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Officials, Departments & Committees

of the



Illustration by Ruth L. Pillsbury

FOR THE PERIOD JULY 1 , 1 988 TO JUNE 30, 1 989


University of New Hampshire

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JULY 1, 1988 to JUNE 30, 1989

Including Streets by Districts

3n iMEmnriam

Sgt. Thomas C. Kelly
1954 - 1989

Sgt. Derry Police Department

President Derry Police Relief Association

Member American Society of Law Enforcement Training Officers

A Founder of the New Hampshire Training Officers Association



Town Officers 4

Mayor's Report 8

Administrator's Report 8

Tax Rate 9

Summary Inventory of Taxable Property 10

Schedule of Town Property 10

Auditor's Report 11

Treasurer's Report 13

Balance Sheet - General Fund 14

Water Fund & Sewer Fund 14

Statement of Legal Debt Margin 15

Statement of Changes - Long Term Debt 15

General Fixed Assets 16

Town Clerk's Report 17

Election Warrant 18

Tax Collector's Report 20

Summary of Tax Sale Accounts 21

Reports of Departments & Committees

Police Department Report 22

Fire Department Report 22

Emergency Medical Service Report 23

Derry Public Library Report 24

Taylor Library Report 25

Derry Historic District Commission Report 25

Derry Recreation Department Report 26

Town Welfare Budget Report 26

Derry Planning Board Report 27

Code Enforcement Annual Report 28

Public Works Department Report 28

Assessor's Office Report 29

Animal Control Report 30

1989 Conservation Commission Report 30

Derry Housing & Redevelopment Report 31

Report of Trust Funds 32

District Street Listings 55

Town Charter 59


Town Officers


John P. Dowd

May Casten
District #1

Arthur McLean
District tt2


Frederick A. Tompkins
District #i

Brenda Keith
District M

Scott Gerrish

PhyUis Katsakiores

Town Administrator

Rodney A. Bartlett

Sandra Bissette, Executive Secretary

Carolyn Blasi, Receptionist

Town Treasurer

Rita Correia

Town Clerk

Cecile Hoisington
Marjorie Swanson, Deputy

Tax Collector

JoAnne Maurice
Cathy Bibeau, Deputy


Ronald J. Hay ward

Pauline Myers

Supervisors of the Checklist

Virginia Lovejoy

Lorraine Routhier

Shirley Walkins
Carolyn Johnson

MacGregor Library Trustees

Cecile Cormier
Janet Conroy
Larry Eckhaus

Ron Tveter
Marsha Koch

Marjorie Allen
Virginia True

Taylor Library Trustees

Scott Lovejoy

Mary Garvey
Richard P. Apgar

Rosemary Fesh

Trustees of Trust Funds

Carol Halpin

Diane Laughlin


Town Legal Counsel

Law Firm of: Soule, Leslie, Sayward, Zelin, & Loughman

Hugh T. Lee, Chairman
Brenda Keith
John P. Dowd

Warrington Willis

Planning Board

Mary Ann Edman

Frank Scott
Edward Cooper


Arthur McLean

David Barka

David Gomez
David Gingras

Deborah Nutter

Police Department

Chief Edward B. Garone
Capt. Loring Jackson
Capt. Malcolm Mclver

Fire Department

Chief James J. Cote

Dep. Chief Harvey Cote

Dep. Chief Ronald Gagnon

East Derry Fire Department

Chief Arthur Reynolds

Recreation Department

Director Gerald Cox
Diane LaPlante, Assistant

Animal Control Department

Officer Florence Ouellette
Marlene Bishop, Assistant

Assessing Department

Assessor David Gomez
Joyce Whit ford. Secretary
Barbara Murray, Appraiser

Finance Department

Director Grace Collette
Gayle Gagnon, Assistant
Patricia Milone, Assistant

Welfare Department

Geraldine LaPlume

Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector/Health Officer

John Freeman, Code Enforcement Officer

Gloria Chesson, Assistant C.E.O. /Health Officer

James Doolin, Assistant Building Inspector

Robert Mackey, Assistant Building Inspector


Planning Department

George Sioras, Director
Jeanne Owen, Secretary

Public Works Department

Alan Swan, Director

Louie Bruno, Coordinator

Donald Ball, Coordinator

Janet Thompson, Administrative Assistant

Tree Warden

Donald Ball

Emergency Operations Director

Deane C. Buhrmann

Overseers of the Cemetery

Bertrand Peabody

Alfred Hepworth

Glen Peabody

William Zolla, Chairman
Anthony Gallo

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Ralph Valentine
James Mitchell

Marion Willis

Glenn Cabana


Matthew Campanella

Highway Safety Committee

Thomas Carrier (Public Works) Chief James Cote (Fire Dept.)

Chief Edward Garone (Police Dept.) Robert Fesh

Edward Cooper Robert Pullman

William Boyce David Morris

Joseph D. Garvey

David LaPrancois
John Langone

Board of Commissioners
Housing and Redevelopment Authority

George Hey

Peter Kageleiry
Kathryn Arranda

Derry Housing Authority

John Brown, Executive Director
Betty Hartwell, Secretary

Donna DiMarzio
George Sioras

504 Compliance Committee

Carol Holmes
John Freeman

Hannah Martin
May Casten


Marianne Page
Deborah Nutter

Richard Phelan

Conservation Commission

Albert Doolittle


Norma Bursaw
Francis Cormier

Constance Ward

Ralph Bonner
Patricia O'Neil

Richard Holmes

Historic District Commission

David Udelsman
E. Richard Malone

Carmello Napoli (resigned)

Thomas Dixon

Cable Television Committee

Ronald Gagnon Rosemary Fesh

John Barry George Madden

Al Hepworth

Southern N.H. Planning Commission

Deborah Nutter Janet Conroy

Francis Cormier, Alternate

Hugh T. Lee

John Conroy

Personnel Review Board

Richard Benson

Larry Eckhaus, (resigned)

Mayor and Town Council

Town Council, left to right: Brenda Keith, Fred Tompkins, Phyllis
Katsakiores, Mayor Jack Dowd, May Casten, Arthur McLean, Scott


Mayor's Report

Fiscal Year 1989 for me was from March 15, 1989 through
June 30, 1989. This was a very hectic time. We were faced
with a budget of approximately $26 million dollars on day
one. Having worked very closely with the Administrator and
the Department Heads, we were able to reduce that figure to
$18.1 million dollars. Over the next two months the Mayor
and Council worked diligently at keeping the final budget at a
minimum. I have to commend the Council for coming out of
that process with an $18.6 million dollar budget.

Several other items were also addressed during this time.
The adoption of our Water Master Plan, which was a
culmination of a two year effort by the Town and the con-
sultants (Normandeau Engineers). This plan addresses
several issued, a guide line for the Water Department over the
next 35 years, as to where our future water sources will come
from. How we will develop our water system in future years.
As well as setting some short term and long term goals.

Many of our roads were upgraded in this time either by
stone seal process or reconstructed, including Pinkerton
Street, Stark Road, Warner Hill and East Derry Road.
Rezoning of approximately 100 acres to light industry and
commercial which will give us the opportunity to follow our
Master Plan of 1986 more closely. During this time we also
went through a reorganization of our staff. Through this
reorganization we have a more efficient chain of command
and better accountabihty of departments. During this process

we also formed 2 new positions, the Community Develop-
ment Director and Comptroller. I beheve Derry is at a point
in time, with its population and present tax base, where we
have to put in a full time effort in developing and
implementing the many resources we have available to us.
This position should be filled around October 1 , 1989.

The second position, Comptroller, will be the choice of the
Administrator but I foresee this position filling several needs,
as well as a coordination of all financial departments. I
foresee a need to control purchasing and personnel develop-
ment. This position, if the Administrator chooses, would be
filled in early 1990.

We also have many projects in the development or study
stages such as, our recycling program which I hope to see in
place in the very near future; a means for removal of our tire
pile at the transfer station; the organization of the Derry
Industrial Development Corporation; the reforming of our
Downtown Revitalization Group, made up of concerned
citizens as well as area business people and developers; the
zoning of Residential Commercial areas and several areas to
Commercial called for in our Master Plan.

I would like to thank the Council, Town Administrator, the
Department Heads for all the help and patience they have
given me during this time of adjustment and learning.

Respectfully submitted.
Jack Dowd, Mayor

Administrator's Report

During the past fiscal year, Derry has continued to grow,
although at a much slower rate than the past years, and we
have been able to initiate several new programs to make
Derry a more attractive community to live in. Quality of life
and the affordability to live in Derry are the two directions of
particular interest.

Planning for "Downtown Revitalization" began with the
assistance for the NH Division of Historic Resources and the
private sector. Concept plans have been developed with an
emphasis on assisting Derry into the 21st Century. The
upcoming fiscal year should prove to be very exciting for our
downtown. Of particular note is the Adams Memorial
Building project. The Mayor and Council voted to sell the
building with the restriction that the building be completely
rehabilitated and kept on the National Historic Register. This
project will be the cornerstone of Downtown Revitalization.
The Mayor and Council voted to participate with Parkland
Medical Center on an expansion program which will include a
heliport and additional parking. Part of this effort included
the sale of approximately 5 acres of land from the Alexander-
Carr Recreation Area. The sale has been approved by the
courts and the expansion is planned to begin in 1990. A
feasibility study was conducted for the potential expansion of
the Hoodkroft Country Club golf course from 9 holes to 18
holes. The course is a public course and the Town is a very
interested partner. The expansion is a very complex issue and
will hopefully move forward in FY 90.

Derry's government and its charter experienced a major
change in 1988 and 1989. We are unable to hold our election
for local officials in November due to the fact that the
November date was declared illegal by the courts. A special
election was held, at the direction of the courts, that
ultimately changed our local election date from November to
March of each year.

Kiev Bros Shoe Manufacturing closed their doors because
of foreign competition. This was a major impact to our
locally employed residents. Hopefully this building will house
a new industry although the economic times have been

The past year has been very exciting for me as Town
Administrator and I look forward to the future with great

Respectfully submitted,
Rodney A. Bartlett

September 22, 1988
Board of Selectmen
Town of Derry

State of New Hampshire
Department of Revenue Administration

61 South Spring Street, PO Box 457

Concord, 03302-0457


Your summary Inventory of Property Valuation and State-
ment of Appropriations have been approved. You may pro-
ceed with the assessment of 1988 taxes on the basis of the
following figures.

Net Assessed Valuation $549,604,780.

Taxes Committed to Collector:

Town Property Taxes Assessed . . $23,600,029.

Precinct Taxes Assessed 2,384,130.

Total Gross Property Taxes $25,984,159.

Less: Est. War Service Tax Credi ts . . . 80,750.

Net Property Tax Committment . $25,903,409.
Tax Rate - Town $42.94

- Precinct - Derry Fire $ 4.50

- Precinct - East Derry Fire $ 3.92

- Precinct $

In the event any adjustment was made in the Appropriations
Section, we have enclosed a copy of the changes. Revenues
and Credits have been approved as shown on the enclosed
copy of the third page of the Statement of Appropriation.
In accordance with RSA 21-J:35,II, we also enclose a written
explanation of the change.

The net amounts approved for school, county and precincts
are indicated below. These amounts are the total monies
which should be transferred to each of these units of

Net School Appropriations $17,813,685.

County Tax Assessment $ 797,757.

Net Precinct Appropriation (1) $ 2,385,337.

In arriving at the above approved rate the Overlay has been
set in the amount of $297,329.

Very truly yours,

Barbara T. Reid,


Tax Rate 1988


Municipal $ 9.96

County 1 .40

School 31.58

Combined Rate (Municipal, County, School) $42.94

Precinct - Derry Fire $47.44 4.50

Precinct - East Derry $46.86 3.92

Amount of Taxes to be Committed
(per official tax rate letter) $25,903,409.

RSA 76:11 provides for delivery of the list (warrant) to the collector
within thirty days of receipt of approval of the tax rate unless for
good cause the time is extended by the department. The collector shall
within thirty days after receipt of the warrant from the selectmen
(assessors) send out the tax bills unless for good cause the time is
extended by this department.

RSA 76: 1 1-a Information Required. The tax bill which is sent to every
person taxed, as provided in section II, shall also show the assessed
v£duation of all lands and buildings for which said person is being
taxed. The 1988 rate breakdown reflects a proportionate share of the
Reimbursement a/c Property Exempt by 1970 Special Session for
each unit of government.

RSA 76:13 provides that interest at 12% per annum shall be charged
upon all taxes except resident taxes not paid on or before Dec. 1,
except that in the case where a tax bill was sent to a taxpayer on or
after November 2 and before April 1st, interest shall not be charged
until 30 days after the bills are mailed. The collector shall state on the
bill the date from which interest will be charged.
The tax bill which you mail must contain the date from which interest
will be charged and this date is determined by the date you send the
last bill on the hst committed to you. RSA 76:13 also requires that
you notify this department in writing of the date on which you send
the last bill. There is enclosed a form for this purpose.

Barbara T. Reid, Director



Summary Inventory of Taxable Property


Land - Improved & Unimproved $ 1 12,656,385

Buildings 427,752,015

Public Water Utility (private serving public) 38 1 , 100

Public Utility - electric 4,959,400

Manufactured Housing - Assessed as Real Property • 6,195,880


Blind Exemptions (9) 135,000

Elderly Exemptions (155) 2,205,000


1988 Net Valuation on which Tax Rate is Computed 549,604,780

1987 Net Valuation 526,393,920

TOTAL INCREASE 1988 to 1987 "$ 23,210,860

Net taxable value for 1989 is not available as of this writing. According to the notices of value sent to taxpayers
in August 1989 the anticipated tax rate (estimate only) is $20.90 per $1 ,000 of valuation.

Schedule of Town Property

Town Hall-Land & Buildings $ 537,000

Libraries (McGregor & Taylor) Land & Bldgs 396,500

Adams Memorial Building-Land & Bldg 686,000

Veterans Memorial Hall-Land & Bldg 249,200

West Side Community Center-Land & Bldg 377,000

East Derry Town Hall-Land & Bldg 1 16,000

Fire Department-Land & Bldgs 868,600

Police Department-Land & Bldg 1 ,100,300

Department of Public Works (Includes Water

& Sewer Dept.)-all Land & Buildings 3,300,000

Dog Pound 30,000

Recreation Department (Include all Buildings,

Parks & Playground)-Land & Buildings 870,800

Other Town owned Property Land & Bldgs 160,000

TOTAL $8,691,400*

*NOTE: 1989 figures are not reflective of re-valuation as the project was
not complete at time of printing.

Town of Derry - Schedule of Town Property

Map/Lol Building

29-189 Adams Memorial

39-52 Taylor Library

5-43 Alex/Carr Ski Lodge

5-43 Tennis Courts

30-1 16 Derry Library/McGregor Pk

30-1 16 McGregor Bandstand

30- 1 1 6 Korean & Vietnam Memorial

30-11-1 O'Hara Field Shed

30- 1 1 - 1 O'Hara Dug Outs (2)

29- 1 37 West Side Comm . Center

29- 1 52 Hood Park Recreation Area

29-152 Hood Park

29-152 Hood Park

29-167 Hood Park

Date of





29 West Broadway



49 East Derry Road



Pierce Ave.



Pierce Ave.



64 East Broadway



64 East Broadway



64 East Broadway



South Ave.



South Ave.

Included Above

39 West Broadway



2 Rollins St.



Bath House


Boat House

Included Above

Tennis Court/Ice House


Included Above

— 10—


Veterans Memorial

31 West Broadway




VFW Building

Wall Street




Derry Dog Pound - New

Ford way St.




Derry Dog Pound - Old

Transfer Lane



Intown Fire Station #1

32 West Broadway




Monument & Water. Trough

East Derry Road




Derry Town Hall

48 East Broadway




Old Derry Town Hall

52 East Derry Road




Gallien's Beach

Pond Road




Storage Shed

Pond Road


Included Above


Dwelling &Rec. Hall

Pond Road


Included Above



Pond Road




Cottage 9BADA

Pond Road


Included Above


Cottage AKA

Pond Road


Included Above


Recycl Bldg/Trans Sta.

Transfer Lane




Island Pd Fire Stat.

190 Warner Hill Road




Central Fire Station

131 East Broadway





131 East Broadway


Sign Dept.

131 East Broadway

Included Above


Police Station

1 Municipal Drive
Water Department




Bean Building-Office

40 Fordway Street



Work Garage

40 Fordway Street



Salt Shed

40 Fordway Street



2nd Garage

40 Fordway Street


Included Above


Bean Bid-Pump House

40 Fordway Street




Water Tower

Hillside Avenue




"Zappa" Water Tower

Manchester Road
Sewer Department




Lagoon Air Aeration Big

Transfer Lane



Chlorinating Big

Transfer Lane

Included Above

Lagoons EPA ALl & AL2

Transfer Lane


Included Above

3rd Lagoon

Transfer Lane



Old Pump Station

Transfer Lane

Included Above

New Pump Station

Transfer Lane

Included Above



Carri • Plodzik • Sanderson

Professional Association

Accountants & Auditors

November 15, 1988

To the Members of the Town Council
Town of Derry
Derry, New Hampshire

Dear Members of the Council:

We have completed our examination of the financial statements of the Town of Derry for the fiscal year ended
June 30, 1988 and have issued our report thereon dated September 15, 1988. In connection with our
examination, we reviewed and tested the Town's systems of internal accounting control and operating
procedures to the extent we considered necessary to evaluate the systems as required by generally accepted
auditing standards. The purpose of our review of these systems was not to express an opinion on internal
accounting control, and it would not necessarily disclose all weaknesses in the system. We refer you to the
Appendix of this letter which explains the purpose of our review, its limitations, and the professional standards

Generally, we were pleased by the overall condition of the Town's accounting records. Throughout the year, the
accounting staff and management has continued to improve procedures, when necessary, for the continued
efficiency of the accounting system and control over accounting information. We have enjoyed assisting with
these efforts.

Follow-Up to Prior Year Comments

As a follow-up to prior year deficiencies, we are pleased by the improvements that have been made in the com-
munication between the Tax and Accounting Departments. Efforts in this area have resulted in the routine
balancing of subsidiary and general ledger accounts as well as a greater appreciation of each department's
responsibilities by the other. As explained below, while some deficiencies continue to exist in the area of Trust
Fund accounting, we are confident that they can be overcome with little effort during the current fiscal period.
In the area of materials and supplies inventories, while a formal cost accounting system is not utilized by the
Town to account for materials usage, we are satisfied that accounting controls over purchases,, access, and
application of materials to major projects through independent inspection by project engineers are adequate.
Cost-benefit relationships should be considered in introducing further control in this area.

Letter of Comments and Recommendations
June 30, 1988

Accounting for Fixed Assets

As of the date of our audit, the Town's fixed assets have, for the most part, been inventoried. Procedures are
currently being developed to satisfy accounting requirements. If these efforts are successful, it would be possible
to eliminate the related qualification that is currently necessary in our audit report.-

While few communities have a formal accounting record for fixed assets because the maintenance thereof
involves a major commitment of accounting resources, we will be happy to provide assistance, as may be
necessary, to develop this system.

Trust Fund Accounting Records

As commented on in prior year management letters, several deficiencies were again observed during our current
examination of the Town's Trust Funds. At the time of our audit fieldwork in September, Trust Fund
accounting records were not closed and State-required financial reports were not prepared, submitted, or on file
for the June fiscal year-end. Further, reports subsequently submitted for audit were not prepared on the cash
basis, as required, or in balance with investment records submitted. Also, amounts in transit or due to the
General Fund at year -end were not reconciled; timing differences were not detected; and the year-end cut-off
date was not observed in the closing of the Trustees' records. Even though the Town's Trustees of Trust Funds
contract is for money management and record-keeping services, these responsibilities cannot be delegated.

As in previous years, we found it necessary to communicate directly with bank officials responsible to the
Trustees for audit information and have communicated our findings thereto. We recommend that the Town's
Trustees of Trust Funds reconsider the provisions of this service contract and act accordingly to insure their
adherence to the requirement encumbered upon them.

Management Response

The Town Administrator's Office and Finance Department would be happy to assist the Trustees in fulfilling
these requirements as soon as possible. Considerations to improve upon the availability and quality of Trust
Fund information would allow for better financial planning and use of resources that may be available from
these sources.

Trust Fund Management Procedures

During the year, the Town Council voted to utilize monies on deposit in the Town's Capital Reserve Accounts,
yet it appeared that transfers from these accounts were not made as requested. We reviewed these requests and
supporting documentation submitted to the Trustees and found them to be reasonable. It would seem that as

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