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Orchids; a description of the species and varieties grown at Glen Ridge, near Boston, with lists and descriptions of other desirable kinds : preface by chapters on the culture, propagation, collection, and hybridization of orchids; the online

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Online LibraryEdward Sprague RandOrchids; a description of the species and varieties grown at Glen Ridge, near Boston, with lists and descriptions of other desirable kinds : preface by chapters on the culture, propagation, collection, and hybridization of orchids; the → online text (page 14 of 25)
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Flowers pale yellow, in short spikes, in March and
April. Grow in a pot, or on a block, with peat. The
variety Dendrobium aggregatum majus is a larger plant,
with larger flowers, and is more generally grown.

Dendrobium Ainsworthii. Garden hybrid. F. M., 2, 196.

A cross between Dendrobium heterocarpum and D.
nobile, and a very beautiful plant. Pseudo-bulbs stouter
than D. nobile. Flowers produced in pairs, as in that
variety, very large ; sepals and petals white ; lip white,
with large violet-purple blotch.

A. Dendrobium albosanguineum. India. Pax. Fl. G., 57.

Fl. des Ser., 721.
Bat. 2dCen., 173.
Lem. Jard., 203.
B. M., 5130.

Flowers very large, creamy white, with a rich crimson
blotch on the centre of the lip, produced from the top
nodes of the pseudo-bulbs. Blooms in May. Grow in a
pot with moss, or in a basket, with plenty of light and
heat. This is a magnificent and very distinct species.
Our plants are grown in baskets, suspended near the apex
of the roof, and thrive wonderfully, and are yearly a mass
of bloom.

B. Dendrobium amtznum. Nepaul. Wallich.

SYN. Dendrobium aphyllum (Rox- B. M., 6199.
burg). Fl. Cab., 117.

Flowers white, with a small violet spot at the top of the
segments ; lip yellow-green at the base inside.


B. Dendrobium amboinense. Amboyna. B. M., 4937.

Fl. des Ser., 1211.
Bat. 2d Cen., 179.

Flowers produced from the naked stem ; petals very
long, white ; lip egg-yellow, with reddish centre.

Dendrobium amethystiglossa. Philippines . B. M., 5968.
A remarkable tall-growing species, producing from the
old stems dense pendulous racemes of ivory-white flowers,
with amethyst-purple lip. Rare and handsome.

A. Dendrobium anosmum. Philippine Islands.

Pax. Mag., 15, 97.

Flowers delicate lilac ; lip deep purplish crimson,
edged with pure white. This species should be grown
in a hanging basket, or on a block of wood, with moss,
and requires plenty of heat and moisture in the growing

It resembles Dendrobium superbum in growth, but is
smaller, more floriferous, and the blossoms have no
rhubarb scent.

Sometimes called Dendrobium anosmum Dayanum, in
which (by some called a species), and also in D. macro-
phyllum Dayanum, we can see no difference.

Dendrobium Aphrodite. SYN. of Dendrobium nodatum.
Dendrobium aureum. SYN. of Dendrobium heterocarpum.

Dendrobium barbatulum. Bombay.

Flowers in long pendulous racemes, pure white, with
green spur. Grow on a block.


The plant generally grown under this name is Dendro-
bium Fytcheanum, a native of Moulmein, and a hand-
some plant. In the true barbatulum the sepals are not
circular, the racemes are long and pendulous, and the
base of the stems is swollen. The figure in B. M., 5918,
is the true species, that of B. M., 5444, and Bat. 2d Cen.,
102, is D. Fytcheanum.

A. Dendrobium Bensonia. Moulmein . B. M., 5679.

F. M., 355.

Jen. Orch., 32.

A lovely species with white flowers ; lip with orange
disk, and two black spots at the base. A free-growing
and very handsome plant. Grow in pot.

Dendrobium bicolor. SYN. of Dendrobium Palpebra.

A. Dendrobium bigibbum. Tropical northeast coast of
Australia Fl. des Ser., 1143.

War. Orch., 28.

B. M., 4898.

Bat. 2d Cen., 169.

A rare and beautiful species, with long slender stems,
producing the flowers in erect racemes of five or more
from the ends of the old stems. Blossoms rich rosy pur-
ple, in autumn. Grow in the sun, with plenty of warmth
and moisture, and never allow the stems to shrivel.

Dendrobium Boxalli. Martaban . . F. M., 2, 114.

Jen. Orch., 19.

Habit semi-pendulous ; flowers in clusters of three from
the swollen joints of the old stems ; sepals and petals
white, tipped with purplish violet ; lip with fine orange
disk. A rare plant.


B. Dendrobium Bullerianum. Moulmein . B. M., 5652.
A pretty plant, with white flowers, tinged with rose ;
lip with a large yellow spot. It may be described as
having flowers of Dendrobium Devonianum (but not so
bright), with habit of D. crepidatum.

A. .Dendrobium Calceolaria, or calceolus, but not of Rox-
burg. India (in many localities).

Pax. Mag., 2, 241, as moschatum.
Hook. Ex., 184.
B. M., 3837.

An old inhabitant of our Orchid houses ; stems three
to five feet high, clothed with evergreen leaves ; flowers
in racemes of five to twelve, from near top of old stems,
which continue to bloom for years. Sepals and petals
bright yellow; lip a little darker; delightfully fragrant.
Blooms in June, but only lasts three days. Pot-culture
in moss and peat.

There are several varieties, some more deeply marked
than others.

A. Dendrobium Cambridgianum. Northern India.

Pax. Mag., 6, 265.
B. M., 4450.

A deciduous species ; flowers produced on the young
growth in March and April. Sepals and petals bright
orange ; lip with deep velvety crimson blotch, hairy.

Grow in a basket, with moss. When out of bloom, as
ugly a plant as one can find ; when in bloom it would
be difficult to find a handsomer.

B. Dendrobium capillipes. Moulmein.

A very dwarf-growing species, producing bright golden
yellow flowers. Should be grown on a block.


Dendrobium chlorops. SYN. of Dendrobium barbatulum.
A. Dendrobium chrysanthum. Nepaul . . B. R., 1299.
Perianth yellow; lip of the same color, with two
brownish red spots, the edges delicately fringed. Blooms
at different seasons, along the stem at the same time it
is making its growth. A very beautiful plant, which is
seldom out of bloom during the summer. Should be
grown in a basket, to display the pendulous shoots to
best advantage.

Dendrobium chrysotis. SYN. of Dendrobium Hookerianum.

Dendrobium chrysocrepis. Moulmein . . B. M., 6007.
A singular plant, with bulging pseudo-bulbs, producing
single yellow flowers, with rich orange lip, from nodes of
old bulbs.

A. Dendrobium chrysotoxum. Moulmein.

Bat. 2d Cen., 124.
B. M., 5053.

B. R, 33, 36.
I. H., 164.

Flowers pale yellow, produced on a spike from the top
of the bulb during the winter.

Grow in a pot, with peat, or on a block, in full sun-
light. It is a handsome, free-growing plant, and soon
makes a specimen. We find it thrives better on a block
than any other Dendrobium.

Dendrobium chrysotoxum superbum.
Is a larger growing and better variety.


Dendrobium davatum. India.

Flowers from the summit of the long pseudo-bulbs in
spikes of five ; bright yellow, with a double rich crimson
blotch, very large. A free grower, blooming in May.
Pot culture.

B. Dendrobium ccerulescens. East Indies. Sert. O., tab. 18.
Perianth yellowish white, bordering on rose ; points of

the segments violet ; lip has a dark purple-violet spot on
a yellowish ground, edged with a light lilac border.

This species should not be confounded with Dendro
bium nobile.

A. Dendrobium crassinode. Burmah . . B. M., 5766.
A remarkable species, with very handsome flowers ;
stems ten to twenty inches long, having large swollen
joints or internodes. Flowers from the upper nodes,
very large, in clusters, pure waxy white, tipped with pur-
ple ; lip with rich yellow centre.

A. Dendrobium crepidatum. India . B. M., 4933, 5011,

B. M., 4933.
Bat. 2d Cen., 129.

Somewhat allied to Dendrobium cretaceum, but with
larger and more highly colored flowers. Perianth white,
tinged with pink ; lip orange-yellow, tipped with pink.
With us it succeeds best grown in a basket suspended in
the apex of the roof, with plenty of light and heat.

C. Dendrobium cretaceum. Khasia . Fl. des Ser., 818.

B. R., 1847, 62.
B. M., 4686.
Lem. Jard., 344.


Flowers white ; lip marked with crimson, in June and
July. Grow in a pot or basket, with peat or moss.

B. Dendrobium crumenatum. Ceylon . B. M., 4013.
SYNS. Angracum crumenatum B. R., 1839, 22


Onychium crumenatum (Blume).
Flowers white, tipped with rose ; lip yellow, fragrant.

A. Dendrobium crystallinum. Burmah.

A pretty plant, with fragrant flowers, stems thick and
strong ; flowers white, tipped with purple, with orange
lip. Blooms in summer.

Dendrobium cumulatum. Moulmein . . . B. M., 5703.
Stems one to two feet long. Flowers in close clusters,
from nodes of old stems, rosy pink, with white lip. A
rare plant.

Dendrobuim cucullatum. See D. Pierardii. Sert. Bot., 7.

B. M., 2242.
B. R., 748.

A. Dendrobium Dalhousianum. East Indies.

Pax. Mag., ii, 145.

B. R., 1846, 10.

Fl. des Ser., 698.

War. Orch., 22.

Flowers lemon-color, edged and veined with rose ; lip
marked with purple and with two spots of dark rich vio-
let-purple, fringed. A beautiful and desirable species.
Blooms from the old growth very freely in April and
May. Grow in pot, with moss.


Dendrobium Dayanum. See Dendrobium anosmum.

A. Dendrobium densiflorum. East Indies.

B. M., 3418, 5780.

Pax'. Mag., 5, 121.

I. H., 101.

B. R., 182, 8.

Flowers rich yellow, produced from the side of the
bulb near the top, in dense bunches. Blooms in March,
April, and May. Grow in pot, with peat. A very fine

Dendrobium densiflorum album. East Indies. F. M., 102.
A magnificent variety; flowers pink and white, with
yellow lip. Called also Dendrobium Schroderi.

A. Dendrobium Devonianum. Khasya Hills.

I. H., 145.

Pax. Mag., 7, 169.

B. M., 4429.

Fl. des Ser., 647.

War. Orch., 2, n.

Lem. Jard., n.

This species blooms along the stem, which is often sev-
eral feet long. The flowers measure two inches across ;
the ground color is white, the sepals tipped with violet-
rose ; petals larger than the sepals, pink, with vivid violet
spot at their base ; lip white, with two bright yellow spots
at the base, and a rich violet spot at the tip, beautifully
fringed. Blooms in May and June. Grow in a basket,
in moss. Should have plenty of water, and be freely
syringed, as it is very liable to be attacked by red spider.


A. Dendrobium dixanthum. Moulmein. B. M., 5564.

Bat. 2d Cen., 197.

A very pretty species, of upright, slender growth, pro-
ducing freely all summer its showy yellow flowers. Grow
in pot or basket.

B. Dendrobium eburneum. Moulmein. B. M., 5459.

Bat. 2d Cen., 166.

A pretty, free-blooming species, with ivory-white, fra-
grant flowers. Pot culture.

A. Dendrobium Falconerii. Bootan. Bat. 2d Cen., 137.

B. M., 4944 ; var.,

Fl. des Ser., 1197.

Flowers very large, stem slender ; sepals pale purple,
tipped^ with violet; petals white, with deep violet tip ; lip
also violet-tipped, and centre of deepest violet, surrounded
by a deep orange band shading to straw-color. Should
have plenty of water. We grow this plant in a basket
suspended over a lily-tank, and syringe it twice a day.

B. Dendrobium Farmerii. East Indies.

Fl. des Ser., 741. Bat. 2d Cen., 132.
B. M., 4659. Pax. Mag., 15, 241.

B. M., 5451, var. Jen. Orch., 24.
Pes., 4. Lem. Jard., 307.

Flowers rosy white ; lip yellow, with greenish-white
edge. This species grows and flowers like Dendrobium
densiflorum, and requires the same treatment.

The varieties Dendrobium Farmerii album, aureo-fla,'
vum, and roseum only differ in intensity of color.


B. Dendrobium fimbriattim. Nepaul. Pax. Mag., 2, 172.

Pax. Fl. G., 84.

I. H, 151.

Hook. Ex., 71.

Flowers deep golden yellow, fringed. Blooms in the
spring. Flowers are produced from the old bulbs for
years. Grow in a pot, with moss. The flowers last only
a few days.

A. Dendrobium fimbriatum oculatum. Nepaul.

B. M., 4160.

War. Orch., 2, 19.

Flowers like the last, but larger, with deep purple cres-
cent in centre of the lip. Sometimes mistaken and sold
for Dendrobium Paxtoni, a very different plant.

A. Dendrobium formosum. East Indies.

Fl. des Sen, 226.
B. R., 1839, 64.
Pax. Mag., 6, 49.

Flowers large, white, the lip marked by a bright orange-
yellow band ; produced from top of the stem ; very fra-
grant, lasting six weeks in perfection. Grow in moss or
peat, in a pot.

A. Dendrobium formosum giganteum. Moulmein.

Fl. des Ser., 1633.

If anything can be handsomer than the species, it is
this variety, which differs only in being of larger growth
and having flowers five inches in diameter.


D. Dendrobium Fytcheanum. Moulmein.

B. M., 5444.
Bat. 2d Cen., 102,
both as barbatulum.

A slender-growing species, producing delicate clusters
of flowers, which are dazzling white, with faint tinge of
crimson at base of lip. Should be grown on a block,
with moss. See Dendrobium barbatulum.

A. Dendrobium Gibsonii. Khasya . Pax. Mag., 5, 169.
A species flowering on the ends of the old bulbs.
Sepals and petals rich orange ; lip bright yellow, with
two dark spots on the upper part. Blooms during the
autumn. Treat as Dendrobium for mo sum. Distinguished
from Dendrobium fimbriatum by the petals not being

A. Dendrobium Griffithianum. Burmese Empire.

A species resembling Dendrobium densiflornm, "but
double the size in all its parts," bearing immense droop-
ing spikes of richest golden yellow. A rare plant.

B. Dendrobium heterocarpum. Ceylon. B. M., 4708.

B. R., 1844, 62.

Fl. des Ser., 842.

Bat. 2d Cen., 150.

B. M., 4970, var.

Perianth pale yellow ; lip golden yellow, marked with
orange-red; very fragrant. This species is also known
as Dendrobium aureum in one of its varieties.


A. Dendrobium Heyneanum. Bombay. Wight, Ic., 909.
A pretty species, with spikes of white flowers from the
top of the stems at different seasons. Block culture.

A. Dendrobium hedyosmum. Moulmein.

B. M, 5515.

Bat. 2d Cen., 155.

A plant allied to Dendrobium formosum. Flowers
greenish white, changing to pure white ; lip marked with
orange ; deliciously fragrant. A rare plant.

B. Dendrobium Hillii. Australia . B. M., 5261.

Bat. 2d Cen., 195.

A stout-growing species, allied to and sometimes con-
sidered a variety of Dendrobium speciosum, producing
from the tops of the stems long clustered spikes of
creamy white flowers. Grow in a pot, and do not keep
it very warm.

A. Dendrobium Hookerianum. Assam . . B. M., 6013.

I. H, 155-

A slender-growing species, with tall stems ; flowers
large, deep yellow, on slender spikes, with dark spots on
the disk. A beautiful plant, commonly called Dendro-

A. Dendrobium infundibulum. Moulmein.

B. M., 5446.

I. H., 3, 172.

Bat. 2d Cen., 122.

Flowers four inches across, pure white, with deep
orange in the centre of the lip. A lovely plant, allied


to Dendrobium formosum, and almost its equal. Known
also as D. moulmeinense.

Dendrobium Jamesianum. Moulmein.

A rare species with pure white flowers resembling
Dendrobium formosum, but smaller; lip cinnabar red.
Blooms in spring and summer. Pot culture.

Dendrobium japonicum. See Dendrobium moniliforme.

A. Dendrobium Jenkinsii. India . . B. R., 25, 37.

War. Orch., 2, 28.

A fine dwarf evergreen species about two inches high.
Flowers very large for the size of the plant ; pale buff,
edged with yellow. Blooms in mid-winter. Grow on a
bare block of wood suspended from the roof.

C. Dendrobium yohannis. Australia . . B. M., 5540.
A species with twisted petals, brown and yellow,
streaked with orange and fragrant. May be grown in a
cool house.

C. Dendrobium Kingianum. East Indies.

Pax. Mag., 12, 97.

B. R., 1845, 61.

B. M, 4527.

Lem. Jard., 143.

Flowers small ; perianth pale purple ; lip beautifully
marked with blood red.

B. Dendrvbium lasioglossum. Burmah . . B. M., 5825.
Stems pendulous ; flowers produced with the foliage on

the young growth, white with purple markings.


A. Dendrobium Linawianum. India. B. M., 4153.

SYNS. Epidendrum moniliforme Maund, Bot., 4194.

(Linn). B. R., 1314.

Limodorum moniliforme. Pax. Mag., 3, 77.
Flowers rosy-red and white, produced at the side of the
two year old bulb, during the winter. Grow in a basket
or in a pot, with peat and moss. Commonly known as
Dendrobium moniliforme, which is the proper name of
Dendrobium japonicum.

A. Dendrobium lituiflorum. India . B. M., 6050.

War. Orch., 2, 3.

A pendulous species, with flowers resembling Dendro-
bium nobile, but larger and deeper colored; lip white,
purple edged. A showy and rare species.

A. Dendrobium Lowii. Borneo . . Bat. 2d Cen., 189.

B. M., 5303.

Flowers two inches across, in dense racemes, yellow,
with six red lines on the lip, with long crimson fringes.
Allied to Dendrobium formosum. A very beautiful and
rare plant.

A. Dendrobium luteolum. Moulmein. Bat. 2d Cen., 185.

B. M., 5441.

Flowers pale primrose, with a few reddish streaks on
the lip, measuring two inches across.

A. Dendrobium McCarthia. Ceylon. B. M., 4886.

Bat. 2d Cen., 158.

A very beautiful plant, producing bright, cherry-red
flowers, which last long in perfection; lip white and


purple. It is a free grower and produces abundance of

A. Dendrobium macranthum. Manilla. Fl. des Ser., 757.

B. M., 3970.

Sert. O., 35-

Pes., 40.

Pax. Mag., 8, 97.,
as macrophyllum.

A pendent species of large growth. Flowers produced
two or three together from nodes of stems, after the
leaves have fallen ; rosy, pinkish purple, very large, with
a strong scent of sweet rhubarb. Blooms in spring and
lasts long in perfection. Should be grown in a basket.
We have seen this plant with hundreds of flowers, and
no finer sight could be wished.

Dendrobium macranthum giganteum . . War. Orch., 26.
Flowers five or six inches in diameter, rosy, with purple
eye. A large-growing variety. This plant is commonly
found under the name of Dendrobium macrophyllum, which
is a very different plant, and a native of Java. It is also
called Dendrobium superbum. The variety Dayanum is
Dendrobium anosmum.

Dendrobium macranthum Huttoni.

A magnificent and very rare variety, with pure white
sepals and petals, and deep purple lip.

Dendrobium macrophyllum. Java . . . B. M., 5649.

A distinct species with clavate stems bearing three or

four leaves. Racemes of flowers erect; sepals yellow

shaded with green ; petals white ; lip yellowish green,


streaked with purple. Also known as Dendrobium Veitch-
ianum. The plant usually grown as Dendrobium mac-
rophyllum, is Dendrobium macranthum.

Dendrobium moniliforme. Japan . . . . B. M., 5482.

SYN. Dendrobium japonicum.

A species growing about a foot high, with pure white,
fragrant flowers, with purple spots on the lip. A cool
house plant. The plant usually grown under this name
is Dendrobium Linawianum.

A. Dendrobium moschatum. Pegu . M. B., 241.
SYN. Epidendrum moschatum. B. M., 3837.

Maund, Bot., i, 37.

Flowers orange-yellow, marked with creamy white ; lip
yellow, with rich crimson rays or chocolate. Grow as
Dendrobium Calceolaria, with which it is often con-

A. Dendrobium nobile. China . . . Pax. Mag., 7. 7.

Sert. O., tab. 3.

B. M., 5003, z'ar.

Sepals and petals rosy white, with purple tips ; lip
white or yellowish, with large crimson spot in the centre ;
margined with lilac. Blooms in winter and spring. Grow
in pot or basket, in moss or peat, or on a block. This is
one of the most useful plants for winter decoration and
for cutting. It is of easy culture and makes fine spec-
imens. There are many varieties, which differ in mode
of growth, size, and color of flower. The best are
Dendrobium pendulum, majus, and intermedium.


B. Dendrobium nodatum. Moulmein. Fl. des Ser., 1582.

B. M., 5470.

Flowers primrose, with orange lip marked with purple.
A very pretty but not a free-blooming species, though very
easy to grow.

B. Dendrobium Palpebrcs. Moulmein.

A species somewhat resembling Dendrobium densi-
florum in habit. Flowers white, with deep yellow stain
at base of the velvety lip, which is fringed at the base
with long hairs.

A. Dendrobium Parishii. Moulmein. B. M., 5488.

Bat. 2d Cen., 126.

Jen. Orch., 39.

A dwarf plant with thick drooping stems. Flowers two
together, dark purple and rose. Blooms in summer. A
handsome, free-growing plant. We find basket culture
suits it best.

B. Dendrobium Paxtonii. Khasya . Pax. Mag., 6, 169.
Flowers orange-yellow ; lip with dark spot at the base,

and fringed. Blooms at different seasons on a spike from
near the top of the old bulb. Treat as Dendrobium no-
bile. Differs from D. chrysanthum in having petals ser-
rated and surface and margin of lip hairy.

B. Dendrobium Pierardii. East Indies. Hook. Ex., 9.
SYN. Dendrobium cucuttatum. Lodd. Cab., 750.

B. M., 2584.
B. R., 1756.


Flowers rosy white ; lip yellowish. Treat as Dendro-
bium macranthum. Flowers in winter and spring.

Dendrobium Pierardii latifolium.

Flowers twice as large as the species, in April and

A. Dendrobium primulinum. India.

A free-growing, deciduous, pendulous species. Flowers
white and pink, very delicate, in two rows along the stem,
in spring. Grow in basket.

Dendrobium primulinum giganteum.

A variety with larger flowers and stouter growth.

B. Dendrobium pulchellum. Sylhet. Maund, Bot, i, 5.

Lodd. Cab., 1935.

B. M., 5037.

Sepals white, marked with yellowish green ; petals rosy ;
lip beautifully fringed, with an orange blotch in the cen-
tre. Flowers show in February or March, after the
leaves have fallen. A free bloomer.

Dendrobium pulchellum purpureum.

Only differs from the species in the spot on the lip
being purple. These plants do best on blocks, without
any moss.

B. Dendrobium Ruckeri. Manila . . B. R., 1843, 60.
Perianth beautiful nankeen-yellow, almost white out-
side ; lip deep orange, bordered with white.

B. Dendrobium sanguinolentum. India . B. R., 1843, 6.
The bulbs and leaves are violet-colored ; the flowers


are produced from the ends of the old bulbs for years ;
sepals and petals fawn color, tipped with deep violet, and
a scarlet spot in the middle. Blooms during the summer
and autumn. Grow in pot or basket, with moss or peat.
Dendrobium sanguinolentum superbum has larger creamy-
white flowers, tipped with dark purple.

Dendrobium Schroderi. See Dendrobium densiflorum.

C. Dendrobium secundum. Malacca . . B. R., 1291.

B. M, 4352.
Sert. Bot, 7.
A pretty little pink-flowered species.

A. Dendrobium senile. Moulmein . B. M., 5520.

Bat. 2d Cen., 147.

A very small grower; stems and leaves all covered
with white hairs ; flowers large, in pairs, bright yellow.
Grow on a block. A very curious and pretty plant.

C. Dendrobium spetiosum. New South Wales.

B. M., 3074.
B. R., 1610.

A common plant of easy culture \ flowers from ends of
pseudo-bulbs in erect spikes, yellowish white. Does well
in a cool house. Pot culture.

B. Dendrobium sulcatum. Khasya . . B. R., 1838, 65.
Resembles Dendrobium densiflorum.

Flowers yellow in racemes from near the top of the
flat furrowed pseudo-bulbs. Pot culture.

Dendrobium superbum. See Dendrobium macranthum.


B. Dendrobium Tattonianum. Australia . B. M., 5537.
A little plant, only growing a few inches high, with
long flower-stem ; flowers yellowish white, with blush
lip. Pot culture.

A. Dendrobium taiirinum. India . B. R., 1843, 2 &-

Fl. des Ser., 1904.
Pax. Mag., 10, 217.

A tall species ; sepals pure white ; petals reddish
brown ; lip violet-white. Pot culture.

B. Dendrobium tetragonum. Moreton Bay. B. M., 5956.
A remarkable plant, with long pendent stems, pro-
ducing from the apex a single flower ; sepals and petals
greenish white ; lip white, with crimson marks. Block

Dendrobium thyrsiflorum. Moulmein.

Allied to Dendrobium densiftorum. Flowers white and
yellow, in dense clusters. Pot culture.

B. Dendrobium tortile. Java B. M., 4477.

Blooms like Dendrobium nobile, and requires the same
treatment. Flowers pale yellow, almost white, produced
in May and June.

Dendrobium tortile roseum.

White flowers, shaded with rose, very handsome. Bas-
ket or pot culture.

B. Dendrobium transparens. India . . B. M., 4663.

Pax. Fl. G., 27.
Lem. Jard., 68.


Blooms in the same way as Dendrobium nobile. Flowers
pale, transparent, pinkish lilac, with blotch of deep crim-
son in the middle of the lip. Blooms in June and July.
Grow in a pot, with peat and moss ; it also does well on
a block.

B. Dendrobium triadenium. India . . . B. M., 5285.

B. R., 33, i.

Flowers pink and white, produced on a small spike,
from the side of the old bulb, in panicles of ten or twelve,
at different seasons. Grow in pot, with peat.

Dendrobium Veitchianum. See Dendrobium macrophyllum.

B. Dendrobium Wallichianum. India.

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