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Council of Planning Librarians exchange bibliography

November 1971


Advocacy Planning-Toward the Development of Theory and Strategy

Donald F. Mazziotti

Graduate Program in Urban and Regional Planning

University of Iowa


NOV 8 1971

Mrs. Mary Vance, Editor
Post Office Box 229
Monticello, Illinois 61856

COUNCIL OF PLMKH^G LIBRARIANS Exchange Bibliography #2l;l



Donald F. Mazziott:
Graduate Program in Urban and
Regional Planning
University of Iowa

"A new, inportant, and difficult problem is emerging in
the administration of public planning agencies, that is,
there is a groidng number of instances of professional
staff members who dissent publicly from the official
agency position on a planning issue. "^

The concept of "advocacy planning" — the origin of which is
generally credited to an article appearing in the Journal of the
American Institute of Planners by Paul Davidoff^- has proliferated
in planning and architectural vjri tings for the better part of a
decade. Despite the flurry of writing on the topic by a great num-
ber of writers who range the entire political spectrum, it would
be difficult to recount an instance where an equally popular notion
had remained virtually undeveloped in theory and parctice.

While it is possible to trace the political theory underlying
the concept of advocacy planning to "pluralism,'' nowhere does the
literature seek a well-considered, theoretical definition of the
subject. Although it is possible to link the advocacy spoken of
to the subjective urging of a particular person or persons on
behalf of a particular group-related issue, 3 the student.

""Earl Finkler, "Dissent and Independent Initiative in Plan-
ning Offices." (Chicago: American Society of Planning Officials,
Planning Advisory Service , Report Ho. 269, May, 1971).

^Paul Davidoff, "Advocacy and Pluralism in Planning," Journal
of the American Institute of Planners . XXXI (November, 1965), 331-


2, CPL Exchange Bibliography #2lil
researchers, professor and professional encounter an abrupt gap on
issues which appear to be at least related and, perhaps, crucial
to group or professional advocacy. For exarple, the literature
ignores any comprehensive analysis of power relationships, group
dynamics, the logic of collective as opposed to individual action,'^
the characteristics of pressure group politics,^ or special
interest theories.

As planning schools and agencies begin to feel the pressures
of advocacy or dissent approaches to the heretofore "professional
tests of objectivity and analysis," the lack of a coherent defini-
tion and theory of advocacy will inevitably lead to both disrup-
tions in institutional behavior and failures in the practical
application of such a ubiqutuous notion. Indeed, on the heels of
Ralph Naders' suggestions for action programs at the 1970 Annual
Convention of the American Institute of Planners'? and a subsequent
study of the implications of such programs and/or behavior, ° it seems
clear that analysis of advocacy in a planning context has failed to
keep the pace of social change.

Based upon the foregoing comments, the follovdng bibliography
on the topic of advocacy planning has been developed with a vievr
tovrard encouraging and facilitating initial or staging research in
this policy area. Areas of agreement and divergence of thought be-
come apparent upon study of the references includedj once these
elements have been identified, serious analysis aiid theoretical

structurin g can proceed.

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sional Society," keynote address at the Annual Conference of the
American Institute of Planners, Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 18,1970.

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3. CPL Exchange Bibliography if2Ul

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