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are adorned internally with reddish brown dots and
streaks, and some such blotches are to be found on the
disk of the anterior lip, whose superior part is yellowish.
This is a very rare plant.


B. Odontoglossum angustatum. Peru . Bat. Odon., 26.
Flowers on tall branching stalks. Sepals and petals
narrow, white, with purple spots ; lip white, very short.

Odontoglossum apterum. SYN. of Odontoglossum Rossii.

B. Odontoglossum astranthum. Ecuador.

A species bearing tall spikes of large flowers, yellowish
marked with purplish brown ; lip white, spotted with pale

Odontoglossum aureo-purpureum . SYN. of Odontoglossum

A. Odontoglossum Bictonense. Guatemala.

B. R., 26, 66.

Bat. Odon., 18.

I. H., 449, and 3, 91.

Fl. des Ser., 1502.

This tall-growing and free-blooming species sports into
many varieties, some of which are infinitely superior to
the type. The flower-stems are erect, often two feet high.
The flowers are about an inch in diameter, yellow banded
or spotted with brown ; lip purple, often nearly white.
This plant is figured as Cyrtochilum in " Bateman's Orchids
of Mexico and Guatemala," plate 6, and as Zygopetalum
africanum in the "Botanical Magazine," tab. 3812. It is
a pretty species of easy culture. The varieties Odontoglos-
sum Bictonense grandiflorum, roseum, and spkndens differ
only in intensity of color and size of flower.

A. Odontoglossum blandum. Ocana . . Bat. Odon., 28.

A very pretty plant, resembling a dwarf form of Odon-

toglossum navium. Flowers white, speckled with brownish


crimson, on short spikes; exhaling a honey-like fra-
grance. Requires rather more heat than most species.

Odontoglossum Bluntii. SYN. of Odontoglossum Alexan-

A. Odontoglossum brevifolittm. Peru . . I. H., 3, 170.
This plant is remarkable for the shortness of the single

leaf which surmounts the short pseudo-bulb. The flowers
are very large, on a close spike, rich cinnamon-brown,
with small bright yellow lip.

Odontoglossum candelabrum. SYN. of Odontoglossum coro-

B. Odontoglossum cariniferum. Central America.

Bat. Odon., 10.

A tall-growing and free-blooming plant, but not very
showy. Flowers brownish, with white lip.

A. Odontoglossum Cervantesii. Western Mexico.

B. R., 1845, 3 6 - M - O. p - 4-

Pax. Mag., 12, 193. Pes., 7.

F. M., 294. Pax. Fl. G., 15.

I. H., 12.

A delicate little plant. Flowers two inches in diam-
eter, of very delicate texture, rosy pink, with semicircles
of rosy crimson ; lip white.

A. Odontoglossum dtrosmum. Mexico. Fl. des Ser., 633.
SYN. Onddium Galeottianum. B. R., 1842, 3.

M. O. P., 3.

Lem. Jard., 90. I. H., 59.

Card. Mag., 261. War. Orch., 28.


Flowers in pendulous spikes, in spring, measuring two
inches across ; perianth rosy white, or pure white ; lip
every shade from light pink to purple. There are many
varieties, of which Odontoglossum citrosmum roseum is the
best. The flowers last long in perfection if kept dry, and
have a rich lemon fragrance.

B. Odontoglossum constrictum. Caracas.

Flowers yellow, marked with brown ; lip white, tipped
with yellow, with two rose-colored spots near the centre.
Flowers small but numerous.

B. Odontoglossum cordatum. Mexico.

Fl. Cab., 100. Pax. Mag., 13, 147.

Bat. Odon., 25. Pes., 27.

B. M., 4878, as mac- Bat. 2d Cen., 167.


Perianth yellowish green, richly marked with brown;
lip white and purple, marked with brown, sometimes with
amber and crimson.

B. Odontoglossum coronarium. Peru . Bat. Odon., 27.

Pes., 47-

A very fine species, with stout, erect flower-spikes, bear-
ing often thirty to forty large blossoms. Sepals and petals
reddish brown, edged with bright yellow ; lip golden. The
flowers remain long in perfection.

B. Odontoglossum crispum. SYN. of Odontoglossum Alex-

B. Odontoglossum cristatum. Peru.

A pretty little species, with creamy yellow flowers,
spotted with purplish brown.


The variety Odontoglossum cristatum Dayanum or Ar-
gus (I. H., 3, 21) is remarkable for large flowers and rich

B. Odontoglossum crocidipterum. New Granada.

A species resembling Odontoglossum ncevium and O.
odoratum, but structurally different, the wings of the
column being fringed. Flowers pale yellow, spotted with
chestnut brown, fragrant.

A. Odontoglossum Denisonce. New Granada. F. M., 2, 26.
Supposed to be a natural hybrid between Odontoglossum

Alexandra and O. luteo purpureum. Flowers large, pure
white, with a few brownish spots ; lip white, with citron
centre. A strong-growing plant, with branching flower-

B. Odontoglossum Ehrenbergii. Mexico. Fl. des Ser., 846.

I. H, 33.

Sepals white, barred with brownish red ; petals white ;
lip slightly undulate, golden yellow. Flowers not soli-
tary. A very pretty dwarf species, free blooming ; flowers
almost imperishable.

Odontoglossum epidendroides.
Probably the same as Odontoglossum Lindleyanum.

B. Odontoglossum Galleottianum. Mexico.

Possibly a hybrid between Odontoglossum nebulosum and
O. Cervantesii. Flowers white ; petals brown at base ; lip
yellow at base.

B. Odontoglossum gloriosum. New Granada.

Bat. Odon., 12.

A strong- growing plant, producing tall branching spikes
of yellowish white flowers, ocelated with brown, fragrant.


A. Odontoglossum grande. Guatemala. Bat., 24.

B. M, 3955.

Fl. des Ser., 21.

Pax. Mag., 8, 49.

Bat. Odon., 8.

Jen. Orch., 13.

Flowers very large, produced on an upright spike, in
the autumn. Flowers mottled, banded with brown and
yellow ; lip white, and light brown. A splendid plant.
The variety Odontoglossum grande superbum has larger
flowers. There is also a spring-blooming variety.

A. Odontoglossum Hallii. Ecuador . Reich. Xen., 63.

Bat. Odon., 21.

I. H, 3, 58.

F. M., 2, 378.

Flowers more than three inches in diameter, yellow,
blotched with brown ; lip white, with purplish crimson
markings, delicately fringed.

B. Odontoglossnm hastilabium. Santa Martha.

B. M., 4272, 4919.

Bat. Odon., 7.

Pes., ii.

A species of easy culture, producing in summer long
spikes of white, green, and purple flowers, which remain
long in perfection.

Odontoglossum Hookerianum. SYN. of Odontoglossum cor-

Odontoglossum hystrix. SYN. of Odontoglossum luteo-pur-


B. Odontoglossum Inskayi. Mexico . Bat. Odon., 4.

War. Orch., 2, 25.

This plant resembles a small variety of Odontoglossum
grande. The markings of the flower are similar, but it is
by no means as showy a plant. It flowers freely in win-
ter, continuing long in beauty. There are many varieties.

Odontoglossum Karwinskii. SYN. of Odontoglossum Reich-
en heimii.

A. Odontoglossum Krameri. Costa Rica. Bat. Odon., 24.

B. M, 5778.

F. M., 2, 406.

The flowers of this species are among the loveliest of
the genus. Sepals and petals violet white j lip pale violet
red. Should be grown in a basket, as the flower-spikes
are pendulous. This is not a cool Orchid.

Odontoglossum lave. SYN. of Odontoglossum Reichenheimii.

Odontoglossum Lawrendanum. SYN. of Odontoglossum In-

A. Odontoglossum Lindleyanum. Ocana. Reich. Xen., 71.

Bat. Odon., n.

Flowers pale yellow, with large chestnut bands ; lip
white and yellow. A cool Orchid, found only on great

A. Odontoglossum luteo-furpureum. New Granada.

Bat. Odon., 17.

I. H., 3, 73.

A species sporting into many varieties. Flowers of
medium size, plentifully produced, bright purple-brown,


margined with golden yellow, with golden fringe on the
lip. This plant is found at an elevation of eight thousand

A. Odontoglossum maculatum. Mexico. B. R, 1840, 30.

Pes., 28.

Bat. Odon., 20.

F. M., 348, as


Flowers large, on arching spike, deep yellow, marked
with rich brown ; lip large. A fine species, of which there
are fine varieties. This species is often confounded with
Odontoglossum cordatwn ; as for instance, in the plate in
the "Botanical Magazine," 4878.

A. Odontoglossum maxillare. Mexico . . B. M., 6144.

I. H., 3, 200.

A beautiful species, allied to Odontoglossum Cervantesii.
Flower two inches in diameter, white, with reddish brown
spot at base of petals and purple-brown spot at base of
sepals ; lip white, with broad orange blotch. A very rare

B. Odontoglossum membranaceum. Guatemala.

B. M., 4923.

Pes, 5.

M. O. P., 5.

B. R., 32, 34.

Sepals and petals white ; lip barred with brown. Blooms
during the winter. A very pretty and delicate plant, with
delightfully fragrant flowers. There are many varieties,
all good.


A. Odontoglossum navium. New Granada.

Pes, 13.

Pax. Fl. G., 18.

Bat. Odon., 9.

Fl. des Ser., 594.

Flowers pure white, marked with rosy wine-color ; lip
yellow. A charmingly graceful plant.

A. Odontoglossum nevadense. New Granada. I. H., 3, 45.
A pretty and rare species. Sepals and petals dark
brown, bordered and tipped with bright yellow ; lip white,
with crimson markings.

A. Odontoglossum nebulosum. Mexico . Bat. Odon., i.
A species from very cold mountains at an altitude of
ten thousand feet. Flowers large, on arching spike, white
and rose-color. A beautiful plant, but of very difficult
culture ; it is almost always killed by heat. Blooms in

Odontoglossum nobile. SYN. of Odontoglossum Pescatorei.

A. Odontoglossum odoratum. New Granada. I. H., 3, 39.
This plant bears fragrant flowers, on branching pani-
cles, color bright yellow, blotched with brown. A winter

B. Odontoglossum pardinum. Peru . . . B. M., 5993.

SYN. Cyrtochilum pardinum.

A rare species, producing large branching panicles of
pale golden yellow flowers, marked with a few orange
red spots.

A. Odontoglossum Pescatorei. New Granada.

Pes., i. Bat. Odon., 5.

Pax. Fl. G. } 90. Fl. des Ser., 1624.
War. Orch., 25. F. M., 241.
Lem. Jard., 331.

One of the noblest of the genus, bearing large branch-
ing spikes of rosy white flowers, with a patch of yellow
on the lip.

It is a beautiful plant, of which there are many varie-
ties, all worth growing.

Odontoglossum pendulum. SYN. of Odontoglossum

citrosmum Bat. Odon., 6.

A. Odontoglossum Phalcznopsis. Ecuador. War. Orch., 30.

Bat. Odon., 3.
Pes., 44.

A dwarf species, with large, showy flowers ; foliage
light green, very narrow ; flowers in clusters of two or
three, about two inches in diameter, white, painted with

A distinct species, which should have more heat than
any of the family.

B. Odontoglossum platyodon. Colombia.

This plant often produces a hundred flowers on a
stem j color yellow, very showy. Requires very cool cul-
ture, as it grows naturally in a region of snow, and where
water freezes at night.

Odontoglossum pretiosum. SYN. of Odontoglossum Schlie-


A. Odontoglossum pulchellum. Mexico. B. M., 4104.

B. R., 1844, 48.
M. O. P., 8.
War. Orch., 2, 13.

Flowers white ; crest of lip crimson. Blooms in win-
ter. A very fragrant and pretty plant of neat habit.
The varieties differ in size of flower and in foliage.

Odontoglossum radiatum. SYN. of Odontoglossum luteo-

Odontoglossum Reichenheimii. Mexico. I. H., 213.
SYNS. Miltonia Karwinskii. Bat. Odon., 15,

Cyrtochilum Karwinskii. 16, as Iceve.

War. Orch., 2, 16.
Pes., 19.

A plant for which there have been many synonyms,
and of which the flowers vary much in different plants.
The spike is tall and branching, the flowers are yellow,
clouded with green, and barred with purplish brown ; lip
purple, of different shades in different individuals.

B. Odontoglossum roseum. Ecuador . Bat. Odon., 22.

I. H, 3, 66.
B. M., 6084.

A pretty little species, with racemes of bright rosy

Called also Mesospinidium roseum.

B. Odontoglossum Rossii. Mexico . B. R., 1830, 48.
Fl. des Ser., 2110. M. O. P., 3.
Lind. Sert., 25. Maund, Bot., 222.

Fl. Cab., 129.



Sepals greenish yellow, marked with brown ; petals
white, with purple spots ; lip white. Blooms in winter.

This species resembles Odontoglossum Ehrenbergii, ex-
cept that the flowers are solitary.

The varieties ^Odontoglossum Rossii majus and superbum
are very superior forms, the flowers being three inches in
diameter and often more than one on a spike ; the colors
are richer, and the lip is sometimes purple.

A. Odontoglossum Roezlii. Colombia. Bat. Odon., 30.

B. M., 6085.

F. M., 2, 164,

var. album.
F. M., 2, 90.

A species allied to Odontoglossum vexillarium and

Flowers very large, pure white ; base of petals purple ;
lip white, yellow, and brown.

B. Odontoglossum rubescens. Nicaragua.

A pretty little species ; sepals and petals blush, spotted
with crimson ; lip white.


B. Odontoglossum retusum. Ecuador.

A dwarf plant, bearing a branching spike of orange
and yellow flowers.

A. Odontoglossum Schlieperianum. Costa Rica.

SYN. Odontoglossum grande pallidum* F. M., 2, 461.
A species resembling Odontoglossitm Insleayi in growth,
but distinct in flowers, which are self-colored amber and
almost without spots. A summer bloomer.


A. Odontoglossum tripudians. Peru . . B. M., 6029.
A rare species. Sepals and petals yellowish green
outside ; clear maroon-brown, with gold markings inside ;
lip white, marked with pink, with rich amethyst blotch in
the centre.

A. Odontoglossum triumphans. New Granada.

I. H., 609.

Bat. Odon., 23.

Pes., 46.

A magnificent species. Flowers very large, in racemes ;
golden yellow, blotched with bright cinnamon ; lip pure
white, with yellow centre, and tip light rose.

B. Odontoglossum Uro Skinneri. Guatemala.

Bat. Odon., 2.
Flowers yellowish green, with brown spots j lip white.

A. Odontoglossum vexillarium. New Granada.

Jen. Orch., 36. I. H., 3, 113.

B. M., 6037. Fl. des Ser., 2058.

Bat. Odon., 29. War. Orch., 2, 38.

F. M, 2, 73.

Flowers very large, with heart-shaped lip ; white, tinted
with rose and yellow at the base ; sepals and petals of
same color, in some flowers, having a long purple line in
the centre. A free bloomer.

This magnificent plant will be scarce for some time,
as it is very difficult to import.

B. Odontoglossum Wallisii. New Granada. I. H., 3, 56.
A pretty plant, with yellow flowers, marked with brown;

lip white, marked with violet.



A. Odontoglossum Warnerianum. Mexico.

Bat. Odon., 3.

War. Orch., 2, 20.

B. R., 33, 20.

A rare and elegant species ; sepals and petals pure
white, with a few brown spots \ lip white, shaded with
rose, with yellow blotch at the base. Scape three to five-

A. Odontoglossum Warscewiczii. Costa Rica.

B. M., 6163.
Reich. Xen., 81.

A species of wonderful beauty, and the rarest of all.
Flowers white, with deep crimson-pink centre j large,
three to five on a spike.

Beautiful as are the former species, this last discovery
bids fair to excel them all.

Odontoglossum Weltoni. See Miltonia Warscewiczii.

The Odontoglossums are " by no means plants of easy
culture ; most of them are cool Orchids, and perish
if kept hot. The heat of our summers is an almost in-
superable obstacle to the successful cultivation of the cool
species, and as yet no means has been found to overcome
this difficulty. Exposure to our summer sun is certain
death to the delicate species. Perhaps the best way to
attempt their culture would be in houses facing the north,
from which during the hottest weather the lights could be
removed and replaced by canvas on rollers. They all
need free air, clean potting, and are impatient of sour


All are evergreen, and produce the flower-stems from
the base of the pseudo-bulbs. Some of the species, such
as Odontoglossum gtande, Insleayi, citrosmum, Phalcenopsis,
pulchellum, will grow well in any intermediate or Mexican
Orchid house. Most of the species do best in pots, with
peat and moss, with good drainage. The small-growing
kinds, such as O. Ehrenbergii, do well on blocks. Some
of the tall growers require a good peat soil, but all soil
must be fresh and sweet. They must never be allowed
to dry up, but water must at all times be given judi-

Recent years have added to the genus (in 1833 there
were but five known species), and every year gives us
new discoveries ; latterly it would seem as if each new-
comer was more beautiful than any we had before known.
To attain success in the culture of this beautiful genus
of plants is worth any labor, which will be well repaid
by the stately grandeur of some of the species, the deli-
cate beauty and the charming fragrance of others.

CE3ceoclad.es. Lindley. Epiphyte.

Name from ot/cea>, to inhabit, and K\dSos, a branch.
There is little to recommend in this genus.

CEceodades maculata has curiously marbled foliage. It
is also known as Trichocentrum maculatum.

Oncidium. Schwartz. Epiphyte.

Name from tfy/coy, a tubercle, and effios, appearance.
A. Oncidium acinaceum. Peru.
A very pretty cool house species. Flowers of medium


size, white and violet, bordered with white ; lip violet,
shaded with carmine.

A. Onddium cemulum. New Granada . . B. M., 5980.

SYN. Onddium superbiens.

Another cool house species and a plant of great
beauty, well meriting its name, whichever we adopt.
Flowers cinnamon and yellow in immense branching pan-
icles, many feet in length, and often bearing a hundred

B. Onddium altissimum. Panama . B. R., 1651, 1851.

SYNS. Epidendrum altissimum B. M., 2990.


Perianth yellow, edged and spotted with brown ; lip
yellow. The flower-stalks are several feet long, very
much branched and covered with flowers.

B. Onddium ampliatum. Mexico . . . B. R., 1699.
Perianth yellow, slightly marked with yellowish brown ;
lip brilliant yellow ; back white.

A. Onddium ampliatum majus. Guatemala.

Fl. des Ser., 2140.

Perianth like the last ; lip very large and pale yellow.
Blooms on a long branching spike from April to August,
and often continues in bloom for two months when the
spikes are strong.

Onddium aurosum I. H., 3, 34.

SYN. of Onddium excavatum.

B. Onddium barbatum. Bahia . . . B. R., 1842, 74.
Perianth golden yellow, spotted and marked with


blood-purple; lip very short, of brilliant yellow, with
fringed wings ; the column yellow marked with purple.
A brilliant flower. This species may be grown on blocks.
There are many varieties.

A. Oncidium Barken. Mexico . . Sert. O., 48.

SYN. Oncidium tigrinum. B. R., 1651.

Pax. Mag., 14, 97.
I. H., 2.

Flowers large ; perianth rich brown, barred with yel-
low ; lip bright yellow, an inch or more across. Blooms
in winter.

B. Oncidium Batemanii. Brazil . . . Fl. Cab., 137.

SYNS. Oncidium racemosum.
O. spilopterum.
O. stenopetalum.

A rare species, and not free-flowering, but worth grow-
ing, as the flowers are a very bright yellow and showy.

C. Oncidium Baueri. Mexico . . . . B. R., 1651.
Perianth yellow, striped and margined with yellowish

brown ; lip yellow. This species strongly resembles On-
cidium altissimttm.

-A. Oncidium Ucallosum. Guatemala . B. R., 1843, 13.

B. M., 4148.
I. H, 458.

Flowers brilliant yellow, slightly fragrant. Sepals and
petals cinnamon-brown. A better plant than Oncidium
Cavendishii, which it much resembles and with which it is
often confounded. It is one of the most showy of winter-
blooming Orchids.


B. Oncidium bicolor. Spanish Main . . B. R., 29, 66.
Perianth deep yellow, marked with crimson ; lip yel-
low, white underneath. Blooms in September. Grow on
a block.

Oncidium bicornutum B. M., 3109.

B. R., 1007.
See Oncidium pubes.

A. Oncidium bifolium. Monte Video. Lodd. Cab., 1845.

B. M., 1491.

The perianth, which is small, is brown ; the lip is very
large, of a beautiful yellow. This plant is rather difficult
to grow ; it succeeds best in a pot, with moss, suspended
from the roof, close to the rafters.

A. Oncidium bifolium majus.

A variety with larger and brighter flowers, and very
superior to the species.

B. Oncidium calanthum. Ecuador. . . . F. M., 384.
A cool species, with brilliant yellow flowers; that of

the lip being deeper than the petals and sepals, with red
in centre. A free grower and bloomer in winter and
early spring.

Oncidium candidum. SYN. of Palumbina Candida.

C. Oncidium Carthaginense .... Lodd. Cab., 662.

SYNS. Epidendrum undulatum. B. M., 1491, 20,
E. Carthaginense (Jacquin). 777.
Oncidium Henchmanii.

Perianth olive, marked with brown ; lip yellow, marked
with red. Flower-spikes very large.



" A. Oncidium Cavendishii. Mexico. Bat, 3.

B. M., 3807, as

O. pachyphyllum.

Flowers large greenish yellow, marked with purple ; lip
vivid yellow. Foliage large, rich green. Blooms in win-

B. Oncidium chrysothyrsus. Brazil . War. Orch., 2, 5.
A very pretty species. Flowers on a branching pani-
cle ; greenish, streaked with red ; lip bright yellow.

C. Oncidium Cebolleta. Demerara . . . B. M., 3568.

SYNS. Epidendrum Cebolleta (Jacquin). B. R., 1994.
E.jvndfolium (Linn.).
Cymbidium juncifolium (Willd.).
Oncidium juncifolium (Lindley).

Flowers yellow, the perianth slightly marked with yel-
lowish brown at the base. May be grown on blocks.

B. Oncidium ciliatum. Brazil B. R., 1660.

The flowers of this species vary; they are yellow,

sometimes marked with red, sometimes with orange-
brown ; the wings of the lip are fringed ; the lip is larger
than in Oncidium barbatum, but in this latter species the
flowers are abundant, while in O. ciliatum it is rare to find
more than seven or eight on a stalk. This species will
do well with block culture. Also known as O. fimbria-

C. Oncidium concolor. Organ Mountains . B. M., 3752.
Flowers yellow ; lip large.


Oncidium comosum. SYN. of Cyrtopodium Andersonii.

A. Oncidium cornigerum. New Granada . B. R., 1542

B. M., 3486.

A very pretty species, bearing dense panicles of curious
red-spotted, yellow flowers. Blooms very freely in spring.
It does well either in a pot or on a block, and the flowers
last long in perfection. This is one of the best of the
small-flowering class.

A. Oncidium Crcesus. Brazil F. M., 2, 40.

A charming dwarf free-blooming species. The flowers
are clear yellow, and dark purple-brown, and bear some
resemblance to a pansy.

A. Oncidium crispum. Brazil . . . B. M., 3499.

Fl. des Ser., 2148. Lodd. Cab., 1854.

F. M., 485. B. R., 1920.

War. Orch., 2, 26. Maund, Bot, 26.
Fl. Cab., 64.

Perianth copper-color ; lip yellow, with lighter yellow
spots. Flowers large. There are many varieties differ-
ing only in shading and markings. Grows well on a
block. This is a very showy plant when well grown.
The color is peculiar and the flowers are very attractive.
No illustration reproduces the bronzy lustre of the

C. Oncidium crypto copis. Peru . . . . B. M., 5858.
A very peculiar species with chocolate-brown flowers,
edged with yellow, and crimped, on very long peduncles.
More curious than beautiful.


B. Onddium cruentum. Mexico . . . B. R., 33, 70.

SYN. Onddium pvlicanum.

A pretty little species. Flowers yellow, barred with
brown ; lip paler yellow.

A. Onddium cucullatum. Colombia . Pax. Fl. G,, 87.
SYN. Leochilus sanguinolens. Lem. Jard., 317.

Fl. des Ser., 835.

Perianth green, marked with large brown bands ; lip
very large, rosy lilac, with deeper markings. This species
needs but little heat.

There are many varieties ; in macrochilum the sepals
and petals are violet-crimson ; the lip mauve, spotted
with violet.

Onddium cuneatum. SYN. of Onddium luridum.
Onddium cyrtochilum. SYN. of Onddium leucochilum.

C. Onddium deltoidtum. Peru . . . . B. R., 2006.
Perianth vivid yellow; lip triangular, yellow, richly

marked with red.

Onddium diadema. SYN. of Onddium serratum.

C. Onddium divaricatum. Brazil. . Pax. Mag., 3, 4.

Serf. Bot, 7.

B. R., 1050.

Lodd. Cab., 1212.

Flowers greenish yellow, marked with red ; fragrant.
The single flowers have little beauty, but their profusion
renders the plant desirable. Blooms in summer.

C. Onddium digitatum. Guatemala. Fl. des Ser., 1853.
Flowers green and white, like Onddium leuchochilum.


B. Onddium euxanthinum. Brazil.

A dwarf species, which is best grown on a b :': ;
flowers yellow and brown, with yellow lip,

A. Onddium excavatum. Honduras . . I. H., 3, 4.
SYN. Onddium aurosum. B. M., 52^%

Perianth rich golden-yellow, with rich cinnamon spo; ,
on tall spike. A very handsome plant.

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