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half a Sikh corps, and when these were sent to Allahabad and replaced by the
47th Native Infantry, they too remained faithful, though suspected. On a false
alarm the majority of the European residents fled to Chunar : but the only seri-
ous events were those connected with Bhadohi and the murder of Mr. Moore.
Bhadohi belonged to the Raja of Benares, but the former Rajput owners had never-
been wholly uprooted, and now one of them, Udwaat Singh, assumed his ances-
tral title and commenced to raise forces and plunder his weaker neighbours. He
was, however, delivered up by his own Diwan to Lieutenant Palliser and his
sowars, and hanged. They vowed vengeance on Moore, the Joint Magistrate and
official Superintendent of the Raja's Domains, who they supposed was the
chief cause of the execution. On the 4th July he made a raid from Gopiganj
and arrested some prisoners whom he brought to an indigo factory at Pali. He
was at once surrounded by Jhuria Singh and a large body of men and he and
the two managers of the factory, E. S. Jones and C. M. Kemp, were murdered.-
Kemp was only 15 years old {vide nos. 759-60). His head was taken to the
widow of Udwant Singh : she had offered Rs. 300 for it. The bodies were re-
covered by a party of the 64th Regiment. The rebels were attacked but the teal
murderers escaped.]

(References : Gazetteer ; Haileybury M. N.)


621.— 1801— WHITE, C.S. Inscription .-—Sacred to the memory 6f
Catharine Sarah White, daughter of Captain Samuel White, who

172 Christian Tomm and Monuments.

departed this life, February the 19th, 1801 , aged one year nine
months and ten days.

[S. White joined the service in 1781 and died at Fort William in 1806.]

(References : D. and M.)

622. — 1801 — WARD, V. L., Lieutenant. Inscri'ption :—'B.exe lies
interred the body of Lieutenant Vere Lumby Ward, His Majesty's
27th Regiment, L. D., who departed this life, 26th July 1801, aged
33 years.

623. — 1805 — BARBER, J-, Lieutenant. Inscription^: — Sacred to
the memory of James Barber, late a Lieutenant in the 1st Batta-
lion, 19th Regiment, N. L, who departed this life on the 5th May
1805, aged 25 years. To perpetuate the remembrance of an officer
they esteemed and a friend they loved, this monument is erected by
the officers of the 1st Battalion, 19th Regiment.
[James Barber, son of J. Barber, of Otley, was born in 1780. He joined the

service in 1798. Dodwell and Miles give these dates of his death as 15th August


(References : D. and M. ; C. P.)

624.— 3807— 0' SHE A, A., Captain. Inscription :—^^GTe^io Holq
memory of Capt. Andrew O'Shea He was born at Cork in Ireland
on the 21st March 1787, and he died at this place on the 18th
November 1817. He was an honour to his friends, to his profession
and to society, and his loss will ever be deeply felt and lamented by
his afflicted relations.

[He joined the service in 1803, and became a captain in 1816.]

(Reference : D. and M.)

625.— 1812— CHAPIVIAN, R. Inscription :— " Sacred to the me-
mory of Robert Chapman, Esq , who died July 21st, 1812."
626 - 1816— BARTON, C, Captain. Inscription .-—Sacred to the
memory of Capt. Chawil Barton, 8th Regiment, N. I., a tender and
beloved husband and father, who departed his life on the 30th of
October 1816. This tomb is erected with affection and tributary
tears by the bereaved wife.
[Dodwell and Miles mention a C.W. Burton who died at Tarra Mirzapore,
on BOlh October 1816. He was appointed cadet in 1800, ensign in ISOl, lieute-
nant in 1803, captain in 1814. This explains the extraordinary name Chawil.
It stands, clearly, for Cha. Wil. (Charles WilUam) ; Barton is also an error for

(References : D. and M.)

627.— 1817— GREENHILL, J., Lieutenant, inscription .-—Sacred
to the memory of Lieutenant James Greenhill, of H. M.'s 17th
Regiment of Foot who departed this life near Mirzapur, 27th June
1817, aged 26 years. This monument is erected by his brother-
officers as a testimony of the highest regard for a sincere friend and
an honourable man.
[The 17th were in India 1810-1831].

628 —1822— HOPE, H., B. C. S. Inscription .'—Sieved, to the

memory of Hugh Hope, Esq., late of the Bengal Civil Service,

second son by his second marriage of the late Sir Archibald Hope,

Bart, of Craighall. Born A. D. 1783, died A. D. 1822, cetat 39.

[Hugh Hope was fourth son of the ninth Baronet. He joined the service in

1803 ; one of his first posts was " second assistant to the export warehouse-keeper

and deputy appraiser of piece goods at the Calcutta Customs," a title which

■hows how var ed were the duties of our predecessors in the Civil Service. He waa

employed in Java, Patna, Jessore and Mirzapur, where he was "officiating iHjpoit


warehouse-keeper and naval store- keeper." The Hope's of Craighall are an old
family of French extraction, dating back to John de Hope who came to Scotland
in the train of Magdalene. Queen of James V. The first baronet was Sir Thomas
Hope, an eminent lawyer, and Law Advocate (1626). Among other famous mem-
bers of the family are Genl. Sir James Hope, G.C.B., who served in the French
wars ; Genl. Sir William Hope, K. C. B., who served in the Crimea ; and Sir
Theodore Hope, K.C.S.I., C.I.E., of the Bombay C. S. Hugh Hope was married
to Isabella, daughter of ^neas Mackay of Scotston, and left a son.]
(References : Prinnep C. L. ; Burke, P.)

629.— } 826— CAMPBELL, J., Lieutenant. Jnscrfp^ton .-—Sacred
to the memory of Lieutenant John Campbell, 4tli Extra Regiment,
who died 25th June 1826, much regretted by his brother officer, by
whom this monument is erected as a memorial of his intrinsic
worth, ob. cetat. 20.
[The son of the Revd. A. Campbell, born at Portree, N. B., in 1805, and
educated at Musselburgh, he joined the service in 1821.]
(References : D. and M. ; C. JP.)

630.— 1827— MACDONALD, A., Lieutenant-Colonel Sir. Ins-
cription : — Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant- Colonel Archibald
MacDonald, K.C.B., late Adjutant- General of H. M.'s Forces in
India, who died on the 15th November 1827.
[Untiaceable. The only Archibald Macdonald I could find in the Knightage

was K. H. not K. C. B.]

631.— 1827— PIERCY, J. R., Ensign. Inscription .-^Ssicred to
the memory of Ensign J. R. Piercy, 6th Extra Regiment, N. I.,
who departed this life on the 17th November 1827, aged 17
years. This monument is erected by his brother officers as a mark
of their esteem. (D. 0.)
[Jeffery Rand Piercy, son of Capt. J. Piercy, H. M. 53rd Regt. was born at
Fort William in 1809. He joined the service in 1826, and died at Jubbulpore.]
(References : D. and M. ; C. P.)

632.— 1827— DOUGLAS, C.S., Mrs. Inscription :—8&cTed to the
memory of Charlotte Sarah, wife of Lieutenant J. F. Douglas, who
departed this life at Mirzapore on the 20th of April 1827, aged
25 years.

[James F. Douglas, son of A. Douglas of Leith, born in 1798, joined the
service in 1819.]

(References : 2). and M. ; C. P.)

633.— 1828— SKENE, E. E. N., Mrs. Inscription .-—Sacred to the
memory of Emma Eliza Neville Skene, wife of Major W. Skene,
6th Extra Regiment, N.I., who departed this life on the morning of
the 8th September 1828, aged 37 years and 10 months ; this monu-
ment is erected by her disconsolate husband as a tribute of affection
and regard for one who had for nearly 22 years fulfilled her duties
as an affectionate wife with true Christian piety and vii'tue.
The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the
Lord. (B. O.)

[William Skene, son of Professor G. Skene of the Marischal College at
Aberdeen, joined the service in 1800 and retired in 1832. It will be noticed that
he married his wife at a remarkably early age.]
(References : D. and M. ; C, P.)

634.— 1828— MONIN, L. Inscription :—Uon Monin d^^d^ le

18 Septembre 1828.

635.— 1829— BURROWES, C, Lieutenant. Inscription :— To the
memory of Lieutenant Cosby Burrowes, 45th Regiment, N. I., who
died December 9th, 1829. (B. O.)

174 Christian Tombs and Monuments.

Cosby Burrowes, son of T. Burrrowes of Stradone House, co. Cavan, joined
the serv.ce in 1817 and died according to Dodwell and Miles in the Mauritius.
The Burrowes' settled in Cavan under James I, at the settlement of Ulster.]
(References : Burk, L. Q. I. ; D. and M.)

636.— j830— PLATT, W., Lieutenant. Inscription .-—Sacred to the
memory of Lieutenant W. Piatt, of the 18th Regiment, Native
Infantry, who was drowned near Mirzapur on the 1st July 1830.
This tomb was erected by his brother officers as a token of their
[W. Piatt joined the service in 1824. I could not trace his papers.]
(Reference ; I), and M.)

637.— 1 832— LIND, A. F., B.C.S. //?scHp<? on .-—Sacred to the
memory of Alexander Francis Lind, C.S., born January 8th,
1798, died February 8th, 1832.
[A. F. Lind, son of i:>r. J. Lind of Windsor, was born in 1797 not 1798,
according to his birth certificate. He was recommended for a nomination by
Lord Ailesbury at the desire of Her Majesty Queen Charlotte in 1811, was
at Hailoybury 1812-13 and arrived in India; in 1814. He served in Benares,
Rangj ur, the Sunderbunds, Murshidabad, B.rbhum, Calcutta, Rajshahi, Fateh-
pur and Mirzapur. He was Judge and Magistrate of Mirzapur when he died.]
(References : Haileyhury ; I'rhisep C. L. ; W. P.)

638.— 1 833— VINCENT, M. Inseription :— " Mathieu Vincent

decede le 27 Juilect, 1833."
639.— 1833— LINDSAY, M., Mrs. Liscription .-—SsiCYed to the
memory of Margaret, the beloved wife of C. Lindsay, Esq., C.S.,
who departed this life in childbed, aged 20 years, on the 7th Octo-
ber 1833.
[This was Margaret Browne, the second wife of Colin Lindsay, C.S., married
in 1832. Colin Lindsay, B.C.S. , was at one time judge of Delhi. He died in
1864. He was the 4th son of L eu tenant -General James L ndsay (died 1793),
grandson of the 5th Earl of Balcarres (1091 — 17>;8); one of his brothers w;i8
Eobert James Loyd Lindsay, first and only Lord Wantage. This very ancient
family has possessed and still possesses no less Ihan three Earldoms. It dates
back to Sir William de Lindessi, of the 12th century. The 8th in succession,
Bir David de Lindesay (Ambassador to England in 1349 51) first signed him-
self as Lord of Crawford : and his youngest son Sir William — one of Froissart's
" Enfants de Lindsay ' — was ancestor of the Earls of Lindsay. The 4th Lord
of Crawford was made Earl of Crawford. The 2nd son of Lord Menmuir (a lord
of session) who was 2nd son of the 9i.h Earl, became the 1st Lord Balcarres : and
his son was made 1st Earl of Balcarres. The 16 hh Earl of Crawford died with-
out heirs and Charles I regranted his Earldom to the Earl of Lindsay, but with
remainder to the Crawford line. Accordingly in 1808 the Earldom of Crawford
passed back to the 0th Earl of Balcarres who became also 23rd Earl of Crawford.]
(Reference : Burke, P.)

640.— 1834— VENABLES, G. H. Ensign. Inseription .-—Ensign
G. H. y enables, 29th Regiment, deceased 9th September 1834.
[The son of Reverend G. Venables, and rector of Machynlleth, Montgomery-
shire, born in 1609. He joined the service in 1828.]
(Reference : Services B.A. List.)

641.— 1836— DASHWOOD, T. J., B.C.S. Inscription :—^acved to
the memory of Thomas John Dashv^ood, Esq., Civil and Sessions
Judge of zillah Tirhoot, who died suddenly near Mirzapur on the
17th of June 1836, aged 44. (B.O.)
[Son of Thomas Dash wood, E. I. C. S. and Charlotte, daughter of J. Auriol
and described as " senior merchant on the Bengal Establishment and Judge of
Tirhoot." Thomas Dashwood in 1783 was appointed an "Examiner" in the
ofi&ce of the Secret Department, when it was divided off from the Public Depart-
ment, and " J. Auriol," is probably J. P. Auriol, the last secretary of both depart-


mentB before their separation. Thomas Dash wood' married Miss Auriol in 1782.
T. J. Dashwood married Susan, daughter of Thomas Wodchouse. T. Dashwood
was 2nd son of Sir James Dashwood, 2nd Baronet, LL. D., M.P., for Oxford.
A. J. Dashwood and C. K. Dashwood, both killed at Luoknow in the mutiny
(nos. 868 and 9'i4), were nephews of T. J. Dabhwood. The family goes back to an
Alderman George Dashwood, Comm'ssioner of Excise and Hearthtax (1C17 — 1C82.)
T. J. Dashwood joined the service in 1810 and served in the 24.Pargana8, Patna
and Tirhut. He was on leave for 5 years (1818 — 1823). He died on a river
steamer after a few hours' illness. He was at Hadeybury 1808-9.]
References : Forrest 1772-85 ; Burke P; Prinsep C. L.)

642.— 1837- HINDB, H., Major. Inscription :— To the memory of
Henry Hinde, Major, Brazilian Service, died 14th March 1831, aged
45 years.

643.— 1 840— TAYLOR, E. E. Inscription . - Sacred to the memory
of Emily Eliza, the beloved child of R. J. Taylor, C.S., and Eliza
his wife, born on the 12th of May 1839, died on the 12th of August
1840. Dolce nella memoria.
[R. J. Tayler, (so birth certificate and other lists) was son of G Taylor
merchant, born in 1794. He came to India in 1613, and in 1839-40 was
Sessions Judgg of Mirzapur. He retired in 1857 and died in 1660 ]
(References : Frinsep C. L. ; W. F.)

644.— 1842— NOBLE, G., Ensign. /wscWjo^ion :— Pacred to the
memory of Ensign George Noble, 13th Native Infantrv, who died
here, November 10th, 1842, aged 18.
[Son of Lieutenant G. Noble, R. K., born in 1854. He arrived in India ia
July 1842 and died on his way to join his regiment at Banda.]
(References : Seniles B.A. List.)

645.— 1843 - SALM0N, W. B , Lieutenant-Colonel. Inscription : -
To the memory of W. B. Salmon, Lieut -Col., 58th Regiment^
B. N. I., who departed this life on the 5th February 1843, aged 56
years, after a service of 39 years. This monument is exacted by
his brother officers as a tribute of their sii^cere esteem and respect.
[There is only one W. B. Salmon in Dodwell and Miles, so that it would
seem that this must be Will am Broome Salmon, Sir J. B. Hearsey's brother-in-
law. (Cf. nos. 551 and 850). Pearse says he died, a General, in England. This
seems certainly an error, in so far as his rank was concerned, though this may
of course be a cenotaph. All the facts given in the Services B. A. List about
W. B. Salmon correspond with those given by Pearse, whilst the date of death
is mentioned by the former. W. B. Salmon is stated to have been a captain in

1825, in command of the Resident's Bodyguard at Lucknow 1823 5 and

even as going on leave to the hills in 1827— all facts mentioned of Hearsey's
brother-in-law by Pearse ; so there can be little doubt of the idenlifi cation. He
was the son of G. Salmon born in 1787 and joined the service in 1803.]
(References: Pearse s D. and M. j Services B.A. Lint.)

646.— 1844— MALING, N., Mr. Inscription :~Nona, the beloved
wife of Captain C. S. Maling, 68th Native Infantry, died at
Mirzapur, 28th March 1844. Aetat 36 years.

When from the dust of death I rise,

To claim my mansion in the skies ;

E'en then shall this be all my plea,

Jesus hath lived and died for me.

[Cf. no. 654.]

647.— 1846— (1) WOLLASTON, L. H., Mrs. (2) WOLL ASTON,
L. Inscription ; — " Sacred to the memory of Lorenza Hilaria, the
beloved wife of M. W. Wollaston, missionary, who died 27th July
1846, aged 36 years. Also of Lorenza, their infant daughter,
who died 30th July 1846, aged one year and one month."
[Cf. no. 652.]

176 Christian Tombs and Monuments.

648.— 1847— BOSE, H., B.C.S. Inscription .-—To the memory of
Hugh Rose, of Kilravock in Scotland, a Civil Servant of the
H. E. I. Company, who died at this place on the 29th January 1847,
and is here interred.
[Hugh Rose, eldest son of Hugh Eose, of Kilravock, to Nairn, according to
Burke, " went to India where he became highly distinguished in the C. S.
in Bengal." Prinsep gives his most important post as that of settlement oificer
at Cawnpore (1839-41) : and he was magistrate of Banda when he died. This
Hugh was apparently the first of the family to go to India, but of his brothers
three served in India, all during the mutiny and two were killed, one at Gwalior
and one at Kaira in Bombay. Sir Hugh Rose, (Lord Strathnairn) was a kinsman.
Two sisters also married Anglo-Indians. The family is ancient, dating back to
the time of Alexander III ; and settled at Kilravock in the time of King John
Balliol, since when the estate has descended unbroken to the present owner.
The eldest son has apparently been a Hugh without any exception since the time
of John Balliol. The Rose Innes family of Netherdale and the Roses of Holme
Rose are junior branches of the same family.]
(Reference : Frinsep C. L. ; Burke L. O.)

649.— 1847— TODD, F. B., Captain. Jnsm^<% on .- — Beneath this
stone is interred all that was mortal of Fryer Bowes Todd, Cap-
tain in the Hon'ble Company's Military Service. He was born
on the 25th November 1800 and his spirit ascended to his God and
Saviour on the 7th October 1847.

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

Revelation, Chapter XIV, verse 13.
Erected as a last token of affection by his afflicted widow.

[Son of F. Todd, a volunteer m the pilot service, born in 1800. He joined
the service in 1819.]

(Reference : Services £. A. List.)

650.— 1847— CURRIB, A. P., B.C.S. Inscription .-—Sacred to the
memory of A. P. Currie, Esq., Judge of Mirzapur, who departed
this life on the 3rd day of February 1847, cetat 41.

What I do thou knowest now, but thou shaft know hereafter.

St. John, Chapter XIII, verse 7th.
Erected as a last token of love by his afflicted widow.

[Cf. no. 619.]

651.— 1850— PITTS-FORSTER, H., Lieutenant. Inscription :—
Lieutenant Henry Pitts-Forster, Adjt., Shekhowattee Battalion,
departed this life, 26th JMay 1850, aged 27 years.
[The Shekhowattee Battalion are the present 13th Rajputs.]

652.— 1851— (1) WOLLASTON, M. W., Revd. (2) WOLLAS-
TON, E. W. Inscriptiop : — Sacred to the memory of M. W.
Wollaston, IMissionary of L. M. S. at Mirzapur. He was born
August 24th, 1802, joined the ]V[irzapur Mission, March 30th,
1844, and died June 10th, 1851. Also interred in the same tomb,
Edward Budden Wollaston, son of the abovenamed, and Emma, his
wife. Born June 22nd, 1850, died June 13th, 1851.

Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him.
I Thessalonians, Chapter IV, verse 14.
This monument is erected as a last token of love on the part of his
afflicted widow.
[Mr. Wollaston, previous to joining the L. M. 8., was engaged in education
at Agra where he published a '» practical grammar of the Sanskrit language"
and some other books. He joined the mission in 1804 and was ordained in
November of the same year. He again gave his time to educational work, but
in later years took to bazar preaching in which he greatly delighted.]
(BeferencQ: Communicated,)

MiRZAPIJti. 17?

6S^.— 1857— MOORE, W. R., B.C.S. Inscription :— Sacred to
the memory of William Richard Moore, Bengal Civil Service,
Joint Magistrate and Deputy Collector of Mirzapur, wlio was
murdered on duty at the Parlee Factory in that district during
the rebellion in India on 4th July 1857, in the 25th year oi
his age.

Btessed are they who die in the Lord.
[Of, no, 620.]

€M.— 1858— (1) MALING, A. E. C. 1360— (2) MALHSTG,
C, S., Colonel, l?iscr«p^ion .-—For ever with the Lord. I Thes-
salonians, Chapter TV, verse 7. Most sacred to the much loved
memory of Colonel C^ S. Maling, late Commandant of the 68th
regiment, B. N. I., who departed this life at Mirzapur, March
the 18th, 1860, in perfect faith in his redeemer. Most deeply
deplored and lam-ented by his afflicted widow, family and friends,
and sincexely regretted by his brother officers. " The name of
the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runneth into it and is
safe," (Prov. Chapter 18, verse 10.) Also to the sweet memory
of Anna Eliza Constance, the much loved infant child of the
above and Eliza Cai'oline, his beloved wife, born in England
19th October 1856, and entered into Heaven 31st December
1858, aged 2 months and 12 days. He shall gather the lambs in
iiis arms and carry them in his bosom. (Isaiah XL, verse 11th.)
This sad monument is erected to the most fondly and most deeply-
l^eloved memory of her beloved and very attached husband, by
iiis bereaved and most deeply mourning widow, in the sure and
certain hope of being most gloriously re-united to him in heaveil
for ever.

Not lost, but gone before,
[This was erected by Colonel Maling's second wife. His first died in 1844
cf. no. 646. €. Simpson Maling, son of Cap1a n C. Malnig, 9th N. I., was born in
India in 1808, and entered the service in 1823. He was captain in 1834, and
commanded the Jodhpur legion 1839-41,]

(Reference : Services B. A. List.)
655,— 1860— HANDSIDE, 0. E., Lieutenant. Inscription .-—In
memory of Lieutenant Charles E. Handside, 5th Bengal Euro-
peans, son of H. Handside, W. S., Edinburgh, died 2nd September
1860. Erected by his sorrowing parents.

656.— 1862 - EAIRLIE, E,, B. C. S. Inscription .-—Sacred to tk©
memory of Edward Fairlie, Esq., Bengal Civil Service, the fifth
son of James Fairlie, Esq., who died here on the 30th September
1862, in the 28th year of his age, much regretted by all who knew
Fear not, for I have redeemed thee ; I have called thee by thy name ; thwi
art Mine.

[The 5th son of James Fairlie of Holms, co. Ayr, he was at Haileybury 1854-
6 and came to India 1857. Two of his brothers were also in the Indian Army.
The family is descended from Eobert de Ros, of Trabet, who obtained the Fairlie
lands from Eobert Bruce, and changed his name. This branch is descended from
a cadet of the family who lived circa 16(31. The Fairlies are connected with the
Huirs by marriage (cf . no. 545):, whether it is this branch I am however uncertain,
A. Jean Fairi.e married a John Muir of Netheraith, and died in 1829, but I
cannot identify the latter. At all events Fairlie appears in the names of a;
^Drother, son and grandson of Sir "William Muir ; whilst Slungo, another " Muir '*
dame is ^l^o co]j:i]UQn ^xaongst the Fairlies ; it was ihp uai&e of ^ brother of the


178 Christian TOmbs and Monuments.

Jean mentioned and also of a brother of Edward Fairlie, amongst others, Hifl
probability is, therefore, that this Fairlie is a distant connection of the many
Muirs in this province.]

(Reference : Haileybury ; Burke L. G.)

657.— 1862— HOGG, B. H., Mrs. Inscription ;— To the memory of
Elizabeth Helen, wife of Fergusson Floyer Hogg, who died
at Mirzapnr, 4th December 1862, aged 24 years.

Blessed are the piire in heart, tor they shall see God.
[Cf. no. 658.]

658.— 1862— HOGG, F. P., B.C.S. i?? s cr?:^ f ion .-—Sacred to the
memory of Fergusson Floyer Hogg, Bengal Civil Service, who
died at Chnnar, 19th December, 1862, aged 35 years.
He rests in the Lord Jesus.
[F. F. Hogg, (1829-1862) was 3rd son of the Eight Hon. Sir James Weir
Hogg, P. C, Registrar of the Supreme Court of Calcutta, 1822—33, Director and
Chairman of E. I. C. and practically (as M. P. for Honiton) their representative
in Parliament, and one of the first members of the Indian Council in 1888. He
refused the Governorship of Bombay in 1853. Amongst other well-known
Aoglo-Indian members of this family are C. S. Hogg, Administrator -General of
Bengal (1824—1870), Sir S. S. Hogg, B.C.S., Commissioner of Police and Chair-
man of the municipality, Calcutta, who also served in the North-West Provinces
and the Punjab (born 1833) ; Sir F. R. Hogg, K.C.I.E., C.S.I., I.C.S., D.G.
of the Post Office in India (born 183G), all brothers of F. F. Hogg ; whilst a son of
Sir F. R. Hogg is now in the Indian Postal Department.

Sir J. W. Hogg's eldest son became the first Lord Magheramorne. The
family is a Scotch one that emigrated to Ireland at the end of the 17th century.
By intermarriage with the McGarel family (the name is now McGarel Hogg)
they came into possession of Magheramorne, a place of considerable antiquity.
The name means •' the settlement of the Mornes," a famous ancient Irish tribe ;
as earJy as 511 A. D. it is mentioned as the birthplace of St. Comgale. It is on
the borders of Lough Larne.

F. F. Hogg was educated at Haileybury and came to India in 1849. He was
Joint Magistrate of Mirzapur when he died. He married in 1861 Elizabeth
Helen, eldest daughter of the Hon. L. Parsons, 3rd son of the 2nd Earl of Rosse,
(Cf no. 657). (According to Burke the date of the birth of F. F. Hogg is 1829 :
according to the inscription it would be 1827.)]
(Reference : Haileybury ; Burke P.)

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