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Cihj Hospital.

Of the City Hospital and School, he .said.—

" This institution, for which we are indchtocl to the generosity of
the late Hon. E. J. M. Hale, and our esteemed fellow-citizen,
Hon. .lames U. Carleton, was opeiu^d with aopropriate exercises
Wednesday, December 27th, and is now ready for use. It has a
capaciiy for 25 beds. The estimated annual cost of maintaining
the hospital is J.WOD, while the income from invested funds will
probably fall short of %:VM», leaving about 82IIII" to bo supplied by
donations, as by the terms of tho bequest. Tliis institution can
never become a charge upon the city. I would earnestly recom-
mend this most beneficent charity to the consideration ofall who
desire to aid in the relief of siitfering humanity.

The hospital fund a nounts to $'ji;,r,s7.5 )

Estimated value of Kent Street property 7..'il)o.S0

Less estimated outstanding bills 4,187..''.u


Si-lioul Dfjiartinenf.
"The cnditioM "four schools is gen. rally very satisfactory. In
June, IS.S.i, a superintendent of schools was elected and assumed
the duties of his office the following September. It was claimed
by tho advocates of such an otlice that not only would the effi-
ciency of our schools be proinoted,-l)Ut that it could be done with
no increase, and, possibly, a iieerea.so of exp>'n.litMic. llotli these
claims have been fully sustained. There has been a marked im-
]>rovement in the .schools, esiiecially in the lower and grammar
grades, in which a very large msjority of our children receive
their entire education. New methoils have been adopted, greater
enthusiasm has been aroused and it is believeii that our schools
will compare favorably with those of other cities of the Common-
wealth. The cost of Iho school for the past four years is as

Total Co-I, Av. No. Pupils. Cosl per Pupil.

l.ssi Sr,(i,r,n4.;;l 2'.H4 822.7')

iss.', c8,c.-,n.i!i :i:i74 211.32

isse.i (;c,300..sl 3.is« 1S.48

1SS7 (;i,302.tl5 3.549 1S.40

The slight decrease in the number of .schol.ars the past year is
duo to the opening of Parochial schools, Septemlier 1st."

William E. Hatch
Albert L. Uarllelt w:

eslgned as
elected, to

iitcn.l.-nt of schools, and
rom Kehruary 1, 18S8.

Vdhiation and Taxation.

The total valuation of Haverhill in 1S.S7 was Slfi,24i;,112

Valuation of p^rjonal property was 4,3S3,21>)

Valuation of real estate was I1,S03,493

The total number of polls was 0.57:1, showing a decrease

of four from l.ssG.
The personal valuation showed an increase of 8124,070 ;

the real estate valuation an increase of 871.5,310.

Total number of tax-payers 7,071

Value of buildings taxed in l.S((7 85,805,400

Value of land taxed in I8S7 5,0i.7,703

Number of dwellings taxed in 1ks7 3, 0111

Properly exempted from taxation 87iU,7iio

Divided as follows :

Houses of religious worship 301,0110

Benevolent and charitable institutions 1S2,800

Literary iislitiitions 190.000

I'lcxidints 0/ f/ic (onimon Cduiicil af JIavtrhUl since
Cilij CharUr.

Hichanl Webster I.8S0

James F. West

George II, ('arleton.
Henry H. Johnson..

... 1871


... 1S74

Oilman li. Slei
Timothy Hu-e
Charles W. Mo


Thomas E. Burnhniu 1S8I

Jesse H. Harriman I.s.s2

George H. Dole 188.)

James E. Morau Is.s4

George H. Bartlett l,S8.5-.so

Fred. J. Connolly 1SS7

Iianiel S. Chase 1888

Kiehard Littleliale 1043-114

John Carleton I«il4-il8

Nathaniel Saltoustull 10ilK-17(l:l

John While 1701-1.5

John Wainwright 1710

John Eatton, clerk 57

years, and treasurer

54 years 1717-73

John Whitlier, clerk

and treasurer 1771-77

.losepli Dodge, clerk

and treasurer 1778-81

Town Oin-h.

043-114 Phincas Carleton, clerk

and treasurer 1782-99

John Cogswell, clerk

and treasurer J.SOO-OI

Joseph Dodge, clerk

and treasurer 1.SU2-03

Leonard White, clerk

and treasurer 1.S04-I0

James Duncan, .Ir 1811

Moses Wingate, clerk

and treasurer... 1812-14

1 First year of superintendent.



Leonard White, clerk

and treasurer 1S15

Moses Wingate, flerk

and treasurer 1816-17

Leonard White, clerk

and treasurer 1818

Moses Wingate, clerk

and treasurer 1819-20

Leonard White, clerk

and treasurer 1821-31

James Gale, clerk and

treasurer 1832-:ie

Thomas G. Farnsworth,

clerk 1837

Le< nard White, clerk

and treasurer 1838-30

.Tosiah Keeley, clerk

and treasurer 1840-il

William Taggart, clerk

and treasurer 1842-43

A. B. Jaques, clerk and

treasurer 1844-G4

Calvin Buttrick, clerk

and treasurer lS64-li5

William B. Katon, clerk

and treasurer 18GC-C9

David B. Tenney 1870-88

liejircseuldlii-es from Haverhill io Congress and the
State Legislature.

members of Cmigress from Haverliill.
1707-1801. Bailey Barllett. 1826-30. John Varnum.

1811-13. Leonard White.

*(.l(e iieuulurs

1789. Kailey Bartlctl.

1810. Israel Banlett.

1811. John Varnum.
1816-21. Israel Bartlett.
lS28-:il. James H. Dunc'an.
1833. Oilman Parker.
1844-45. .\lfred Killredge.
1848. Ezekiel J. M. Hale.

SI:Ue ISepiarntuli

1045-54. Robert Clement.

lr,54. John Clement.

Ifiiio. John Davis, 2d session.

lOGl-60. None.

inoc. Nathaniel Saltonstall.

1667. Henry Palmer.

1668. William Davis.
1689-72. Nathaniel Saltonstall.

1672. Geor«!e Brown.

1673. Humphrey Davy, 2d ses-

1C74. Henry Palmer.
1675. Oeorge Bruwn.
1081. Daniel Hendrick.
1682. None.
1G83. Peter Ayer.
1084. Robert Swan.
1GS.5-S6. Peter Ayer.
1087-89. None.
lC89-yo. Peter Ayer.
1G91. John Johnson.
1G92. George Brown.

Samuel Hutchius.
1093. Daniel Ladd.

Thomas H»it.
1694. Daniel Ladd.
lC9i-9G. Peter Ayer.
1697. John Pago.
1098. Peter Ayer.
1699. Richard .S.illonstall.
1701). John White.
1701. Samuel Ayer.
17112. John Whito.
1703. John White, 1st session.

John Haseltinc, 2d ses-

1704-.'). Samuel Walts.
1700-7. James Saunders.
17IJ8. John White.
1709. James Saunders.
1710-13. John Haseltinc.
1713. John While.
1711. John llaseltine.
171.^>-10. John White.

1848-J2. Ja

H. Dun

rum Haverhill.
Is.VS. Nathaniel S. Howe.
1857. Caleb D. Huuking.
1800. i'hristopher Tompkins.
18G0. CUiarles J. Noyes.
1871. Nathan S. Kimball.
1870. Jackson B. Swett.
1877. Jackson B. Swett.

s from Ihnerhill.

1717. Amos Singletary.

1718. John Saunders.

1719. John White.
1720-20. John Saunders.
1726-27. James Saunders.
1728-29. Richard SaltoDstall.
1730-33. Nathan Webster.
1733-,34. William White.

. 1735-30. Richard Sallonstall.

1737. Nathaniel Peasley.

1738. Richard Sallousiall.
1739-12. Nathaniel Peasley.

1742. Richard Hazen.

1743. Richard Saltonstall.
1744-4.5. Philip Haseliine.
1746-49. Nathaniel Peasley.
1749-50. Nathaniel Saunders,
1751. John Haseltine.
1752-53. Nathaniel Peasley.
1754. Richard Saltonstall.
175.5-01. David Marsh.
1701-09. Richard Saltonstall.

-70. Samuel Bachello

1771-71'.. Jonathan Webster, Jr.
1770. Jonathan Webster.

Nathaniel P. Sargent.
1777-81. Jonathan Webster.
1781-84. Bailey Bartlett.
17S4-S5. Samuel White.
1780. Nathaniel Marsh.
1789-90. Nathaniel .Marsh.
1791. Francis Carr.

Samuel Blodgett.
1792-110. Francis Carr.
1790. None.
1797-98. Nathaniel Marsh.

1799. Benjamin Willis.

1800. Benjamin Willis.

1801. None.
1802-3. Francis Carr.
18O4-0. David How.
1807-8. Jas. Smiley.
1809. Leonard White.
1810-11. Ebenezer Gage.


19. David How.


Truman M. Martyn.


Jlica:i-ekd for ISSS of Major Hon, I'oH 47, (Iratid
Anil.// of the Republic, IlaverhiU.


w. n. Wood

Alon/.o ,loy

aines F. ('larl;
W. H. .lohnson

1. iM. I'oorc


S. V. C

.1. V. C

Q. M



Chaplain Lorenzo Frost

:. F. (^>llin

Ward .1 1. Lewis Webster

Ward 4 FranU Ilehr

Ward 5 Curl Jensen

Ward li Paul N. Halo

Bradford 1. F. Brown

The post is con?tantly gaining new members, and is in a th
»hing condition.

0//(,v7-.s of the Maf.r J loir (/run. I Armij of thr ];,-puhl\r.
jUsoriniioii for IS.S.S.

Trustees— A. Lo Bosquet, F, B, Savage,.!, r,. S.-att-s, 1. P. .laek-
son, W. H. .lohn.son, Lorenzo Frost, F,. O. Biilloel;.

Clerk-.J. Q. Seates.

Treasurer— A. Le P.o^quet.

Auditors— B. A. Sawyer, ti.'o. F. Collin.

Presideut-L. Frost.

Eighth Begini.nt Massachusetts V. .M , O.lonel Francis A.

COTiipauy F, Ilaverhill-c aptain, Henjaluin II. .lelliaon : tir»-t
lieutcnaul, I'liai h-s P. Damon , .second lieutenant, li. lleury Page.

Washington Street, \


Haverhill bridge 6S,oo3.o9

High School building 107.7S3.05

Currier " " 40,947.08

Broadway " land 1G,GG5,25

Portland Street school building 14.177.09

Locust Street bridge 16,S8.S.39

Marginal sewer 24,00000

Washington Square 24,514.27

Water Supply 30,209.54

New school-houses, Bowley, Chestnut Street,

Orovelaod Street.... 32,224.55

Court Street building 12,210.30

New almshouse 24.006.89

River Street improvements 32,393.97

Washington Street improvements 7,271.00

Tolal S40,5,,547.80

The Officers of the Haverhill Shoe and Leather Asso-
ciation/or 1888.

President— 3. Porter Gardner.

Vice-presidents— Charles E. Kelley, Harry W. Ctiase, Charles
C. Griifln.

Secretary— W. W. Spaulding.

Treasurer— Warren Kimball.

Executive Committee— W. W. Spaulding, William Knipe. S. P.
Chick, D. Sherwood, W. Kimball, T. S. Ruddock, H. W. Chase,
Seraphim Leonard, J. H. Thomas, J. H. Winchell, C. C. Gritflu,
C. M. How.

Officers of Masonic organizations in 1888.
Merrimac Lodge, F. /i.tlc Society.
Chaplain— Rev. O. Boucher.
President— E. J. Poirier.
Vice-President— Mag. Bonin.
Finance Secretary— S. Roger.
.Assistant Secretary— .\. Gnilhort.
Recording Secretary — A. Ilollcher.
Corresponding Secretary — W. Paquette.
Treasurer— M. D. Mercier.
Auditors-II. Houle, N. Lavallie.
Commanders— Joseph Gervais, A. Poirier.
Directors— H. Cote, 0. Guilbert, G. Banl, c. Brisselt^

K. of L. Co-operafivc PiiljUx/iiiig Company.

Clerk-Daniel W. Hurley.

Treasiirer-A. I. Pettengill.

Directors — Richard F. Sullivan, .lames E. Devoy, T. P. Loye, A.
.1. Nason, Wm. .\. Robertson, Charles A. tlale, James Wilson,
Frank Bigelow, Daniel Stevens, \V. \V. Sprague. The company
publishes the llnvcTldn Daihj Ijiljnrcr.

The Teachers' As^uciation for ISS.^.

President— W. E. Hatch.

Vice-President— C. E. Kelley.

Secretary and Treasurer — Fred. Gowing.

Executive Committee— Edward J. Cox, Ch.arlcs W. Haley, Mi:
Kucy Ingram, Miss Jennie S. Edson, Miss Mary A. Tappiin, I\li
.Sarah S. Noyes, Miss Abbie .1. :\leadowcroft.


Online LibraryD. Hamilton (Duane Hamilton) ed HurdHistory of Essex County, Massachusetts, with biographical sketches of many of its pioneers and prominent men (Volume 1) → online text (page 274 of 291)