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the Right Hon.
Sir Ernest Joseph Cassel, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O.,
of Moulton Paddocks. Suffolk, and of Six Mile Bottom,
Cambridgeshire; 2ndly 1914 the Hon. Muriel Emily
Forbes-Sempill, eldest dau. of the Rev. Walter Spencer,
M.A., Fownhope Court, Hereford, and has by his 1st
marriage 2 daus. Lieut-Col . Ashley, who was educated
at Harrow and at Magdalen Coll., Oxford, and was
formerly Lieut. Grenadier Guards, is a J.P. and D.L.
for Hampshire, an Hon. Lieut.-Col. in the Army, Capt.
and Hon. Major late 3rd Batt. Hampshire Regt.,
Chairman of the Reconstruction Society and of the
Executive Committee of the Comrades of the Great
War and Deputy President of the Navy League ; was
temp. Lieut.-Col. Comm. 20th (Service) Batt. King's
Liverpool Regt. 1914-15, sat as M.P. for the Black-
pool Div. of N. Lancashire 1906-18 and has sat for
the Fylde Biv. of Lancashire since 1918. — Broad-
lands, Ramsey, Hampshire ; Classiebawn Castle, co.
Sligo; The Grove, Sianmore, Middlesex; Travellers',
Carlton, and Brooks's Clubs, s.w.

ASHLEY-COOPER. See Shaftesbury.

ASHMAN, Eliza, Lady.

Dau. of the late Frederick George Lorenzen, Esq.,
of Bristol; m. 1874 Sir Herbert Ashman, 1st Bart,
(cr. 1907, ext.), who d. 1914.

ASHMAN, Alice Ethel, Lady.

Eldest dau. of the late William Ansell Todd, Esq.,
J.P. of Portishead, Somerset; m. 1898 Sir Frederick
Herbert Ashman, 2nd and last Bart. (cr. 1907), who
d. 1916. — Clarence Croft, Weston-super-Mare.


Frances Christine, dau. of Henry Edward Walsh,
Esq. ; m. 1874 Sir Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, who was
formerly an Inspector of Schools, a Lord of the
Admiralty 1885-6 and 1886-92, M.P. for Eye 1880-5
and for Sheffield (Eccleshall Div.) 1885-1902, and
who was cr. Kut. 1892 and d. 1902.


Dorothy Emily Augusta, youngest dau. of the Rev.
Charles John Kenward Shaw, Vicar of Newington,
Kent, who d. 1875, by Julia Elizabeth, who d. 1905,
dau. of the late Capt. John Harvey Boteler, R.N. ; m.
1897 Sir Alexander Murray Ashmore, who served in
the Ceylon Civil Service 1876-1893, was Acting Colo,
nial Secretary, Gold Coast, 1894; Receiver-Gen. and
Chief Collector of Customs and Excise, Cyprus, 1895-
1901 ; Government Secretary, British Guiana, 1901-4 ;
Colonial Secretary and Lieut.-Gov. of Ceylon 1904-6,
and who was cr. K.C.M.G. 1905 and d. 1906.-91,
Victoria Street, s.w.

A.SHTON, Lord (James Williamson).— Cr.


Second son of James Williamson, Esq., of Parkfield,
Lancashire, who d. 1 879, by Eleanor, whod. 1888, dau.
of the late Leonard Miller, Esq. ; b. 1842 ; m. 1st 1869
Margaret, who d. 1877, dau. of the late Joseph Gatey,
Esq., of Keswick ; 2ndly 1880 Jessy Henrietta, who
d. 1904, dau. of the late James Stewart, Esq., of
Clapham, Yorkshire; 3rdly 1909 Florence Maude,
eldest dau. of the late Rev." R. Daniel, B.D., Vicar of
Osbaldwick, Yorkshire, and widow of Col. Joseph
Lawson Whalley, of Richmond House, Lancashire,
and has a dau., Eleanor (Ella), m. 1899 the Hon.
William Robert Wellesley Peel (whom see under Peel,
Viscount). Lord Ashton is a J.P. for co. London, and
a J.P. and D.L. for Lancashire (High Sheriff 1885),
and was M.P. for the Lancaster Div. 1886-95. — Bye-
lands, Lancaster ; Ashton Hall, Lancaster ; Alford
House, Prince's Gate, s.w.

ASHTON OP HYDE, Lord (Thomas Gair
Ashton).— Cr. 1911.

Eldest son of Thomas Ashton, Esq., of Hyde and of
Ford Bank, Lancashire, who d. 1898, by Elizabeth, who
d. 1914, dau. of the late Samuel Stillman Gair, Esq.,
of Penketh Hall, Lancashire; b. 1855; m. 1886 Eva
Margaret, dau. of John Henry James, Esq., J.P., of
Kingswood, Hertfordshire. Lord Ashton of Hyde, who
was educated at Rugby and at Univ. Coll., Oxford (B.A.
1878, M.A. 1882), and was M.P. for Cheshire (Hyde
Div.) 1885-6, and for S. Bedfordshire 1895-1911, is
a Magistrate for Lancashire, for Cheshire, and for
.Sussex. — Hyde, Cheshire ; Vinehall, Eohertsbridge,
Sussex; Brooks's, Athenceum, and Reform Clubs, s.w.;
39, Prince's Gardens, s.w.

Heir, Ills son Thomas Henry Eaymond, b. 1901.

-f ASHTON, the Right Hon. Thomas.

B. 1844 ; m. 1865 . Mr. Ashton was formerly a

Coalmiuer ; is a J.P. and has been Gen. Secretary of
the Miners' Federation since 1889 and joint Secretary
of the Conciliation Bo;ird for the English and N. Wales
Federated Area since its formation 1894.— 1461,
Ashton Old Road, Manchester.

ASHTON, Sir Ralph Percy, Knt.— Cr. 1911.

Eldest son of Ralph Shorrock Ashton, Esq., J.P., of
Lee, Kent, who d. 1918, by Betsy, who d. 1905,
eldest dau. of the late James Shorrock, Esq., J.P.,
of Darwen, Lancashire; b. 1860; m. 1900 Emma,
dau. of the late Robert Francis Eendel, Esq., of




Kingston House, Devonshire. Sir Raljjh Ashton ,
■who was educated at Uppingham and at Owens
Coll., Manchester, was formerly Major Cossipore
Art. Vols., an Additional M.L.C. of India 1901 and
1902, and President of the Mining and Geological
Institute of India 1911, and is Major Territorial
Force Reserve. — Beechwood, Eeigate ; cjo Kilbum,
Brown ^ Co., Orient House, New Broad Street, e.c. ;
Savage Club, w.c. ; Bengal Club, Calcutta.

ASHTON, Chaeles, Esq., F.R.G.S., of Litcli-
ford, Lancashire.
Eldest son of Samuel Ashton, Esq., J.P., of Prest-
wich, who d. 1867, by Alice, dau. of the late S. Tudor,
Esq.; *. 18S8; m. 1st 1867 Ada Mary, who d. 1870,
dau. of the late Nicholas Edward Hurst, Esq. ; 2ndly
1872 Josephine, who d. 1911, 2nd dau. of the late
Robert Henty, Esq., of Nazeing, Essex; 3rdly 1913
Frances de Satur, 3rd dau. of the late Henry Smythe,
Esq., of Newtown, co. Louth, and has, with other issue,

* Laurence Howarth, i. 1877. Mr. Ashton, who was
educated at Exeter Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1863, M.A.
1866), and was formerly in the 12th Lancers, is a
Magistrate for cos. Leicester and Herts ; late Lieut.
Leicestershire Yeo. Cav. — Residence : The Grove,

ASHTON, Mrs., of Heyscroft, Lancashire.
Letitia Mary, dau. of William Kessler, Esq., of
Manchester, who a!. 1901, by Letitia Sarah, who (i. 1869,
dau. of the late Wainwright Bellhouse, Esq.; m. 1886
William Mark Ashton, Esq., of Heyscroft, a J.P. for
Cheshire, who d. 1895, leaving, with other issue, a son,

* Samuel Edgar, Capt. Clieshire Yeo. ; educated at
Winchester and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1912) ; b.
1888 ; m. 1911 Violet Marion, dau. of William John
Birch-Reynardson, Esq., of Adwell House, Oxfordshire,
and has, with other issue, a son, * John Lawrence,
b. 1912. — Heyscroft, West Didsbury, Manchester.

ASHTON, Robert How, Esq., of Losehill
Hall, Derbyshire.

Only son of the late Robert How Ashton, Esq., of
Castleton; b. 1837 ; m. 1866 Thomasine, who d. 1914,
dau. of the late Joseph Hall, Esq., of Castleton. Mr.
Ashton is a J.P. and was formerly a C. Aid. for Derby-
shire. — Losehill Hall, Castleton, Derbyshire.

ASHTON. See Shorrock.

ASHTOWN, Lord (Frederick Oliver Trench).
— Cr. 1800.
Eldest son of the Hon. Frederick Sidney Charles
Trench, of Sopwell Hall, co. Tipperary, who d. 1879,
by Lady Anne, eldest dau. of William 3rd Earl of Clan-
carty ; b. 1868 ; s. his grandfather Frederick, 2nd Lord,
1880 ; m. 1894 Violet Grace, youngest dau. of Col.
Robert Ashworth Godolphin Cosby, of Stradbally Hall,
Queen's Co. Lord ABhtown,who was educated at Eton
and at Magdalen Coll., Oxford, is a J.P. and D.L. for
CO. Galway, and a J.P. for co. Waterford ; was a Rep.
resentative Peer of Ireland 1908-15. — Woodlawn, co.
Galway ; Glenahiry Lodge, co. Waterford ; Carlton
Club, s.w. ; Kildare Street Club, Dublin.

ASHWIN, James, Esq., of Bretforton Manor,
Eldest son of William Henry Ashwin, Esq., of Bretfor-
ton Manor, who d. 1892, by Gwenelin, dau. of the
late John Prys Eyton, Esq., of Plas Llanerchymor,
Flintshire; b. 1860; m. 1890 Clara, dau. of the late

George Watson, Esq., of Donisthorpe House, York-
shire, and has, with other issue, a son, * diaries Watson,
b. 1902. Mr. Ashwin, who was educated at Eton, is a
Magistrate for Worcestershire (High Slierifif 1914)
and for Gloucestershire, and Lord of the Manor of
Bretforton and Aldington. — Bretforton Manor, Honey-
bourne S.O.. Worcestershire.

ASHWORTH, Philip Henrt, Esq., formerly of
Horsley Hal], Denbighshire.
Only son of Alfred Ashworth, Esq., J.P., of Horsley
Hall, who d. 1910, by Edith Alice, who d. 1904, eldest
dau. of the late Frederick Bower, Esq., of West Dean
Park, Sussex; b. 1885; m. 1909 Dorothy Muriel
Crichton, younger dau. of Sir William Vincent, 12th
Bart., of Stoke D'Abernon, Surrey, and has, with other
issue, a son, Ivo Vincent, b. 1910. Mr. Ashworth, who
was educated at Eton and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A.
1908, M.A. 1912), and was formerly Lieut. Cheshire
Yeo., is a J.P. for Denbighshire (High Sherifif 1913),
Lieut, and temp. Capt. Grenadier Guards, Special
Reserve, and a Cavalier of the Italian Order of the
Crown; appointed A.D.C. to H.R.H. the Duke of
Connaught 1917. — Carlton, and Guards' Clubs, s.w.

ASKE, Sir Robert William, Kut., LL.D.—
Cr. 191L

Only son of Edward Aske, Esq., of HuU; b. 1872;

TO. 18— , who d. 1918, dau. of .

Sir Robert Aske, who was educafed at Hull (LL.D.
London Univ. 1900), admitted a Solicitor 1894, and
called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1914, was a
Solicitor at Hull 1894-1914, and is a J.P. for Hull,
Lieut.-Col. T.F. Reserve, late Comm. 5th (Cyclist)
Batt. E. Yorkshire Regt., T.D., and the Author of
" The Law of Custom of Trade."— T.^* Park, Hull,
Yorkshire : National Liberal Club, s.w.

+ ASELEW, Henry Hugh, Esq., of Glenrid-
ding, Westmorland.
Elder son of Henry William Askew, Esq., J.P., of Glen-
ridding, of Couishead Priory, Lancashire, and of Bur-
wood Park, Surrey, who d. 1 890, by Lucy, Irho d. 1887,
3rd dau. of the late Right Rev. the Hon. Hugh Percy,
D.D., Bishop of Carlisle; b. 1847; m. 1868 Mary
Edith Montague, who d. 1893, eldest dau. of the
late Rev. Oetavius Friere Owen.M.A., and has issue,
2 daus. Mr. Askew was formerly in the 6th Dragoon
G uards. — Glenridding, Penrith.

ASKEW, Miss, of Burwood Park, Surrey.

Frances Louisa, only surviving dau. of Henry
William Askew, Esq., J.P., of Bui-wood Park, of
Couishead Priory, Lancashire, and of Glenridding,
Westmorland, who d. 1890, by Lucy, who d. 1887, 3rd
dau. of the late Right Rev. the Hon. Hugh Percy,
D.D., Bishop of Ca.T\\8\t.—Burwood Park, Walton-on-
Thames, Surrey.

ASKEW-ROBERTSON, the Hon. Mrs., of
Ladykirk, Berwickshire.
Sarah, elder dau. of David, 1st and only Loi-d
Marjoribanks, of Ladykirk, who d. 1873, by Marianne
Sarah, who d. 1889, eldest dau. of Sir Thomas
Haggerston, 6th Bart.; m. 1856 Watson Askew-
Eobertson, Esq., of PalUnsburn, Northumberland, a J.P.
and D.L. for Northumberland (High .Sheriflf 1863) and
for Berwickshire, who assumed the additional surname
of Robertson by royal license 1889 and d. 1906, and
has, with 2 other sons and 2 daus., * David Hugh
Watson, eldest surviving son, a Magistrate for Berwick-
shire, and for Northumberland (High Sheriflf 1912),
called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1888, educated
al Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1886), 6. 1863; and William




Haggerston (Askew), 2nd surviving son, educated at
Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1892), b. 1868, m. 1903
Katheriue Marjorie Strathearn, eldest dau. of tlie Hon.
John Edward Gordon. Mrs. Askew-Eobertson «. her
mother 1S89. —Ladi/iir/c, Berwickshire.

ASK WITH, Lord (George Ranken Askwith,
K.C.B., K.C).— Cr. 1919.

Second son of Gen. William Harrison Askwith, Col,
Commandant R.A., who d. 1899, by Elizabeth, who d.
1914, dau. of the late George Ranken, Esq. ; b. 1861 ; m.
1908 Ellen, C.B.E., 2nd dau. of the late Archibald
Peel, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Westlea, Hertfordshire,
and widow of iVlajor Henry Graham, late 20th Hussars,
and has a dau., Betty Ellen. Lord Askwith, who was
educated at Marlborough and at B.N.C., Oxford (B.A.
188i, M.A. 1887, Hon. Fellow 1919, Hon. D.G.L.
Oxford 1912), called to the Bar at the Inner and
Middle Temples 1886, and appointed a K.C. 1908, is a
J.P. for St. Ives (Mayor 1914) and a Comm. of
the Belgian Order of the Crown; has frequently
acted as Arbitrator and Conciliator in trade disputes ;
was a Counsel in the Anglo- Venezuelan Arbitra-
tion in Paris 1899, Counsel to H.M.'s Commissioners
of Works and for the Crown in Peerage Claims 1 900-7,
Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trade, Railway
Department, 1907-9, British Plenipotentiary to the
International Copyright Conference at Berlin 1908,
Comptroller-Gen. Labour and Statistical Departments,
Board of Trade, 1909-11, Chairman of the Fair Wages
Advisory Committee 1909-19, of the Industrial Council
1911-13, and of the Committee on Production under
the Munitions of War Acts 1915-17, and Chief
Industrial Commis.sioner, Ministry of Labour,1911-19 ;
appointed by the Government to inquire into the Laboiir
Legislation in Canada 1912, and has been Steward of
H.M.'s Manor of the Savoy since 1S97.— Oak Knoll,
Sunningdale, Berkshire ; Aikenceum, mid United
University Clubs, s.w. ; 12, Hans Crescent, s.w.

ASPINALL, Sir John Audlet Pkederick,
Knt, M.Inst.C.E., M.I.Mech.E.— Cr.

Second son of John Bridge Aspinall. Esq., Q.C., Re-
oorderof Liverpool, who d. 1886, by Bertlia Wyatt, who
d. 1887, dau. of the late John Audley Jee, Esq., of Liver-
pool; b. 1851 ; m. 1874 Gertrude Helen, 2nd dau. of
the late Francis Scln-ader, Esq., of Liverp.jol. Sir John
Aspinall, who was i.lucatid at Biauiiiunt Coll. (Hon.
M.Eng. Liverp.jol Univ.). is a Knight of Gracr of the
Order of St. John of .Iirusairm, a Knight of the Belgian
Order of Leopold, Lieut-Col. Engineer and Railway
Staff Corps, R.E , T.F., T.D., Past President of the Insti-
tution of iVIechanical Engineers, and President of the
Institution of Civil Engineers ; was Gen. Manager of
the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 1899-1919. —
Gledhill, Mossley Hill Drive, Stfton I'ark, Liverpool;
Union Club, s.w. ; University Club, Liverpool.

ASPINALL, Major John Ralph, of Standen
Hall, and Mytton Hall, Lancashire.
Eldest son of Col. Ralph John A-spinall, J.P. and D.L.,
late 3rd and 4th Batts. R. Lancaster Regt., of Standen
Hall, and Mytton Hall, who d. 1913, by Mabel
Federica Frances Baynes, youngest dau. of the late
Robert Lloyd Jones-Parry, Esq., of Aberdunant,
Carnarvonshire, and of Plas Tregayan, co. Anglesey ;
6. 1878; m. 1901 Florence Augusta, 3rd dau. of the
late Col. George Blucher Heneage Marton, of Capern-
wray Hall, Lancashire. Major Aspinall, who was
educated at Eton and at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, is
a Magistrate for Lancashire and Major Territorial
Force Reserve, late Lancashire Hussars Yeo.. now on
Special Government duty. — Standen Hall, Clitheroe,
Lancashire; Cavalry Club, w.

ASSER, Lieut.-Gen. Sir (Joseph) John,
K.C.M.G.,K.C.V.O., C.B.— Cr. K.C.V.O.
1917, K.C.M.G. 1918.

Eldest son of Samuel Bayly Verney Asser, Esq., of
Wustwood Place, Windlesham, Surrev, who d. 1917, by
Charlotte Westwood, dau. of the late William Wren,
Esq., of Stockton-on-Tees; b. 1867; m 1901 Leila,
dau. of the late James Wotherspoon, Esq., of New
York, U.S.A. Sir John Asser is a Lieut.-Gen. late
Dorsetshire Regt., and a Comm. of the Legion of Honour ;
was A.D.C. to the Gen. Officer Comm. in Egypt 1892;
served with the Egyptian Army 1897-1914 ; was Ad-
jutant-Gcn. thereof 1907-14; a Commandant on the
Lines of Communications, France, 1914-15 ; a Base
Commandant, France, 1915-16, and Gen. Officer Comm.
Linesof Communications Area 1916-17; appointed Gen.
Officer Comm. thcBritisli Ai-mies in France and Belgium
1919 ; has the Orders of the Osmanieh, 2nd Class,
Medjidie, 2nd Class, The Crown of Belgium (Comm.),
Si. Anne of Russia, 3rd Class, the Sacred Treasure of
Japan, 2nd Class, Merite Agricole of France, the Cross
of Ajiz of Portugal, and the Belgian Croix de Guerre.
— Darenth Tower, ]Vesterham, Kent; Naval and
Military Club, w.

ASQUITH, the Right Hon. Herbert Henrv,
K.C, F.R.S.

Second son of the late Joseph Dixon Asquitli, Esq.,
of Mirfield, Yorkshire, by Emily, dau. of the late
William Willans, E.sq., of Huddersfleld ; b. 1852 ; m. 1st
1877 Helen Kelsall, who d. 1891, elder dau. of the late
Frederick Melland, Esq., of Manchester; 2ndly 1894
Emma Alice Margaret, 6th dau. of Sir Charles Tennant,
1st Bart. Mr. Asquith was educated at the City of
London School and at Balliol Coll., Oxford, of which
he was formerly a Fellow (B.A. 1874, Hon. Fellow
1908, Hon. LL.D. Etlinburgh and Glasgow 1907,
Cambridge 1908, Leeds 1910, St. Andrews 1911,
and Aberdeen and Bristol 1912, Hon. D.C.L. Ox-
ford 1904 and Durham 1913); called to the Bar at
Lincoln's Inn 1876 ; appointed a Q.C. 1890, and elected
a Bencher 1894; is an Elder Brother of Trinity
House; was Secretary of State for the Home Depart-
ment 1892-5; Chancellor of the Exchequer 1905-8,
Lord Rector of Glasgow Univ. 1905-8 and of Aberdeen
Univ. 1908-ll,Secretary ofStatefor Warand President
of the Army Council Mareh-Aug. 1914, and Prime
Minister and First Lord of the Treasury 1908-16;
appointed an Ecclesiastical Commissioner 1892; sat
as M.P. for E. Fifeshire 1886-1918.— '/"Ac Wharf,
Sutton Coitrtney ; AthentFum, Brooks's, Reform, and
national Liberal Clubs, s.w. ; 20, Cavendish Square, w.

ASSHETON, Ralph Cockayne, Esq., of Down-
ham Hall, Lancashire.
Eldest son of Ralph Assheton, Esq., M.P., J.P. and D.L.,
of Downham Hall, who d. 1907, by Emily Augusta,
who d. 1916, 4th dau. of the late Joseph Feilden, Esq.,
of Witton Park, Lancashire ; 6.1860; m. 1898 Mildred
Estelle Sybella, 2nd dau. of the late John Henry Master,
Esq., J.P., of Petersham, Surrey, and has, with other
issue, a son, * Ralph, b. 1901. Mr. Assheton, who was
educated at Eton and at Jesus Coll., Cambridge, is a
J.P., D.L. and C. Aid. for Lancashire (High Sheriff'
1919), a J.P. for the W. Riding of Yorkshire, a
Director of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Co.,
and Lord of the Manor of Downham. — Downham
Hall, Clitheroe; Carlton Club, s.w.


Sybil Mary, 2nd dau. of Lieut. -Col. Henry William
Verschoyle, Grenadier Guards, of Killbery, eo. Kil-
dare, who d. 1870, by Lucy Clarissa, who d. 1901,
3rd dau. of the late Ambrose Goddard, Esq., M.P., of




The Lawn, Swindon, Wiltshire ; m. 1902, as his 3rd
•wife, Sir Charles Garden Assheton-Smith, 1st Bart.,
J.P. and D.L., who assumed that surname in lieu of
Duff by royal license 1905 and d. 1914, leaving issue
(see Buff). — Vaynol, Bangor.

ASTBURY, tlie Hon. Sir John Meie, Knt.—
Cr. 1913.

Eldest sou of Frederick James Astbury, Esq., J.P., of
Hilton Tark, Lancashire, who d. 1901, by Margaret,
who d. 1894, dau. of the late John Munn, Esq., of
Manchester; b. 1860; m. 1888 Evelyn, eldest dau. of
the late Paul Susmann, Esq., of Manchester. Sir John
Astbury, who was educated at Trinity Coll., Oxford
(B.A. 1882, M.A. and B.C.L. 1886), called to the Bar
at the Middle Temple 1884, appointed a QL.C. 1896,
and elected a Bencher 1903, was M.P. for the Southport
Div. of S.W. Lancashire 1906-Jan. 1910, and has
been a Judge of the High Court of Justice, Chancery
Div., since \9U.—TurviUe Court, Henley-on-Thames ;
Athenieum, and Eeform Clubs, s.w. ; 8, Prince's Gate,

ASTELL, Richard John Veeeker, Esq., of
Woodbury Hall, Cambridgeshire ; and
Great Houghton, Northamptonshire.
Only son of William Harvey Astell, Esq., J.P. and D.L.,
Lieut. Grenadier Guards, of Woodbury Hall and Great
Houghton, who d. 1896, by the Hon. Elizabeth Maria
(who m. 2ndly 1 902 Philip, 3rd Lord De L'Isle and
Dudley), 4th dau. of Standish Prendergnst, 4th Viscount
Gort; b. 1890. Educated at Eton and at Ch. Ch.,
Oxford (B.A. 1915); appointed an Attach^ in the
Diplomatic Service 1913, and a 3rd Secretary 1915. —
British Legation, Tehran, Persia.

ASTLBY, John Beaumont LUDPORD-, Esq.,
of Ansley Hall, Warwickshire.
Second son of the Eev. Benjamin Buckler Gifford

' Ludford-Astley, Kector of Cadeby, Leicestershire, who
d. 1897, and elder son of his2nd wife Maria Catherine,
eldest dau. of Sir Alexander Beaumont Churchill
Dixie, 10th Bart. ; b. 1868 ; «. his uncle John Newdi-
gate Francis Ludford-Astley, Esq., J.P. and D.L.,
1898. Mr. Ludford-Astley is Capt. and Hon. Major
late 6th Batt. B. "Warwickshire Regt. — Kesidence :
Bredon House, near Tewkesbury.

ASTLEY. See Hastings, Lord; and Nicholson, of

ASTLEY. CORBETT, Sir Francis Edmund
George, Bart., of Everleigh, Wilts. — C:

Eldest son of Sir John Dugdale Astley, 3rd Bart., by
Eleanor Blanche Mary, who d. 1897, only dau. and
heiress of the late Thomas George Corbett, Esq., of
Elsham, Lincolnshire ; b. 1869 ; s. 1894 ; m. 1882 Lady
Gertrude Augusta Anderson-Pelham, elder dau. of
Charles, 3rd Earl of Yarborough. Sir Francis Astley
Corbett, who assumed the additional surname of
Corbett by royal license 1889, and was formerly Lieut.
Scots Guards, is a J.P. and D.L. for Lincolnshire, and
Patron of 3 hvings. — Elsham Hall, Brigg ; Guards,
and Arthur's Clubs, s.w.; 45, Cadogan Gardens, s.w.

Heir, his son John Dugdale Pelham, Capt. Scots Guards ;
educated at Eton and at tlie R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst
b. 1883 ; m. 1914 Marcia Ruth Georglana, only dau. of
iward Lane Fox-Pif " " ^ " ~

Wiltshire, and has
> FraaciB Hear; Rivers, 6. 191S.

ASTON, Major-Gen. Sir George Grey, K.C.B.
— Cr. 1913.

Youngest son of Lieut.-Col. Henry Aston, formerly
Indian Army, who d. 1888, by Katherine, who d. 1902,
dau. of the late Eev. A. Faure, of Cape of Good Hope ;
b. 1861 ; m. 1909 Dorothy, dau. of Vice-Adra. William
Wilson, J.P., of Manor House, Clyffe Pypard, Wiltshire.
Sir George Aston, who was educated at Westminster and
at the R. Naval Coll., Greenwich, is an Hon. Major-
Gen, ret., late Col. .Commandant R.M.A. ; was Pro.
fesosr at the R. Naval Coll., Greenwich, 1896-9 ; Staff
Oflicer on the lines of communication and Deputy Assis-
tant .Vdjutant-Gen. Intelligence Department in S.
Africa 1899-1900 ; Deputy Assistant Adjutant-Gen. at
the Staff Coll. 1904-7 ; Brigadier- Gen. on the Gen.
Staff, S. .\frica. 1908-12 ; employed under the Govern-
ment of the Union of S. Africa, with the temp, rank of
Brigadier-Gen., 1912; attached to the War Staff at
the Admiralty 1913-14; .4.D.C. to H.JI.King George
V. 1911-17 and in command of the R.M.A. Div., with
the temp, rank of Brigadier-Gen., 1914-17. — Naval
and Military Club, -yf.

-f-ASTON-PUDSEY, Mrs., of Seisdon Hall,
Ann, youngest dau. of the late A. Bowyer, Esq., of
Much Wenlock ; m. 1869 George Pudsey Aston-Pudsey,
Esq., of Seisdon Hall, a Magistrate for Staffordshire,
and Capt. Staffordshire Rifle Vols., who d.190\, leaving
issue * Mary Elizabeth. — Seisdon Hall, Wolverhampton.

ASTOR, Viscount (William Waldorf Astor).
— Cr. 1917.

Only child of John Jacob Astor, Esq., of New York,
U.S.A., who d. 1890, by Charlotte Augusta, who d.
1887, dau. of the late Thomas Stanyarne Gibbes, Esq. ;
b. 1848; m. 1878 Mary Dahlgren, who d. 1894, dau.
of the late James William Paul, Esq., of Philadelphia,
U.S.A. Viscount Astor, who graduated at Columbia
Coll. Law School, was called to the Bar at New York
1875. — Hever Castle, Kent ; Carlton, and Marlborough
Clubs, s.w.

Heir, his son Waldorf, of Cliveden, Buckinghamshire
(tchoti see).

ASTOR, the Hon. Waldorf, of Cliveden,

Elder son of William Waldorf, 1st Viscount Astor, by
Mary Dahlgren, who d. 1894, dau. of the late James
William Paul, Esq., of Philadelphia, U.S.A. ; *. 1879 ;
?« .1 906 Nancy Witcher, dau. of the late Chiswell Dabney
Langhorne, Esq., of Mirador, Greenwood, Virginia,
U.S.A., and widow of Robert Gould Shaw, Esq., and
has, with other issue, a son, * William Waldorf, b. 1907.
Mr. Astor, who was eduftated at Eton and at New Coll.,
Oxford (B.A. 1904). is a Magistrate for Buckingham-
shire (was on the roll for High Sheriff of Berkshire
for 1912) a Governor of Guy's and of the Peabody
Trust, Chairman of the Departmental Committee on
Tuberculosis and of the State Medical Research Com-
mittee, and an lion. Major in the Army ; sat as M.P.
for Plymouth Dec. 1910-1918 and has sat for the
Sutton Div. thereof since 1918 ; was an Inspector of
Q.M.G.'s Services, with the temp, rank of Major,
1914-17; Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime
Minister 1917-18, and to the Ministry of Food 1918-
19, and Deputy Chairman of the Food Council 1918-
19 ; appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Local
Government Board, and Chairman of the National
Health Insurance Joint Committee 1919. — Cliveden,
Taplow, Buckittghanishire ; Turf Club, w. ; Carlton,
and Marlborough Clubs, s.w. ; 4, St. James's

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