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, who d.
1905 — Sea Park, Forres, Elginshire.

of Rothes, Elginshire.
Margaret Emily, dau. of the late W. Brown, Esq., a
J.P. for Hertfordshire; m. 1888 Comm. Harry
Dunbar-Dunbar-Eivere, ret. E.N., of Glen of Rothes,
a J.P. for Elginshire, who d. 1911, leaving, with other
issue, a son, *Harry Dunbar, Lieut.-Comm. E.N. • b
1 889.— G/ra of liothes, Eothes, Elginshire.

DUNBOYNE, Lord (Pitz Walter Geoege
Peobtn Bdtlee). — Cr. by Summons 1324
by Patent 1541. '

Eldest son of Eobert St. John FitzWalter, 25th and
16th Lord, by Caroline Maude Blanche, dau. of the
late Capt. George Probyn ; b. 1874; s. 1913; m.
1915 Dora Isolde Butler^ eldest dau. of Comm. Francis
FitzPatrick Tower, E. Naval Vol. Reserve, of Prince's
Gate, S.W. Lord Dunboyne is Capt. ret. E.N.— .ffjiop-
pogue Castle. Quin, co. Clare.

DUNCAN, Sir Frederick William, Bart.—
Cr. 1905.
Only son of Sir (Surr) William Duncan, 1st Bart., by
his 1st wife Mary, who rf. 1868, dau. of the late William
Kenion, Esq., of Yeadon, Yorkshire, and widow of
William Bentley, Esq., of Eawdon, Yorkshire ; b.
1859 ; s. 1908; m. 1888 Helen Julia, dau. of Charles
Ptizer, Esq., of New Y'ork, U.S.A. Sir Frederick
Duncan, who was educated at Thorparch, Yorkshire,
■was H.M.'s Consul-Gen. for Austria 1912-14.

Eeir, his son Cbarles Edgar Oliver, was temp. Lieut. E. Horse
Guards Eeserve Eegt. 1915-16 ; educated at Harrow and at
Trinity Coll., Cambridge; 6. 1890.

DUNCAN, Elizabeth, Lady.

Dau. of the late Thomas Copley Heaton, Esq., of Ben
Rhydding, Y'orkshire: m. 1896, as his 2nd wife. Sir
(Surr) William Duncan, 1st Bart., who d. 1908.—
Beokwith House, Harrogate.

DUNCAN, Maey, Lady.

Eldest dau. of the late Joseph Stowe, Esq., Shipowner,
of Liverpool; in. 1877 Sir John Duncan, a J.P.
for Glamorganshire, a Governor and Member of
the Council of the Univ. Coll. of S. Wales and Mon-
mouthshire, a Member of the Central Board of Inter-
mediate Education, and a Newspaper Proprietor, who
was Chairman of the Press Association 1890-1, when,
with Baron de Reuter, he organized ' Renter's Special
Service of Foreign and Colonial Telegrams,' and who
was cr. Knt. 1909 and d. 1914.— 102-5, St. Mary
Street, Cardiff.

DUNCAN, Jean Gordon, Lady.

Only dau. of the late James Grant, Esq., of Lincoln's
Inn Fields, W.C. ; m. 1879, as his 2nd wife, the Hon.
Sir John James Duncan, a Pastoralist, who was a
Member of the S. Australian Parliament in the House
of Assembly 1871-8 and 1884-90, and in the Legis-
lative Council 1891-6 and 1900-13, and who was cr.
Knt. 1912 and d. 1913.— Hughes Park, Watervale, S.
Australia; Strathsj^eg, Mitcham, 8. Australia.

DUNCAN, Sir (James) Hastinqs, Knt. — Cr
Second son of James Duncan, Esq., of Westbourne,
Otley, Yorkshire, who d. 1872, by Elizabeth, who d.
1881, only dau. of the late Thomas Milligan, Esq.,
of Merkland, Dunscore, Dumfriesshire; 4. 1855; •;«.
1879 Janette, 3rd dau. of the late Thomas Hunter,
Esq., of Newall Close, Otley. Sir Hastings Duncan
is a Partner in William Ackroyd & Co., worsted
spinners, of Otley, and in Duncan, Barraclough &
Co., and a Director of the Otley Gas Co. and of
Waite & Saville, Ltd. ; was formerly a C. Aid. for
the W, Riding of Yorkshire, and M.P. for the Otley
Div. of the E. Part of the W. Riding of Yorkshire
l9W-U.—Kineholin, Otley, Yorkshire; National
Liberal Club, e.w.

DUNCAN, Sir David, Knt.— Cr. 1919.

Second son of the late David Duncan, Esq., J.P., of
Penarth, Glamorganshire ; b. 1847 ; m. 1891 Elizabeth
Beverley, dau. of the late Christopher Marshall, Esq.,
of Gosport, Hants. Sir David Duncan is a J.P. for
Glamorganshire and for Cardiff, and President of the
Southern Federation of Newspaper Owners. — Brony-
glyn, Penarth, Glamorganshire; Reform, National
Liberal, and R. Auto7nobile Clubs, s.w.

DUNCAN, Alexandee Laddeedale, Esq., of

Knossington Grange, Leicestershire.

Third son of Alexander Duncan, Esq., of Knossington

Grange, who d. 1889, by Sarah, who d. 1888, dau. of

the late S. Butler, Esq., of Rhode Island, U.S.A. ; b.




1850; in. 1879 Louisa Elizabeth, 3rd dau. of the late
George Hunt, Esq., and has had, with 4 dans., a son,
Alexander, h. 1880 and d. 1914. Mr. Duncan, who
was educated at Eton and at Ch. Ch., Oxford, is a J.P.
and D.L. for Leicestershire (High Sheriff 1891).—
Knossington Grange, Oakham ; 2, Second Avenue, Hove,
Sitssex ; Windham, and Orleans Clubs, s.w. ; Union
Club, Brighton.

DUNCAN, Alexander Robeet, Esq., of Park-
hill, and Sunnyside, Forfarshire.
Son of John Duncan, Esq., of Parkhill.who d. 1905, :
by Catherine, dau. of the late Robert F. Gourlay,
Esq. ; b. 1844 ; m. 1873 Frances Euphemia, dau. of Sir
William Edmonstone, 4th Bart., and has, with 2 other j
sons and 2 daus., *John Alexander, C.B., Comm. ret., 1
R.N. ; b. 1878; m. 1909 Beatrice Dorothy Percy,
youngest dau. of the late Percy Weston, Esq., and i
has 2 daus. Mr. Duncan, who was educated at I
Cheltenham Coll. and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge i
(B.A. 1867), and admitted a Member of the Scottish
Faculty of Advocates 1869, is a Magistrate for cos.
Fortar and Stirling.— ParM/Z/, Arbroath, N.B.

-I- DUNCAN, James Alexandee Lawson, Esq.,
of Chalfont Grove, Buckinghamshire ;
and of Jordanstone, Perthshire.
Only son of Alexander Lawsuu Duncan, E.sq., J.P., of
Chalfont Grove, and of Jordanstone, who d. 1917, by
his 1st wife Margaret, who d. 1906, eldest dau. of the
late Alexander Lawson, Esq., J.P., of Annfield, and
Burnturk, Fife; *. 1899; is Lieut. Scots Guards,
Special Reserve. — Chalfont Grove, Chalfont St. Giles,
Buciitighatnshire ; Jordanstone, by Meigle, Perthshire.

DUNCAN, the Misses, of Danevale Park,
Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.
Isabella, Eliza, and Margaret, daus. of William Duncan,
Esq., J. P. and D.L., of Danevale Park and of Caerlee,
Peeblesshire, who d, 1897, by Eliza Hallyburton, who
d. 1885, dau. of the late Adam Black, Esq., M.P., of
Priorbank, Roxburghshire. The Misses Duncan s. their
brother, William Threipland Duncan, Esq., 1898.—
Danevale Park, Castle Douglas, Stewartry of Kirkcud-

DUNCAN. See Anstruther-Duncan ; Camperdoum ;
and Macduff-Duncan.



DUNCANNON, Viscount. See under Sess6oro!(^A,
Earl of.

DUNCOMBE, Sir Everard Philip Digbt
PAUNCEFORT-, Bart., D.S.O., of Great
Brickhill, Buckinghamshire.— Cr. 1859.
Onlyson of SirPhilip Henry Pauncefort-Duncombe, 2nd
Bart., of Great Brickhill, by Flora (who m. 2ndly 1908
Arthui- Lucas, Esq., J.P.), 4th dau. of Sir Alexander
Matheson, 1st Bart., of Lochalsh, Ross-shire; b. 1885 ;
s. 1895. Educated at Eton and at Trinity Coll., Cam-
bridge (B.A. 1907, M.A. 1911); is Major Bucking,
hamshire (R. Bucks Hussars) Yeo., and Patron of 1
living. — Brickhill Manor, Bletchhy.

DUNCOMBE, Col. Sir Geoege Auqdstds,

Bart.— Cr. 1919. !

Fourth son of the Hon. Arthur Duneombe, of Kiln- 1

wick Priory, Yorkshire, who d. 1889, by his 1st wife j

Delia, who d. 1873, youngest dau. and co-heiress of I

the late John Wilmer Field, Esq., of Heaton Hall,
Yorkshire ; b. 1848 ; m. 1890 Hester, younger dau. of
the late Col. John McDermid AUardice, formerly 76th
Regt., of Scarborough. Sir George Duneombe, who
was educated at Harrow, is a J.P. and D.L. for the
E. Riding of Yorkshire and Hon. Col. 3rd Batt. E.
Yorkshire Regt. — Highfield, Driffield, Yorkshire ; Con-
servative Club, s.w. ; Yorkshire Club, York.

-i- DUNCOMBE, Alfeed CHAELES,Esq., of Cal-

wich Abbey, Staffordshire.
Eldest son of the Hon. and Very Rev. Augustus
Duneombe, of Calwich, Dean of York, who d. 1880,
by Lady Harriet Christian, who d. 1902, 4th dau. of
Charles, 5th Marquis of Queensberry ; b. 1843; ni.
1876 Lady Anne Florence Adelaide, youngest dau. of
John, 7th Earl of Sandwich. Mr. Duneombe is a
Magistrate for cos. Derby and Stafford (High Sheriff
1883), Patron of 1 living, and Capt. and Hon. Major
late Staffordshire Imp. Yeo. ; formerly Capt. 1st Life
Guards. — Calwich Abbey, Ashbourne; Carlton, and
Arthur's Clubs, s.w.

Heir Pres., his brother Augustus Crerald, a Magistrate for
Staffordshire ; educated at Eadley and at Cb. Ch., Oxford
(B.A. ISrS): 6.1849.

DUNCOMBE, Basil Archibald Charles, Esq.,
of Kiluwick Percy, Yorkshire.
Elder son of Capt. Frederick William Duneombe,
Grenadier Guards, who d. 1878, by Lady Katharine,
who d. 1898, youngest dau. of Archibald, 3rd Earl of
Gosford, K.P.'; b. 1870 ; s. his uncle Major-Gen. Charles
Wilmer Duneombe, J.P., late 1st Life Guards, 1911 ;
m. 1896 Ida Hope, dau. of the late Alfred Hope
Doeg, Esq., and has, with other issue, a son, "Hubert
Basil Elliot, b. 1901. Mr. Duneombe is Lord of the
Manors of Kiluwick Percy, Pocklington, Allerthorpe
with Waplington, and Barmby-upon-the-Moor.— Xi/?*-
wick Percy, near Pocklington, Yorkshire ; Travellers'
Club, s.w.

DUNCOMBE, Miss, of Waresley Park,

Emily Charlotte, eldest dau. of Col. the Hon. Octavius
Duneombe, M.P., of Waresley Park, who d. 1879, by
Lady Emily Caroline, who d. 1911, eldest ilau. of
John Frederick, 1st Earl Cawdor. Miss Duneombe
s. her brother Col. Walter Henry Octavius Duneombe,
J.P. and D.L., formerly Hon. Col. 4th Batt. Suffolk
Regt. and Capt. 1st Life Guards, 1917. — Waresley
Park, Sandy, Bedfordshire; Westerdale, Grosmont,

DUNCOMBE, of Sutton Hall, Yorkshire. Seo


DUNCOMBE. See Feversham.

DUNCOMBE-ANDERSON, Mrs., of Coltishall
Mead, Norfolk ; and formerly of Lea Hall,

Margaret Louise, eldest dau. of Francis Foljamba
.inderson, Esq. (2nd son of Sir Charles Henry John
Anderson, 9th Bart., C3:t., who d. 1891), who d. 1881,
by Annie Louisa Heywood, only dau. of the late
Benjamin Heywood Jones, Esq., of Larkhill, Lanca-
shire ; m. 1905 Wilfred Arthur Duneombe, Esq., late
Lieut. 6th Dragoon Guards, a Magistrate for Lincoln-
shire, and Capt. Ten-itorial Foree Reserve, late Cheshire
Yeo.,'who, with his wife, assumed by royal license the
additional surname of Anderson 1905, and has, with
other issue, a son, * Antony John, b. 1907. — Coltishall
Mead, near Norwich, Norfolk.



Park, CO. Durham.



See Shafto, of Beamish I


DUN DAS, Lord. See Ronaldshay, Earl of. j

DUNDAS, the Hon. Mrs., of Papdale, Orkney. '

Alice Louisa. 2nd dau. of Cliarles, 1st Viscount Hali-
fax, who d. 1 885, by Mary, who d. 1 884, dau. of Charles,
2nd Earl Grey; m. 1870 the Hon. John Charles
Dundas, of Papdale, Lord Lieut, of Orkney and Shet-
land, and Chairman of Quarter Sessions and of the C.C.
for the N. Biding of Yorkshire, who was M.P. for
Richmond 1873-85, and who d. 1892, leaving, with
other issue, * Charles Laurence, Indian Civil Service,
educated at Eton and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge ; b.
1871 ; m. 1896 Georgiua, widow of Capt. C. M.
Stevens, and has a dau., Margnvft.^Fapdah, I. oj
Orkney. Residence : The Barrows, Charles Hill, Farn-
ham, Surrey.

DUNDAS, Sir George "Whtte Melyille, Bart.,
of Beech wood, Midlothian. — Or. 1821.
Youngest son of Sir David Dundas, 2nd Bart., who d.
1877, by his 1st wife Catherine Margaret, who d. 1856,
eldest dau. of the late John Whyte Melville, Esq., of
Bennochy, and Straithkinness, Fifeshire ; h. 1856 ; s. his
brother Sir Charles Henry Dundas, 4th Bart., 1908;
JH. 1 879 Matilda Louisa Mary, 3rd dau. of Minden James
Wilson, Esq., of Mozufferpore, India. Sir George
Dundas, who was educated at Harrow, and was formerly
Lieut. Indian Stoff Corps, is temp. Lieut. 2nd Batt.
Perthshire Vol. Begt. — Gomrie House, Comrie, Perth-
shire; New Club, Edinburgh.

Heir, bis son Robert Whyte Melville, b. 1881.

DUNDAS, Sir Henet Herbert Philip, Bart.,
M.V.O., of Polton, Midlothian.— Cr. 1898.
Younger son of Sir Robert Dundas, 1st Bart., who d.
1909, by Emily Louisa Diana, who d. 1881, only child
of the late Lieut.-Col. the Hon. John James Knox ; b.
1866 ; ,«. his brother Sir Robert Dundas, 2nd Bart.,
1910; m. 1899 Lady Beatrix Lucy Douglas-Home,
2nd dau. of Charles Alexander, 12th Earl of Home,
K.T. Sir Henry Dundas, who was educated at Harrow
and was formerly Capt. 15th Hussiirs, is a D.L. for
Midlothian, Capt. Reserve of Officers, Capt. T.F.
Reserve, late Lothians and Border Horse Yeo. and
temp. Major Gen. List, Coram. 3rd Vol. Batt. R. Scots
(Lothian Regt.) ; was a Camp Commandant 1916-17. —
Polfon, Lasswade, Midlothian; Carlton, and Boodle's
Cliibs, 8.W.

Htir. his son PhiUp, 6. 1899.

DUNDAS, Evelyn Henrietta, Lady, of Arnis-
ton, Midlothian. |

Youngest dau. of Sir Graham Graham-Montgomery, '
3rd Bart., who d. 1901, by Alice, who d. 1890, youngest j
dau. of the late John James Hope- Johnstone, Esq., of]
Annandale, Dumfriesshire ; m. 1893 Sir Robert Dundas, j
2nd Bart., who d. 1910, leaving a dau., 'Victoria May 1
'E\e\yn.~ Arniston, Gorehridgc, Midlothian. '

-fDUNDAS, LiLLiE, Lady, of Clobemon, co.
Fourth dau. of the late Robert Adams, Esq., of Ken-
sington ; m. 1868 Col. Sir Lorenzo George Dundas,
K.C.B., of Clobemon, who was formerly Hon. Col., pre-
viously Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col. Comm. 7th Batt. R.
Fusiliers, and Capt. 62nd Begt., and who was cr.
K.C.B. 1907 and d. 1917, leaving, with other issue, a

son, * Lorenzo Frank, b. 1872 ; m. 1890 Edith' Gertrude
Keat. — Clobemon Hall. Ferns. -Residence : Gloster
Lodge, East Molesey.

DUNDAS, Adm. Sir Charles Hope (28th
Chief of Dundas), K.C.M.G., oflnchgarvie
House, Linlithgowshire. — Cr. 1917.
Elder surviving son of Adam Alexander Duncan
Dundas, Esq. (Chief of Dundas), of Inchgarvie House,
who d. 1904, tjy Charlotte Maria, who d. 1905, dau.
of the late Adm. Charles Hope ; b. 1859 ; m. 1897
Helen Burges, youngest dau. of Edwin Bm-ges Watson,
Esq., and has, with other issue, a son, *Adam Duncan,
b. 1903. Sir Charles Dundas is an Adm. ret. R.N.
and a Comm. of the Legion of Honour ; has the
Japanese Order of the Rising Sun, 2nd Class ; was
Naval Attache to the British Embassy in Japan 1908 -
10, a Naval A.D.C. to H.M. King Edward VII. 1909-
10, and to H.M. King George V. 1910, Rear-Adm. at
The Nore 1911-13, and Principal Naval Transport
Officer, Oversea, 1%\.6-\T.— Inchgarvie House, South
Queensfernj ; New Club, Edinburgh.

DUNDAS, Lieut.-Col. James Colin, D.S.O.,
of Oehtertyre, Perthshire.
Elder son of Comm. Colin Mackenzie Dundas, J.P.,
ret. R.N., of Ochtertyre, who d. 1911, by Agnes, who
d. 1901, 2nd dau. of the late Samuel Wauchope, Esq.,
C.B., Bengal Civil Service; 6. 1883; m. 1912 Kathleen,
4th dau. of Lieut.-Col. James Hearn Tarleton, formerly
54th Regt. Lieut.-Col. Dundas, who was educated at
Eton and at the R. Mil. Academy, Woolwich, is Major
and Brevet Lieut.-Col. ^.A..— Ochtertyre, Stirling;
Caledonian Club, s.w. ; New Club, Edinburgh.

DUNDAS, Mrs., formerly of The Elms,
Etheldred Mary, only dau. of Henry Champion Part-
ridge, Esq., of Hockham Hall, Norfolk, who d. 1850,
by Etheldred Frances, who d. 1846, eldest dau. of the
late Lieut.-Gen. Thomas Birch-Reynardson, of Holy-
well, Lincolnshire ; m. 1858 William Dundas, Esq., of
The Elms, a Magistrate for Berkshire, who d. 1903.—
5, Douglas House, Maida Hill West, w.

DUNDAS, Thomas George, Esq., of Carron-
hall, Stirlingshire.
Eldest son of Joseph Dundas, Esq., D.L., of Carronhall,
who d. 1872, by Isabella Margaret, who d. 1905,
youngest dau. of the late Charles George Moir, Esq., of
Denmore, Aberdeenshire; h. 1853; m. 1879 Mary, dau.
of the late Duncan Henry Caithness Reay Davidson,
Esq., of Tulloch, Ross-shire, and has, with other issue,
•Thomas Archibald, b. 1880; m. 1903 Sybil Katherine,
youngest dau. cf the late F. K. Hampshire, Esq.,M.B.,
Colonial Surgeon, Straits Settlements, and has a son,
» Thomas Archibald Darid, b. 1904. Mr. Dundas was
formerly Lieut. 3rd Dragoon Guards, and 52nd Foot.
—cfo Messrs. Mackentie ^ Black, 28, Castle Street,

DUNDAS. See Melville, RonaUshay, and Zetland.

DUNDONALD, Earl of (Douglas Mackinnon
Baillie Hamilton Cochrane, K.C.B. ,
K.C.V.O.).— Cr. 1669.
Elder surviving son of Thomas Barnes, 11th Earl,
by Louisa Harriet, who d. 19C2, dau. of the late Wil-
liam Alexander Mackinnon, Esq., M.P. ; b. 1852; s.
1885; »i. 1878 Winifred (of Gwyrch Castle, Denbigli-
shire), a Lady of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jeru-
salem, only surviving child of the late Robert Bamford-
Hesketli, Esq., formerly 2nd Life Guards, of Gwyrch



Castle. The Earl of Dundonald, who was educated at
Eton (Hon LL.D. Queen's Univ., Kingston) and has
been a Repreeentative Peer of Scotland since 1886, is a
Lieut.-Gen. ret., late 2nd Life Guards, of which he
was Col. 1907-19 and which he formerly commanded,
and Col.-in-Chief 91st Canadian Highlanders; com-
manded the Canadian Militia 1902-4. — Gwyrch Castle,
Ahrrifi'le, N. Wales; Lochnell, Bonaw, Argyllshire;
Travellers', Brooks's, and Army and Navy Clubs, s.w. ;
Kew Club, Ediuhurgh ; 34, Fortman Sguare, w.

Beir, hip son Thomas Hesketh Douglas Blair, Lord Cochrane,
Capt. b. P.Scots Guards, previously Lieut. 4th Batt. Lincoln-
shire Eegt. ; educated at Eton ; i>. 1886.

DUNEDIN, Lord (Andrew Graham Murray,
K.C.V.O., P.C.).— Cr. 1905.

Only son of Thomas Graham Murray, Esq., of Stenton,
who d. 1891, by Caroline Jane, who d. 1906, dau. of
the late John Tod, Esq., of Kirkhill, N.B.; b. 1849;
m. 1874 Mai-y Clementina, 7th dau. of Sir William
Edmonstone, 4th Bart., of Duntreath, Stirlingshire.
Lord Dunedin, who was educated at Harrow and
at Trinity Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1872, M.A. 1875,
Hon. LL.l). Edinburgh and Glasgow 1904), admitted
a Member of the Scottish Faculty of Advocates 1874,
appointed a Q.C. 1891, and elected an Hon. Bencher
of the Middle Temple 1910, was Sheriff of Perthshire
1890-1 ; M.P. for Buteshire 1891-1905 ; Solieitor-Gen.
for Scotland 1891-2, and 189.5-6 ; Lord Advocate of
Scotland 1896-1903 ; Secretary of State for, and Keeper
of the Great Seal of, Scotland 1903-5 ; Lord Lieut,
of Buteshire 1900-5, and Lord Justice Gen. and
Lord President of the Court of Session in Scotland
1905-13; appointed Keeper of the Great Seal of
H.K.H. the Prince of Wales in Scotland 1911 and a
Lord of Appeal in Ordinary 1913 ; is a D.L. for
Edinburgh. — Stenton, near Bun/celd, N.B. ; 7, Rothe-
say Terrace, Edinburgh; Carlton Club, s.w. ; New
Cliih, Edinburgh.

Heir, his son Ronald Thomas Graham, Major 3rd Batt.
The Black Watch; b. 1875; m. 1903 Evelyn, O.B.E.,
eldest dau. of Sir David Baivd, 3rd Bart,, of Newbyth,

DUNGLASS, Lord. See under Ho7ne, Earl of.

DUNLEATH, Lord (Henrt Ltlb Mulhol-

land).— Cr. 1892.
Elder surviving son of John, 1st Lord, by Frances
Louisa, who d. 1909, dau. of the late Hugh Lyie, Esq.,
of Knocktarna, co. Londonderry; b. 1854; s. 18'95;
?n. 1881 Norah Louisa Fanny, younger dau. of the late
Hon. Somerset Richard Hamilton Augusta Ward. Lord
Dunleath, who was educated at Eton, at the K. Mil.
Academy, Woolwich, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A.
1881), is a Magistrate for co. Down (High Sheriff 1883),
Major late 5th Batt. R. Irish Rifles, and Patron of 1
living; formerly Lieut. R.E. ; was M.P. for London-
derry CO. (N.) 1885-95. — Ballywalter Park, Ballywalter,
CO. Down ; Carlton Club, s.w. ; Bachelors' Club, w. ;
Ft. St. Ge«rge Yacht Club, Kingstown; Ulster Club,

Heir, his son Obarles Henry George, D.S.O., O.B.B.,Oapt. 11th
Hussars : educated at Eton and at the R. Mil. Coll., Sand-
hurst ; b. 1886.

DUNLOP, Sir Thomas, Barfc., G.B.E.-Cr.

Eldest son of Thomas Dunlop, Esq., of Glasgow, who
d. 1893, by Robina, who d. 1891, dau. of the late
William Jack, Esq., of Glasgow; b. 1855 ; m. 1st
1879 Dorothy Eupheniia, who d. 1891, dau. of the
late Peter Mitchell, Esq., of Longniddry, Halnington-
shire; 2ndly 1893 Margaret, dau. of Peter Mitchell
(ante). Sir Thomas Dunlop, who was educated at


Glasgow Academy (Hon. LL.D. Glasgow 1917), is a
D.L. for Lanarkshire, a J.P. for Renfrewshire, a J.P.
and D.L. for Glasgow, head of Thomas Dunlop & Sons,
Shipowners and Grain Merchants, of Glasgow, a
Director of the R. Bank of Scotland, Consul for Para-
guay, a Comm. of the Belgian Order of the Crown, and
a Member of the Order of the Russian Red Cross ; has
the Serbian Order of St. Sava ; was Lord Provost of
Glasgow and Lord Lieut, of the co. of the City of
Glasgow 1914-17. — Woodbourne, Wemyss Bay. Ren-
frewshire; 6, Park Terrace, Glasgow; '70, Wellington
Street, Glasgow; Scottish Conservative Club, Edin-
burgh; Art, Conservative, and New Clubs, Glasgow.
Heir, his son Thomas, a Partner in Thomas Dunlop & Sons :
educated at Blairlodge ; b. 1881 ; m. 1911 Mary Elizabeth,
youngest dau. of William Beckett, Esq., Writer, of Glas
gow, and has, with other issue, a son, • Thomas, b. 1912.

DUNLOP, Sir Nathaniel, Knt.— Cr. 1907.

Second son of Archibald Dunlop, Esq., ot Campbel-
town, Argyllshire, who d. 1865, by Jean, who d. 1840,
dau. of the late John Smith, Esq., of West Dunlop,
Ayrshire; ft. 1830; m. 1866 Ellen, who d. 1867, dau.
of George Smith, Esq., of Glasgow. Sir Nathaniel
Dunlop, who was educated at Campbeltown (Hon.
LL.D. Glasgow 1907), is a Magistrate for Lanarkshire, a
J.P. and D.Ij. for Glasgow, and was formerly Chairman
of the Allan Line Steamship Co. and of the Clyde
Navigation Trust, &c. — Shieldhill, Biggar, Lanark-
shire; 21, Bothwell Street, Glasgow; Constitutional
Club, w.c. ; New Club, Glasgow.

DUNLOP, Henry James Barb, Esq., of
Arfhurlee, Renfrewsliire.
Elder son of William Barr Dunlop, Esq. (2nd son of
the late James Dunlop, Esq., of Arthurlee), who d.
1902, by Patricia Mary Gordon, who d. 1898, dau. of
the late Robert Robertson, Esq., of Duncanziemore,
Ayrshire; 6.1883; s. his uncle Henry Barclay Dunlop,
Esq., J.P. and D.L., 1916 ; m. 1909 Annabella Mary,
dau. of the late John Gordon Douglas, Esq., and has a
son, * William Henry, b. 1913. Mr. Dunlop, who was
educated at Merchiston Castle School and at Edin-
burgh Univ. (M.A. 1904), has been a Member of the
Edinburgh Society of Chartered Accountants since
1909. — Arthurlee, near Barrhead, Renfrewshire; 16,
Murrayfield Avenue, Edinburgh.

DUNLOP, John Graham, Esq., of Gairbraid,
Elder son of William Carstares Dunlop. Esq., of
Gairbraid, who d. 1891, by Lucy Helen Dunmore,
eldest dau. of the late William Craufurd Brown,
Esq., younger, of Newhall, Midlothian ; 6.1875. Mr.
Dunlop, who was educated at the Abbey School, Beck-
enham, at Shrewsbury School, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford,
is a Member of the Indian Civil Service. — Residence :
Wayside, Dormans, Surrey ; East India United Service
Club, s.w.

DUNLOP, Mrs., of Doonside, Ayrshire.

Janette Macracken, youngest dau. of Thomas Macmillan
Gemmell, Esq., of Frankville, Ayrshire, who d. 1889;
m. 1875 William Hamilton Dunlop, Esq., of Doonside,
a J.P. and D.L. for Ayrshire and a J.P. for Inverness-
shire, -whod. 1913, leaving, with other issue, Alexander
Hamilton (eldest .'ion), Lieut. Ayrshire Yeo., attached
to R. Scots Fusiliers; late Lieut. 12th Lancers; 4.
1876, and killed in action 1917 ; and * Thomas Charles
(2nd son), Major .Ayrshire Yeo , attached to R. Scots
Fusiliei's: h. 1878 ;'/«. 1905 Louise Elfrida, dau. of
the late Robert Grant Watson, Esq., and has, with other
issue, a son, * Frederick Hamilton, h. 1905. — Doonside,
Aur; The Lodge, Dalwhinnie, Inverness-shire.



DUNLOP. See Murray-Dunlop. I

DUNLUCE, Randal John Someeled (Mc- |
Donnell), Viscount, of Dalness, Argyll- j
shire. I

Elder son of Randal Mark Kerr, 6th Earl of Antrim,
by Margaret Isabel, youngest dau. of the late Right j
Hon. John Gilbert Talbot, M.P., of Falconhurst, Kent ; |
b. 1911 ; s. 1916 \inder the will of his great-uncle tlie
temp. Capt. 5th (Service) Batt. Q,.0. Cameron High-
landers, who d. of wouuds received in action 1915. —
Dalness, Glen Ktive, by Taynuilt, Argyllshire. Resi-
dences : Glenarm Castle, Lame, co. Antrim ; Friendly
Green, Cowden, Kent.

Heir Pret., his brother James Angus, 6. 1917.

DUNMORE, Earl of (Alexander Edwaed
MuERAY, V.C.D.S.O., M.V.O.).— Cr. 1686. ^

Only son of Cli;irles Adolphua, 7th Earl, by Lady j
Gertrude, 3rd dau. of Thomas William, 2nd Earl of
Leicester, K.G. ; b. 1871; s. 1907; m. 1904 Lucinda
Dorothea, eldest dau. of Horace William Kemble, Esq.,
of Knock, Isle of Skye. The Earl of Dunmore, who
sits in the House of Lords as Lord Dunmore, U.K.,
cr. 1831, is a D.L, for Inverness-shire, Major Reserve
of Officers, and Major ret, late 16th Lance

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