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who now yearn for a coat-of-arms may be blessed with
satisfied, and, what is more, justified, aspirations. We
may be entitled to a coat-of-arms, even to that so long
used by some branches of the family, but the compiler
has done her best to produce a correct and exact history,
based only upon facts known and proved to be such.
Some one — probably the Revd. Samuel — is responsible
for a number of colored engravings of Peters coat armor,
all made at the same time, and which have spread from
Maine to California. It will be hard for many of the
family to part with these should they be proved to be
incorrect; but there is no trace of arms until our rev-
erend relative gave his attention to the subject. Old
Andrew's seal is a very different affair, and to the com-
piler's mind is far more interesting and valuable than
any number of European crests. An American heraldry
we might surely have ; then why not take his seal, which
the compiler believes to mean so much, and to tell of
that terrific fight in the Narragansett country and of
long years of border warfare,* and make that the father
of a new heraldry — a heraldry all our own?

* During his residence in Andover Andrew appears to have been cer-
tainly once, perhaps twice, burned out by the Indians. (Page 22.)
"1692 Mr Andrew Peeters (now an inhabitant in Andover), being
lately burnt out by ye Indians. " This may have occurred in 1689, or
it may have been more recent, but certainl}'' his son Samuel was too
young to be his partner at that time, and he saj'^s in his will: "whereas
I was Burnt out bij ye heathen Enemij hee ye said Samuell Peeters
hath been mij Copartner Euer Since." This second burning may have
been the one referred to in 1698 (see note at foot of page 28).


P, 8 (line 8), quarter musters, not quarter masters.

P. 23 (note), 24 (line 5), 26 (note), Carleton, not Carlton.

P. 23 (line 8), John Aslebe was great-great-uncle, not great-

P. 36 (lines 15, 16), Andrew Allen was brother, not father;
this is proved by reference to the "widdowe Allen."

P. 54 (line 19), 25, not 55 miles.

P. 60 (line 24), 4/, not 44/.

P. 67 (line 13), July, 1780, not July 17, 1780.

P. 104 (line 14), Nancy Carney died in 1865, Her first
husband is said to have been drowned at sea. She was mar-
ried to Andrew Peters Oct. 14, 1798.

William (216 VI) died in Oakland, Cal., June 15, 1885;
md, in Parish of Portsea, Hampshire, Eng., , 1835,

Cicely, dau. William Silver, and Frances Nyren, his wife; she
died in 1839.

Cicely Frances (226), born in Le H^vre, was md. in Wash-
ington, D. C, to Francis Boarman. No children.

Andrew Vincent died in Eugene, Ore., 1901.

Mary Harriet, bom in Ingouville, France, died unmd.

Ignatius Kemble, bom in Georgetown, D. C, died Jan. 12,
1901, in Eugene, Ore.; md. in Eugene, Ore., Eudora, dau.
Richard Henderson. No children.

Joseph Chrysostom, bom in France, living 1903; md. in
San Francisco, Cal., Alice, dau. Edward Cain and Alice

his wife, bom in Eng. ,

and had 9 children.

Arthur Silver, born in Lavana, N. Y.; md. in San Fran-
cisco, Cal., Agnes, dau. Lucas Lancaster, and had 7 children.

William Bonaventure, died in Oakland, Cal., 1875; md. in
Washington, D. C, 1864, Margaret, dau. John Major, bom in

xviii Corrections and Additions

Ireland, died in 1876, and had 3 children, one of whom, Cecile
von Sieberlich, now lives in San Francisco.

William J. (233) has been connected with the U. S. Geo-
graphical Survey, and is now (1903) second in command of
the Ziegler Arctic expedition, being the representative of the
National Geographical Society.

Nancy Peters McNally died 1889.

Sarah Carney (217) died in 1888.

P. 113 (lines 17-19), reverse notes. Andrew 271 (8), see Ells-
worth, not Boston. Dyer 272 (9), see Boston, not Ellsworth.

P. 118 (line 7), Simeon Blanchard (md., ch.).

P. 144 (line 28), Vt., not Va.

P. 161, lines 18 to 27 do not belong to this Samuel, but to
Samuel 1107, on p. 309; line 26 is uncertain.

P. 161, Jan. I, 1781, Samuel is in Capt. Betts' Co., Light In-
fantry, under the Marquis de La Fayette, marched to the

P. 166 (line 9), may be William who enlisted from Norwich,
Conn., in the 6th Reg., Aug. 23, 1861-July 5, 1863.

P. 186 (line 4), Ann Bamet, dau. Robert Bamet of Windsor,

P. 187 (line 25), Hublenston, not Hubleston.

P. 237 (line 9), Ellen, bom in Portland, Me.,md. in Port-
land, John Franklin Purinton, son John Purinton and Mary
Sweat, his wife, died Feb. 14, 1899. No children.

Susan Tucker (line 21), bom in Portland, Me., Jan. 6, 1836,
living 1903; md. in Portland, Nov. 22, 1872, George Clinton
Fobes, son Charles Fobes and Hannah Webster, his wife, born
in Portland, died in Baltimore, Md., June 14, 1892. No

Caroline Robison (line 29), born in Portland, Me., July 28,
1839, living 1903; md. Edward A. Bailey, son Joseph S.
Bailey and Isabel Dix his wife, born in Portland, July 28,
1 83-, living 1903, and had 2 sons.

P. 239 (line 4), Charles Thomas, bom in Portland, Me.,
March 31, 1866, living in Portland, 1903; md. in Portland,
Jan. 20, 1892, Cora Belle, dau. Benjamin Whitehouse and

Corrections and Additions xix

Georgiana Webber, his wife, born in Portland, Dec. 20, 1869,
living 1903, and had one son, Walter Nauman, bom in Port-
land, Oct. 2, 1893.

P. 244 (line 21), Abby Louisa, died in Portland, Ore., Jan.
7, 1893; was md. in New York, Sept. 10, 1851, to Arthur Cook,
son Harry Cook and Anne Bradwin Wright, his wife, bom in
London, Eng., Oct. 10, 1819, died Mar. 24, 1879, near Pueblo,
Col., and had 6 children.

P. 282 (addition to notes), copy of a letter, July 12, 1896:

". . . the enclosed is a copy from my history of Hugh
Peters amended as my mother and your mother told me.
William Peters, son of John Peters of Hebron, Conn., a.d.
1717, a planter, married Ruth Capel, and by her had one
daughter, Mary, wife of Philip Judd, and two sons. William,
his son, married Deborah Strong, and had six children. Eber
S. Peters, our grandfather, was one of the two sons. — Wm.
B. Rogers."

P. 298 (line 2^), demons, not Clemens.

P. 314 (note to line 15), 1726, the proprietors in a town
meeting in Andover, Mass., voted to build a block-house for a
fort and a meeting-house (in Concord, N. H.). 1730, Nov. 18,
the first church was organized with nine members (Concord,
N. H.).

The name of Sibbons, Seborne, Seaborn, etc., has been
spelled exactly as found in each instance.

P. 338 (line i), Joseph, perhaps son of James, and Rhoda
(see pages 318, 319).

P. 340 (line 19), John, perhaps son of James, and Elizabeth
Famham (see p. 317).

Pages 346, 347, 348, death of Obadiah quoted from History
of Hopkinion.

P. 352, Simon, bom Feb. 20, died in Bath, Me., Ap. 18,

Susan, died Feb. 4, 1890. ■

Benjamin, died in East Pass, Fla., Sept. 22, 1885.

Sarah, died Feb. 26, 1901.

Mary, died Oct. 22, 1892.

XX Corrections and Additions

Lydia, died March i, 1888.

Benjamin E., md. in Bath, ,

Mary J. Hinckley, dau. Enoch H. Hinckley and Elizabeth
Small, his wife, bom in Bath, 18, 1830,

living 1903, and had two sons, George H., living in Bath,
1903, unmd., and Albert J., born in Bath, 1857, died in
Bath, Oct. II, 1862, aged 5 yrs. and 5 mos.

P. 356 (line 20), John Peters, not John Peter Peters.


Large Arabic figures to the left of a name give the individual
number; smaller figures in parentheses give the order of
birth. Roman figures indicate the generation. The first
Andrew Peeters being a generation by himself has the Roman,
and not the Arabic, numeral. A number repeated, accom-
panied by an A, indicates discovery of individuals too late for
them to receive individual numbers.

Md. Married.

Dau. Daughter.

Ch. Children.

Int. mar. Intention of marriage.

Unk, Unknown.

Enl. EnHsted.

This being a Peters history only, the descendants of female
Peters are not given. A name in capitals indicates the an-
cestor of all those in that subdivision, or section, of the work.
Names in italics indicate all the males of the second genera-
tion in that particular subdivision or section. Every num-
bered individual is a Peters by birth. Old style and new
style have been avoided as much as possible. Before 1752,
March was the first month. Prior to 1752, eleven days should
be added to make a date correspond to the new style. There
are, however, exceptions to this rule.

Illustrations and Signatures. — The date to the right of the
portrait or picture indicates the year when it was taken.
The date to the left of the signature gives the year when it
was written.




I, Andrew Peeters. No record of birth (bom prob-
ably in England, in 1634-35), died in Andover, Mass.,
December 14, 17 13, in the seventy-ninth year of his age;
md, (no record of marriage, probably in Boston, Mass.,
early in 1659) Mercy, dau. of William Beamsley * and
Anne his wife and widow of Michael Wilboum,t bom
in Boston, the ninth day of the tenth month (December),
1637; died in Andover, Mass., November 6, 1726, and
had seven children.

Children of Andrew Peeters, "Church and Parish Records of the
Towyiof Ipswich" Mass.:

1(1). "John, son of Andrew Peeters, borne 28th of
February 1659-60."

3 (2). " Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew Peeters, borne

26 of August 1662 "

3 (3). Andrew

4 (4). " Mary, J daughter of Andrew Peeters borne the
12 of June, 1668"

5 (5). " Mercy, daughter of Andrew Peeters borne the

27 of January, 1670."

6 (6). "Wry (WilHam) son of Andrew Peeters, borne
the 7 of February 1672 "

7 (7). Samuel."

* See article on Beamsley.

t It has been stated that they were md. in Ipswich, April 16, 1658.
X This made Mercy, the wife of Andrew, the mother of two living


2 Massachusetts

No record can be found of the birth of Andrew or of
Samuel, but the former is said to have been bom in 1664,
and Samuel's date must be 1674 or 1675.

Boston Marriages. Michael Wilboume and Mercy
Beamsley, daughter of William Beamsley of Boston, were
married the 17th day of the 8th month (Oct.), 1656, by
Richard Bellingham, Deputy Governor.

Boston Births. Mary of Michael and Mary Wilbome,
born October 30, 1657.

Michael Wilboume was a carpenter. There is no
record of his death, but Mercy appears to have been a
widow in September, 1658, when her father's will was
made. It will be seen that Mercy and Mary are used
interchangeably; probably the old pronunciation, and
consequent spelling "Marcy, " are responsible for this


This Indenture made the eighteenth day of November
in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six himdred fiff ty
and nine Betweene Andrew Peters of Boston in the
county of Suffolk in NEW England, Distiller and mercje

* The Wilson manuscript gives us the first gUmpse of our earU-
est ancestor in this country. Mercy Beamsley was one day stand-
ing at her window to watch the people wading through the trails,
which then served as streets, when her attention was attracted by "a
young Holland" picking his way through the mud. Andrew Peeters
had just arrived, and looking up he saw her watching. He then and
there resolved to marry her, it is said. This version calls Andrew a
Dutchman. It is certain that he was an Englishman though he
probably lived, and possibly was bom in Holland. He appears in
this country as a young man with sufficient worldly possessions and
a good education, especially for those days, — witness his will written
by himself and in which the spelling is quite remarkable and the
writing that of a man thoroughly used to the pen. For account of
the Wilson manuscript see note following the description of the deaths
of John and Andrew Peeters in 1689.

Ipswich and Andover 3

his wife of the one parte and Martha Beamesley of the same
— Boston Widdow of the other part Witnesseth that
Andrew and Mary Peters hath on or before the day of
the date hereof, Received of said Martha Beamesley widdow
(mother of said Mercy) the full and whole summe of tenn
pounds sterling by the value thereof in Currant of and In
NEW England : and for and in Consideration of the sayd
summe Received The sayd Andrew Peeters and Mercy
his wife jointly and either of them particularly for him
and herself and the executors and Administrators of
either of them Doeth remise release and forever quit
clayme unto the sayd Martha Beamesley, her heires ex-
ecutors and Administrators all and all manner of Actions
cause and causes of Actions and suites bills, bonds,
Writings and accompts debts dutjes, legatje or legatjes —
reconings summe or summes of money and demands
whatsouer and howsoeuer to be made or demanded which
he the sayd Andrew or she the sayd Mercje or the Execu-
tors Administrators or Assignes of either of them in
tyme to come Cann or may haue to for or Against the said
Martha Beamesley her heires executors or Administrators
for or by reason of any legatje guift matter cause or thing
whatsoeuer from the beginning of the world untill the day
of the date hereof.

And further this Indenture, Witnesseth, That the
sajd Andrew Peeters and Mercy his wife for the Great
Goodwill & lowe on his part and the motherly affection
on hir part, wch they beare unto Mary Wilboiun
Daughter of the sajd Mercy — ^by hir former husband
Michael Wilboum late of boston aforesajd. Carpenter, as
also for and In consideration of the aforesajd sume of tenne
pounds which he the sajd Andrew hath received and doth
enjoy wth and by the sajd Mercy his wife. Itt is Co wen-
anted, Graunted, Condisended and fully agreed upon by &
between the sajd — Beamesley partjes to these Indentures.

4 Massachusetts

That at the end of three yeeres from after the date hereof
the sajd Andrew Peeters his executors or Administrators
shall repay the afore sajd sume of Tenn pounds sterling
by the value there of in Current pay of and in NEW
England vnto the sajd Martha Beamesley her executors,
Administrators or Assignes for & to the use and behoofe
of the sajd Mary Wilboum, furthermore It is Concluded
Condesended and fully Agreed unto by the partjes to
these presents That in Case the sajd Mary decease before
she be married or be of fitt years to take the sajd sume
into her own Coustady and disposall — That then the
sume of tenn pounds shall be pajd by the value thereof in
Current pay in New England by the sajd martha beames-
ley her heires Executors or Administrators vnto the
Eldest Child of the sajd mercy — whether male or female
Issue of the body of the sayd Andrew Peeters and remaine
to be his or her vse for euer. In wittness where of the
partjes aboue named to these Indentures, Interchangeably
theire hands & scales have putt the day & yeere first
aboue written.

Signed, Sealed &

deHvered in the Andrew Peeters *

presence of vs and a scale

Humphrey Atherton
Thomas Clark


I the wthin named Martha Beamesley, Widdowe Doe
hereby Assigne all my right and power in point of Receiv-
ing the sayd sume wthine named of tenn pounds, the same
to be received by Mr John ff ownell of Charlestowne & by

* He spells it "Peeters" in all his signatures I have ever seen.

E. B. P.

Ipswich and Andover 5

him to be Imployed for the benefitt & behoofe of the
wthin named Mary Wilboum wthin written
Witness my hand ye day & yeere wthin written

ye mark of Martha Beamsley
Witnessed by vs

Thomas Clark
Willjam Pearse
Entred & Recorded at Request of marth Beamesley
14, 2m 1660

Edw. Rawson, Recordr

166 1 Sept. 20 — Record of Andrew Peeters as a witness.

Essex County Deeds
Bridgett Varney for ;!^4o deeds to Andrew Peters " all
that my dwelling-house wherein the sayd Andrew now
dwelleth, together with the shop, outhouses, yards, gar-
dens. Orchards & all the appurtenances thereunto be-
longing; bounded S.E. on land & house of Mr. William
Norton; abutting on the street towards the north-east;
having a lane towards the N.W. and pasture-land of Mr
William Norton toward the S.W.

November 2, 1663
Simon Tuttle

Robert Lord, Marshall '

Volume ii of Old Ipswich Records — Salem

1664 Andrew Peters has one share * in Plum Island,
Castle Neck and Hog Island. No. of lot 19 Feb, 14,

Town Records.

1665 May 20 Andrew Peeters, Ipswich, for 66;^ buys
of Richard Shatswell of Ipswich 15! acres of upland &
marsh at a place called Reedy Marsh, bounded N.W. and
N.E. on land of Thomas French Sr, & Thomas Lovell,
S.E. and S.W. on Mr Wm Norton and Joseph Quiller

Witt Richard Hubbert

Thomas Lovell

* The shares were according to amount of property taxed.

6 Massachusetts

1665 May 29 Land sold by Richard Shat swell to
Thos. Lovell bounded by Andrew Peters marsh toward
the south —

Witness Richard Hubbert

Andrew Peeters

1665-6. A petition to the General Court in Boston,
protesting against certain aspersions cast upon them
relative to their feelings for the king and declaring their
loyalty ; signed among others by Andrew Peeters. Mass.
Hist. Coll. 1st series vol. viii, page loy.

1667 Jan 24. Deeds Conto — Andrew Peeters, Ipswich,
in consideration of a Barne for me alredy built and finished
neare my dwelling house in Ipswich, — deeds to Ezekiel
Woodward carpenter, my two small lots on Plum Island
containing 7 acres more or less.
Town Records, Ipswich.

1667 Granted to Andrew Peters timber for a lean-to.

1668 To Andrew Peeter for a leanto to his Barne

1668 To Andrew Peeters, to fell for a cyder-mill.*
1668 Jan 22 Simon Tuttle for 6;^ deeds to Andrew
Peeters, Ipswich, distiller one and one half acres bounded
East on Simon Tuttle and north west on Muddy river and
the common, on the south side by the highway leading to

Suffolk Deeds, Book V, page 518.
Bee it knowne unto all men by these presents that I
Andrew Peters of Ipswich stiller for and in consideration
of a six acree Lott lying in the Common fence, on the
north side of the River in Ipswich aforesayd, bargained
sold and confirmed unto mee the sayd Andrew Peters
by Samuell Graues of Ipswich aforesayd and for Other
ualluable Considerations mee thereunto moving, haue

* The Revd. Augustine Caldwell informs me that the "cyder-mill"
indicated that Andrew had a large orchard.

Ipswich and Andover 7

fully freely and cleerly bargained sold Enfeofed and
Confirmed, & doe by these presents fully freely and
cleerly, bargaine sell enfeofe & Confirme unto the aboue
mentioned Samuell Graues of Ipswich ffeltmaker, all my
right Title and interest into any inheritance or part of
Inheritance, Giuen or bequeathed by will & Testament, of
William Beamsley late of Boston deceased vnto Mercy the
wife of mee the sayd Andrew Peters, & the sayd Samuell
Graues To Hold possess & enjoy all my sayd shaire or
portion in the sayd Inheritance of Houses & Lands with
all the priviledges & Appurtinences thereto belonging, to
him the sayd Samuell his heires Executors Administrators
& assignes foreuer, Giuing & granting to the sayd Samuell
all my right & Titlepower & interest, to ask require de-
mand recouer, by suite of Law or other wise, all my sayd
right of inheritance in the sayd houses, Lands, Tene-
ments or heriditaments. To haue hold possess and enjoy
all the sayd premises, without let hinderance or molesta-
tion from mee the sayd Andrew my heires Executors
Administrators or assignes for euer.

In wittnes whereof I the sayd Andrew Peters haue here-
unto set my hand & scale this: 13th of April: 1668
Subscribed sealed & deliuered in the presence of

Andrew Peters Richard Hubbert

(a scale) Thomas Clarke

This was Acknowledged by the sayd Andrew Peters to
bee his Act and deed vpun the i6th day of Aprill 1668.
Before me

Samuell Symonds

And at the same time mercy the wife of the sayd An-
drew Peters did yeald vp her right of Dowre & possibility
of right in the premises.

Entered and Recorded word for word & Compared with
the Originall this 19th of Decem: 1668
As Attests Edw, Rawson Recordr

8 Massachusetts

Town Records, Ipswich:

167 1 To Andrew Peeters for house over his cyder-mill.
(This was a grant of timber.)

167 1 At a meeting of the selectmen the 26 of January
— Ordered that the Gierke informe the Court that the
Selectmen of Ipswich "doe concieve that Andrew Peeters
(upon consideration of his carriage at mile brooke, his
miscarriage at quarter masters, his miscarriage to the
Constable and before the Selectmen) is not fitt to have
any licence for to sell any liquor." *

1673 Upon the petition of Andrew Peeters about
Sarah Ross living at his house. The Selectmen gave him
the liberty to entertain her till eleven weeks be expired
for her coming to Towne from Boston. She declaring
some inclination to live with her husband as a wife, and
to goe to him when he comes to Towne.

Essex Co. Deeds

1673 Andrew Peters of Ipswich in acct with the estate
of Thomas White

1673 Petter Andrew (91) in acct with est. of Thomas

New Hampshire Court Files. 167 4- 1677.
1673 Know all men by these presents yt I John pick-
erin of Strawbery bankf for and upon good Consideration
doo owne myselfe to be indebton to Andrew peters of
Ipswich ye full and just sume of nine pounds to be paid in
good mutble | Codfish upon the Isles of Shoals to be deliv-
ered at ye next Spring ensuing at waying season fitt to
be shipped aboard and to be paid at the price Currt as
marchts § take it and I John Pickerin doe by these

* His carriage at Mile Brooke was a fight between himself and a
friend on one side and two of his fellow-townsmen on the other.
They were all returning home from Wenham and Andrew and Bridges
refused to let the others pass.

t Now Portsmouth, N. H. | Merchantable. § Merchants.

Ipswich and Andover 9

presents engage to fulfill this obligation to ye said peter
or his assignors, and for ye true performance hereof I
bind myself my heirs and assignors as witness my hand
this 7 th of November, 1673.
John pickerin

I doe assign this bill and all ye within mentioned
mchtble * Cod ffish vnto Francis Wainwright his heirs,
executrs Administ and assignors as witness my hand this
23d Decem 1673. Andrew peters.

Witness Tho Burnham Senr James Bumhams hands
Thomas Burnham Senr and James Burnham ye wit-
nesses swome say they were present and saw Andrew
peters sign and deliver ye aboue written assignmt to mr
Wainwright as his act and deed before me

Daniel Dennison. Sept. 25, 1674.
{Copy of Records of Court of Associates, held in Dover,
Sept. zg, 1674.)

1675 Andrew Peeters of Ipswich hath a browne bay
horse, a star in the forehead, mealy belly, browne nose,
noe ear-marke, nor brand that is seen, dock, alsoe a sorell
mare a white slip over the nose & white in the forehead
mealy under the belly, a little piece cut, a snip neare eare
doct & lame ; prized both of them at 405 by Simon Tuttle.


(Military Service), by G. M. Bodge

From ledger accounts of Treasurer John Hull, closing
with Sept. 28, 1676.

Later grants for military service

Ipswich, January 24 1676-7

Andrew Peters 02 14 00

List of Grantees, Heirs and later Proprietors of Narra-
gansett No 3, Souhegan West, now Amherst N. H.

* Merchantable.

lO Massachusetts

1728 Andover Andrew Peters — — An-

drew, son Andrew Peters, Andover.*

History of Amherst, New Hampshire, by D. F.

"In the house of Representatives 19 Jan. 1731-32.

Whereas there have been several endeavours to accomo-
date the Narrhagansett Soldiers and their Descendants
with a suitable Quantity of Land for the Settlement as an
Acknowledgement & Reward for their great Service to
this Country which have failed hitherto of the desired

* The Revf Andrew, who inherited the land from his military an-
cestor, was son of Samuel, and grandson of Andrew who fought in
the Narragansett campaign. The following letter from the Revnd.
George Madison Bodge, author of Soldiers in King Philip's War, a
most exhaustive work and the authority on the Narragansett cam-
paign, is of great interest and value to us:

Westwood, Feby 26, 1900

Dear Mrs Peters

I have just come upon a letter of yours dated Sept. 25, 1898, which
1 fear has never been answered, but got covered up with some other
papers and forgotten. In regard to the questions contained I will-
say that (i) The soldiers who served in the Narragansett Campaign
from Dec. 10, 1675, to Feb'y 21 (or thereabouts), 1676 received a
grant of Land, — each equal to every other in value.

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