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J. M. Atkins


A. M. Young
Busirii'ss Manaijer



o/edf Book 0^

Jrir\it/ (pllp9^e of

Vuke llni\)ersity

Durhd/n,Mort/i Qrolina.
published by t/je

Senior k\^ss








'O those who have made the history
of old Trinity and of new Duke;
to those who have experienced
here the same joys and sorrows as we,
and have gone forth to seri'e as a back-
ground and a staunch support for our
Alma Mater —

Out (fAlumrd

The Class of ig^y dedicates this, the
fourteenth volume of the Chanticleer, in
token of our respect for the traditions
they have left behind them, and out of
love for the University they have
budded here.



JroMuie Room







f a r J ivrwwws


3n iMrmnriam

3nB^pI| ^tU Irnimt

ffinni. Nniirmbrr 5, 1S55
lirii. 3)aniiaru 3D. lU2r

"He served the institution throush every sta^e iif its
(Ie\'el(>p!nent and in every sort of \va\' — as loval son, as
patron, as benefactor, as trustee for thirty-four years,
and as president of the Board of Trustees for ten vears.
He deserves to live ainouK those who, throu^li guid-
ance and inspiration of the young, have most effec-
tively served their day and generation."

Dr. William P. Fi:w.

"In most fields of service he «as accorded the hinli-
est honors his associates could confer; the exceptions
were, where in accordance with one of the rules of his
life, he declined to bid and work for his own promo-
tion. It was his habit, however, not to run from re-
sponsibilities. If he belie\'ed he could serve to the
good of his fellow men he gladly accepted responsibil-
ity. He found joy in service to the last . . . Next
to his home, Joseph Ci. Brown's intense pride and de-
votion went out to Puke University ... So deepl\'
impressed is his influence upon the life of Duke I'ni-
versity that neither time nor changing conditions can
easily efface that stalwart personality whose leadership
we still accept with gratitude and even a deeper sense
of security." Colonel John F. Bruton.

".■Mma Mater looks to all of her sons and daughters
to measure up in the scheme of life to the highest ideals
which she sought to inculcate in their very souls when
they were students. Joseph (jill Brown, ex-'75, em-
bodied all of the finest qualities that one looks for in
the True Son, and more, he lived a life of such ex-
emplary conduct and achie\'ement that true inspira-
tion is to be derived from a study of his life"

Thk Alumni Register, Marc/i, /qj~.


^ k.


c>yr/;s j^gnes lyiLoore, Sponsor for Editor




jk k.

JK I5S 3\orma Kjurner, Sponsor for Business Manager


JN this titinttltuous age, ivhen every thought is
fofuseil diligently ufion the future, there is lit-
tle time for reinitiiscetiee ; hut there ivill come a day
when you will pause in the onivard rush and gaze
backivard across the panorama of years you have
left behind. There ii'ilt come to you the realization
that the days you spent at Duke University consti-
tute the most delightful years of your life. And
while you are indulging in these fond memories, it
is our earnest hope that you ivill not he unmindful
of those Tvho have preceded us and have made pos-
sible all the wonderful opportunities xve found
awaiting us at our beloved institution.

In order more easily to bring to your mind the
heritage we have received from the past, ive have
taken as the decorative theme of the IQzy Chanti-
cleer the history of North Carolina, for inseparably
linked ivith this history are the lives of those to
whom ive oiue so much — those uho have made our
present possible.

When, in either the near or distant future, you
turn through the pages of this book, may it bring to
you both memories of an enjoyable college career,
and at least some feeling of latitude to those pio-
neers in education , government , and business ivho
have handed us the torch iL'ith the expectation that
iL'e carry it as loftily as have they.



/N Jvhich the reader is allowed to visit those
structures of brick (^^d stone, and to see
the beauties of that campus in the limits of
■which the things this chapter attempts to show
him had their development, and to }(now those
who are directing our college's progress.







J, ,' ,^


Omcers of Administration

William Preston Yew


A.B., Woftord: A.M.. Ph.D.. Harvard; LL.D.,
Wofford. Soulhwe.'^tern, and Allegheny.

Robert Lee Flowers

licr-Presidrnt in the Business Division
Secretary and Treasurer

Graduate United states Military Aeadeniy;
A.M., DuVce.

Willi.a:\i Hane Wanxaivlaker

rice-President in the Educational Department
Dean of the Cotletje

A.B.. Wofford; A.M., Trinity and Harvard;

Harvard. 19ni-l)3; Leipzig and Hc^rlin. 1903-05;

Litt.D., Wofford.

Edmlxd Davison- Soim:r

rice-President in the Student Life Division
Dean of the School of Reliijion

.\.n., Ti.I>.. Dieliin.fiin: H.li.. Drew TheoloKiial

Frank Clm)i; Urown


A.B., University ef Na.slnille; A.M., I'li.D.. the
University of Chieago.

WiLLiA.M Henry Glasson

Dean of the (graduate School of .Iris and

I'h.B., Cornell; Unlver.slty of Penn.svlvania,
1897-98; Ph.D., Columbia.





Miss Baldwin
Dean of Women

Faculty and Instructors

Wii.i.iAM Preston Few

A.B., Woftord; A.M., Ph.D.,
Wofford, Southwestern, i

Harvard; L1,.D.,
nd AUegheny.

William Howell Pegram

Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

A.B., A.M., LL.D., Duke.

Robert Lee Flowers

Seerelary and Professor of Math maliis

Graduate United States MiIitai->' .^cadtniy;

A.M.. Duke.

William Ivev Cranforb
Carr Professor Pliilnsophy

A.B., Duke; Ph,D.. Vale.

Charles William Edwards
Professor of Pliysics

A.B., Inike; A.M., Tulane; M.S.. New York Uni-
versity; Columbia. lSil(i-SS; Harvard, i:i:!i;.

William Henry Glasson
Deuti of the Graduate Sehool of Arts an I
Seienees, and Professor of Political Economy

and Social Science

Ph.B., i'orneH; LTniver,sity of Penn.s>i\ania,

ls:)7-!)8; Ph,D., Columbia.

Albert Micajah Webb

Professor of Romance Lanijuayes

A.B., A.M., Yale; Sorbonne (Paris) and

Madrid. 1907-OS; Sorbonne, 1923,

William Hane Wannamaker
Dean of the Colleije and Professor of German

A.B.. Wofford; A.M.. Duke and Harvard;
Harvard, 1901-03; I^eipzlg and Berlin, 1903-05;
LItt.D., Wofford.

Samuel Fo.x Mordecai, LL.D.
Dean of the Lain School and Professor of Law

William Kenneth Kovn

Professor of History

A.B.. A.M., Duke; Ph.D., Columbia.

Charles Blackwell Markham

Professor of Mathematics

.A.B., A.M., Duke; Columbia, 190T-0S

Frank Clyde Brown

Professor of English

A.B., University of Nashville; A.M., Ph.D., The

L^niversity of Chicago.

Arthur Mathews Gates

Assistant Professor of Latin

A.B , .\,.M,, Wesleyan University; Ph.D.. .l.ibns

Hopkins University.

William Thomas LaPrade

Professor of History

.\.l!.. Wasliinivton Chlistian College; Ph.D..

Johns Hopkins Uni\ersi y.

Robert North Wilson

Professor of Chemistry
A.I!.. Haverford; M.S., University of Florida;
Harvaid, 190S-0fi; University of Illinois, 1923-04.

Charles William Peppler
Professor of Greek

.\.B., Ph.D., .lohns Hopkins LTniversilv; Ber-
lin. 1902.

Walter Samuel Lockhart
Professor of Law

A.B., Duke; I. LB., Duke University Law
Sehool; Harvard Law Sehool, 1911-12,

^^^^..^Z!!^ ■^■..> il927 (^iANTiaXERb


Professor of Enginferinij

A.B.. A.M., Duke; B.C.E., Unlvtrsity of Mich-

Al.LAN H. CJll.ni-RT

Professor of Enfjlish

B.A., Conull; A.M., Yjilt-; Pli.l)., I'cjrnill.

Holland Holtov

Professor of Education and School .IJminis-

tration and Director of the Summer School

A.B., Duke; Duke University Law Soliool.
1910-11. 1914-15.

Bert Cunningham
Professor of Biology

B.S., M.S.. Illinois Wesliyan: .A.M.. Duke;
Pli.D., Uni\ersity of Wisconsin.

Frederick Augustus Grant Cowper

Professor of Romance Languages

A.B.. A.M.. Trinity (Conn.): L'lilversity of

Strassburg, 1906-07; University of (Jeneva. 1907-

OS; Ph.D., The University of Chicago.

Charles Cleveland H.atley
Professor of Physics

A.B.. Duke; A.M., Ph.D., Columbia.

Hersey Everett Spence

Professor of Biblical Literature and Religious


A.B., .\.M.. Duke.

Newman Ivey White

Professor of English

A.B.. .\.M., Duke; A.M., Ph.D.. Harvard.

Paul Mancus Gross

It'illiam lioivell Pegram Professor of


B.S., College of the City of New Y'ork; .\.M.,
Ph.D.. Columbia.

Wilbur Wade Card
Director of the Gymnasium

A.B., Duke; Harvard, 1900-01; Graduate. Harv-
ard Summer School of Physical Education and
Sargent Normal School of Physical Education.

James Caxxon, III
Ivey Professor of Christian Missions

A.B., Duke; A.M.. Princeton; TIlB.. Th.M..
Princeton Theological Seminary; Edinburgh.
1919; Garrett, 1924.

Karl Bachman Patterson

.Assistant Professor of Mathematics

A.B.. Roanoke College; A.M., Princeton; Johns

Hopkins University, 1908-09; University of

Pennsylvania, 1909-11.

William Joseph Henry Cotton

Professor of Economics and Business


A.B.. Temple University; .A..M., Pli.D.. Uni-
versity of Pennsylvania.

Hugo Leaxder Bi.o.mquist
Professor of Botany
B.S.. The University of Chicago; Pa.'iteur Insti-
tute, 1919; Ph.D.. The University of Chicago.

Hir.man Steiner

Assistant Director of Physical Education

Syracuse, I9iij-17; .springileld V. M. r. .\. Cui-

lege, 1918-19; Graduate in Gymnaaths, .Normal

College, Indianapolis, Ind,

Charles Albert Krummel
Professor of German
Ph.B.. Central Wesieyan College; Ph.M.. Syra-
cuse University; Ph.D.. Univeislty of Wiscon-
sin; University of Marburg. 1910.

Fred Soule Aldridce

Assistant Professor of Mathrmatii s

A.B.. A.M , Duk.'.

Paull Franklin Baum
Professor of English

-A.B., Hamilton College; .\.M.. Ph.D., Harvard;
University of Munich. L'niversity of VI -nna and
University of Lausanne, 1909-11; Sorbonne,

Jesse Marvin Or.mond

Professor of Biblical Literature

A.B.. Duke; B.L).. Van.lerblll.

Arthur Marcus Proctor

Professor of Education

A.B.. Duke; A.M., Columbia; Columbia, 1921-23

Alice Mary Baldwin

Dean of H'omen and Assistant Professor of


-\.B., a.m.. Cornell; Columbia. 190.'!-04; IMi.D.,
The L^niversity of Chicago.

George Merrut Robison
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

A.B.. M.A., Ph.D., Cornell.

F.DWARD Hudson Young
Assistant Professor of Romance Languages
.A.B.. St. Stephens; A.M., Western Ontario;
University of Pittsburg, 190S-09: Sorbonne,
1909-12. 1915-16.

Eber Malcolm Carroll

Assistant Professor of History

A.B., A.M., Ph.D.. Mlcliigaii.

Frederick Eliphaz Wilson
Instructor in German

A.B., Oberlin; A.M.. Columbia; Leipzig, 1910-
17; Harvar-
Lambda Chi house.

Jack has made the acquaintance
and won the friendship of every
one on the campus by the force
of his ptTsonality alone. He has
not gone out for many honors,
but he Is as well knfiwn and as
well liked as the official leaders.

His seliolastic reputation is not
based upon hieh erades. but upon
his ability to secure the highest
possible grades for the least pos-
sible work. His main activities
have been so'-lai, and he has add-
ed much to Duke's social life dur-
ing hlB stay here.

William S. Anderson, Jr.
K i:,

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