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Dedham in the Revolution
1775 - 1783.


This list is based upon the Massachusetts Soldiers and

Sailors of the Revoluntionary War, published by the

Commonwealth and supplemented by the town and

parish records of Dedham.




) 1817


In the historical address given on the occasion of the 250th
anniversary of the settlement of Dedham, Mr. Worthington
said: "The exact number of men raised for the service (Revo-
lutionary) has never been stated but the published list —
Haven's Centennial Address — must fall short of the real

Previous to the publication of the Massachusetts Soldiers
and Sailors of the Revolution, such a list could not have been
made. Miss Martha C. Crane interested herself in this matter
and has compiled from the published volumes the names of
the soldiers credited to Dedham. To Miss Crane's list have
been added the names of the soldiers found in the records of
the several parishes of the town; also the names of those not
otherwise recorded who were paid for services by the town of
Dedham from 1775 to 1783.

This list gives the names of six hundred and seventy-eight
soldiers. A census of the town taken by Samuel Dexter in 1765
gave Dedham a population of 1,919, and at the close of the
Revolutionary War the number of inhabitants was not much



Chairman of the Committee

on Revolutionary Soldiers


Ackley, Thomas (Akley)

Adams, Samuel

Air, George

Allen, Eleazer, 4th par.

Allen, i Eleazer, Jr., 4th

Allen, Hezekiah, 4th par.
Allen, Hezekiah Peters
Allen, Timothy, 4th par.
Ames, Fisher
Ames, Seth
Amis, 2 Cato
Andrews, Andrew (An

Andrews,3 Benjamin
Andrews,* Benj.
Andrews, David, So. par.
Andrews, John, So. par.
Andrews, William
Arnold, Stephen
Avery, John
Avery, Jonathan
Avers, John
Bacon, Abner, So
Bacon, Ephriam,

Bacon, Jeremiah, 4th par
Bacon, i Jeremiah, Jr.,

4th par.
Bacon, Jesse

Jr., 4th

Bacon, John, 4th par.
Bacon, Josiah
Bacon, Josiah, Jr., 4th par.
Bacon, Michael, 4th par.
Bacon, Moses, 4th par.
Bacon, Silas, 4th par.
Baker, Daniel
Baker, Eliphalet
Baker, Jabez, 4th par.
Baker, Jeremiah, 3rd par.
Baker, Joseph
Baker, Nathaniel
Baker, Samuel
Baker, Thomas
Baker, Timothy
Balch, Thomas
Bancroft^ Samuel
Barker,2 Moses
Barrows,4 David
Battle*, Ebenezer, 4th par.
Battle, Ebenezer Jr., 4th

Battle, Hezekiah, 4th par.
Battle, John, 4th par.
Battle, Jonathan, 4th par.
Battle, Josiah
Bedlam, 2 Lemuel (Belam)
Belcher, Richard
Bill, Abner (Bills)
Bill, Ebenezer

1 Found in the records of the Dedham 4th Parish (Dover).

2 Served in Capt. Aaron Guild's Company which marched on the alarm

of Bunker Hill.

3 Found in the records of the Dedham 3rd Parish (Westwood).

4 Found in Dedham Town Records.

♦Names have not been repeated in this list, although the same name
may be many times found in the records. For instance there were four
Ebenezer Battles in Dedham at the time of the Revolution, either of
whom might have rendered a given service. If it were possible to
determine which one of these— as in all like cases— gave the service
this list could be farther extended by repeating individual names, but
in the absence of proof such repetition is useless.

Bill, Nathaniel
Bill, Richard
Bill, Samuel
Billings, Joseph
Blackman, William
Bo wen, Nathaniel
Boyd, Robert
Boy den, Isaac
Bracket, David
Brown,4 James
Brown, Jesse
Brown, John, 4th par.
Brown, Nathaniel
Brown, Robert
Brown, William
Buckmaster, Edward
Buckmaster, Job, 3rd par.
Buckmaster, John
Buckmaster,3 Thomas
Bullard, Benjamin
Bullard, David
Bullard, Ebenezer
Bullard,3 Edward
Bullard, Edward Jr.
Bullard, Isaac
Bullard, 6 John
Bullard, Josiah
Bullard, Luther, So. par.
Bullard,3 Timothy
Bullard, William
Bundy, Moses
Burridge, Thomas, 4th

Burt, John (Burtt)
Bussev, Benjamin
Cabet, l 2 Philen
Calley, William (Cally)
Capron,4 Oliver Jr.
Capron,4 Thaddeus
Carbe, Joel (Carbee Car-

by, Carbey)
Carbe, John
Cardey, John
Carroll, John
6 Found in Dedham First Parish

Carroll, Lawrence
Caswell, Elijah
Champney, Capt. Caleb.
Chap, Antony (Antoine)
Chapman, Peter
Cheney, 4 Ebenezer Jr.
Cheney, James, 4th par.
Cheney, John, 4th par.
Cheney, Joseph, 4th par.
Chickering, Daniel, 4th

Chickering, Daniel Jr.,

4th par.
Chickering, John, 4th par.
Chickering, Joseph, 4th

Chickering, Nathaniel, 4th

Chickering, Oliver
Chickering, Samuel
Clarke, Archelaus, So. par.

Clarke, Daniel
Clarke, James, So. par.
Clarke, Nathan, So. par.
Clarke, Samuel
Cleveland, David, 4th par.
Cleveland, Jacob, So. par.
Cobbett, Philip, So. par.

Colburn, Abner (Colbon,

Colborn, Colborne)
Colburn, David
Colburn, Ichabod
Colburn, 3 Isaac
Colburn, John, 3rd par.
Colburn, John Jr.
Colburn, Jonathan
Colburn, Lewis
Colburn, Nathan
Colburn, Nathaniel, 3rd
Colburn, Phineas
Colburn, Samuel

Colburn, Samuel, Jr., 3rd

Colbura, Simeon, 3rd par.

Colburn, 4 Solomon

Colburn, Thomas

Colburn, 3 Timothy

Comecher, Isaac

Coney, William, So. par.

Cook, Nathan, 4th par.
(Cock, Coock)

Cooler, Thomas

Co wen, Patrick

Crane, Abijah

Crane, Elijah

Crane, Jephtha

Crawley, Abraham

Cregier,2 John (Chejer)

Crocker, Jeremiah

Crosier, John (Crosher,
Croshier, Crowser)

Curtis, Edward

Damon, Jedediah

Damon, Jonathan (Da-

Damon, Samuel

Dana, Calvin

Dana, David

Dana, Samuel

Davenport, Ambrose

Davenport, Benjamin

Davis, Moses

Day,4 John

Day, Kalph, 4th par.

Dean, Benjamin, So. par.

Dean, David

Dean, Eliphalet

Dean, Jeremiah

Dean, John

Dean, John Jr., So. par.

Dean, Jonathan

Dean, Joseph

Dean, Joseph Jr.

Dean, Luke, 4th par.

Dean, Nathaniel, So. par.

Dean, William

Dewing, Elijah, 4th par.
Dewing, Jabez
Dick, Richard
Doan, Benjamin
Doggett, Isaac (Dagget)
Doggett, Jesse
Doggett, Samuel, Jr.
Draper, Daniel, 3rd par.
Draper, Ichabod
Draper, James, 4th par.
Draper, John, 4th par.
Draper, Joseph
Draper, Joseph Jr., 4th

Draper, Josiah
Draper, Moses, 4th par.
Draper, Nathan
Draper, 4 Nathaniel
Draper, Thomas
Draper, Timothy, 3rd par.
Draper, William
Easte, Jacob
Eaton, Isaac
Eaton, Thomas
Fllis, Aaron, 3rd par.
Ellis, Abel
Ellis, Abner
Ellis, David, 3rd par.
Ellis, Ephraim
Ellis, Ichabod
Ellis, Jesse, 4th par.
Ellis, John

Ellis, Jonathan, 3rd par.
Ellis, Joseph
Ellis, Lemuel
Ellis, Nathan, 3rd par.
Ellis, 4 Nathan, Jr.
Ellis, Oliver
Ellis, William
Everett, Abel, So. par.

(Everet, Everit, Ever-

itt, Everritt, Evit, Ev-

Everett, Andrew
Everett, Asa, So. par.

Everett,6 David

Everett, Ebenezer, So. par.

Everett, Ebenezer Jr.

Everett, Eleazer

Everett,* Eleazer Jr.

Everett, Ichabod

Everett, Isaac

Everett, Israel

Everett, Israel Jr.

Everett, Joseph

Everett, Josiah, So. par.

Everett,4 Josiah Jr.

Everett, Nathaniel

Everett, William

Everett, William Jr.

Fairbanks, Aaron, 4th par.
(Fairbank,Farbank- >

Fairbanks, Abner

Fairbanks, Benjamin

Fairbanks,3 Daniel

Fairbanks, David, So. par.

Fairbanks, Ebenezer

Fairbanks, Ebenezer, Jr.

Fairbanks, Elias

Fairbanks, Israel

Fairbanks, Israel Jr.

Fairbanks. Samuel

Fairbanks. 6 Samuel Jr.

Fairbanks, William

Fales.6 David (Fabes.

Fales, Ebenezer

Fales, Eliphalet

Fales, Eliphalet, Jr., So.

Fa]es, Joshua

Fales, Lemuel

Fales. Nathaniel

Fales, Nehemiah

Fales, Samuel

Farrington, Abner (Far-
ington, Ferington,
Ferrenton. Firing-

Farrington, Amasa, 3rd

Farrington, Benjamin
Farrington, Ebenezer
Farrington, Eli
Farrington, Henry
Farrington, Hezekiah
Farrington, Ichabod
Farrington, Ithamar, So.

Farrington, John
Farrington, Nathaniel
Farrington, Samuel, So.

Farrington, Seth
Farrington, Seth Jr., So.

Farrington, Stephen
Farrow, Thomas
Felt,6 Abner
Felt, Benjamin, So. par.
Felt, Moses
Felt, Oliver, So. par.
Ferret, Thomas, 4th par.
Fisher, Aaron
Fisher, Aaron Jr.
Fisher, Abner Jr.
Fisher. Benjamin
Fisher, Benjamin Jr., So.

Fisher. Daniel, Jr.
Fisher, David
Fisher, Ebenezer
Fisher, Eliphalet
Fisher, Jeremiah
Fisher, Jesse
Fisher. John
Fisher, Joseph, 4th par.
Fisher, Joseph, Jr., 4th

Fisher, Josiah
Fisher, Moses, So. par.
Fisher, 5 Nathaniel
Fisher, 3 Nathaniel. Jr.
Fisher, Oliver

Fisher, Samuel, 4th par.

Fisher, William, 4th par.

Fleart, William, (?)

Francis, Joseph

Fransfort, Christian

French, Benjamin

French, Stephen

Fuller, Aaron

Fuller, Benjamin

Fuller, Daniel

Fuller. David

Fuller, Eliphalet

Fuller, Eliphalet 2nd

Fuller, Jason

Fuller. Jonathan

Fuller. Rufus

Fuller, Seth

Fuller, Stephen

Fuller, Thaddeus

Galley, John

Gardner, Thomas, 4th par.

Gay, Daniel, 3rd par.

Gay, Daniel Jr.

Gay. Ebenezer

Gay, Ezra, 3rd par.

Gay, Ichabod, So. par.

Gay, James

Gay, Jesse, So. par.

Gay, John

Gay, 3 Joseph

Gay,3 Josiah

Gay, Luther

Gay,3 Moses

Gay, * Nathaniel

Gay, Nathaniel

Gay,2 Nathaniel Jr.

Gay, Samuel

Gay, Seth, 3rd par.

Gay, Stephen

Gay. Thaddeus

Gav,3 Theodore

Gay, Timothy
Gay, William, 3rd par.
Gay, William Jr.
Ghent, George
Gibbins,* John
Gibbons, Fitch
Gibbons, Samuel
Glover, Henry
Goodenow, Phineas(Good-

anagh, Goodenough)
Googins, James
Gookin,6 Daniel
Gould, Ebenezer
Gould, George
Gould, Oliver
Gould, Samuel
Gould, Seth
Gould, Simeon
Graham. William
Graves, Ebenezer
Guild, Aaron (Gile)
Guild, Aaron Jr., So. par.
Guild. Jacob
Guild. Joel (Gile)
Guild, Joseph
Guild, Moses
Guild, Moses Jr.
Guild, Oliver
Guild. Samuel
Hambliton. Thomas
Harris. Enoch
Hastings. John (Hasting)
Haven, Elias. 4th par.
Hawes, Benjamin (Haws)
Hawes, Caleb
Hawes,* Ebiah
Richards. Ebenezer. 4th

Richards. 3 Eleakim
Richards, 6 Enoch
Richards, Jesse. 4th par.

5 Found in Haven's Centennial Address.

* The fact that there were three Nathaniel Gays, who served in
different Dedham Companies at the same time shows the difficulties
there are in telling "who is who" in making a complete list of Dedham


Hawes, Zaccheus
Hayden, Isaac
Hays, John
Herring, Benjamin, So.

par. (Harring, Herin,

Herring, Ebenezer
Herring, John
Herring, Lemuel
Herring, Peletiah
Herring, Peletiah, Jr.
Herring, Thomas
Herring, William
Hewins, William
Hide, .John
Hide, Philip
Hide, Richard
Hill, Richard
Hodges, Andrews
Holmes, Jabez
Holmes, John, So. par.
Holmes, Oliver
Horton, William
Howard, Obediah
Howe, Thomas (How)
Humphrey, David (Hum-

frey, Humfry)
Humphrey, Jonas
Hunting, Amos
Hunting, Ebenezer
Jackson, Jacob (Jacson)
Jackson, Matthew
Jackson, 4 Nathan
Jackson, William
Johnson, Jacob, So. par.
Johnson, John
Jones. Adam, 4th par.
Kelley,4 William
Kench, Thomas (Kinch)
Kendall, William, So. par.
Kendrick, Oliver, 4th par.
Kenney, Timothy
Keyes,4 Jamson
King, William

Kingsbury, Aaron (KingH-

bery, Kinsbury)
Kingsbury, Enoch
Kingsbury, James, So.

Kingsbury, Jeremiah Jr.,

So. par.
K i n gsbury , 3 Jesse
Kingsbury, Joshua Jr.
Kingsbury, Moses
Kingsbury, Nathaniel
Knapp, Jesse, 4th par.
Knowlton, Frederick

Larrahee, Thomas
Lewis, Abner (Leuis)
Lewis, Andrew, 3rd par.
Lewis, Benjamin, So. par.
Lewis, John
Lewis, Joseph
Lewis, Nathan, So. par.
Lewis, Nathaniel
Lewis, Paul
Lewis, Thomas
Lewis, Timothy, So. par.
Lewis,3 William, Jr.
Little, Robert (Littel)
Little, Robert Jr., So. par.
Little, Thomas
Loomis,4 Nathaniel
Lyon, Samuel
Magraw,4 James
Malcomb, Michael
Mallard, John
Mann, James, 4th par.

Mann, Nathan
Mann, Robert
Mann, Robert Jr.
Mansell, William
Mansfield, William

Mason, Asa, 4th par.
Mason, John, 4th par.
Mason, Moses, 4th par.


Mason, William
Mason, 6 William Jr.
McClain, Oliver
McDaniel,4 Richard
McIntosh,4 Daniel
Mcintosh, Jeremiah
McMullen, Archibald
Mellen,i Nathan, 4th par.
Metcalf,2 Cato
Metcalf, Hezekiah (Met-

Metcalf, John
Metcalf, Jonathan
Metcalf ,6 Jonathan, Jr.
Metcalf, Joseph
Metcalf, Nathan, 4th par.
Miles, Daniel
Mills, Samuel
Moore, Bartholomew
Moore, 4 Daniel

Morris,4 Robert Jr.
Morse,* Daniel (Mors)
Morse, David
Morse, John, So. par.
Morse, Joseph
Morse, Paul
Morse, Seth, 4th par.
Morse. Silas, 4th par.
Morse, Thomas, 4th par.
Morse, Timothy
Moulton , Samuel ( Molton )
Murphv, Thomas (Mur-

Newell, Ebenezer (Newel)
Newell, Theodore, 4th par.
Newen (?), Abner
Nigus, Samuel
Ockinton, Thomas (Ocin-

ton, Okinton)
Oliver, Peter
Onion, David (Union)
Onion. Elihu
7 Found in Mann's Annals of Dedham.


Onion, Elnathan

Onion, Jonathan, 3rd par.

Onion, Joseph

Onion, 7 Peter

Owen, 4 Patrick

Parker, Joseph, 4th par.

Parks, John

Paul, Ebenezer

Pay-son, Asa

Peniman, Jacob, So. par.

Perry, Thomas (Pery)

Peter (receipt given by

John Lagard for his

Pettee,5 Abiel (Pette, Pet-

tes, Petty, Pittee)
Pettee, Abner
Pettee, Daniel
Pettee, Ebenezer
Pettee, Samuel
Pettee, William
Pond. 6 Eliphalet
Pond. Jonas
Pond. 6 Moses
Prat. William
Quapish, Alexander
Reed, "Elisas"
Reed,l John, 4th par.
Reed. Noah

Rhoads, Adam (Roads)
Rhoads, Eleazer
Rhoads, Eleazer. Jr.
Rhoads. Eliphalet. So. par.
Rhoads. Simeon
Rhoads. Soloman
Rhoads. Zebulon
Richards, Abel
Richards. Abiather
Richards, Abiather Jr.
Richards, Abijah
Richards, Asa, 4th par.
Richards, i David, 4th par.
Richards, David

Richards, John
Richards,2 John Jr.
Richards, Jonathan
Richards, Josiah
Richards, Lemuel, 4th par.
Richards, Moses, 4th par.
Richards, 4 Reuben
Richards, Richard, 4th

Richards, Samuel
Richards, Solomon
Richards, Thaddeus
Richards, Timothy Jr.
Richards, William
Ruggles, John
Sampson, Seth
Savel, William, So. par.
Scott, Ebenezer
Seabury, Elijah
Sever, William
Shepard, Ebenezer (Shep-

erd, Shepherd)
Shepard,4 John
Shepard, Thomas
Shuttleworth, Jeremiah
Silk, Patterson
Slater, Bat.
Smith, Abner
Smith, Barak, 4th par.
Smith, Daniel
Smith, David
Smith, Ebenezer
Smith Jacob
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph
Smith, 4 Lemuel
Smith. Nathaniel
Smith, Oliver
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Timothy
Smith, William
Smith, 6 William, Jr.
Snelling, John
Snider, John
Sprague. Cuff

Sprague,6 John

Starr, Daniel (Star)

Starr. William

Stevens, James

Stimson, Elias

Stow, Timothy

Stowel, David (Stoel, Sto-

Stowel, Ebenezer
Stowel, Isaac
Stowell,6 Isaac, Jr.
Stowel, Lemuel
Stowel, Thaddeus
Sumner, Ebenezer
Sumner,4 Eli
Sumner, Ezra
Sumner, George
Sumner,3 Joseph
Sumner, Nathaniel
Sumner, Nathaniel, Jr.
Swan, 4 Joseph
Taft, Silas, 4th par.
Talbot, Ebenezer (Tolbut)
Talbot, Enoch, So. par.
Thorp, Adam
Thorp, Eliphalet
Tilden, Elijah
Tisdale.i Billings, 4th par.
Tisdale, Henry
Tolman, Elman
Tracy, Andrew H.
Trow, Richard
Turner, Hezekiah
Turner, Joseph
Warner, Andrew
Weatherbee, Benjamin

( Wetherby)
Weatherbee, Joseph
Weatherbee, Nathaniel
Weatherbee, Thomas
Weatherbee, 5 Thomas, Jr.
Webb, Perez
AVheeler, Daniel
Whin, Solomon
White, George, So. par.


White, John
White, Joseph
White, Moses
White, Thomas
Whiting, Aaron, 4th par.

(Whiteing, Whitin)
Whiting, Abner
Whiting, 5 Calvin
Whiting, Daniel, 4th par.
Whiting, Ellis
Whiting, Fisher, 3rd par.
Whiting, Hezekiah
Whiting, Isaac, 3rd par.
Whiting, Jabez, 4th par.
Whiting, Jonathan, 3rd

Whiting, Joseph
Whiting,6 Joseph, Jr.
Whiting, Joshua
Whiting, Joshua Jr.
Whiting, Moses
Whiting, Nathaniel
Whiting, Paul
Whiting, Rufus
Whiting, Samuel
Whiting,6 Solomon
Whiting, Stephen
Whiting, Timothy-

Whiting, Timothy Jr.
Whiting, William
Whiting, William Jr.
Wight, Henry (Wright,

Wight, John
Wight, Joseph
Wight, Nathaniel
Wight, Samuel
Wight, Seth Jr., 4th par.
Wight, Thomas
Wilkinson, Joseph
Williams, Isaac
Williamson, William
Wilson, Ephraim, 4th par.

Wilson, James
Wilson, John
Wilson, 6 John, Jr.
Wilson, Samuel, 4th par.
Woodward, John, (Wood-

Woodward, Richard
Woodward, Richard Jr.
Woodward,2 Robert
Woodward, Roswell
Young. Nathaniel

Note. The Dedham South Parish (Norwood) records show that
men were hired by the Parish to go into the Revolutionary service but
their names are not recorded.

Note. The following soldiers were in Capt. Ebenezer Battle's
Dedham Company. Although unaccredited they may have been resi-
dents of Dedham at the time: Seth Basset, Joseph Dewing, William
Howard, Timothy Mclntire, Joshua Mills, Russell Oliver, Samuel
Stratton, Isaac Wendel, Samuel Whiting.


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Online LibraryDedham Historical Society (Mass.)A list of revolutionary soldiers who served Dedham in the revolution, 1775-1783 (Volume 1) → online text (page 1 of 1)