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then vpon such neglect, they shall have power over the before bequeathed
dwelling houses to dispose of them for time, till my debts & legacies be paid,
anything before expressed to the Contrary there of notwithstanding.

"Vnto my before named friends Mr. Wiswell & Mr. English, 40s, a peece
for theire paines.

"I have here vnto set my hand & scale the second day of Arpil, in the
yeare above written.

"In case my household goods & debts will not amount to pay my debts
& legacies hereby ordered and becjueathed, then the same shall he made up &
paid by my executors out of the value of the houses respectivelt, hereby to
them bequeathed, Obadyah paying two parts & Samuel one part thereof."

"In the presence of us
John Wiswall, William Inglish." "Martha Emons."

The following codicil written upon the back of the Will
was added October 1st, 1666, and was signed by her on the
presence of the former witnesses to the Will.

"A parcel of goods to the value of 20 pounds wch were my sone Hincks-
man's being at my disposal, my will is, that if my sone Hincksman shall


pay 20 pounds to my executors within some convenient time after my de-
cease, he shall have the goods in kind, otherwise my executors to have them.
"Vnto my sone Joseph Emons, 20 pounds more than is given in my

will to be paid him 10 pounds at a time, vpon the of Mr. William Bren-

ton, for his vse, whom I humbly desire to have a care ouer, & to see he walke
as he ought to doe."

An inventory of the estate of Martha Emons, taken
by Edward Jackhn and Richard Stanes, December 18th,
1666, shows an "Am't of 417 pounds, 17s, " also mentions
"A share in the Conduit 14 pounds; also debts of John
Hincksman, &c."

The Will was recorded on February 18th, 1667, as No.
433, in Book one, page 499, Registry of Probate, Boston.
Obadiah and Samuel Emons deposed as executors, May
7th, 1667.

Children :

+ 2. i. Obadiah, b

+ 3. ii. Haxxah,

+ 4. iii. Samuel,

5. iv. Elizabeth,

+ 6. v. Bexjamix,

+ 7. vi. Joseph,

; m. John Hincksman,

,1645. [10 Nov. 1660.

8 Mar. 1651.

Second Generation

[2] OBADIAH EMONS^ (Thomas i), cord-wainer,

Boston, b. abt. 1635; m. abt. 1657, Alice , who d. abt.

1671-5; m. 2nd. Mary ; he d. subsequent to 1702.

He first appears as a beneficiary of his father's will in
1660; also in the will of his mother Martha, in 1666. With
his wife Alice, he executed a real estate mortgage Nov. 7,
1670, to secure the payment of twenty-five pounds, pay-
ments to be made semi-annually for three years with "ye
Just Damages."

As a specimen of the manner in which legal documents
were drawn three centuries ago, a portion of this mortgage
is transcribed: —

"To all Christian People to whom these presents Shall Come, Obbadiah
Emins of Boston, in ye County of Suffolk in New England, Cordwainer,
And Alice his wife Sends Grieting: —

"Know yee that ye sd. Obbadiah Emins & Alice his wife for and in
Consideration of twenty fine pounds Currant money of New England to them
in hand paide By Thomas Thacher of the sd. Boston, Clerk, wherewith ye
Sd. Obbadiah Emins and Alice his wife Acknowledge themSelves ffuUy &
Truly Sattisfied, Contented and Paide, And thereof and Eury part and par-
cell thereof doe Exonerate, Acquit and Assignes for ye Same for Euer By
these presents, haue Absolutely Giuen, Granted, Bargained, Sould, Aliened,
Enfeoffed and Confirmed unto the saide Tho. Thacher his Heires, Execu-
tors, Administrators, Or Assignes all that theire New Dwelinghous and yard
Scituate in Boston, Neare the Draw Bridge wth all ye Priuliges and Appur-
tenances thereof Comeing unto them by Enheritance, Being Butted and
Bounded wth the Street leading to ye Draw Bridge on ye South East wth
ye Hous and Land of Sam'll Emins on ye South West, wth ye Store hous of
Joshua Scottow on ye Norwest, and wth ye Hous and Land of John Nash
on ye North East. etc. etc."

Obadiah with several others signed a petition to the
General Court of Mass., February 22, 1675, relative to the
war then being carried on with the Indians under King

His wife Alice died about 1671-5, and he remarried,
for he with his second wife Mary, executed a mortgage,
January 21, 1675, to Mr. Bozoon Allen, to secure the pay-
ment of 80 pounds, 8 shillings and 2 pence, to be paid in one
year. The mortgage was foreclosed by Mr. Allen, and the
property was purchased Dec. 19, 1677, by John Bonner of


Boston for 200 pounds. In this, or some other transac-
tion, he felt himself aggrieved and petitioned the General
Court of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay for relief, as shown
bv the following extract from the minutes of that body.

"October 13, 1680: "In ansr to the peticon of Obadiah Emons, the
Court judgeth it meete to refer the petitione to the County Court of Suffolke
for reliefe, if he hath had any wrong, who have full power to act in all such
cases. "

In 1692 an Act was passed: — "That henceforth no dwl Home, Shop,
Warehouse, Barn, Stable or any other Housing of more than 8 feet in length
or breadth & 7 feet in height, shall be erected and set up in Boston; but of
stone or Brick, & covered with Slate or Tile, unless in particular cases where
Necessity requires, being so judged & Signified in Writing under the Hands
of the Justices & Select Men of the said Town or major Part of both. "

A petition to repeal the above law was presented to the
Court, June 11, 1697, and among other petitioners were the
names of Obadiah and Benjamin Emons.

Obadiah 's name appears in a list of the inhabitants of
Boston in 1702. He died in 1705.

Children: b. Boston.




7 Jan.





23 Oct.





12 Jan.


+ 11.



16 Jan.





19 Apr.


+ 13.



8 Nov.


+ 14.



8 Nov.


[3] HANNAH, (sister of Obadiah), b. probably at
Newport, R. I., abt. 1637; m. by Gov. John Endicott; 1 Jan.
1658, to Henry Crab, of Boston. She was the beneficiary of
her father Thomas Emons' will, to the amount of 5 shillings.
As she is not mentioned in her mother's will, while her son
Samuel was bequeathed the sum of 18 pounds to be paid
him when he w^as twenty years of age ; it is inferred that she
died previous to 1666.

Children: b. Boston.

15. i. S.\MUEL, 23 Dec. 1659. Adm. freeman, 11 Nov. 1678.

16. ii. Haxxah, 8 Apr. 1663.


[4] SAMUEL, (bro. of Hannah), cordwainer, b. prob-
ably at Newport, R. I., abt. 1639; m. 16 Aug. 1660, Mary,
dau. of Robert Scott; d. Boston, 1685.

By the will of his father he received five shillings; and
by that of his mother, the dwelling house and land in
Boston, which she occupied while living. His name —
written Emmons — appears in a Boston tax list of 1674-5,
in which he is assessed for ten houses. On May 18, 1674,
Samuel and his wife Mary, executed a deed of one of their
tenement houses to William Parsons of Boston, for the sum
of 147 pounds, 10 shillings: "Situate in Conduit Street,
near the draw-bridge, together with all and Singular, the
Shops, Cellars, Chambers, Rooms, Entry-wayes, passages,
yards, backsides, lights. Water courses, easements, profits,
Comonages, comodities, and appurtenances whatsoever to
the said messuage or tenement belonging, &c., &c." The
above premises were bounded on the "North East by the
house and Land of Obediah Emons."

Samuel, with 128 other persons, petitioned the General
Court on May 29, 1677, "that power might be granted to
the Selectmen, to execute orders that the Handy-craftsmen
might be protected in their trades."

In the case of Samuel Emons, No. 1430 on file in Pro-
bate Court, Boston, it appears that the deceased died inte-
state, and that administration was granted on his estate
on Oct. 27th, 1685, to Mary his relict. The administratrix
filed an inventory and at the bottom is this endorsement,
"and the estate being so unsettleable and consisting of
household necessaries, the court settled the same upon the
widow for her own necessary support and education of six

Children: b. Boston.



18 Nov.





9 Nov.

1664; bap. 13 Nov.





19 Jan.

1666 ; bap. 3 Feb.





11 Feb.


+ 21.



9 Feb.


+ 22.



1 Mar.





6 Feb.


+ 24.



IS Apr.




[6] BENJAMIN, (bro. of Samuel), cord-wainer, b.
probably at Newport, R. I., abt. 1645; bap. Boston, 8 Mar.

1651; m. Jan. 1668, Mary , who died 12 Sept. 1690;

m. 2nd. Elizabeth , who died in 1738; he died 1710.

He held several offices in "ye towne of Boston," such as
sealer of leather for the years 1678-9, 1695-6-8, and 1704;
was Tithingman in 1681-5, and 94; Hogg-Reeve in 1683-4
and 1701-2.

The town records for May 9, 1701, show "that the land of Benjanun
Emons is lavd out to him according to his grant the 28th of August 1679 &
the post neer the corner of his house being removed, that boundary is stated
to be two foot southwesterly from the Corner of his old house."

On July 3d, of the same year, "that Benjamin Emons' petition for a
Timber building is allowed upon Condition that he first either remove that
part of his Cellar wall wch he hath Set on the Towns ground, or that he Oblige
himself & his successors not to raise the Same higher than the Levell of the
ground, and Also pay unto the Towne as a quit rent, the Sum of Six pence
per year until he make it appear that the Same be removed."

His Will No. 3,283 on file at Boston, bears date of the
8th, and 20th, dav of March 1710, and was proved Dec.
19, 1710.

Children: b. Boston.

25. i.

+ 26. ii.
-f-27. iii.
-1-28. iv.
29. v.
+ 30. vi.
+ 31. vii. JosHU.\,
+ 32. viii. LvDiA,








ix. Samuel,
X. Samuel,

by 2nd wife:
3.5. xi. Elizabeth,
+ 36. xii. Mary,
+ 37.xiii. Martha,

14 Oct.

166S;d.23 Jime 1690

24 Jan.


4 Jan.


23 Dec.


1675 ;d. inf.


. . abt.


. . abt.


28 July

1687 ;d. inf.

14 Feb.

1689 ;d. young.


8 Nov.


25 Mar.


3 Mar.


[7] JOSEPH, (bro. of Benjamin), cord-wainer, b.
probably at Newport, R. I., abt. 1647; bap. Boston, 8


March, 1651; was still serving his time as an "Indentured
Apprentice" to Mr. William Brenton, as a cord-wainer or
shoemaker, at the time of his mother's death in 1666.

In our research, we have been unable to find any early-
records relating to him. A soldier of his name was enrolled
as a private in Captain Lathrop's company November 9,
1675, to serve in the war against the Indian, King Phillip,
which we believe to have been the subject of our sketch.
We are inclined to think that he was married previous to the
war. Otherwise we are unable to account for the origin of
several persons named Emmons, who are incidentally
mentioned in the records of Boston. They were either
emigrants, or descendants of the emigrant, Thomas. If
descendants of the latter, they must have been children of
one or more of his four sons. As we have a very fair record
of the families of Obadiah, Samuel and Benjamin, it seems
to us as probable that some of them might have been the
children of Joseph. We may be wrong in our supposition;
but will take the responsibility of inserting the names of at
least four of them as such; also assert that the name of his
first wife was Elizabeth.

At sometime subsequent to the war, he settled in
Hampton, N. H. When nearly fifty years of age, he m.
2nd, the 12th of June, 1694, the widow Mary W. Swaine.

With several others, he petitioned the Selectmen,
Dec. 3, 1709, for an order to raise a special tax to support a
minister at Hampton Falls, and again the 13th of May, 1710,
to set the boundary lines of the parish.

Children: b. Boston.

+ 38. i. Thomas,
+ 39. ii. Jacob,

40. iii. Benjamin,

41. iv. Rebecca,

by 2nd wife:

42. V. Martha, b. 29 Mar. 1696.
+ 43. vi. Samuei., " 12 Nov. 1700.

Third Generation

[11] MARY EM0NS3, (Obadiah2, Thomas O, dau.
of Obadiah and Alice Emons; b. Boston, 16 Jan., 1666; m.
6 March, 1694, Rev. Edward Drinker, as his 2d wife, his 1st
wife Hannah Duffy, having d. 14 May, 1693.

Rev. Drinker organized the First Baptist Church of
Boston in 1665 and d. in 1700, a persecuted and prosecuted
preacher of that denomination, both in Boston and Charles-

[13] SAMUEL, (bro. of Mary), b. Boston, 8 Nov.,
1671; was a twin of Obadiah Jr. We believe him to have
been the Samuel Emons who resided in Cambridge, and
migrated thence to Wethersfield, Conn., abt. 1691, where
he m. abt. 1692, a dau. of Deacon Samuel Butler, and
where at least two of his children were born.

He settled in East Haddam, Conn., some few years
later, where he with his wife were adm. to Ch. 5 Oct., 1705,
and where he died at the advanced age of 96.


L, b.

1698; bap.
1703 "

+ 44.

Samuel, t

+ 45.



+ 46.



+ 47.



+ 48.






9 Apr.


7 May


7 May


2 Feb.


19 Feb.


[14] OBADIAH, (twin bro. of Samuel) b. Boston,
8 Nov., 1671; m. 7 Nov., 1699, Judith, dau. Richard Hub-
bard, of Salisbury, Mass., b. 9 July, 1679. In a list of the
inhabitants of the township of Southold, Suffolk County
E. I., taken Sept. 1698, we find the names of Thomas and


Obadiah Emmons; but whether these persons represent the
subject of this record, and his eldest brother, we know not.

[31] NATHANIEL EMONS^, (Samuel 2, Thomas 1.)
tailor, b. Boston, 9 Feb., 1669; bap. 13 Mar., 1669; m. 15
Sept., 1698, Mary Warmal; and was the fifth child of Samuel
Emons and Mary Scott.

For several years he was the proprietor of an Inn,
located on the dock near the fish market in Boston. Like
some inn-keepers of the present time, he did not live up to
the demands of the law regarding the sale of spiritous
liquors, and for this reason the following record was entered
on the minutes of the town board.

"July 5, 1715, Nathaniel Emons' Petition to Sell
Strong drinck as Retaylers was disallowed by ye Sel. men."

At the next annual meeting of the board, held July
24, 1716, he renewed his application, with the result that it
was again disallowed. This decision of the select men was
rescinded, and three days later; "July 27, 1716. Nathan '11
Emons, at ye Dock at Fish Market, his Petitions to Sell
Strong drink at Innholder is allowby ye Sel. men."

He died intestate, and the records (Probate No. 4,507)
show the estate to have been insolvent, and no names of any
heirs. Administration papers were granted to Mary Emons,
his widow, Jan. 15th, 1721. On July 10th, 1722, she made
application for a renewal of the license in her own name.
The record states, "that Mary Emmans in the Room of
her Husb'd was granted an Innholder's license to Sell
Strong Drink." Another record under date of Aug. 19,
1730, states that "On the Petition of Mary Emmans, Tav-
enor, to Remove & exercise her License where She lives
Near Ann Street, approved and Reccommended."

Children: b. Boston.

50. i. Nathaniel, b. 2 July 1699; d. young.

51. ii. Mary, " 29 Oct. 1700; m. 25 June, 1719, E.Newcomb

52. iii. Hannah, " 1702.
+ 53. iv. Nathaniel, " Oct. 1703.

54. V. Jacob, " bap. 14 Oct. 1705.


[22] HANNAH, (sis. of Nathaniel) b. Boston, 1 Mar.,
1672; m. 10 Feb., 1692, James Gouge of Wells.

[2-k] EBENE2ER, (bro. of Hannah) b. Boston, IS
April, 1683; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Humphrey Bearing, of
Arundel, Me.

He appears as a witness to a deed between Mr. Allery
and Mr. Bearing of Kittery, Jan. 5, 1712; also btw. Mr.
Haley and Moore, 5th of March, 171S; also btw. Mr. Jordan
and Pepperill, 10 Oct., 1718; also as a witness and appraiser
of the Will of Mr. William Larabee, 5 Apr., 1727, and 8 Aug.,

At a meeting of the military officers of Kittery, held
Sept. 15 and 17, 1722, several houses were designated to be
placed in a state of defense against the Indians, and certan
families were ordered to occupy the same. The house of
Mr. Henry Barton was designated as number thirty-two,
which, when port holes for firing muskets and other changes
had been made, was occupied by five families, including
that of Mr. Emons.

It is probable that Ebenezer was the ancestor of the
numerous Emmons' families who settled in Wells, Kenne-
bunk and other parts of the state of Maine.

A Samuel Emons (who might have been his son) living
seven miles from the church in Wells, being negligent in his
regular attendance on the Sabbath, was indicted for the
same in 1737.

It was in a deep gully near the house of Samuel Emons,
that Sergt. Stephen Larrabee shot the noted Indian Chief,
Aggawam, as he was removing a beaver from his trap.

[26] BENJAMIN EMONS^, (Benjamin^ Thomas^.)
trader; s. Benjamin and Mary; b. Boston, 24 Jan. 1669-70;
m. by Rev. Samuel Willard, 10 Sept. 1694, Mary, dau. Capt.
Simon Amory of Boston; she d. 8 Oct. 1740, aged 67; m.
2nd, 6 Oct. 1741, Elizabeth (Bradford) Nowell, wid. of
Thomas Nowell.


He was the first ' ' Emons ' ' to write his name ' ' Emmons. ' '

In 1698 he took dismission from the First Church,
Boston, and was adm. to membership in the Old South
Church, 27 March of the same year. The parents of his
wife Mary, died when she was very young, and her Uncle
Edward Drinker, the founder of the First Church had
charge of her. She took her dismission from that church,
and was adm. to the South Church, the 20th of Nov. 1769,
which membership she held at the time of her death in 1740.

He held several offices in Boston; was first appointed
Hogg- Reeve, in 1696-7; tithing-man, 1703-4 and 22; con-
stable, 1704-5 and 1726; sealer of leather, 1708-9-13-14-15
and 1727; clerk of the market, 1712; scavenger, (Street
Commissioner) 1713-14-21-28 and 1737; wood commis-
sioner, 1726; and searcher of records in 1734. He was a
member of the Honorable Artillery Company, of Boston,
in 1698; was 3d Sergt. of the company in 1708; and Ensign,
in 1721. In a list of the company made in 1711, he among
others, was fined twelve pence, for violating the article
"made and agreed upon September 2nd, 1700" for non-
appearance at drill.

His residence was situated at the corner of Sudbury
and Cambridge Streets, and was known from 1708 to 1732,
as Emmons' Corners. A controversy arising between him
and another, regarding a drain in Sudbury Street, they
desired the selectmen to arbitrate the matter. Their de-
cision rendered Jan. 29, 1721, was "That the Said Benja-
mine Emmons Shal Enjoy the Benefit of the Said Drain,
and that he Shal be free from any cost or Charge to maintain
the Said Drain for the Term of Twenty yeares next coming
from this Day."

On May 29th, 1727, the Selectmen, "Granted Liberty for Benjamin
Emmons and John Clark, to take up the Pavement and Digg up the Ground
in Hanover Street to Clear their Drains and Comon Shore from against Mr.
Tay's House to the Corner of Josiah Franklin's House in Said Street, pro-
vided they forthwith make good the Ground and pavement to the Satisfac-
tion of the Select men and keep them in Repair from time to time."

At a meeting of the cemetery committee March 3, 1735, it was "Voted:
That Benjamin Emmons Shall have the Toombs Granted to be Built in the
South Burying place, Numbered Seventy-One, as entered the 25th, Febru-
ary last.''

His "Will" No. 10,153, on the files of the Probate


Court, Boston, bears date of Dec. 29, 1741, and was proved
August 17th, 1752.

Children: by 1st wife.

+ 55. i. Benjamin, b.

by 2nd wife.

56. ii. A Daughter, "

57. iii. A Daughter, "

[37] THOMAS, (bro. of Benjamin) mariner; b. Boston,
4 Jan. 1671; m. 24 June, 1701, Mary Painter. He died
intestate, and letters of administration were on the 25th of
May, 1702, granted to Mary the widow of the deceased.
In this case, which is No. 2,741 on the files, there is an in-
ventory and account. The account shows that the widow
must have remarried, as she is therein described as Mary
Mansfield, — late Emmons. The account also shows the
distribution of the estate; one half to Mary, former wife of
the deceased, and there being no children or legal represen-
tatives of any, the other half was ordered to be paid to the
brothers and sisters of the deceased equally.

[28] REBECCA, (sis. of Thomas) b. Boston, 23 Dec.
1673; was one of the residuary legatees of her father Benja-
min; and is mentioned in his "Will" of 1710, as Rebecca
Peerson, showing that she was the wife of a Mr. Pearson.

[30] JOSEPH, (bro. of Rebecca) b. Boston,
1676; m. Elizabeth .

Children: b. Boston.

58. i. Richard, b. 15 July 1705; d. 18 Sept. 1706.

[31] JOSHUA, (bro. of Joseph) mariner; b. Boston,
, 1679; he died intestate; administration papers were


granted April 22nd, 1718, to Benjamin Emmons of Boston,
a brother of the deceased.

The papers on file in the Probate Court, Boston, are
No. 4,016; they do not give the name of the widow or
children, if any; or the heirs-at-law.

[32] LYDIA, (sis. of Joshua) b. Boston, , 1685;

m. 17 Oct. 1706, Elisha Storey; and d. 27 July, 1713.

[36] MARY, (sis. of Lydia) dau. of Benjamin, by his
2nd wife Elizabeth; b. Boston, 25 March, 1695; m. 25 June,
1719, Edmund Newcombe.

[37] MARTHA, (sis. of Mary) b. Boston, 3 March,
1697; m. 12 April, 1717, William Young.

[38] THOMAS EMONS^, (Joseph^, Thomas i.) cord-
wainer; s. of Joseph and Elizabeth, b. abt. 1670. (See
record (7) of Joseph).

With his wife Mary he moved to Cambridge, abt. 1690.
His "Will" No. 6,116, on file at Boston, gives all his prop-
erty to his two children. It speaks of his honored mother
Elizabeth Emmons, and of his cousin Benjamin Emmons Jr.
of Boston; also of his brother Benj. Emmons of Boston,
cordwainer; also of his sister Rebecca Downes. His Will
is dated May 21, 1731, and was proved June 14th, 1731.
There is no mention therein of any wife, neither is there
anything to show that the deceased left a widow. The
executors' account was approved by "Thomas Emmons
and Hannah Champney, as the only heirs of Thomas

Children :
+ 59. i. Thomas.
+ G0. ii. Hann.vh.


[39] JACOB, (bro. of Thomas), (see record (7) of
Joseph). The New England Historical and Cicnealogical
Register, Vol. vi, page 192, refers to Jacob Emmons, "as
one of the Literati of New England, about 1700." Al-
though he might have had a numerous family, we have been
able to trace the birth of only one.

Children :

+ 61. i. Jacob, b. 16 May 1701.

[43] SAMUEL, (bro. of Jacob) s. of Joseph Emons,
by his 2nd wife Mary W. Swaine; b. Hampton, N. H., 12
Nov. 1700.

His name appears upon several petitions in the town
papers of Hampton Falls, N. H. Viz: — For a new town
to be formed from Kingstown, Sept. 11, 1730; a tavern to
be licensed, Feb. 28, 1733; a new parish to be established.
May 9, 1732; and again May 2, 1738, for the same purpose.
He is mentioned as one of the Grantees of the town of
Rumnev, N. H., by order of his Majesty, George the III,
March 19. 1767.

Fourth Generation

[44] Deacon, SAMUEL EMMONS S (Samuel 3, Oba-
diah^, Thomas ^) b. probably in Wethersfield, Conn., abt.
1696; came to East Haddam, Conn., with his parents abt.
1700; m. 14 Sept. 1721, Ruth Cone; she was adm. to ch. at
East Haddam, 22 Sept. 1723; he was adm. 11 July, 1731.
No record of his death found.

In October 1733, a new parish was formed in the
eastern part of East Haddam, called Millington, and at a
subsequent meeting of the parish the following record
appears upon the minutes. " At a society meeting warned
according to direction of ye law, to be holden on ye third day
of December, Anno Domini, 1733, at ye mansion house of
Jonathan Chapman, in ye town of Haddam, John Buckley
was chosen moderator of said meeting, and James Cone was
chosen Clerk, and sworn to a faithful discharge of his office

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