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he followed through life. In Pennsylvania he was known as
little George Shuey. He died June 8, 1879. Mrs. Shuey died
December 15, 1906.

1. Mary A. Shuey (5) was born Sept. 9, 1837. She was a
member of the Reformed Church. She was married to Levi
Dravenstott and they had seven children : — Two died in child-
hood ; Daniel, Joseph, William E., Elizabeth and Laura. They
lived in Mohican, Ohio. Mrs. Dravenstott died May 10, 1911.

1. Daniel Alexander Dravenstott (6) was born Oct. 9, 1857.
He married Elizabeth Allenbaugh, April 11, 1886. Four sons
were born to them : Edward D. Dravenstott, Elza R. Dravenstott,
Floyd C. Dravenstott and William O. Dravenstott. Daniel Dra-
venstott died Oct. 27, 1915. His widow resides at Jeromeville,

2. Joseph Dravenstott (6) is married and their address, is
1263 Marlow Ave., Lakewood, Ohio. No children.

3. William Edward Dravenstott (6) born June 23, 1865, of
Creston, Ohio, married Frances Adaline Braden, Nov. 6, 1890.
They have the following children: — 1, Tully Dravenstott (7).
born April 20, 1893. He married Velma Younker, Jan. 31, 1912,


and their son, Emmet Eugene Dravenstott (8), was born Nov.
1, 1912. Address, Creston, Ohio. 2, Fred Dravenstott (7) was
born April 30, 1894. Address, Creston, Ohio. 3, Howard Dra-
venstott (7) was born May 5, 1896. Address, Creston, Ohio. 4,
Vernon Dravenstott (7) was born March 6, 1898. 5, Ethel J.
Dravenstott (7) was born July 14, 1900. 6, Ellen Dravenstott
(7) was born July 6, 1902. 7, Orie Dravenstott (7) was born
Sept. 17, 1904. 8, Esther Dravenstott (7) was born April 11,

4. Elizabeth Ardella Dravenstott (6), born Sept. 2, 1867, was
married to William Hamm of Loudonville, Ohio, June 27, 1893.
Address, 37 Park Ave., Shelby, Ohio. They have two daugh-
ters: — 1, Grace B. Hamm (7) born Sept. 20, 1894. She was
married to Jesse W. Hamlin of Dundee, Michigan, Sept. 5, 1914.
Their child, Jacqueline Ardella Hamlin, was born Feb. 8, 1918.
Address, 227 Sturges Ave., Mansfield, Ohio. 2, Mary J. Hamm
(7) was born Feb. 2, 1900, at Shelby, Ohio.

5. Laura Dravenstott (6), born June 9, 1870, was married
to Elza Ewing. Address, Leipzig, Ohio.

2. Sarah Shuey (5) was born in 1838 and died in 1855.

3. George Shuey (5) was born in 1841 and died at Water-
loo, Iowa, in the year 1878.

4. Daniel Shuey (5) was born April 17, 1843. He married
Margaret Stauffer. No children. He is a farmer and they live
at Smithville, Ohio.

5. Elizabeth Shuey (5) was born Jan. 21, 1846. She is
married to Joseph S. Yoder, a farmer, and they had two chil-
dren, Levi, deceased, and Ella May Yoder (6), who lives with
her parents in Smithville, Ohio.

6. Benjamin Shuey (5) was born April 24, 1849. He mar-
ried Elizabeth East in 1880 and they have one daughter, Icie
Shuey (6), born in 1882, living with her parents in Wooster,
Ohio. He is a carpenter.

5. Elizabeth Shuey (4) was born January 29, 1805. She was
baptized March 3, 1805. Christiana Shuey was her sponsor. She
became a member of the Reformed church, in which she continued
to her death. She was married to Nicholas Riegel and had nine
children, viz: Lavina, Jacob, Daniel, Samuel, Henry S., Rebecca,
Mary Ann, Adam and Elizabeth. They lived in a great many
houses in Union and Hanover townships, moving about from
place to place, never remaining very long at any one place, until
about 1866, when they bought a home in Rankstown, where they


lived until Mrs. Riegel died. Their family was always highly
respected, and they reared industrious children. They lived close
to the Shuey homestead. She died May 24, 1873, aged 68 years,
3 months and 25 days.

Of their children, 1, Lavina (5) died in childhood. 2, Jacob
Riegel (5) married Amanda Heckadorn and had six children, all
dead. 3, Daniel Riegel (5) was married. He was a private in
the Civil War, was taken prisoner and is supposed to have starved
to death in Andersonville prison. 4, Samuel Riegel (5) was not
married and died of diphtheria. 5, Henry S. Riegel (5) mar-
ried Leah Boeshore. They had five children: — 1, Dr. A. J.
Riegel (6), a prominent physician, practicing his profession in
Lebanon, Pa. 2, Grant W. Riegel (6), who also resides in Leb-
anon. He was married, but his wife died. 3, David Riegel (6)
who is a farmer in East Hanover. He married Miss Brand.
One daughter, Katie (7) who was married to Charles Shirk. Ad-
dress, Ono, Pa. 4, Harry B. Riegel (6) who is a
hardware salesman in Lebanon, is married and resides
at Avon, and 5, Caroline Riegel, (6) who is married
to Mr. Lentz and resides at Avon, 6, Rebecca Riegel
(5) was married to Elias Boltz, Lebanon. 7, Mary Ann Riegel
(5) died in childhood. 8, Adam S. Riegel (5) was a playmate
of the author and later married his sister, Anna Maria Shuey (5).
After her death he married again and lived in Lebanon. He was
a good carpenter by trade. He died some years ago. 9, Elizabeth
Riegel (5) was married to John Bender, Lebanon. All of these
were members of the Reformed Church.

6. Rebecca Shuey (4) whose real name, according to the
church book, is Maria Margaretta, was born June 7, 1807 ; bap-
tized August 16, 1807, sponsors Adam and Margaretta Gerberich.
She was married to David Holsberg and had five children. Their
children are : Rebecca Landow, David Holsberg, Elizabeth Fur-
man, West Salem, Ohio ; Amanda Gill and Anna Peters, Wooster,
Ohio. They moved to West Salem, Ohio.

7. John Shuey (4) was born July 31, 1809, and died in child-

8. Catharine Shuey (4) was born March 27, 1812, baptized
June 4, 1812, sponsors, Valentine and Susanna Bender. She be-
came a member of the Reformed Church. She was married to
Jacob Walmer and had six children, viz : Magdalena, Adam,
Amanda, Sarah, Caroline and Ephraim. Magdalena, Sarah and
Caroline each married her second cousin. They lived close to the


Blue mountain. She died December 23, 1869, aged 57 years, 8
months and 26 days. Buried at Walmer's Church.

1. Magdalena Walmer (5) was married to John S. Gerberich,
a farmer. Their children are mentioned under his name. Res-
idence near Ono, Pa.

2. Adam Walmer (5) married Amanda Yeagley. Children:
1, Adam (6) died. 2, William Walmer (6), Palmyra, Pa. 3,
Grant Walmer (6), Onset, Pa. 4, Allen Walmer (6), Lebanon,
Pa. 5, John A. Walmer (6), Jonestown, Pa. 6, Daniel Walmer
(6), Onset, Pa.

3. Amanda Walmer (5) was married to Valentine Gerberich.
They had children but no facts have been furnished. Onset, Pa.

4. Sarah Walmer (5) was married to Ephraim Shuey (5).
Her further history will be found under his name.

5. Caroline Walmer (5) was married to Simon Shuey. She
died May 19, 1905.

6. Ephraim Walmer (5), whose history has not been fur-

9. David Shuey (4) was born June 30, 1814, baptized Aug.
26, 1814, sponsors, David and Julianna Shuey. He was a mem-
ber of the Reformed Church. He married a Miss Koons and had
four children, viz : Adam, David, Jacob and Lizzie. David lived
in Dauphin county, near West Hanover Postofhce. He died
Jan. 18, 1877, aged 62 years, 6, months and 18 days.

10. Jacob Shuey (4) lived with his father and died a young

11. Thomas Shuey (4) was born March 17, 1819, baptized
June 6, 1819. His sponsors were John and Sabina Walmer. He
was a member of the Reformed Church. He married Magdalena
Koons on the 11th of February, 1849. They had no children.
He was a farmer and lived near Union Forge. He died Decem-
ber 14, 1855, aged 36 years, 6 months and 8 days. Buried at Wal-
mer's Church. It is a remarkable circumstance that the date of
this marriage is given on the tombstone of the deceased.

12. Magdalena, familiarly called Mollie Shuey (4) was born
December 14, 1822, baptized August 23, 1823. She was a member
of the Reformed Church. She was married to Thomas Boeshore
and had five children, viz: Simon, Edward, Jacob, Mary, Bar-
bara and John Henry. They lived on a farm in Monroe Valley,
a few miles northeast of Union Forge. She died Nov. 14, 1877,
aged 54 years and 11 months.


III. Maria Barbara Shuey (3),
Second daughter of Henry Shuey, was born October 19, 1774.
In her youth she was baptized, and afterwards became a member
of the Reformed Church, in which relation she remained to the
time of her death. Her uncle, David Tice, after the death of his
wife, came to Mr. Shuey for one of his daughters for a house-
keeper. Barbara was willing to go with him, and was Mr. Tice's
faithful housekeeper for a period of twenty-one years, when Mr.
Tice died. She then moved to Myerstown, where she lived to the
time of her death. She was never married. She died on the 25th
day of September, 1831, at the age of 56 years, 11 months and
6 days.

IV. John Ludwig Shuey (3),
Second son of Henry Shuey, was born August 28, 1776. He was
baptized, and became a regular member of the Reformed Church
by confirmation. His younger days were spent on his father's
farm, and he became a farmer. He was joined in holy wedlock
to Anna Margaret Edris, born June 10, 1781, died Aug. 7, 1844
(tombstone), of Bethel township. They had six children, viz:
Anna Margaret, Anna Barbara, Elizabeth, Anna Catharine, Anna
Maria and John Ludwig. The name Anna must have been a great
favorite in this family since four of the daughters received that

After his marriage, he bought one of his father's farms, the
farm on which his son, J. L. Shuey, afterwards resided and thus
became an active farmer. By his attention to farming he amassed
sufficient property to make a good living, and reared his children
well. He died April 22, 1842, aged 65 years, 7 months, and 25
days, and lies buried at Walmer's Church.

1. Anna Margaret Shuey (4) was born April 9, 1801 ; bap-
tized April 29, 1801, sponsor, John Shuey. She afterwards joined
the Reformed Church. She was married to John Hetrich, and
had one son.

2. Anna Barbara Shuey (4) was born October 5, 1803; bap-
tized October 16, 1803, sponsor, Andrew Edris. She afterwards
became a communicant member of the Reformed Church. She
was married to George Gerberich, and had six children, viz :
Jacob, Elizabeth, Edward, John, George and Adam. Mr. Ger-
berich bought a farm adjoining her father's farm. Mr. Gerberich
was rather delicate in health, and she, in her great energy and
perseverance, went out to work in the fields, and, at times, drove
the four-horse team for farm work. She reared an industrious


family, she herself setting an excellent example to her children.
She was a large, stout woman, but always active. Her sons, Jacob
and Edward, died young. She died on the 5th of September,
1863, aged 59 years and 11 months. Buried at Walmer's Church.

3. Elizabeth Gerberich (5) was married to Jacob G. Walmer.
No children.

4. John Shuey Gerberich (5) married Magdalena Walmer.
He was an industrious farmer all his life. Member of the Luth-
eran Church. Both Mr. and Mrs. Gerberich are dead. Buried
at Walmer's Church. Children :

1. David W. Gerberich (6) was born July 1, 1856. He mar-
ried Sarah C. Miller and they have five children: — Aseph, Edith,
Stella, Nora and Verna. They are farmers. Address, Freder-
icksburg, Pa.

1. Aseph M. Gerberich (7) was born July 30, 1876. He mar-
ried Mary A. Frank. Address, Jonestown, Pa.

2. Edith M. Gerberich (7) was born Feb. 11, 1879. She was
married to Harry K. Gebhart. They have one son, Clarence G.
Gebhart, (8) born June 27, 1900. Address, Fredericksburg, Pa.

3. Stella M. Gerberich (7) was born June 29, 1883. She was
married to Anson Binkly. They have three children : — Paul G.
Binkly (8), born Feb. 16, 1901; Luella Mae Binkly (8), born
June 24, 1909; Aseph A. Binkly (8). born July 20, 1915. Ad-
dress, Jonestown, Pa.

4. Nora Gerberich (7) was born April 23, 1890. She was
married to Adam R. Sherman. They have four children : — Pearl
V. Sherman (8), born Dec. 9, 1910; Laura E. Sherman (8), born
Oct. 9, 1912; Pauline S. Sherman (8), born Sept. 19, 1914; Ray
H. Sherman (8), born April 9, 1916. Address, Lebanon, Pa.

5. Verna M. Gerberich (7) was born August 21, 1891. She
was married to Charles Shirk. They have two sons : — Harold
A. Shirk (8), born Sept. 19, 1914, and Ralph D. Shirk (8), born
Feb. 27, 1916. Address, Fredericksburg, Pa.

2. Emeline W. Gerberich (6), born Dec. 8, 1858, is the
mother of Joseph C. Pifer, who was born Feb. 11, 1888. He
married Emma K. Shell, who died March 5, 1915, leaving a
daughter, Florence E. Pifer (8), born March 4, 1915. Address,
Jonestown, Pa.

3. Morris W. Gerberich (6) was born Feb. 6, 1870. He mar-
ried Ellen Shartle. Their son, Harry S. Gerberich (7) was born
Aug. 6, 1889, who married Adella Furman. They have one son,
Harold F. Gerberich (8), born Sept. 30, 1907. Address, Jones-
town, Pa.


4. Ida W. Gerberich (6) was born April 30, 1873. She is
the mother of Mary M. Krall (7), who was born March 29,
1901. Address, Jonestown, Pa.

5. Samuel W. Gerberich (6) is married and they have a son,
George W. Gerberich (7). Address, 431 Power St., Akron, Ohio.

6. Sadie C. Gerberich (6) was married to John Lutz. Ad-
dress, 1278 Collinwood St., Akron, Ohio.

5. George Shuey Gerberich was a farmer residing near Wal-
mer's Church. He married Sallie Gerhart of Bethel township.
He was an earnest member of the Lutheran Church and took
great interest in the Sunday school. Children: — 1, Jacob G. Ger-
berich (6). He married Tacie Mease. He was a school teacher
and later had a business college in Lebanon, Pa. 2, Rev. David
G. Gerberich (6) took a course of studies and is a minister of
the gospel, having preached in several charges and is now pastor
of the Lutheran church in Sunbury, Pa. He married Eliza
Kuaperger. 3, Dennis Gerberich (6) was reared on the farm
and is now an employee of a silk mill in Allentown, Pa. He
married Alice Hoehly. Address, 612 N. 9th Street, Allentown,
Pa. 4, Grant G. Gerberich (6) is the farmer of the family and
occupies his parents' farm, which was their home for many years
to the time of their death. He married Sallie Book. Their ad-
dress is Jonestown, Pa., R. F. D. 2.

6. Adam Shuey Gerberich (5) was born June 22, 1838. He
was brought up on the farm. He married Malinda Gerhart
December 10, 1863. Children : — Sarah Ann, Edwin G. and
George. His wife died February 18, 1871. He afterwards mar-
ried Elizabeth Gerberich. Children : — Jennie and Amos. Adam
died May 14, 1887.

1. Sarah Ann Gerberich (6) born June 3, 1865. Died
August 25, 1867.

2. Edwin G. Gerberich (6) born September 5, 1866. Mar-
ried Kate Funk. Children: — Adam (7) born July 25, 1891, who
married Emma Bomberger ; Mary (7) born March 11, 1895 and
Sallie (7) born May 6, 1899.

3. George Gerberich (6) born June 11, 1870 and died July
24, 1873.

4. Jennie Gerberich (6) born March 2, 1873. Married
to Joseph Stick. Children :—M earl (7) born March 2, 1892
and is married to Andrew Leese ; Henry (7) born August 26,

5. Amos Gerberich (6) born September 30, 1876. Mar-
ried Stella Bender. Children: — Amos Claire (7) born August


4, 1895. Died June 22, 1898; Christena (7) born July 30, 1895
and Margaret (7) born December 8, 1899.

3. Elizabeth Shuey (4) was born August 17, 1805, baptized
October 3, 1805, sponsor Dorothea Edris. She subsequently
joined the Reformed Church. She was married to John Bartle-
may and had five children, viz : — John, Henry, Adam, Edward
and Mary Ann. Mr. Bartlemay moved to near Bluffton, Wells
county, Ind., in 1847, where he followed farming until his death.
Mrs. Bartlemay died in Bluffton

1. John Bartlemay (5) married Mary Everhart. They have
six children, viz: — Albert (6) Leander (6), William (6), Charles
(6), Elizabeth (6) and Delia (6). In 1880 they left the neigh-
borhood of Bluffton, Ind., and moved to Nebraska and two years
later moved to Oregon. The two older boys are unmarried and
both have large farming interests. The others are married and
their addresses are as follows: — Mrs. Elizabeth Guile (6) 1434
Grand avenue, North Portland, Oregon, Mrs. Delia Clark (6)
The Dalls, Oregon, Charles Bartlemay (6) Boring ,Oregon, Wil-
liam Bartlemay (6) Early, Oregon, Albert Bartlemay (6) Barton,
Oregon, R. R. 1 and Leander Bartlemay (6) Boring, Oregon,
R. R. 2.

2. Henry Bartlemay (5) went to Goshen, Ind., in 1847, where
he married Mary A. Worster and they have these children : —
John Bartlemay (6) Lafayette, Ind. ; Mattie (6) who died at
the home of her parents, July 14, 1899. Charles Bartlemay (6)
who married and lived at Elkhart, Ind, died just a few weeks
prior to his sister's death. They had one son, Charles Bartle-
may (7) Jr., who graduated from the Goshen High School. Wil-
liam Bartlemay (6), is single and lives with his mother at 314 S.
Sixth street, Goshen, Ind. Henry Bartlemay had been engaged
in the retail shoe business in Goshen for a number of years and
at the time of his death in 1903 was considered a veteran in the
shoe business.

3. Adam Bartlemay (5) was born August 4, 1841, in
Lebanon county, Pa., and came with his parents to Wells county,
Ind., in 1847. On April 11, 1867 he married Catharine Neff,
who passed away July 7, 1907. He died at his home in Bluffton
August 8, 1914. They had six children, all of whom survive and
areas follows: — J. E. Bartlemay (6), Nettie (6), Arthur C (6)
and Arlie P. (6) twins, Elizabeth (6) and Maggie (6).

1. J. E. Bartlemay (6) of Robinson, 111., married Kathryn
Henly. To them were born five children : — Mrs. Nellie Forcum


(7) Oblong, 111.; Howard (7) Garrett (7) Harry (7)and Dor-
othy (7). They have one granddaughter, Kathryn Forcum (8).

2. Nettie Bartlemay (6) was married to Frank Baker of
Bridgeport, 111. To them were born two daughters, Melda (7)
and Hilma (7).

3. Arthur C. Bartlemay (6) Bluffton, Ind., married Nellie
Thurston. To them was born a son, Clarence (7) and a daugh-
ter, deceased.

4. Arlie P. Bartlemay (6) Bluffton, Ind., married Mary
Markley. To them were born five children: — Cecil (7), Justine
(7), Kathryn (7), Genevieve (7) and Max (7).

5. Elizabeth Bartlemay (6) was married to George Mulhol-
land. To them were born six children: — Mrs. Grace Niblick
(7) who has one son Robert Niblick (8). Mrs. Florence Manly
(7), Edith (7), Vera (7), Glenn and Lucile (7).

6. Maggie Bartlemay (6) was married to Lee Markley and
they have four children :— Lorene (7), Ralph (7), Homer (7) and
Mildred (7).

4. Edward Bartlemay (5) married Catharine Gardiner, May
24, 1866. To them two children were born, Ida (6) and H. E.
Bartlemay (6). Catharine Bartlemay died February 8, 1879.
Edward afterwards married Alma Klick, November 27, 1879.
They had two daughters, Essie (6) and Elizabeth (6). Mr.
Bartlemay was a mail clerk in the Bluffton post office for sixteen
years to the time of his death, January 7, 1914.

1. Ida Bartlemay (6) is single and since 1888 has been a
teacher in the Bluffton schools.

2. H. E. Bartlemay (6) married Jennie A Cobbun and has
one daughter, Helen (7) born August 9, 1900. Mr. Bartlemay is
a printer by trade and has worked in the same office (The Bluff-
ton News) for twenty-five years.

3. Essie Bartlemay Burgan (6) lives at Benton Harbor,
Mich., and has one daughter Ruli (7).

4. Elizabeth Bartlemay Hoffman (6) lives at Huntington,

5 Mary Ann Bartlemay (5) was married to Moses Arnold.

They lived on a farm two miles east of Bluffton. They had
the following children: — Adam Arnold (6) Bluffton, Ind. Sarah
Arnold Straw (6) died December 18, 1893; Ellen (6) and Eliza-
beth (6) died in infancy; Elija (6) and Henry (6) living
at Tecumseh, Mich.; Edward (6), Chloe (6) and George (6)


all deceased; Jennie Lanning (6) Bluffton ; Ida Ehle (6) Michi-
gan. Mary Arnold (6) died September 7, 1894.

4. Anna Catharine Shuey (4) was born January 24, 1808
and baptized on the 27th of May, 1808. Her sponsors were
Andrew and Catharine Edris. She afterwards became a member
of the Reformed Church. She was married to Martin Daub, of
Bethel township, where they resided. They had no children.
Mr. Daub was a farmer and they were in good financial circum-
stances, thus had plenty of this world's goods in their old age.

5. Anna Marie Shuey (4) was born June 30, 1809: baptized
August 13, 1809 with Philip Gerberich as sponsor. She died while
yet small.

6. John Ludwig Shuey (4) was born September 23, 1811;
was baptized on the 6th of October, 1811, and had as sponsors
Henry and Elizabeth Shuey. He remained with his father on the
farm until he was grown, and thus made farming his business
for life. He married Veronica Brandt, born October 13, 1811.
Died September 11, 1843 (tombstone) ; and with her had seven
children, viz : — John A. Elizabeth, Mary, Henry, Ephraim, Wil-
liam and Edwin. His first wife having died he married Elizabeth
Rhine, and had ten children with this wife viz : — Lucinda, Isa-
bella, Milton, Aaron, Jacob, Ellen, Sarah, Daniel, Savilla and
Catharine. It will be noticed from this that John had a very
large family. John was a practical farmer, and lived on the
farm which he bought from his father. He also bought an ad-
joining farm and carried on the work on both farms. He had
become quite wealthy by his farming. John was a member of
Walmer's Reformed Church, in which he had respectively held
the offices of Deacon, Elder and Trustee. In politics, John was
a Democrat, as was also his father. Some of John's sons, how-
ever, were not so strictly partisan. Died October 14, 1877, aged
66 years and 21 days.

John L. Shuey's Will is recorded in Book E. page 323 in
Lebanon. He bequeathed his property as follows :— To the
children of his first wife, he gave $3,000 to each of the sons, and
$2,000 to each of the daughters. The balance was to be equally
divided between the children of his second wife, when the young-
est becomes of age.

1. John Adam Shuey (5) was born February 15, 1833, bap-
tized April 5, 1833 with Ludwig and Margaret Shuey as sponsors.
He became a member of the Reformed Church and at one time
held the office of Deacon in Walmer's Church. He remained


on his father's farm until the time of his marriage, when he
moved to East Hanover, on a farm near Rankstown which he
bought from David Rank. He married Mary Shuey (5) daughter
of Henry Shuey, and had three children, viz : — Emma, Edwin
and Morris. During the civil war when drafts had to be made
for soldiers, his name was drawn on the 29th of October, 1862 ;
and in a few days he was ordered to Harrisburg, where the
drafted men were formed into a regiment, and he became a
member of Company C, 173d regiment. This regiment spent the
greater part of its time at Norfolk, Virginia, doing garrison duty.
During the last month of their time they had considerable
marching to do. Their term expired, and he was discharged
on the 17th of August, 1863. He was engaged in farming, and
made a good living. He died March 20, 1895. Buried at
Walmer's Church.

1. Emma Elizabeth Shuey (6) was born November 19, 1857.
Member of the Reformed Church. She was married to Benjamin
Seaman, a farmer, in East Hanover, February 17, 1877. Eleven
children were born to them: — 1, Mary Hettie Seaman (7) mar-
ried to John Shenk, a farmer. 2, Amanda Elmira Seaman (7)
married to Joseph Early, who died in 1910. 3, William Benjamin
Seaman (7) a farmer, married Kate Staley. 4, Emma Carrie
Seaman (7), married to Harry Zerbe. 5, Annie Laura Seaman
(7) married to Harry Gerberich, a painter, 6, Katie Lovina
Seaman (7) married to Daniel Hain, a baker. 7,
Ida Elizabeth Seaman (7) married to Jacob Rhoads, a farmer.

8, Thomas S. Seaman (7) a farmer, married Bertha Hetrich.

9, Gertie Elsie Seaman (7) married to George Pancake, a farmer.

10, Christian S. Seaman (7). 11, Jared Reiley Seaman (7).
Their post office address is Grantville, Pa. Mrs. Emma E. Sea-
man died in March, 1919. Her son William B. Seaman died of
influenza in the fall of 1918 and her son in law, Harry Zerbe,
also died in the fall of 1918. Jared Reiley Seaman married
Mildred Hess.

2. Edwin T. Shuey (6) was born December 21, 1860. He
was reared on the farm. He married Lizzie A. Shuey (6) Oc-
tober 1, 1881. Four children: — Lydia, Jennie, Mamie and Harry
J. His wife died in 1891. He married Ellen Rider. Two chil-
dren, Lillie and Gertie. Residence Grantville, Pa. He died No-
vember 30, 1916.

1. Lydia Minerva Shuey (7) born June 15, 1884. She was
married to Harvey L. Hess. Two children, Clement Shuey Hess

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