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langor,Federated Malay States.

Banker; b. 1852,atTasa. Educ.:
Keogijiku, Tokyo. Has charge
of Mitsu-Bishi Banking Dept.
Address : Tokyo, Japan.

T&'AI CHUN (PEKING), Chinese
Official Service ; native of
Kiangsi ; hon.deg, Su-Sung-T'ai
Tao, Shanghai, October, 1C97 ;
vacated post, November, 1899;
given Expectant rank of 4th
grade and appointed Minister
to Japan, July, 1S01 ; Reader,
Grand Secretariat.

Imperial Duke of 4th degree ;
brother of the Emperor;
Imperial Clansman; Tartar
General, Chingchou (Hupeh),
Feb. 1906.

TSAI-YING, Lient.-General
(PEKING) s. of Prince Chung ;
Lieutenant-General, Bordered
Yellow Banner Corps ; Supt.
of Customs, Feking, Augustr
1894 ; Lieut.-General, Bordered
Red Banner Corp?, July, 1895 ;
degraded, August, J900, and
handed over to Imperial Clan
Court for incarceration, Dec.,

c H E o u ) , acting Governor,
native of Kwangsi; s. of late-
Viceroy TV en Yii-ying. Grain
Intendent, Hupeh, March,
1893 ; transferred without em-
ployment, Oct., 1898; Han-
Huang-To Tao, Hankow,
spring, 1901; Jud^re, Hupei,
July, 1903; acting Governor,
Kuicheou, October, 1905.

TSENG-CH'I, Tartar Genera^
(MUKDEN), native of Man-
churia. Military Deputy
General, Tsitsihar, Sept , 1S90;
Tartar General, Foochow, Dec.,
1897 ; do., Mukden, May,
1899; do., Nanking, NoveiuVor,
1900, but did not proceed.

ING), native of Hunan. 'cond
cla?s Sec , Board of Punish-


ments ; nephew of Marquis
Tseng ; attached to Prince
Ch'un's Special Mission to
Germany, 190 '.

Acting Governor; native of
Hunan ; provincial graduate.
Sub-Director, Coiut of Sacri-
ficial Worship, 1904 ; acting
Governor of Taking, Dec., 1905.

TSBUOI, Shrgoro (TOKYO), D.
Sc.; Prof, of Imp. Univ., Tokyo ;
b. Jan, 1863, at ToKyo. Is
greatest authority on anthro-
pology in Japan ; has made,
researches regarding Ainu and
Korobcckle races which awa-
kened wide interest in scientific
circles of the world. Address :
Tokyo, Japan.

T S U J I , Shinji (TOKYO), Edu-
cationalist, Member of House
of Peers; 6. Jan., 1642, in
Nagano - ken. "Was 'Vice-
Mil ister of Education till
I8G; ctannran cf Ecucatkn
Association of Japan. Address :
Tokyo, Japan.

( KANSU), native of Kansu.
Brigadier-General, Akeu, Feb.,
IfcfcO; CcniEF.rc(r in Chief,
Ka&hgar, Jure, )8SO ; Con inan-
der in Chief, Karsu, Jan., 18<JG;
head cf the Eoxeis, 1CCO;
degraded, ) eb., 1C01 ; retired,
into recesses cf Kansu ; was
suggested as Coirruander of
Troops in Ka sugar in July,
1605, to suppress discontent in
Chinese Turkestan.


UNO, Dr. Hogara (TOKYO),
Doctor of Medicine; b. Oct.,
1850, in Shizuoka-ken. Ednc. :
in Germany, 1889-1892. For-
merly, Prof, of Imp. Univ.;
now practising privately.
Address: Tokyo, Japan.

UN-NO, Shomin (TOKYO), Artist,
Prof, of GOT, Fine Art Institute
of Tokyo; 6. May, 1844, at
Jkjito. Is a master glyptist;
Ai*t Coin mis- ioner to Imp.

Household. Address ; Tokyo,

Managing Director, Sanyo Kly
Co., b. Dec., 1850, in Miye-ken.
Appointed to delicti 1 post,
Home Office, 1 876 ; A dviser to
Corean Gov., 1882-1883 ;
Director of Taxation Bureau;
Treasury, 1883-18*7 j sat in
Lower House, 1892-1893.
Address : Tokyo, Japan.



YACHER, Joseph Marie Alfred
(HANOI), Substitut du Pro-
cure nr. General. Entrae 1'Ad-
uiinistr ition, Avril 21, 1889;
Substitut du Procure ur Gen.
Juillet 1, 1904. Address : Ha-
noi, Tonkin, Indo-China.

VALPY, George Cordy (KLANG),
B. A., Cantab. ; Federated Ma-
lay States Civil Service ; fe.
May 10, 1877. Entered service
as Cadet, Selangor, 1901 ; pas-
sed in Cantonese, 1903 ; pass 3d
in law, 1904 ; acting assistant
District Officer, Ulu Langat,
Jan., 1904; acting assistant
District Officer, Klang, April,
1904, Address: Klang, Selan-
gor, Federated Malay States.

VANE, Henry G. B. (KUALA
LUMPUR), Auditor. Assistant
Auditor, Perak, Dec., 1884;
acting assistant Auditor-Genl.,
Straits Settlement?, April
1887; Auditor, Sungei Ujong
nnd Negri Sembilan, May, 1888;
Treasurer, Police Magistrate,
etc., Sungei Ujong, Oct., 1890 ;
Auditor, Selangor, Dec., 1892 ;
State Auditor, Perak, April,
1895 ; Chief Auditor, Federated
Malay States, 1906. Address:
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Fe-
derated Talay States.

YANRENEN, Walter Campbell
(BATU GAJAH), Assistant War-
den of Mines ; b. Aug. 16, 1872.
Acting Inspestor of Mines,

Kuala Lumpur, Sela igor,1899
assistant Auditor, 1900 ; assis-
tant Warden of Miues, Batu
Gajah, Kinta, 1906. Address
Batu Gajah, Perak, Federated
Malay States.

VAUGH AN, Lieut. - Commander
Eobert E. (HONGKONG), E. N.
in command of ELM. river
gunboat " Robin." Lieutenant,
Oct. 1, 1895; appointed to
command, Dec. 22, 1903. Club
Hongkong. Address: H.M.S.
" Robin," Hongkong,

preme Court Registrar. Called
to the Bar, Middle Temple,
Michaelmas, 1887 ; Registrar,
Supreme Court, Singapore,
May, 1875 ; Registrar, Supreme
Court, Straits Settlements,
March, 1896. Club : Singapore.
Address : Singapore, Straits

YENNING, William Esd.ile
( KUALA LUMPUR), assistant
Accountant, Federated Malay
States Railways ; b. March 19,
1852. Accountant, Selangor
Government Kail way, Selangor,
1893-1890; acting accountant
and Auditor, 1901 ; assistant
Accountant, Federate! Malay
States Railways, since 1902.
Address: Kuala Lumpur,
Selangor, Federated Malay


VIRGim, Lieut.-Col. Tgnace
P. S. (HANOI), Commandant lo
9e K e g i m e n t d'Infauterie
Colonial. Decoration: Officierde
la Legion d'Honneur. Address:
Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo-Chiiia.

VON DONOP, Lionel Brenton
(KUALA LUMPUR), Secretary of
Sanitary Heard; b. March 6,1855.
Attached to Public Works De-
partment Head-quarter?, Selan-
go^r, 18)3; Secretary of Sanitary
Board, Selangor, since 1893.
Address: Kuala Lumpur, Selan-
gor, Feder ited Malay S.ates.

VOULES, Arthur Blennerhasset
( KUALA LUMPUR), B. A . Cantab.,
Registrar of Supreme Court ;
b. Sept. 15, 1870. Passed in
Law and Malay; entered
Federated Malay States Civil
Service as Junior Officer, Perak,
1892: acting Inspector of
Schools, 1893 ; occupied various
positions in service until
appointed Registrar of Supreme
Court, Kuala Lumpu**, 1906.
Address . Kuala Lumpur,
Selangor, Federated Malay


WADA, Tsunashiro (T KYO),
Mineralogist and Geologist ;
b. Mar., 1856, in Fukui-ken.
Appointed Sec. of Agric. and
Conim. Dept. and later pro-
moted Director of Mining
Bureau : undertook founding
of Gov. Steel Works at
Wakainatsu, 1897-1902.
Address : Tokyo, Japan.

LL.D., Prof, of Imp. Univ.;
b. July, 1880, at Toy oka.
Educ.: Imp. Univ., Tokyo, and
in England. Appointed to
chair of Political Economy at
alma mater, 1886; assigned
an additional post at Tokyo
Higher Comm. School; was

removed to Agric. Coll. of
Imp. Univ., 1898 ; is an
Examination Commissioner of
Foreign Office. Address:
Tokyo, Japan

WAKAO, Ippei (Kosnu), Mer-
chant; b. Dec., 1820, in
Yamanashi-ken. Became one
of richest men in Japan by
dealing in raw silk early in
Meiji era; for some time
Member of House of Peers ;
founded the Wakao bank and
is connected with several
other business establishments.
Address: Koshu, Japan.

ex-Governor of Kwangsi ;


native of Hunan. Grain inten-
dent, Kwangtung, Feb., 1884 ;
acting Kao-lien Tao, Aug.,
1886; Judge, Chekiang, May,
1888 ; Judge, Kwangtung, May,
1888 ; Treasurer, Hupeh, Jan ,
1891; appointed on Mission of
Condolence to St. Petersburg,
Nov., 1894 ; Treasurer, Sze-
chwan, Dec., 1897; Governor,
Shansi, Dec , 1892 -, did not
proceed; Gov., Anhwei, Nov.,
1899 ; vacated office, Dec., 19ul ;
Governor, Kwangsi, June, 1892 ;
degraded, July, 1903.

WATASE, Shozaburo (TOKYO),
Prof, of Imp. Univ., Tokyo ; b.
Nurnazu, 1863. Educ. : Sapporo
Agric. Coll.; Imp. Univ., Tokyo;
Johns Hopkin's Univ., U.S.A.
Was Lecturer of Chicago Univ.
until 1900 ; later appointed to
present post. Address : Tokyo,

Commissioner of Lands. 2nd
assistant, Land Department,
British North Borneo, Jan.,
1883; assistant Superintendent
Lands and Public Works,
Kudat, July, 1883; Commis-
sioner of Land and Recorder
of Lands, May, 1381 ; Member
of Council, Oct., 1883 ; acting
Superintendent of Public
Works Department, Jan., 1887 ;
Commissioner of Lands, San-
dakan. Address : Sandakan,
British North Borneo.

WALKER, Henry James Noel
(KUALA LUMPUR), Federated

M-ilay States Civil Service ; ft,
Sept. 10, 1S72. Junior Officer,
Perak, 1895 ; acting assistant
District Magistral \ 1896 ; .
acting assistant District Magis-
trate, Tan jong Malim, 1899;
ditto, Gopeng, 1900; 2nd
Magistrate, Kuala Lumpur.
Seiangor, Jan , 1903 ; acting
chief assistant District Officer r
Kinta, Nov., 1903 ; 2nd Magis-
trate, Kuala Lumpur, 19, '6.
Address: Kuala Lumpur,
Selfingoi', Fedt- rat* d Malay


(SELAMA), Orang Kaya Mentri;:
b. 1866. Penghulu, Bukit
Gantang, Perak, 1890; Orang
Kaya Mentri and Member of
State Council, 1816; Superin-
tendent of Penghulus, Larut,
1899 ; acting Officer in Charge,
Sdania, 1902 ; bee ming Malay
Magistrate, 1903. Address -,
Selania, Perak Federated Malay

Director of Gi-and Court of
Revision ; Chinese Hannerman ;
Reader, Grand Secretariat,
Dec., 1895; Director, Cou.t of
Sacrifical Worship, July, 1898 ;
do., Grand Court of Revision,
Jan., 1899.

WABD, John Francis (LOWER
PEEAK), Federated Malay
States Civil Service; b. Aug.
16, 1864. Surveyor, Public
Works - Department, Penang*


1883-1890; Special Service
Work in Krian, 1S93 ; assistant
Engineer and Town Surveyor,
Ipoh, Lower Perak, and Bataug
Padang. 1894-1899; Executive
Engineer, Lower Perak, 1901 ;
assistant and Executive En-
gineer, Lower Perak and Klang,
1903-1904. Address: Lower
Perak, Federated Malay States.

WARNER, William Hamilton Lee
(KINTA), B. A., Oxon. ; Federat-
ed Malay States Civil Service;
b. Oct. 14. 1880. Passed in
Law and Malay ; acting- assist-
ant District Officer,Uhi Langat,
and acting assistant Col lector of
Land Revenue, Kuala Lumpur,
1904-1905 ; Inspector of School*
and Secretaryto Sanitary Beard,
Sereinban, April, 1905; Land
Office, Kinta, Peral, 1906.
Address : Kinta,Perak, Federat-
ed Maby States.

WATANABE, Viscount Noboru
(TOKYO) ; b. April, 1838. Held
posts as local Governor in civil
service; Chief of Board of
Audit, 1884-1900; is famous as
master of swordsmanship ;
created Viscount, 1887. Ad-
dress: Tokyo, Japan.

WAT A SB, Torajiro (TOKYO),
Agriculturist ; b. 1860, at Nu-
niazu. Educ. : Sapporo Agric.
Coll. Was connected with
educational work at Tokyo arid
in provinces ; started business
as seed-grower and importer
and exporter of farming re-

quisites ; tits in Mr.ni ipal
Council of Tokyo. Address r
Tokyo, Japan.

WAWNT, John Twizell (TOKYO),
Asst. Japanese Sec. TT. B. M.
Embassy. Appointed Studtnt
Interpreter in Japan, June 3,
Ih96 ; Ag. Consxil at Tamsui
1901 to 1902; promoted 1st
As st,. May 2, 1903; Asst. Jap.
Sec., II. B.M. Embassy, Tokyo r
19Jtf. Address: H. B. M.
Embassy, Tokyo, Japan.

ex- Governor;- General ; native
of Hunan. Judge, Kansu,
Feb., 1881 ; Treasurer, Karsu r
April, 1883 ;do., New Dominion,
Nov., 18< C 4 ; IIRS acted as Gover-
nor of Turkestan ; permitted
to retire, June, 1891 ; Trea-
surer, Kwangsi, June, 1895 ;
Governor, Yunnan, August,
1895 ; Governor, Shensi, Oct.,

1895 ; Governor-General, Sh en-
Kan, Sept., 1900; do., Yim-
Kuei, (Viceroy at Yunnan),
Dec., 1900; do., Liang-Kiang,
Dec., 1902 ; do., Fukien, Min-
Che provinces, October, 1904^
removed from office, 1904.

W E N - H A I (PEKING), Sub-
Chancellor, Grand Secretariat '>
native of Manchuria ; metrop.
graduate, 1889. Reader, Han-
lin, May, 1896; Asst. Super-
visor of Instruction, December,.

1896 ; Chief, do., March, 1900 ;
Sub-Chanceror, Grand Secret-
aiiat, Summer, 1901.


native of Manchuria. Deputy
Lieut.-Governor, K u . e i - h u a-
ch'eng, May, 1901 ; Brigadier
General, Tsingtau, 1905.

ANG), Treasurer ; native of
Kiangsu. Prefect, Hunan,
Mar., 1881 ; Chen- Yuen- Yung
Tao, Hxinan, 1890; Judge,
Kiangsi, June, 1895: Treasurer,
K waiigsi; Treasurer, Chekiang,
June, 1903.

Accountant. Appointed, after
open Competitive Examination
for Home Civil .Service, to Post
Office, Jan., 1890 ; 2nd Division
Clerk, Accountant - General's
Department, July, 1892 ; Clerk,
Controller's Office, Mar., 1898 ;
Superintendent of Registra-
tion, Ceseral Post Office, Sin-
gapore, May, 1903 ; acting
Superintendent of Mails, Oct.,
1903; Accountant Posts and
Telegraphs, 1906. Address: Sin-
gapore, Straits Settlements.

WHITLEY, Michael Henry (S B R-
EMBAN), Federated Malay Sta-
tes <^ivil Service ; b. September
26, 1872. Passed in Law and
Malay ; acting Registrar of
Courts, Selangor, and second
assistant District Officer, Ulu
Selangor, 1 897 ; served in sev-
eral capacities until appointed
Secretary to Resident of Negri
Sembilan, 1903 ; acting second
Magistrate, Kuala Lumpur.

May, 1903 ; acting Registrar of
Courts, Selangor, 1904; Secre-
tary to Resident, Negri Sembi-
lan, 1906. Address : Seremban,
Negri Sembilan.

WILLOUGHBY, Edward Digby
(MALACCA), Assistant Superin-
tendent of Works ; b. April 14,
187H. Assist. Engineer, Singa-
pore and Kranji Railway, May,
1901 : assistant Superintendent
of Works, Singapore, 1903 ;
assistant Superintendent of
Works, Malacca, 1904. Ad-
dress : Malacca, Straits Settle-


Auguste G.
Comman da nt,
ninh, Tonkin,

2e Brigade
de la Legion
Address : Bac-

WINSTEDT, Richard Olaf
(BATANG PADANG), Federated
Malay States Civil Service;
b. Aug. 2, 1878. Passed in
Law and Malay ; cadet at
Perak, 1902;. acting assistant
Inspector of Schools, Perak,
1903-1904; 2nd assistant Dis-
tiicl; Office-, Batang Padang^
June, 1904. Address: Bitang*
Padang, Perak, Federated
Malay States.

WOLFF, Ernest Charteris Hoi-
ford (TELOK ANSON), B.A.,
Oxon. : District Treasurer ; b.
July 3, 1S75. Passed in Law


and Malay ;' acting Treasurer,
Superintendent of Posts and
Telegraphs, and Collector of
Ftamp Duties, Pahang, 1898;
acting assistantDistrict Officer,
Pekar, 1899; Secretary to Re-
sident of Negri Senibilan, 1901 ,
assistant Secretary to Resident
of Selangor, acting Secretary

to Resident of Xegri Sembilan,
1903 : Chairman of Sanitary
Board, Seremban, 1904; Dis-
trict Treasurer, Telok An son,
and 'acting Secretary to Ke-
sident, Negri Seuibilan. Ad-
dress: Telok Alison, Perak,
Federated Malay States.

Dr. of Science ; ex-President of
Imp, Univ., Tokyo ; b. Jiily
1854, at Aizu. Educ.: America,
Europe. Connected with
Imp. Univ., Tokyo, since 1872;
resigned post of President,
1906. Address: Tokyo, Japan.

YAMASE, Shorn (TOKYO), Prof,
of Musical Acad. at Uyeno ; b.
July, 1845. Is an expert player
of the Japanese " Koto." Ad-
dress: Tokyo, Japan.

Military Governor ; native of
Anhwei. T'ung-chow Taotai,
June, 1901 ; Judge, Chihli, Oct.,
1902; Treasurer, do., Jiily, 1902;
acting Governor, Shantung,
Jan., 1905 ; Military Governor,
Kirin, March, 1906.

Extraordinary and Minister
Pleni r otentiary for China;

to retire, November, 1906.
Address: Chinese Legation,
Tsukiji, Tokyo, Japan.

YANO, Fumio (TOKYO), Journa-
list; b. 1850, in Oita-ki n. Sec-
retary of Finance, 1878 to 1881;
after resignation j oined political
party of Count Okuma; after-
wards chief editor of " Hochi ":
in 1 890, was appointed Director
of Imp. Archives ; was Minister
at Peking, 1897-1899 ; now
editor of illustrated magazine.
Address: Tokyo, Japan.

educationalist; b. April, 1834,
at Kumainoto. Principal of
Joshi Gaku-in (Girls' School)
which founded in Tokyo about
] 895 ; is a strong advocate of
betterment of condition of
women in Japan ; was instru-
mental in establishing local
Society for Suppression of
Vice. Address : Tokyo, Japan.


YASUDA, Z-njiro (TOKYO),
Merchant, &. October, 1838, in
Toyama-ken. Was an appr. en-
tice at a shop in Yedo (Tolcyo)
and later opened an exchange
shop on own account; sub-
sequent'y founded a bank ;
has f >unded at various times
several banks and was instru-
ni'-ntal in starting Tokyo Fire
Ins HIM nee Co., Imp. Marine
Insurance Co. and Kyosai Life
Insurance Co.; almost entirely
supplied the funds required
for Osaka Harbour Works.
Address : Tokyo, Japan.

YE>J CHIH (URGA), Resident;
native of Manchuria; Hon.
Degree. Grain Intendent,
Kwangtung, Jan., 1896 ; Judge,
Honan, Dec., 1893 ; Treasurer,
do., Dec., 1900; do, Shensi,
Feb., 1901 ; do., Shensi, April,
1901 ; do., Honan, Jan., 1902;
resigned, July, 1C03 ; Brigade
General, Ma-lan-chen, Eastern
Tombs, Oct., 1903 ; Resident at
Hsi-ning, Kansu, Oct., 1904 ;
Resident, Urga, Mongolia,
August, 1905.

YOKOI, Tokiyoshi (TOKYO) , Dr.
of Agr. ; Prof, of Imp. Univ. ;
5. Jan., 1860, at Kumamoto.
Has done much to improve
Japanese agriculture. Publi-
cations: Several works onagii-
culture. Address: Tokyo, Japan.

YOKOTA, Kuniomi (TOKYO),
Public Procurator-General of
Court of Cassation ; 6. August

1850 in Oita-kei Edit?.: Gjn-
many, 1886-1891. Address,
Tokyo, Japan.

YOSHINO, ?eikei ( T o K Y o ),
Publicist; 6. Nov., 1849, at
Tokyo. Took prominent part
in municipal organisation of
Tokyo, and repeatedly occupied
Chair in Municipal Council;
sat for city in Lower House*
1890-1892. Address : Tokyo,

YOUNG, l?obt. Hoyden ( SINGA-
PORE], Surveyor. Sub-Sur-
veyor, Survey Department,
Straits Settlements, Jan. 28,
3878; Computer and Drafts-
man, Malacca, May 1, 1881 ;
District Surveyor, Oct., 1882;
Chief Surveyor, July 12, -1888 ;
Senior Suiveyor, Jan., 1891;
in Charge of Re- Survey of
Singapore, May, 4, 1903. Ad-
dress: Singapore, Straits S et-

Police Provost; Chinese Ban-
nerman. Deputy Lieut.-Gen-
eral, Bordered Yellow Banner
Corps, April, 1901 ; Vice-
Comm., Peking Octroi, May,
1904; Junior Police Provost,
Peking, 190*.

Chinese Bannerman. Supf.
Hun ting Grounds, 1881 ; Supt.,
I m pe i ial Fac tory , S o o ch o w,
Dec., 1889; term expired ;
Director, Palace Stud., April,


J895; An-Lu-Ch'u Ho Tao
(Anhwei Taotai at Ngankin),
F^b., 1889.

YU HU-EN (KASHQAB), native
of Yunnan ; Commander-in-
Chief, July, 1900

YU-KANG (TIBET), Eesident ;
native of Manchuria. Asst.
Resident, Tibat, Sept., 1898 ;
Resident, do., Nov., 1900.

YURI, Viscount Kimnasa
(TOKYO), Member of House of

Peers ; 6. Oct., 1829, at Fukui.
Was Treasurer to clan, shortly
before Restoration, and after
that Minister of Fin-mce of
Imp. Gov. ; created Viscount,
1887. 'Address: Tokyo, Japan.

YU TAI (TIBET), Imperial
Resident ; native of Mongolia.
Sub-Director, Court of Stats
Ceremonial, April, 1900 ; Im-
perial Resident, Tibet, Doc.,





DRYDEN HOUSE, 43 fiERi;.u;i> ST., SOHO,










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