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Rutherfurd Morris, born April 15, 1807,
died September 5, 1881 ; lived at New Ro-
chelle, New York; married, June 12, 1834,
Hannah, daughter of William Edgar; by
whom : Catherine, Annie, William Edgar. Cor-
nelia Leroy and Helen Morris, x. Sarah
Louisa Morris, born March 16, 1809, died
December 23, 1831 ; married, December 10,
1828, Edward Augustus Le Roy, of Avon,
New York, born March 4, 1805, died Jan-
uary 16, 1865; by whom: Helen Van Cort-
landt LeRoy and Herman LeRoy. xi. Will-
iam Henry Morris, born August 3, 1810, died
February 11, 1896; married, December 4,
1834, Hannah Cornell Newbold, who died
May 5, 1842; married (second) May 20, 1846,
Caroline Halsted. xii. Charlotte Morris, born
April 4, 1812, died June 2, 1838; married,
June 10, 1836, Richard Frederick Kemble,

born May 22, 1800, died January 22, 1888; by
whom : Mary Walton Kemble, born September
21, 1837. 3. James, born at the Van Cort-
landt mansion in Lower Yonkers, New York,
February 8, 1770, died July 17, 1773.

(IV) Eva Van Cortlandt, sixth child of
Frederick and Frances (Jay) Van Cortlandt,
was born at the Van Cortlandt mansion in
Lower Yonkers, New York, November 5,
1737, died in New York, October, 1836. After
the death of her husband, she returned to live
in New York City, and resided at No. 1 1
Broadway, in one of the old Van Cortlandt
houses, where she died, and although almost
a century old, possessed a clear intellect, deaf-
ness being the sole defect to perfect health.
She was buried in the Van Cortlandt bouwerie
vault at Lower Yonkers.

Eva Van Cortlandt married, at New York
City, May 13, 1761, Hon. Henry White, born
March 28, 1732. Children: i. Henry, mar-
ried Anne Van Cortlandt, his first cousin,
being the eldest daughter of Augustus and
Catherine (Barclay) Van Cortlandt, who was
born January 18, 1766, died August 3, 1814.
2. Sir John Chambers, admiral in the British
navy. 3. Frederick Van Cortlandt, general
in the British army. 4. William, captain in
East India merchant service. 5. Anne, mar-
ried Sir John McNamara Hayes, Bart., major-
general in British army. 6. Margaret, mar-
ried Peter Munro, of New York City, son of
Rev. Dr. Henry and Eva (Jay) Munro, of
Rye, New York, sister of Hon. John Jay. 7.
Frances, married Dr. Archibald Bruce, of
New York City.

(V) Anne Van Cortlandt, eldest child of
Augustus and Catherine (Barclay) Van' Cort-
landt, was born January 18, 1766, died August
31, 1814. She married, November 17, 1785,
Henry White Jr., born September 12, 1763,
died April 11, 1822. At this time Henry
White Sr. had returned to live in England.
Children: i. Catherine, born November 30,
1786, died September 29, 1878; married, Oc-
tober 26, 1812, Richard Bayley, bom August
7, 1781, died May 29, 1815. Issue: i. Henry
White Bayley, born June 26, 1813, died May
27, 1816. ii. Ann Margaret Bayley, born Sep-
tember 22, 1815, died August 27, 1879; mar-
ried, July 8, 1840, Henry Munro. born Feb-
ruary 18, 1802, died May 21, 1862. 2. Au-
gustus Van Cortlandt, born January 24, 1788,
died February 24, 1794. 3. Henry, lived but a



few days. 4. Anne, born September 2, 1790,
died December 15, 1824. 5. Helen, born No-
vember 12, 1792, died May 25, 1881 ; married,
September 12, 1809, Abraham Schermerhorn,
born April 9, 1783, died February 3, 1850.
Issue: i. Henry White Schermerhorn, born
July ^i, 1810, died November 28, 181 1. ii. Au-
gustus Van Cortlandt Schermerhorn, born
March 4, 1812, died October 16, 1846; mar-
ried, December 10, 1844, Mary Ellen Bayard.
6. Augustus, born June 19, 1794, died April i,
1839; assumed the name of Van Cortlandt
and inherited the estate under his grand-
father's will : but never married, hence, when
he died the property reverted to his younger
brother, Henry White. 7. Augusta, see for-
ward. 8. Harriet, born August 11, 1797, died,
unmarried, September 5, 1864. 9. Henry, born
1799, died 1802. 10. Margaret, born 1799,
died September, 1815. 11. Francina, lived
eight months. 12. Henry, born April 20, 1802,
died October 13, 1839; assumed the name of
Van Cortlandt and inherited under the will of
his brother, Augustus, whose demise was only
six months before his own death. 13. Fran-
cina, born September 12, 1804, died August
19, 1868; married (first) December 4, 1822,
Henry M. Groshon, M.D., born September 15,
1796, died August 18, 1828; married (second)
April 4, 1832, John Wolff Meyer, born April
4, 1800, died May i. 1847. Issue: i. Henry
White Groshon. born January 17, 1824 ; mar-
ried. May 20, 185 1, Amelia Wagstaff, born
October 24, 1823. ii. John Pierre Groshon,
born September 17, 1825 : married. May 14,
1852, Elizabeth F. Coddington, born April 8,
1824. iii. William Francis Groshon, born June
II, 1827, died December 2, 1888: married, Jan-
uary 24, 1849, Adeline Ellis Bleecker, born
December 6. 1825, died August 10. 1885. iv.
Henrietta Anne Elizabeth Groshon, born Jan-
uary 20, 1829; married, June 4. 1853, Thomas
H. Wagstaff, born December 23, 1825, died
December 23, 1894. v. Francina Meyer, born
December 16, 1833 : married. May 24, 1862,
Charles Louis Roulet, born July 2, 1833, died
August 9, 1862; no issue, vi. Augustus Van
Cortlandt Meyer, born April 26, 1835, died
July 9, 1901 ; married. May i, 1861, Josephine
D. Dow, born May 10, 1842 ; by whom : Henry
Van Cortlandt Meyer and Josephine Gillson

(VI) Augusta White, granddaughter of Au-
gustus Van Cortlandt and Catherine Barclay,

his wife, through their daughter, Anne Van
Cortlandt and Henry White Jr., her husband,
was born July 9, 1795, died August 21, 1871.
She married, October 16, 1821, Dr. Edward
Newenham Bibby, a resident of Lower Yon-
kers. New York, where she also dwelt. He
was born October 23, 1791, died November
24, 1882. Children: i. Anne White, bom
July 4, 1823, died December 11, 1889; mar-
ried, April 27, 1848, Robert Ogden Glover,
born August i, 1821, died July 5, 1894. Issue:
i. Robert Ogden Glover, born February 10,
1849, died July 16, 1892; married, September
10, 1885, Harriet D. Darrow, born January
2-j, 1861. ii. Mary Weltha Glover, born July
I, 1850; married, June 20, 1881, Albert J.
Reynaud, born May 5, 1853. iii. James An- )
drew Glover, born May 10, 1854; married,
April 18, 1888, Frances Livingston, born
March 4, 1848. iv. Edward Augustus
Glover, born March 29, 1856; married,
June 22. 1885, Nancy Helene Reynaud,
born August 25, 1865. v. Thomas Glover,
born January i, 1858, died, unmarried,
November 5, 1889. vi. Henry Wharburton
Bibby Glover, born November i, 1859; mar-
ried, November 2-j, 1889, Edith Herve Cle-
borne, born February i6, 1867. vii. Frances
de Lancey Glover, born July 12, 1861, died
August 13, 1862. viii. Frederick Raymond
Glover, born January 23, 1863, died, unmar-
ried, ix. Agnes Glover, born October 16,
1865, died April 8, 1866. x. Louisa Thebaud
Glover, born February 8, 1867. 2. Frances
Augusta, born December 21, 1824; married
(first) February 3, 1847, Thomas James de
Lancey, born March 29, 1822, died October 2,
1861; (second) December 16. 1863, John
White Munro, born June 28, 1814; no issue.
3. Augustus Van Cortlandt, see forward. 4.
Herman Isaac, born December 25, 1827, died
April 25, 1832. 5. Edward Newenham, born
September 24, 1831, died August 15, 1833. 6.
Henry Wharburton, born August 18, 1834,
died, unmarried, August 24, 1902.

(VII) Augustus (Bibby) Van Cortlandt,
son of Dr. Edward Newenham Bibby, of New
York City and Lower Yonkers, New York,
and his wife, Augusta White, granddaughter
of Augustus and Catherine (Barclay) Van
Cortlandt, was born at his parents' home on
Greenwich street. New York City, July 31,
1826, died at his residence, at Pelham Bay
Park, New York, June 28, 1912. He legally



took the name of Van Cortlandt, being of that
descent through the female Hne, in 1839. He
married, at the Church of the Transfiguration,
New York City, June 2, 1852, Charlotte
Amelia Bayley Bunch, born at New York City,
May 26, 1826, died there, January 24, 1890,
daughter of Robert Henry Bunch, born Octo-
ber 24, 1795, died September 29, 1856, who
married, November 18, 18 17, Mary Fitch Bay-
ley, baptized April 16, 1796, died November 7,
1830. Children: i. Augustus, see forward. 2.
Henry White, born. King's Bridge, New York,
May 17, 1858; unmarried. 3. Mary Bayley,
born. King's Bridge, February 3, i860; mar-
ried, London, England, September, 1894,
John Mathews. 4. Robert Bunch, see for-
ward. 5. Edward Newenham, born. King's
Bridge, December 11, 1864, died, unmarried,
Pelham Bay Park, New York, March 28,
1910. 6. Oloff de Lancey, born. King's Bridge,
February 8, 1868, died, Pelham Bay Park,
New York, April 14, 1900.

(VHI) Augustus Van Cortlandt, son of
Augustus and Charlotte Amelia Bayley
(Bunch) Van Cortlandt, was born at King's
Bridge, New York, July 29, 1855, and resides
in Sharon, Connecticut. He married, at King's
Bridge, September 26, 1889, Ethel Wilson,
born at King's Bridge, December 17, 1867,
daughter of Rev. William T. and Caroline
(Bleecker) Wilson. Children: i. Charlotte
Amelia, bom. King's Bridge, New York, No-
vember 22, 1891. 2. Augustus, born. King's
Bridge, May 15, 1893. 3. Carolyn Bleecker,
bom. Tuxedo Park, New York, March 5,

(VHI) Robert Bunch Van Cortlandt, son
of Augustus and Charlotte Amelia Bayley
(Bunch) Van Cortlandt, w^as born at King's
Bridge, New York, August 14, 1862. He
was educated in Switzerland and Germany,
and later on entering Columbia College, was
graduated in the class of 1882. The banking
business engaged his attention, and he be-
came a member of the New York Stock Ex-
change, September 28, 1887. On January 2,
1896, he became a member of the well-known
banking firm of Kean, Van Cortlandt &
Company, located on Pine street. He was
made a director of Detroit United railway,
Lackawanna Steel Company, Electric Prop-
erties Company, Publishers' Paper Company,
Southern Steel Company (Gadsden, Ala-
bama), Toledo Railways and Light Company,

Trust Company of America, Westchester and
Bronx Title and Mortgage Guaranty Com-
pany, and headed the firm of the McKean,
Van Cortlandt & Company Realty Company.
Politics attracted him, and he was nominated
in 1908 the candidate for presidential elector
on the Democratic ticket for Westchester
county. He is an Episcopalian, and a member
of Society of Colonial Wars, St. Nicholas So-
ciety, Down Town Association, Knicker-
bocker, Metropolitan, Union, New York
Yacht, Lambs and City Midday clubs.

This American family is descend-

PYNE ed from the Pynes of Devonshire,
who have been a prominent family
of that county for nearly eight hundred years.
The first of the line to settle in England was
Herbert de Pins (or de Pyn). a younger son
of a noble family of Aquitaine, who came to
England in 11 54 in the train of King Henry
n. and his wife. Queen Eleanor. Duchess of
Aquitaine. He received the grant of a manor
in Devonshire, which took his name and which
has ever since been known as Upton Pyne.
For several centuries this was the principal
seat of the family, descending lineally from
father to son as follows :

From Herbert de Pyn (I) to Sir Simon de
Pyn (I), Herbert de Pyn (H), Sir Herbert
de Pyn (HL), Simon de Pyn (H), Sir Herbert
de Pyn (IV), down to John de Pyn, who was
member of Parliament in 1332, and who had
two sons, William Pyne, who succeeded to
Upton Pyne ; and Sir Thomas Pyne, who in-
herited a number of other manors.

Oliver Pyne. grandson of this Sir Thomas
by his marriage in 1397 with Eleanor, 'daugh-
ter and heiress of Philip de Downe, of East
Down in Devon, came into possession of that
manor, which his descendants held until 1867,
when it was sold, the head of the family hav-
ing some time before become heir of the large
estate of the Coffin family. He then removed
to Portledge. the ancestral Coffin home, and
assumed the additional arms and name of

Herbert de Pyn (I) must have been the son
or nephew of Guillaume Raymond de Pins,
Seigneur de Bessens, who settled in Aquitaine
early in the twelfth century and who appears
to have been the second son of Don Pedro
Galcerau de Pinos, Baron of Pinos and Mata-
plana, a great noble of Catalonia, and of Dona



Bevenguera, daughter of Don Guillen Ramon
de Moncada, hereditary seneschal of Cata-
lonia. Their eldest son, Don Galcerau de
Pinos (III), was admiral of Catalonia, whose
capture in 1147 by the Moors and his miracu-
lous delivery is so celebrated in Spanish his-
tory and poetry.

This Baron Pedro Galcerau de Pinos came
of one of the most ancient families of Spain,
his direct ancestor, Galcerau de Pinos, being
one of the nine famous leaders who came there
from Germany in 754 A. D., at the call of
Pepin, King of the Franks, to aid in freeing
Catalonia from the yoke of the Moors. He
built his castle, "la Roca de San Jaime," on
the southern slopes of the Pyrenees, in the
district of Pinos, from which he took his
surname. This property was erected into a
barony by the Emperor Charlemagne in 801,
and for a thousand years the family flourished
in Catalonia and Aragon. They held the vari-
ous titles of Baron of Pinos and of Mataplana,
Count of Guimera and of Valfogona, Vis-
count of Ilia, of Canet, of Evol and of Alquer-
foradat. Marquis of Barbera, etc. The last
of the line, Don Jose Galcerau de Pinos, Mar-
quis of Barbera, died during the eighteenth
century, when the Spanish family seems to
have become extinct.

The French house has flourished from 11 20
down to this day, the present head of the
family being Henri Marie Chautal de Pins,
Marquis de Pins and Marquis de Montbrun.
Other branches are represented by Paul Marie
Etienne de Pins, Baron de Pins de Caucalieres
and by Bernard de Pins, Count de Pins de
Monsegou. The arms of the French and Eng-
lish families are the same, viz : "Gules three
pine cones or," to which the English house
have added a chevron. The Spanish arms are
the same in structure "or three pine cones vert
with a bordure gules." The motto of the
French house is "L'un des neuf barons de
Catalogne" ; of the English house, "In tem-
p estate floresco."

A branch of the Pynes of East Down settled
at Bishops Nympton, in Devon, about 1580,
and from it was descended John Pyne of that
place, an officer of the Royal navy, who was
master of the frigate "Winchelsea" when she
captured a French man-of-war in November,
1747. One of his sons, also named John
Pyne, entered business in London in 1761, in
which he and his sons were so successful that

early in the nineteenth century their house was
one of the largest manufacturers of leather in
England. The youngest son, Thomas Pyne,
married Anna, daughter of John Rivington
Jr., of the well known family of publishers.
Her great-grandfather, Charles, son of Thurs-
ton Rivington, of Derbyshire, established in
1710 the famous firm of Rivingtons, now the
oldest publishing house in London. Anna Riv-
ington's great-uncle, James Rivington, was the
New York Tory publisher so well known dur-
ing the American Revolution. Her grand-
mother, Elizabeth Rivington, was a sister of
Sir Francis Gosling, head of Goslings Bank,
founded in the time of King Charles II. and
Lord Mayor of London. Thomas Pyne's
brother, William Henry Pyne, was the well
known artist and author, whose books are still
sought by collectors and some of whose paint-
ings are preserved in the South Kensington
Museum. He was a founder and exhibitor
of the Royal Water Colour Society.

(I) In 1828, Thomas Pyne came to New
York, where he died in 1851. His eldest son,
Rev. Thomas Pyne, M.A., of St. John's Col-
lege, Cambridge, was curate of Bisham Abbey
in England, and coming to America, became
the first rector of St. Paul's, now Calvary
Church, Brooklyn. In 1835 he was made rec-
tor of St. Peter's Church, New York, and a
year later resigned his charge and returned to
England, where he was rector of Hook in
Surrey, until his death in 1873.

(II) The youngest son, Percy Rivington
Pyne, was born in London in 1820, and re-
mained at school in England until 1838. He
was about to enter Christ's College, Cam-
bridge, when he suddenly determined to come
to America, as his father had obtained for
him promise of a clerkship in the office of Mr.
Moses Taylor, then a young man of promise,
who later became perhaps the most prominent
merchant and banker of his time. When Mr.
Pyne reached the age of twenty-one, he be-
came Mr. Taylor's partner, thus creating the
firm of Moses Taylor & Company, of which
he remained a member for fifty years. He
was also president of the National City Bank,
vice-president of the Delaware, Lackawanna
& Western Railroad Co., and St. Luke's Hos-
pital, director of the Farmers" Loan & Trust
Co., the Lackawanna Iron & Coal Co., the
Western Union Telegraph Co., the Chicago &
Northwestern Railway Co., the Central Rail-



way & Banking Co. of Georgia, the Central
Trust Co., the New Jersey Zinc Co., the Har-
vey Steel Co., and many other railroads and
manufacturing companies. He was trustee
and treasurer of the Y. M. C. A. of New
York, trustee of the American Museum of
Natural History, the Bellevue Medical School,
and a vestryman of St. George's Church, New
York. His home was at Riverdale-on-the-
Hudson. He died February 14, 1895, while
traveling in Italy. He married, March 15,
1855, Albertina Shelton, daughter of Moses
Taylor, and left three children :

(HIj Moses Taylor Pyne, of "Drumth-
wacket," Princeton, New Jersey, counsellor-at-
law, who was born December 21, 1855, was B.
A. 1877 and M.A. 1880, of Princeton Univer-
sity; LL.B. 1879, ^rid Honorary Litt.D. 1903,
of Columbia University. For eleven years
he was general counsel of the Delaware, Lack-
awanna & Western Railroad Company. He is
a trustee of Princeton University and chair-
man of its committee on the Graduate School,
director of the National City Bank, the
Farmers' Loan & Trust Co., the Delaware,
Lackawanna & Western Railroad Co., the
United New Jersey Railroad & Canal Co., the
Commercial Trust Co., the Harvey Steel Co.,
the Lackawanna Steel Co., the Princeton Bank
and other railroad and banking corporations ;
president of the Princeton Inn, the Princeton
Historical Association, the Lake Carnegie
Association, and Public Libraries Commission
of New Jersey. He married, June 2, 1880,
Margaretta, daughter of Major-General Rob-
ert F. Stockton, who was the son of
Commodore Robert F. Stockton, and great-
grandson of Richard Stockton, signer of
the Declaration of Independence. They had
two children: Percy Rivington Pyne (2),
born June 22, 1882, B.A. of Princeton Univer-
sity in 1903. He received his preparatory
education at St. Paul's School, Concord, New
Hampshire, which is recognized as one of the
foremost schools of its kind in the cotmtrj';
from there he entered Princeton University,
from which his father and several other an-
cestors were graduated. He completed his
course after four years of scholastic and social
prominence, and was graduated in the class of
1903. In 1904 he began his financial career
in connection with the Farmers' Loan & Trust
Co., and in 1907 he became associated with
the management of the Moses Taylor Estate.

On February 8, 1909, Mr. Pyne organized
the banking firm of Pyne. Kendall & Hollister,
with offices in the new National City Bank
Building, at 55 Wall street, and he has since
been successfully engaged in business in that
connection. He is a member of the board of
directors of the Commercial Trust Co. of New
Jersey, the East River Gas Co., the New
Amsterdam Gas Co., the Syracuse & Bing-
hamton Railroad, Cayuga & Susquehanna
Railroad, the Delaware, Lackawanna & West-
ern Coal Co., etc. ; he is president and director
of the Prospect Company of New Jersey ; and
is trustee and chairman of the East Side
Branch of the Young Men's Christian Asso-
ciation. Mr. Pyne has attained distinction
among the younger men identified with the
great financial interests of Wall street, and
brings to his business and social life a splen-
did equipment of natural ability with all the
advantages of a thorough education, excellent
physical training, culture, and a long honored
name, and his firm has taken a place of great
prominence in the financial world.

In social life Mr. Pyne has been particu-
larly successful and distinguished, and he is a
member of the leading clubs and societies of
this and other cities. In New York City he
belongs to the following clubs : Union,
Knickerbocker, University, Racquet and
Tennis, Metropolitan, New York Yacht,
Union League, Down Town Association,
Aero, Automobile, Princeton, Underwriters,
Touring Club of America, Manhattan,
Intercollegiate, Whitehall and Motor Car
Touring Society. Other clubs and so-
cieties to which he belongs are : Meadow-
brook, Short Beach, Rockaway Hunting, Mor-
ris County Golf, Baltusrol Golf, Garden City
Golf, National Golf, Tuxedo, South Side
Sportmen's Club, Westbrook Golf, Archdale
Quail, Islip, Touring Club of France, Auto-
mobile Association of London, and St. Nicho-
las Society.

Moses Taylor Pyne Jr., born November 5,
1885, B.A. in 1908 of Princeton University,
now a student of law.

(Ill) Percy Rivington Pyne, of Upton
Pyne, Bernardsville, New Jersey, son of Percy
R. Pyne and Albertina Shelton (Taylor)
Pyne, born May 5, 1857, B.A. in 1878 and
M.A. in 1881, of Princeton University. He
was for many years a partner in the firm of
Moses Taylor & Co., and is now a director of



various railroads and other corporations ; a
member of the Knickerbocker, Union, Rac-
quet and Tennis, Metropolitan, University
clubs, etc., in New York. He married, June
20, i88g, Maud, daughter of Gardiner G.
Howland, of New York, and has five children :

1. Grafton Howland Pyne, born August ii,
1890; B.A. in 1912 of Princeton University.

2. Herbert Rivington Pyne, of the class ol
1914 of Princeton University, born January
16, 1892. 3. Mary Percy Pyne, born Novem-
ber 2y, 1893. 4. Percy Rivington Pyne Jr.,
born November 9, 1896. 5. Meredith How-
land Pyne, born October 5, 1898.

( in ) Albertina Taylor Pyne, daughter
of Percy R. Pyne and Albertina Shelton
(Taylor) Pyne, married Archibald D.
Russell, now of Edeerstowne, Princeton, New
Jersey, and has several children.

(IV) Grafton Howland Pyne, eldest son of
Percy Rivington and Maud (Howland) Pyne,
was born August 11, 1890, at Fort Washing-
ton, New York, and was prepared for college
at the Groton School, Groton, Massachusetts.
Entering Princeton University, he was gradu-
ated with the class of 1912, and immediately
embarked upon a business career with Potter,
Choat & Prentice, bankers, at 55 Wall street.
New York City. Mr. Pyne is affiliated with
the Protestant Episcopal church, and ad-
heres to the principles avowed by the Republi-
can party. He is a member of numerou.s
clubs, including the Union, Knickerbocker,
Racquet and Tennis, and Princeton of New
York, and the Ivy Club of Princeton. His
present residence is at Bernardsville, New
Jersey. He married, July 3, 1913, at Pink-
ney's Green, England, Lita Constance Wright,
who was born April 2, 1892, in Paris, daugh-
ter of Eben and Leta (Pell) Wright.

This surname was taken by a
TRACY Norman family from Traci-

Boccage in the arrondissement
of Caen, France, called in the documents of
the eleventh century, Traceium. They went
to England at the time of the Conquest and
were subsequently lords of Barnstaple in
Devonshire. The parishes, etc., of Wool-
combe-Tracy, Bovi-Tracy, Minet-Tracy, Brad-
ford-Tracy, etc., in Devonshire derived their
suffixes from this family. The male line
failed at an early period, but the heiress mar-

ried John de Sudley, whose son, William,
adopted the maternal surname. This person-
age has by some genealogists been considered
one of the four assassins of Thomas-a-Becket,
archbishop of Canterbury. In Kent the name
Trasse is considered to be identical with
Tracy. There are also several fine old Irish
families of Munster bearing the name of
Tracy, which in this case is an anglicised form
of O'Tressach, first assumed by Don O'Treas-
sach in the eleventh century, the families des-
cended from him now bearing it being also
very ancient branches connected with the
house of O'Donovan. The Tracy family here
dealt with is supposed to be on the paternal
side of Saxo-Norman origin mainly.

(I) Ecgbert, first Saxon King of England,
reigned 800-839. He married Lady Red-
burga and had : Aethelwulf , Aethelstan,
Eadith (St. Edith).

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