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e Robert Fannin, Esq.; b. 1851; «. his cousin
John Henry Wellington Graham, 4th Marquis, 1889 ;
m. 1895 Margaret Emma, youngest dau. of the late
Frederick Aldridge Clark, Esq., of Lynton Court, Sus-
sex. The Marquis of Ely, who sits in the Houseof Lords
as Lord Loftus, U.K. (cr. 1801), is a D.L. for co. Fer-
managh.— Ely Lodge, Enniskillen; Loftus Hall, Fethard,
CO. Wexford; Kildare Street Club, Dublin; R. St. George
Yacht Club, Kingstown.

Heir Pres., his brotbcr Lord George Herbert ; 6. 1S54 ; m. 1st
Wii Emily Harriet, who d. 1886, dau. of Major Arthur
V.anileleur ; 2adly 1902 Ethel Beatrice Lempriere, dan. of
the late Nigel John Davies Gresley, Esq., and has, mth
other issue, • George Henry Wellington, 6. 1903.



ELY, Bishop of (the Right Rev. Frederic j
Henry Chase, D.D.). }

Eldest sou of the Rev. Charles Frederic Chase, M.A., j
Rector of St. Andrew by the Wardrobe with St. Ann, j
Blackfriars, who d. 1886, by Susan Mary, who d. 1892, |
5th dau. of the late John Alii ston, Esq. ; b. 1853;
m 1877 Charlotte Elizabeth, eldest dau. of the late
Rer. George Arraitage, Vicar of St. Luke's, Glou-
cester. Educated at King's Coll. School, London,
and at Christ's Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1876, M.A.
1879, B.D. 1891, D.D. 1895, Hon. D.D. Oxford
1908); was Lecturer in Theology at Pembroke Coll.,
Cambridge, 1881-90; Principal of Cambridge Clergy
Training School 1887-1901; Lecturer in Theology
at Christ's Coll., Cambridge, 1893-1901 ; Examining
Chaplain to the Archbishop of York 1894-1905;
President of Queens' Coll., Cambridge, 1901-6 ;
Norrisian Professor of Divinity at Cambridge Univer-
sity 1901-5, and Vice. Chancellor of Cambridge Uni-
versity 1902-4; elected a Fellow of King's Coll.,
London, 1896, and an Hon. Fellow of Christ's Coll.,
Cambridge, 1904, and of Queens' Coll., Cambridge,
1906; consecrated Bishop of Ely 190.5; is Patron of
3 Archdeaconries, 4 Canonries, 24 Hon. Canonries,
and 66 livings. — The Palace, Ely.

EMBLETON-FOX, the late William, Esq., of
Northorpe, Lincolnshire.
Only son of the late Abraham Darlington Embleton,
Esq.. by Hortense, dau. of the late M. Grenier, of Nantes,
France ; b. 185.') ; s. his uncle, Thomas Fox Embleton-
Fox, Esq., 1877 ; m. 1877 Lutcika, only dau. of Paul
Tambaci, Esq.,of Cheadle, and d. 1919, leaving adau.,
» Maud. Mr. Embletou-Fox was a J.P. for Lincoln-
shire, and Chairman of the Lindsey Quarter Sessions
and was formerly Chairman of the Lindsey C.C. —
Northorpe Hall, Gainsborough.

EMERSON, Sir William, Knt.— Or. 1902.
Son of the late William Emerson, of Whetstone, Mid-
dlesex; *. 1843 ; m. 1872 Jenny, dau. of Coutts Stone,
of Prince's Square, Bayswater. Sir William Emerson,
who was educated at King's Coll., London, was Presi-
dent of the R. Institute of British Architects 1899-
1900, 1900-01, and 19f}l-02.— East Oiff. Shanklin.
hie of Wight; St. Stephen's Club, s.w. ; Arts' Club, w. ;
Carlton Chambers, 4, Regent Street, s.w.

EMERSON, James John, Esq., of Easby Hall,
Only son of John James Emerson, Esq., LL.D., J.P.,
of Easby Hall, and of Abington Hall, Cambridgeshire,
who rf. 1918, by Frances Mary Eleanor (now of Abing-
ton Hall), eldest dau. of the late Col. Melville Francis
Evatt, Bengal S.C. ; b. 1878; m. 1904 Eleanor Florence,
only child of the late Frederick Davison, Esq., of High-
field House, Leicestershire, and has a dau., Barbara
Florence. Mr. Emerson, who was educated at Eton
and at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and was formerly
Lieut. 1st Vol. Batt. P.W.O. Yorkshire Regt., is Lord
of the Manors of Easby, Szc— Easby Hall, Great Ay ton
R.S.O., Yorkshire.

BMERSON-TENNENT. See Butler, the Hon.
Mrs., and Langham, Bart.

BMLY, Lord (Gaston William Thomas Mok-
sell).— Cr. 1873.

Only son of William, 1st Lord, by his 2nd wife Berthe,
who d. 1890, dau. of the late Comte de Montigny ; b.
1858; s. 1894; m. 1881 Frances Vincent, youngest
dau. of the late John Power, Esq., M.P., of Gurteen, co.
Waterford. Lord Emly is a J.P., D.L. and C.C. for co.


Limerick, and was on the roll for High Sheriflffor 1884 ;
has been State Steward and Gentleman-Usher to Lords-
Lieut, of Ireland. — Tervoe, Limerick : Alhe7ia-um Club,

EMMOTT, Lord (Alfred Emmott, G.C.M.G.,
G.B.E., P.C.)— Cr. 1911.

Third son of Thomas Emmott, Esq., of Brookfield,
Oldham, and Anchorsholme, Lancashire, who d. 1892,
by Hannah, who d. 1895, dau. of the late John
Barlow, Esq., of Chorley, Cheshire; b. 1858; m. 1887
Mary Gertrude, only dau. of the late John AVilliam
Lees, Edq., of Waterhead, Oldham, and has 2 daus.
Lord Emmott. who was educated at the Society of
Friends' School, Kendal, and at Grove House School,
Tottenham,and graduated at London Univ. (B.A. 1880),
is a Magistrate for Lancashire and for Oldham (Mayor
1891-2), and was M.P. forOldham 1899 1911, Deputy
Speaker of the House of Commons and Chairman of
Ways and Means 1906-11, Parliamentary Under
Secretary of State for the Colonies 1911-14, and
First Commissioner of the Office of Works 1914-15;
appointed Director of the War Trade Department 1915.
—Brooks's, Reform, and Hurlingham Clubs, s.w. ;
30, Ennismore Gardens, s.w.

EMMOTT. See Green-Emmott.

EMPSON, Capt. Arthur, M.C, of Yokefleet
Hall, Yorkshire.
Eldest surviving son of Arthur Reginald Empson, Esq.,
J.P.,of YoketleetHall, -whod. 1916, by Laura, elder dau.
of the late Richard Micklethwait, Esq., J.P. and D.L.,
of Ardsley House, Yorkshire ; b. 1892. Capt. Empson,
who was educated at Charterhouse and at the R. Mil.
Academy, Woolwich, is Capt. and Acting Major R.F.A.
and Lord of the Manors of Yokefleet and Blacktoft. —
YokeflieLHaU, Howden, Yorkshire.

ENCOMBE, Viscount. See under Eldon.

ENGLEHEART, Sir John Gardner Dillman,
K.C.B.— Cr. Knt. 1892, K.C.B. 1897.
Only son of J. C. D. Engleheart, Esq., who d. 1862, by
Mary, dau. of the late John Barker, Esq. ;• A. 1823;
m. 1859 Emily Lewis, who d. 1911, dau. of the late
Major Willows, and has, with other issue, a son,
Henry Lewis Dillman, b. 1860. Sir John Gardner
Engleheart, who was educated at Rugby and at Ch.
Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1844, M.A. 1847), called to the Bar
at Lincoln's Inn 1849, was formerly Private Secretary
to the Duke of Newcastle, Secretary of State for the
Colonies, and accompanied him in the suite of the
Prince of Wales (King Edward VII.) on his visit, in
1860, to Canada and the United States; Comptroller of
the Household to T.R.H. Prince and Princess Christian
1866-9 ; Clerk of the Council of the Duchy of Lancaster
1872-99, and a Member of the Council 1901-12.—
Athenaum Club, s.w. ; 28, Curson Street, Mayfair, w

ENGLISH, Col. Sir (Thomas) Crisp, K.O.M.G.,
M.B., F.R.C.S.-Cr. 1918.
Eldest son of Thomas Johnston English, Esq., M.D. ;
b. 1878; m. 1905 Annie Gaunt. 2nd dau. of the late
Angus McLeod, Esq., of Edinburgh. Sir Crisp
English, who was educated at Westminster S.hool and
at St. George's Hospital (M.B. London Univ. 1903,
M R.C.S. and L.R.C.P. 1900, F.R.C.S. 19U3), is Capt.
4th London Gen. Hospital, R.A.M.C, T.F. ; an Hon.
Col. in the Army; temp. Lieut.-Col. A.M.S. ; a
Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jeru-
salem ; Surgeon to St. George's Hospital and to the
Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth, and Lecturer on
Practical Surgery at St. George's Hospitiil, and was




formerly Hunterian Professor of Surgery at the R. Ccill. 1
of Surgeons, and Consulting Surgeon to the British
Salonika Force and subsequently to the British Forces
in Italy. — 82, Brook Street, w.

ENNISKILLEN, Earl of (Lowet Egerton!
Cole, K.P.).— Cr. 1789. ,

Eldest son of William Willoughby, 3rd Earl, by his 1st
wife Jane, who d. 1855, dau. of the late James A.
Casamaijor, Esq. ; b. 1845 ; s. 1886 ; m. 1869 Charlotte
Marion, younger dau. of the late Douglas Baird, Esq., i
of Closeburn, Dumfriesshire. The Earl of Ennis-
killen, who was educated at 'Eton, is a J.P. and D.L.
for CO. Fermanagh (High Sheriff 1870), and Hon.
Col. 4th Batt. K. Inniskilling Fusiliers, and was M.P.
for Enniskillen 1880-5 ; formerly Lieut. Rifle Brigade ;
sits in the House of Lords as Lord Grinstead (cr.
\%\ a).— Florence Court, Emiiskillen; Carlton Club,
s.w. ; Turf Club, w.

Heir, his son John Henry Michael, Viscount Cole, C.M.G,

Major N. Irish Horse

previoasly 7th Hussars ;

Lieut. Reserve of Officers,
3 High Sheriff of co. Fermanagh
o the Lord Lieut, of Ireland
l'918 ;' educated at Eton : b. 1876 ; m. 190? Irene Frances,
Snd dau. of Alfred Edward Miller Mundy, Esq , of Shipley
Hall, Derbyshire, and hai 3 daus.

ENNISMORE, Viscount. See under Listowel.

ENRAGHT-MOONY, George Meaes Stop-
FORD, Esq., of The Doon, King's Co.

Eldest son of Robert James Enraght-Moony, Esq., of
The Doon, a J.P. and D.L. for King's Co. (High
Sheriff 1855), and a J.P. for co. Westmeath, who d.
1892, by Abigail Mary Angelina, who d. 1916, younger
dau. of the late George Meares Maunsell, Esq., of
Bally William, CO. Limerick ; b. 1868; m. 1902 Henrietta
Georgina Ethel, eldest dau. of George Charles Mulock,
Esq., late Dist. Inspector E.I.C., and has, with other
issue, a son, *Owen Robert Mulock, b. 1903. Mr.
Enraght-Moony is a J.P. for King's Co. (on the roll
for High Sheriff for 1921). — T^e Doon, Ballinakowen,
near Athlone.

ENSOR, Mrs., of Ardress, co. Armagh.

Elizabeth Caroline, elder dau. of Robert Rimmer
Howard, Esq., of California, who d. 1882, by Sarah
Howard, dau. of the late John Cottrell, Esq.; vi. 1873
Charles Ensor, Esq., of Ardress, a J.P. for co. A
who d. 1897, leaving, with other issue, a son, * Charles
Howard, temp. Capt. 9th (Service) Batt. E. Irish
Fusiliers; b. 1878; m. 1912 Ethel Clare, eldest dau. of
the late David Henry Sinton, Esq., of Paiton House,
Markethill, co. Armagh, and has, with other issue, a
sou, * Charles Howard, 6. 1916. — Ardress, Annaghmore,
Portadoxm, co. Armagh.

ENTHOVEN, Col. Perot Henry, of Doluw-
cheogrhyd, Merionethshire.
Second son of James Henry Enthoven, Esq., of Con-
naught Place, W., who (?. igi.'i.by Miriam, who (i. 1913,
dau. of the late L. Mozley, Esq., of Parkfield, Lan.
cashire; b. 1859; 7n. 1912 Eleanor, elder dau. of the
late John Vaughan, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Nannau,
Merionethshire. Col. Enthoven, who was educated at
the R. Mil. Academy, Woolwich, is Col. ret., late j
R.H.A. and a J.P. and D.L. for Merionethshire. — 1
Soluweheogrhyd. Dolgelly, Merionethshire; Naval and i
Military Club, w. i

ENTWISLE, John Bertie Norreys, Esq., of

Foxholes, Lancashire ; and of Kilworth

House, Leicestershire. '

Only son of John .Smith Entwisle, Esq., J.P. and D.L.,

of Foxholes (who was High Sheriff of Lancashire 1849,

43f) '

and who d. 1868), by Caroline, 2nd dau. of the late
Robert J. J. Norreys, Esq., of Davy Hulme Hall,
Lancashire; b. 1856 ; m. 1st 1881 Mary Sophia, who
d. 1916, dau. of Gustavus Tuite Dalton, Esq.; 2ndly
1919 Florence Auguita, youngest dau. of .Sir Alexander
Entwisle Ramsay, 4th Bart., of Balmain, Kincardine-
shire. Mr. Entwisle, who was educated at Gonville
and Caius Coll., Cambridge, is a J.P. and D.L. for
Leicestershire (High Sheriff 188S).— Foxholes, Roch-
dale ; Kilworth Bouse, Euqby.

ENYS, the Rev. Ents Henry, of Enys,
I':idest son of Capt. Henry Rogers, ret. R.N. (youngest
soil of the late Rev. John Rogers, of Penrose, Cornwall),
who d. 1912, by his 1st wife Jane Mary, who d. 1874,
elder dau. of the late John Samuel Enys, Esq., J.P., of
Enys; b. 1861 ; «. his uncle John Davies Enys, Esq.,
F.G.S., J.P., 1912, and assumed the surname of Enys
in lieu of Rogers by royal license 1913; m. 1896
Sarah Louisa, dau. of George Duffus, Esq., of Phila-
delphia, U.S.A., and has, with other issue, a son,
♦Charles Reginald Saltren, b. 1897. Mr. Enys, who
was educated at Marlborough and at Keble Coll.,
Oxford (B.A. 1883, M A. 1887), was Vicar of Herods-
foot, Cornwall, 1900-2, and of St. Stephen's, Brightoi
IdOi-H.—Ertys, Penryii, Cornwall. Residence: Clii
ton Lodge, Dyke Road, Brighton.

-1-ERICHSEN, Lady.

Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. Thomas Cole, R.N. ; i,
1842 Sir John Eric Erichsen, F.R.C.S., LL.D., F.R.S
1st and only Bart. (cr. 1895), who d: 1896.

ERLE, Mrs., of Bramshott Place, Hampshire.

Mary, 3rd dau. of tlie late John Bogle, Esq., of Wood-
side, Torquay; m. 1871 Twynihoe William Erie, Esq.,
of Bramshott Place, a Barrister-at-Law and a J.P. for
CO. London, who was formerly one of the Masters of the
Supreme Court, and who d. 1908, leaving, with 3
daus., an only son, Christopher, an Hon. Capt. in the
Army and temp. Capt. Garrison Batt. Northampton-
shire Regt.; late Capt. and Hon. Major 3rd Batt. Hamp-
shire Regt. ; previously Lieut. R. Scots Greys ; was
temp. Capt. 10th (Service) Batt. Hampshire Regt. Sept, ■
Oct. 1914; called to the Bar atthelnner Temple 1902;
b. 1873, and d, of illness contracted on active sei
1917. — Bramshott Place, Liphook, Hampshire; 17,
Parkside, Knightsbridge, s.w.

See Dra3-, and Plunkett.Emle-Erle-


ERLEIGH, Viscount. See under Beading, Earl of.

ERNE,Earl of (John Henry George Ckichton).

— Cr. 1789.
Only surviving son of Henry William, Viscount
Crichton, D.S.O., M.V.O., Major and Brevet Lieut.-
Col. B. Horse Guards, who d.v.p. (killed in action)
1914. by Lady Mary Cavendish (who m. 2ndly 1918
Lieut.-Col. the Hon. Algernon Francis Stanley, D.S.O.,
2nd Life Guards), 5th dau. of Hugh Lupus, 1st Duke
of Westminster ; b. 1907 ; s- his grandfather John
Henry, 4th Earl, K.P., P.C, 1914; will sit in the
House of Lords as Lord Fermanagh (U.K., cr. 1876).
— Crom Castle, Newtown Butler, co. Fermanagh.

Heir Pres., his uncle George Arthur Charles, M.V.O. (Znd

Coldstream Guards and Regimental Dist,
Assistant Comptroller in the Lord Chamberlain's Depart-
ment since 1910 ; educated at Eton and at the R, Mil.
Coll,, Sandhurst; h. 1874: m. 1913 Lady Mary Augusta
Dawson, younger dau. of Veeey, Snd Earl of Dartrev. and
has, with other issue, a eon, 'DaTid George, b. 19H.




ERNLE, Lord (Rowland Edmund Pbothero,
P.O., M.V.O.).— Cr. 1919.
Third sou of the Rev. George Prothero, Rector of
Wliippingham, Isle of Wight, and Canon of West-
minister, who d. 1894, by Emma, who d. 1893, only]
dau. of the late Rev. William Mouey-Kyrle, M.A., of|
Homme House, Herefordshire; b. 1852; m. 1st 1891 !
Mary Beatrice, who d. 1899, 4th dau. of the late John '
Baihvard, Esq., of Horsington Manor, Somerset ; 2ndly '
1902 Barbara, dau. of the late Lieut.-Col. Charles
Hamley. and has a dau., Beatrice Hope. Lord Ernie, |
■who was educated at Marlborough and at Balliol
Coll., Oxford (15.A. 1876, M.A. 1878), and called
to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1878, is a J.P. for !
Bedfordshire and for co. Loudon ; a Member of the ;
Governing Body of the Imperial Coll. of Science and ,
Technology, and the Author of "The Psalms in
Human Life," " English Farming Past and Present,"
and many other works ; was a Fellow of All Souls' 1
Coll.. Oxford, 1875-91 and Proctor 1883-4 ; Editor
of "The Quarterly Review" 1894-9; a Member of|
the R. Commission on Railways 1913, and President!
of the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries Dec. \
1916-1919; sat as M.P. for Oxford Univ. 1914-19.-
Athenaum, Carlton, New University, and Ranelai/h
Clubs, s.w, ; 3, C%?ie Walk, Chelsea, s.w.

ERNLE-ERLB-DRAX. See PlmUett-Ernlc-Erle.

ERNST, of Westcombe House, Somerset.
Bessie May, m. 1906 Henry Cambronne Denuistoun
Sword, Esq., 4th son of the late Alexander Bruce i
Dennistoun Sword, Esq., of Endon, Staffordshire, and ,'
has a dau.. Iris Angela; and Cheridah Annie, m. 1909
Comm. David de Beauvoir Stocks, D.S.O., R.N., a
Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, who d. (drowned '
on active service) 1918; daus. of Henry Ernst,
Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Westcombe House, who d.
1896, by Anne (who m. 2ndly 1902, as his 2nd wife, j
Edward Morgan Whitting, Esq., of Bodwigiad, Brecon-
shire, who d. 19 — ), eldest dau. of the late William
Waring, Esq., of Carleon, Monmouthshire.

ERRINGTON, Viscount. See under Cromer I
Earl of. ' I


ERRINGTON, Sir George, Bart., of Lackham
Manor, Wilts.— Cr. 1885. I

Eldest son of Michael Errington, Esq., of Clintz, York- [
shire, whorf. 1874,byRosanna, youngest dau. of the late '
Ambrose More-O'Ferrall, Esq., of Balyna, co. Kildare ; i
h. 1839 ; ?n. 1892 Frances Helena, eldest dau. of Her-
mann Robert de Ricci, Esq., of Molesey House, Surrey,
and widow of John Shuldham, Esq., of Moigh, co.
Longford. Sir George Errington, who was educated at
Ushaw Coll. and at the Catholic Univ., Dublin, is a J.P.
and D.L. for co. Wexford (High Sheriff 1901), and a
J.P. for cos. Longford (High Sheriff 1888), and Tippe-
rary; was M.P. for co. Longford 1874-8.5. — Samsfort,
Gorey, co. Wexford ; Brooks's Club, s.w. ; Bachelors'
Club, w. ; Kildare Street Club, Dublin; Rathelinc,
Hampton Court.

ERRINGTON, Mrs., of Merry Oak, Hampshire.

Isobel Lannette, dau. of John Hopton Forbes, Esq.,
of Merry Oak, who d. 1873; m. 1852 George Henry
Errington, Esq., of Chadwell Hall, Essex, who d. 1900,
leaving, with other issue, George Henry Forbes, of
Chadwell Hall ; b. 1853, and d. 1905, having m. 1884
Amy Hillyer Agnes, who d. 1915, younger dau. of
Frederick George Jones, Esq., of Calcutta, and left,
with other issue, a son, George Henry (owner of the
Chadwell Hall estate), Lord of the Manor of Chadwell,

Essex, and Capt. 4th Batt. N. Staffordshire Regt.,
j serving with R.A.F., formerly Lieut, (on probation)

1st Dragoon Guards ; educated at Wellington Coll. ;
' b. 1885; m. 1907 Ivy Margaret, youngest dau. of the

late Thomas Yeo, Esq., of West Hampstead, and has,

with other issue, a son, George Henry, 4. 1908. —

Merry Oak, Bitterne.

ERROLL, Earl of (Charles Gobe Hay, K.T.,
C.B.).— Cr. 1452-3.
Second and elder surviving son of William Henry, 19th
Earl, by Eliza Amelia, V.A. (a Lady-in-Waiting to
Queen Victoria), who d. 1916, eldest dau. of the late
Gen. the Hon. Sir Charles Gore, G.C.B. ; b. 1852 ; s.
1891 ; m. 1875 Mary Caroline, youngest dau. of the late
Edmund L'Estrange, Esq., of Tynte Lodge, co. Leitrim.
The Earl of ErroU, who was educated at HaiTow, is
Hereditary Lord High Constable of Scotland, Hon.
LL.D. Aberdeen, a D.L. for Aberdeenshire, a J.P. for
Cumberland, an Hon. Major-Gen. ret., late Comm. R.
Horse Guards.and a Member of the Central Association
of Vol. Regts. ; was formerly Hon. Col. 5th Batt.
Gordon Highlanders, T.D., A.D.C. to Viscount
Wolseley 1895-8, A.A.G. Car. Div., and subsequently
in command of a Brigade of Yeo. and Australian
Bushmen in S. Africa, a Lord-in-Waiting to King
Edward VII. 1903-6, in command of 65th (Lowland)
Div., with the temp, rank of Brigadier-Gen., 1915 16,
Co. Commandant Cumberland Vol. Corps. 1916 17
and on the Staff in France 1917-18; sits in the
House of Lords as Lord Kilmarnock, U.K. (cr. 1831).—
Residence: Walls, Bavenglass, Cumberland; Marl-
borough Club, s.w.

ffeir, his son Yictor Alexander Sereld, Lord Kilmarnock,
CM.G., a 1st Secretary iu the Diplomatic Service: educated
at Eton and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge; b. 1876; in,
1900 Mary Lucy Victoria, only dau. of Sir Alan Hussell
Mackenzie, 2nd Bart., of Glen Muick, and has, with other
issue, a son, » Joselyu Victor, b. 1901.

ERSKINE, Lord. See Mnder Mar and Keltie, Earl of.

BRSKINE, Lord (Montagu ERSKiNE)._Cr.


Eldest son of William Macnaghten, 5th Lord, by
Caroline Alice Martha, dau. of the late William
Grimble, Esq. ; J. 1865: s. 1913; ;«. 1895 Florence,
4th dau. of the late Edgar Flower, Esq., J.P., of
Middle Hill Park, Worcestershire. Lord Erskine is
temp. Lieut. -Comm. R. Naval Vol. Reserve. — Resi-
dence : Spratton Hall, Northampton ; Carlton Club, s.w.

ERSKINE, Sir Thomas Wilfred Hargreaveb
John, Bart., D.S.O., of Cambo House,
Fife.— Cr. 1821.

Only son of Sir ffolliot Williams Erskine, 3rd Bart.,
by Grace, eldest dau. of the late Thomas Hargreaves,
Esq.,ofArborfield Hall, Berkshire; b. 1880; «. 1912;
■m. 1911 Magdalen Janet, 2nd dau. of Sir Ralph
William Anstruther, 6th Bart., of Balcaskie, Fife.
Sir Thomas Erskine, who was educated at Eton, is
Major and Lieut.-Col. ret., late Major and Acting
Lieut.-Col. Q.O. Cameron Highlanders and Patron of
1 living. — Cambo House, Kingsbarns, Fife.
Heir, his son Thomas David, b. 1912.

ERSKINE, Margaret Eliza, Lady.

Fourth dau. of the Rev. John Constable, Rector of
Marston Bigott, Somerset, who d. 1892, by Emily
Walker ; m. 1885 Adm, of the Fleet Sir James Elphin-
stone Erskine, K.C.B,, of Venlaw, Peeblesshire, a J.P.
and D.L. for Peeblesshire, who was a Lord of the
Admiralty 1886, Senior Officer on the Irish Coast




1889-91, Commander-in-Chief on the N. American
and W. Indies Station 1895-7 and First and Principal
Naval A.D.C. to H.M. King Edward VII. 1901-2, and
■who was cr. K.C.B. 1897, and d. 1911, leaving, with

a dan., an only sou David Victor Fairfax {whom see).

— Fenlaiv, Peebles.

ERSKINE, Sir (Henry) David, K.C.V.O., of
Cardross, Perthshire.— Cr. 1911.
Elder son of James Erskine, Esq., of Cardross, who
d. 1844, by Mary, who d. 1843, dan. of the late Lieut.- !
Gen. Christopher Fagan ; b. 1838; m. 1861 Lady j
Horatia Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Francis Hugh, 5th
Marquess of Hertford, and has, with other issue, a son, ■
»James Francis, C.B., C.M.G., M.V.O., a D.L. for Stir- 1
lingshire and an Hon. Brigadier-Gen. ret., late Col. ]
Scots Guard.s ; commanded tlie S. Scottish Infantry i
Brigade, T.F„ 1911-14, and a Brigade, with the temp, j
rank of Brigadier-Gen., 1914-15 aad 1915-17; was a [
Deputy Director of Supplies 1917-18 and in command
of a Brigade, with the temp, rank of Brigadier-Gen., :
1918-19; h. 1862; m. 1896 Margaret Beatrix, 2nd I
dau. of the late Henry Ralph Lambton, Esq.. of Red-
field, Buckinghamshire, and has, with other issue, a
son, * Malcolm David, b. 1903. Sir David Erskine,
who was educated at Harrow, and was formerly Capt. j
Scots Fusilier Guards ; Groom of the Robes to H.M.
Queen Victoria 1870-1901 and Gentleman Usher of
the Privy Council to H.M. 1873-5; Gentleman Usher;
to H.ia. King Edward VII. 1901-10 and to H.M. \
King George V. 1910-19; Deputy Serjeant-at-Arms
in the House of Commons 1875-85 and Sergeant-at-
Arms 1885-1915, is a J.P. and D.L. for cos. Perth and
Stirling, and has been Gentleman Usher to the Robes
since 1902, and an Extra Gentleman Usher to H.M.
King George V. since 1919. — Cardross, Port of
Mentieth, N.B.; 26, Burton Court, s.w.

ERSKINE, David Chaeles Erskine, Esq., of
Linlathen, Forfarshire.
Only surviving son of James Er,skine Erskine, Esq., of :
Linlathen, who d. 1897, by Mary Jane, dau. of the j
late James Macuabb, Esq., H.E.I. C.S.; b. 1866. Mr.
Erskine, who was educated at Harrow and in France j
and Germany, is a J.P. for Forfarshire and a Chartered
Accountant ; was Secretary to the Governor-Gen. of
Canada 1897-8, M.P. for W. Perthshire 1906-Jan.
1910, and Parlia'mentary Secretary to the Secretary of I
State for Scotland 1906-10, and has been Chairman of j
the Board of Trustees for the National Galleries of]
Scotland since 1908. — Linlathen, Broughiy Ferry,
JV.B. ; Brooks's Club, s.w. ; New Club, Edinburgh ; 33, j
Brampton Square, s.w.

ERSKINE, Comm. David Victor Fairfax,,'
of Venlaw, Peeblesshire. I

Only son of Adm. of the Fleet Sir James Elphinstone
Erskine, K.C.B., J.P. and D.L., of Venlaw, wlio

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