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The Emmons family genealogy : a record of the emigrant Thomas Emmons of Newport, Rhode Island, with many of his descendants from 1639 to 1905 online

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1 May 1847.

22 Mar. 1849; " 22 Sept. 1851.

20 Apr. 1851.

27 Nov. 1852; " 30 Sept. 1865.

25 Sept. 1854.



iii. Charles Richard,

iv. David Mack,

V. George Ichabod,

vi. Harris George,

507. vii. Mary Louisa,

*508. viii. Emma Hannah,

[248] NOADIAH, (bro. of Monroe) farmer; b. Hins-
dale, Mass., 5 July, 1802; m. 25 June, 1840, Susan Warren,
b. Brimfield, Mass., 12 Aug., 1804; d. 30 Sept., 1877; m. 2d
2 April, 1878, Maria (Benson) Ball, b. Washington, Mass.,
23 April, 1833; he d. 15 Feb., 1883.

Children: by 1st wife.


i. FiTz Henry,

b. 10 June 1841; d. 4 Sept.



ii. Susan Elizabeth,

" 28 Nov. 1842; " 27 Sept.



iii. Isabel Augusta,

" 11 Oct. 1845; " 19 Oct.



[249] ELIZA, (sis. of Noadiah) b. Hinsdale, Mass.,
11 May, 1804; m. at Hinsdale, 30 Nov., 1826, John Cady,
b. 21 Aug., 1802; she d. 14 June, 1882.

Children :

512. i. WALI.ACE, b. 30 Aug. 1841; d. 5 June 1842.

513. ii. EuzA, " 4 Oct. 1846; " 28 Nov. 1857.

[250] LAURA MACK, (sis. of Eliza) b. Hinsdale,
Mass., 3 July, 1810; m. 30 Nov., 1833, Hon. Augustus C.
Frissell, b. Peru, Mass., 9 April, 1806; he d. 14 Nov., 1851;
she d. 18 Sept., 1898.

Children: b. Peru, Mass.

+ 514. i. Eliza, b. 23 Sept. 1835.

+ 515. ii. Emily, " 2 May 1837.

+ 516. iii. Seraph, " 20 Aug. 1840.

+ 517. iv. Susan, " 19 Feb. 1845.

+ 518. V. Solon E., " 25 May 1847.

+ 519. vi. Thomas Augustus, " 18 Oct. 1851.

[251] EMILY, (sis. of Laura M.) b. Hinsdale, Mass.,
2 June, 1815; m. 28 May, 1837, Hon. Lyman Payne, b.
Hinsdale, 8 July, 1811; she d. 15 Feb., 1885.


520. i. Monroe, b. 23 July 1838; d. 6 Dec. 1840.

521. ii. Mary Emmons, " 10 Dec. 1844; " 29 Nov. 1858.
+ 522. iii. Lyman Mack, . "4 Feb. 1847.

+ 523. iv. Emily, " 11 Jan. 1851.

[252] MARY, (sis. of Emily) b. Hinsdale, Mass., 20
March, 1823; m. 24 Oct., 1844, James J. Warren of Hinsdale,
a commission merchant, b. 23 March, 1822.

Children :

524. i. Fanny Emmons, b. 21 June 1846.

525. ii. Ellen Eliza, " 6 Oct. 1848.
526 iii. Mary WheelER, " 31 Mar. 1854.
527. iv. John M., " 10 May 1857.


diah', Noadiah'^, Ebenezer^, SamueH, Samuel 3, Obadiah^,
Thomas ^) painter; s. of Noadiah Emmons and Elizabeth
Brookes; b. East Hartford, Conn., 23 Feb., 1807; m. 13
Feb., 1832, Nancy Carpenter of Norwich, Conn., dau. of
James and Elizabeth Carpenter; she d. 27 Aug., 1837; m.
2d 10 April, 1849, Amelia Seymour Goodman, b. 14 Sept.,

Children: by 1st wife.

+ 528. i. Edward Pavson, b. 20 Nov. 1833.

529. ii. AdalinE, " 15 May 1836; d. Defiance, 0., 1838.

by 2d wife.

530. iii. Alex. Franklin, " 4 Apr. 1850; Guilford, Conn.

531. iv. AdalinE E., " 13 July 1852.

532. V. Mary Sophia, " 8 Mar. 1860; d. infancy.

533. vi. Harriet Amelia, " 4 July 1861.

tine', Noadiah*^, Ebenezer^, SamueH, Samuel'^, Obadiah-,
Thomas ^) farmer; s. of Augustine Emmons and Lovina
Hall; b. East Haddam, Conn., 8 Aug., 1827; m. 25 Dec,
1855, Clarissa Maria Peck, b. 14 Dec, 1834, d. 17 Jan., 1896;
he d. 9 April, 1895.

He represented his town in the General Assembly at
New Haven in 1869, and at Hartford in 1870-74 and 76;
was active in church work, and a man of sterling qualities.

Children: b. East Haddam, Conn.
+ 534. i. Frances Lovina, b. 17 Mar. 1860.
535. ii. Florence Sophia, " 5 Apr. 1867; unm. res. East Haddam.

[263] DAVID BRAINARD, (bro. of Edwin A.) b.
East Haddam, Conn., 20 May, 1831; m. 25 March, 1857,
Lucena Pernella, dau. of James Eli Swan and Lydia Maria
House; b. 1837, d. Dec. 1865; m. 2d 18 Sept., 1869, Emeline,


dau. of Jonathan Cone Williams and Mary Ann Skinner,
b. 27 Oct., 1845; he d. 17 Dec, 1898.

Children: b. East Haddam, Conn.

+ 536. i. Belle Williams, b. 23 Apr. 1871.

[365] WILLIAM EMMONS^, (John^, Danieie, Ebe-
nezer^, Samuel^, Samuel 3, Obadiah^, Thomas ^) stone-
cutter; s. of John Emmons and Mary Lord; b. East Haddam,
Conn., 1810; m. 1840, Lucretia Hill; m. 2d 1849, DeHa, the
step-sister of his first wife; he d. 1857.

William with his sister Luna, and his brothers Canfield
and Franklin, were adm. to Ch. by baptism at East Haddam,
18 Aug., 1824.

Children: by 1st wife.

537. i. Emily Hill, b. 2 Aug. 1847.

by 2d wife.

538. ii. William Franklin, " 31 Oct. 1856.

[266] FRANKLIN, (bro. of WilHam) dentist; b. East
Haddam, Conn., 1813; m. 7 Sept., 1840, Mary Elizabeth
Beebe, of Colchester, Conn., b. 1823; d. Jan., 1897; he d.
Sept. 1876.

Children :

539. i. Nathaniel, b. Aug. 1842; d. South America, 1859.

-f-540. ii. Mary Elizabeth, " 19 Feb. 1849.

[267] MARY SMITH BROWNING «, (Mary 7, Ebe-
nezer^, Ebenezer^, SamueH, Samuel^, Obadiah^, Thomas ^)
dau. of Justus Browning and Mary Emmons; b. 14 Sept.,
1818; m. 2 May, 1843, Milton Smith, b. Middlefield, Mass.,
27 Oct., 1817.

Children :
+ 541. i. Justus Browning, b. 24 Dec. 1844.
-1-542. ii. Clarence Emmons, " 21 Nov. 1846.


543. iii. Julia Louisa, b. 22 Dec. 1848; d. 4 Jan. 187L

544. iv. DwiGHT, " 5 Feb. 1851; " 7 Sept. 1872.
+ 545. V. Wayland Frances, " 26 July 1853
+ 546. vi. Alice Amanda, " 30 Jan. 1857
+ 547. vii. Mary Emmons, " 26 Mar. 1859
+ 548. viii. Fanny Root, " 26 Mar. 1859

[272] MARY ELEANOR GAY^, (E. E. GaySMartha^
Nathaniel 5, SamueH, Samuel 3, Obadiah^, Thomas ^) dau.
of Erastus Emmons Gay and Lydia Gordon White; b.
Burlington, Iowa, 17 March, 1851; m. 25 April, 1876, James
Hammond Dorman, b. Swanton, Vt., 18 May, 1851, d. 3
May, 1882; she res. New York, N. Y.

[275] ELIZABETH GORDON GAY, (sis. of Mary E.)
b. Portland, Me., 15 Sept., 1856; m. 27 April, 1882, Raphael
Moore Hosea; civil and mining engineer, b. Cincinnati, O.

He is a graduate of 'The Institute of Technology',
Boston. Res. Denver, Col.

Chilrden: b. Burlington, la.

549. i. Raphael Gay, b. 15 June 1883.

[277] HENRY LYMAN TAPPAN^, (Delia", Wil-
liams^, Nathaniel ^, SamueH, Samuel ^, Obadiah 2, Thomas ^)
s. of Rev. Benjamin Tappan and Delia Emmons; b. Hamp-
den, Me., 2 Dec, 1841; m. 9 Nov., 1864, Martha Whitney
Skelton, b. Charlestown, Mass., 19 Aug., 1843; she d. 28
July, 1881.

He is the assistant paymaster of the Lockwood Com-
pany, at Waterville, Me.
Children :

550. i. Henry Winthrop, b. 25 May 1869; a journalist, unm.

551. ii. Helen, " 19 June 1871; d. 16 May 1873.
+ 552. iii. Pauline, " 4 Sept. 1873.


Henry L.) b. Hampden, Me., 13 Aug., 1844; m. 19 Sept.,
1871, Frederick George Sawtelle, physician; b. Norridge-
wock, Me., 26 March, 1844. Res. Northampton, Mass.

Children :

553. i. Jane Tappan, b. 23 Aug. 1872; d. 21 Dec. 1S75.

554. ii. Frederic, " 5 Feb. 1875; " 30 Nov. 1875.

555. iii. Margaret Elizabeth" 6 Dec. 1882; at Pomfret, Conn.

556. iv. Amy LesuE, " IS May 1887; at Pomfret, Conn.

[280] DELIA TAPPAN, (sis. of Elizabeth W.) b.
Charlestown, Mass., 8 Dec, 1848; m. 8 Sept., 1873, Franklin
Josiah Sawtelle, architect; b. Norridgewock, Me., 19 Oct.,
1846. Res. Providence, R. I.

[284] HENRY MANNING EMMONS », (Henry V.^,
Williams'^, Nathaniel'^', SamueH, Samuel 3, Obadiah^, Thom-
as ^) physician; s. of Rev. Henry Vaughan Emmons and
Annie Shephard; b. Hallowell, Me., 8 May, 1876; m. 6 Aug.,

1901, Emma Matilda Baht. Res. Jamaica Plains, Mass.
Dr. Emmons received his diploma as an M. D. in June

1902. He is the last male descendant of Rev. Nathanael
Emmons, D. D., of Franklin, Mass., bearing the name

Children :
557. i. Elizabeth Manning, b. 30 Nov. 1902.

[286] CHARLES H. TORREY^, (Mary Ide^, Mary6,
Nathaniel'^, Samuel^, Samuel^, Obadiah^, Thomas ^) s. of
Rev. Charles T. Torrey and Mary Ide; b. Salem, Mass., 1838;
was m. three times; his 1st wife was divorced; his 2d wife is
buried at Cambridge; his 3d and last wife, res. in New York
City, where he died in 1897-98. He left no children.





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Myuox Em.mox.s axd Family
AxTiocH, III.


[387] MARY EMMONS TORREY, (sis. of Charles H.)
b. West Medway, Mass., 29 Jan., 1840; m. 25 Sept., 1865,
Rev. Albert Bryant, b. Troy, N. H., 30 Jan., 1838; she d.
6 April, 1897; he m. 2d 4 July, 1898, Anna F. Burnham, b.
Exeter, N. H., 26 Dec, 1858. Res. Egypt, Mass.

Rev. Albert Bryant was a missionary in Turkey for
three years, having been sent out by the A. B. C. F. M.
Society. He and his first wife sailed for Turkey immed-
iately after their marriage, and two of their children were
born while there.

Children: by 1st wife.

+ 558. i. Seelye, b. 11 Dec. 1866.

559. ii. Bertha,

560. iii. Agnes,
+ 561. iv. Emmons,

562. V. Ethel Charlotte,

563. vi. Arthur Alexis,

564. vii. Edith Helen,

2 Mar. 1868; Marsovan, Turkey; unm.

14 Jan. 1870; d. 13 Nov. 1870.

10 July 1871.

29 Nov. 1874; " 22 June 1876.

10 Nov. 1877; teacher; unm.

23 June 1879; d. 15 Oct. 1898.

[288] JOHN EMMONS IDE 8, (Jacob Ide, Jr.", Mary 6,
Nathaniel^, Samuel^, Samuel'^, Obadiah-, Thomas ^) law-
yer; s. of Rev. Jacob Ide, Jr., and Helen Marie Rogers; b.
Mansfield, Mass., 2 Aug., 1868; m. 4 Oct., 1893, Jesse Marion
Nye, b. Franklin, Mass., 29 July, 1874. Res. Meredith, N.H.

[389] MYRON EMMONS », (Benjamin S Jonathan 6,
Jonathan s, Jonathan'^, Samuel 3, Obadiah^, Thomas ^)
farmer; s. of Benjamin Emmons and Mary Brainard; b.
Nassau, N. Y., 23 April, 1805; m. 5 Jan., 1826, at Caughde-
noy, N. Y., Artemissia, dau. of Myron Stevens and Nancy
Shepard, b. Brewerton, N. Y., 6 Oct., 1805, d. Antioch, 111.,
14 July, 1891; he d. same place, 5 July, 1893, age 88.

Mr. Emmons came to Brewerton, N. Y., with his par-
ents in the spring of 1810. In 1814 they removed to La-
fayette, N. Y. Returning to Brewerton in 1821, he assisted


his father in the tavern there, and in running the ferry across
the Oneida river, until the erection of the first bridge in 1824.

After his marriage in 1826, he purchased by deed of
June 24, 1827, the old 'Brewerton Stand' as it was then
called in which he resided a year, and then erected a new
tavern on the site of the present 'Washburn House'; this he
sold to Mr. Wells Crumb, the first Post-master at Brewerton,
and purchased 59 acres of Mr. David Maxwell, one mile
south of the river, on which he resided six years, and sold it
Nov. 27, 1835, to Wm. Sadler, and bought what is known as
the John Waterbury farm, two miles south-west of Central
Square, Oswego county. Shortly after, he sold this and
entered the mercantile trade in Caughdenoy, where he con-
tinued in business until he migrated to Antioch, 111., in 1842.
He settled on a farm of 440 acres near that village, where he
resided twenty-six years, when he moved into the village
and entered into partnership with his eldest son, who was
conducting a general store, which he continued until he
retired from active life in 1887.

For upwards of sixty years he was a faithful and de-
voted Christian, and with his wife was a member of the
Church of Christ at Antioch, serving for many years as an
elder of the church, and preaching for the congregation
whenever they were without a settled pastor. In a letter
written January 5th, 1878, he writes of his conversion to
Christianity as follows: —

"In 1830 or 31 I attended a revival or protracted meeting of the Pres-
byterians; became interested; was converted, sprinkled, and joined that
denomination. I walked with them in good faith until my first child was
to be baptized, then I began to ask questions on the subject of infant bap-
tism, none of which were satisfactorily answered. I could not understand
it, until a few years after, the sect which 'was everywhere spoken against'
came into our vicinity in the persons of Elders J.J. Moss, A. Hayden Wilcox
and others, teaching the Gospel in its primitive purity and simplicity. Alex-
ander Campbell, the great modern reformer of Bethany, W. Va., preached
at Cicero four miles from Brewerton, where I then resided, and I went to
hear him. I heard, I believed, 1 obeyed the Lord's command, by being
immersed into the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I was buried
by baptism in the waters of Oneida Lake at South Bay, in the year 1834;
and from that time, have gone on my way rejoicing, nothing doubting."

In the same letter as above, he tells of a trip taken by
him overland to California in 1850. He says: —

"On the 25th day of March, 1850, I left my home in Antioch, III., and
started on a trip of two thousand five hundred miles, traveling with a horse


team to California. I passed through the Great American Desert, and over
the Rocky Mountains; the longest journey ever undertaken with a wagon
drawn by horses in one direction through a country where for two thousand
miles, there were no roads or settlements except those made by the traveler.
"We went through without loss of either man or beast. We arrived
at our destination the 15th of July. I gathered up about $500, in gold dust,
and the last of November started for home. I came back by water around
the Cape to New York, arriving home the 1st of February, 1851; was very
glad to get home, also was glad that I went."

Children :

+ 565. i. Helen Cordelia, b. 17 Nov. 1826.

+ 566. ii. Myra Isabelle, " 2 Aug. 1828.

+ 567. iii. Rockwell Deax, " 25 Oct. 1830.

+ 568. iv. Theodore Alvinsia, " 6 May 1834.

+ 569. v. WiLLL\M Harrison. " 3 Nov. 1840.

[390] ASA UPHAM EMMONS, (bro. of Myron) mer-
chant; b. Nassau, N. Y., 8 June, 1808; m. 24 Jan., 1828,
Anna, dau. of Dr. Chester Smedley and Anna Landon; b.
Litchfield, Conn., 28 Aug., 1808, d. Syracuse, N. Y., 12
Dec, 1895, age 87; he d. Brewerton, N. Y., 18 June, 1864,
age 56.

When about two years of age, he was brought by his
parents from Rensselaer Co. to Brewerton, N. Y., and with
the exception of about five years — while a lad — passed his
life in that village.

He assisted his father in running a ferry across the out-
let at Brewerton until a bridge was erected in 1824, and then
attended the toll-gate for a time. In 1829, in company
with his father, he opened a store, which they conducted
until 1834. He then followed fishing, hunting and trapping
for several years, at which business he proved very suc-
cessfull. In 1848 he again entered the mercantile trade in
company with Mr. John B. Kathan, who sold out his in-
terest in 1851 to Judge John L. Stevens, which continued
until 1853, when the Judge retired from the firm and Mr.
Emmons continued the business alone until 1855, when he
sold out to Mr. G. R. Carter, who conducted it for three
years and resold to him. In the fall of 1858 he took his
two sons, — Edward N. and John W. — into partnership under


the firm name of A. U. Emmons & Sons, which continued
until the summer of 1863, when the eldest son bought out
his brother and the firm became A. U. Emmons & Son, and
as such, continued until the decease of the father in 1864.

Mr. Emmons' education was limited, as the only facili-
ties he had for attending school was that of one kept in a
log house, by Deacon George Ramsay, who taught the first
school in Brewerton.

When a lad of ten or twelve he fell upon an axe injuring
his left knee joint, from which he ever after walked with a
slight limp, and by the aid of a cane.

He was of a kind and sympathetic nature, and aboun-
ded in benevolent deeds. In him the poor or the afflicted
ever found a friend ready to help in their time of need.
Although not a professed Christian, no person did more for
the benefit of the churches in Brewerton than did he. In
disposition he was always happy and jovial, and ever ready
to engage in that which might afford fun or sport ; his motto
as often expressed, being "laugh if you lose, and laugh if
you win." In politics he belonged to the 'Old Whig' party,
known as the 'Silver Grays', and was a great admirer of
Henry Clay. When the two great parties were merged into
the Democratic and Republican parties, he in a measure
afiiliated with the former.

The following incident in his life we think worthy of
being placed on record: —

In the spring of 1826 he with several others were en-
gaged in repairing the highway a short distance south of
Brewerton, when Dr. Chester Smedley, accompanied by his
wife and family of ten children passed by. They were
entire strangers, and were on their way from Litchfield,
Connecticut, to seek a new home in Oswego county. By
questions asked and answered it was ascertained that the
destination they sought was one mile north of the Oneida
River. Among the Doctor's family were four very comely
daughters and after the party had passed beyond hearing,
Asa remarked to his companions that " that girl " — designat-
ing the next to the eldest — "is my girl, and I am going to
make her my wife."

At this, his younger brother Orson, said, " if Ace marries


that girl, I will marry such a one" — designating another of
the daughters. They both made their words good, for Asa
married Anna Smedley, on January 24th, 1828, and Orson
married her sister Rachel, four years later.

Asa's wife, or Aunt Ann as she was latterly designated,
was naturally of a quiet and peaceful disposition ; industrious
and economical ; a lover of home ; and a faithful and zealous
Christian. For upwards of sixty years she was a member
of the Church of Christ; ever abounding in church work;
and her home was known far and near, as the 'preacher's
home.' As a mother, "her children rise up and call her
blessed". After the death of her husband in 1864, she
made her home alternately with her only daughter, and her
eldest son, and at the home of the latter, in Syracuse, X .Y.,
she fell asleep, on the 12th dav of December, 1895, in her
88th year.

A kind father; a loving Christian mother; side by side
they rest, in the family plot in Riverside Cemetery, over-
looking the blue waters of the beautiful Lake Oneida.

Children: b. Brewerton, N. Y.

+ 570. i. Edward XevillE, b. 24 Jan. 1S33.
+ 571. ii. John Weslev, " 29 Aug. 1838.

+ 572. iii. Abig.\il Axx, " 5 June 1S42.

[291] ORSOX EMMOXS, (bro. of Asa U.) shoemaker;
b. Lafayette, X. Y., 3 Feb., 1812; m. 14 Oct., 1832, Rachel,
dau. of Dr. Chester Smedley and Clarissa Landon; b. Litch-
field, Conn., 28 Jan.. 1814, d. Brewerton, X. Y., 11 April,
1865; m. 2d 30 June, 1869, Mrs. Helen Waldron, wid. of
Jesse Waldron; m. 3d 2 Aug., 1876, Mrs. Ellen (Putney)
Wilcox, wid. of Albert Wilcox; he d. 14 April, 1899, age 87;
his wid. m. 3d, Edward D. Smith of Cicero, N. Y.

Soon after his birth his parents moved from Lafayette
to Brewerton, remaining until 1815, when they returned to
Lafayette, returning again to Brewerton in 1820, where he
remained until his marriage in 1832. The following vear
they removed to Alps, Rensselaer county, X. Y., and pur-
chased by deed of October 28, 1833, 89 acres of land upon


which he burned charcoal for the Troy market. In 1836 he
returned to Brewerton and engaged in the manufacture of
potash, and in boating. In 1846 he removed to Caughdenoy
Oswego county, remaining until 1849; while there he, in
connection with another party, erected the first hotel built
in Caughdenoy ; and was also engaged in potash making and
as a merchant. In 1849 and 50 he with his father erected
the first hotel, known as the 'Fort Brewerton House', near
the site of the old fort at Brewerton. This hotel was
burned in 1865, and he sold his interest in the site to his
brother Henry, and tended the toll gate and opened the
draw for the Brewerton bridge for several years, occupying
his spare time as a cobbler. He was an accomplished mu-
sician with the snare drum, and his services were in much
demand for excursions, picnics, &c.

Children: by 1st wife.

+ 573. i. Morton Adelbert, b. 6 Nov. 1836.

+ 574. ii. Orson Landon, " 10 June 1845.

575 . iii. Claretta AsENATH, " 7 May 1848; d. 17 Aug. 1872; unm.

+ 576. iv. OsBORN Smedley, " 3 Aug. 1850.

[293] HENRY EMMONS, (bro. of Orson) inn-keeper;
b. Cicero, N. Y., 13 Nov., 1819, m. 7 May, 1843, Sally Maria,
dau. of Jason Simmons and Rebecca Upham; b. Alps, N. Y.,
12 Feb., 1826, d. Brewerton, 12 Dec, 1895; he d. Brewerton,
18 Sept., 1900, age 81.

His mother died when he was eleven years of age, and
his father sent him to Brewerton to be cared for by his
brother Asa U. Emmons with whom he resided from
February 1831 to June 1835, when he returned to Alps and
lived with his mother's relatives until his marriage with his
cousin Sally M. Simmons in 1843. The seven or eight years
following was spent in Alps, Troy and Brewerton, to the
latter he removed permanently December 9, 1851, and
purchasing an interest in the new hotel erected by his father
and brother Orson, became its proprietor, which he con-
tinued until it was burned in 1865. Buying his brother's
interest, he proceeded to rebuild, and completed the present


'Fort Brewerton House' in 1867. He occupied it until
after the death of his wife in 1895, when being in poor
health and well advanced in years, he disposed of the
property and took up his residence with his only daughter,
expecting to be cared for by her. She lived only a short
time after he came, and he was left a broken wreck, both
physically and mentally, to the care of his nineteen 3'ear old
grand-daughter, who faithfully discharged the onerous duty
of caring for him in his senility, at a great sacrifice to her-
self until his decease.

Mr. Emmons held several minor positions during his
life. He was appointed by Gov. John Young as highway
inspector of Rensselaer county in 1847-8; was deputy
sheriff of the same county in 1847-48 and 49; asst. door-
keeper in the Assembly at Albany, session of 1849; boat
inspector in Troy in 1850; and supervisor of the town of
Hastings, Oswego Co., in 1858-9.

Children :

-h577. i. Ulyssa Asexath, b. 29 Nov. 1843.

578. ii. Alfred Hexry, " 21 June 1850; d. 22 Aug. 1854.

[294] HIRAM EMMONS, (bro. of Henry) mechanic;
b. Brewerton, N. Y., 23 Oct., 1822; m. Palermo, N. Y.,
3 Sept., 1843, Lucretia L. Bellows, b. Palermo, 27 June,
1827; he d. Adrian, Mich., 8 Dec, 1867; his wid. m. 2d 25
May, 1872, Amasa K. Huntley, farmer of Milburn, 111.; he
d. 1896; she res. Waukeegan, 111.

Children: by 1st husband.

579. i. Aloxzo B., b 6 Oct. 1845; d. 6 Jan. 1846; Columbus, Pa.

580. ii. Alfred B., " 6 Oct. 1845; unm. ; res. Waukeegan, 111.
+ 581. iii. George W., " 9 Apr. 1848.

+ 582. iv. Helex G., " 18 Oct. 1851.

+ 583. V. Gexevieve S., " 3 Feb. 1857.

[296] MINNIE A. M. EMMONS, (half sis. of Hiram)
dau. of Benjamin Emmons and Sarah Avery; b. Harpers-
field, Ohio, 12 June, 1860; m. 20 March, 1875, John W.


Brainard, from whom she was divorced; res. Harpersfield, O.
Children :

+ 584. i. Benjamin Emmons, b. 27 June 1876.

[397] MARY BRAINARD EMMONS «, (Brainard 7,
Jonathan 6, Jonathan^, Jonathan"*, Samuel 3, Obadiah^,
Thomas ^) dau. of Brainard Emmons and Christina Dilts;
b. Niagara District, Can., 8 July, 1817; m. 7 July, 1836,
Isaac Walker, farmer, and lumberman of Meadville, Craw-
ford Co., Pa., b. 12 Oct., 1797, d. 26 July, 1876; she d. 2
April, 1883.


585. i. LoDESKA, b. 25 May 1839; d. 5 Feb. 1840.

586. ii. Clinton Emmons, " 6 Apr. 1843; " 21 Dec. 1843.
+ 587. iii. Martha Jane, " 18 Aug. 1848.

588. iv. Washington C, " 22 May 1852; " 15 Nov. 1882; unm.

[298] WILLIAM DARIUS, (bro. of Mary B.) lumber-
man; b. Wellandport, Canada, 18 July, 1819; m. Martha
Jane Beckett, dau. of a Quaker in Canada; she d. 26 Oct.,
1849; he d. near Abilene, Kan., in 1872. After the death of
his wife, he spent ten years in Australia mining for gold.

Children :

+ 589. i. Augusta, b. Apr. 1847.
+ 590. ii. Darius, " 10 Oct. 1849.

[300] JONATHAN, (bro. of William D.) b. Welland-
port, Can., 3 March, 1824; m. Matilda Warner, by whom he
had two children. After her death he married again and
had one or more children. Of his descendants we can get
no trace. He died in Southern Missouri.

Children :

591. i. Uretta.

592. ii. Jonathan.

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