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mtaware Valley College

Science And Agriculture









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among' this valley's meadow;
Though I grow and flower amidst a^multitude
I am hardly like the rest, as mjf^o^gi^s..

jire more of the, mellow' ''^'^^

* _(P-'i ■'.•..2*1 ' -<?»i-.... lt> =•. ift

:>i^oi the;^arthj^ j^
I^SLS destined to he w
J1C6 the day of my birtl
■Looking around me I see my brothers -^

being toss led by the wind;
Yet I do not worry —
For they are each as strong as I,

and will not bend .
Such is the gift which God has given

to each of us -
A mind and soul which will neither

tarnish nor rust .
And even though above us , as the mountains

and trees do tower;
We are to be proud, for nothing on this Earth

can match the beauty of a flower .




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With great respect, we dedicate this, the 1978
Cornucopia yearbook, to James Work.

It was our privilege to have such a man as Dr.
Work as an integral part of Delaware Valley College , to
have such a man who dedicated a large part of his life and
his soul to his Alma Mater, to its campus, its scholastic
accredation, its faculty and administration, and

especially to its students .


It was with great sorrow that we recognized the passing of Dr. James Work on Sunday, November
6, 1977. From 1974 until that date, Dr. Work served as chancellor to our college, but had pre-
viously filled other positions and actions that were instrumental in the history of Delaware Valley
College of Science and Agriculture. His presence will be missed.

Born in Philadelphia, his interest in agriculture led him to leave the city to enter the National
Farm School where, before he graduated with honors in 1913, he was a student leader, excelling in
athletics. He was captain of the 1912 football team, captain of the 1912 track team, member of the
1911 and 1912 baseball teams. He was also editor-in-chief of the Gleaner in 1911 and 1912.

A productive farmer for three years , the prospect of a career in naval architecture lured him
away from the farm to the Franklin Institute, from which he graduated in 1918.

His career in the aircraft industry began when he became the Supervisory Draftsman at the Phila-
delphia Naval Yard during WWl . After three years , he moved to the Lakehurst Navel Base in New
Jersey, where he was appointed Chief Draftsman and eventually rose to become Assistant Chief En-
gineer in charge of engineering and technical stores . His creative flair earned him a promotion to
the Station's post of Assistant Chief Engineer from 1921 to 1928, during which time the Shenandoah
was built and the U.S.S. Los Angeles was received from Germany. He was in charge of engineering
on these lighter - than-air ships and was a member of the test crews of the Shenandoah. During his
Lakehurst tour of duty he rose to the rank of Full Lieutenant in the naval reserve.

He left Lakehurst in 1928 to fill the post of Project Engineer in parachutes and training planes at
the Naval Aircraft Factory in Philadelphia. His final year of government service was spent as As-
sistant to the manager of The Naval Aircraft Factory.

Dr. Work's first job in private industry was in 1929 as Vice-president and General Manager of
Lockheed Corporation. When Lockheed was purchased by Detroit Aircraft, he remained with the
new firm in the same dual capacity until 1931 . Then his creative urge got him involved with a small
firm that manufactured airplane parts, and he formed Work Engineering Corporation. At the age of
38, he founded the Brewster Aeronautical Corporation for which he served as President until 1940,
and then as Chairman of the Board and as a consultant.

Under his leadership , Brewster grew from a small organization to a large corporation with a work
force of around 18,000 and both U.S. and foreign government contracts totaling over $200 million.

Seeking new challenges at the end of WW2, Dr. Work agreed in 1945 to serve without pay as the
Treasurer of his Alma Mater, the National Farm School. He had been the School's first alumnus
elected to membership on its Board of Trustees . The development of the institution from an agricul-
tural secondary school of only 15 students to an established, fully-accredited, four year, diversi-
fied degree granting college in 1960 that now boasts 1250 students . The college went one step fur-
ther, and became co- educational in 1972. Dr. Work's talents in design and architecture enabled him
to integrate 19 new buildings erected on the campus into the natural beauty of the campus.

Dr. Work loved Delaware Valley College, and set an example for all past and future Aggies to fol-
low. When you believe in something, the hard-work, sweat, and effort and love you put into a reali-
ty is well worth the trouble just to get the satisfaction that you've done something to help others .
Seeing Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture become a reality, and seeing its students
get the best education offered, was enough satisfaction for Dr. Work. Let us keep his dream a re-
ality and continue improving on an already great college .

Sali'iitiil Farm Sihoo2, DoylntoviH, Pa.


T ^ -7 'i5F, "^

Junior class officers- L to R: M. Downing, Pres. to Hse. Conduct; B. Godbout, V. Pres. ; A. Capp,
Pres. J N. Jordan, Treas. ; K. Kemp, Rep. to Soc. Hse. ; C. Buchanan, Rep. to Soc. Hse. ; D. Lim-
bach, Sec.

Lto R, Kneeling: M. Choma; J. Boyle; Row 1: A. Capp; C.
Buchanan; S. Bailey Row 2: L. Barnard, J. Bloomfield; S.
Bennett Row 3: B. Cashin; D. Burrell

LtoR, Sitting: R. Harding; J. Daubert; P. Berardi; C. Morton; Standing: K. Frey; M. Downing; J. Citrone; R. Cornell; C.
Haller; B. Williams.

LtoR, Rowl: J. Spindler; K. Shovlin; S. Silberstein. Row 2: B.
Flannery; T. Runkel; D. Russell; T. Sawicki Row 3: M. Ridge Row
4: M. Pelino; B. Perry; C. Smith Row 5: S. Scott; P. Shumaker; .
lUchardson; G. Sharko.

L to R, Row 1: K. Kempj D. Zawisza; J. Matulaitis; T. Lipardi; J. Pawlusiow. Row
2: M. Prime; G. Michalak; M. Lamb; L. Polgar; C. Saylor; J. Maloney

LtoR, Sitting: J. Carrb; C. Kaspar; T. Henritay; B. Godbout; S. Harvey; P.
Leonard; C. Grube; J. Andrus Standing: N. Goodwin; C. Harding; L. Kupiec;
F. Guest; S. Sanders; K. Frey; P. Haran; A. Habiak


Sophomore class officers -L to R: G. Scott, V. pres. ; L. Budrewicz, Rep. to Soc. Hse. ; M. Alexander, Rep. to
Soc. Hse.; N. Wenger, Sec; L. Hagerman, Pres.

L to R- sitting: S. Birch; S. Chamberlin; L. Budrewicz. Standing: T. Ca-
ponigro; N. Bailer; M. Bruder; M. Chamelin.

Lto R-Row 1: D. Daubert; C. Cybowski; D. Douglass; R. Cox. Row 2: M. Fennell; K. Espenshade; V. DeSte-
fano; C. Friedrich. Row 3: M. Donaldson; B. Cooper; D. Froggatt.

LtoR-Row 1: L. Hagerman; S. Funka; C. Franklin. Row 2: C. Haitzler;
B. Gobus; D. Hartzell; D. Grim; C. Ivaniski. Row 3: M. Hoelper; P.
Hankes; K. Hozlock.

LtoR, sitting: S. Minton; D. Pearson; B. Petty. Standing: D. Rohr; K. Masemore; J.
Meyers; J. O'Reilly.

LtoR, sitting: T. Kelly; G. Krogman; C. Kopf; P. McCullough. Stand-
ing: R. Lewis; S. Kessler; M. Kovacs; S. Lilly; S. Kerstetter.

LtoR, Sitting: E. Wsiland; M. Wind; M. Verastro; F. Zamiskie; S. Stevenson Standing, Row 1: R.
Sutton; P. Wisser; N. Wenger; R. VanArsdalen; J. Vandergrift; B. Shulson; G. Scott Row 2: A.
Weiner; A. VanVlack; F. Troelstra; T. Suszka

LtoR, Sitting: B. Schidtz; Back: C. Arts; D. Pratt Standing; Row
1: N. Scheirer; G. Pusillo; J. Rennekamp; C. ScalfoRow2: M.
Simpson; G. Phillips Row 3: D. Pfiefer

.■agriculture building




L to R, Sitting: L. Jackson; S. Harper; H. Helbley; D. Fry; K. Hertzog; J. Delgaiso. Kneeling: E. Kahrs; A. Hassoldt Stand-
ing, Row 1: J. Johnson; S. Hadaway; M. Horst; C. Lodge; M. Jackson; K. Jones Row 2: L. Gipe; M. Guilfoy; M. Bartholo-
mew; C. Heitz

LtoR: B. Cybowski; F. DellAngelo; J. DeNoma; T. Domagala; B. Detwiler; L. Edelstein

LtoR, Row 1: P. Wallace; L. Tart; D. Zug; K. Weiss. Row 2: B. Torppey; R. Stxouse; J. Underwood.

LtoR, Front: B. Walters; K. Stone Row 1: J. Bardsley; R. Wolfe; T. Wentz; S. Cimningham; P. Casey; S.
Daniels; M. Tellmann; M. Uliana Row 2: M. Trimmer; L. Tera; P. Werner; D. Windholz; A. White.

LtoR, Row 1: T. Miller; M. McGuire; S. McCloskey; M. McClure; M. Minor; S. Leed; T. Lockatell; F.
Luccarelli . Row 2 : K . Kendus ; B . Grove ; R . Hotchkiss ; M . Meyers ; T . Murdough . Row 3 : M . Hoke ; D .
Lake; D. Layton; A. Dolan; A. Farrell. Row 4: C. Lilly; D. Maurer; C. Lewis; N. Murray

Freshman Class Off icers , LtoR: D. Clarke, Pres.; C. Caramarma, Treas.
Pres . ; S . Ciccantelli , Hse . Conduct ; D . Cook , Soc . Rep .

D. Geiger, Sec. ; C. Boyd, V.

LtoR, Rowl: J. Byrne; N. Bushey; K. Burkert; C. Burd; P. Bieniakowski ; G. Aubrey; D. Boyer. Row 2: C.
Caramanna; S. Abrams; W. Bippus; K. Bossone. Row 3: B. Berlanda; P. Brindisi; G. Biggs; R. Bates. Row 4:
P. Boob; P. Boyle; D. Borish; M. Bealo; D. Churchill. Row 5: D. Aughinbaugh; H. Budin.


■^ ky -the


= ^ DAve^c. -


LtoR, Kneeling: R. Pelkofsky; P. Northrop (pres.); B. VanLaere; C. Sutton; S.
Crane; C. Squier (V.P.); L. Mitchell. Standing: J. Spindler; D. Mason; M. Antos
(R. Sec); R. Oberheim; M. Tarulli; H. Pyle; M. Szmodis; R. Hodnicky; K. Hen-
ry; H. Tkacik; L. Briggs; M. Wilson; J. Daubert; M. Careatti; R. Dropp (C. Sec.)


Lto R, Sitting: J. Spindler; C. Sutton Row 1: R. Dropp; M.
Careatti; L. Briggs Row 2: K. Henry; D. Mason; C. Squier; M.
Szmodis; J. Troxell


LtoR, Kneeling: L. Barnard; B. Whitehouse; J. Puglisi; G. Rence; M. Wind; Row 1: R. Lee; M.
McAlamen; J. Whitehead; W. Morgan; C. Campbell; P. Briar; S. Girling Row 2: D. Bubenheim;
T. Manns; J. Miale; B. Cashin; T. Sell; J. Boyle; M. Strusiak Row 3: T. Sawiki; B. Troxell; R.


, toR, Front: M. Bergen; T. Vemachio; W. Morgan Left: K. Kaiser; L. Budrewicz; V.
Tey; R. Rising; M. Payer Back: G. Pusillo; J. Sheaffer; C. Bossone; S. Stys FUght: J.
Jiminler; M. Wind; P. Curran


LtoR, Sitting: K. Rice; J. VanDyk; P. Whitman; G. Erdelsky. Standing: J. Heckman; S. Rane; F.
Kresock; C. Custis; T. Steinhieser; D. Fiilipe; J. Schultz; S. Abrams.


LtoR: P. Northrop; R. Lester; J. Appleton; L. Perea; T. Vemachio; D. Gillin; C.
Wolf; S. DeChetto; C. Caramanna


LtoR, Kneeling: J. Porawski; C. Wolf (sec); Standing: J. Appleton (Pres.); R.
Szary; L. Perea (V.P.)i G. West (adv.); C. Lilly (tres.)


LtoR, Rowl: L. Barnard; M. Ridge; B. Russell; Row 2: D. Pearson; D. Reiss;
S. Nevill; T. Sawicki Row 3: R. Fitt; T. Vemachio; M. Durkee; F. Kresock Row
4: R. Moyer; D. Bubenheim; G. Cooper


LtoR, Top Row: Marshall, M. Pronovich; M. Bartlett; S. Stys; R. Vetanovicz Row 1: K. Debillis; C.
Hartzler; E. McGuckin; C. Koph; L. Gipe; B. Tichy; G. Futterknecht ; R. Dein; G. Johnson Row 2: J.
Murphy; Debbie ; Cheryl ; M. Downing; M. Fulton; F. Zaminskie; C. Buchanan; J. Vasile; R. VanArs-
dale; B. Sholsen; B. Fackler Row 3: P. Jennings; S. Dalrymple; M. Oscapinski; Dave; T. Lupaid; R.
Lipinski; K. Schinid; C. Burd; J. Bume; K. Frey; M. Brenner; S. Scott; S. Silberstien; S. Stevenson; N.
Mesko; B. Stanwich; P. Sallari; Row 4: D. Perry; D. Baun; S. Pecchatka; K. Klien; M. Bruce; K. La-
zin; V. Frey; K. Kutchey; S. Makrancy; V. Butera; R. Schulta; C. Hirt; T. Jakubczyk; S. Skoien; D.
Campbell; M. Vliana; Frank; M. Hartman; R. Kiemer



LtoR, Row 1: P. Butula; A. Capp; J. Pawlusiow; M. Lamb; S. Makrancy;
Row 2: J. Botti; B. Fales; B. Ruggeri Row 3: K. Musser; D. Buberheim; M.
Cook; MissOrbaker; Row 4: B. Leh; M. Downing; V. Nayler; Ivlrs. M. Gu-
lick; Mrs.M. Waddington; Mr. D. Faulkner; G. Royer; Mr. R. Tasker; Mr.
C. Deacon; Mr. S. Sitarski


LtoR, Row 1: C. Weber; N. Wenger; C. Robinson; L. Jackson; D. Limbach; H. Funk
Row 2: C. Bossone; C. Ickinger; B. Petty; M. Bergen; M. Bmder; P. Bienikowski; G.
Aubrey Row 3: J. Andrus; D. Petrovich; C. Kelly; C. Smith; S. Daniels


LtoR, Row 1: M. Yockobishen; J. Smith; T. French Row 2: R. Cohen; Dr.
Stenson ; S . Harvey ; G . Malick ; Row 3 : B . Strohmeier ; A . Sommer ; R . Nuss ; L .
Brody; A. Karcher; D. Cassel; J. Matulaitis; E. Rebmaim



LTOR, ROW 1: unlaiown; T. Emley; L. Jackson; imknown; Mimchkiii; M. Verastro; unknown; un-
known; unknown; K. Jones. ROW 2: K. Espenshade; J. Johnson; L. Edlestein; H. Hebley; unknown;
unknown; K. Sahrski; unknown; L. Mazzai; unknown. ROW 3: C. Cybowski; V. DeStefano; C. Bos-
sone ; S . Harper ; C . Franklin ; M . Bruder ; D . Hartzel . ROW 4 : N . Wenger ; L . Haf erman ; B . Gobus ;
unknown; D. Boyer; unknown; M. Ketner; K. Hozlock; G. Pucillo; T. Verhaxhio; Dr. T. Pelle; L.
Tanzymore. ROW 5: unknown; J. Renekamp; unknown; unknown; B. Walters; unknown; M. Kovacks;
Mi. Gilbert; Mr. Markeveys.

LTOR, KNEELING: E. Ehring; P. Risser; S. Peak; M. Lamb; C. Dunton; D. Krasnai; E. McAdams,
ROW 1: D. Wise; Mena; M. Pelino; C. Shaffer; D. Limbach; M. Cook; K. Frank; R. Hill; J.
Diminler; Dr. Pelle. BACK: D. Nordland; J. Wengryn; Mr. Markeveys; Mr. Gilbert.


LTOR, ROWl: K. Faherty; B.
Tichy; ROW 2: J. Dimmler; L. Bailey;
V. Butera; S. Peechaka; E. McAdams;
B. Stevens. ROW 3: D. Baun; K. Kut-
chey; C. Squier; S. Miller; Dr. Muse;
K. Klien.


LtoR: G. Gayman; D. Mellen; C. Duncan; T. Robbins; Dr. McCaffrey


LtoR, Leftside: Dr. Plimxmer, B. Stephens; C. Dunton; L. Budrewicz; N. Scheirer; D. Heisey; M. Donaldson; C. Elliot; P.
Wisser; K. Masemore; D. Douglas; R. Cox; D. Graham; J. Fleck. OnHoxise: S. Cromwell; C. Kasper; C. Duncan; M. Hill;
J. Tarento. Right Side: J. Newswanger; N. Bushey; K. Burkert; M. Klotter; P. Cansick; D. Mellen; G. Gayman; P. Werner;
D. Daubert; J. Smigelski; T. Robbins; M. Brady; M. Simpson.


LtoR: Mr. Gavin; G. Bums; S. Staub; A. Karcher; A. Capp; S. Skoien;
K. Sansone; G. Schneider


Lto R, Row 1: J. Kravitz; P. Curran; G. Byrne Row 2: L. Barnes;
M. Wind; G. Bums Row 3: T. Richardson; D. Mason; B. Troxell.



LtoR, Sitting: D. Nordland; M. Murray Standing : D. Heisey; K. Paul; K.
Gladfelter; S. Kerstetter; B. Troxell.



LtoR: S. Yingling; L. Jackson; J. McCarthy; D. Hei-
sey; T. Taylor

LtoR: N. Murray; J. Capozzi; D. Pratt; B. Hughes; S.
Abrams; K. Musser; B. Bippus.



LtoR, kneeling: D. Perry, T. Jakubc-
zyk . Standing , F . Grau , adv . Left wall :
M. Downing, D. Reiss, C. Shute, A.
Maynard, M. Bartlett, Row 1: R.
Kiefner, D. Unger, P. Jennings, V.
Butera, V. Frey. Row 2: M. Uliana, B.
Thompson, J. Bloomfield, Row 3: L.
Gipe, C. Heitz, D. Campbell, C. Sy-
manski, E. McGuckin, D. Baun. Row
4: K. Kendus, B. Ungerman, C. Burd,
J . Vasile , M . Hartman . Row 5 : S .
Dalrymple , G . Royer , J . Bume . Row
6: M. Budin, P. lanacone, K. Stone,
M. Oscapinski


LtoR, Row 1: M. Guilfoy, J. Day, L. Krauss (sec), J. Russo
(pres.), Row 2: J. Holmquist, C. Adams, J. Capossi, K.
Greenberg (vp) , J. Barry. Row 3: G. LaCava, P. Butala
(treas.), C. Russo. Row 4: M. Chranowski, N. Ziolkowski, J.
Andrus, J. Botti.



L to R, Row 1: C. Friedrich, K. Henry, M. Kloter. Row 2: H. Simmer, G.
Michalak, S. Gunther, K. Wieser, D. Windholy, M. McAlamen

Row 1: F. Gittens, T. Mason, C. Lilly, E. Pres-
ton. L. Ivlitchell, T. Strong, S. Washington. Row
2: M. Robinson, B. Hampton, D. McElroy, C.
Lewis, M. Heggs. Row 3: K. Mitchell. L. Tanzy-
more, E. Orr, E. Kittles, C. Johnson, A. White,
L. Fennell, D. Geiger, B. Stanley, G. Scott, K.
Carter, M. Jackson. Missing, J. Brooks


Officers, Lto R. F. Gitten, pres, S. Wahsington, v.p. , K. Mitchell, treas,
E. Orr, sec.



Row 1: F, Tourville; L. Urbonik. Row 2: W. Whitehouse; K. Burnley. Row 3: C.
McCarron; R. Cox, A. VanVlack; J. Spindlerj L. Barnard; B. Cashin; Dr. Weber

Row 1: D. Russell; A. Maynard; R. Woo-
lerton; D. Blakelock. Row 2: J. Maloney;
C. Harding; R. Johnson; D. Campbell; R.
Senson; R. Cornell


LtoR, Row 1: K. Kemp, M. Snyder, C. Steelman, A. Capp, L. Budrewicz,
V. Butera. Row 2: D. Buchanan, L. Ivlitchell, G. Michalak, B. Fales, M. Fid-
ton. Row 3: D. Cook, D. Clarke, L. Hagerman, M. Alexander, M. Downing,
Row 4: B. Dobbs, G. Sharko, Dr. Hofstaedter, S. Makrancy.

toR, Row 1: S. Harvey, L. Perea, P. SchroU, M. Tarulli, J. Whitehead, R.
izarus. Row 2: L. Gipe, D. Limbach, S. Staub, J. Maloney, J. Appleton, P. Briar,
. Churchill. Row 3: P. Jennings, C. Hirt, B. Leh, R. Szaiy, G. Gaubrey, A.
archer, C. Caramanna.


A -Day Officers: Dr. Lazarus, M. Tarulli, J.
Maloney, J. Whitehead, S. Harvey, P.




Student Trainer Advisor — John Knarr

L to R, Row 1 : K. Sucharski; C. Lilly; Row 2:
S. Washington; K. Smith; D. Lake; G. Royer
Row 3: W. Bishop; R. Shaeffer; B. Bippus


L to R: C. McCarron, D. Ray;
G. Sharko; A. Rank


LtoR, Row 1: L. Hagerman; P.
Briar J T. Nigro; B. Thompson; M.
KlotterRow2: G. Aubrey; K. Laz-
gin; R. VanArsdalen; B. Olson; S.
Cunningham ; Miss Orbaker . Row 3 :
D. Kupiec; P. Casey; D. Unger; L.
Gipe . Row 4 : S . Stevenson , P .
Bieniakowski ; E. Preston. Row 5: J.
Andrus; M. Snyder; K. Henry; D.
Krasnai; K. Frank.


L to R, Row 1: M. Downing; K. Frey;
M. Kloter; B. Olson. Row 2: K.
Greenberg; R. Lester; K. Henry; M.
Fulton; imknown; M. Snyder; L. Perea;
J. Crowshaw; K. Rist.


BACK TO FRONT, L TO R; Jim Spindler, co- editor, L.
TaiT, M. Jackson, B. Walters, S. Scott, D. Genge, Bev
Tichy, editor, J. DeNoma, D. Zuy, C. Heitz, M. Braim,
T. Damagala, M. Giglia, C. Lily, L. Gipe. Missing, Jeff
Singletary, co- editor.

It is a lot of work to put together a yearbook,
but the load goes a lot easier when it can be
spread over a larger staff. I would like to thank
those people that increased the size of our staff
this year, and also the dedicated few from past
years. Your help was greatly appreciated.

But no matter how good a staff you have, there
still may be some mistakes, deletions, or typing
errors. Please excuse them.

We still missed deadlines, but we couldn't
have done much at all without our lay-out staff;
Janet, Laurie, Tom, Pete, Chuck, Russ, and |
Lee. Our typists. Barb and Louise did a lot of ;|
work also. Our photography staff, John, Shaw-
nee, Connie, Bill, Kurt, Russ, Jeff, you sure
took a lot of pictures, and it still wasn't enougl

Jeff, superb job. Keep up the good work for
two more years and you'll have an excellent

Jim, you'll probably make a better editor than
myself, but good luck next year.

Thanks to my sister Irene for all her pictures ,
especially this year's cover.

Barb and Lynn, thanks for all your help.

Mr. Sauer, thank-you for your guidance, sup-
port, and words of wisdom when they were need-
ed. 1 don't know how you put up with me these
last two years . One more year , and I might get
it right.



The Department of Athletics con-
gratulates the Class of 1978 and
wishes Godspeed. May the lessons
learned in competitive athletics serve
as a guidepost for all as you play the
game of life ,

Intercollegiate Athletics is one of
the cornerstones of our College .
Your participation and support during
your collegiate life have been impor-
tant to the growth of our programs .

As Alumni, athletics can serve you
in many ways . With your support our
programs will become successful and
you can look upon them with pride .

This is your College - Love Her,
Support Her, and most of all be proud
of Herl

Al Wilson, Director of Athletics

Judy Ermigiotti , secretary to Mr. Wilson





LtoR, Rowl: G. Fulcoly; K. Faherty; S. Cromwell; J. Newswanger; D. Layton. Row 2: B. Petty; S.
Leeds; B. Dusinan; C. Dunton; L. Polgar; P. Ries; A. White. Row 3: P. Velbier, (coach); S. Bennett; C.
Duncan; M. Horst; P. Werner; B. Wolfe; L. Budrewicz; E. Flynn; J. Kruckow, (Mgr.)


LtoR, Row 1: M. Ensslin; V. Frey; J. Gilbert; H. McGroerty; R. Bryson (capt.); J- O'Connor; N. Jubok; B. Gabel; D. Fi-
lipo; M. Coleman Row 2 : C. Bossone; B. Cybowski; T. Murdough; B. Murphy; R. Rising; M. Hengel; J. Jaskot; J. Semler;
M. Hoelper; J. Dougherty; C. Boyd. Row 3: N. Murray; S. Larkin; N. Foran; C. Edgerton; K. Kaiser; C. Cowher; C. Bradley;
R. Berthold (coach).

Cross Country






















Phila. Textile



Lebanon Valley






Phila. Textile












Overall Record 8-6


Seniors, L to P.; N. Jubok; R. Bryson; B. Gable.

LtoR, Row 1: T. Strong; K. Truskin; J. Fretz; J. Laumakis; J. Maloney; D. Kling; S. Hertig; F. Gittens; M. Mackridges; E.
Cini; M. Haim; S. Melroy. Row 2: R, Felter; M. Bergamo; J. Lingenmuth; P. Boob; B. Reapsome; C. Thomas; M. Chame-
lin; S. McGlyim; M. Beale; W. Robertson; J. Gordon; T. Houpt. Row 3: S. Rodkey; B. Crozier; M. Dobies; A. Conley; E.
Craig; G. Scott; B. Root; G. Salicondro; D. Jefferson; T. Kenny; C. Alpuche. Row 4: B. Mullen; J. Mazak; K. Sipple; J.
Ledva; S. Fomoff; R. Haraka; B. Emerich; M. Marshall; M. Rudy; G. Walters; D. Jefferson; L. ThieroK; F. Vellucci Row 5:
P. Boyel; C. Stipp; J. Sofia; P. Mclntyre; B. Shickora; P. Albano; M. Malasavage; R. Bates; J. Fogarty; M. Flanagan; S.
Cash; N. Weinstein; E. Weyend Row 6: T. Dodd; M. Cicchino; C. Theibault; L. Da vies; M. Miller; B. Lewis; M. Kistler; H.
Knier; J. Yazujian; J. Steiner; J. Lare; S. Gehrlein; M. ConlenRow7: J. Saner; B. Detwiler; G. Dudo; J. Yandrofski; K.
Githens; M. Breidor; S. Lilly; B. Berlanda; G. Hall; M. Mondevergine ; G. Biggs; B. Turner; R. Mullen; G. Demetriades Row
8: Dr. A. Krick; F. Miller (Equip. Mgr.); Coach J. Hardy; Coach E. E>romgold; Coach J. Injoychock; Head Coach A. Wilson;
Coach D. Faulkner; Coach T. Ehiff; Coach P. Righi; J. Knarr (Head Trainer); Dr. J. Walheim.





Farleigh Dickenson
















Seniors, LtoR: M. Mackrides; E. Cini; J. Maloney; S. Hertig; M.
Hann; D. Kling; F. Gittens; S. Melroy.


LtoR, Row 1: T. Gadaleta; M. Fennell; M. Russo; T. Nevill; J. Delgasio; J. Fulcoly; T. Rudolph Row 2: B. Torppey; D.
Zuy; s'. Homesack; R. Cornell; B. Kubat; D. Page; G. LaCava; R. Pelkofsky; D. Persons Row 3: M. Jiron; T. Loy; D.
Loesser; H. Kelly; Coach Marshall Row 4: D. Krouse; Rl Flores; S. Saxton; R. Thompson; J. Kennoy; J. Rojas; B. Strand; R.
Landis;'j. Dolch; R. Wolford.


\'^i^Ki^0'i 't':

•. i. •>^"> ■ ■ -■■■■ ;■ . . ■.- ... ;4y. i-y!;^'^ ' ^

■ ^";.vV ■.,•«■■■

DVC Opponent

1 Widener 7

1 Albright

Lebanon Valley 1

Ursinus 4

1 Lycoming 5
1 Fairleigh Dickenson 4

Albright 2

1 Wilkes 3
Overall Record 1-7

1 3 4 5 6

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