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The Emmons family genealogy; a record of the emigrant Thomas Emmons, of Newport, Rhode Island, with many of his descendants, from 1639 to 1905; online

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Online LibraryEdward Neville EmmonsThe Emmons family genealogy; a record of the emigrant Thomas Emmons, of Newport, Rhode Island, with many of his descendants, from 1639 to 1905; → online text (page 3 of 19)
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He is mentioned as one of the Grantees of the town of
Rumney, N. H., by order of his Majesty, George the III
March 19, 1767.

Fourth Generation

[44] Deacon, SAMUEL EMMONS 4 , (Samuel 3 , Oba-
diah 2 , Thomas 1 .) b. probably in Wethersfield, Conn., abt.
1696; came to East Haddam, Conn., with his parents abt.
1700; m. 14 Sept. 1721, Ruth Cone; she was adm. to ch. at
East Haddam, 22 Sept. 1723; he was adm. 11 July, 1731.
No record of his death found.

In October 1733, a new parish was formed in the
eastern part of East Haddam, called Milling ton, and at a
subsequent meeting of the parish the following record
appears upon the minutes. "At a society meeting warned
according to direction of ye law, to be holden on ye third day
of December, Anno Domini, 1733, at ye mansion house of
Jonathan Chapman, in ye town of Haddam, John Buckley
was chosen moderator of said meeting, and James Cone was
chosen Clerk, and sworn to a faithful discharge of his office
by John Buckley, Justice of the peace; and Samuel Emmons,
Samuel Olmsted and Matthias Fuller, were chosen society

Samuel Emmons and Daniel Gates were elected as the
first deacons of the Millington Church, in October 1736; and
Dea. Emmons as agent for the parish, petitioned the General
Assembly in Oct. 1737; "That a tax of one penny an acre
be assessed upon all unimproved lands within the said parish,
in order to help settle and support a minister."

Children :

I 62.

+ 64.
+ 65.







69. \ iii.

70. ix.

71. x.







I [annah,

16 vSept.

6 Mar.
IS Sept.
20 Nov.

(i Feb.



1 Feb. 1750, Peter Spencer.

bap. 19 Apr. 1730; d. unm.
bap. 25 June 1732.
" 30 June 1734.
" 14 Mar. 1736.
in. 18 Sep. 1700, Wm. Cowdry.
m. Abner Chapman.


72. xi. Sybel, " ; bap. 6 June 1742.

+ 73. xii. Nathaniel, " 1 May 174,5.

[45] JONATHAN, (bro. of Samuel) farmer; b. prob-
ably at Wethersfield, Conn., in 1698; bap. Wethersfield,
9 April, 1703; adm. ch. East Haddam, 23 July, 1721; m.
2 Jan. 1723, Rachel Griswold; b. 1702; adm. ch. 11 July,
1731; d. 7 June, 1767. He d. 15 Feb. 1777, ae. 79. They
were buried in the Cove Cemetery, East Haddam, Conn.

Children :











i (




m. Adonijah Robarde.




1 (




" John Hersey.

- 77.

i\ r .


i I




+ 78.







+ 79.



i (

bap. 14 Oct. 1739.




( i

2 Aug. 1741.





" 10 Mar. 1745.

+ 82.



( i

" 14 Sept. 1748.

[46] Maj. NATHANIEL, (bro. of Jonathan) b. East
Haddam, Conn., in 1703; bap. 7 May, 1704;m. 21 Sept. 1729,
Elizabeth Wells. He was Major of the Millington First
(or North) company of Colonial Militia, Haddam in 1737
and 1738. Of his family, we find only two children.

Children :

83. i. Elizabeth, b. 8 June 1732.

84. ii. Thomas, ; m. Huklah Cone.

[47] MARY, (sis. of Nathaniel) b. E. Haddam, Conn.,
in 1704; bap. 7 May, 1704; m. 7 Dec. 1721, Jeremiah Gates.

[48] EBENEZER, (bro. of Mary) bap. East Haddam,
Conn., 2 Feb., 1706; m. Newport, R. I., 6 July, 1738, Sarah
Tiffany. They were adm. to ch. there at the same time.


[53] NATHANIEL EMMONS 4 , (Nathaniel 3 , Samuel 2
Thomas 1 .) s. of Nathaniel Emons and Mary Warmal; b.
Boston, Oct. L703; in. 1 Dee. 1731, Mary Brookes. He d.
19 May, 1740.

We have a record of only one of his several children.

Children :
+ 85. i. Samuel, b. 15 April 1733.

[55] BENJAMIN EMMONS 4 , (Benj.\ Benj. 2 , Thos. ')
veoman; s. of Benjamin Emmons and Mary Amory; b.
Boston, m. at Dorchester, 7 Sept. 1781, by the Rev. Jona-
than Bowman; Mary, dau. of Ebenezer and Mary Williams,
b. 22 June, 1710; d. 19 Nov. 1736; m. 2nd, 19 Jan. 1741,
Sarah Snoden; m. 3d, 17 Sept. 1772, Mrs. Sarah (Andrews)
Williams, wid. of Zebadiah Williams; she d. 6 May, 1808;
he d. 1 1 March, 1 776. His will No. 15,995, on file in Boston,
bears date of October 10th, 1774; and was proved July 8,


On a grave stone in the old burial ground at Dorchester,
Mass., is the following inscription:

"Here Lyes ye body of Mrs. Mary Emmons, wife to Mr. Benjamin Em-
mons and Daugbter to Mr. Ebenezer and Mrs. Mary Williams. Sbe died ye
19 of Nov. 1736, in ye 27 yeare of her age."

Children, by 1st wife:
86. i. Benjamin, b. 15 May 1733.

+ 87. ii. Thomas, " 1736.

by 2nd wife.
+ 88. Hi. Joshua Snoden, " 5 Nov. 1742.

[59] THOMAS EMMONS 4 , (Thomas 3 , Joseph 2 , Thom-
as 1 .) b. Boston; m. 17 Nov. 1726, Hannah Cutter of Cam-
bridge; b. 29 Dec. 1707, dau. of Gershom Cutter and Mehit-

able Abbott.

It is related of Mr. Cutter, that in 1747, he with his
friend Francis Locke, travelled one Sunday from Cambridge
to Newton to attend religious service; when Henry Gibbs


of Watertown, a justice of the peace, fined them thirty
shillings each for breaking the Sabbath.
Children :

89. i. Hannah, b. 30 March 1729.

[60] HANNAH, (sis. of Thomas) b. Boston; m. at
Cambridge, 22 Sept. 1746, Daniel Champney, Jr.

[61] JACOB EMMONS *, (Jacob », Joseph*, Thomas 1 .)
b. Boston, 16 May, 1701; adm. to eh. Brattle Square,
Boston, 3d, Oct. 1725; m. 4 July, 1727, Mary Williams.

He became a member of the Honorable and Ancient
Artillery Company in 1788, and was 3d sergeant of the com-
pany in 1 742. As per a list of the company made in 1 739-40,
he was fined twelve pence per diem for non-appearance.'
He was elected Clerk of the Market, Boston, March 10, 1740-
Hogg- Reeve, 16 March, 1742; Constable, March 25,' 1745.'
At a meeting of the Selectmen held May 28, 1744, it was

Voted: "That Jacob Emmons be Prosecuted for receiving One Eliza-
beth Wormwood into his House from Lynn & not informing thereof as the
Law directs." On August 1st, 1744, it was voted: "That Jacob Emmons
be prosecuted for receiving & entertaining Inmates contrary to Law."

In 1773, Paddy's Alley running from Amos Street to
Middle, (now North Centre street, between North and
Hanover) was widened, and Jacob Emmons was rewarded
thirty-five pounds for his loss of land and damages thereby.

Children: b. Boston.

90. i.

Mary, 1

j. April


d. 26 June 1729.

91. ii.


' 25 July


" 28 June 1730.

+ 92. iii.


' 15 April


+ 93. iv.


' 8 Nov.


94. v.

Sarah, '

' 26 Sept.


95. vi.


' 19 Oct.


+ 96. vii.


' 11 Oct.


97. viii.


' 21 Nov.


Fifth Generation

[62] DOROTHY EMMONS 5 , (Samuel 4 , Samuel 3 ,
Obadiah 2 , Thomas 1 .) The eldest child of Samuel Emmons
and Ruth Cone; b. East Haddam, Conn., 16 Sept. 1722;
bap. 22 Sept. 1723; m. 16 June, 1743, Enoch Arnold; b.
East Haddam, 9 Sept. 1716, and d. Millington, 8 April, 1795;
she d. East Haddam, 24 June, 1754.

Their grand-son Jonathan Arnold Jr., m. 29 Dec. 1814,
Maria Emmons, b. Cornwall, Conn., 1 April, 1794, who d.
New Marlboro, Mass., 15 Feb. 1854.

[64] EBENEZER, (bro. of Dorothy) b. East Haddam,
Conn., 18 Sept. 1725; m. 4 April, 1754, Susannah Spencer;
he d. 1809. It is said that they had a family of ten children.
He was appointed Ensign of the fourth company of the 25th
regiment of the Colonial militia at Hartford in 1765; trans-
ferred to the 12th company, or train band in the 12th regi-
ment of the Colony, in May 1766; was promoted to Lieut,
in October, 1768.

Children :

+ 98. i. Noadiah, b. March 1755.

+ 99. ii. Daniel S., " 9 Oct. 1757.

100. iii. Nathaniel, " 1759.

+ 101. iv. Samuel, " 1761.

102. v. Susannah, 1763.

+ 103. vi. EBENEZER, " 23 April 1766.

104. vii. Mary.

[65] SAMUEL, (bro. of Ebenezer) doctor; b. East
Haddam, Conn., 20 Nov., 1727, d. 7 Nov., 1807.

Our knowledge of him is limited. We find the following
record upon the minutes of a town meeting held at East
Haddam, Dec. 7th, 1778, showing that he with several

LIev. Nathaniel Emmons, D. D.
Franklin, Mass.


others was "Chosen a Committee to provide Such Clothing
for the Soldiers in Continental Service, as they are, or shall
be enabled to, By Resolution of the Assembly, or of this
Town. ' ' The grave stone erected to his memory in the cem-
etery of Bashan Pond, bears the following inscription :-

"Sacred to the Memory of
Mr. Samuel Emmons
who Died
Nov. 7th, 1807, in ye 79th,
year of his Age."
" Altho' this body sleeps in Dust,
Immortal days await the Just."

[67] DANIEL, (bro. of Samuel) bap. East Haddam,
Conn., 25 June, 1732; m. 2 April, 1761, Mary Cone, b. 1738.

He was a private in Capt. Cone's Co., 12th Regt., Con-
necticut, at the alarm for the relief of Fort William Henry.
He served fifteen days ; from the 9th to the 24th day of
August, 1757.

[73] NATHANAEL, (bro. of Daniel) clergyman;
youngest s. of Dea. Samuel Emmons and Ruth Cone; b.
East Haddam, Conn., 1 May, 1745; m. at Braintree, Mass.,
6 April, 1775, Deliverance French, who d. 22 June, 1778;
m. 2d. 4 Nov., 1779, Martha Williams, dau. of Chester
Williams of Hadley; she d. 2 Aug., 1829; m. 3d. Mrs. Abi-
gail Mills, wid. of Rev. Edmund Mills, and dau. of Judah
Moore; she d. Auburndale, 24 Oct., 1854, ae. 91. He d.
22 Sept. 1840, ae. 96.

Rev. Nathanael Emmons, D. D., graduated at Yale
College 1767, an A. M., at Dartmouth College 1786; with
the degree of D. D., in 1798. He professed religion in 1 769,
and commenced the study of theology with Rev. Nathan
Strong of Coventry, Conn., and completed the usual course
with Rev. John Smalley, D. D., of Berlin. He was licensed
by the Hartford South Association, 3 Oct., 1769; ordained
over the church in Franklin, Mass., 21 April, 1773, having
been hired to supply the pulpit from the 14th of December


Discouraged by the little apparent fruit of his labors,
he twice asked a dismission, viz: January 1781, and May
1784, which were most wisely refused by his attached people.

On May 13th, 1827, he was seized with faintness while
in the middle of his sermon, and was carried to his house.
He so far recovered as to finish his sermon on the following-
Sabbath; but this was the last sermon he preached. The
second Sabbath following,— May 27, 1827,— he sent a note
resigning his pastoral office, and requested that a meeting
be called immediately to provide for a supply of the pulpit.
Though speedily recovering his former vigor, he would not
recall his determination, meaning he said, "to retire while
he had sense enough to do it."

He died on the 23d day of September, 1840, in the 96th
year of his age, and the 68th from the commencement of
his ministry in Franklin. A granite pyramid, on a granite
base, is raised to his memory in the center of Franklin
Common, and bears this inscription: —

Aged 96.

Mr. G. Hall, in 'Homes of the Town of Sutton, Mass.'
says : —

"Dr. Emmons, was not a very large man, and wore his small clothes
and three cornered hat, as long as he lived.

"When President Jackson visited New England, he went to launton,
and Dr Kmmons in company with the celebrated surgeon, Dr. Miller, went
to see the President As they drove into the village, the boys saw his quaintly
antique style, and thought he must be Gen. Jackson; so they followed him
through the streets vociferously cheering him as President of the United
Stiles'- at every cheer the crowd increased, and all supposed Jackson had
arrived. They had mistaken an eminent divine for a great warrior."

With all his distinction as a theologian, he was a per-
fect child in many things; as shown in the following incidents
given by Mr. Hall.

"After he married his third wife,— Mrs. Mills,— some of her lady friends
went from Sutton to visit her. His man was away at the time, so they asked
the Dr. to harness their horse; he tried to do it, but did not know how to put
on the bridle, so Mrs. Tennev had to do it herself.

"IP- had an old horse that lie had owned lor several years; he drove it
into Boston, and had it put up at a hotel stable; when he was ready to leave,
he went t<> his carriage and ordered his horse harnessed to it, but the hostler
had put the wrong number on his bridle, so he harnessed the wrong horse,
and one varying much in color from his own, vet he never discovered the
difference until a neighbor in Franklin asked him if he had been swapping
horses" when he indignantly replied -'I never did such a thing in my life;'


'Well,' said the neighbor, 'that is m>t the one yon went away with at any
rate.' 'It is the horse that I have owned for years.' 'No Sir,' said the
neighbor. 'Well then ask Tom.' So the matter was referred to his man,
who went immediately to Boston to swap horses for the learned doctor."

(The author has in his possession a relic, which he prizes very highly;
it being a two page autograph letter, of the Rev. Nathaniel Emmons, D. D.
It was written at Franklin, December 20th, 1808; and addressed to the Rev.
Aaron Hall, Keene; and forwarded by the hand of Deacon Kingsbury.)

Children: by 1st wife.




b. 14 April


d. 7 vSept.




Diodate Johnson

23 June


" 8 Sept.


by 2nd wife.

+ 107.



" 30 Sept.





" 30 Dec.


" 3 June


+ 109.



" 2 May





" 10 Nov.


" 3 Jan.


+ 111.



" 5 Aug.


+ 112. viii. Mary, " 3 Dec. 1790.

[78] JONATHAN EMMONS 5 , (Jonathan 4 , Samuel 3 ,
Obadiah 2 , Thomas 1 ) s. of Jonathan Emmons and Rachel
Griswold; b. East Haddam, Conn. ; 5 April, 1737; bap. 1
May, 1737; adm. ch. 2 Aug. 1767; m. - -, 1758, -

Williams, m. 2d Desire Harris.

During the years from 1757 to 1760, several families
removed from East Haddam, Conn., and settled some in
Hartland, Litchfield Co.; some in Berkshire Co., Mass.;
while others went to Vermont and the State of New York.
Among those who thus removed, was Mr. Emmons, who
settled near Hartford, Conn., afterwards residing at Bark-
hamstead near Hartland, in the same state.

In August 1767, they made their relatives at East
Haddam a visit, and took the occasion to have their children
— four in number — baptized in their old church home.

Children :

+ 113.



b. 30 Aug.


+ 114.



" 31 Dec.


+ 115.



" 10 Mar.


+ 116.


Mary Williams,

6 June


+ 117.



" 8 Jan.


+ 118.



" 15 Nov.



[79] JOSEPH, (bro. of Jonathan) b. East Haddam,
1738; bap. 14 Oct. 1739; m. 6 Jan. 1763, Lois Gilbert, b.
1745; d. 7 Feb. 1801. He d. 21 April, 1810.

At a town meeting held at East Haddam, 6 Dec. 1779,
Joseph Emons with four others was chosen a committee " to
provide for the Soldier's families for the year ensuing." At a
meeting held 13 Nov. 1781, he and Captain Eliphalet Holmes
were chosen " Purchasers and Receivers of Beef and Flour."

Children :

+ 119. i. Anna, 1). 1763.

120 ii. Olive, " 1765; m. Elisha Peck, Nov. 1785

+ 121. iii. Joseph Gilbert, " 1767.

+ 122. iv. Dyer, " 8 An S- 17 69.

123 v Asa, " 1775; m. Azalia Olmsted ;d. 1859

[82] JEREMIAH, (bro. of Joseph) physician; b. East
Haddam, 1748; bap. 14 Sept. 1748; m. Lydia Ackley; d.
8 March, 1790.

He removed from East Haddam to East Hartland,
Conn., and was the first physician to settle in that town.
He had ten children.

[85] SAMUEL EMMONS 5 , (Nathaniel 4 , Nathiel 3 ,
Samuel 2 , Thomas 1 ) ropemaker; s. of Nathaniel Emmons
and Mary Brookes; b. Boston, 15 April, 1733; m. 5 Nov.
1753, Rachel Love, b. Boston; he d. Nov. 1816.

His dwelling-house in Boston was located on Round
Lane; and his rope-walk on Milk Street. The latter having
been destroyed by fire in 1779, he erected a new one on
Pearl Street, which he sold to his son Samuel Jr. in 1793.
During his latter years, he followed the occupation of a ship

Children :
+ 124. i. Samuel, b. 1755.

+ 125. ii. Elizabeth, " ; bap. 1 Mar. 1767.

126. iii. Jonathan, " 1771; d. Feb. 1828.

+ 127. iv. Nancy,

128. v. Mary,


[87] THOMAS EMMONS 5 , (Benjamin 4 , Benj. 3 ,
Benj. 2 , Thomas 1 ) rope-maker; s. of Benjamin Emmons and
Mary Williams; b. probably at Dorchester, Mass., in 1736.

Our knowledge of Thomas is confined to the records as
they appear on file No. 14,386, in the Probate Court, Boston.
It there appears that Thomas Emmons late of Boston, rope-
maker, died intestate, and administration was on Feb. 28th,
1769 granted to Mary Emmons, widow, who gave a bond
with Benjamin Emmons, trader, and Joshua Emmons, tin
plate worker, of Boston, sureties.

In the account of the administratrix, appears the
following item: "To allowance made the widow for bring-
ing up four children, one of which was born after the death
of her husband, and the eldest six years old at that time."

A bond filed with the papers in this case, for the pay-
ment of the proceeds of the partition of a piece of real
estate, speaks of the widow of the deceased, as Mary, and
the children, Benjamin, Thomas, 'Polly and Sally.' There
are receipts attached to this bond, by which it appears that
the mother Mary had died, and her interest was paid to the
children, and these receipts are signed, one by Thomas
Emmons, one by Sally Bean and Francis Bean, one by Mary
E. Fuller, and one by Benjamin Emmons. Guardians were
appointed for the children in 1779, the papers filed being
No. 16,961 to No. 16,964, inclusive.

Children :

129. i. Benjamin, b. 1762.

130. ii. Mary, " 1764; m. Ezra Fuller.

131. iii. Sally, " 1766; " Francis Bean.

132. iv. Thomas, " 1768.

[88] JOSHUA SNODEN, (bro. of Thomas) tinner;
s. of Benjamin Emmons by his second wife, Sarah Snoden;
b. Boston, 5 Nov. 1742.

He is mentioned in his father's Will, made in 1774; as
was also his daughter Sarah.

Children :

133. i. Sarah.


[92] NATHANIEL EMMONS 5 , (Jacob 4 , Jacob 3 , Jo-
seph 2 , Thomas 1 .) s. of Jacob Emmons and Mary Williams;
b. Boston, 15 April, 1731.

His name appears on several pay rolls, for service in the
'War of the Revolution': viz: — As a private in Lieut. Col.
Jabez Hatch Regt. Boston; with a detachment commanded
by Maj. Andrew Symmes; was drafted to serve five weeks
guarding stores at, and about Boston, under Maj. Gen.
Heath by order of Council of May 12th, 1777; also in Capt.
Elias Parkman's detachment, drafted to serve as guards;
also on pay roll for the same duty, dated Boston, Oct. 5,
1778, for which he was engaged July 2, 1778, and dis-
charged July 17, 1778.

[93] JACOB, (bro. of Nathaniel) b. Boston, 12 Nov.

Although his name appears in several transactions in
Boston, we have been unable to trace his genealogy. We
learn, as stated in the 'Boston Records', that

"On March 1st, 1764, Information was given the Selectmen by Mr
Jacob Emmons living in Paddy's Alley, that a Child of his was taken with the
Small Pox. As he would not consent to its being removed, — being an Infant
in the Cradle — a Flag was ordered to be put out, and Mr. Wales appointed
a Guard for said House.

On March 13, 1770: "The Petition of Mr. Jacob Emmons praying the
Town would make him a grant of Money, for his Land taken from him by a
new Street thro his Land in Paddy's Alley, Was read and a Committee ap-
pointed to consider the Petition and Report.

"Reported varbally: — That in their Opinion Mr. Emmons had not
pursued the steps of the Law, in making his Petition, and that he have leave
to withdraw the same."

His petition was again presented May 7th, 1771, and
accepted; but no allowance voted him, and after bringing
it before the Selectmen at each annual meeting, until March
5, 1774; after considerable debate, "The Question was put:
Whether the Town will sustain the Petition. Passed in the
Negative", they declaring that the sum of five pounds paid
him, and five pounds paid to Thomas Emmons at the time
of the widening of the street was sufficient.

Owing to the refusal of the town to pay what he
thought to be a suitable compensation for his land, he on
Aug. 25, 1772, began a suit against the workmen who


2 9

pulled down his outside chimnies, by order of the Select-
men, in order to widen the street, which resulted in a non-

Jacob Emmons, Jr., was one of twelve Jurors who sat
on the inquest of one Michael Johnson, who was murdered
in the Boston massacre, by the soldiers of Kin? George III
on March 5th, 1770.

He served as a private in Capt. Stetson's company, of
Maj. Edward Proctor's detachment of militia; was de-
tached for service as guard in and about Boston, under Maj.
Gen. Heath, Dec. 10, 1777, and was discharged March, 1

[96] JOHN, (bro. of Jacob) b. Boston, 11 Oct. 1738;
m. his wife Mary, abt. 1761. He with his brother Nathaniel,'
attended the public school under Samuel Holyoke master,
in 1753, to learn writing and arithmetic. He with others
signed an enlistment agreement dated Boston 22d, July
1780, in which they engaged themselves to serve in the
militia under Brig. Gen. John Fellows for the term of three
months from the time of their arrival at the place of ren-

Children :
+ 134. i. John, b. 1763.

135. ii. Thomas, " 17(35.

136. iii. Richard, " 1767.
+ 137. iv. Jacob, " 26 Junel769.

Sixth Generation

[98] NOADIAH EMMONS 6 , (Ebenezer 5 , Samuel 4 ,
Samuel 3 , Obadiah 2 , Thomas 1 .) farmer; s. of Ebenezer
Emmons and Susannah Spencer; b. East Haddam, Conn.,
- March, 1755; m. 1 May, 1777, Elizabeth, dau. of Abner
and Elizabeth Brainard; b. East Haddam, 16 Nov. 1758,
d. 2 Feb. 1823; he d. 6 March, 1808.

He enlisted at East Haddam, on the first call for troops,
May 10th, 1775, as a private in Capt. Joseph Spencer's 1st
Co., 2d Regt., and was discharged Dec. 17th, 1775; was en-
rolled as a minute man in Capt. Eliphalet Holme's Co. of
East Haddam, in May 1776; was appointed Captain of the
1st, or North Millington Company of Colonial Militia in
1777, and Major in 1780.

Children: b. East Haddam, Conn.

+ 138. i. Ichabod, b. 18 March 1778.

28 May 1780.

20 Sept. 1782.

7 May 1785.

24 Feb. 1788.

26 Dec. 1791.

11 March 1794.

9 Jan. 1797.

+ 139. ii. Noadiah,

+ 140. iii. Brainard,

+ 141. iv. Henry,

+ 142. v. Susannah,

+ 143. vi. Augustine,

+ 144. vii. Jonathan L

+ 145. viii. David,

[99] DANIEL SPENCER, (bro. of Noadiah) farmer;

b. East Haddam, Conn., 9 Oct., 1757; m. , 1778, Luna

Beebe, b. - - April, 1759, d. 28 Oct., 1851; he d. 21 Sept.,

He was a Sergeant under Col. Canfield at West Point
in September 1781; drew a pension in Middlesex County,
Conn., in 1832, and again in 1840. at the age of 83.

He and his wife Luna, conveyed 150 acres of land


located in Partridgefield, Mass. (now Peru) to Joseph
Goldthwaite, April 20th, 1793.

They were buried in the cemetery at Bashan Pond,
their grave stones bearing the following inscriptions: —

Erected Luna

to the memory of wife of

Daniel S. Emmons Daniel Emmons

who died Sept. 21, 1841. died

AE. 84. Oct. 28, 1851,

aged 92 yr's 6 M's.

"T'was sad to lay thee in the ground,

T'was sad to breathe the last adieu, "The fear of the Lord

Each mourning heart received a wound prolongeth days."
That freshly bled at final view."

Children :

146. i. Elizabeth Sparrow, b. 1779; m. Isaac Starr.

+ 147. ii. John, " 1781.

148. in. Luna, " 1783; " Thomas W. Swan.

[101] SAMUEL, (bro. of Daniel S.) b. East Haddam,
Conn., abt. 1762. When but a lad, he in 1776 enlisted at
East Haddam, and was taken prisoner by the British in
September of the same year. His parents drew his wages
from the government in May 1777. He drew a pension in
Middlesex County, Conn., in 1832, and again in 1840.

The only other records we have found of him or his
family, are the epitaphs on his grave-stones erected in the

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