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Foster, Walter Wright Sen, Henry Holt sr, Thomas
Osgood, Daniel Bigsbee are ye sd tenn men.

This above sd ware to be erected & finished as soon as
ye streame will permit upon ye forfeiture of ye grant.

1696 Aug. 13 William Peters killed by the Ind-
ians, f


1696-7 Mar I — Maj. Dudley Bradstreet, Left. John
Osgood, Capt. Christopher Osgood, Left. Chandler, Mr
Andrew Peeters, selectmen. Mr Andrew Peeters town

1697-8 Mar 7 Mr Andrew Peeters treasurer.

* Father of Phebe Carlton, who married John Peters, 1733.

fThis is the same raid that was made on Haverhill, when Han-
nah Dustin was carried off and so many of the Haverhill people
were killed. William evidently lived near the river and some of the
Indians must have ovitstripped their companions and crossed to the
south side.

Ipswich and Andover 25

Certificate to Andrew Peters, Andover, March i, 1698-9

This informes any that are concerned yt whereas
WilHam Chandler late of Andover deceased, was the Inn-
holder of our Towne & wee being likely to be vacant Wee
desire Mr Andrew Peeters may be the person for ye next
year for ye End; he having license from ye Quartr
Sessions for ye same formerly, and behaved himself with-
out offense soe farr as wee know * ; he is alsoe one of our
Selectmen, And our Town Treasr.
Dudley Bradstreet

John Chandler

John Abbot

Samuel Frie,t Selectmen

1698-9 Mar 6 Mr Andrew Peeters treasurer.
1699-1700 Mar 4 Mr Andrew Peeters treasurer.
1700-01 Mar 3 Mr Andrew Peeters treasurer
1701-02 Mar 2 Mr Andrew Peeters treasurer
1702 June 3 Ensign Jno. Aslebee and Mr Andrew
Peeters were chosen to goe down to Boston to manage the
concerns of ye towne against a petition yt may be putt
in to ye Gener Court by Mr Benjamin Woodbridge and
yt company concerns wh. him and $ by ye town of

Medford whomsoever any may thereby indeavor to in-
trude upon any part of our town rites and privileges, and
too hereby impower them to council, advise & implace
against them in J matter and also yt ye Town doe

hereby engage to bear their charges in ye management of
the sd affair and be also hereby allowed to see an attorney
to assist them Mr John t by Name if he be not

otherwise ingadged against us ; if he another in stead of
him or another to assist M C if need require; And for

* It is evident that the taking away of his license while in Ipswich
was from no serious cause.

t Father of Phebe Frie, who md. Samuel Peters.
t Illegible.

26 Massachusetts

ever to engadge him in ye civell law if they proceed
against us with any process

Voted and passed by a general vote ye day above."

1702 "Rid with Mr Woodman and Smith to Andover
which is a good In-land Town and of a good Prospect.
Some warned us not to goe to the ordinary, because
Mr Peters was dangerously sick of the Bloody Flux." —
Mass. Hist. Coll., Sewall Papers.

1703. For nearly thirty years the inhabitants of An-
dover lived in garrison the greater part of the time. In
1703 the following orders were issued to the military
officer of Andover, Capt. Christopher Osgood.* " I am
directed by his Excellency our Governor to build two
block-houses in your town upon the brink of Merrimack
river, one at the fording-place called Deare's Jump and
one at a fording-place commonly called Mr. Petters

wading-place . ' ' Miss Bailey's History of A ndover.

1703-4 Mr Andrew Peeters one of the selectmen.
1706-7 Mar 3 Mr Andrew Peeters treasurer
1707 Mar I Mr Andrew Peeters treasurer.

1 7 10 Nov 13 (Church Records) A committee con-
sisting of Mr Andrew Peeters and two other are impowered
to "make assessments and levy such moneys on the
north precinct."

171 1 Andrew Peeters assessor with two others is to
"give order for ye drawing out of money out of our

1711-12 Feb I " Mr Andrew peeters, Richard Barker
Senier and En. Samuel Frie were chosen a committee to
seat the committee yt was chosen to seat people in our
meeting house according to the Instructions as hath bin
drawn up for seating said house."

♦Grandfather of Phebe Carlton, who married John Peters, 1733.




Ipswich and Andover 27

A minister rate made and proportioned the 21 day of
November 171 2 and comited to John Osgood colecter to
gather and pay in to ye Reuerend Mr barnard forth with
— Andrew peter 1-6-0

1 712 July 18 Parish taxes. "Then Mr Andrew
Fetters with the Rest of the assors. Agreed with Deacon
Joseph Stivens for to Ring the bell one yeare for seventy

1713 nov. 19 Mr andrew peeters 1-6-7.

1 7 1 3 April 17 "Mr Andrew Peeters, George Abbott and
Richard Barker sen are chosen a committee for the year in-
suing that is to say to make assessments for the precinct
in order to the paying our minister his salary and what
other grants of money they shall haue order to levy on sd
precinct and to warn precinct meetings as in time past.

1 7 13 Nov 16 Mr Andrew Peeters and two others are
assessors for the year ensuing.

"Mr Andrew Peeters dyed December ye 13th, 17 13;

aged about 77 years" Andover Tmvn Records.

The inscription on his gravestone in the North Andover
graveyard is as follows :

Here lyes the body of Mr Andrew Peters

who deceased December ye 14th 17 13 in ye 79th

year of his age *

Church Records "Jan 12 — 1713-14 Ephraim Foster
was chosen assessor to serve in ye room of Mr Peeters
deed for the year insuing

From the Proprietors book, Andover Town Records
1702-3 "Now the proprietors are to be stated — ac-
cording to the burthen of their particular taxes — to calcu-
late every proprietors money from 1681 to 17 13." — [The
proprietors had an interest in Andover town lands; we

* His gravestone is still standing and has been carefully enclosed
in a heavy granite slab.

28 Massachusetts

see from this entry that Andrew Peters was rated as one
of the proprietors] :

" Mr Andrew petters paid from ye yere 1681 to 1714, as
it is last represented. To be privileged by it as the Rest
of the proprietors are in the common lands. ' ' The records
prior to the eighteenth century are comparatively meagre ;
the following vote shows why :

1698 "Voted that a committee be chosen to receive
anew the records of the town lands, according to what
papers may be found that have been upon record be-
fore ; our town records being taken away by the enemy
Indians." *

Andrew's will can now be seen in the court house in
Salem ; it is in excellent condition and reads as follows : f

Endorsed in his handwriting "my Will & Testament."
' ' I Andrew Peeters of Andover the county of Essex in
NEW England Being in Good health & memory (through
ye Goodness of God) & willing to settle ye Estate the
Lord hath Giuen mee after my Decease doe thus Ordaine
my Last will & testamt <

To my dear wiffe Mercij Peeters I will & bequeth my
whole estate in houses Lands & Cattle, goods, money &c

* Andrew Peters had the misfortune to leave a town which had
never been attacked by the Indians for a place which for many years
suffered from repeated raids by the "heathen enemy."

Judge Sewall describes this attack upon Andover:

"Feb. 24 — 97-98. Feb 22 at Break of day Andover is surprised
Lt/Col. Bradstreet's house, rifled, his ^kinsman Wade slain, Capt.
Chubb and his wife slain and three more. Some houses and Barns
burnt and in one a considerable quantity of corn and twenty head of
Cattel. Pulpit cushions taken away, fired but not quenched."

As Andrew Peters lived not far from the church and the Bradstreet
house it is probable that he suffered in this raid as well as his neigh-

t 1900 — It is in very bad condition and is no longer shown. 1902 —
It is still worse.



1^ -I- Ji R


3 1

S £






^4B?r^::Jl^,D^ ^,

^v l\



^6&t -







it is

pric '"^




ye (


whoi ^)

never^ ^
suffer 5i



It is ;

Ipswich and Andover 29

— Dureing her natural Liffe, or whilst Shee Remains my
widdow for her Comfortable subsisting in this world, and
after her decease mij will is that mij son Samuell peeters
Shall haue & enjoij my whole Estate in houses, Lands,
Cattle, Stills, & Coppers & whatsoever I posses, — hee
Paieing all mij Lawfull debts & Receiving all debts —
Duw unto mee, and ye Reason is whereas I was Burnt
out bij ye heathen Enemij, hee ye said Samuelh Peeters
hath been mij Copartner Euer Since, & also hath pur-
chased a Great part of Said Land for himselue, of Collnl
Dudley Bradstreet &c: Only I make this Exception, I
Giue to my two daughters Tenne poimds in paij Each of
them, that is to Say Elizabeth Wright & Mary Chandler,
Itm : I Giue to my two Grand Children, Andrew & Mary
Peeters, which are ye Children of my Son John Peeters,
deceased. Each of them fiue pounds in pay, or ye Land I
bought of Sargt Jeremiah Belcher, on ye north side of
Merrimack Riuer * aboue Major dennisons farme where
their Father dwelt, Itm : I Giue to my Grandson Seber-
ence f peeters a paijer of oxren worth Tenne pounds in
paij, or tenne pounds other wise as mij Executors & he.
shall agree when he is of age, Itm : I Giue to my Grandson
John peeters ye son of Willm Peeters deceased, Tenne
pounds in paij when he shall Com to ye age of Twenty &
one years, Itm: I Giue imto my daughter in Law Mary
Chapman } Fourty shillings in Money and To my Grand

* Is this "Mr. Fetters' wading-place " ?

t We infer that this is the same as Sibbons. His brother Andrew
must have died in childhood, as his name is not mentioned in the will.

t Mary Wilbourn "called the daughter of Andrew Peters," Andrew's
stepdaughter, who December 30, 1674, was married to Nathaniel
Chapman, of and in Ipswich, Mass., son of Edward and Mary Chapman.

They appear to have had children as follows:

John, born in Andover, February 13, 1685.

Hannah, born in Ipswich, February 13, 1691.

Michael, born March i, 1694.

David, born August 14, 1695. Probably there were others.







'^\k >^ ^ i 3 :»* >t v^ 3 -* '1^ ' "!i

30 Massachusetts

daughter Annis Chandler, as my Executors shall see
Cause, and as for my Grand Children John & hannah
Allin * haue been under my Care, I haue Reserved them
that which was their Fathers that is to Say for John Allin
ye farme that was his Fathers, and for hannah Allin The
household stuffe, as to a lead & pewter which I Gaue to
their mother, & tenne pounds in ye hands of their unckle
Samuel Holt, which will appear by an Instrument under
ye said Samuel Holt his hand & seal.

And if it should please God to Take my Son Samuell
Peeters out of this world before my dear wiffe, my will
is That my Estate shall be giuen unto his male Children
lawfully begotten of his Body and whereas I haue Taken
ye Care upon me for ye maintainance of Walter Wright
junr I doe hereby bind my Executor, Samuell peters to
Take ye Full Charge & Care of him, according to indent-
ment I haue made with his Father to witt : Walter Wright
Senr &c : I doe declare this to bee my Last will & Testa-
ment & of This I make mij dear wiffe Mercij Peeters & my
Son Samuel peeters my Executors, In Witness whereof I
haue here unto Sett my Hand & Seale this i6 Daye of
Novembr in ye year of our Lord God seauenteene hun-
dered & two, 1702

I haue written this with my owne hand.
Andrew Peeters

Signed and sealed in ye Presence of Thomas Barnard
Theophilus Cotton Mary Famum

* Their parents died of small-pox.

f The seal on Andrew's will is no longer in existence. When I first
saw it, in 1896, it was of black wax and in good condition. It
plainly represented what is given above, namely, two or three (ap-
parently) Indian arrow-heads about the sides, a log fort with flag
flying and something showing above the top, — possibly a small gun, —
over all the sun shines brilliantly; to me it is undoubtedly in memory

Ipswich and Andover 31

Mary Famum Alice Johnson declared they saw An-
drew Peeters Signe & seale his last will & Testament
&c Dec 29, 1 7 13

Ipswich, May 3, 17 14 Mary Farnum appeared & made
oath to what is aboue written The Widow (illegible) "

Samuel Peters gave bonds in 200;^ with Thomas Bar-
nard of Andover as suretie Feb 5, 1713-14.

There is no settlement of this estate on record.


Admitted to full Communion Mrs Mary * Peters

Margaret Peters widow.

Mrs. Mary* Peters widow and Relict of Mr Andrew Peters
Died on the 5th of November 1726.

1 II. John, first child of Andrew Peeters and Mercy
Beamsley his wife, born in Ipswich, February 28, 1660;
killed by the Indians in Andover, August 14, 1689; mar-
ried in Ipswich, May 25, 1680, Mary Edwards, daughter
of John Edwards, bom in Ipswich , October 16, 1661,
died in Ipswich, January 11, 1733, ^^'^ had two children.

of the great event of Andrew's life, — the desperate struggle and victory
of the white men over the Indians, and the taking of their stronghold
in the Narragansett campaign. The seal is evidently a home-made
affair, but it is the more individual and valuable on that accotmt.

"The courage displayed during the action by every part of the
army, the invincible heroism of the officers, the firmness and resolu-
tion of the soldiers when they saw their captains falling before them,
and the hardships endured before and after the engagement are
hardly credible, and rarely find a parallel in ancient or modem ages.
The cold the day preceding the action was extreme, and in the night
the snow fell so deep as to render it extremely difficult for the army
to move the day succeeding. Four hundred of the soldiers were so
completely frozen as to be unfit for duty!" — History of the Indian
Wars, by Henry Trumbull.

(Out of eleven hundred and twenty-seven men two hundred and
ninety-nine were killed and five hundred and thirteen wounded. The
Massachusetts men were at the head of the army and led the charge
against the fort. — E. B. P.) * Probably written "Marcy."

32 Massachusetts

///. Children of John and Mary Edwards:

8 (1). Andrew,* born in Ipswich, December i, 1682.

9 (2). Mary.

John lived, according to his grandfather's will, "on ye
north side of Merrimack Riuer, aboue Major Dennison's
farme." As he lived out of the town it is probable that
there were other children whose births were not recorded.
Mary must have been one of them, and whether it is her
death which is recorded in Ipswich on the nth of Jan-
uary, 1733, or her mother's, it is impossible to say.
Probably the latter. John Peters was killed during the
raid on Haverhill of August 13, 1689, when so many in
that town lost their lives. There are two records in
Ipswich of his marriage to Mary Edwards, the first, April
12, 1680, is, imdoubtedly, a publishment.

3 II. Elizabeth, second child of Andrew Peeters and
Mercy Beamsley his wife, bom in Ipswich, August 26, 1662,
died in Andover, October 31, 1 703 ; was married in Ipswich,
November 25, 1678, to John Sady, and had two children.

///. Children of Elizabeth Peters and John Sady:

(1). John, born (probably in Ipswich in 1679) died in
Andover August 13, 1702, "aged about twenty-four
(2). Samuel, born (probably in Ipswich, in 1680), mar-
ried September 25, 1704, Mary Hamden. "Capt.
Samuel Sady died Oct. ye 8-1744 aged 64 years."
His gravestone is in Medfield, Mass. The intention of
marriage and his marriage are both recorded in Middleton,
Mass., town records.

Elizabeth Sady was married (2) to Walter Wright
(widower) September 9, 1684, by Mr. Russell (he married,
February 26, 1667, Susannah Johnson; "died June 3,
1684, Susannah wife of Walter Wright.")

* See New Hampshire.

Ipswich and Andover 33

III. Children of Elizabeth Peters Sady and Walter Wright:

(1). Elizabeth, born in Andover, July 20, 1685.

(2). Dorothy, born in Andover, July 23, 1688.

(3). Joseph, born in Andover, October 28, 1693.

(4). Sarah, born in Andover, March 20, 1696.

(5). Abigail, born in Andover, January 31, 1699.

(6). Dorothy, born in Andover, 1701.
" 1 71 2, October 20 (25?), died Walter Write, aged about

3 II. Andrew, third child of Andrew Peeters and Mercy
Beamsley his wife, no record of birth (probably bom in
Ipswich, in 1664), killed by the Indians in Andover, Au-
gust 14, 1689; married in Andover, February 8, 1685, by
Major Saltonstall, to Elizabeth Famham, dau. Thomas
Famham and Elizabeth Sibbons, his wife, bom in An-
dover, February 19, 1661, died in ,
and had 2 children.

///. Children of Andrew and Elizabeth Famham:

10 (1). Andrew, born in Andover, December 9, 1686; no
further record. Probably died young, as he is not mentioned
in his grandfather's will.

11 (2). Sibbons,* born in Andover, February 19, 1688.

He is undoubtedly the one called " Seberence " in his grand-
father's will, whence it may be inferred that the name was
written according to a careless pronunciation and that it was
not "Seaborn," as has been surmised.

Elizabeth Farnham Peters was married (2) by Captain
Danforth, April 2, 1692, to James Johnson, son of Thomas
Johnson and Mary Holt, his wife, bom in Andover,
February 4, 1672, died in Andover, October 14, 1748, and
had children.

Andrew ", the second son of Andrew ^ is curiously
enough, his only child not mentioned by name in his
will. He was killed at the same time as his elder brother

* See New Hampshire.

34 Massachusetts


"The settlers were so much annoyed by the Indians at
this time, that they could with difficulty support their
families.! Their houses were burned, their crops de-
stroyed and their cattle driven away. During a period
of more than thirty years (1686-1725) they were com-
pelled to spend more or less of each year at the garrison.
(Blanchard's was the one at Haggett's Pond.) When
they went out to work in their fields, each man armed
himself in readiness to repel an attack. Notwithstand-
ing these precautions, many of the inhabitants were killed ;
among others the sons of Mr. Peters.

"A couple of Indians had been looking around the
settlements and had taken one prisoner and were cau-
tiously retiring when they saw two young men, John and
Andrew Peters, approaching. They had been at work
in the field and were returning to the garrison. The In-
dians immediately hid behind a log fence, and told their
captive, John Singletary, if he stirred or made any noise
they would instantly kill him. They suffered the brothers
to pass and then they both fired. One of the young men
fell dead from his horse, the other was mortally wounded,
the ball passing through his body and through the neck
of his horse. The wounded animal dashed off at full
speed, carrying the unfortimate rider to a considerable
distance from the spot where his brother fell."

4 II. Mary, fourth child of Andrew Peeters and Mercy
Beamsley his wife, bom in Ipswich, June 12, 1668, died

* Mrs. Margaret Wilson Mighill, of Danby,, near Wallingford, Vt.,
died in 1820, aged ninety-one. She told the tale of John's, Andrew's,
and William's death, to her granddaughter, Sarah Ives Fox, who
wrote it down. Mrs. Mighill was the oldest daughter of Abigail
Whittemore and Thomas Wilson, son of Margaret Russ Peters (widow
of William Peters), and her second husband, James Wilson, of Cam-
bridge. James Wilson removed to Killingly, Conn.

t This was in Andover.

Ipswich and Andover 35

in Andover, July 21, 1753, in the 86th year of her age;
was married, May 22, 1686, to Thomas Chandler, son of
Capt, Thomas Chandler and Hannah Brewer his wife,
bom in Andover, October 9, 1664, died in Andover,
January 20, 1737, and had nine children.

///. Children of Mary Peters and Thomas Chandler:

(1). Mary, born in Andover, February 18, 1687.

(2). Annis, born in Andover, March 21 (24?), 1689.

(3). Thomas, born in Andover, June 4, 1691.

(4). Elizabeth, born in Andover, July 13, 1693.

(5). Timothy, born in Andover, March 29, 1695.

(6). Ephraim, born in Andover, October 2, 1696.

(7). David, born in Andover, January 11, 1699.

(8). Hannah, born in Andover, August 23, 1700.

(9). Mary, born in Andover, March 8, 1702.

5 11, Mercy, fifth child of Andrew Peeters and Mercy
Beamsley his wife, bom in Ipswich, January 27, 1670, died
in Andover, of the small-pox, December 25, 1690; was
married by Mr. Dane, May 22, 1686, to John Allen, son
of Andrew Allen and Faith Ingalls his wife, bom in An-
dover, March 16, 1662, died of the small-pox, November
26, 1690, and had three children.

///. Children of Mercy Peters and John Allen.
(1). John, born April 30, 1687.
(2). John, born June 12, 1688.
(3). Hannah, born September 12, 1690.
John Allen and his yoimg wife evidently caught the
dread disease from his sister, the unfortunate Martha
Allen, wife of Thomas Carrier, who only a few years later
was hanged as a witch. The Carrier family came from
Billerica to Andover, and in 1690 some of them became
ill with small-pox.

"To Samuel Holt, Andrew Allen and John Allen,
Neighbors and ffriends. — We the subscribers of Andover

$6 Massachusetts

have been informed that your sister Carrier and some of
her children are smitten with that contagious disease the
small-pox and some have been so inconsiderate as to
think that the care of them belongs to the salact men of
Andover which does not, for they took care when first
they came to towne to warne them out again and have
attended the law therein; and shall only take care that
they doe not spread the distemper with wicked careless-
ness which we are afraid they have already done. You
had best take what care you can about them, nature and
Religion requiring of it. We hope we have done faith-
fully in this information and are your friends and ser-
vants. Oct. 14th, 1690.

A most cold-blooded, selfish document! Samuel Holt
was brother-in-law of Martha Carrier, and Andrew Allen
was her father. It was the custom, when a new family
came to town to warn them out, otherwise, in case of
poverty or disease, they might become a charge to the

Later, Walter Wright, brother-in-law of John Allen
and Mercy Peters Allen (through his marriage to Eliza-
beth, oldest daughter of Andrew Peeters), received the
following warrant.

" To Walter Wright, Constable ; Whereas it has pleased
God to visit those of the widdowe Allen's family which she
hath taken into her house with that contagious disease
the small-pox, it being as we think part of our duty to
prevent the spreading of sd distemper we therefore re-
quier you in their Majesties' names to warn sd family not
to goe near any house soe as to endanger them by sd
infection nor to come to the public meeting till they may
come with safety to others ; but what they want let them
acquaint you with; which provide for them out of their
own estates."

Dated the 4.9. 1690.

Ipswich and Andover 37

6 II. William, sixth child of Andrew Peeters and
Mercy Beamsley his wife, born in Ipswich, February 7,
1672, killed by the Indians in Andover August 13, 1696.
(No record of marriage, but is said to have married Mar-
garet Russe in 1694, perhaps daughter of John Russ and
Deborah Osgood, bom in Andover, April 10, 1673?)

///. Children of William and Margaret Russ:

13 (1). John * born in Andover, October i, 1695.

Margaret Russ Peters was married (2) April, 1704, to
James Wilson of Cambridge.

1696 "One Peters and Hoyt scalp'd at Andover this
week; were not shot, but knock'd in the head."

Mass. Hist. Coll. ^th series, vol. ii.

Dunstable, August 14, 1696 (Letter to Captain Lane)
"from Andover I have advice alsoe of two men being
murdered and scalped by ye Indian enemy, living in a
forsaken house half a mile from a garrison, whereof Peters
his son being one . . . Jonathan Tyng, major."

New Eng. Hist. & Gen. Register.

In the History of Billerica, Massachusetts, by Hazen,
there is a letter from Andover relating that William
Peters belonging to Samuel Blanchard's garrison, went
to his house with one Hoyt to fetch his horse, and not
returning, search was made and both men were foimd
killed and scalped. The house was about half a mile
from the garrison on the Billerica road in an open plain.

The Revd. John Pike records in his Journal, 1696, that
"old John Hoyt of Amesbury and young Peters of And-

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