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New Hampshire. For near ten years he held the
office of chief justice of the Court of Common Pleas
or of the Superior Court. He died May 19, 1795,
aged sixty-five years.

His eldest son. Dr. Levi Bartlett, born Sept. 3, 1763,
succeeded him in practice and became for many years



an active politician. After his death, in 1828, his son,
Levi S. Bartlett, born in 1811, inherited the homestead
and continued the practice of medicine till his death
in 1865. He married Aroline E., daughter of Moses

From the settlement of the town till 1775, or later,
the obstetric art was practiced by a class of experi-
enced matrons whose names are not in the records.

The Gale family for three generations furnished
physicians for Kingston and vicinity. Dr. Amos
Gale, Sr., practiced more than forty years, and Dr.
Amos Gale, Jr., a popular and influential man, had
an extensive practice, and was for twenty-three years
town clerk. He was born in 1756, and died in 1824.
His sons, Dr. Levi B. Gale and Dr. Ezra B. Gale, fol-
lowed him, the latter continuing in practice till his
sudden death, which was on the Sabbath in the church.
In 1844 he was chosen deacon. He was called " The
Beloved Physician."

Dr. Thomas Bassett commenced practice here about
1827, Dr. G. W. Sanborn in 1856, and Dr. T. O. Rey-
nolds in 1870.

Kingston has sent out quite a large number of phy-
sicians. Dr. Josiah Bartlett had a second son, Josiah,
born in 1768, who practiced in Stratham, and Ezra,
born in 1770.

Dr. Amos Gale, Jr., had five sons, all physicians, —
Levi B., and Ezra B., above mentioned, and Dr. Amos '
Gale, of Manchester ; Dr. Josiah B. Gale, of Lowell ;
and Dr. Madison Gale.

" It is believed that no two families in our country
have furnished more physicians than the Bartlett and
the Gale families of Kingston."

Rev. Nathaniel Webster, graduated (Harvard Col-
lege) in 1769 ; died in 1880. For many years he was
pastor of the First Church in Biddeford, Me.

Rev. Benjamin Thurston, born in 1753 (Harvard
College, 1774) ; married Sarah Phillips, of Kingston.
He preached sixteen years at North Hampton, was
trustee of Exeter Academy twenty years, and died in

Rev. Zaccheus Colby, born 1749 (Harvard College,
1777) ; married in 1786, Mary, daughter of Col. Calef,
of Kingston ; preached at Pembroke from 1780 to
1803, and at Auburn till 1809 ; died in 1822.

•Rev. Joseph Appleton, born in Ipswich, Mass., 1751
(Brown University) ; married in 1777, Mary, daughter
of Jacob Hook, of Kingston; preached at North
Brookfield, Mass., from 1776 till his death, July, 1795.
His youngest son, the late Hon. William Appleton,
of Boston, born in 1786, was a merchant and member
of Congress.

Rev. Moses (son of Deacon Benjamin) Sweat, born
in 1754 (A.M., Harvard College, 1790) ; married in
1783, Hannah Eastman ; preached some time at San-
ford, Me. ; died in 1822.

Rev. Jonathan Calef, born in 1762 (Dartmouth
College, 1787); preached from 1801 in Lyman, Me.,
for thirty years, and died there April 25, 1845.

Rev. Peter (son of William) Sanborn, born in
Kingston, Aug. 13, 1767 (Dartmouth College, 1786);
pastor at Redding, Mass., from 1790 to 1820 ; died in

Jonathan Fifleld Sleeper, A.M., born ,in 1768
(Dartmouth College, 1786) ; a teacher; died at Kings-
ton, 1804. His son, Capt. John S. Sleeper, was widely
known ; many years editor of the Boston Journal.

John (son of Col. John) Calef, born in Kingston,
1763 (Dartmouth College, 1786) ; a farmer; died at
Goshen, 1841.

Josiah B. Calef, born in 1783 ; grandson of Gover-
nor Bartlett ; taught in Boston ; then in business in
Saco, Me.

Rev. William P. Gale, born at Gilmanton in 1806;
married Louisa Patten, of Kingston ; preached in
Thornton and in Nelson ; went West, and died in
Minnesota, 1872.

Aurin M. Payson, born at Brentwood in 1809 ; lived
in Kingston (Dartmouth College, 1840) ; a teacher in
Portsmouth and other places.

Samuel Badger, M.D. (Dartmouth College, 1840) ;
born at Kingston in 1814 ; died in Kingston.

Henry French, born at Kingston, 1814 (Dartmouth
College, 1836); married Abi. Blake; Professor in
Exeter Academy, and died there July 21, 1840. His
father, Peter French, left a liberal bequest to Kings-
ton Academy.

Rev. Ezekiel H. Barstow, born at Hanover, Me., in
1816 ; lived in Kingston (Dartmouth College, 1839) ;
preached fourteen years at Walpole ; died April 16,

Rev. William A. Patten, born at Kingston in 1816
(Dartmouth College, 1843); ordained 18.50; has
preached in New England and in the Western States.

Professor Abel Wood, A.M. (Dartmouth College,
1843), long a teacher in Kimball Union Academy;
married in 1842, Sarah Ann Patten, of Kingston, and
their son, William B. Wood, M.D., born in Kings-
ton, is a physician in New York City.

Rev. Ezra Newton (Dartmouth College, 1843), mar-
ried in 1846 Martha T. Patten, of Kingston.

Hon. William C. Patten, son of Colcord and Maria
R. Patten, born in Kingston, June 24, 1819, ad-
mitted to the bar in 1857 ; married (1 ) 1842, Laura F.
Prescott, (2) Sarah Ann Weare, of Kensington. He
filled many civil oflices, and was strongly attached to
his native town, anxiously caring for its best inter-
ests. He died suddenly Jan. 5, 1873.

Nathaniel Gordon, Esq., of Exeter (D. C. 1841),
married (1) in Kingston, Dec. 26, 1853, Alcina E.,
daughter of Moses Sanborn, Esq.

Ezra W. Gale, son of Dr. E. B. Gale, of Kingston
(D. C. 1848), was a teacher and studied law.

Warren T. Webster, A.M., son of Samuel and
' Mary W., born June 6, 1830 (Brown U., 1851), niar-
' ried Hattie A. French, of Lewiston, Me ; a teacher in
I Brooklyn, N. Y.
I William Franklin Webster (brother of Warren T.),



born in Kingston, Sept. 13, 1834 (Brown U., 1852);
tutor till 1854, studied medicine and natural science
in Europe; married, Pawtucket, R. I., December,
1858, Ellen F. Pervere ; was elected Professor of
Chemistry, etc., Washington College, Pennsylvania ;
died there Nov. 13, 18G0. His last words were,
" Heaven to me is as bright as noonday."

Henry F. C. Nichols, A.M., born in Kingston,
January, 1836 (Williams College, 1859, Andover Sem-
inary, 1864) ; preached in St. Lawrence County, N. Y.,
and since engaged in mercantile business in Michi-
gan. His sister, Mary E., is the wife of David H.
Nutting, M.D., late missionary in Turkey.

John Webster, A.M., born in South Kingston
(D. C, 1841), was a teacher, studied medicine, prac-
ticed at Providence, R. I., and since at Gibson's Sta-
tion, Ind.

William Webster, born in Kingston, Sept. 20, 1823
(D. C, 1844), was a teacher in Maryland, and in
Watertown, Mass.

Professor John P. Marshall, of Tuft's College, in
Mass., is a native of Kingston.

Thomas Scott (son of Rev. Ora) Pearson, born in
Kingston (Middlebury College), a young man of much
promise, died 1856.

Dr. Josiah C. Eastman, M.D., 1837, of Hampstead,
and Dr. J. E. Cate, of Candia, are said to have gone
from Kingston.

Hervey G. Pillsbury, of Kingston (Andover Theo-
logical Seminary, 1882), is a preacher in the Congre-
gational Church, and his brother, Frederick, in the
Methodist Church.

Hon. Edward F. Noyes (D. C. 1857), married loth
of February, 1863, Margarette W. Proctor, of Kings-
ton. He has been Governor of Ohio, and United
States minister to France, etc.

Henry Lyman (son of Coicord and Maria R. F.)
Patten, born in Kingston, 4th of April, 1836 (Harvard
College, 1858), wasateacher in St. Louis, Mo. ; studied
law ; entered the army, became captain and major of
Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteers, an able and effi-
cient officer; wounded at Nelson's Farm, 30th of July,
1862, in the battle of Gettysburg, and again at Deep
Bottom, Va., Aug. 17, 1864, from which wound he
died, Philadelphia, 10th of September, 1864. He
was earnest and devout, and cheerful and affectionate,
and conscientious and brave.

Rev. George J. Judkins (Methodist), born in Kings-
ton, 20th of December, 1830, graduated at Middle-
town, Conn.; taught four years in Kingston Academy,
seven years in Tilton Seminary ; ordained and joined
the Conference in 1868, has been presiding elder in
different districts of New Hampshire.

, 1811-12.

ball, 1817.

, 1822.

, 1824-26.


Capt. Jacob Webster, 18CI2.
Maj. .lacob Peaslee, 1803-4.
Dr. Amos Gale, 1805-7.
Daniel Wadleigh, 1808.
Capt. .Jacob Webster, 1809.
Dr. Amos Gale, 1810.

Dr. Amoa Gale, 1793.
Col. John Eastman, 1794-95.
Capt. Jacob Webster, 1796-97,
Col. Levi Bartlett, 1798.
Capt. Jacob Webster, 1799.
Maj. Jacob Peaslee, 1800-1.

Capt. Jacob Websti

No choice, 1813.

Capt. Jacob Webster, 1814-18,

Capt. Daniel Pennlee, 1816.

Capt. Benjamin Kin

Capt. Daniel Peaslee

No choice, 1819.

No choice, 1820.

David Bartlett. 1821

Capt. Daniel Pe.i-sle*

No choice, 1823.

Col. William Websli

No choice, 1826.

No choice, 1827.

Col. William Webster, 1828.

Frederick G. Nichols. 1829-30.

Gen. James Spofford, 1831.

No clioice, 1832.

Isaac Webster, 1833-34.

Jonathan Bartlett, 1835-36.

John Page, 1837.

Moses Sanborn, 1838.

John Page, 1839.

Calvin Thayer, 1840-41.

No choice, 1812.

Calvin Thayer. 1843.

Gideon Webster, 1844.

John Calef, 1845.

Samuel Webster, 1845-47.

Simon P. Fifieia, 2d N. H.
William H. Quimby, 2d N. H.
John S. Sweatt, 3d N. H.
Frederic Silloway, 3d N. H.
Daniel P. Seaver, 3d N. H.
Samnel E. Moore, 3d N. H.
Josiah F. Unnt, 3d N. H.
George W. Collins, 4th N. H.
Levin B. Martine, 4th N. H.
George E. Sclielling, 4th N. H.
Andrew J. Collins, 4th N. H.
George F. Quimby, 4th N. H.
Edwin S. Brown, 4th N. H.
Elbridge G. Towle, 4th N. H.
John Nickett, 4th N. H.
Frank Monihan, 4th N. H. '
Andrew J. Johnson, 4th N. H.
George Davis, 5tli N.H.
Andrew J. Davis, 5th N.H.
Peter Handy, 6th N. H.
Timothy Littlefield, 6th N. H.
George Crosbury. 6th N. H. :
Osborne P. Webster, 7th N. H.
Alexander Dnrant, 7th N. H.
George W. Bean, 7th N. H.
James W. Marshall, 7th N. H.
Benjamin Silloway, 7th N. H.
David S. Davis, 7th N. H.
John Silloway, 7th N. H.
John C. Coons, 7th N. H.
Perley P. Chase, 14th Mass.
George Stevens, 14th Mass.
Hazen Davis, 14th Mass.
Joseph Nickett, 14th Mass.
George P. Lowry, 14th Mass.
Frank Nickett, 14th Mass.
Joseph R. Sanborn, 8th Mass.
Stephen M. Bragdon, 6th Mass.
Josiah B. Gale, 12th Mass.
Samuel Curtis, 12th Mass.
William P. Chase, 1st Mass.
John O. Davis, 11th Mass.
Henry L. Patten, 20th Mass.
Warren A. Webster, 22d Mass.
Sininii S. Johnson, 22d Mass.
Stephen S. Huse, 28th Mass.

Gideon Webster, 1848.
No choice, 1849.

eon Webster, 1860.

n Spofford, 1851.
Samuel Hanson, 1852.

•n Spofford, 1853.
William C. Webster, 1S54.
William C. Patten, 1855.
William C. Webster, 1856.
William C. Patten, 1857.

eph Goodrich, 1868.

los Kimbifll 1S59-60.
Albert Brown, 1861.
John Webster (3), 1862-63.

88 P. Marshall, 1864-65.
No choice, 1866.
William C. Webster, 1867.
Albert Brown, 1868.
Charles B. Clark, 1869.
Samuel E. Woodman, 1870.
William C. Patten, 1871-72.
Moses J. French, 1873.
Daniel Wadliegh, 1874-75.
Ora P. Patten, 1876.
Amos C. Chase, 1877.
Edward S. Sanborn, 1878.
John W. Collins, 1879.
Luther D. Peaslee, 1880-82.

RECORD, 1861-66.

Edmund Q. Brown. 1st Cav.

.\ddison Griffin, 1st Cav,

John T. Crosbury, 1st Cav.

John Bellows, 1st Cav.

George M. Keezer, 1st Cav.

John W.Qiiimby, 1st Cav.

Charles Tibbets, 1st Cav.

Samuel Goodwin, 1st Cav.

John A. Follet, 1st Cav.

Charles K. Schelling, 99th N. T.

Howard DeRochemont, 5th Conn.

William M. Simonton, 11th Me.

Joseph H. Flagg.

Daniel L. Goodwin.

Nathaniel C. Brown. 7th N. H.
\ Elihu T. French, 7th N. H.

Thomas Martin, 7th N. H.

Hiiani F. Davis, 7th N. H.

John Colby, 7th N. H.
i John Lucy, 7th N. H.
I William G. Wilson, 7tli N. H.

George S. Wetherell, 8th N. H.

Calvin D. Wetherell, 8th N. H.

Abraham Sanborn, 9th N. H.

Henry Davis, 9th N. H.

Stephen M. Judkins, 9th N. H.
I Charles H. Webster, 9th N. H.
i Joel S. Collins, 9th N. H.
I Joel Judkins, 9Ih N. H.

Hiram Glines, 9th N. H.

Benjamin Severance, 9th N. H.

John C. McDaniels. 9th N. H,

Alfred P. DeRochemont, 9th N. H.

Oren S. Silloway, 1st N. H. Battery.

Frank Center, 1st N. H. Battery.

C. Fred. Myers, sharpshooter.

Daniel Coicord, 14th Mass.

Richard H. Davis, 14th Mass.

Marcus M. Bartlett, 14lh Mass.

George A. Bartlett, 14th Mass.

William J. Bartlett, 14th Mass.

George P. Severance, 14th Mass.

John W. Swett, Hth Mass.

Moses E. Smith, 14th Mass.

Warren P. Shaw.
' .lospph George,



AmoB George, 48th Mass.
Robert George, 48tli Mass.
Isaiah Tucker, 7th N. H.
Daniel P. DeRochemont,

Charles A. Davis, dOth Mass.
George Huse, llth N. H.
S. B. T. Goodrich, 7th N. H.
John Peirce, 48th Mass.
James Peirce, 22(1 Mass.
Frank Prescott, 48th Mass.
Tliomas Geer.
John P. Bean, llth N. H.
Jeremiah T. Curtis.

The quota of Kiogston was 160 men ; 162 were put in. This lif
tains 118. He-enlisterl soldiers and substitutes, residence unknow

Franklin B. Goodwin.
Otis Tucker.
Blbridge G. Collins.
Moses Chase.

Oilman Crane, llth N.H.
William A. Cheney, 6th N. H.
Edward L. Chene.v, 5th N. H.
John T. Webster, 5th N. H.
James W. Silloway, 5th N. H.
George B. Dudley, 5th N. H.
John W. Hoyt, 6th N. H.
Obadiah S. Collins, 6th N. H.
John A. Webster, 6th N. H.


In early English history the Bassett family is promi-
nently mentioned as important actors. During the
reign of Henry III. (a.d. 1262), according to Hume's
History of England, we find Philip Basset appointed
to the highly important position of "justiciary" of the
realm. Lord John Basset and Ralph Basset were also
men of mark in the fierce civil contests and agitations
of that period. The first-known American ancestor
of Dr. Thomas Bassett was Rev. (John?) Bassett,
his great-grandfather. He was a Baptist clergyman,
and was driven from Massachusetts Colony with Roger
Williams. He afterwards became pastor of a church
at Providence, R. I. His son John married Jan. 25,
1757, Sarah Shepard, daughter of Thomas Shepard,
who was son of Jacob and Mercy Shepard, of Dor-
chester, or Wrentham, Mass, and settled in Sharon,
Mass., whence he moved about 1780 to what is now
Goffstown, N. H. He afterwards went to Weare,
N. H., where he died in 1810, about eighty. He was
a tall, robust man, of great powers of endurance, and
was highly esteemed for his probity and strength of
character. He reared a family of ten children, of
whom Thomas was second son and fourth child.
This Thomas was intended for the ministry, and pre-
pared for college under instruction of Rev. Thomas
Gair, settled minister of the Baldwin Street Baptist
Church of Boston. On the death of Mr. Gair, in
1790, he relinquished all idea of a professional life on
account of the poor state of his health, and engaged
in merchandising in Atkinson, N. H. He after a few
years removed to Deerfield (South road), and for a
number of years was merchant there. He moved to
Londonderry about 1804, was a trader there also, and
was a resident of that town until his death in 1816.
He was a lifetime member of the Baptist Church, a
Republican in political belief, never cared for office,
was a quiet, reserved, unostentatious man, very ex-
emplary in his conduct and strict in his morals. He
served his day and generation well, and stood high in
the estimation of the communitv. He married Su-

sanna McGregor, of Derry, N. H. They had five
children, of whom Thomas and David (who reside
in Derry) are the only ones now living.

Dr. Thomas Bassett, son of Thomas and Susanna
(McGregor) Bassett, was born in Deerfield, N. H.,
Aug. 12, 1797. His mother was a descendant of
Rev. James McGregor, who emigrated from Scotland
to Ireland, and subsequently with a number of others
to America, and commenced the settlement of Lon-
donderry, N. H. At the age of fifteen Thomas began
the studies preparatory to entering college under the
instruction of his uncle. Rev. David McGregor, the
settled minister of Bedford, N. H., and lived with him
there three years. He then entered the Pinkerton
Academy in Derry, under the tuition of Mr. Samuel
Burnham, and remained at school there until the
death of his father in 1816. At this time, finding
himself destitute of pecuniary means, he could no
longer pursue his collegiate studies, and resorted to
school-keeping to obtain the object he then most de-
sired, an education. He began teaching in Manches-
ter, gave unusual satisfaction, and taught in every

! district in the town save one. After passing three

j years as teacher, he in 1821 entered the oflice of Dr.

! George Farrar, of Derry, as a student of medicine,
remaining there till the fall of 1822, when he entered
the private classes of Professors Mussey, Oliver, and
Dana at Dartmouth College, and continued under

j their tuition until he had finished the regular course
of medical instrufction, and received his degree of
Doctor of Medicine in 1824. In March of the next
year he established himself as a phj'sician and
surgeon in Kingston, N. H., where he has since
been resident. Dr. Bassett was elected in 1826, and
in 1837 became a Fellow of the New Hampshire
Medical Society, in which he has been censor and
counselor. He has been honored with the office of
justice of the peace, and has held the position of
brigade major and inspector in the First Brigade
of New Hampshire militia. He married, in 1828,
Miranda, daughter of Samuel Spoflbrd, and grand-
daughter of Maj. Jacob Peaslee. She was born in
Kingston, where her ancestors had resided for several

Dr. Bassett is Republican in politics. Although
reared in the strongest orthodox creeds, he is a pro-
nounced Universalist in religion, and one of the
strongest supporters of that faith. He was a constit-
uent member of the First Universalist Church of
Kingston, and it is largely indebted to him for its
prosperity. He gave five hundred dollars towards
the construction of the church edifice, thus freeing it
from debt, and the beautiful sacramental service was
his gift. Dr. Bassett has been a hard-working, suc-
cessful practitioner in his chosen field, and has en-
joyed the confidence of the ablest of his medical
brethren. Positive in his nature, with an iron con-
stitution to sustain his efforts, he has rarely failed to
accomplish any object he has sought, and has built

>^Z7 / (^c

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