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(Southampton, N. H.?),

; md. in , Sept.

24, 1843, Dorothy Jewell, dau. Jacob Jewell, and Mary

, his wife, bom in ,

March 8, 1796, died in ,

and had children.

1228 William, fifth child of Joseph, and Elizabeth
Gould, bom in Sutton, N. H., Jime 2, 181 1, died in

, May , 185 1, md. in

, Lydia Beals, dau.

Beals and ,

his wife, bom in ,

died in , and

had children.

340 New Hampshire

1329 Henry Harrison, sixth child of Joseph and EHza-
beth Gould, bom in Sutton, N. H., Dec. i, 1813, died in

; md. (abt.
1844), in Groton, Mass., Olive J

Butler, dau. Nehemiah Butler, and Olive Davis, his wife,
born in , Ap. 29, 1814, died

in , and had

two children.

Children of Henry Harrison, and Olive Butler:
1333 (1). Horace L born in

Sept. , 1845 (md.).

1333 (2). William H born in

1333 Horace L , first child of Henry Har-

rison, and Olive Butler, bom in ,

Sept. , 1845, died in

; md. in ,

Oct. 12, 1875, Clara F Spofford, dau.

Spofford, and

John,* (child of James, and Sally

?), bom in ,

March 1755 (1756 ?), died in ,

March , 181 7; md. in ,

Jan. 23, 1785, Hannah Usher of Dracut, Mass., dau. Rob-
ert Usher, and Sarah Steams, his wife, bom in Merrimack,
N. H., Feb. 7, 1759, died in

, and had two children.

Children of John, and Hannah Usher:
1334 (1). Sally, born in Salisbury, N. H., June

1785, died in Salisbury, Dec. , 1843; was md.

* Unplaced.

Seborne 341

in Salisbury, , 1805, to her cousin,

Joseph Farnham, son John Farnham and Sally

, his wife, born in Salisbury, ,

1778, died in Salisbury, Aug. , 1839, and had

thirteen children.
1235 (2). John, born in Salisbury, N. H., June 27, 1778
(md., ch.).

John md. (2), in

, Mrs. Betsey Stanley of Hopkinton, N. H,, dau.
Stephen Hoyt and Abigail , his wife, bom

in Hopkinton, , died in

1335 John, second child of John and Hannah Usher,
bom in Salisbury, N. H., June 27, 1787, died in Danbury,
N. H., Feb. 16, 1871 ; md. in

March 23, 181 2, Sarah Peasley of Sutton, N. H., dau.
Abraham Peasley and Martha , his wife,

bom in Sutton, Sept. 21, 1791, died in Danbury, Sept. i,
1869, and had nine children.

Children of John and Sarah Peasley:

1236 (1). Luther, born in Salisbury, N. H., Sept. ,
1812, died Sept. 28, 1812.

1237 (2). John, born in Salisbury, N. H., Dec. 25, 1813
(md., ch.).

1238 (3). Susan, born in Salisbury, N. H., Dec. 26, 1815,
died in


1239 (4). Hannah Usher, born in Salisbury, March 20,
1818, died in

. Unmd.

1240 (5). Nancy E , born in Danbury,
N. H., Ap. 24, 1820, died in Tarna City, Iowa, Feb, 24,
1886; was md. in Salisbury, N. H., Dec. , 1850,

342 New Hampshire

to Joseph Sanborn, son Joseph Sanborn, and EHzabeth

, his wife, born in Sanborntown, N. H.,

Nov. 29, 1806, died in Tama City, Tama Co., Iowa,

June 20, 1885, and had one daughter.

1241 (6). WiUiam D , bom in Danbury,

N. H., Oct. 10, 1822, died in Danbury, Sept. 20, 1832.

1343 (7). Jane D , bom in Danbury, N-

H., Aug. 30, 1825, died in

. Unmd.

1243 (8). Mary Ann, bom in Danbury, N. H., July 19,
1829, died in Alexandria, N. H., May 23, 1863; was
md. in , Dec. 31, 185 1,
to James G Tenney, son Moses Tenney,
and Shisah , his wife, bom in Hill,
N. H., Oct. , 1822, diedin^

, and had four children.

1244 (9). Ruth, bom in Danbury, N. H., Jan. 15, 1832.
died in . ;
was md. in , March 28,
1849, to Sanford G Kendall, son Wil-
liam Kendall, and Durexea , his wife,
bom in Rockingham, Vt., June 15, 1829, died in

, and had five

1237 John, second child of John, and Sarah Peasley,
his wife, bom in Salisbury, N. H., Dec. 25, 1813, died in
Danbury, N. H., Nov. 7, 1892 ; md. in

, Dec. 25, 1838, Laura Williams, dau. Oliver
Williams, and Jemima Barney, his wife, bom in Grafton,
N. H., Ap. , 1806, died in Danbury, N. H., July

13, 1844, and had one daughter.

Children of John, and Laura Williams:

1245 (1). Hannah Jemima, born in Danbury, N. H.,
Feb. , 1844, died in Danbury, March, 1844.

John md. (2) in Manchester, N. H., Feb. , 1845,

Seborne 343

Eleanor C Whitney, dau. Isaac Whitney

and Abigail Edson, his wife, bom in Brookline, Vt.,

, 1814, died in Danbury, N. H., Dec. 30, 1861,
and had three children.

Children of John and Eleanor Whitney:

1246 (2). Abbie Eleanor, bom in Manchester, N. H,,
Dec. , 1845, died in Danbury, N. H., May >


1247 (3). George W , bom in Danbury,
N. H., Oct. 26, 1850, died in

. Unmd.

1248 (4). Daniel W , born in Danbury,
N. H., Nov. 2, 1851 (md., ch.).

John md. (3) in , Ap. 15,

1863, Mrs. Mary A Titus of Hill, N. H.,

dau. Page and

his wife, bom in ,

, died in
, and had five children.

Children of John, and Mary Page Titus:

1249 (5). Albert E , bom in Danbury,
N. H., Jan. 29, 1864.

1250 (6). Willis E , bom in Danbury,
N. H., March 7, 1866, died in Danbury, Nov. 15, 1881.

1251 (7). Frederick C , bom in Danbury,
N. H., Jan. 3, 1868.

1252 (8). Edith, born in Hill, N. H., May 22, 1873, died

1253 (9). Laura E , bora in HUl, N. H.,

May 13, 1876,

; was md. in Boscawen, N. H., Oct. 21, 1897,
to Henry Jones of Concord, N. H., son

344 New Hampshire

Jones, and , his wife,

born in ,

and had children.

1348 Daniel W , fourth child of John,

and third child of Eleanor Whitney, his second wife, bom
in Danbury, N. H., Nov. 2, 1851,

; md. in ,

Oct. 4, 1882, Mrs. Celanda Tucker, dau. Hiram Pierce, and
Hannah , his wife, bom in Grafton, N. H.,

, 1851,
. No children.
1249 Albert E , fifth child of John, and

first child of his third wife, Mary Page Titus, bom in Dan-
bury, N. H., Jan. 29, 1864,

1251 Frederick C , seventh child of John,

and third child of his third wife, Mary Page Titus, bom
in Danbury, N. H., Jan. 3, il



child of


, bom
, died in


, Oct.

17, 1790; md. in
, Hannah

, his wife, bom in

, died


, and had


* Unplaced.

Seborne 345

Children of William, and Hannah :
1354 (1). Ruth, born in

July 9, 1758 (bap. July 16, 1758), died in

1255 (2). Sarah, born in Hopkinton, N. H., July 30,
1760 (bap. Aug. 10, 1760), died in

1256 (3). Abigail, bom in Hopkinton, N. H., Jan. i,
1763 (bap. Jan. , 1763),

1257 (4). William, bom in Hopkinton, N. H., Aug. 27,
1765 (bap. Oct. 6, 1765).

1258 (5). Mary, born in Hopkinton, N. H. (bap. in Hop-
kinton, Oct. 4, 1767).

1259 (6). Elizabeth, bap. in Hopkinton, N. H., Oct. 15,

1729, Feb. 25, the first meeting of settlers to locate at
Contoocook, N. H., was held in Andover, Mass. 1732,
the second meeting was held in Newbury, Mass. 1733,
William was one of the settlers. 1734 (spring), he was
living in Contoocook (now Boscawen), N. H. 1734, he
was one of the first grantees of Contoocook. 1743, Nov,
29, he was a soldier at Contoocook, N. H. 1747-48, Jan.
2, he was a petitioner for a grist-mill at Contoocook,

A muster roll of the company (near Manchester, N, H,)

346 New Hampshire

in His Majesty's service, under command of John Goffe,
Capt., employed in scouting on the frontiers of the Prov-
ince of New Hampshire, Anno Domini, 1748. William
Peters, Sergt. Time of discharge, Oct. 3, 18 weeks, 3
days service, whole wages, 13-16-5.

1752, July 13, his name appears on the proprietors'
grant of Henniker. 1753, July 18, the proprietors went
to Portsmouth and drew their lots. His lot was
numbered No. 76. 1753, July 18, the petitioners of
Henniker, being mostly from Londonderry, etc., met in
Portsmouth, N. H. Hopkinton, or No. 5, as it was called,
was settled mostly from Hopkinton, Mass.

This William is unplaced, but the mention of Andover
is most significant. He was probably the William who,
in Haverhill, Mass., Sept. 16, 1742, married Ruth Standley.
In that case Hannah would be a second wife. This would
account for the names of Elizabeth, Ruth, and Mary. A
William was in garrison with Sebome in Jonathan East-
man's house in the West Parish, Concord, N. H., and was
probably Sebome's son, or brother of Sebome of the next

1138 IV. Ohadiah, (probably youngest) child of Se-
bome, and Mary (?) , bom in

(1725 ?), died at Pennacook, N. H., Aug.
II, 1746, being killed by the Indians. Was probably

1744-45, he was in the expedition against Louisburg,
in a company commanded by Capt. Eastman.

1746, Aug. II, Monday, he, with others, set out from
Rumford (now Concord), for Hopkinton, N. H. He at
the time was a member of Capt. Melville's Co. of Mas-
sachusetts, enrolled in the Rumford company under
command of Capt. Nathaniel Abbott ; his name is thus
mentioned on the muster roll, and his death is so re-
corded. His father and family lived near Eastman's fort.

Seborne 347

to which the party were going when they were attacked
by the Indians. They, knowing that there were Indians
in the vicinity, were using all due care; two were on
horses, the others on foot, all armed, but, not at all ex-
pecting an attack, they marched on leisurely.

Obadiah was one of those on foot, and had gone some
distance beyond the others, into a hollow about one and
one half miles from Concord; here he set down his gun
and awaited the approach of the others. The Indians,
thinking themselves discovered, rose from their hiding-
place, fired, and killed him, shooting him through the
head. At this moment the rest of the party, with Jona-
than Bradley at their head, came over the hill, and,
seeing the fate of their comrade and their own danger,
Bradley cried out, " Fire, and follow on !" and then rushed
down upon them. But the savages were too strong for
them, being twelve to one. Samuel Bradley was shot
down in the road. To Jonathan Bradley they offered
quarter, having known him, but he refused, his heroic
spirit thirsting to avenge his comrades. They then de-
spatched him with their tomahawks; two others, John
Bean and John Lufkin, were fired upon, ran four or five
rods, fell, and expired. The rest were captured and
carried to Canada as prisoners.

The following is a report of one of the company who
escaped: "Daniel Oilman says that Lieut. Bradley, with
six men, was going about two and a half miles from Rum-
ford to a garrison, on August 11, 1746, when they had
gone about one and one half miles they were shot upon
by about thirty or forty Indians if not more, as it was
supposed, and killed down dead Lieut. John Bradley,
Samuel Bradley, John Lufkin, John Bean, and Obadiah
Peters. These were killed dead on the spot, and the most
of them were stripped, two of whom were stabbed, cut
and disfigured, it was supposed that there was an Indian

348 New Hampshire

killed when they had the fight for the said Oilman who
made his escape, saith that he was about sixty rods be-
fore those men, when they were shot upon, and he says
the Indians shot three guns first, and as he thought that
the party had shot at a deer, he ran back up a hill about
forty rods, so that he could see over upon the other hill
where the Indians lie and shot upon the men, and. when
he came upon the hill so as to see over upon the other
hill he heard Lieut. Jonathan Bradley speak and say,
' Lord have mercy upon us, fight ! ' In a moment his gun
went off and there was more of the party also who fired,
then the Indians rose up and shot a volley and ran out
on to the path making all sorts of howling and yelling,
and he did not stay long to see it, he said it was supposed
that John Lufkin was upon the front and Obadiah Peters
in the rear, and they were shot down the first shot, and
they were in the path about twelve or fourteen rods apart,
and Samuel Bradley was about twelve feet from Oba-
diah Peters." This account is attested to as a true copy
by the clerk of the county. The General Assembly passed,
November 19, 1747, the following resolution: "Voted
that there be paid out of the money in the public treasury
;;^75 to those that were killed, heirs or legal representa-
tives." The heirs of Obadiah Peters received £"] los.
The initials of those massacred were inscribed on a large
tree standing near the spot, which remained for a number
of years, until some person cut it down. In 1836, August
22, a monument was erected at the place of the massacre,
and bears the following inscription :

" This monument is in memory of Samuel

Bradley Jonathan Bradley Obadiah

Peters John Bean and John Lufkin

who were massacred Aug. 11, 1746, by the In-
dians. Erected 1837 by Richard Bradley, son of the
Hon. John Bradley, and grandson of Samuel Bradley."


8 III. Andrew, first child of John, and Mary Edwards,
bom in Ipswich, Mass., Dec. i, 1682, died in

; md. in
(pub. in Ipswich, Oct. 30,
1708), to Mary Beare, dau. Beare, and

, his wife, bom in

, died in
, and had children.

IV. Children of Andreiv, and Mary Beare:

1260 (1). John, bom in Ipswich, Mass., Dec. 9, 1709.
1361 (2). Mary, born in

, bap., Portsmouth, N. H., Sept. 21,
1 712, died in

1263 (3). (Probably) Ruth (?), born in

, died in

; was md. in Ips-
wich, Mass., July 28, 1731, to Holle Marshall, son
Marshall, and ,

his wife, born in
, died in

, and had children. (Both of Ipswich,

intentions pub. Ap. 29, 1731.)
1263 (4). Andrew (?).

Church Records, Portsmouth, N. H.: "Andrew Peters
owned the Covenant in ye church at Ipswich, his daughter


350 New Hampshire

Mary was baptised Sept. 21, 1712." 1713, July 15, he was
a petitioner at Bloody Point, N. H. (near Dover).

A list of men's names that marched under the command
of Capt. John Oilman to Winnipissiocky Pond : " Entered
the 6th day of May, 1723, ended the i8th day inst. being
in all thirteen days. Andrew Peters i8s. 7d." (Adju-
tant Generals report, vol. i., p. 42, State House, Concord,
N. H.). Capt. John Oilman was from Exeter, N. H.

John (perhaps John, first child of Andrew, and
Mary Beare ?), bom in
, died in
; int. mar. in Kittery, Me., Nov. 8, 1740, with Han-
nah Johnson, dau. Johnson, and
, his wife, bom in
, died in
, and had children.

Children of John, and Hannah Johnson:

1364 (1). Mary, born in Kittery, Me., Nov. 21, 1742,
died in

1265 (2). Andrew, born in Kittery, Me., Aug. 30, 1744,

1266 (3). Elizabeth, bom in Kittery, Me., July 21, 1746,
died in

1267 (4). Simon, bom in Kittery, Me., Sept. 29, 1749,

1268 (5). Elinor, born in Kittery, Me., July 25, 1752,
died in

Tax list, Kittery, 1 756-1 770, John Peters,

Andrew 351

1265 Andrew, second child of John, and Hannah John-
son, bom in Kittery, Me., Aug. 30, 1744, died in

; md. in Kittery, Nov.

3, 1776 (int. ent. Sept. 24, 1774,) Hannah Oliver, dau.

Oliver, and ,

his wife, bom in ,

died in , and
had children.

Children of Andrew, and Hannah Oliver:

1269 (1). John, bom in Kittery, Me., June 29, 1777.

1270 (2). Hannah, bom in Kittery, Me., July 17, 1779,
died in

1271 (3). Simon, born in Kittery, Me., Nov. 24, 1781.

1269 John, first child of Andrew, and Hannah Oliver,
bom in Kittery, Me., June 29, 1777, died in

; md. in Kittery, Ap. 8, 1797,
Anna Billings, dau. Billings, and

, his wife, bom in

, died in
, and had children.

1271 Simon, fourth child of John, and Hannah Johnson,
bom in Kittery, Me., Sept. 29, 1749, died in

; md. in
, dau.
and , his wife, bom in

, died in
, and had chil-


Children of Simon, and
(Prob.) Simon, bom in Berwick, Me., Feb. , 1784.

Simon Peters, private, Capt. Amos Cogswell's Co., Col.


New Hampshire

James Wesson's, Reg., 1777, Jan. 25, 1778.

Residence Holden.

Simon Peters, private. Col. Wesson's Reg., enl. during
war. Certified Feb. 14, 1781 {Mass. Archives).

Simon, bom in Berwick, Me., Feb. , 1784

died in ; md

in Bath, Me., July 25, 18 16, Reliance Edgecomb, dau

Edgecomb, and
his wife, bom in

died in , and

had children.

1373 (1

1273 (2

1374 (3

. Benjamin E
Me., Nov. 2, 1819
Sarah E

1375 (4

1376 (5

1377 (6

1378 (7

1373 Ben

dren of Simon, and Reliance Edgecomb:

Susanna H , born in

, Nov. 3, 181 7, died in

, born in Bruns-

Mary H
John A
Lydia E

James C
amin E

, born in
Jan. 19, 1822, died in

, bom in
July 23, 1825. Unmd.

, born in
Oct. 12, 1828.

, born in
Nov. 20, 1830, died in

, born in
May I, 1832.

, second child of
Simon, and Reliance Edgecomb, bom in Brunswick, Me.,
Nov. 2, 1 81 9, died in

; md. in ,

dau. and

, his wife, bom in

Andrew 353

, died in
, and had children.

Children of Benjamin E , and

George H , born in Bath, Me.,

July 14, 1854.

The New Hampshire section entitled Andrew is ex-
tremely short and fragmentary. That the first Andrew
therein is the son of John, oldest son of our earliest ances-
tor Andrew there can be no doubt. But beyond this, and
a few glimpses of him later, all is darkness. The name of
John would naturally go down in this line, but there is a
confusion of Johns. In the Gloucester, Mass., records is
the marriage of John Peters, sojourner, to Mary Sweet of
Ipswich, Jan. 5, 1770. This is probably a descendant of
our Andrew and, presumably, the John whose record is
as follows :

1. John Peters, private, Capt. Nathaniel Wade, Col.
John Barker, date Ap. 17, 1775, Co. of Volunteers, 3d
Essex County Reg. Took the place of Benjamin Averill.
Lexington Alarm Roll, John Peters, Ap. 19, 1775, Capt.
Wade's Co. marched from Ipswich to Mystic, 21 days.
Ap. 20, ordered to Salem, Ap. 21, to Ipswich, then to
Cambridge. Remained in service to May 10, 1775.

John Peters, private, Capt. Wade, Col. Little, from Ips-
wich, age 30 ; rep. enlisted May 10, 1775. In service, June
5, 1775, company of Provincials marched to Cambridge.
1775, Dec. 21, dated in camp, Capt. Wade, Col. Little,
bounty coat due for 8 months service. 1776, March

22, Prospect Hill, pay for arms, clothing, etc. John Peters,
Capt. Wade, Col. Little, enHsted May 10, 1775, service 11
months, 5 days. From Ipswich. Mary Peters, receipt
dated Ipswich, Feb. 24, 1777, for wages and travel allow-
ance. Capt. Wade, Col. M. Little {Mass. Archives).

354 New Hampshire

It seems possible that the first John was son of the
second :

2. Pay roll, Col. Thos. Stickney's Reg. com'd by Lt.
Col. Henry Gerrish, raised in town of Concord & Towns
adjacent which Co. marched July 5, 1777, for the relief
of the garrison at Ticonderoga on the Alarm, & marched
seventy miles when we had the news of the evacuation of
the fort. John Peters, private. Entry July 5. Dis-
charge July 12. Time in service 8 days. Rate per mo.
;^4-io. Amt. wages 1-4. Travel amt. at 2d per mile
and home at 2d £2-']-^.

Capt. Peter Kimball's Co. in Col. Thos. Stickney's
Reg. in Gen. Stark's Brigade, raised out the 13th Reg.
N. H. Militia, July 20, 1777, which Co. joined the North-
em Continental Army at Bennington and Stillwater. John
Peters, private. Time discharge, Sept. 20. Time ser-
vice, 2 mos. I day. Rate ;j^4-io. Amt. wages ;^9-3.
Travel to Charlestown, No. 4, at 2d per mile 60-15.
Travel home from Stillwater and Bennington at 2d per
mile i3o.;^i-i-8. Amt . wages & travel ;£ i o- 1 9-8 . Wages
rec. ;^4-io. Balance due £6-()~?>.

Pay roll, Capt. Joshua Abbot's Co., Col. Henry Ger-
rish 's Reg. N. H. Volunteers, which Co. marched from
Concord and towns adjacent, Sept. 1777, and joined the
Northern Continental Army at Saratoga. John Peters.
Entry Sept. 28, 1777, discharge, Oct. 26, 1777. Time in
service, 29 days. Rate ;^4-io. Amt. wages, ;^4-7-o.
Travel to Bennington, 128 miles at 3d per mile, ;^i-i2.
Travel home from Saratoga, 155 miles, at 2d, ;^i-5-io,
{State Papers, New Hampshire — Hammond, vol. xiv. ;
Revolutionary Rolls, I.)

In the Miscellaneous Papers in the department of the
secretary of state, Concord, N. H., vol. i. : "Aug. 18,
1778, John Peters of Concord, bill for £/\.-6-6 for nursing
Timothy Johnson, in the state service in July, 1777, son-

Andrew 355

in-law of John Peters." Johnson was in Capt. Peter Kim-
ball's Co. Col. Stickney's Reg., in Stark's Brigade,
marched to Bennington, was taken sick, and was cared
for by John Peters who was in the same company. The
paper is addressed "To The Hon'ble the Council and the
House of Representatives of the State of New Hamp-
shire convened at Exeter, Aug. 18, 1778." Thus it is
evident that the second John is considerably older than
the first John, who was bom in 1745.

3. Massachusetts Archives. 1777, John Peters, prize-
master of the officers and crew of the ship Essex, priva-
teer. Capt. John Cathcart ; age 32 (consequently bom in
1745), 5 ft. 6 in. From Boston.

4. 1780, Aug. 2, John Peters, seaman, of the ship Pil-
grim. Capt. Joseph Robinson. Age 26, 5 ft. 6 in., dark.
From the Kennebec. 1779, May 24 to Aug. 31, service
3 months, 8 days. John Peters, seaman, brigantine
Active. Capt. Allen Hallett, Esq. (sic).

5. John Peters, who served in Capt. Bumham's Co.,
Col. Michael Jackson's regiment, and who engaged for
the war, was reported deserted Feb. 27, 1778, and Sep.
25, 1780 ; was from Sturbridge, Mass., and is in one place
called a Frenchman. We therefore need not concern our-
selves about him.

6. John Peters, from Hampshire Co., Mass. 1779, age
17. 5 ft. 8^ in., complexion Indian, residence Southwick,
Mass., under Ens. E. White. Served only to Jan. i,
1780. Men enlisted for Continental army for 9 months,
Springfield, Mass. Oct. 19, 1779, enlisted for town of

7. 1778, Ap. 25, to Dec. 31, 1779, John Peters, private

356 New Hampshire

in Capt. Hunt's Co., Col. Vose. Roll dated Providence,
R. I., May 6, 1779, John Peters, private, Capt. Hunt's

Co., Col. Vose's Reg., March and April, 1770; enl. Dec.
2, 1776, for war. He is mentioned, in camp, on or before
Aug. 15, 1777; as receiving a gratuity. Providence, Feb.
13, 1779; also Aug. 15, 1777, and Dec. 9, 1778. He is
on the depreciation roll, Sept. 21, 1787.

8. John Peters, private, Capt. Amasa Soper, Col. Mar-
shall. Enlisted Dec. 28, 1776, dis. Feb. 10, 1777;
marched to Bennington.

9. John Peters, private, Col. Marshall, Jan. i, 1777, to
Jan. I, 1778. Residence Dighton (Mass.). Reported
dead on or before Aug. 15, 1777. Reported dead Jan. i,


10. 3d Reg. com'd by Col. Alexander Scammell, 1777,
1778, 1779, 7th Co., John Peters, private. Amt deprecia-
tion, 114.80.

Return of the men 3d N. H. Reg. who are For Ware the
Companies they belong to. And the Towns they come
from. Camp Danbury, Dec. 8, 1779. John Peter Peters,
Adkinson, (N. H.) Capt. McGregor's Co.

11. Pay roll Capt. Robert Pike's Co. in Lt. Col. Joseph
Senter's Reg. raised by the state of New Hampshire, and
marched to the state of Rhode Island 1777. John Peters.
Entry July 8, Discharge Jan. 6, 1778. Time in service, 6
mos. Rate per mo. ;^2. Amt. wages, ;^i 2-0-0. Bounty
£6. Travel from Exeter to Providence, 255-102, 7, 5.
Travel from Warwick home, at 2d per mile, 112, 18, 8.
Whole amt. of wages, bounty and travel ;^20-3-8.
Bounty and travel money rec. of the State 7-5. Balance
due ;^ 1 2- 1 8-8.



Records, Boston, Mass. Births.

1632, 12th mo. 13th day, Anne, of William, and Anne

1635, 2d mo. loth day, Grace, of William, and Anne

1637, loth mo. 9th day, Mercie,* son of William, and
Anne Beamsley.

1640, loth mo. 13th day, Samuel, son of William, and
Anne Beamsley.

1640, loth mo. 13th day, Habakkuk, son of William,
and Anne Beamsley.

1643, loth mo. , Hannah, dau, of William, and

Anne Beamsley. f

1645, , Abigail , dau . of William ,

and Anne Beamsley.

Admissions. First Church, Boston.
1635, 6th mo. 2d day, William Beamsley, laborer.

Baptisms. First Church, Boston.

1635, Grace, ye daughter of or Brother Willyam
Beamsley, 20th of 7th mo.

* Error corrected in the baptisms. The old spelling of the name
Mercy as "Marcy," and the old writing of the "e" like an open "o,"
have repeatedly caused it to be written Mary.

t She md. in Ipswich, Mass., Oct. 16, 1661, Cornet Abraham Per-
kins, of that town.


358 Beamsley

1637, loth of loth mo. Mercie, ye daughter of or
Brother Willyam Beamsley.

1640, 7th of 12th mo. Samuel and Habakkuk, ye
sonnes of or Brother Willyam Beamsley, being about
fourteen dayes old.

1643, 17th day of loth mo. Hannah, ye daughter of or
Brother Willyam Beamsley.

1645, 8th day of 12th mo. Abigail, being about two
dayes old.

There was evidently a son William as later baptisms

1659, Sept. 5, Mary of William, and Mary Beamsley,
died 15th of ist mo. 1662.

1 66 1, Nov. 22, Hannah, dau. of William, and Mary
Beamsley, died March 1663.

1663, May 15th, (bom) Sarah,

1665, April 25, (bom) Mary,

Ensigne William Beamsley (Senior) deceased Sept. 29,
1658-9. 1638. William Beamsley was admitted freeman .

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