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* "Mr Andrew Peters Died Nov. 5, 1754 in ye 21st year of his age."
(Gravestone in old Hebron graveyard.)

t See The Revd. Samuel Peters.

t Inscriptions: " In memory of Mr John Peters who died Oct. ye 20
1754 in ye 60 year of his age."

"Here lies ye Body of Mrs Mary Peters widow to Mr John Peters
who departed this life July 25, A.D. 1784 in ye 86 year of her Age."

156 Connecticut

grain of pure silver or either silver or gold equivalent (if
demanded) upon the festival of St. John the Baptist in
each year. In 1745 his name was on the tax list of the
Church of Engand.

His will is to be seen to-day in Colchester, Conn. He
appoints Mary, his wife, and his son Andrew, his execu-
tors, and he leaves to his sons John, William, and Joseph
all his land lying in Marlboro ; Samuel * has one thou-
sand pounds; his daughters, Mary Carrier, Margaret
Mann, Phebe Case, and Mercy Buell, receive each five
pounds, and Andrew, Jonathan, and Bemslee are to have
the rest of the property divided between them. The will
is probated Dec. 2, 1754. The signature is a mere scrawl
and of no value, — that of a very sick or a very weak man.

Mary Marks' father, Joseph Marks, was from Spring-
field, Mass., where he had a grant of land, on the west side
of the river, Feb. 2, 1685. He was a soldier in Capt. Bull's
company, which was sent to Albany and Schenectady in
November, 1689, to protect the English settlers there
against the French and Indians. In a skirmish, Marks
and Samuel Beamen were taken prisoners. Beamen
escaped, but Marks was carried to Canada, whence, after
a varied experience, he returned in 1692. He was a noted
Indian fighter. Marks' Garrison and Mountain were
named after him.

He soon after removed to Brookfield, Mass., where he
received a grant of 60 acres of upland for a house-lot.
He afterward had an additional grant of 180 acres. His
was one of the fortified houses named in connection with
the Indian wars.

456 IV. John, first child of John and Mary Marks,
bom in North Brookfield, Mass., Dec. 28, 1717, died in

* See The Revd. Samuel Peters.

3S&1 ';;::^''i»'^?«<^

Hebron 157

Hebron* Conn., Nov. 9, 1804; md. in Hebron, Feb. 22,
1739, Lydia Phelps, dau. Joseph Phelps and

, his wife, bom in Hebron, Nov. 25, 1723,
died in Hebron, Feb. 15, 1784,* and had fifteen children.

V. Children of John and Lydia Phelps:

468 (1). John, bom in Hebron, June 30, 1740! (md., ch.).

469 (2). Lydia, born in Hebron, Feb. 24, 1742, died in
Bradford, Vt., Sept. 3, 1825; was md. in Hebron, Nov.
25, 1 761, to Benjamin Baldwin, Jr., son Benjamin
Baldwin and Elizabeth , his wife, bom
in Norwich, Conn., Dec. 9, 1733, died in Bradford, Vt.,
Feb. 21, i8i8, and had nine children.

470 (3). Mary, born in Hebron, Jan. 19, 1744, died in
Thetford, Vt., Aug. 30, 1826; was md. in Hebron,
Sept. 27, 1764, to Joseph Hosford, Jr., son Joseph
Hosford and Abigail , his wife, bom in
Hebron, June 21, 1743, died in Thetford, Vt., Nov. 3,
1 81 9, and had twelve children.

471 (4). Susanna, bom in Hebron, Dec. 5, 1745, died in
Norwich, Vt., Oct. 14, 1834; was md. in

, April 24, 1 771, to John House, Jr.,
son John House and , his

wife, bom in Lebanon, Conn., April 29, 1744, died in
Norwich, Vt., Feb. 17, 1825, and had seven children.
He was colonel in the American army during the
473 (5). Phebe, bom in Hebron, April 29, 1748, died in
Hebron, Jan. 20, 1794; was md. in Hebron, June 25,
1769, to David Sutton, M.D., son Seth Sutton and

, his wife, born in He-
bron, Dec. 26, 1736, died in Hebron, Jan. 29, 1804.
No children. He was a graduate of Yale, 1760.

* Gravestones in Gilead graveyard, Hebron.
t See Col. John of the Queen's Loyal Rangers.

158 Connecticut

473 (6). Mercy, bom in Hebron, Feb. 7, 1750, died in
Hebron,* Feb. 16, 1753.

474 (7). Margaret, born in Hebron, March 29, 1752, died
in Piermont, N. H., March , 1821; was md. in

to Zenas
Case, son of Case and

, his wife, born in

, died in

and had 7 children.

475 (8). Absalom, f born in Hebron, March 25, 1754
(md., ch.).

476 (9). Andrew, born in Hebron, Jan. 30, 1756, died
Dec. 26, 1758.

477 (10). Mercy, bom in Hebron, Dec. 9, 1757, died in
Cambridge, N. Y., Aug. 3, 1839; was md. in Hebron,
March 11, 1779, to Ruel Beebe, son Ebenezer Beebe
and Abigail , his wife, born in Lyme,
Conn., Jan. 8, 1752, died in Cambridge, N. Y., Jan. 20,
1 741, and had 3 children.

478 (11). Samuel, twin of Mercy, born in Hebron, Dec.
9, 1757 (md., no ch.).

479 (12). Andrew,! born in Hebron, Dec. 23, 1759
(md., ch.).

480 (13). Joseph Phelps, § born in Hebron, Nov. 7, 1761
(md. ch.).

481 (14). William^born in Hebron, March 11, 1764
(md., ch.).

482 (15). Sarah Popelia, born in Hebron, Oct. 24, 1768,
died in Cambridge, N. Y. (between 1836-1843); was
md. in

♦Gravestone in old graveyard, Hebron. Stone inscribed: "In
Memory of Marcy ye Daugh'. of Ensign John Peters and Mrs Lydia his
wife who Died Feby i6th A.D. 1753 in ye 3 year of her age."
"Let not ye Dead Forgotten Lye
Lest Men Forget that they Must Die."
t See Gen. Absalom.
X See Ohio.
§ See New York State.

Hebron 159

to Ira Parmerly, son Parmerly and

, his wife, born in

, died in
Cambridge, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1839, and had two chil-

John md. (2) in Hebron, Feb. 6, 1785, Mrs. Elizabeth
Murry, dau. Jonathan Phelps of Northampton, Mass., and

, his wife, bom in
, Feb. 22, 1739, died in Hebron,
July 29, 1790. No children.

1755. He was established and confirmed by the As-
sembly to be ensign of the train-band in the parish of
Gilead and ordered to be commissioned accordingly.

1756, Aug. 17. John Peters of Gilead in Hebron, ensign,
in Col. John Trumbull's regiment, alarm for relief of Fort
William Henry, service 15 days.

1758. He was established by the Assembly to be lieu-
tenant of the train-band.

1762. He was established captain of the same in the
12th regiment.

It is said that a colonel's commission was sent to him at
the beginning of the Revolution, but that he returned it,
as he was in sympathy with the American cause.

The following is a copy of a letter he sent to his relatives
in Medfield, Mass. :

"Hebron, August ye 22, a.d. 1783

"Sir, i would in form you that my wife is sik and not
likely to be well ever a gain and i am old and not abel
to com and see you but i have not for got you and want
to see you and yours and would be glad you would right
to me, and let me know whether Mr Samuel* and John
peters * of Andover are alive or dead and how the world

♦ Samuel (III.), son of Samuel (II.), son of Andrew (I.), and John,
his brother, second cousins of the writer, and brothers of the William
to whom the letter is written.

i6o Connecticut

goes with you and yours and I want to no the eage
of WilHam peters of Medfield and the eage of his two
brothers at Andover my mother is 85 years old in Sep-
tember and is yet aHve and in great hopes to see her
two sons * that are now in old England and her datter
that is in Canedy * and thinks it hard that Rebels shall
keep Loylest out of their estates because they love thair
king and pray for him that he may conker all his inne-
mies which in duty bound they ever pray. This from a
a friend to trew liberty

"John Peters to Mr William peters

of Medfield if he is alive if not alive then to his children
my eage is 66 and nomber of my children 13 alive 2 dead."

The Boston Magazine of 1784 contains the following
notice :

"An obituary for March 1784 Died on the 15th of
February at Hebron Conn., Mrs Lydia Peters, wife of Col.
John Peters and second daughter of Joseph Phelps Esq.
She was married at the age of fifteen, and lived with her
consort three times fifteen years; And had fifteen living
children, thirteen now aHve, and the youngest fifteen
years cM; She had three times fifteen grandchildren;
She was^'ick fifteen months, and died on the fifteenth
day of the month, aged four times fifteen years."

Ia the graveyard at Gilead (Hebron) may be seen
the three stones with these inscriptions :

"In memory of Col° John Peters who died Nov 9,
1804 aged 86 years 10 months and 12 days.

"This modest stone, what few vain mortals can,
May truly say, here lies an honest man !
Calmly he looked on either life, and here
Saw nothing to regret or there to fear."

* The Rev^. Samuel Peters and Bemslee, who was a captain in the
king's service. Her "datter" is Mercy, wife of Col. Timothy Buell.

Hebron i6i

"In memory of Mrs Lydia Peters loving consort of
Coll° John Peters and Daught of Joseph Phelps Esq, She
Departed this life Feb . 15, 1 7 8 4 , in ye 6 1 st year of her age . ' '

"Here lyes the Body of Mrs. Elizabeth Peters the
second wife of Col John Peters Second daughter of Mr
Jon?,than Phelps of Northampton She departed this life
July ye 29 A.D. 1790, 51 years 5 months and 7 days old
She was own Cousin to my first wife."

478 V. Samuel, twin of Mercy and eleventh child of
Col. John and Lydia Phelps, bom in Hebron, Conn.,
Dec. 9, 1757, died in Hebron, Sept. i, 1821; md. in He-
bron, Sept. 25, 1782, Hannah Trumbull, dau. Deacon
Asaph Trumbull and Zilpher , his wife,

bom in Hebron, (1761), died in Hebron,

Dec. 28, 1841, aged 80. No children.

He served in the Revolutionary army, 1775, July 12 to
Dec. 17, under Capt. Abijah Rowlee, 3d Co., 2d Regi-
ment, and from July 11 to Dec. 17, 1776.

1776 Sept. Samuel Peters is a drummer in Capt. Well's
Co., 12th Reg., to West Chester.

1778 Aug. 2, Samuel Peters, drummer, enlisted in
Capt. Rudd's Co. to Sept. 12, in Col. Chapman's Regiment,
under Brig, -General Tyler, under Gen. Sullivan, engaged
in an attempt to dislodge the British at Newport, R. I.,
Aug. 29, 1778 (Battle of Rhode Island).

1 781 Samuel Peters, paid from Jan. i, to Dec. 31, 1781.

His monument and that of his wife are to be seen in
the graveyard in Gilead, Hebron, Conn.*

* " In Memory of Capt. Samuel Peters who died Sept. i, 182 1, in the
64th year of his age. How lovd how valud now avails thee not,

To whom related or by whom begoc, A heap of dust, alone re-

mains of thee."

"In Memory of Hannah Relict of Capt. Samuel Peters, and daughter
of Deacon Asaph Trumbull, who died Dec 28, 1841. M 80."

She was on the list of pensioners of the Revolution, as of Hebron, in

i62 Connecticut

466 IV. Jonathan, eleventh child of John and Mary-
Marks, bom in Hebron, Conn., Aug. 15, 1737, died Oct.
26, 1778, on Long Island*; md. in Hebron, Nov. 25,
1 76 1, Abigail Thompson, dau. John Thompson and Mary
uV^w,,. , his wife, bom in Hebron, Sept. i, 1737,

died in Hebron, April 9, 181 2, f aged 74, and had six chil-
dren. (It is April 9th in Hebron records and 6th on
her gravestone.)

V. Children of Jonathan and Abigail Thompson:

483 (1). Abigail, bom in Hebron, Oct. 16, 1762, died
March 28, 1764.$

484 (2). John Thompson, born in Hebron, Oct. 11, 1764
(md., ch.).

485 (3). Jonathan, born in Hebron, Dec. 7, 1766 (md.,

486 (4). Samuel Andrew, born in Hebron, Jan. 17, 1770
(md., ch.).

487 (5). Abigail, bom in Hebron, Aug. 19, 1773, died in

488 (6). John Hugh, born in Hebron, May 11, 1776, died

* The Rev. Samuel Peters, in a letter dated New York, March 17,
1821, says that Jonathan died of camp fever on board a British ship,
commanded by Lord Howe, between New York and Chesapeake Bay.
The Hebron records say "on Long Island." Which is to be believed?
The Rev. Samuel always tries to inflate every fact that relates to the
Peters family!

t Gravestone in Gilead graveyard : ' ' Abigail wife of Jonathan Peters
Died April 6, 1812, Aged 74."

t Stone in the old Hebron graveyard inscribed. "Mrs. Abigail
daughter of Mr Jonathan and Mrs Abigail Peters who died March 28,
1764, in ye 2d year of her Age.

Happy ye babe Who privileged by fate To shorten labour

and a lighter weight Received but yesterday ye gift of breath

. . . [illegible]."

Hebron 163

in Chatham, Conn., Oct. 7, 181 1, unmd.* He resided
in Chatham. In 1798 he graduated from WiUiams Col-
lege. He studied law with his older brother, John T.
Peters. In 1803 he began to practise law in Middle
Haddam, Conn., and practised there and in Chatham
until his death. From 1804 to 181 1 he was postmaster
at Middle Haddam, being its first postmaster. He
was a man of superior intellect, but of singular habits.

484 V. John Thompson, second child of Jonathan and
Abigail Thompson, bom in Hebron, Conn., Oct. 11, 1764,
died in Hartford, Conn., Aug. 28, 1834; md. in

, Mrs. Elizabeth Caulk-
ins of Norwich, Conn., dau. Capt. John Famham, and
Elizabeth Chapman, his wife, bom in

, died in New York, Sept. 4,
1 84 1, aged 71, and had five children.

VI. Children of John Thompson and Elizabeth Famham

489 (1). Mary Otis, born in Hebron, May 2, 1802, died
in Gilead (Hebron), Feb. 7, 1879. Unmd.

490 (2). Abigail Thompson, born in Hebron, Nov. 23,
1803, died in Darien, Conn., June , 1882; was md. in
Hartford, Conn., Dec. 25, 1827, to Selah Burr Treat,
son of Selah Treat and Anna Williams, his wife, born in
Hartland, Conn., Feb. 19, 1804, died in Boston, Mass.,
March 28, 1877, and had seven children.

491 (3). William Thompson, born in Hebron, May 29,
1805 (md., ch.).

493 (4). Hugh, born in Hebron, Jan. 30, 1807, died in
Cincinnati, O., June 9, 1831. Unmd. Graduated
from Yale, 1826. Studied law with his father; 1828,

* Stone to be seen in the graveyard at Middle Haddam (Chatham)
Conn.: "Siste Viator. John Hugh Peters Esq. Died on the 7th day
of October A.D. 181 1 in the 36th year of his age. His remains are here
interred. He was a learned man and an honest lawji-er."

1 64 Connecticut

was admitted to the bar and was a practising attorney
in Hartford, Conn., where he was also major and aide-
de-camp in the militia. In 1829 he removed to
Cincinnati, O., where he practised law and was
commissioner for the state of Connecticut. He was
a writer of verses at one time well known and much
esteemed. He was a contributor to the New England
Review, Cincinnati Chronicle, Illinois Magazine, etc.;
and, though but twenty-four when he died, had already
entered upon what gave every indication of being a
brilliant career. He had no enemies, and was gen-
erally admired and esteemed, and his sudden and
singular death,* not wholly devoid of mystery, was a
loss both to literature and the bar. His volume of
Yankee Lyrics is full of wit and humor, and his verses
entitled My Native Land, Good Night, were at one time
almost as well known as Home, Sweet Home, f
493 (5). Andrew, born in Hebron, July 26, 1809, died in
Centerville, Md., Oct. 15, 1829. Unmd.

John Thompson graduated from Yale, 1789. He
studied law in the office of Governor Smith, of Sharon,
After his admission to the bar he practised in Hebron
until 1 813, when he was appointed by President Madison
collector of Internal Revenue of the First District in
Connecticut. He then removed to Hartford. In May,
18 1 8, he was appointed a judge of the Superior Court,
which office he held at the time of his death. He held
divers local offices, and from 1834 to the time of his death
was brigadier general of the 3d Brigade in the State

491 VI. William Thompson, third child of John
Thompson and Elizabeth Famham Caulkins, bom in

* His body was found floating in the Ohio river. In the Hebron
churchyard are to be seen the gravestones of John Thompson, his wife
EHzabeth, and his sons, Andrew and Hugh.

t See^/Tj/ Native Land, Good-Night.



Hebron 165

Hebron, Conn., May 29, 1805, died in Waterbury, Conn.,
July 5, 1885; md. in \-^Q^i tvri.vxA^ , -U-^^ rl,\y i-

Etha L Town, dau. Ithiel Town of

New Haven and , bom in

Boston, Mass., Feb. 12, 1809, died in Cheshire, Conn.,
Feb. 26, 1 87 1, and had eight children.

VII. Children of William Thompson and Etha Town:

494 (1). William Thompson, Jr., born in Cheshire, Feb.
2, 1828 (md., ch.?).

495 (2). Hugh Florien, bom in New Haven, Conn., June
14, 1829 (md. ).

496 (3). Ithiel Town, bom in New Haven, May 27, 1834,
died in Cheshire, Dec. 2, 1855.

497 (4). Charles S , bom in New Haven,
July 25, 1837, died in Cheshire, Aug. 26, 1844.

498 (5). John Andrew, born in New Haven, June 6,
1843, died in Baltimore, Md., Sept. 5, 1863. In 1861,
Oct. 27, he enlisted in the ist Regiment of Connecticut
Cavalry and died in the service. He was a spy, and of
much aid to the cause. On several occasions he made
use of the disguise of an old woman. His name is on
the state Roll of Honor.

499 (6). Andrew Otis, born in New Haven, Aug. 5, 1846
(md., ch.).

500 (7). Charles W , bora in New Haven,
Feb. 3, 1848 (md., ch.).

501 (8). Florence, born in New Haven, Sept. 26, 1850,
died Sept. 3, 1852.

Wilham Thompson graduated from Yale College in
1825. He was a physician and a farmer. In 1841-43
he was recording secretary and treasurer of the New
Haven Horticultural Society. In 1852 he was town
treasurer of Cheshire, Conn., whither he had removed
about this time. In 1857 he was elected state senator.

]66 Connecticut

and while of the Senate, being a farmer, he was appointed
on the Committee of Agriculture. In 1861 he was
elected representative from Cheshire, Conn., and served
on the Committee of Agriculture. In 1870 he was judge
of the Cheshire District of Probate. In 1873 he was
representative from Cheshire.

494 VII. William T., first child of William Thompson
and Etha Town, bom in Cheshire, Conn., Feb. 2, 1828,
died in * md.

in dau. of

his wife, bom in

died in and

had one son.

VIII. Children of William T. and

503 (1).

495 VII. Hugh Florien, second child of William
Thompson and Etha Town, bom in New Haven, Conn.,
June 14, 1829, died in Cheshire, Conn., Oct. 4, 1856; md.

dau. and

his wife, born in
died in
and had children.

He graduated from Yale in 1849.

* Said to have died in a Soldiers' Home in New York State, and to
have left one son.



499 VII. Andrew Otis, sixth child of WilHam Thompson
and Etha Town, bom in New Haven, Conn., Aug. 5,
1846, died in Cheshire, Conn., Feb. 16, 1871; md. in

, Nov. 30, 1866, EHzabeth
Hubbard, dau. Hubbard and

his wife, born in Springfield, Mass., Jan. 26,
1849, died in
and had two children.

VIII. Children of Andrew Otis and Elizabeth Hubbard:

503 (1). Florence E , bom in Hartford,

Conn., Sept. 13, 1867,

504 (2). Andrew C
Conn., Nov. 19, 1870.

bom in Hartford,

504 VIII. Andrew C
Conn., Nov. 19, 1870, died in

, born in Hartford,

500 VII. Charles W , seventh child of

William Thompson and Etha Town, bom in New Haven,
Conn., Feb. 3, 1848, died in
; md. in
Alice Roberts, dau. Roberts and

his wife, bom in
died in
and had children.

i68 Connecticut

VIII. Children of Charles W and Alice Roberts:

505 (1).

485 V. Jonathan, third child of Jonathan and Abigail
Thompson, bom in Hebron, Conn., Dec. 7, 1766, died in
Hebron, Aug. 20, 181 2* ; md. in

Caroline Cone, dau. Zachariah Cone
and Mary his wife, bom in Andover So-

ciety, Hebron, Conn. (bap. Hebron, Ap. 29, 1770), died
in Hebron, Aug. 19, 1853, aged 85,* and had ten children.

VI. Children of Jonathan and Caroline Cone:

506 (1). Elizabeth, bom in Hebron, Aug. 29, 1788, died
in Hebron, Dec. 8, 1843 t; was md. in

, Nov. 26, 1806, to John Graves, son
Samuel Graves and Anne Heme, his wife, born in Ston-
ington. Conn., June 20, 1784, died in Hebron, July 15,
i868,t and had ten children.

507 (2). Abigail, bom in Hebron, Oct. 12, 1790, died in
Hebron, Aug. 21, 1866 f; was md. in

, March 28, 1809, to William Graves, son
Samuel Graves and Anne Heme, his wife, born in Ston-
ington. Conn., Feb. 9, 1780, died in Hebron, July 14,
1859, aged 79, and had 2 children.

508 (3). Jonathan, born in Hebron, July 23, 1792. (md.,

509 (4). Samuel Andrew, born in Hebron, Aug. 22, 1795.

510 (5), George, bom in Hebron, Dec. 12, 1797! (md.,

* Jonathan was buried in the old Hebron graveyard, but there is a
stone to his memory, and one to his wife, Caroline, in St. Peter's
churchyard in Hebron.

■j" Buried in St. Peter's churchyard, Hebron.

Hebron 169

511 (6). Mary Cone, born in Hebron, Dec. 4, 1799, died
in Hebron, Aug. , 1804.

512 (7). Caroline, born in Hebron, Sept. 5, 1801, died in

; was
md. in , Sept. 13, 1826,

to Roger Loomis, son Joel Loomis and Jemima

, his wife, born in Columbia, Conn., Feb. 7,
1796, died in Columbia, Feb. 3, 1862, and had two

513 (8). Emily, born in Hebron, Oct. 15, 1803, died in
Hebron, Aug. 19, 1857.* Unmd. Buried in St. Peter's
churchyard, Hebron.

514 (9). Joseph Priestly, born in Hebron, Nov. 9, 1805
(md., ch.).

515 (10). Otis Thompson, bom in Hebron, July 19,
1808, died in New York, Feb. 10, i86i. Unmd. Buried
in St. Peter's churchyard, Hebron.

508 VI. Jonathan, third child of Jonathan and Caro-
line Cone, bom in Hebron, Conn., July 23, 1792, died in
, Erie Co., O., ; md. in

, Lydia Bum-
ham dau. Joseph Bumham and Jerusha Kellogg, his wife,
bom in Hebron, Aug. 15, 1796, died in ,

Erie Co., 0., and had five children.

VII. Children of Jonathan and Lydia Bumham:

516 (1). Marinda, born in Hebron, Nov. 10, 1816, died
in Vergennes, Mich., Oct. 11, 1877; was md. in

, March , 1841, to Andrew

Cole, son Abner Cole and Amy

, his wife, bom in New Berlin, N. Y.,

, 1813, died in Vergennes, Mich., Aug. i,

1875, ^^d had 3 children.

517 (2). Laura, born in Hebron, , died in

, Ind.;

* Hebron records say Aug. 22. Her gravestone says Aug. 19.

1 70 Connecticut

was md. in

to David Butler, son Butler and

, his wife, born in

, died in
Ind., and had

518 (3). Jonathan, bom in
Erie Co., O. (md., ch.).

519 (4). Otis, born in Hebron, (md. ch.).

520 (5). Hugh, bom in (md. ch.).

518 VII. Jonathan, third, child of Jonathan and
Lydia Bumham, bom in
Erie Co., O., , died in

; md. in
Maria dau.

and his

wife, born in

died in and

had 3 children.

VIII. Children of Jonathan and Maria

521 (1).

523 (2).

523 (3).

519 VII. Otis, fourth child of Jonathan and Lydia
Burnham, born in Hebron, Conn.,
died in New York, ; md. in

Hebron 171

Rosamond Snell-
grove, dau. Snellgrove and

his wife, bom in

(Georgia, or N. Carolina)., died in

Dec. 5, 1842, and had chil-


520 VII. Hugh, fifth child of Jonathan and Lydia
Bumham, born in

, died in
md. in EHza

Mead, dau. Mead and

his wife, bom in
died in Richmond, Va., May 4, 1870, and had 3 children.

VIII. Children of Hugh and Eliza Mead:

524 (1).

525 (2).

526 (3).

510 VI. George, fifth child of Jonathan and Caroline
Cone, bom in Hebron, Conn., Dec. 12, 1797, died in
Hebron, March 15, 1881*; md. in Portland, Conn.,
Sept. I, 1837, Almira Wells, dau. Roswell Wells and
Almira , his wife, bom in Portland, July

30, 181 7, died in , Ap. 29,

1895, and had two children.

* Buried in St. Peter's churchyard, Hebron.

172 Connecticut

VII. Children of George and Almira Wells:

527 (1). Elizabeth, born in Hebron, June 25, 1858,
died in was

md. in , Nov. 3, 1875, to

Seth Daniel Clark, of Hebron, son Jonathan Clark and
Ann , his wife, born in Middletown,

Conn., June 12, 1852, died in

, and had three children.

538 (2). George Otis, born in Hebron, June 17, i860
(md., ch.).

538 VII. George Otis, second child of George, and
Ahnira Wells, bom in Hebron, Conn., June 17, i860,
died in Hebron, Aug. 25, 1888; md. in Hebron, Dec. 23,
1887, Margaret Jane Hanna, dau. George Hanna and
Rebecca , his wife, bom in Hebron,

, 1862, living in Hebron, 1903, and had one child.

VIII. Children of George Otis and Margaret Hanna:

529(1). Bessie Otis, bom in Hebron, Dec. 30, 1888, living
in Hebron, 1903.

514 VI. Joseph Priestly, ninth child of Jonathan and
Caroline Cone, born in Hebron, Conn., Nov. 9, 1805, died
in , Sept. 17, 1842*; md. in

, Jane Scaif, dau.
Scaif and his

wife, bom in , Eng., ,

died in and had


VII. Children of Joseph Priestly and Jane Scaif:

530 (1). Jane S , born in

, 1836, died in
, Nov. 4, 1852, aged 16.*
* Gravestones in St. Peter's churchyard, Hebron.

Hebron 173

531 (2). Carrie Otis, born in

(bap. May. 2, 1842), died in San
Francisco, Cal.

486 V. Samuel Andrew, fourth child of Jonathan and
Abigail Thompson, born in Hebron, Conn., Jan. 17, 1770,
died in Colchester, Conn., Dec. 19, 1854; md. in Col-
chester, Conn., Jan. 17, 1799, Orrel Wyles, dau. David
Wyles, and Elinor , his wife, bom in Col-

chester, Feb. 14, 1777, died in Colchester, May 20, 1835,
and had three children.

VI. Children of Samuel Andrew and Orrel Wyles:

533 (1). John Thompson, bom in Colchester, Oct. 27,

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