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born in 1823.]

(Eefercnees : Forrest ; C. P., Rees.)

677,— 1857- (1) LEWIN, E, P., Lieutenant. (2) LEWIN,
E. S, In&Grij)tion : — In memory of Lieutenant Edward Pownty
Lewin, Bengal Artillery, who was killed at his post, the Cawnporo
Battery, in the defence of this position, on the 26th of July li!;57,
aged 24 years, 11 months. Also of his daughter, Edith Scot, who
died within the Residency entrenchment on the 20th of August
1857, aged one year, seven months.

Father, I will that they also, whom Thou hast given me, bo with me—Sf,
■John, xvii,- 24.

[Cf . no. 895, He was the son of Lieut . W. C. J. Lewin, Bengal Army, born
at Calcutta in 1832.]
(Keference : C.P.)

378.— 1857— HALFORD, W. H., Colonel. Inscription :— In
memory of William Hamilton Halford, Colonel, Commanding 71st
Regiment, Bengal Native Infantry, who died at Lucknow, 27tli.
July 1857, from the effects of tlio siege. This monument is .erected
by his bereaved widow.

:228 Christian Tgmbs and Monuments.

[Died of disease : he was ill all through the siege. Mrs. Harris states the dat« as
29th July. He was the son of J. Halford, of Windeor, born in 1797.]
(References : Marri$, Qubhins ; C. P.)

879. 1857— (1) FULLERTON, E. (2) FULLERTON, J., Lieut-
tenant. Inscription : — In memory of James Fullerton, born in
Argyleshire, August 30th, 1833, died in the Residency at Luck-
now during the defence, September 15th, 1857, and of his child,
Elphinstone Fullerton, born November 28th, 1856, died August
7th, 1857.

Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the Great God
and our Saviour Jesus Christ — Tiius, u, 13.
Erected by his widow and mother.

[This was Lieutenant Fullerton, 44th N. L He walked out of a window on
an upper story in his sleep. The Hon'ble James Fullerton was son of Lord
Fullerton (senator of the College of Justice in Scotland) born in 1830 at Glenhn-
nart, Argyle. He had been Assistant Commissioner at Dariabad.]

(References : Forest ; Qublins ; C, P.j Harris.)

880.— 1857— HUXHAM, E. F. Inscription .-—Sacred to the memory
of Ellen Frances, the beloved child of Lieutenant and Mrs. G. C.
Huxham, 4i^th Native Infantry, who died on the 9th August 1857,
aged 11 J months, in the Residency during the sie^e of Lucknow.

Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

[George Corham, son of J. Huxham, was born at E. Teignmouth, Devon.]

(Reference : C. P.)

«81.— 1857~(1) ALLNUTT, A., Mrs. (2) ALLNUTT, L. E,

Inscription : — In memory of Ann, wife of Mr. C. D. Allnutt, late
Accountant, Delhi Bank, Lucknow, who died during the siege on
the 17th August 1857, aged 37 years and 8 months. Also of their
infant daughter, Louisa Ellen, died 28th August 1857, aged one

•882.— 1857— FITZGERALD, J. F. Inscription .-—Sficred to th«
memory of Justitia Florence, the beloved child of Mr. and Mrs,
W. Fitzgerald, died at Lucknow during the siege on the 18th of
August 1857, aged 18 months. .
Of such is the Kingdom of God.

'883.— 1857— (1) THORNHILL, M, C. B., (2) THORNHILL,
J. B,, B.C.S. Inscription ' — Sacred to the memory of John Bensley
Thornhill, Bengal Civil Service, born May 7th, 1832, died from
wounds received during the siege of Lucknow, October 12tli, 1857.
Also of Mary Charlotte Bensley Thornhill, infant daughter of John
Bensley and Mary Thornhill, died September 1st, 1857, aged six

The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away ; blessed be the name of the

[Mr. Thornhill was Assistant Commissioner before the siege, and did gool
-work all through. On the 12t;h June he took part in the pursuit of a mutinous
Oudh police regiment, and was womided. He was again wounded during the
*iege. He got his death-wound as follows. He had volunteered to go out and
fetch in the wounded after Havelock's arrival, and being well acquainted with
Lucknow his ofier was accepted. On his return he missed his way, and guided
the bearers of the doolies into the square where Neill fell, now called " Doolie
Square." They were met with a murderous fire. As soon as he found out hia
mistake, he rushed out to turn the rear doolies back. He was struck in the arm
and the eye, and died on the 12th October.

He was the son of John Bensley Thornhill (first in the H. E. I. C.'s China,
jfchea Bengal, C,S.) Bora at Magag iu 1832, aad educated at Harrow and

LucKNOw.. 229

Haileybury. Por the family cf. no. 449. Mrs. Thornhill was daughter of Col. 0.
F. Havelock, sister of C. W. Havelock, no. 783,]

(References :— Hutchinson ; Forrest ; Qubbins ; Harris ; Foiier B.; W. P.;

«84.— 1857— (1) GRAHAM, F. J., (2) GRAHAM, J., Lieute-
nant., (3) GRAHAM, G. M. L. Inscription : — Sacred to the dear
and beloved memory of Lieutenant James Graham, 4th Battalion
Light Cavalry, who departed this life during the siege of Lucknow
on the 5th September 1857. Also of his two children, Fanny-
Jane, who died on the 2nd September 1857, aged one year and
seven months, and Georgina Mary Louisa, who died on the 27th
September 1657, aged one month and four days.
And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make
lip my jewels. — Malachi, ill, 17.

This monument is erected by his widow.
[Lieutenant Graham died in a lit of temporary insanity during the defence
of the Residency.]

(Reference : Kaye.)

^885. 1857— BOILEAU, G. B. Inscription .-—Sacred to the me-
mory of Georgina Emma, child of Major and Mrs. G. W. Boilean,
who died on the 13th September 1857 in th€ Garrison of Lucknow,
aged two years and six dajs.
[The chiJd of George Wilson Boileau, son of G. W. Boileau, of Dublin, and
Fanny Elizabeth, bis wife, daughter of General W. Knyvett. Major Boileau had
commanded the 2nd 0. 1, infantry at Secrora. Cf. no. £62.]
(References : Oulbins ; Fvtter B.J

.'886.-1857— FULTON, G. W. W., Cnptain. Inscription :—^Q.CYedL

to the memory of Captain G. W. W. Fulton, Bengal Engineers,

who was killed in the Residency during the siege of Lucknow on

the 14th September 1857, aged 32 years.

[Captain Fuiton did magnificent work during the defence of the Residency.

It was he who constructed the Redan Battery. He collected a few ex-Cornish

miners from the 32nd and was responsible lor all the counter-mining. He would

■descend into a countermine and wait for the enemy's approach^ revolver in

hand. Somebody once asked a Sergeant, his right-hand man, if he were in the

mine. " Yes Sir," was the reply : '^ there ho has been the last two hours hke a

terrier at a rat-hole, and not Ukely to leave it all day." He says m his own

diary that, on one occasion, " I found the rascals were at work in the road

It seemed a bore to begin to counter, so I just put my head over the wall

•and called out in Hindustani a trifle of abuse when such a scuffle and

bolt took place, I could not leave for laughing. They dropped it for good, that's
the best of the Joke." On another occasion he and a few sepoys captured a
house : " I put two barrels of powder in it and retired, and to my disgust found
•some of the people who had gone with me loitering. The consequence was I
was delayed, and the powder going off half buried me in ruins. A sepoy by my

side was buried up to his waist and I got a very severe contusion " True:

but by no means the whole truth. He found the sepoys had loitered : he had
fired the train and the danger was imminent. He made them mount the ladder
Jirst ; but the explosion took place before the last man could even start. His
escape was marvellous ; and the act he so modestly relates was one of extra-
ordinary generosity. But, as was said of another officer, Fulton deserved to
be covered with Victoria €rosses from head to foot. On the 14th September ha
was struck dead by a round shot. He had won for himself the title his com-
rades gave him — •' The defender of Lucknow," George William Wright Fulton,
born 1825, son of Major R. B. Fulton (no. 381), married in 1840 Isabella Sophia,
daughter of Major R. Wroughton (no. 309) and had five sons and a daughter, one
of whom commanded the 1st Gurkha Rifles. The Indian branch of the family
goes back to John Fulton, a Calcutta merchant, born 1716.]

(References ; Forrest ; Bur Ice X, Q, Ij Mutchinson ,• BiceSolmes.)


230 Christian Tombs and Monuments.

887,— "^857- (1) OUSELEY, R., (2) OUSELEY, G., (3)
OUSELEY, E. A., Mrs. Insc7'iption :-~Sii,cvcd to the memory of
Elizabeth. Anne, the beloved wife of Ralph Ouseley, Esq. She
died at Lucknow on the 14th of November 1857, aged 24 years
and 6 months ; and of their two children Ralph and Gore, who
left them on the 20th September 1857.
The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away ; blessed be the name of the

[Lieutenant Ouseley, son of Major J. W. J. Ouseley , 23rd No. I, was born in
Calcutta in 1829. He was Quartermaster of the- 48th N. I. The children died,
according to Mrs. Harris, on the Is 6 October. Mrs. Ouseley was sisttr of Miss
Palmer, vide no. 853.]

(Beferences : Forrest j C. P.; Harris.)

888.— 1857— NAZARETH, E. C, Mrs. Inscription : -^?,QTed. io
the memory of Elvia Carina, beloved wife of M, Y. Nazareth, who
died during the siege oisthe Residency, on the 2 1st September 1857,
aged 36 years, 2 months, 8 days.
"Thou hast protected us from the assembly of the malignant and from the
multitude of the workers of iniquity." — Ps. Ixiii. v. 3.
{The wife of a member of the Uncovenanted Service.]
(Reference : Forrest.)

889.— 1857— CUNLIFFE, F. J., Lieutenant. Inscription ;— Sacred
to the memory of Foster John Cunliffe, 2nd Lieutenant in the
Bengal Artillery. Born October 14th, 1834, died September 22nd,
[F. J. Cunlifie (1834-1857), sixth son of General Sir Robert Cunlifie, Bart.,
C.B., of the Bengal Army, was educated at Addiscombe. His brother, C. W.
Cunliffe, B.C.S., was murdered by the mutineers at Bairamghat in 1857. The
Cunliffes are a very old family, dating back to Adam de Conlive {tetnjj. Edward I).
Cf. no, 895.]

(References : Vibart ; Burke ^ P.)

890.— 1857— RADCLIFFE, C. W., Captain. Inscription :—^2.cved
to the memory of (..'aptain Charles Wilbraham Radciilfe, 7th
Light Cavalry, who died from the effects of his wounds on the 25th
September 1857, aged 35 years.
Erected by his only son. Captain A. W. T. RadclifPe, 14th Sikhs.
[G. W. Raciclifte, son of the Revd. E. S. Radclifl'e, Rector of Walton ie Dale,
was born in 18£0 and joined the service in j.839. He commanded the Volunteer
Cavalry at Chiohat, and routed 400 Cavalry and 2 guns with 35 sabres. He was
killed in the defeoce of the Residency.]

(References : Forrent ; Rice-Rolmes ; Services B. A. list ; Kaye,)

891.— 1857— LUCAS, F. D. I ascription :— In memory of Fitz-
herbert Dacre Lucas, formerly Captain in the Tipperary JVIilitia
Artillery, third son of the Right Hon'ble Edward Lucas of
Castle Sha[n]e, Monaghan, born in August 1823. Travelling
in India when the IVIutiny broke out, his services were accepted
of as a volunteer by Sir Heory Lawrence. He fell mortally wound-
ed in the last sortie of the Garrison of Lucknow on the 29th Sep-
tember 1857.
[Mr. Lucas, son of the Right Hon'ble E. Lucas, M.P. for Monaghan, Under
Secretary for Ireland (1841 to 1846) and P. C. (1845), married Laura Adelaide,
heiress of Lieutenant- Colonel J. F. Scudamore. The family is now Lucas-Scuda-
more. F. D. Lucas was a traveller and speculator who had come to India more
for pleasure than business. He served as a volunteer all through the siege of
Lucknow. He earned himself a reputation for coolness and gallantry, was
mentioned in despatches, and was mortally wounded in a sortie from the 3rd
Sikh Square on the 29th September.]

(References ; Burke, L, G, I, ; Forrest ; Bees.J

LucKXOW. 231

892.— 1857— ARNOW, R. E., Mrs. JnscripHon :—Bacred to the
memory of Mrs. Rebtcca Elizaleth Arnow, who departed this life
on the 7th of October A.D. 1857, burnt with a shell ball during the
siege, aged 37 years.
My greai PhyS:Cian, Thy will be done.
Sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.

I. Thess IV, 13.
[Not traceable, unless "Miss Arno" of the official list published on the 30th
December 1857 is the same,]

893. — 1857— CONNELL, J. Inscription :—BeiGYed to the memory
of John Connell, the beloved child of Overseer Andrew Connell and
his wife, Mary. He died at Lucknow during the siege on the 4th
November 1857, aged 13 months.

God himself wUl come and will save you.

Isaiah xxxv, 4.

894.— 1857— OFFICERS, 13th N. L. I. Insrription .-—Sacred to the
memory of Major C. F. Bruere, Ca^jtain R. B. Fi'ancis, Lieutenant
G. W. Green, Ensign R. L. Inglis of the Hon'ble East India
Company's 13th Regiment Native Infantry, who fell whilst serv-
ing with their Regiment in the defence of Lucknow in 1857. Also
of Captain A. M. Turnbull, who died in the Cawnpore entrench-
ment, and Lieutenant E. W. Barwell, killed at Hissar. This monu-
ment is erected by their brother-officers as a testimony of the
respect and affection with which they cherish their memory,
[Major Bruere was slightly wounded at Chinhat. During the defence ho
was shot on top of the Brigade Mess in picking off a rebel rifleman. He was
himself a splendid shot and greatly loved by his men. His Brahman sepoys
insisted on carrying his corpse to burial in spite of the loss of caste it involved.
Charles Fleming, Fon of Captain J, Bruere, was born at Bedford in 1812 and joined
the service in 1829. Robert Bransby Francis, son of E, B. Francis, Surgeon
H. C, S. (Bengal), was born in 1824 and joined the service in 1842. He com-
manded the Brigade Mess and lost both his legs by a round shot. " Not a mur-
mur escaped him : his only anxiety being that the authorities would bear testi-
mony that he had performed his duty." George Willaume, son of John Green of
Woburn, Beds, was born in 1835 and educated at Marlborough. He distin-
gnished himself in the sortie against Johannes' House on the 7th July : he died
of dysentery on the 8th October. Eobert Loveday, son of Lieutenant J. Inncs,
was born at Simla in 1839. He was wounded in the defence : it is not known
when he died. The 13th, 48th and 71st are now the 16th Rajputs (the Lucknow

(References : Forrest ; M. C. Eegister ; Services B.A. Litt ; CP.)

895— 1857— OFFICERS, B. A. Inscription .-—To the memory of
Captain A. P. Simons, Lieutenant D. C. Alexander, Lieutenant
E. P. Lewin, Lieutenant J. H. Bryce, Lieutenant F. J. Cunliffe,
Officers of the Bengal Artillery, who died of wounds, disease and
exposure while defending the Residency, Lucknow, during the
memorable months of July, August and September lb57. Erected
by their brother officers who survived the siege.
[Captain Simons was in command of the Residency Artillery. He was
wounded at Chinhat and died on the 8th September. He was the son of W. Sim-
ons, E. I. House, born in 1824 : he joined the service in 1841. Daniel Clare
Alexander, son of the Reverend D. Alexander, was born at Lambeth in 1827 and
was educated at Tiverton. He commanded the O. I. Light Horse Battery, did
good service at Chinhat. was severely wounded in the first and killed during
the second defence. John Henry Bryoe was son of Dr. J. Bryce, Chaplain, H.C.S.
(Bengal), born at Edinburgh and educated at the Edinburgh University. He
had saved a gun at CHmhftt, was wounded and when nearly recovered, died of
cholera on the 8th August. For personal details about Cunliffe and Lewin see
nos, 867 and 855. The former was wounded at Chinhat and died of fever. Of

232 Christian Tostbb a^d Monumentis.-

8 officers of the Bengal Artillery and one of the Madras Artillery, five were killeoP
and three wounded : only one escaped. The 8 officers had eleven wounds bet-
ween them. No wonder that Eees remarks that the B.A. suffered severely.]

(References : Forrest ; Harris ; Bees ; Quhhins ; G. P.; Services B.d.. List.)

896._1857— BECHBR, A,, Captain. Inscription : — In memory af
Andrew Becher, Captain, 40th ISTative Infantry, v^^ho died in tho-
Residency of wounds received in Havelock's advance whilst serving,
•with Her Majesty's 90th Regiment.
[A. A.-G., with Havelock's and Uutram's force: was killed in the affair of the
Doolie Square in the first relief. A. Alameth Becher, son of Col.. G. Becher N. C,
was born in 1823.]

(References : Forrest ; Quhhins ; C.V.)

897.-1857— (1) MARTIN", J. R- B., (2) MARTIK H. B.
Inscription : — Sacred to the beloved memory of James Ronald
Burnard and Henry Bnrnard, the children of Simon and Mary-
Martin, who died during the siege of Lucknow, August 1858.
Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

[Children of the Deputy Commissioner of Lucknow, Simon Nicolson Martin..
His brother was Martin of the 7th Cavalry (who was murdered by his men). '
They were sons of " the celebrated Indian physician," probably Sir J. R. Martin,
President of the India Office Medical Board in 1858. 1858 should be 1857.]
(Refsrences : Buckland ; Harris.)

898.— 1857-58— OFFICERS and MEN 1st MADRAS FUSI-
LIERS. Inscription : — ^2,QiTedi to the memory of Brigadier-
General J. G. S. Neill, C.B., and A.-D.-C. tothe Queen.
Lieutenant- Colonel J. L. Stephenson, C.B., and Major G. C. S.

Lieutenant W. J. Groom.
„ W. D. Arnold.

„ J. A. Richardson.

„ W. Hargood.

,, J. A. Chisholm.

F. Dobbs.
852 non-commissioned officers, drummers and rank and file of the-
First Madras Fusiliers who fell during the suppression of the
Rebellion in Bengal, 1857-58.

This monument is erected over the remains of the late Brigadier^
General Neill by the surviving officers of the regiment, as a mark
of esteem for their late comrades, and in remembrance of their noble^
example and glorious deeds.

[James George Smith Neill (1810-1857) was the son of Col. Neill.. The family
dates back to the middle of the 16th century and belongs to Burnwell, Co. Ayr..
He had six sons, all in the army, and three daughters: his wife was Isabella, daughter
of Col. William Warde, of Squerryes Court, of the 5th B. N. C, and great-grand-
niece of Lord Cornwallis. Educated at Ayr and Glasgow University, he joined
the E. I. C.'s 1st European Regiment (Madras), in lb27. He v/as D.-A.-A.-G. in
1841 and served in the Burmese War ; and as second in command of the Turkish
contingent in the Crimean war, showed that Bashi Bazouks could be turned into
good soldiers. He v/as sent to Calcutta with his regiment in 1857. As Adjutant
and Colonel, he had turned it into a fine fighting machine. He was responsible
for the disarming of the troops at Benares, and went on to Allahabad, where he
restored order. Second-in-command to Havelock, he punished the mutineers at
Cawnpore with great severity. He was left at Cawnpore till Outram nrrived when
he went on with him as Brigadier and was killed by a bullet through the head near
the present Neill's Gateway in the First Relief. At this spot there stands an in-
scription as follows : — " Dulee et decorum est pro patria mori. This tablet marks
the spot where towards the evening of the 28th September 1857, General Neill
fell mortally wounded by a shot fired from the adjacent gateway," His monument

4l Ayv d«30l*ibes him as " a brave, 'resolute, self-reliant soldier, univfiraally
acknowledged as the first who stemmed the torrent of rebellion in Bengal."

Lt. Col. Stephenson (then Major) did good work in Havelock's battles of
Cawnpore and Unao. He '* showed throughout the day (at Unao) how the calm-
est forethought can be united with the utmost daring " He commanded a
ffortie, after the First Rel ef , to capture the Garden Battery, and was killed in
demolishing houses round the Residency a little later.

Major Ranaud left Allahabad on the 30th Juno with a force of 900 men fot
Cawnpore. He marched nearly to Fatehpur, pacifying the country and punish-
ing rebels, and was then overtaken by Havelock's column. He distinguished
himself at the battle of Fatehpur and also at Aung, where he was mortally
wounded. Sydenham George Charles, son of C. Renaud, Merchant, was
born in London in 1810.

Lieutenant Groom did good service at the capture of Phillips* House on the
2iid October 1857. 'It is not clear where he died. William Tate Groom, son of
R. Groom, solicitor to the India Board, was born in 1831 and educated at Rugby,

Lieutenant Arnold distinguished himself with his skirmishers at the crossing
of the Char Bridge in the First Relief ; he was in the massacre at the Doolie
Square, lying wounded in a doolie, and died a few days later (vide no. 883).
Privates Ryan and McManus tried to save him ; both got the V. C. He appears
to be William Delafield Arnold, son of Dr. Arnold, the famous headmaster of
Rugby, and was born in 1828. But if so he was only attached to the 1st M. F.
There was an N. H. Arnold in that regiment, but apparently he was not killed.
W. M. Hargood was son of Capt. W. Hargood, R. N., born at Seaford in 1833.
I could trace none of the other officers.

Lieutenant Dobbs was killed at the storming of the Shah Najaf in th«
Second Relief,

The 1st Madras Fusiliers, now represented by the 1st Battalion, Royal Dublin
Fusiliers, has a long and distinguished history. It existed in detached companies
belonging to the H, E. I. C. as early as 1645, and is therefore of earlier date than
even the premier regiment on the old Company roll — the 1st Bombay Europeans —
raised by Charles II in 1661. It was consoLdated into a battahon by Stronger
Lawrence in 1748. It served under Clive at Arcot and Plassey ; and all through
the Lucknow Mutiny operations up to the cai^lure. It has been successively
known as the "Madras European Regiment" (1799), " 1st Madras European
Regiment," (1839), 1st Madras Fusiliers" (1843), and, on becoming a Queen's
Regiment, 102nd Royal Madras Fusiliers (1862).]

(References : Robert* / Rice-Holme* ; Campbell ; Buekland ; Forrest ; Burke
X. G.; Sees ; C. P.)

899. - 1857-58— OFFICERS and MEK, 90th L. I. Inscrip.
Hon : — This monument is erected by the officers of Her Majesty's
90th Light Infantry in memory of their comrades \\'ho fell during
the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and 1858, and as a tribute to their
gallantry : — Colonel Robert P. Campbell, C.B., died of his
wounds at Lucknow, 12th November 1857 ; Major Roger Barnston,
died of his wounds at Cawnpore, 23rd December 1857 ; Brevet-
Major James Perrin, died of his wounds at Alum Bagh, 30th
September 1857 ; Captain Harry Denison, died of his wounds at
Lucknow, 29th October 1857 ; Lieutenant Nicol Graham, killed in
action at Alum Bagh, 23rd September 1857 ; Lieutenant John
Joshua Nunn, killed in action at Alum Bagh, 24th September
1857 ; Lieutenant Arthur Moultrie, killed in action at Lucknow,
26th September 1557; Lieutenant W. H. L. Carleton, di.d of
small -pox at Lucknow, 19th April 1S58 ; Lieutenant R. D. Synge,
died of consumption at Lucknow, 8th September 1858 ; Lieutenant
N. Preston, died of his wounds at Alum Bagh, 27th September
1857 ; Ensign Arthur Chute, died of dysentery at Calcutta, 23rd
February 1858 ; Ensign Hugh Gordon, died of coup de i<oJeil at
Lucknow, 26th May 1858; Assistant Surgeon R. Nelson, died
of fever,. 18th August 1857. Also to the memory of 271


234 Christian Tombs and' Monuments.

non-commissioned officers and privates of the reg'meht, who fell

in the gallant performance of their duty at the Relief, the Defence
and the Capture of Lucknow, and during the subsequent campaign
in Oudh.

[Colonel Robert P. Campbell, C. B., had won his C. B. in the Crimea. On
•the 25th September in the First Relief he d'A excellent service at the Char
JBridge. He was left with about ICO men and all the wounded, heavy guns, &c.,
in a passage near the Moti Manz;ll Palace that night. Next day he was reinforc-^
.€d but had to stay there all day, and got out at night. He was shot in the*
knee, and died after amputation.

Major Barnston (182C-1857) was first left in command at Fatehpur and then
jgent up to his regiment at the Alum Bagh, He was dangerously wounded by the
premature bursting of one of our shells at the taking of the Shah Najaf and
died at Cawnpore. He was the eldest son of B, H. Barnston, of a family (Barn -
ston oi Crewe Hill) which dates back to Hugh de Bernstone of Edward I's

L'.eutenant Robert Daly Synge was 10th son of John Synge of Glanmore,
Co. W.cklow. The family dates back to one Millington " Cognominatus csinff, .
quia canonicug fuit, " and his grandson, Richard bycge, of Bridgnorth, Co.
balop, circa 1623.

Ensign Arthur Rowland Chute, born in 1838, was son of R. Chute J. P.,
D.. L., of Chute Hall, Co. Kerry. The Chutes, said to be a branch of the Kentish
Chutes, went to Ireland during the Desmond Rebellion, and obtained their

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