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stance; b. Fev. 17, 1853. Entree
1'Administration de la Justice, Sept.
21, 1888 ; President, Janv. 15, 1904.
Address: Saigon, Cochin-China.

BRADDEL, Robert Wallace Glen Lee
(SINGAPORE), Barrister-at Law ; b.
March 6, 1859; ?. Nov. 21, 1883
Mary Lawrence, 4th d. of Rev. T.
Smith of Brailes, Warwickshire.
Eihic.: Brighton College ; Worces-
ter College, Oxford. Has practised
at Straits' Bar since Dec., 1882.
Address: " Woodleigh," Sirangoon
Road, Singapore, Straits Settle-

BRADDON, Dr. William Leonard
(SEREMBAN), M.B., B.S., Lond.,
F.R.C.S., Eng. ; State Surgeon ;
b. May 29, 1862; i. Oct. 13, 1897,

Marion, 3rd (7. of late H. C. Philpott.
Educ. : Reading School ; Owen's
College ; Guy's Hospital ; Gold
Medallist and Scholar, London
University; Gold Medallist, Guy's-
Hospital. In Burmah 1888; joined
Selangor service, Dec., 1888 ; State
Surgeon, Negri Sembilan, since 1891 ..
Publications: "The Haomody-
namics of Cerebral Haemorrhage,'
in "Lancet" 1885; "The Mycoid
Body in Remittent Fevers," in
" Indian Medical Gazette," 1903 ;
" The Cause and Prevention of
Beri-beri," 1906. Club: The Golfers.
Address: Serein ban, Negii Sem-
bilan, Federated Malay States.

BRADY, Herbert Francis (Foocnow)
H.B.M. Consul. Appointed Stu-
dent Interpreter in China, March,
1876 ; acting Consul at Kiukiang,
1880 to 1881 ; acting Vice-Consul at
Whampoa, 1886 and 1887 ; discharged
duties of Accountant to Legation
1887, 1888, 1889 and 1891; promo-
ted 1st Assistant, Oct. 1, 1891 ;
assistant Chinese Secretary, 1892 ;
acting Consul at Ichaug, 1894 to
1895 ; acting Consul at Kiukiang,.
1895 to 1896 ; at Chinkiang, Aug. to
Nov., 1896 ; at Wuhu from Dec., 1896-
to Jan. 1897 ; acting Vice-Consul at
Shanghai, 1897 ; promoted Consul
at Samshui, Sept. 27, 1897 ; trans-
ferred to Chungking, Nov. 21, 1900 ;
to Chefoo, July 1, 1901; acting
Consul-General at Hankow, 1901 ;
Consulate, Foochow, 19C6. Address :
H.B.M. Consulate, Foochow,

BREDON, Sir Robert Edward (PEK-
ING), K.C.M.G. ; M.A., M.B., M.Ch. ;
Deputy Inspector General, Chinese




Customs ; b. Feb. 4, 1846: m. Sept. 3,
1879. Educ.: Private School ; Royal
School, Dungannon, Ireland ; Tri-
nity College, Dublin ; Graduated
University of Dublin. Competed for
Medical appointment in H.M's Ser-
vice and obtained 1st. place ; ap-
pointed Assistant Surgeon, 97th.
Regiment (now Royal West Kent
Regiment) 1867 ; retired 1873, being
then in West Indies ; joined Chinese
Imperial Maritime Customs as
Chief Secretary, Inspectorate Gen-
eral, 1873: Commissioner, Chefoo,
1875 ; Mingpo, 1875 ; Canton, 1876,
Peking (Chief Secretary), 1877 ; in
chargelnepectorateGeneral, 1877-78;
P eking (Chief Secretary), 1878; Com-
missioner, Hankow, 188C; Shanghai,
1890 ; Peking (Chief Secretary), 1893;
Commissoner, Hankow, 18C6 ; Com-
missioner, Canton, 1896 ; retired
and rejoined, 1897 ; Deputy Inspector
General, Peking, 1897 ; Shanghai
1900 ; Peking, 1904; was present with
family in British Legation, Peking,
duiing siege and bombardment,
1900 ; attached, 1902-04 to Chinese
Commisson for revision of British
and other Commercial Treaties.
Decorations: Officer of Legion of
Ho nour (France); Commander order
of Olaf (Xoiway) ; 2nd class Sacred
Treasure (Japan) ; K.C.M.G. (Great
Britain) : 2nd Division 2nd class
Double Dragon (China) , 2nd class
Crown of Prussia, with star ;
China Medal with Defence of Lega-
tions clasp. Publications : Various
papers in Customs publications on
Chinese railway and financial ques-
tions, including some in Chinese.
Clubs: Shanghai Country; Shang-

hai; Race, Shanghai ; Peking ;
Junior United Service, London.
Address: Inspectorate General of
Customs, Peking, China.

BRESLAND, Charles William (BA-
TANG PATANG), B.A. ; F.M.S. Civil
Service; b. April 10,1878. Educ.:
Dublin University. Appointed ca-
det, 1901 ; has acted as District
Officer at Kinta and Tapah ;
District Officer at Batang Patang.
Address: Batang Padang, Perak,
Federated Malay States.

BREWIN, Hon. Arthur Winbolt
(HONGKONG), Registrar General
and Member, Legislative Council ;
b. June 12, 1967. Educ. : Winchester.
Arrived in Colony, 1888 ; appointed
Justice of the Peace, 1894 ; acting
assistant Registrar-General, 1895;
acting Inspector of Schools, April,
1887 ; appointment confirmed Aug.
1897 ; acting Registrar-General, 1898
to 1899 ; [appointment confirmed,
1901. Club: Hongkong. Address:
Registrar General's Department,


BREWSTER, Edward John (KINTA),
District Officer ; b. Jan. 24, 1861.
Educ. : Brewood Grammar School ;
Cheltenham. Joined Federated
Malay States Civil Service as
assistant District Officer, Matang,
Perak, 1878 ; acting District Officer,
Krian, 1883-1884 ; ditto, Larut,
1885 ; ditto, Kiuta, 1888 ; District
Officer, Krian, 1889; Magistrate,
Krian, 1889 ; State Commissioner of
Lands ami Registrar of Mines, Jan.,



1892 ; acting State Auditor, April,
1893; District Magistrate, Lower
Perak, Aug., 1843. Club : Sports,
London. Address: Kinta, Perak,
Federated Malay States.

Proprietor and Editor of "Japan
Mail," Yokohama; b. 1841. At-
tached to Legation Guards, Tokyo,
J867; resigned from Royal Artillery,
1871, and appointed principal
instructor, Marine Artillery College,
Tokyo ; Prefessor Mathematics at
Imperial Engineering College,
Tokyo ; acquired "Japan Mail,"
1881 ; is Foreign Advisor to Nippon
Yusen Kaisha; Tokyo correspon'
dent of " Times,' Lond. Decoration:
3rd class of the Order of the Sacred
Treasure. Address : 3, Hiro-go
Azabu, Tokyo, Japan.

BROADRICK, Edward George (SINGA-
PORE), President Municipal Com-
mission; ft. July 29, 1864. Educ. :
Sherborne School. Clerk, H. M.
Office of Works, 1884 ; arrived in
Straits Settlements, 1887 ; acting
District Officer, South Province
Wellesley, 1889 ; acting 2nd Magi-
strate, Penang, 1895; District Officer,
Dindings, 1897 ; officer in charge of
Treasury, Malacca, 1897 ; Municipal
Commission, Malacca, 1898 ; Collec-
tor, Land Revenue, Malacca, 1901
Acting Inspector Prisons, Straits
Settlements, 1902 ; President Muni-
cipal Commission, Singapore, since
1904 ; Major Commanding Singa-
pore Volunteer Corps; President
Singapore Cricket Club. Address :
Singapore, Straits Settlements.

BROCKMAN, Edward Lewis (SINGA-
PORE), Assistant Colonial Secre-

tary ; b. June 29, 1865. Cadet, Straits
Settlements, 1886 ; passed in Malay,
1888 ; 3rd Magistrate, Penang, June
1890 ; acting 2nd assistant Colonial
Secretary, Feb. to Oct., 1892 ;
District Officer, Bukit Mertajam r
Mar., 1892; acting Collector of Land
Revenue, Penang, July, 1895 ; 2nd
assistant Colonial Secretary, June
1896 ; also acting Collector of Land
Revenue, Singapore, June, 1896 ;
acting assistant Colonial Secretary
and Clerk of Council, Aug., 1897 *
Collector of Land Revenue, Malac-
ca, 1898 ; acting 1st Magistrate
Singapore, Feb. 1899 ; Commission-
er, Court of Requests, Singapore,
Aug., 1902 ; assistant Colonial
Secretary and Clerk of Councils,
Sept. 1903 ; acted as Deputy Gover-
nor in April, 1906. Address : Singa-
pore, Straits Settlements.

BROKAW, Rev. Harvey (KIKE), B.A.,
Clergyman and Missionary ; b,
April 20, 1869, at Middlebush, New-
Jersey, U.S.A.; s. of Peter S. Brokaw
aml Adaline Brokaw ; . 1893 r
Olivia Brokaw. Educ. : Park Col-
lege, Parkville, Mo., U.S.A. ; Wes-
tern Theological Seminary. Ar-
rived as Missionary in Japan, Sept. r
1896 ; Missionary at Kanazawa,
1896-99 ; Hiroshima, 1899-1905 ; Kure,
1905 to date. Publications : Editor
" The Gospel Message," 1892-94.
Address: 77, Sanjo Dori, 3 Chome r
Kure, Japan.

BRONI, S. (HANOI), Secretary General
of Indo-China. Decorations : Of-
ficier of Legion d'Honneur. Ad-
dress : Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo-China.

BROOKE, H. H. Sir Charles Johnson,
(SARAWAK), G.C.M.G.; 2nd Rajah of



Sarawak; b. 1829; m. Margaret, rf.
of Clayton de Windt, of Blunsden
Hall, Wilts. Joined H. M. Navy
1840 ; resigned Commission 1851 ;
served in Sarawak under his uncle,
late Rajah Sir James Brooke until
1868, when he succeeded him as 2nd
Rajah. Recreations : Hunting ; Rea-
ding. Address: The Palace, Sara-
wak ; Roxbourne House, Malmes-
bury, Wilts ; Villa Raffo, Bogliasco,
near Genoa, Italy.

M.A., L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Edin-
burgh), L.E.P.S., Glasgow ; Health
Officer. Ednc. : Pern. College, Cam-
bridge ; London Hospital; B.A.,
1891; M.A., 1901; Fellow of Royal
Institute of Public Health ; Fellow
Medical Society, London ; Fellow
Royal Geographical Society. Late
Surgeon Allen Line and Furness
s.s. Co. ; Government Medical Of-
ficer and Medical Officer of Health,
Oockburn Harbour, Turks and
Caicos Islands ; acting Government
Medical Officer and Medical Officer
of Health Turk's Island, Aug., 1899 ;
J.P. for the Colony, June, 1899;
acting assistant Commissioner,
Cockburn Harbour, Dec., 1899-May,
1900 ; District Commissioner, Caicos
Islands, June, 1901 ; Health Officer,
Singapore, Jan. 31, 1902. Address:
Singapore, Straits Settlements.

BROU, Noce Pierre (HANOI), Inspec-
teur General des Postes et des
Telegraphes; b. Juin 24, 1841.
Entree 1'administration, Juin 1,
1864 ; Inspecteur, Dec. 1, 1903.
Decoration : Officier de la Legion
d'Honneur. Address: Hanoi, Ton-
kin, Indo-Cliinx.

BROWN, Alfred Vanhouse (PKXANG),
F.M.S. Civil Service ; b. Oct. 29,
1873. Educ. : Merchant Taylors'
School ; Queen's College, Oxford.
Obtained Eastern Cadetship at
open competition in 1896, and
appointed to Perak; Indian Im-
migration Agent, Perak, Jan. 1,
19CO ; Principal Assistant Super-
intendent of Immigrants, Federated
Malay States, Jan. 1, 1905. Club :
Sports, London. Address : Penang,
Straits Settlements.

BROWN, David Alexander Murray
(PENANG), Accountant ; b. Dec. 12,
1871 ; m. Feb. 25, 1901. Educ. : Har-
. row, Trinity Hall, Cambridge.
General Manager "Pinang Gazette"
Press. Recreations: Horse-racing.
Clubs : M.C.C. ; Queen's. Address :
Marble Hall, Penang, Straits Set-

General Agent for China, Japan,
India, etc., Canadian Pacific Rail-
way Co. ; b. March 20, 1855, at Owen
Sound, Canada. Entered railway
service with Great Western Railway
of Canada, May, 1875, as freight and
ticket clerk and telegraph opera-
tor; with Northern and North
Western Railway of Canada as
agent at Alliston, Barrie and
Orillia, relieving agent, travelling
auditor, cashier and spec, travelling
agent, 1879-1883; since 1883 with
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. ;
freight agent, Winnipeg, Manitoba,
for three years ; appointed District
Freight and Passenger agent for
Pacific Division, Sept., 1886; pro-
moted Assistant General Freight
and Passenger agent, Western


jind Pacific Divisions, in charge of
Railway and Pacific Steamship
traffic, May, 1889; transferred to
Hongkong to take charge of Co.'s
Pacific Steamships and traffic of
China, Japan, India, Australia, and
intermediate territory, June 1, 1893.
Club: Hongkong. Address: Hong-

BROWN, Dr. James Edward Myles
(GOPEN), M.B., Ch.B., Edinburgh ;
District Surgeon ; b. Aug. 9, 1874.
Served in South Africa with R.A.M.
Coi'ps, 1900 ; appointed District
Officer, Gopeng, 1904. Address :
Gopeng, Perak, Federated Malay

BROWN, John McLeavy, C.M.G.,
LL.D., ex-Head of Customs and
Controller of Finance, Corea.
Appointed Student Interpreter in
China, 1861 ; assistant Chinese
Secretary, 1864 ; in charge of Lega-
tion, 18b7 ; Secretary to Chinese
Mission to Europe, 1868 ; Acting
Chinese Secretary at Peking,
1871-1872 ; resigned, 1872 ; appointed
Commissioner in Chinese Customs,
later appointed Commissioner
General of Customs, Corea ; resign-
ed 1905 ; and went on tour abroad,
April, 1906. Decoration: Order of
the Sabred Treasure (Japan).

BROWN, Rev. Frederick (TIENTSIN),
F.R.G.S., Missionary; b. Jan. 25,
1860 ; m. April 27, 1886. Educ. :
Cliff College, Derbyshire ; Harley
Collega, London. Arrived in China
as a missionary in 1882, and was
stationad at Chefoo for two years,
then for three years in Peking;
moved to Tientsin taking charge of

the Intermediate School for Chinese
Boys for the Methodist Episcopal
Mission; in 1894 gave evidence to
Royal Commission on opium ; in
1900, during Boxer uprising, escaped
from Peking on June 4, the last to
get out; was at Peitaiho when all
were rescued by H. M. Gunboat
" Humber " ; returned to Tientsin
when city was taken by the Allies
after severe fighting ; was commis-
sioned by General Sir Alfred
Gaselee to search absconding Vice-
roy's (Yu-Lu) documents for evi-
dence on Boxer outrage ; evi-
dence found was conclusive that
Viceroy was head of Boxer Society
for district ; on the march to relief
of Peking was taken on General
Gaselee's Staff as Intelligence Of-
ficer and Guide; through local
knowledge British Force was first
to reach Peking and relieve the
Legations ; for his services received
Medal and "Relief of Peking"
Clasp, and special letters of thanks
from Major Parsons, Commanding
at Peitaiho, and General Gaselee,
Commanding the China Expedi-
tionary Force ; is at present Presi-
dent Tientsin Temperance Society ;
Vice-President China Opium Lea-
gue ; Principal Intermediate School
for Chinese boys ; Chaplain to
British Garrison. Publications:
From Tientsin to Peking with the
Allies. Address: Methodist Epis-
copal Mission, Tientsin.

BROWN, Rev. Henry John Benham

F.C.S., J.P. ; Government Analyst;




6. Jan. 10, 1866. Prior to arrival in
Hongkong was a demonstrator in
the laboratories of the Pharmaceu-
tical Society ; medallist in Chem-
istry ; appointed to Hongkong, 1893 ;
selected, 1894, to undertake special
work in connection with the sup-
pression of plague, for which re-
ceived letter of thanks and medal
from the community of Hongkong ;
for similar sen-ices in 1899-1901 re-
ceived letters of thanks from Hong-
kong Sanitary Board ; in 1898 ap-
pointed secretary to the Hongkong
Liquor Commission ; president of
the Hongkong Football Club ; exa-
mined referee, London Football
Association. Publications : Several
scientific papers. Club : Hongkong.
Address : Government Civil Hos-
pital, Hongkong.

BRUTTON, George Kingston Hall
(HONGKONG), Solicitor ; b. 1866 ;
2nd s. of Joseph Brutton, of Yeovil,
Somersetshire, and Parkholme,
Eastbourne ; iti. Maiie Louise, e. d.
of Thomas Hart, F.S.A., Polbrean,
The Lizard, Cornwall ; one child,
Margaretta (Meta) Hall. Educ. :
Sherburne School ; 1st XI. and 1st
XV. Admitted to Bar, 1891. Clubs :
Hongkong, Shanghai Country.
Address: The Castle, Hongkong;
Parkholme, Eastbourne, England.

BRYANT, Alfred Thomas (SINGA-
PORE), Straits Settlements Civil
Service ; b. 1861. Appointed cadet,
Oct. 2, 1883; District Officer,
Merlinan, May 13, 1887; District
Officer, Dindings, June 1, 1890; act-
ing 1st Magistrate, Penang, Aug. 23,
1895; confirmed, Aug. 24, 1898.
Club: Sports. Address: Singapore,
Straits Settlements.

Missionary; b. Dec., 1851 ; tn. July,
1875, to Rev. Thomas Biyson, of
L.M.S., Wuchang, Central China.
Arrived in China, 1875, and went
to Wuchang; removed to Tientsin,
1885. Publications: Serial story in
Children's Treasury, 1875 ; " Child
Life in Chinese Homes," 185 :
" Life of John Kenneth Mackenzie"
1889; "Roberts of Tient&in," 18C. r > ;
" The Story of James Gilman,"
1893; " Cross and Crown, stories of
the Chinese Martyrs" ; "The Land
of the Pigtail," 1905. Address:
London Mission, Tientsin, North

BUCHANAN, Charles Sumner (SINGA-
PORE), B.A.; Missionary ; b. July 28 r
1869; m. Oct. 0, 1897, Emily Early.
Educ.: Ohio iWesleyan University,
Delaware, U.S.A. Teacher in Anglo-
Chinese School, Singapore, 1896-
1902; Piincipal of Arglo-Chinese
School, 190S-C4; Missionary to the
Malays since 1905. Address :
Methodist Episcopal Mission,
Singapore, Straits Settlements.

BUNBURY, Rev. George Alexander
(HONGKONG), M.A., Clergyman ; b.
June 10, 1870. Educ. : Bath ; Oriel
College, Oxford ; 2nd class class-ic.il
mods., 1890; 2nd class Lit. Hum.,
1893. Ordained 1895 ; Curate of Hob-
Trinity, Oxford, 1895-98 ; C.M.S.
Missionary from 1898 ; Sub. Warden
of St. Paul's College, Hongkong
since 1901. Address: 2, College
Gardens, Hongkong.

BURDON, Rt. Rev. John Shaw
(SHANGHAI), D.D. ; Ordained, 1852 ;
Missionary in China 1853-74 ;
chaplain to Legation, Peking,



1865-72 ; Bishop of Victoiia, 1874-95 ;
widower. Publications: Translated
JCew lestament and Common
Prayer Book into Chinese. Address:
English Church Mission, Shanghai.

BURGESS, Harry A stall (PORT DICK-
SON), F.M.S. Civil Service; b. July
13, 1871. Joined service 1894, in
Demarcation office, Kinta; acting
assistant District Magistrate, Tan-
Jong Malim, 1895; acting assistant
Collector of Land Revenue,
Matang, 1896; acting Collector of
Land Revenue, Kuala Kangsar,
1897 ; acting assistant District
Magistrate, Tpoh, 1899 ; acting
Secretary to Resident, acting
Registrar of Courts, Laiut, June,
1900; acting Distiict Magistrate,
Upper Perak, Jan., 1902; Distiict
Officer, Temerlok, Pahang, 1903 ;
acting District Officer, Port Dick-
son, 1904. Address: Port Dickson,
Perak, Federated Malay States.

BURGESS, Percival James {SINGA-
PORE), M.A., F.M.S., Government
Analyst and Science Lecturer ; b.
July 5, 1873. Etfuc. : Cambridge.
Has held present position since
1900 ; Manager Malacca Rubber
Plantation. Address: Singapore,
Straits Settlements.



Service ; b. July 7, 1S68. In
Forest Department, Burma ; Chief
ForesJ Officer, F.M.S., 1901 ; Con-
servator of Forests, 1903. A ddress :
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Federat-
ed Malay States.

Pt u), F.M.S. Civil Service; b. Oct.

13, 1873. Private Secretary to
Chief Justice, Ceylon, 1883; joined
F.M.S. Civil Service, 1888 ; assistant
Magistrate at Kinta, and acting as-
sistant Collector of Land Revenue,
Larut, 1890; acting assistant Sec-
retary to Government, 1890; 2nd
assistant Secretary to Government
and Clerk of Councils, 1891 ; acting
Magistrate, Larut, 1893; Collector
of Land Revenue, and assistant
District Magistrate, Lower Perak,
1894; Collector of Land Revenue,
Lower Perak, 1895; acting District
Treasurer, Lower Perak, 1896 ;
acting Distiict Magistrate, Ma-
tang, 1898; Distiict Officer, Ulu
Langat, 1903; Collector of Land
Revenue and Registrar of Titles,
Kuala Lumpur, 1904; Secretary
to Resident, Selangor, Dec., 1904.
Addrew: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor.
Federated Malay States.

chant ; b. Shanghai, Apiil 5, 1865 ;
m. Maud Frances McGlew, of
Brooklyn, 1895. Educ. : Bognor
College, Forest School, Chelten-
ham, England. Was educated for
Army ; resigned Army in Apiil, 1881,
to join firm established by father
at Newch wang in 1860 ; entered
firm as shipping clerk, and taken
into partnership in 1883 ; now
senior partner ; holder of consider-
able mining concessions in Man-
churia ; is strenuous upholder of
British interests, and has done
much to assist Britishers in
Manchuria and North China ; was
of great assistance to Japanese in
recent war, and has been decorated
,by Japanese Emperor; was awarded



gold medals by Field Marshal
Oyama and Birou Kodamx for
services to Japanese at New-
chwang ; witnessed engagements in
vicinity of Newchwang. Club :
Newchwaug. Address: Newchwang,
M.uichuria, China.

Civil Service ; &. O^t. 23, 1S77 ; Sub-
Assistant Engineer Riilway Con-
struction Djpirtmant, Perak, 1833 ;
acting Commissioner of Police at
T.iiping an:l Salangar; acting as-

sistant Commissioner of Police,
Negri Sembilan ; acting Super-
intendent of Prisons, Seremban,
1904. Address: Seremban, Negri
Sembilan, Federate.! Malay States.

BYRNE, Harold Edward (KUALA
LUMPUR) F.M.S. Civil Sevice ; b. Oct.
14, 1878. Assistant Surveyor Trigo-
nometrical Survey, Perak, 1931 ;
assistant to Director, P.W.D.,Kuala
Lumpur, 1908. Address : Kuala
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated
Malay States.

CHANG) Resident ; Administrator,
2nd class ; b. June 2, 1866. Joined
Indo-China Civil Service, Jan. 1,
1893; Administrator, 4th class,
.Sept. 1, 1898; Administrator, 3rd
class, Feb. 7, 1901 ; Administrator,
2nd class, Jan. 1, 1904. Decoration:
Officier de 1'Instruction Publique.
Address: Kompong-Chang, province
of Kompong-Chang, Cambodge,

CAIffADAN, 0. (SHANGHAI), Lawyer;
b. March 19, 1877. Educ. : France.
Club: Fran cats, Shanghai. Ad-
irex* : S, Museum Road, Shanghai,

Accountant; b. Sept. 2, 1880, at
Hongkong. Educ. : Mannamead,
Plymouth. Returned to Hongkong
in 1878 ; joined Government Ser-
vice as assistant master in Govern-
ment Central School (now
Queen's College) ; joined Hongkong
and Whampoa Dock Company as
accountant in 1884. Interested in
all sport and amateur theatricals.
Clubs : Royal Hongkong Yacht,
Jockey, Football, and Cricket,
Victoria Recreation, Corinthian
Yacht, and Amateur Dramatic.
Address: Hongkong.

CALTHROP, Horace Gaorge (HONG-
KONG), Barrister-at-law ; b. June
7, 1853, 2ad s. of tb.3 late R3v.
Gordon Calthrop. EJ,uc. : Felstead
School, and Gonville and Cains
College, Cambridge ; B.A. (Law
Tripos), 1838. Student of the Inner
Temple, Aug., 1888 ; Common Law
Scholarship, Feb., 1890 ; called to
the Bar, June 10, 1891 ; admitted to
practise as barrister and solicitor
in the Gold Coast Colony, March,
1901; admitted to the Hongkong
Bar, Oct., 1904. Club : Hongkong.
Address : 18, Bank Buildings,
Queen's Road Central, Hongkong.

CAMERON, Alexander (KOBE), Mer-
chant. Educ. : Grammar School,
Grantown-on-Spey, Scotland;
served apprenticeship in office of
late Donald Grant, solicitor,
Grantown-on-Spey ; came to Japan,
Jan., 1839; established firm of A.
Cameron and Co., Nov., 1893 ; open-
ed a branch at Yokohama, 1904 ;
acquired the export business of A.
Di Atti and Co., 1905; now sole
proprietor of firms : A. Cameron
and Co., and A. Di Atti and Co. ;
President, Kobe St. Andrew's
Society, 1905-6. Club : Kobe. Ad-
dress : Kobe, and " The Firs,"
Shioya, Japan.



CAMPAGNOL, Andre Edmond
(HANOI), Conseiller, Cour d'Appel ;
b. March 21, 1859. Entree 1' Admin-
istration de la Justice, Juillet 21,
1887 ; Conseiller Sept. 21, 1904. Ad-
dress : Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo-China.

PERAK), F.M.S. Civil Service;
&. April 6, 1877. Passed law examin-
ation, 1902 ; cadet at Perak, 1902 ;
acting assistant District Magistrate
and Treasurer, Batang Padang,
Sept., 1903 ; acting Indian Immigra-
tion Agent, June, 1904; 2nd assis-
tant, District Officer, Kiian, 1904-5 ;
assistant District Officer, Upper
Perak, 1906. Address: Upper
Perak, Federated Malay States.

CAMPBELL, Archibald Angus
(SEREMBAN), F.M.S. Civil Service ;
b. Sept. 2, 1873. Attached to
Ordnance Survey, England, 1889;
District Surveyor, Seremban, 1899 ;
Surveyor, 1st grade, 1902. Address :
Seremban, Negri Sembilan, Fede-
rated Malay States.

CAMPBELL, Charles William, C.M.G.;
H.B.M. Consul ; b. Oct. 21, 1861 ; m.
1903, Violet Gertrude, y. d. of Mrs.
Coutts, of Wellhouse, Banstead.
Appointed Student Interpreter in
China, April 7, 1884; Consul at
Chemulpo, Corea, 1888 ; Accountant
at Peking, 1894 to 1896 ; promoted
1st class Assistant, Sept. 27, 1897 ;
Assistant in Chinese Secretary's
Office, Peking, 1896 to 1899; pro-
moted Vice-Consul at Shanghai,
May 13, 1899 ; Mission to Shantung
in connection with murder of mis-
sionary, Jan. to April, 1900; pro-

moted Consul, Wuchow, Feb. 24,
1900; acting Consul and Assistant
Judge, Shanghai, 19CO ; Interpreter
on expedition for relief of Le-
gations, Peking, June, 1900 ; acting
Consul-General, Tientsin, 1900 to-
1901 ; acting Chinese Secretary,
Peking, from 1901 to 1902 ; was act-
ing Consul-General at Canton, 1903-
1904. Address: H.B.M. Legation,
Peking, China.

CAMPBELL, Douglas Graham

(SEREMBAN), F.M.S. Civil Service.
Joined Straits Settlements Civil
Service, 1883 ; was Secretary to-
Resident, 1888 ; District Officer,

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