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KOPPA. Village (in taluk of same name) in Kadur district, Mysore.
Lat. 13 32' 4", long. 75 21' 51". Area of taluk, 503 sq. miles. Pop.
(1871), 35,779.

KOPPACHUR. The name of a tribe inhabiting a valley between the
snowy range of the Himalaya and that known as the Sub-Himalayas.
The centre of the territory inhabited by this tribe is about iat. 27 20',
long. 93 20'.


KOPPA DRUG. Town in Mysore State ; 120 miles north-west from
Seringapatam, 29 south-east from Bednur. Lat. 13 31', long. 75 23'.

KOPPATUR. Village in Coorg, Madras. Pop. (1881), 236.

KOPTIL. Town in Bellary district, Madras ; fifty-one miles west from
Bellary, seventy-eight east from Dharwar. Lat. 15 21', long. 76 13'.


KOR. Village in Rohtak district, Punjab. Lat. 28 5', long. 76 19'.

KOR (KOD). Town in Dharwar district, Bombay ; seventy-two miles
south-west by south of Dharwar. Lat. 14 31', long. 75 30'.

KORA. Town (in tashil of same name) in Fatehpur district, N.W.P.
Lat. 26 6' 25", long. 80 24' 20". Pop. (1881), 2650. Area of tahsil,
230 sq. miles. Pop. (1881), 81,164.

KORA. Village on the Abulwaro Canal, in Khairpur State, Sind,
Bombay ; about twenty miles from Khairpur town. Pop. (1872), 3675.

KORA (KARO). Hill in Bankura district, Bengal ; from 350 to 400
feet high.

KORABAGA. State in Sambalpur district, Central Provinces. Pop.
(1866), 2336. Area, 12 sq. miles. The capital of the same name is
situated in lat. 21 45' 30", long. 83 42' 30".

KORACHA. State -in Chanda district, Central Provinces. Area,
204 sq. miles. Pop. (1881), 2916. The capital of the same name is in
lat. 20 25', long. 80 45'.

KOR AD A. Town in Ganjam district, Madras; sixty-five miles north-
west of Ganjam. Lat. 19 56', long. 84 20'.

KORAI. Village in Fatehpur district, N.W.P. ; on the route from
Kalpi to Fatehpur, and four miles north-west of the latter. Lat. 25 57',
long. 80 45'.

KORAIJI NA GOTE. Village in Karachi district, Sind, Bombay ; on
the route from Haidarabad to Sehwan, by the way of Kotri, and twenty-
two miles north of Haidarabad. It is situated about one mile from the
right bank of the Indus, in lat. 25 44', long. 68 25'.

KORAIN. Village in Shikarpur district, Sind, Bombay ; on the route
from Sabzalkot to Shikarpur, and twenty-three miles west of the former
town. It is situated in a low, level country, overflowed extensively, in
time of inundation, by the Indus, from the left bank of which the village
is three miles distant. Lat. 28 11', long. 69 30'.

KORALALLL Village in Coorg, Madras. Pop. (1881), 50.

KORALLEA. Town in Tipperah district, Bengal; thirty-one miles
north-east of Dacca. Lat. 23 52', long. 90 53'.

KOR AM. Village in Patiala State, Punjab ; twenty-seven miles south-
west by south of Umballa. Lat. 30 5', long. 76 33'.

KORAMBA. Town in Lohardaga district, Bengal ; ten miles south of
Lohardaga. Lat. 23 18', long. 84 43'. Also thana. Area, 473 sq.
miles. Pop. (1881), 89,078.

KORANGALA. Village in Coorg, Madras. Pop. (1881), 243.


KORANTADIH. Tahsil in Ghazipur district, KW.P. Pop. (1881),
286,022. Also thana. Pop. (1881), 67,954.

KORAR. Town in Jhansi district, N.W.P. ; situate twenty miles east
from Jhansi, and eighty-six miles west- south- west from Hamirpur. Lat.
25 30', Ion-. 78 59'.

KOR 475

KORARI KALAff. Town in TJnao district, Oudh. Lat. 26 27',
Ions:. 80 35'. Pop. (1869), 2198. Contains a temple to Mahadeo.

KORATAGIRI. Tillage and municipality (in taluk of same name)
on the left bank of the Suvarnamukhi river. Lat. 13 31' 30", long.
77 16' 20". Pop. (1871), 2414. Area of taluk, 292 sq. miles. Pop.
(1871), 73,933.

KORAUND. Town in Lucknow district, Oudh ; situate on the right
hank of the Gumti, and twenty-eight miles north-north-west from
Lucknow. Lat. 27 12', long. 80 49'.

KORAWALI. Town in Mainpuri district, N.W.P. Pop. (1881),

KORBA. State in Bilaspur district, Central Provinces. Area, 823
sq. miles. Pop. (1881), 42,172. The capital, of the same name, is
situated on the river Hasdu, forty miles east of Bilaspur, in lat. 22 21',
and long. 82 45'.

KORD. Town in Jodhpur State, Rajputana; situate 105 miles south-
west by west from Ajmere, and fifty-three miles south-south-east from
Jodhpur. Lat. 25 35', long. 73 24'.

KOREA. Town in Korea State, Bengal; 153 miles north-west from
Sambalpur, and 135 miles south-west by west from Sherghati. Lat.
23 6', long. 82 26'.

KOREA. State in Chutia Mgpur, Bengal ; between lat. 22 55' 50"
23 49' 15", and long. 81 58' 15" 82 48' 15". Bounded on the north
by Rewah State; on the east by Sarguja State; on the south by Bilas-
pur district; and on the west by Chang Bhukar and Eewah States.
The chief hills are the Korea range. The chief river is the Heshto,
which falls into the Mahanadi. Area, 1625 sq. miles. Pop. (1881),

KOREA. Range of mountains in Korea State, Chutia Nagpur, Bengal.
Some of the principal peaks are Deogarh, 3370 feet high; Jutarsuka,
3238 feet high ; and Khoro, 3219 feet high,

KOREAGANJ. Town in Aligarh district, N.W.P. ; on the route from
Bareilly to Aligarh, and sixteen miles south-east of the latter. Lat.
27 50', long. 7b 22'.

KOREGAON. Village in Raipur district, Central Provinces ; situate
twenty miles north-west from Jaipur, and 113 miles north-west from
Vizianagram. Lat. 19 14', long. 82 13'.

KOREGAON. Village in Poona district, Bombay ; on the route from
Poona to Ahmednagar, sixteen miles north-east from the former. The
place is unimportant, except as the scene of a battle on 1st January, 1818.
Lat. 18 39', long. 74 8'.

KOREGAON. Town (in subdivision of same name) in Satara district,
Bombay; twelve miles east of Satara. Lat. 17 41', long. 74 15'.
Area of subdivision, 349 sq. miles. Pop. (1881), 81,187.

ORH. Pargana in Mirzapur district, N.W.P. Pop. (1881), 26,749.

KORHALEH. Town in Ahmednagar district, Bombay; fifty miles
north-north-west of Ahmednagar. Lat. 19 44', long. 74 26'.

KORI. River in Udaipur State, Rajputana; rises in lat. 25 32',
long. 73 57', at the town of Deogarh, and flows in an easterly direc-
tion for 115 miles, forming for a portion of that distance the boundary


between A j mere and TTdaipur ; subsequently traversing a detached
portion of Ajmere, it falls into the lianas river, in lat. 25 53', long.
75 30'.

KORI. Estuary of the Indus, in Sind, Bombay. Lat. 23 40', long.
68 25'.

KORI (LAKHPAT). Port in Cutch State, Bombay. Lat. 23 49',
long. 68 48' 30".


KORIXQLA. Town in Bonai State, Chutia Nagpur, Bengal ; situate
five miles from the left bank of the Brahmani river, and seventy miles
east-north-east from Sambalpur. Lat. 21 50', long. 85 1'.

KORINATJR. Town in Kathiawar, Bombay ; on the estuary of the
Singora, which, about two miles lower down, or farther south, falls into
the Arabian Sea. Here is a fort ; and also a temple of Krishna, wor-
shipped under the singular title of Binchor, or the Becreant ; and at
certain times great multitudes of pilgrims resort to it. Distant from
Ahmedabad, south-west, 200 miles; Baroda, south-west, 190. Lat. 20
47', long. 70 40'.

KORINL Village in Delhi district, KW.P. ; on the route from the
city of Delhi to Karnal, and fifteen miles north-west of the former. Lat.
28 50', long. 77 9'.

KOHL AM. Town in Ganjam district, Madras ; eleven miles north-
east of Chicacole. Lat. 18 24', long. 84 3'.

KORNRA. Town in Jodpur State, Eajputana; twenty-three miles
west-south-west from Jodhpur, and 122 miles west by south from Ajmere.
Lat. 26 13', long. 72 48'.

KORONGE. Island off Bassein district, British Burma; about two
miles in length from north to south. Distant from Cape Negrais, north,
thirty-three miles. Lat. 16 32', long. 94 20'.

KORTAGIRI. Town in Mysore State ; forty-seven miles north-west
from Bangalore, and eighty-four miles north-east from Seringapatam.
Lat. 13 31', long. 77 17'.


KORTAPALEYAN. Town in Coinibatore district, Madras ; fifty- five
miles north-east of Coimbatore. Lat. 11 33', long. 77 35'.

KORTJLL. Town in Baroda State ; situate on the right bank of the
Narbada river, and thirty miles south from Baroda. Lat. 21 50', long.
73 12'.

KQRTJNGALAIKTJDL Town in Madura district, Madras. Lat. 9
54' 45", long. 78 33' 30". Pop. (1871), 9199.

KORZOK. Town in Kashmir State, Punjab; situate 134 miles north-
east by east from Kangra, and 194 miles east by north from Jammu. Lat.
32 57', long. 78 17'.

KOSALA. The name of an ancient kingdom of India ; now obsolete.

KOSA NAG. Mountain-lake in Kashmir State, Punjab ; on the north
side of the Fateh Panjal, one of the mountains bounding the valley on
the south. It is three-quarters of a mile long and 500 yards broad, and
is replenished from the melted snows of the neighbouring summit, the
supply from which is sometimes so abundant as to raise the surface of the
water forty feet above its level in the lowest state. It gives rise to the
Veshau, one of the principal feeders of the Jhelum, which last river is


also known in some parts of its course by the former name. The lake
is held in great veneration by the Hindus, who call it Vishnu Padh (the
foot of the Vishnu), in consequence of a legend that the deity produced
it by stamping the ground with his foot. It is, in consequence, visited
in pilgrimage by devotees, for the purpose of performing ceremonial ablu-
tions. The elevation above the level of the sea is estimated at 12,000 ft.
Lat. 33 30', long. 74 52'.

KOSI. Town, municipality, and station on the Madras Railway (in
tahsil of same name), in Muttra district, ^T.W.P. ; ten miles west of the
Jumna, and twenty-nine miles north-west of Muttra. Lat. 27 47' 30",
long. 77 28' 5". Pop. (1881), 11,231. Area of tahsil, 152 sq. miles.
Pop. (1881), 65,293. Also thana. Pop. (1881), 49,290.

KOSIGI. Town in Bellary district, Madras ; eighteen miles north of
Adoni. Lat. 15 51', long. 78 17'. Pop. (1871), 6760.

KOSILLA (KOSI). River of Kumaun district, N.W.P. ; rising in
lat. 29 52', long. 79 34'. The elevation of its source is in the Central
Himalaya, near Pin Nath, a summit 7111 feet above the sea. Receiving
numerous small feeders right and left, it holds a southerly course for
about thirty miles, as far as lat. 29 33', long. 79 39', where it receives,
on the left side, the Sual, a stream of nearly equal size. It passes from
the mountains by a gorge of extraordinarily picturesque beauty and
grandeur. After a total course of between 140 and 150 miles, it falls
into the Western Ramganga in lat. 28 41', long. 79 1'.

KOSIMUKA. Town in Mainpuri district, K W.P. ; on the route from
the cantonment of Fatehgarh to that of Etawah, and twenty-eight miles
north-east of the latter. Lat. 27 7', long. 79 21'.

KOSLI. Town in Rohtak district, Punjab ; fifty miles west-south-
west from Delhi, and fifty-seven miles south-east by south from Hansi.
Lat. 28 23', long. 76 33'.

KOT. Village and fort in Rawal Piodi district, Punjab ; ten miles
east of the Indus. Lat. 33 59', long. 72 48'.

KOT. Town in Ahmedabad district, Bombay ; on the route from the
city of Ahmedabad to Rajkot, thirty- two miles south-west of former,
ninety east of latter. Lat. 22 38', long. 72 16'.

KOT. Town in Muzaffargarh district, Punjab ; situated on the right
bank of the Chenab, thirteen miles north of the town of Multan. Lat.
30 20', long. 71 31'.

KOT. Pargana in Budaun district, N.W.P. Pop. (1881), 96,417.

KOTA. Town in Nellore district, Madras. Lat. 14 3', long. 80 5'.
Pop. (1871), 5493. A large fair is held annually in this town.

KOTA. Town in Wun district, Berar. Lat, 20 31' 30", long. 78 19'.
The largest weekly market in the district is held in this town.

KOTA. Village in Dehra Dun district, KW.P. ; near the right bank
of the Jumna, and about 3000 feet above its bed. Lat. 30 40', long.
78 6'.

KOTA. Pargana in Kumaun district, N.W.P. Pop. (1881), 66,003.

KOT ADIT. Town in Muzaffargarh district, Punjab. Lat. 30 28'
14", long. 71 0' 30". Pop. (1881), 2574.

KOTAGHIR. Town in Haidarabad State ; situate five miles east from
the right bank of the Man j era river, and ninety-six miles ncrth-north-
west from Haidarabad. Lat. 18 34', long. 77 52'.

478 EOT

KOTAGIRL Town in Nflgiri district, Madras. Lat. 11 20' 11
20' 10", long. 76 51' 76 56'. Pop. 220.

KOTAGTJDEM. Town in Haidarabad State ; situate on the right bank
of the Godavari, and 160 miles east-north-east from Haidarabad. Lat.
18, long. 80 52'.

KOTAH. Town in Eewah State, Central India Agency ; situate fifty-
one miles south-south-east from Rewah, and forty-four miles north-north-
east from Sohagpur. Lat. 23 51', long. 81 45'.

KOTAH. State in Eajputana; between lat. 24 30' 25 51', and
long. 74 40' 76 59'. Bounded on the north and north-west by the
river Chambal ; on the east by Gwalior, Tonk, and Jhalawar States ; on
the south by the Mokandarra Hills and Jhalawar State ; and on the west
by TJdaipur State. Area, 3797 sq. miles. Pop. (1881), 517,275. The
chief river is the Chambal, with its tributaries. The chief mountains are
the Mokandarra range. The chief town is Kotah (the capital). The
Maharao is entitled to a salute of 17 guns, and is allowed to maintain
15,000 troops of all descriptions, with 70 field and about 30 other guns.
The Kotah Contingent, a body of soldiers maintained by the Kotah State,
under treaty with the British Government, is now known as the Deoli
Irregular Force.

KOTAH. Capital of Kotah State, Eajputana. Lat. 25 10', long. 75
52'. On the right bank of the river Chambal (here crossed by a ferry), and
on the route from Nasirabad to Sagar. Pop, (1881), 40,270. The town,
which is of considerable size, contains numerous temples and mosques.

KOTAH A. Pargana in Umballa district, Punjab. Between lat. 30
32' 30" 30 45' 30", and long. 76 51' 77 13'. Area, 97 sq. miles. Pop.
(1868), 5660. Bounded on the west by the Pin jaur valley, and on the
north and east by the Nahan or Sirmur Mountains. The town of Kotaha
itself stands in the plains.

KOTAI. Euined city on the shores of the Eann of Cutch, Bombay.
Contains the remains of several temples.

KOTAI PEAK. Mountain in the Western Ghats, at the junction of
the boundaries of the Madura and Tinnevelli districts, and the Travancore
State. Lat. 9 33', long. 77 29'.

KOTAK A- SERAI. Town in Gwalior State, Central India Agency;
on the route from the fort of Gwalior to Sagar, ten miles south-east of the
former, 191 north-west of the latter. It is situate on the small river
Umrar. Lat. 26 9', long. 78 11'.

KOTALIPARA. Thana in Paridpur district, Bengal. Area, 139 sq.
miles. Pop. (1881), 66,153.

KOTALPUR. Village in Bardwan district, Bengal. Lat. 23 1' 15",
long. 87 38' 35". Pop. (1881), 6163. Also thana. Area, 133 sq.
miles. Pop. (1881), 94,964.

KOTANA. Town in Meerut district, N.W.P. ; on the route from
Meerut to Jind, thirty-three miles west by north of the former. Lat. 29
6', long. 77 15'. Pop. (1881), 3350. Also pargana. Pop. (1881), 47,550.

KOTAPALLI. Town in Cuddapah district, Madras. Lat. 14 48'
30", long. 79 6' 45".

KOTAPALLI. Subdivision in Bastar State, Central Provinces. Pop.
(1881), 1123. There is a village of the same name in lat. 18 13', long.
80 49' 30".

EOT 479

KOTA POLTJR. Town in North Arcot district, Madras; forty-nine
miles north-west of Madras. Lat. 1 3 45', long. 80 4'.

KOTAPPAKONDA (YELLAMTJNDA). Village in Kistna district,
Madras. Lat. 16 10', long. 80 5'. Pop. (1871), 1902. Contains a
celebrated shrine.

KOTAR. Town in Travancore State, Madras ; forty miles south-east
by east from Trivandrum, and forty-four miles south-south-west from
Tinnevelli. Lat. 8 9' 30", long. 77 28' 30". Pop. (1871), 7338.

KOTARAIKARRAL Town in Travancore State, Madras. Lat. 9
0' 15", long. 76 49' 15".

KOTARGO. Tillage in Karachi district, Sind, Bombay ; on the route
from Haidarabad to Sehwan, by the way of Kotri, and eight miles south-
east of Sehwan. It is situate near the right bank of the Indus, and close
to the southern extremity of the pass formed by the approach of the Laki
mountains to the river. Lat 26 16', long. 67 57'.

KOTARI. Town in Haidarabad State ; 170 miles north by west from
Haidarabad, and 106 miles south from Ellichpur. Lat. 19 40', long.
77 45'.

KOTAULL Pargana in Kumaun district, N.W.P. Pop. 1516.

KOTAUR. Town in Tinnevelli district, Madras; 54 miles north-
north-east of Tinnevelli. Lat. 9 26', long. 78 3'.

KOTA YAM. Town on the bank of a small river running into the
great Cochin backwater, in Travancore State, Madras. Lat. 9 36', long.
76 34'. Pop. (1871), 6333. The centre of the Syrian Christian com-
munity, who form the majority of the population.

KOTA YAM. Town in Malabar district, Madras ; a town situate five
miles from the sea- coast. Distance from Calicut, north-west, forty- two
miles; Cannanore, south-east, twelve. Lat. 11 50', long. 75 36'.

KOTBETTA. Mountain in Coorg ; it is 5375 feet high. The summit
divides into two peaks, on one of which stands a small stone temple
dedicated to Siva. There are also two reservoirs of water, one for the
use of the Brahmans, the other for the Coorgs. The view is reckoned
the finest in all the magnificent highlands of Coorg.

KOTBTJND (KOTWUN). Village and fort in Muttra district, KW.P.;
on the route from the cantonment of Muttra to Delhi, and thirty-two
miles north-west of the former. Lat. 27 50', long. 77 28'.

KOTCHANDPTIR. Village on the left bank of the Kabadak river,
in Jessor district, Bengal. Lat. 23 24' 45", long. 89 3' 20". Pop.
(1881), 9231. Noted for its sugar refineries. Also thana. Area, 64 sq.
miles. Pop. (1881), 44,038.

KOTD WAR. Village in Bijnaur district, N.W.P. ; at the southern
entrance of the gorge in the Siwalik range, where the small river Koh
flows southwards from the mountains to the plain of Hindustan. Lat.
29 43', long. 78 33'.

KOTGAL. Chiefship in Chanda district, Central Provinces. Area,
45 sq. miles. Pop. (1881), 1634.


KOTHARIA. State in Kathiawar, Bombay, paying a yearly tribute
of 94 to the British Government, and 29 to the Nawab of Junagarh.

KOTHL State in the Punjab; situate in about lat. 31 7', long. 77
15'. Area, 36 sq. miles. Pop. 2500. It is tributary to Keunthal State.

480 KOT

KOTHI. State in Baghelkhand, Central Indian Agency. Between
lat. 24 4' 24 53', and long. 80 39' 80 54'. Area, 9U3 sq. miles.
Pop. (1881), 18,386. The capital of the same name is in lat. 24 45',
long. 80 40'.

KOTHI. Tillage in Bashahr State, Punjab ; on a feeder of the Pabar,
and about six miles from the left bank of that river. The bridge over
the torrent flowing by the village has an elevation of 5910 feet above
the sea. Lat. 31 5', long. 77 56'.

KOTHIBAR. Thana in Gorakhpur district, N.W.P. Pop. (1881),

KOTHIDE. State in Central India Agency. Pop. (1881), 494.
The chief is known as the Bhumia.


KOTILA. Pargana in Patehpur district, KW.P. Pop. (1881),


KOTIPALLI. Village on the left bank of the Gautama Godavari, in
Godavari district, Madras. Lat. 16 40', long. 82 6'. Pop. (1871),
1844. There is a pagoda in the village, which latter, as well as the river
on which it stands, is considered sacred by the Hindus.


KOTKACHW AHA. Tillage in Patiala State, Punjab ; on the route
from Karnal to Ludhiana, and forty-five miles north-west of the former
place. Distant north-west from Calcutta, 1010 miles. Lat. 30 17', long
76 53'.

KOT KAMALIA. Town and municipality in Montgomery district,
Punjab. Pop. (1881), 7594. Lat. 30 43' 45'', long. 72 42'. The town
was plundered by the rebels in the Mutiny of 1857.


KOTKAPTJRA. Town in Firozpur district, Punjab; situate forty-
two miles from the left bank of the Sutlej. It lies on the route from
Delhi to Firozpur, and forty miles south-east of the last-mentioned place.
There is a small fort at the north of the town. Distant north-west
from Calcutta, by Delhi and Manak, 1130 miles. Lat. 30 36', long.
74 51'.

KOT KAPTJRA. Town in Faridkot State, Punjab. Pop. (1881),

KOT KASSIM. Tillage in Gurgaon district, Punjab ; situate on the
route, by Rewari, from Ulwar to Delhi, and sixty-nine miles south-west
of the latter. Lat. 28, long. 76 48'.

KOTKHAI-KOTGrARH. Tahsil in Simla district, Punjab ; composed
of two divisions. Joint area, 14 sq. miles. Pop. (1881), 9847.

KOTKIPAR. Town in Raipur district, Central Provinces; situate
141 miles east- north -east fromNagpur, and 118 south-east from Jabalpur.
Lat. 21 51', long. 81 12'.

KOTL A. Tillage in Kangra district, Punjab ; situated on the right
bank of one of the branches of the Beas, 124 miles east-north-east of the
town of Lahore. Lat. 32 13', long. 76 4'.

KOTLA. Town in Agra district, N.W.P. ; on the route from Agra to
Farrukhabact, twenty-eight miles east by north of the former. Lat.
27 17', long. 78 32'.

KOT 481

KOTLI. Tillage in Kashmir State, Punjab ; among the mountains
south of Srinagar, and on the route from Lahore to Srinagar, by the town
of Punch. Lat. 33 28', long. 73 59'.

KOTLI. Town in Kashmir State, Punjab ; situate on the right bank
of the Jhelum, and 140 miles east from Peshawar. Lat. 34 7', long.
74 1'.

KOTNUR. Village in Garhwal State, N.W.P. ; on the left bank of
the Jumna, at the confluence of a torrent with that river, and about 150
feet above the water. Lat. 30 51', long. 78 22'.

KOTOLL Village in Coorg, Madras. Pop. (1881), 412.

KOT-PUTLI. Part of Jaipur State, Rajputana. The chief village,
with the fort, is on the route from Delhi to Mhow cantonment, and
ninety-nine miles south-west of the former. Lat. 27 43', long. 76 16'.
Pop. (1881), 8084.

KOTRA. Town in Jalaun district, KW.P. Pop. (1881), 3519.

KOTRA NAYANI. State in Kathiawar, Bombay ; paying a yearly
tribute of 54 to the Gaekwar of Baroda, and 14 to the Nawab of

KOTRANG. Town and municipality on the right bank of the Hugli,
in Hugli district, Bengal ; seven miles above Howrah. Lat. 22 41' 20",
long. 88 24'. Pop. (1881), 5747. Noted for its brickfields.

KOTRA PITHA. State in Kathiawar, Bombay; paying a yearly
tribute of 485 to the British Government, and 72 to the Nawab
of Junagarh.

KOTRA SANGANI. Fourth-class State in Kathiawar, Bombay ;
paying a yearly tribute of 907 to the British Government, and
108 to the Nawab of Junagarh. Area, 74 sq. miles. Pop. (1881),

KOTRI. Large and important town on the right bank of the Indus
(in taluk of same name), in Karachi district, Sind, Bombay. Lat. 25 21'
41", long. 68 21' 37". Pop. (1881), 8922. The town is the northern
terminus of the Sind Railway, and the Indus Valley State Railway runs
from Kotri to Sukkur. Area of taluk, 684 sq. miles. Pop. (1872),

KOTRI. Town in Haidarabad district, Sind, Bombay. Lat 23 54',
long. 68 46'.

KOT-SALIVAHANA. Town in Budaun district, K"W.P. ; on the
route from Budaun to Moradabad, twenty-one miles north-west of the
former. Lat. 28 15', long. 78 58'.

KOT SULTAN. Town in Dera Ismail Khan district, Punjab ; situate
on the left bank of the Indus, fifty-five miles north-west by north of the
town of Multan. Lat. 30 47', long. 70 58'.

KOTTAGERI. Village in Coorg, Madras. Pop. (1881), 725.

KOTTANAHALLL Village in Coorg, Madras. Pop. (1881), 215.

KOTTAPATAM. Town in JSellore district, Madras. Lat. 14 7',
long. 80 9' 20". Pop. (1871), 6991.

KOTTATJM. Town in Godavari district, Madras ; thirty -six miles
north-east by north of Samulkottah. Lat. 17 29', long. 82 30'.

KOTTOROH. Town in Jodhpur State, Rajputana ; on the route from
Pokaran to Balmer, and twenty-eight miles north of the latter place.
Lat. 26 7', long. 71 11'.



KOTTTJR. Town in Jaipur State, Yizagapatam district, Madras ; 132
miles south-west from Jaipur, and ninety-four miles north by east from
Masulipatam. Lat. 17 29', long. 81 30'.

KOTTTTR. Town in Coimbatore district, Madras. Lat. 10 32', long.
77 2'. Pop. (1871), 6972.

KOTTIIR Villages in Coorg, Madras, having a pop. (1881) respec-
tively of 785, 280, and 216.

KOTTUR. Town in Bellary district, Madras. Pop. (1881), 5156.

KOTTUR. Town in Cuddapah district, Madras ; thirty-one miles east
of Cuddapah. Lat. 14 26', long. 79 20'.

KOTUH. Town in Bulandshahr district, N.W.P. ; situate five miles
from the right bank of the East Kali Nadi, and thirty-four miles east of
Delhi. Lat. 28 32', long. 77 50'.

KOTTJLTJH. Tillage in Gurgaon district, Punjab ; on the western
shore of an extensive fresh-water lake. Distance south-west from
Delhi forty-eight miles. Lat. 28 1', long. 77.

KOTWA. Town in Saran district, Bengal ; fifty -two miles north of
Chapra. Lat. 26 29', long. 84 55'.

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