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f-'hiniblii: DlD..
Columbia. lilOO: Professor In Trinity .since 1902: .VctinK Professiir of Kcnnomics and
Politics, rornell T'nlverslty. lUlO-ll: Ertllor of "South Atlantic IJuartcrly": Advisory
Editor of "National Munlcljial Itcvlfw": fnllaborntoi- In Division of FOconnmic Itc-
search of Carnegie Peace Endowment: Contributor of rcononiir essays to jierlodleals
and reference works.

Albert Micajah Webb, A.B., A.M., '/' />' A' Gueas Road

Professor of Romance Languages

.\.n.. Yale. 1301: .\.M., l!i(i:;: SorbcHirie and lliidrid. 1907-08; I'rofi-ssor of Iloniaiue
Languages. Trinity, since 1 !*()::.

William Hane Wannamaker, A.B., A.M., X Faculty Avenue

Professor of German

..\.B.. WotTord. 1S95: A.M.. Trinity. 1!I01. Harvard. l:")2: Graduate Slmk-nl. Harvard,
1901-03: Universily of Berlin. 1903-OJ; Tubingen. 1904; Leipslc, 1904-0.'i: Bonn. 1905:
Professor of German since 1902.

James Jacob Wolfe, A.B., Ph.D., 2\4 E Third Street

Professor of Biology

A.B.. Wofl'ord (.'ollfge. ISiXi; Ph.D.. Harvard lTniver.sity. .1904 ; InsUvutur in .Mariiif
Biological Laboratory, Woods Hall. Massachusetts. I!t04-0(j ; President atid \'ite-lMesi-
dent of North Carolina Academy of Science.

William Kenneth Boyd, A.M., Ph.D Minerva Avenue

Professor of Hhiory

A.B.. Trinity, 1.S97: A.M.. 1898; Scholar and F^lli.w. Columbia Tniversity: Ph.D..
1906; Instructor in History. Dartmouth Collegf. 190n-of.; Professor of History. Trinity,
since 190r. ; Editorial Staff Encyclopi-dia Brittanica, 1904-05 ; Member Patterson Mem-
orial Facuhy Avenue

A vera Professor of Biblical Literature
D.D., Centenary College. 1SS3; Student. Tulane University. 1SS4-S5; Vanderbilt Uni-
versity, ISSS-SG; For si.xteen years Pastor and Presiding Elder in New Orleans; Twice
a Delegate to the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. South; Dele-
gate to the Ecumenical Conference. London, 1901; Toronto, 1910; Expository Writer of
Sunday School Literature of Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

Charles William Peppler, A.B., Ph.D., B K Faculty Avenue

Professor of Gree!^
A.B., Johns Hopkins University. 1892; Fli.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1S9S; Hopkins
Scholar, 1889-90; Honorary Hopkins Scholar, 1890-91 and 1891-92; University Scholar.
1S92-94; Fellow, 1896-96; Student at University of Berlin, 1902; Professor of Greek
in Emory College, 1S9S-1912; Professor of Greek, Trinity, since 1912; Member of the
AAterican Philological Association, and of the Classical Association of the Middle West
and South.

Cecil Albert Moore, A.M., Ph.D., 1' A PJ Lamond Avenue

Assistant Professor of English
A.B.. Harvard. 1901; A.M.. 1902; Rogers Traveling Fellowship and Ph.D.. 1913; Assist-
ant in English. Harvard. 1901-02; Headmaster of English. The Asheville School for
Boys, 1902-1909; Headmaster of English, The MacKenzie School, 1909-10; .\ssistiint in
English, Harvard and Radcliffe. 1910-1912; Professor, Trinity, since 1913.

Thornton Shirley Graves, Ph.B., Ph.D Watts Street

Assistant Professor of English
Ph.B., University of Chicago, 1907; Ph.D.. I'niversity of Chicago, 1912; Professor,
Trinity, since 1913,

Edgar Wallace Knight, A.M., Ph.D Watts Street

Assistant Professor of Histor)^ and Science of Education
A.B.. Trinity. 1909; A.M.. Trinity, 1911; I'h.D., Cohimhia. 1913; Professoi- of History.
Trinity Park School, 1909-11; Professor. Trinity, since 1913; "9019."

Holland Holton, A.B Old Angler Avenue

Instructor in Debating anil Economics
A.B.. Tlillity. 19(l,s; "9019."

CosTEN Jordan Harrell, A.M., B.D Chapel Hill Street

Instructor in Biblical Literature
A.H.. Trinity; A.M.. H.l).. X'nmhrl.ilt University.


T-1. A M'-r


Clemens Andrew Yost, A.B., A.M., /\ 2,

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