 13.

Return of loth Rej^inient. Sept. i.

Academy of Music ( 'rriml:)le. Leland ) opened.

Albany Zouave Cadets (Co. A) mustered out of U. S. service,

Sept. 10.

Albany Acadeni}' elects James W'ier Mason, .\. M., its ( 7th )
■ principal.

Formation of Albany Railway allowed by Act of Sept. 12.

John Taylor (ex-mayor) dies, Sept. 13.

Joel Rathbone dies at Paris, Sept. 13.

Albany & Susquehanna road open to Central iiridgc { ^•, miles),

Sept. 16.

James Kidd elected first president of x\lbany Railway. Sept. 17.

Albany Railway organized, Sept. 24.

Albany railway contracts with James Brady, John and W. H.
Phelan for single tracks at $8,500 per mile ( failing, later to
N. H. Decker at $9,500 per mile), Oct. 16.

First bridge over the Hudson begun, Oct, 19.

Work begun on State st. horse railway, Nov. 2.

Steamboat Isaac Newton's boiler explodes, Dec. 5.

River closed to navigation, official record, Dec. 16.

Pearl Street theatre (Leland) converted from St. Paul's Episcopal
church into Academy of ]Music by John M. Trimble and
opened, Dec. 22.


First grand opera given in Albany. " Lucrezia Borgia," Jan. 4.

Adam Blake, brought to New York a slave by Jacob Lansing and
sold to the Patroon, dies. Jan. 10.

Ash Grove property sold by E. S. Stearns to Samuel Schuyler for
church erection, $24,000, Jan. 11.

Rev. Peter Bullions, D.D., instructor in Albany Boys" Academy and
noted writer of Latin text-books, (b. Moss Side, Perthshire,
Scotland. Dec. 1791) dies at Troy, Feb. 13.

Albany Railway Co. operates horse-cars (12 feet long, 3 miles per
hour) from Broadway and State street to Central avenue and
Northern Boulevard, Feb. 22.

Army Relief Bazaar opens in Academy Park, Feb. 22.

First horse-cars of Albany railway begin running, Feb. 22.

Army Relief Bazaar in Academy l^ark reports receipts $111,403.49;

630 ELI PERRY. No. 48.


expenses, $29,584.99; balance, $81,908.50, sent to U. S. Sani-
tary Commission.

Close of the Army Relief Bazaar in the Academy Park, March 10.

River opens to navigation, Government record, March 11.

Steamer St. John,. People's Line, starts running, March 17.

Rev. John N. Campbell dies, March 2,'j.

First fire steamer arrives, March 31.

Brig.-Gen. Lewis Benedict (b. Albany, Sept. 2, 181 7) killed at
battle of Pleasant Hill, April 9.

Hon. Eli Perry chosen the Mayor of Albanv at the Charter election,
receiving 5,375 votes as the Democratic candidate ; his oppo-
nent. Gen. John Finlay Rathbone, receiving 3,462 votes as the
Republican candidate ; blank and scattering, 42 votes ; total
number of votes cast, 8,879; Perry's majority over Rathbone
being 1,913 votes, he is declared elected the Mayor, April 12.

Senator Laimbeer introduces a bill providing for a new Capitol,
appropriating $100,000 as preliminary. April 13.

Strike at Joel Munsell's printery because of the introduction of two
girls to work, through the lack of printers because of the war,

April 21.

Beaverwyck Steam Fire Engine Company organized, April 25.

Military funeral of Col. Lewis Benedict, a hero of the war. May 2.

• • •

Hon. Eli Perry sworn a sixth time as the Mayor of Albany, having
been chosen such at the Charter election held on April 12th,
when he received a majority of 1,913 votes over Gen. John F.
Rathbone, his Republican opponent, ]\Iay 3.

Charter election. Mayor, Eli Perry ; Common Council : Bernard
Reynolds, John Tracey, L Thomas jNIcCarty, Lemuel M.
Rodgers, H. John Kennedy, James Mclntyre, HL LeGrand
Bancroft, Francis N. Sill, W . James T. Johnson, Erastus Corn-
i"§'> Ji'-) V. Lemon Thomson. John R. McCollum, VL Bar-
tholomew Judge, Edward Mulcahy, VH. Edward J. Kearney,
James Nolan, VHL George L Amsdell, Richard Barhydt, IX.
Edmund L. Judson, ^^'illiam Gould, X. Election, April 12;
sworn in. May 3.

Ground broken for a horse railroad on Pearl street to run to Ken-
wood, May 9.

Nationals (baseball) club (Captain Edward A. Ross) organized,


Colonel Lewis Owen Morris (b. Albany, Aug. 14, 1824,) killed at
Battle of Cold Harbor, June 3.

Albanv Zouave Cadets furnish 75 commissioned officers to Civil

No. 48- ELI PERRY. 631

1864- 1865.

Major Charles E. Prnyn killed near Petersburg, June 15.

Co. B, of Tenth battalion, furnishes Civil War forces with 60

Steamboat Chauncey A'ibbard of Hudson River line, built by Law-
rence & Sneden of New York, 1,158- tons,_ 281x35x9 feet,
62 X 144 in. engine, in commission, June.

Steamboat Dean Richmond of People's line, built by John Englis
of New York, 2,525 tons, 348 x 46 x 10 feet, 75 x 168 in. engine.

Marcus T. Reynolds, one of the most prominent lawyers of the
State, (b. Minavdle, N. Y., Dec. 29, 1788) dies at his resi-
dence, s. e. cor. Pearl and Maiden Lane, July H-

Bounties paid by county $1,074,217.28, Dec. 4, 1863, to July 18,

Bishop McCloskey leaves for N. Y. city, July 2^.

Ash Grove (M. E.) Church corner-stone laid, August.

Normal school elects Oliver C. Arey its (5th) principal (succeeding
D. H. Cochrane of 1856).

Return of 44th Regiment, Sept. 28.

Hay crop of Albany county 74,133 tons.

Board of Trade (est. 1847) No. 40 State st., incorporated.

St. Peter's Church Orphans' Home organized.

Steamboat Francis Skiddy wrecked on rock off Staats dock,

Nov. 25.

River closes to navigation, Government record, Dec. 12.

Sleighs substituted for street cars because of heavy snow, Dec. 2^.

New bell raised in Middle Dutch church, 3,230 lbs., Dec. 24.


Population of the city 62,613.

Reuben E. Fenton becomes Governor, Jan. i.

Chief James McQuade reports to Common Council that steam-
operated fire-engines must in time supersede those operated
by hand, and that horses should draw them and not gangs of
men, January.

Rev. Dr. W. B. Sprague officiates at funeral of Edward Everett
at Boston, Jan. 18.

Rev. Mr. Ludlow succeeds Rev. Dr. John N. Campbell at Eirst
Presbyterian church. Jan. ig.

Dr. Mason Cogswell's funeral, Jan. 24.

Washington Ave. Baptist Churcli changes to Calvarv. Eeb. 4.

Lt.-Col. Fred L. Tremainc killed in cavalrv fight at Hatcher's Run,

Feb. 8.

6^2 ELI PERRY, No. 48.


Fire engineers of each steamer company to be paid $75 per month,

Feb. 19.

Mayor otters State Congress Hall site, value S125.555, for Capitol,

Feb. 2^.

River opens to navigation, Government record, March 17.

Negroes admitted to Y. M. A., April 8.

Charter election at which the second named alderman in each ward
was elected this day, but not the others or the mayor — Mayor,
Eli Perry ; Common Council : Bernard Reynolds, Timothy Sul-
livan, I. Thomas McCarty, Thomas ^Nlulhall, II. John Ken-
nedy, Jr., John C. Ward, III. Le Grand Bancroft, H. D. Bur-
linghame, IV. James I. Johnson, John N. Parker, V. Lemon
Thomson, William Dalton, \I. Bartholomew Judge, Andrew
Kean, VII. Edward J. Kearney, Charles T. Shepard, VIII.
George I. Amsdell, Richard Barhydt, IX. Edmund L. Judson,
John B. Sturtevant, X. Election. April ii.

President Lincoln's body here in state in old Capitol, April 26.

N^ew Capitol building authorized by Act of May i.

Major George S. Dawson ( b. Rochester, Xov. 7, 1838) dies from
wounds received before Petersburg, June 6.

Return of 91st Regiment, June 15.

Western ave. changed from Gt. Western turnpike, June 2y.

Return of 42nd Regiment, July i.

Ash Grove (M. E. ) Church, $100,000, dedicated, July 6.

Steamer Dean Richmond, People's Line, starts running, July 20.

Albany Railway Co. operates horse-cars on Xorth and South Pearl
street and on Bethlehem turnpike from A"an Woert street to

Central avenue paved.

Mutual Boat Club organized, Aug. i.

Henry G. Wheaton (able lawyer) killed by a train, Aug. 26.

Hops extensively produced in the county, 46,585 lbs.

Co. A of Tenth regiment makes excursion to Rochester, Sept. 5.

Fourth Presbyterian Church corner-stone laid, Sept. 12.

Return of 81 st Regiment, , Sept. 14.

Albany Evening Times first issued as evening paper, Sept. 25.

Evening Pest, N^o. 7 Hudson ave., R. M. Grififin, editor, established,

Oct. 23.

Fire steamers in use at this period, the James ]\IcQuade, the Putnam
and the Thomas Kearney.

Albany county war expense, gross $4,485,276.45, reported, Nov. 28.

Steamboat vSt. John's boiler explodes, killing 15, Nov. 29.

River closes to navigation, Government record, Dec. 12.





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No. 48. ELI PERRY. 633



Ladies' Army Relief Association that had a large " Bazaar " in
Academy Park, reports having raised $19,712.30. Jan. 1.

Board of Public Instruction created bv Chapter 444. Laws of

Board of Public Listruction elects John O. Cole its first president.

Board of Public Listruction appoints Henry B. Haswell the first
superintendent of schools.

Prof. James Llall made director of N. Y. State Museum.

Dr. Eliphalet Nott, some time an Albany pastor, (b. Ash ford,
Conn., June 25, 1773) president of L^nion College, 1804-1866,
dies at Schenectady, Jan. 29.

Caecilia Singing Society (John Waas, Pres.) organized, Feb. 3.

"Copper" ( Lumber street or Livingston ave.) bridge, 21 piers, 1,953
ft., a total of 4,253 ft., opened, Feb. 22.

River opens to navigation, Government record March 20.

George Hornell Thacher elected the Mayor of Albany a second
time, being chosen at the Charter election when he receives
5,600 votes as the Democratic candidate ; his opponent, Robert
Hewson Pruyn, receiving 4,867 votes as the Republican candi-
date ; blank and scattering, 18 votes; total number of votes
cast, 10,485 ; Thacher's majority over Pruyn being 733 votes,
he is declared elected the Mayor of Albany, April 10.

• • •

(See No. 50.)

No. 49.

QIIjarbB Mat00n ^n&arii.

April 28, 1856 — May 5, 1856

No. 49.

Date of oificc: April 28, 1856-May 5, 1856.

Date of election: Appointed by Common Council to fill vacancy.

Political party: Republican.

Vote: Unanimous.

Oppo)ieiit: None.

J'^ote: None.

Date of birth: July 23, 1817.

Place of birth: Granby, Conn.

Parents: Drayton (G.) and Achsah U. Gaines.

Education: School at Sauquoit, N. Y.

Married to: Lydia Lorraine Wilson.

Date: Canastota. N. Y., March 17. 1841.

Children: (4) Helen (Powell), Clara, Lillie (Rietz), Josephine
( Crosman) .

Residence: No. 79 Hawk street.

Occupation: Agent for lake boats, 98 Pier.

Religion: Baptist.

Date of death: February 19, 1883.

Place of death: Brooklyn.

Place of burial: Albany Rural Cemetery.

Title: Captain.

Remarks: Appointed by Common Council, on the death of Mayor
Parmelee. Captain of the Port of New York, Governor Fen-
ton's administration. First Vice-President of the Union
League of America. Prominent lecturer and philanthropist.
Warm friend of Garfield, Blaine, Greeley, Fenton and Thur-
low Weed.

From .-, photograpli made from life l)y B. Grey, Bloomington, 111., and
owned in 1904 by his daughter, Mrs. Josephine G. Crosman, Rochester.



(Continued from No. 45.)

Mayor William Parmelee's funeral attended by a vast concourse of
sorrowing- friends, members of the bar, political officers and
those who had been connected with him by those institutions
with which he had been associated, despite a blinding snow-
storm, March 19.

Tannery on lower Broadway destroyed by fire, loss $16,000,

March 20.

Albany Morning Express discontinued, March 22.

Albany Daily Statesman, advocate of "American " party, started,

March 24.

Gorham A. Worth, former cashier of Mechanics & Farmers' Bank
and author of '* Random Recollections of Albany," aged y2>
years, dies in New York city, April 3.

Ice moves from before city front, April 4.

At the Charter election, held to fill the office of Mayor, William
Parmelee having- died on March 15th, the count showed Dr.
John Y. P. Quackenbush had 20 votes more than Eli Perry,
but notice of contest given, April 8.

Hudson River Bridge Co. incorporated, April 9.

Legislature adjourns, April 9.

River open to navigation, official record, April 10.

Wadsworth Lodge, No. 417, instituted.

Joseph Fr}% prominently known as the publisher and collaborator
of the first Albany City Directory (1813), born at East Green-
wich, R. L, in 1774, and came to this city in 1796, where two
years later he joined with Solomon South wick in publishing
the Albany Chronicle ; but gaining most of his competence from
tobacco business, dies, April ii.

Recent charter election declared fraudulent, and an indignation
meeting is held in the " Old " Capitol, followed in the evening
by a meeting of the Common Council at which the returns of
the 7th and 8th wards are asserted to be fraudulent, and the
Board votes 11 to 9 that Eli Perry is elected mayor, April 14.

Normal school elects David H. Cochrane its (4th) principal, suc-
ceedinsT S. B. Woolworth.



Albany Evening Times (Dem.) founded by Stone & Co., April 21.

Common Council elects Charles Watson Godard Mayor of Albany
to fill the unexpired term of the late William Parmelee,

April 28.

Common Council (newly elected board) elects Dr. John V. P.

Quackenbush to be Mayor; but as the previous Board had

chosen Eli Perry, the city was in a quandary with its two

mayors, May 6.

• • •

fSee No. 48.)

No. 50.

(Btcr^t ?|inntrU ®l)arl|^r.

May 1, I860 — May 5, 1862.

May 1, 1866 — May 5. 1868.

* * ^

May 6, 1870 — May 6, 1872.
May 7. 1872— Jan. 28, 1874.

No. 50.

Date of oMce: (a) May i, 1860-May 5, 1862.

(b) May i, 1866-May 5, 1868.

(c) May 6, 1870-May 6, 1872.

(d) May 7, 1872-January 28, 1874. ( resigned j
Date of election: (a) April 10, i860.

(b) April 10, 1866.

(c) April 12, 1870.

(d) April 9, 1872.
Political party: Democrat.
Vote: (a) 4,825.

(b) 5,600.

(c) 7,221.

(d) 6,588.
Opponent: (a) John Taylor, (aa) Hiram Perry.

(b) Robert H. Pruyn.

(c) Edmund L. Judson, (cc) John Fair.

(d) Edmund L. Judson, (dd) John McCarty.
Political party: (a) Republican.

(b) Republican.

(c) Republican.

(d) Republican.
Vote: (a) 4,090, (aa) 334, blank and scattering 19.

(b) 4,867, blank and scattering 18.

(c). 5.983. (cc) 489-
(d) 6,387, (dd) 2,157.
Total vote: (a) 9,268.

(b) 10,485.

(c) 13,693.

(d) 15.132-
Date of birth: June 4, 1818.
Place of birth: Hornellsville, N. Y.
Parents: Samuel Olney (T.) and Martha Hornell.
Education: Academic; Union, '43.
Married to: Ursula Jane Boyd.
Date: Schenectady, June 15, 1843.
Children: John Boyd (Mayor, 1886), George Hornell.
Residence: No. 729 Broadway.
Occupation: Car-wheel manufacturer.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Date of death: February 5, 1887.
Place of death: St. Augustine, Fla.
Place of burial: Albany Rural Cemetery.
Title: Honorable.
Remarks: Came to Albany in 1849. Alderman, 1859. School No.

14 completed, 1861. Work begun on New York Central
Maiden Lane bridge, May, 1870; opened 1872; 22 piers;
length, 2,665 feet. School No. 15 completed, 1871. School
No. II completed, 1873.




(Continued from No. 48.)

George Hornell Tliacher is sworn in as Mayor of Albany, having
been elected at a charter election held April loth, when he re-
ceived 4.825 votes as the Democratic candidate, his opponent,
■ John Taylor, receiving 4,090 votes as the Republican candi-
date ; Hiram Perry receiving 334 votes ; blank and scattering,
19 votes ; total number of votes cast, 9,268 ; Thacher's major-
ity over Taylor being 735 votes. May i.

St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church consecrated. May 13.

Weather observ^ations started methodically by Prof. Geo. W. Hough
at the Dudley Observatory. 13 years previous to establishment
of the Government \veather bureau at this city, May.

Charter election, Mayor, George H. Thacher ; Common Council :
Henry Mix, Owen Golden, I. Thomas Schuyler, Michael Dele-
hanty, H. Isaac N. Keeler. John C. Feltman, HI. Horace L.
Emery, Philip Wendell. IV. Charles B. Redfield, James I.
Johnson, V. Henry A. Allen, Alanson A. Sumner, VI. Thomas
Mattimore, Terrence J. Quinn, VII. Martin White, John
Evers, VIII. Charles Bell William J. Humphrey. IX. Wil-
liam B. Brayton, George W. Luther, X. Election, April i ;
sworn in, May i.

Steamboat Daniel Drew (which was to run for next 20 years as a
day boat between New York and Albany) built by Thos. Coll-
yer, 880 tons, 251 feet long, 30 feet broad, g}^ feet deep,
60 X 120 in. engine.

Tenth Regiment, Col. Ira W. Ains worth, organized.

Co. A. Tenth battalion, organized as Albany Zouave Cadets

June 7.

Albany & W^-mont railroad leased to Rensselaer & Saratoga road,

June 12.

National Commercial bank elects Ezra Parmelee Prentice (fourth)
president, because of death of J. L. Schoolcraft, June 13.

Schreiber's Albany Cornet band organized.

Tweddle Hall, site of Philip Livingston's house, opened, June 29.

Congress street changed from Spring street, Aug. 6.

St. Peter's Church (3rd) building consecrated, Oct. 4.

Lord Howe's remains (believed to be) placed in foundation of St.
Peter's church vestibule.

Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII.) visits Albany, Oct. 16.

River closes to navigation (official record), Dec. 14.



Jephthah Lodge, No. 13, F. & A. M., constituted, Dec. 26.

Co. B, of Tenth battalion, assigned from 76th to 29th Reg't,

Dec. 26.

Albany Zouave Cadets (Co. A) joins the National Guard and loth

Regt., Dec. 29.


United Presbyterian Church. Lancaster near Eagle street, occupied,

Albany was made notable throughout the country when, during the
State Anti-Slavery Convention (Feb. 4 and 5, 1861) the right
of free speech was here first vindicated. Frederick Douglass,
Lucretia Mott, Gerrit Smith and other Abolitionists, after fail-
ing in securing a hearing in Buffalo and several other cities,
decided to come here. At this time a petition was presented
to the Mayor requesting him to use his authority to suppress
free speech and prevent the meeting of the Abolitionists. The
answer of the Mayor was a noble one, and closed as follows :
" Let at least the Capital of the Empire State be kept free
from the disgraceful proceedings which, in other localities, have
brought dishonor upon our institutions. At all events, come
what may, mob law shall never prevail in our good city with
my consent and connivance, George H. Thacher, Mayor." The
meeting was held in the Young Men's Association Hall, and a
riot ensued ; but Mayor Thacher, with the police, drove out
the toughs who had instigated it, and a full and peaceful hearing
was obtained, — the first in New York State, Feb. 4.

Grace (Epis.) church institutes first boy choir in city.
Third Precinct police station uses dwelling, No. 799 Broadway.
Freshet carries away three bridges leading to pier, Feb. 13

President Lincoln welcomed as guest, Feb. 18

Albany Evening Times united with Courier, March i

Burgesses corps acts as escort at inaugural of Lincoln, March 4
River open to navigation (official record), March 5

Emerson W. Keyes appointed State superintendent of public in-
struction, April 9.
Charter officials holding office for one year from this date (the
second named alderman of each ward being elected on this
date) the mayor holding office at this time being Eli Perry;
Common Council : Owen Golden, John Tracey, L Michael
Delehanty, Lemuel M. Rogers, IL John C. Feltman, John W.
Harcourt, IIL Philip Wendell, William Hastings, IV. James


This is the interior of the 3rd edifice as originally constructed ;
length, 136 ft.; breadth, 68 ft.; height, 64 ft.; Rev. Thos. C. Pitkin,
rector; first service herein, Sept. i6th and consecrated Oct. 4, i860.



I. Johnson, Erastus Corning-. Jr.. V. Alanson A. Sumner,
Samuel Anable. VI. Terrence J. Ouinn, Edward Mulcahy,
VII. John Ev«rs, Patrick M-. McCall, VIII. WilHam J.
Humphrey, John PhilHps, IX. George W. Luther, Joseph T.
Rice, X. Election of April 9.

Departure of 25th Regt. for Washington, April 22.

Firemen engaging in military duty granted full pay during ab-
sence, April 23.

Bank of Albany fails through unsettled state of the country and
stagnation of business, surprising everyone, ^lay 11.

Burgesses corps leave for seats of war on first call.

P^ailures of Bank of the Capital, Bank of Interior, and National
Bank, ' May.

Col. Ephraim Elmer Ellsworth ( b. Alechanicville, N. Y.. April 23,
1837. and well-known as a young man of spirit at Albany)
having been to Chicago as a patent solicitor, he accompanied
Lincoln to Washington in March, and imbued with his patrio-
tism, organized in April a company of firemen which he styled
Zouaves (known as the nth New York Regiment), and de-
parting wath these for the scene of conflict he was among the
first to participate in the struggle for emancipation. On May
24, 1861, at Alexandria. \'a., seeing a Confederate flag flying
from the roof of the Marshall House, he ascended to remove it,
and while coming down the stairs with it in his arms was shot
in the left breast (as to be seen in his long- army coat preserved
in the Bureau of Army Relics in the Capitol, 1906) by the
proprietor, James T. Jackson, and died. His body was sent
on for burial at his native town, and reached Albany on the
steamboat Francis Skiddy at 4:30 a. m., accompanied by the
delegation of firemen that had been sent from this city to escort

Online LibraryCuyler ReynoldsAlbany chronicles, a history of the city arranged chronologically, from the earliest settlement to the present time; illustrated with many historical pictures of rarity and reproductions of the Robert → online text (page 52 of 67)